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don’t mind me i’m just crying at 1x04 malec and the “there’s nothing to ashamed of” vs the 2x10 “i love you” scene x

a not short, incomplete list of things, experiences, people, etc. that Andrew has no choice but to remember the exact details of (abuse tw) 

  • every unwanted, unwarranted, unsolicited hand on his body that he cant rid the feeling of no matter how hard he scrubs at his skin till its raw and red and sometimes bleeding when he rubs open a scabbed over scar now needing to heal all over again 
  • every insult, every name, every last bully that he’s ever met in his life, he remembers every word of all those exchanges - he remembers back to when he used to care, when those words used to hurt, when he used to try to fight back, to stand up to those bullies - but he also remembers the exact exchange when all the fight left him and he couldnt bring himself to even acknowledge that he was being talked at, sneered at the same way as the last time, but how, this time he just. didnt care. 
  • he remembers the names of all his foster brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers no matter how hard hes tried to forget most of them he remembers their faces and their voices and the exact conversations hes had with some of them, but he also remembers the lack of conversations with others 
  • he remembers every slap…punch, kick, kiss…
  • he remembers how, when he said the right thing, scripted and total lies on his part, how some of his foster mothers would smile at him just the right way so he could pretend for just that second he had someone who cared 
  • he remembers how each and every one of those foster mothers let him down time after time after time after 
  • he remembers every name they called him, ever soft ‘Andrew’ when they first met him, every time if turned from soft to sharp, every time it turned from sharp to silence
  • it’s the silence that cut deeper than anything - that hurt the most
  • till it didn’t hurt at all 
  • he remembers every handshake, every pat down, every uncalled for shove from police or foster families or other authorities in his life 
  • he remembers every time he’d been but in handcuffs and every conversation he’s had in the back of a police car, or lack of conversation on his part 
  • he remembers Cass 
  • he remember officer Higgins
  • he remembers Tilda, he remembers the lack of Tilda 
  • he remembers Drake 
  • he remembers the lack of remembrance, after they started him on the drugs
  • how they messed with his brain, with his memory 
  • how even though they tried to change parts of him, his memory remained, how even through his drug-addled brain, he remembered conversations and people, and sessions with Bee and meeting the Foxes, meeting Wymack
  • he remembers feeling different in this group of people than he ever did in any foster family 
  • he remembers his deal with Aaron, the exact words that were exchanged
  • he remembers Nicky, exactly how he looked after being beat up that one night 
  • he remembers how Allison and Seth had made it clear they wanted nothing to do with him and how he had heard it all before 
  • he remembers Dan, he remembers how, through what little words she said to him, she reminded him of Cass 
  • he remembers her the night they took Matt out to Columbia, and just how close he saw her to snapping 
  • Neil makes it hard to forget Matt
  • and Kevin makes it hard to forget him, but Andrew does remember the promise they made 
  • …he remembers a lot of promises 
  • he remembers Neil 
  • he remembers ever wanted, warranted, solicited touch and kiss and and bite and caress
  • every yes and every no
  • he remembers every word the two of them exchanged after Proust 
  • he remembers Baltimore as if it were yesterday
  • he remembers every question and answer and pause in conversation and every too-fast sentence that one of them just had to get out 
  • he remembers what Neil wore to his graduation 
  • he remembers what Neil wore when Andrew came to visit the year after
  • he could verbally tell you the exact way Neil looks like in his gear, down to the grass stain on the bottom left corner of his jersey and the wrinkles from how he folds his clothes the wrong way and the way the fabric is stretched a bit too much at the back where he hangs his clothes on the hook in the locker room  
  • he remembers the feel Neil’s scars under his fingertips 
  • he remembers the feel of Neil’s scarred face under his palm
  • he remembers the cat conversation and the apartment theyd have to get to accommodate them all 
  • he remembers their first night in said apartment 
  • he remembers every damn time he has to write out a grocery list when its Neil’s turn to do the groceries and how Neil just has to yell what he needs from the kitchen as Andrew throws on a sweatshirt and leaves with a “AND CILANTRO!” being yelled out of the window  
  • he remembers when Neil stopped saying “don’t forget [xyz]” bc Neil realized that Andrew never forgot, just ignored when he wanted to 
  • he remembers every version of their “i hate you” their “100%” their “nothing” their “not wanting anything” conversations over the years
  • he remembers every promise he made and kept to Neil 
  • and every one Neil made and kept to him 
  • and yeah 
  • he still remembers the bad and the ugly and the unsightly 
  • but he has Neil to make memories with, happy and good and better 
  • he has that 
  • and he’s forever grateful that he remembers every “thank you” and soft “i love you” and softer “Andrew” 
An analysis on Prince Adam

