still upset they censored that

i have plenty thoughts on lance’s vlog but i’m going to paint my new house today and then the weekend should be hectic with finishing up moving into it. sooo idk when i’ll be able to sit down and type everything up. any posts from me will be from my queue.

Good episode tonight, although I am somehow extremely surprise that they censored nalu groping scene… I am pretty sure that was one of the scenes alot of people wanted to see. 

Although them blushing was soooo adorable! 


but the jerza scene!!!! 

*fangirling scream in the distance* It was not the way I suspect it to be, but it was still adorable. Esepcially when Jellal smiled at Erza and asked “do you need a hand” and she reaches for him, and they grab onto each hand and just AGHHHHHHH. 

So like always it was a good episode! :)