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20+ posts queued for this week. About 10 of them are not safe for work. At all. And I still need to process screenshots for Sunday-Monday night.

Feels like I have sand/dust in my eyes… Why do I need to care for details nobody will notice? (some do notice!) Like a little pixelation of Arleen’s tattoo… (if you noticed it, someone else might notice it as well) But no matter how hard I try, this shit will never be perfect! (remember - finished! not perfect!)

I have a whole week ahead, right? I won’t get a new pair of eyes, right?…

Okay, Google. Exercise for eyes…

   i want to thank everyone for their messages, love and support towards me and my family. we are all very grateful for each little message and every little like these posts have been given. yesterday was tough, but today was even tougher, just with hitting reality and i spent most of the day with my fam. i may be on and off today, as i’m still trying to … distract myself almost ? and i have my college final exams to study for   ( which is on thursday. help ).   hopefully by next week ; i’m back on schedule.   but from my entire family, we are truly thankful for all the support.


I got over 300 and I just wanted to say thanks real quick. I’ve been a little exhausted this past week and I know I usually post more, but sometimes you gotta give yourself a break. I’m hoping to draw more tomorrow, I still have a Negan idea on my mind I really wanna do. Also I’ve been trying to draw Damon Albarn since July and I just never like the finished product, so I’m gonna keep trying with that until I get it perfect haha. And of course I gotta do something with Gorillaz and the new video. It’s really just about getting the time right now. But thanks for following and reblogging and all that. Your tags on my work make my life and I read all of them! I never thought I’d reach 300 (I’ve never had this many followers, even on my main account lmao) So thanks! 


OMG finally I’ve done it! It took me about two weeks but I’ve done it xD 

My Foxes. My boys. *-* I’m still trying to recover, yeah… However, every time I spot a post with a quote from aftg, I read it then look for it in the book and read the whole page, and you know what? I always feel the moment, but every time that feeling is going deeper.

2016 End Review

This year has been a wild one. I know 2016 started and ended bad for a lot of people, but I think I managed to survive it alright. 

This was my first year freelancing full time. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to survive and support my family through drawing, but it worked out! I am truly thankful for the constant support everyone has given me. There were weeks where I couldn’t post comics because I had to travel to cons or prioritize work for clients, and I’m pretty bummed about that. I first started drawing comics so I would challenge myself daily. I guess I’m still doing that now - just in different ways. I hope you guys don’t think less of me for being MIA on updates. This year I’m definitely going to try harder.

Happy New Years you guys! Let’s pray this is a better year for all of us.

Ive had this draft open for a few weeks now, trying to find the right words for what I want to say, so bear with me here.

First off: In the past, I’ve been accused of using my fandom fame to “bully” lesser-known blogs or even sending my followers to attack certain people (despite the fact Ive made multiple posts telling my followers there is no situation where sending hate is justified) so I’d like to preface this by saying I am not calling out any specific blog, fandom group, or shipping community. The purpose of this post is not to cause drama, but rather to bring attention to an issue I think the ML fandom as a whole needs to be aware of.

*ahem* anyways…


Wanting to “keep the peace” is not a valid reason to shut down real criticisms of real problems in the fandom.

Silencing discourse about important issues because you “want to keep the fandom drama-free” does not make you a saint.

Dismissing or attacking people when they draw attention to glaring problems in the fandom does nothing to help us grow and overcome these problems.

I’ve heard people say that the ML fandom is the nicest they’ve ever been in because there is no conflict. Because we all ship the love square right? Because we all want to see Adrien and Marinette end up together, right? 

ML Fandom: We are all united :) love square for life :) how could there possibly be drama? :)

Wait, artists are white-washing canon poc characters?

Wait, re-posters are stealing art and publishing without credit?

Wait, there is nsfw posted in the main fandom tags where children can see it?

Wait, bloggers are romanticizing abusive ships/tropes and exposing them to impressionable minors/actual abuse survivors?

Wait, lgbtaq+ creators are getting hateful comments telling them to “stop interfering with the love square”?  