The marriage between Adam’s parents has never been a particularly happy one. His father is greedy and selfish and payed little to no attention to his wife and child. The marriage is an arranged one, not made for happiness. Adam’s mother is fierce and loves her son into oblivion. Whenever The Prince gets angry (he has a horrible temper) she nurtures her son who always gets scared when his father yells at him. To make him feel better she holds lavish dinners and balls to distract him from his father’s anger. Adam, of course, also has the servants who help The Princess in raising the boy as his friends. He considers them family. But when his mother dies from a long sickness he loses his whole life. His father, now having more control of his heir, keeps him at his side at all times, trying to make him into the son he wants. God forbid he disappoints him. When he returns from lessons or simply spending time with his father with a new bruise forming his friends bow their heads in shame and say nothing. The Prince feels betrayed by the ones who were supposed to be his protectors, his family, his only friends. His father’s words start to get to him. He’s useless, too soft to rule, too forgiving. He’ll never be enough. From this stems his distaste for other people than himself. He’s learnt the lesson the hard way. No one will ever love you but yourself. For years no one touches him but his father, and those moments are when he is terrified. Simply a brush or look makes him crawl inside his walls and hide in fear.

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My Writing Masterlist

  Okay, since a lot of people are asking for tips to write good plots and shit, I’ve decided that was time for me to post my writing masterlist. Honestly, I barely use it anymore because I recorded all of the tips on my mind from using it so much.
  It’s succinct, basic and all you need to fix the problems that most of writers have, had or will have while writing. Most of it I took from here and added my own tips and shit that I know from experience. Hope you find it useful!


- Do not repeat the same scenarios very much, and if necessary, talk / look at the room in different ways.

- DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE. The details are important to transport the reader to the scene. PLUS: please, details. (Exemple: you are in a forest. What kinds of trees are around you? Are they tall? Thick? Does the character recognize them?)

- Make use of all human senses - touch, taste, hearing, sight, smell. USE THEM.

- Do my scenarios have duality- sometimes, an ambiguous nature? (For example, my character may love the church where she was married, have fond memories of it, and still feel the sense of betrayal because her marriage has become ugly.

- Tell what your character feels about the room around him. This is important.


- Are all the characters present? (Would it be better if my character had a mentor, best friend, romantic partner, etc …?)

- Do not overdo the amount. Use the characters you have. The excess will only create confusion in the reader’s head.

- If your character changes attitude during the story, SHOW THAT TRANSITION. Do not make them homophobic one day, and the next, the supporter of LGBT + causes, for example. If that happens, the impression you will leave is that your text is inconsistent and there is only one name for it: sloppy writing.

- CREATE FAULTS, PROBLEMS, MORAL CONFLICTS TO YOUR CHARACTER. This is life and if conflicts do not exist in your book, the characters will not give the idea of being true and deeply complex, as human beings really are.

- Create manias, addictions, be they verbal and / or attitudes. Does your character have the habit of saying “type” or “right” all the time? Does he wake up and always brush his teeth before and after breakfast? SPECIFY. This will help in creating a reality around the character.

Careful, this is very important (and basic).

- KNOW YOUR DAMN CHARACTER!!!! If he has addictions, you have to know beforehand. If he is agitated, calm, angry, patient, talkative, antisocial … you have to know.

- Make your characters different. Yes, that sounds like an obvious thing, but it’s not. Make them easily identified by their ways.

- DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE # 2. Physical type, hair, eyes, nose, thickness of the mouth, neck, fingers and hips are key points in describing a character. (Plus: I always describe hands because I like hands and I think they are a window to the soul. You can say a lot by people’s hands.)


