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Do you think at any moment, either Bellamy or Clarke wanted to kiss each other?

Oooh I think this is an interesting question. The narrative doesn’t take great pains to emphasize physical attraction between bellarke, so they’re lacking the super obvious almost-kiss moments, but the 108 scene in the bunker and the sheer number of times Clarke’s eyes fall to Bellamy’s lips should tell us something lol (also there was total pre-kiss flirting in Unity Day fight me).

Seriously tho, this question is totally up to interpretation. There’s not been a scene where they *explicitly* wanted to kiss, but I find that in some of their most emotional moments there is this longing between them that, for me, makes me feel like they wish they could kiss or just be like, physically intimate in that moment, because words can’t really get across what they feel. And these scenes aren’t really about sexual tension. That’s whats so great about bellarke - the scenes where I feel like they’re the most likely to kiss are the ones that involve EMOTIONAL intimacy, not physical proximity or sexual attraction. Some examples of scenes where I think bellarke could be longing for the kind of intimacy a kiss might yield are (and don’t bother arguing with me about these, I’m not trying to make a point here at all lol)

1) 2x05 Campfire Scene

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They’re feeling each other out in this scene and re-establishing emotional intimacy, and their longing stares make me thing that their hug earlier in the day sparked a new awareness between them - that physical comfort and intimacy can be a thing between them. I know they’re discussing Serious Things in this scene, but like they stare at each other for 10 seconds before saying anything (I couldn’t find the Clarke half where she literally smiles at him) so yeah… idk kissing coulda crossed their minds.

2) 216 Reunion

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I’m sorry, but Clarke totally wished she could bring herself to hug him, kiss him - something - in that moment to make him feel how relieved she is, how much she wants, needs to have him by her side again. But she doesn’t reach out because she’s already begun hating herself, she’s already begun the process of pulling away that she completes at the end of the ep. But she wants to.

3) 305 after fighting

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Look some of yall might think this is “fucked up” but idc - these two spend this whole scene desperately trying to claw their way back to the emotional intimacy and comfort they had with each other in s2. The don’t want to hurt each other but they are each so hurt inside that they can’t help it. And after their argument, there’s still so much distance…and they can’t bridge it emotionally but they want to, oh so bad. So they reach out, once again trying to be close again in any way they can. Even if Bellamy knew he was going to try and cuff her, this moment is one where they are floundering in the unfamiliar feelings swirling between them - anger, loss, betrayal, love, longing - and they want something to hold onto. So they hold onto each other’s hands, but I remember when I saw this scene for the first time I literally thought - are they gonna kiss?? Because they are dying for intimacy here and idk it could have crossed their minds. It crossed mine. But alas, we got handcuffs instead lol :/

4) BONUS! Unity Day Lust

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This one’s Not That Deep they just wanted to bang   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