Fandom: “…C’mon guys :/ stop complaining :/ lets keep the fandom drama-free :/…”

Now I get it, online fandom is a form of escape. I fully support the idea that fandom should be a safe space for everyone. As long as you are participating in fandom in a way that DOESN’T PUT OTHER PEOPLE AT RISK, you should be free to blog in peace.

That being said, the problem isn’t that people want a drama-free blogging experience, the problem is that some people are willing to make fandom enjoyable for themselves at the expense of others. They would rather ignore valid criticisms of fandom just because the problem doesn’t effect them personally, then accuse people who continue to draw attention to the problem of “stirring up drama in our good ol wholesome fandom.” 

But guess what?

There is no perfect fandom.

If a person of color tells you a piece of content is racist, you listen.

If an artist tells you reposting is wrong, you listen.

If an underage individual (or anyone really) tells you to keep nsfw art out of main tags, you listen.

If an abuse survivor tells you certain content is triggering/ potentially harmful, you listen. (Yes, even if you yourself are an abuse survivor using a scenario to “cope”.)

If an lgbtaq+ individual points out the disproportionate criticism of non-lovesquare (and in most cases non-het) content, you listen.

Ignoring, and in some cases even arguing against these claims doesn’t keep the fandom “drama-free”. Shutting down valid discourse doesn’t make ML Tumblr a “nicer” or “happier” place to be. 

All it does is does is alienate marginalized fans who fear that voicing their completely valid concerns over negative fandom trends will get them branded a bully or instigator of drama. 

All it does is absolve problematic people of guilt and embolden them to keep engaging in questionable fandom activities because they know the fandom is too concerned with “staying drama free” to do anything about.

All it does is further divide us.

And it needs to stop.

TLDR: If you shut someone down when they are pointing out a valid, important problem in the fandom, you are not trying to make the fandom “nicer for everyone”, you are trying to make the fandom nicer for yourself. Just because a problem doesnt effect you personally doesnt mean its not a problem. There is no such thing as a drama-free fandom, and ignoring key issues for the sake of pretending there is such a thing is irresponsible and disrespectful to marginalized member of the fandom.

21 august 2016 —

i will try my best to post more i’m so sorry about the lack of posts ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚ but school ends either one hour or one and half hours earlier for me starting from next week guess who’s a happy child (actually i still stay in school til quite late for night study it doesn’t make any difference) but it’s the start of a new week tomorrow all the best to all you lovely people  (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*


Am I the only female on this site that is HAPPY Trump won? I’ve seen a lot of posts, all of which are filled with disappointment because of tonight. In most of these posts they ask a simple question, “Why would you ever vote for a man like him?” Although, this questions wasn’t directly directed at me, I thought I would still give my two cents.

The only people who know about this is my family and friends. For the last few month I was trying to get a restraining order against my abuser. Three weeks ago, I met with a judge and he said no. It destroyed me. I couldn’t get out of bed for the day, when I went to class I was dead, I lost all hope. I had nothing. Not only did the FBI say they couldn’t investigate, but now I can’t even get protection from the man who took away everything?

Hillary talks a good game. She says she is on our side. She says she supports women and will protect us. Where was she when her husband was raping women? What about when she forced these women to stay quiet and covered it up? How can a women like that protect the millions of other women victims? What about the men? What about me?

I was terrified all night. I kept refreshing my page, tried to keep busy and I was basically suffucating. If Hillary became president then there really isn’t any hope for me. The justice I’ve been trying to get would forever be out of my reach.

Trump won. I was frozen, shocked. In that moment all I could think of: I still have hope. There is something more I can do, even if I don’t know what it is yet. The door is still wide open and will stay open as long as Trump is in office.

This is one, of many, reasons why I support Trump.



Long time, no post! Sorry for being gone so long my loves!

I’ve been learning allot about online schooling, which study habits work best for me, and how I prefer to take my notes. Along with that, I went through a huge health change which can be a struggle.

Luckily, in order to manage all of these new things, I’ve started using a bullet journal! I’ll post some photos in the future so you guys can see, but I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me so it isn’t perfect, but that’s okay.