- Is it universal enough for readers to find interesting? Note that a conflict becomes much more interesting to a reader if it is something that he must deal with in his own life.

- Is the resolution of the conflict satisfactory? Do not make the conflict settle with the old “Then I Woke Up” chat. This is poor and sloppy writing. The climax of the story is gone and the reader loses interest. Be complex.

- Do you have minor conflicts? Most stories require more than one conflict. For example, a protagonist will often have an internal conflict as well as an external conflict. He may also have a love interest. He may have conflicts with nature, with God, and with his companions. So, as an author, you must create a series of conflicts and decide how each grows and is resolved.

- Show the personal growth your characters go through to solve the problem.

- How motivated are my characters to solve their conflicts? Characters that will go to extremes are needed. We have radicals in life, so we’ll have radicals in the story.

-My protagonist has an identity conflict? At the heart of every great story is a character who sees himself as something - charming, heroic, wise - while others around him perceive him as something else - socially desirous, inept, foolish.


- Is your tone appropriate for the tale? For example, let’s say you want to invest a little humor into your story. You start with a joke. Do you keep the tone throughout the rest of the tale, perhaps plunging the mood inside, scene after scene?

- Do each of your characters speak with their own voices? You will need to do a dialog check for each character before you finish.

- Do you have an omniscient narrator? Keep the writing style the same throughout the whole story then.

- Do you dig deep into your protagonist’s POV so the reader can follow your thoughts and emotions? If not, is there a good reason why you neglected to do it?

- IMPORTANT: Is there any music in your writing? Do you want it to be? Ernest Hemingway once said that “all great novels are really just poetry.” With that in mind, listen to the sounds of your words. Consider modifying them as needed to adjust the meter and emphasis you need. Change until you like to read your text aloud.

- Do you use powerful metaphors or similes to add beauty and resonance to your work? (If not, you’re in trouble. Your competition will.)


- Is the basic idea of your story unique and powerful? (For example, if you enter a story about a young man fighting space pirates, it probably will not do well - unless you come up with some New technology or angle that puts you above all other space-pirate tales.)

- Do you establish your characters quickly? We should probably know who the story is in one or two scenes, and we should probably be introduced in a way that tells us something important about the characters.

-  Talk about where your character is in all the scenes. Do not skip it just because you already mentioned the place.

- My story intensifies through the following scenes, with conflicts that widen and deepen?

- Does my story go well? Do I have a climax that really is exciting? Is the result different from what the audience expects?

- Your story has an open or closed end. Decide, then you must work so that all events lead to that final moment if it is opened. If it is closed, you have more freedom to finish well after the book’s climax.

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If i remember correctly, a couple of months back somebody asked you about bruce and jason; if they'd ever have a normal, deep conversation addressing their problems. How it'd go? I mean... do they maybe find themselves at a bar after some very peculiar set of events? We're never gonna get a truthful conversation with those two so i'm relying heavily on you to satisfy my curiosity. You're free to make me ache all over from the pain since you can do that well. :D

“If you wanted to watch the game with me, you could’ve just invited me to the manor,” Jason says as he opens the door to the bar. Better food, less drama, and more comfortable seats make Gotham Knights on the 200" batscreen more real and enjoyable than actually being at the stadium. There’s something to be said about the occasional bat flying past your head, but you get used to it. The alternative is some greasy guy’s saliva sprayed all over your hair while he’s screaming to some player to stop dragging his feet.

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i am so much quieter these days. that need to disrupt, to create chaos still lives here, still has impulses i struggle to fight and some ugly things to say. but i am quicker to silence it, to calm it, to preserve the peace and the steady nature of who i have since become. though let it not be taken for granted that this peace is always pleasant, that there aren’t times i am close to catatonic and want deeply to go wild in rebellion. there would be more pleasure in doing the crazed and ill-advised thing than there is in taking the deep breath. i am not always interested in being calm, but equally, i must be good to myself. i must be good to myself. i must go cautiously. i have done more than my fair share of damage. to myself and unto others. i am not an innocent party. but i am better now. i have learned, haven’t i? i am quieter these days. even when the aching thing, the violent and destructive thing within me, would like a platform from which to be better heard. i refuse to hand it the microphone.

