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Next Time, Bring the Damn Lantern

Crossover, aRTD x SSSS, Hannu/Emil - misfortune magnets attract

Man, the future was an absolute shithole.

No wonder he’d been sent here—though why it had to be him again was still a mystery he wasn’t sure he wanted to solve—at least there was a chance it was for a noble cause this time, and not just more petty fox fuckery. Still. It would have to be pretty damn noble to justify being in this place.

As far as he could tell, he was in a building—or the remains of one—that hadn’t been touched in years. It reminded him of a cave he had explored with the twins as a kid (though “exploring” was putting it lightly), and just like then, there was a feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Ville seemed to be on edge, too, and he carried himself as if his tail was still between his legs.

Sure enough, some horrible thing came bursting out of the wall. Deformed limbs flailed everywhere, bending in ways they shouldn’t have been able to bend, before reaching for him and Ville, grasping, clawing…

And then it fell dead with a bang.

On the other side of the body was a stranger, probably human, though it was hard to see in the dark. Whatever it was, it was shaking slightly. “What,” Hannu managed, “in the HELL was that?”

The stranger didn’t say anything, just ran over and held Hannu close, which was. Uh. Weird, but sort of nice? They—he, from the sound of it, actually—started babbling to him in a stream of tearful whispering in…shit, was that Swedish? Fan-tastic.

“Thank…dead. Again!” That was all Hannu could pick out, his rusty high school Swedish not doing him much good.

“English?” he tried, but that only got him a blank stare, which quickly turned to a look of sheer horror and probably a great deal of embarrassment. It’d be funnier if the whole thing wasn’t so weird.

“You’re not Lalli.” Well. Hannu could understand that much.


At that, the stranger turned around and ran, the little light glinting off his hair before he disappeared completely. “Now,” Hannu turned back to Ville, who was still standing there shell-shocked. “Why were we here again?”

Fic: All That Bird Talk: Five Times Blaine Anderson Talks About Sex

Words: 5800

Rating: R-ish

Summary: Blaine growing up in five conversations about sex.  Canon compliant from early!klaine right through to our American Boys hanging out in their loft.

All That Bird Talk


Blaine is pretty sure he knows how to talk about sex. He just hasn’t really had the opportunity yet.

Despite wishing the world could just get the whole gay thing, and despite having a moment of drunken confusion, Blaine has always been proud. He likes boys and if his friends and his school and his health class weren’t going to talk to him about it, then he was going to educate himself. Yes, there were those websites. But there were also some websites that were factual, informative and all around great resources - Planned Parenthood had a teen sex info website, the lgbt youth line website had a myths and reality page all about sex. And Blaine had read them all. Twenty-three times.

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