This past week has been a bit hard. I started some new classes, I started going to the gym, and my car also stopped working (つ﹏<)・゚。 but I decided it would be best to try and get my studyblr moving again so I can start re-focusing!

Any who, now that I’m back and I managed to finish with an A for my first part of Geometry, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite notes that I took during the class! My style changed quite a bit because I’m not used to taking notes, but I really enjoyed the journey, no matter how frustrating it was.

Thank you for welcoming me back! <3


Fanart of Yoosung and Luciel from Mystic Messenger! I started playing this game around three weeks ago and it’s been my life since then lmao. I love all the characters so much, but I’m also pretty biased about these two lol TT v TT I’ll try to post my other fanart that I’ve done.

Trying to get out of my worst art slump ever… I even needed more than a week just to finish this sketch and it’s still far from done yet. To be honest it’s still hard for me to get myself into drawing, I just don’t feel like it but I’ve got enough of this shit I think I’ll try it anyways. Maybe I just need to get back to my routine, after all I used to draw almost daily

Enough of my whining, I think this hairstyle looks great on Sera and I’ll most likely keep it (or just draw whatever hairstyle I feel like for her, you know I hate just picking one cause you can do soooo much with hair!)
Also debating on the lip piercing, not sure on that one yet, what do you guys think?

Edit: it looks more hella in purple. If I already can’t manage to bring full piece I can fancy up my sketches at least.

Closing message

I’m not sure how much of a surprise this still is for a lot of you, but I didn’t just want to leave this blog without at least one last message. I haven’t managed to find the time and motivation to start making imagines again, even when I just had a two week vacation. With the new year starting, I don’t think that will be any better, so I have decided it’s better to just announce that I will close this blog.

I want to thank each and every one of you for following me, for commenting on the imagines I posted, for sending in requests, for writing one shots, for all the kind and nice messages you’ve send me. I have had a wonderful 2,5 year running this blog and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it! So thank you all, I couldn’t have done it without you!

I’ll try to log in a few times over the coming weeks in case any of you still have questions, and if you want to stay in touch, you can always reach me on my personal blog: I wish all of you a lot of fun with the last season of Teen Wolf!!

<3 Lein

707 Call Times (707 Route Only, Corrected)

I made a post about 707 call times here and there were a few errors here and there that I’ve fixed! I’ve combed through the calls twice over to check it all, but if there’s still any errors, do let me know and I’ll try seeing what’s up! Now that I’ve looked more into it, remember to call after reading these chats! It seems to work that way rather than just being within the time frame.

Also, an observation I’ve made just in case it’ll help anyone is if you miss chats where you can get calls and you’re willing to dish out the hourglasses, you can still get them! Once you purchase at least the chat the call takes place on and the chat directly after, you should be able to after reading it, even if you’ve heard a call that happens later on and all that jazz. 

And now onto the chats!: 

Day 3: After “Stayed Overnight T_T”

Day 4: After “Zen’s Imagination”

Day 5: After “Strange Alarm”, “Every 2.35 Seconds”, “Jumin…!!,” “Seven’s True Feelings” and “I think my head is broken”

Day 6: After “Mysterious Email”, “I’m Recovered!”, “JUMIN!!!!! T_T” and “Family Reunion”

Day 7: After “Seven is Depressed…?”, “Sentimental Morning”, “Do not move”, “Unbelievable” and “The only hope”

Day 8: After “What is V doing?”, “I cannot believe Rika did that”, “What can I do” and “The secrets Seven has”+VNM

Day 9: After “Shaking Faith”+VNM, “It has nothing to do with you”+VNM, “Jaehee’s consolation” and “What a relief”+VNM

Day 10: After “Everything I believed in”, “Betrayal”, “I can’t Get Over This”,    “We are on our way” (it’s actually a phone call to Jumin- Seven briefly participates no matter what you pick in the first set of options and it’s quite entertaining!) and “Goodbye Greetings”

Day 11: Call him back when you finish talking to him when he calls after the 8:00am chat

School Shooting

Note: I’m really excited about this one. Its the first one in a while that isn’t a request, but is one I came up with on my own. It hits a little close to home for me this week. I am still writing your requests and trying to get to as many as possible. Sorry that I haven’t posted as much as I normally do these past couple of days, I’ve just been insanely busy. I promise I didn’t forget about you guys and that I’m doing my best to get to your requests and be as active as possible. I love you all, and I hope you know that you’re strong enough to handle whatever this week has in store. 