Episodes 15 & 16 Goblin Review: The person left behind must go on living life

Ahh… the ending of Goblin has me feeling “bittersweet” as I have mixed emotions coming from my “reviewer side” and “fangirl side.” For this review, it’s a combination of both episodes 15 and 16. 

In episode 15, the main purpose was to reveal how Eun-Tak remembered Shin and Sunny’s resolution. Eun-Tak went to Canada to find her lost memories, while at the same time she regained her powers to see ghosts; this is mostly due to summoning Shin (I think her powers in a way “reset”). In Canada, Eun-Tak learned more about the mysteries of her past: she met the designer of her necklace, met Shin at the red door they entered together, and walked through the troll pathway of the Maple trees with Shin just as she did 9 years ago. Even though she doesn’t remember, she is drawn to him and slowly begans to fall for him regardless of knowing his true identity. Shin did not tell Eun-Tak the truth that he was Kim Shin and that they know each other because he didn’t want to force her to remember. Eun-Tak’s memories returned after holding a red Maple leaf in front of the fountain where they talked about an eternal sad love 9 years ago. This scene is important because 1) a fountain symbolizes truth and 2) it’s the scene that symbolizes Eun-Tak and Shin’s fated love… an eternal sad love that transcends time (aka. the moral of the story). Notice how the way Eun-Tak’s voice changed as emotions returned to her voice. She summoned him in front of the Christmas shop where they once visited 9 years ago… And Shin immediately embraced her while giving her a passionate kiss filled with longing and love. Notice the emphasis on Shin’s hands… how carefully, but tightly he cupped her face as if he would never leave her again. AND LIFE RETURNED TO ME AS I WAS ABLE TO WITNESS A SEXY KISS BETWEEN THEM… I lost it when Eun-Tak wrapped her legs around Shin… ugh… That kiss was perfect. T.T

This time, GR introduced himself with his real name, “Wang Yeo,” and Sunny pretending to not remember him, while she confirmed for herself that he still remembers her. We learn that Sunny’s memories were never erased because God adhered to her wish, “Water is self-service for even God, in my store. And the same goes for my life. I’ll do what I want with my own life, so I wish he’d just get lost.” With this, God decided to stay out of Sunny’s life even if it meant Sunny suffering in loneliness with her memories while everyone else forgot, “Erasing memories is God’s way of being gracious to people, don’t you think?” Sunny continued to live a successful and independent life until the people from her past appeared before her again… reminding her of the pain of being the only one who remembers. But Sunny’s character has grown to show that she catches onto situations quickly: she adapted to Eun-Tak’s lost memories even if it was painful that she did not remember their past relationship, she couldn’t believe to see her brother appear before her in his Goryeo clothing, and she met her lover once again after leaving him. What’s interesting is how Sunny retained her memories while Eun-Tak lost them… however they both were still equally in pain and suffered as they were separated from the person they loved, but they both remained strong and made someone out of themselves (Sunny’s restaurant was a success and she owned the building, while Eun-Tak achieved her dream job and became successful). After seeing GR, Sunny decided with the resolution to move out of her building, wished Eun-Tak happiness, and even hid her memories from her brother after seeing him happy because she was moving on from her memories. 

