still ugly but ha

as a zutara fan, i gotta admit it i get annoyed with those people that make the “aang so ugly, katara don’t want that” posts.

like even if katara would have cared about the way he looked, he turned out like this

like hot damn look at that smile he grew up fine so argument is invalid.



fact: when working on a film or a drama, the person hired does not work under the group’s name but as an actor, as an individual person. this is not only the case with yixing, but also with chanyeol and kyungsoo. where was the outrage then? or is it only bad when it’s a Chinese member?

The Outsiders (Book vs. Movie) part 1
  • Dally:
  • Book: blond with blue eyes + ugly af but still gets the girls + has ears like a lynx
  • Movie: hot brunet + good looking + eyebrows on fleek
  • Soda:
  • Book: hot damn good looking older brother
  • Movie: hot damn good looking older brother
  • Darry:
  • Book: looks a little older than 21
  • Movie: good looking dad
  • Scene after Darry and Ponyboy argue:
  • Book: Darry slaps Ponyboy
  • Movie: Ponyboy learns about the force of gravity + Bonus: Darry turning into Hulk
  • Scene where Johnny dies:
  • Book: Johnny dies
  • Movie: I die

Forever crying about:

  • Beth Childs
  • Felix’s love for his sister
  • Team Hendrix twerking
  • Cosima’s sweetness to Gracie
  • Delphine missing Cosima
  • Pupok’s demise
  • Paul saving Sarah
  • Paul admitting he loved Sarah
  • Paul’s demise
  • Helena coming back for Sarah
  • every single thing that happened in Orphan Black 3x06

i am so much quieter these days. that need to disrupt, to create chaos still lives here, still has impulses i struggle to fight and some ugly things to say. but i am quicker to silence it, to calm it, to preserve the peace and the steady nature of who i have since become. though let it not be taken for granted that this peace is always pleasant, that there aren’t times i am close to catatonic and want deeply to go wild in rebellion. there would be more pleasure in doing the crazed and ill-advised thing than there is in taking the deep breath. i am not always interested in being calm, but equally, i must be good to myself. i must be good to myself. i must go cautiously. i have done more than my fair share of damage. to myself and unto others. i am not an innocent party. but i am better now. i have learned, haven’t i? i am quieter these days. even when the aching thing, the violent and destructive thing within me, would like a platform from which to be better heard. i refuse to hand it the microphone.

I feel like in every damn interview the boys have, they always call out Daesung for being “ugly” or some shit. And Seungri for being “an extra to the band” or “usless”. Like what the fuck is wrong with those people? Big Bang wouldn’t be anything without the five of them, like get that in your heads. When I first found out about Big Bang I really liked Daesung and he was my first bias. But I fell in “love” with YB after Wedding dress. But still, Daesung is not ugly -.- He has sooo much to give the band, what is even wrong with people? Just because he doesn’t fit what society call “pretty” or “beautiful” does not make him ugly. And as for Seungri, his voice is so damn good. Every Big Bang song would be missing something if he wasn’t there. It’s really sad and annoying that he thinks the boys and we don’t need him. And the worst part is, everyone has a hand in making him believe that. They’re the youngest in the band, it does not mean people have the right to make them feel worthless and like shit. Show some kindness, and half of those people taking about these two haven’t even looked at themselves in the mirror. If know you ain’t better, don’t talk. Suckers.
What Have I Become?

What makes you
All the more beautiful
Is realizing
My mind has grown ugly
And still you’re glad
To accept it
Knowing full well
I may never

As I pass these
Continuous judgements
Against a world
That’s come to revere me
As an honest
Yet outspoken thinker
Though blind
To my hatred of self
And encouraged
By lack of approval
That’s branded in ways
I imagine
My body as wrong
In the mirror
Or lines of my hair
On a slant
That can never be straight
Or corrected
As reflections don’t house
The real image
Of a person that’s feared
Almost nothing
Till the day that they battled
And projected that doubt
On their loved ones
As they struggled
To see
What was hurting
At the core of their issue
So obvious
As the meal on their plate
Which was left
Or the hours
Of exercise wasted
In the seconds
They binge on resentment
Or anticipate
The change of their figure
After taking one bite
Of that dish
To ratify
The quest for perfection
And acknowledge
This damage of glamor
In the pain of a past
Which has plagued them
By the cost
Of such worthy success

So forgive me
For seeming self-righteous
And critical
Of ways that are decent
In habits
Which keep me from normal
And routines
That are prison at best
By admiring
True sets of freedoms
You exhibit
By enduring me daily
As reasons
For admitting you’re special
By a miracle
As gorgeous as you.

- J. Pigno


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I need niall to get rid of the deo mention on his insta profile it's so ugly 😩 Did he just forget that he still has that on his profile smh

dude now you know why deo has so many followers…but yeah i agree.