Summary: A shooter targets the school you work at. Shawn hears about it, and freaks out when you don’t reply to his text messages. 


You wake up at five in the morning feeling extremely sick. You’re in the weird state between being awake and asleep. You don’t have the energy to be awake, but you can’t seem to fall asleep. Finally, after two hours of complete misery, tossing and turning, and overall just feeling extremely sick, you decide that there is no possible way you’re going to make it to work. You work at an elementary school for a few hours every morning to help the kids with reading and writing. You text your supervisor to let her know that you’re sick and won’t be able to make it to work, and then you finally manage to fall back asleep.

When you awake again, both of your roommates are gone so you assume you’ve slept in pretty late. The good thing, though, is that you feel a lot better than you did earlier. You automatically, check your phone, mostly wondering about the time, but what you find surprises you. You have 5 missed calls from Shawn and 9 text messages from his as well. You also have texts from other people you know. You open Shawn’s text message thread first.

You’re really confused as to what he’s talking about. Before you even get a chance to look up whats going on or reply to his text messages, your phone rings. No surprise, it’s Shawn calling. You answer it immediately. “Hello?”

“(Y/n)! What’s going on? Are you okay? Where are you?” His voice is frantic.

“I’m fine Shawn. I’m at my apartment. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m sick so I didn’t go to work. I was sleeping and I woke up to a bunch of text messages from you.”

“Thank God you’re alright.” He responds. He still sounds stressed out, but he mostly sounds relieved. “I was so worried. You didn’t answer my texts.”

“I’m sorry Shawn. I was sleeping.” 

“It’s okay, all that matters is that you’re okay.” 

“What happened?” You ask, not knowing the details. 

“There was a shooter at the elementary school you work at. I’m not sure too much else because they wouldn’t say much, just that there was an active shooter and a lockdown and that’s why I was so scared. I think they just caught the shooter though.”

“Oh, I see.” You respond.

You hear someone’s voice in the background. It sounds like an announcement of some sort over a speaker.

“Where are you?” You ask him, confused.

“I’m at the airport.” He responds.

“Oh, why? Where are you going?” You ask. You know that he’s home in Canada. He just got there yesterday, why would he be at the airport. He’s supposed to spend the next week with his family and friends at home, and you were planning to fly out to Canada to see him on Friday so you could spend the weekend with him. 

“I’m coming to LA.” He responds.

“What? Why?” You ask. Its not that you don’t want him to come, but you know he was looking forward to spending the week with his family in Canada and just being able to be home for a little while, which he doesn’t get to do very often. And you were going to fly out to see him in a few days anyway. 

“I heard about the shooting. You weren’t replying. I didn’t know where you were or if you were okay. I couldn’t just stay in Canada. I need to see you.” He still sounds stressed and a little frantic, even though he knows you’re okay now.

“Shawn, I told you I’m fine. You don’t have to come anymore because I wasn’t even at the school.” You remind him. 

“But you could have been. I thought you were. For two hours I thought you were there. And I just kept thinking about how there was someone with a gun near you. And I was so fucking scared. You weren’t replying and I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t know if you were okay, or if…” He trails off, unable to finish that sentence. You realize just how much this shooting affected Shawn. You aren’t really aware of the magnitude of the situation because you weren’t awake while everything was happening. But Shawn was trying to get updates, and reading websites about it, the whole time thinking that your life was in danger. 

“Shawn, baby. I’m fine, okay? Nothing happened to me. I wasn’t there. I promise I’m just fine.” You try to reassure him.

“I know. Now I know that. I didn’t before.”

“Now that you know, you can stay in Canada with your family and friends and I’ll come see you Friday.”

“I’m still coming.” Theres some noise in the background, and then he says, “I have to go, (Y/n). I’ll see you soon.”