The rest of episode showed us the happy reunion of Shin and Eun-Tak, as well as, the reunion of the trio: DH, GR, and Shin. Eun-Tak still couldn’t believe that Shin was in front of him and kept stroking his chin to confirm that he was real, while Shin assured her that it wasn’t a dream. However, the happiness felt too dream-like and we saw how Eun-Tak was still scarred from losing Shin when she woke up and summoned him to make sure that he was really back. This made Shin realize that even though her memories returned, Eun-Tak was still traumatized from losing him; that’s why Shin was the one initiating all the affection towards Eun-Tak. In episode 16, we were hit with a truckload of emotions (pun intended). Eun-Tak was able to reconcile with her ghost friends as well as the issue between her and her aunt; even when her aunt was terrible to her after death, Eun-Tak still thanked her aunt for raising her. GR was able to resolve his past with the maidservant and apologized to her for putting her in a difficult situation 900 years ago by committing suicide. GR and Sunny finally and properly said goodbye to each other while accepting that they could not be happy in this lifetime. Deok-Hwa was slowly growing up and maturing into an adult who will one day take over the company. And Shin and Eun-Tak got married (UGH THEY ARE JUST SO PRECIOUS… AT LEAST WE GOT A WEDDING T.T). However, their happiness was cut short (as well as my soul was crushed) as Eun-Tak sacrificed herself to save the children on the bus. This time Shin was the one who had to watch his loved one leave him behind, but Eun-Tak promised him that she would return and for him to wait for her, while to live his life well and not cause inconveniences to people because of her. (Guys… who else was ugly sobbing? I can’t stop crying from the moment Eun-Tak sacrificed herself until Shin’s sad and deep crying when he fell to the floor). 

Notice how the seasons went by naturally as Shin kept his promise to Eun-Tak to not cause unnatural weather, while wearing her scarf and reminiscing about her. 30 years later, Sunny’s death was GR’s last assignment as the two have a touching reunion, which this time GR leading Sunny the way… not Sunny leading him. Even though Shin was left behind, Shin continued to live well and spread miracles in peoples’ lives (read here for theory on Mr. Kim) until he finally crossed paths with the reincarnated GR and Sunny. We see that in this lifetime, they are finally happily together without anything blocking them (and I kinda think they might remember their past lives too with all the references they made). Notice how GR grabbed & handcuffed Sunny’s right arm and then he was the one who initiated the handshake when it was Sunny who did it previously. And lastly, our lonely goblin was finally shining when he reunited with a reincarnated Eun-Tak. If you didn’t notice, Shin was wearing the watch she had bought for him for their wedding; when a woman gives a man a watch, this symbolizes that 1) they are each other’s time and 2) he will wait for her just as she will wait for him. This time, it was Eun-Tak coming to him and granting his wish (the dandelion symbolizes fulfillment of wishes): her returning to his side

So what do I think about this ending? I think this ending was perfect for the series as it symbolizes the title of the drama: The Lonely Shining Goblin. (Though my fangirl side… I’m not satisfied lmao… I want more tbh xD). Everyone had a different story and problem, but it was up to each character to find the answer to their fate. To become a good CEO, DH was growing up from only seeing himself to thinking of others, asking questions, and maturing from a child to an adult. CEO Kim fulfilled his duties to Grandpa and lived a good life. GR and Sunny accepted their punishment, but determined their own happiness in their next life by having a new beginning and by GR being more straight-forwards in their relationship. And Shin and Eun-Tak overcame the boundaries of life and death, their love will transcend time as they continue to find each other (this is because she is human and he is an immortal - therefore their ending will always be sad because they can’t be together forever). Eun-Tak sacrificing herself was the ultimate expression of a pure and selfless love and that’s why her death was not predetermined (a human’s sacrifice is the only thing God can’t predetermine) - she did not hesitate to save others before herself.. just as Shin when he pulled the sword out to kill Park Joong Won. Therefore, that’s why I believe their love was able to defy time because their love is selfless. Their selfless love was the answer to their tragic fate… even though they could not be happy together in this lifetime… they were only selfish once they died as they asked God to let them be together longer next time. And that’s why I think Eun-Tak did not forget Shin because 1) she didn’t drink the tea and 2) God granted her wish to return to Shin just as God granted Shin’s wish to return to Eun-Tak’s side. Their reunion was pure and innocent despite their longing for each other… just as how they first met… because the foundation of their love is a “first love” and “selfless love.” (even though my fangirl side wanted a kiss lmao) I also think there’s a special reason why they reunited at Canada. Canada is known as a land of acceptance and openness… so Shin and Eun-Tak reuniting in Canada represents how they accept and love each other for who they are no matter the time they will meet or the age they will be. She will be his first and last bride