You don’t want to convince him not to come see you because you want to see him, more than anything. But you feel bad that he’s coming to see you when he should be spending time with his family that he barely gets to see. Regardless, the desperation and determination in his voice tells you that theres no point in trying to convince him of anything. 

“I’ll see you soon baby.” You respond. 

“Love you,” He hurriedly says. You return the sentiment and then he hangs up. 

You scroll through some texts sent from friends and family back home that were concerned for your safety. You reassure them all that you are fine and you weren’t at the school when that happened. You read some articles on the shooting to find out that the shooter didn’t actually kill anyone. They still don’t have all the information, but mostly it was a big scare. There was a standoff, and a lockdown, which is why Shawn was so terrified, because he didn’t have much information and nothing was for sure. 

They only recently released a statement confirming that no one was killed and that the shooter was able to be taken into custody. You’re really relieved to read this because you know so many people who were at the school. It leaves you a little shaken to realize just how close of a call this was. Not only could you have been there during this, but you could have been killed or injured, or someone you knew could have been hurt. 

You’ve heard about or read about shootings that have happened at schools across the country in the past, but you never experienced it this close. It leaves you a little shaken realizing just how close it was, and you’re glad that Shawn is coming, even though you feel bad for taking him away from his friends and family. 

About four hours later, your boyfriend knocks on your apartment door. When you open it, he immediately wraps his arms tightly around you. He holds you for a few minutes without saying a word. Finally, he says, “I was so scared, (Y/n). I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You don’t have to find out, don’t worry.” You reassure him. 

“It wasn’t your fault, but please don’t ever scare me like that again.” He says, not loosening his grip on you at all. 

“I won’t.” You respond.

“Actually, it’s fine. I’m not letting you out of my sight ever again, so we won’t have to worry about that.” 

“How do you get all that fur into those shorts of yours?”

“I’m still trying to figure that out myself.”

I haven’t posted anything in like… a couple weeks. I assure you all I’m still drawing stuff. I’ve got two more pieces on the way… for now. 

Anyway, this is my fluffy red panda boy. I don’t have for a name for him yet, but he’s a wizard, he’s powerful, and he likes shorts. Look out for him in the future!



[1.8.17-1.14.17] New week, new color! And look, I actually posted it on time! A fricken miracle. I didn’t knit or crochet all week. I think I’m going to combine them for this week. Also didn’t go to bed by 11 at all. I know I need more sleep but eeeeeeh. I’m trying. Gotta get better with vitamins and exercise, too.

Mulan quote because of the door mural picture. It also makes me think of her dress at the beginning.

Still working out how much stuff I should be doing every day. And how I want things to look.

“Harry, what is this.”

“It’s called Pokemon Go. You can walk around catching pokemon on your phone”

“That seems stupid. That seems like what Loony Lovegood talks about all the time.”

“…maybe. But I promise it’s fun! Please just try it with me?”


*2 weeks later*

“Draco, you haven’t come home in three days please just take a break.”

“hArr Y I still haven’t gotten a Lapras we’re not going anywh – wait I scheduled a Portkey to New York for tomorrow.”

“What?? Why? And why didn’t I know about this?”

“I neEd a Tauro s, Harry. But don’t worry; you’re coming, too.”

“…I’m taking your phone away.”

“n O.”

pt1 pt2 pt3

“John, please. Aren’t we done yet? It’s been hours and hours.”

“Nope, we’re not done. It’s only been one hour, and we still need to get something for your parents and Mrs. Hudson.”

“Have mercy. I won’t do any experiments for a week if we go home now.”

“Remember what landed you here in the first place, Sherlock.”

“That was one tiny miscalculation, John.”

“Which almost dissolved the kitchen table. Cheer up. I’ll buy you a mince pie if you’re nice.”

“I haven’t got a hand free to eat it, in case you have forgotten.”

“No problem. I’ll feed you.”

“Oh. Well. All right.”

Day 19 of the Seasonal Fucking Cheer 2016 Ficathon. I’ll try and post one drawing for each day, and tag them #sfcficathon. Today’s prompt was: 19. I have always hated the holidays but you love them and I love you, so… damn it.