But not only does the application of selfless love apply to Shin and Eun-Tak, it also applies to everyone in this drama… GR and Sunny, DH, Samshin, God, and all the souls who were guided by GR. After thinking for awhile, I was trying to understand why they continued to show two more scenes of GR guiding souls to the afterlife… the first one being the reunion of the soldier and his widowed wife (first of all, I fuckin cried… it was so damn touching). Even though he promised his wife he would return, he didn’t because he sacrificed himself during the war while she lived her life till old age instead of committing suicide; because their love was selfless… they were able to meet again. The second one was of the selfish CEO and how he only cared for himself… but he didn’t realize that his selfishness would be the only thing that would follow him into the afterlife as his punishment - not his watch, his money, and his title. So to my next point on selfless love, becoming a grim reaper is a punishment on people who committed suicide. In a way this is a form of selfishness because you ended your own life for yourself and as punishment, you live a nameless life as a grim reaper to make you desire to live again and appreciate life because life is fleeting… just as Eun-Tak said to GR, “you live today as if it will be your last.”

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The ending for Goblin is in a sense perfect despite the imperfections that we may find with it because we love this drama so much. In an ideal world, we want a happy and perfect ending, however, in the world of Goblin… it’s cruel that Shin will have to wait for Eun-Tak when she passes away again… and the cruel cycle continues, but that’s the choice they’ve chosen – a sad love to their tragic fate. I think the author has let it up to us to decide how Eun-Tak and Shin’s fate will play with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lives that Eun-Tak has remaining because she has laid the foundation of how their first life together happened - like Eun-Tak said, “Humans have four lives: a life of planting seeds, a life of watering the seeds, a life of harvesting and a life of cherishing the harvests.

And you know, after thinking it throughly… perhaps that was the whole point of the drama.. to plant the seeds for the love story between Eun-Tak and Shin; not all beginnings end happily but what matters the most is how you continue to thrive after you’ve started. Therefore, I do think that it would be possible for Shin to become human during her 4th life so that they can properly cherish each other. For example, Sunny’s life. Sunny had planted the seeds of her love with Wang Yeo during Goryeo, but ended her life early to protect him. Her second life she watered the seeds by surviving on her own with no attachment to her first life. Her third life, she finally was able to harvest after reuniting with her brother and lover with her memories of her first life, but she was finally able to cherish the harvest in her fourth life by having her happy ending with GR/Wang Yeo with a clean slate.

So moral of Goblin: There are many types of love… there is selfish love and selfless love.. though a selfless love is a sad love… it is the only type of love that can last 1,000 or 10,000 years. If you genuinely love someone, you will continue to live a good life till its’ fullest even after that person’s death… And perhaps a miracle might just happen as a god may be listening nearby to grant your wish. 

Thank you Goblin… despite the harsh reality of the world and our fates… thank you for reminding us that we are the makers of our livesand that’s what makes life beautiful. 

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On the other hand… this is really me right now after writing this review as logical as possible:

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

Forever crying about:

  • Beth Childs
  • Felix’s love for his sister
  • Team Hendrix twerking
  • Cosima’s sweetness to Gracie
  • Delphine missing Cosima
  • Pupok’s demise
  • Paul saving Sarah
  • Paul admitting he loved Sarah
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  • Helena coming back for Sarah
  • every single thing that happened in Orphan Black 3x06


fact: when working on a film or a drama, the person hired does not work under the group’s name but as an actor, as an individual person. this is not only the case with yixing, but also with chanyeol and kyungsoo. where was the outrage then? or is it only bad when it’s a Chinese member?

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Hey Jimmy could you sing a song for us? (It'll probably take forever though)

Some rough sketches which began as a way of practising drawing Jenna in particular, since she is the Series ½ character I find most difficult to draw. Anyway, I started with ‘What if Jenna was a Formula 1 racing driver?’, which is always a good question to start with in any situation, which led to this:

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Clint Eastwood leading the Carmel Centennial Parade October 29, 2016

To celebrate the 100th birthday of his hometown, Clint wore the original poncho from the “Dollars Trilogy”, his boots from “Rawhide”, the hat from “Unforgiven” (and the grey shirt from “High Plains Drifter”, i guess) :)))