still trying to get used to ps though

Hey guys I’m back!


My laptop is gone so I’m left with my Mac that can and has died at a moment’s notice. I don’t have any other options so for now I can at least surf the web and use basic programs for school still. But I can’t use Painttool SAI anymore so I’m having to learn how to draw in photoshop. It’s so weird because I’ve never used photoshop except for finishing touches. Anyways it’s going to be a new learning process as I try to find brushes and a workflow I like so my art content will be slowed considerably. I also don’t know if I can make any more speedpaints until I get more used to PS. For some reason even though my tablet’s drivers are up to date the express keys still don’t respond right away for some commands. 

Wellp, that’s the long and short of it. Hope you guys stick with me as I get content rolling again and if anyone knows of any good lineart brushes they like for PS, please share them. <3


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Nightmare Night was busy with Twily’s pranks and whatever the hay Shiny decided to do…. I think he’s still hiding trying to scare us somewhere…..

Here is an old picture I found in Aunt Celestia’s albums. We don’t celebrate Nightmare Night where I’m from, but I did get to have a little celebration with her and the other royals one year.

I was a dork who idolized my aunty. My mane clashes, and I suck at drawing her cutiemark.

 Aunt Celestia doesn’t like Nightmare Night too much, but she liked having a mini me!

Hope you all had a great Nightmare Night!

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nightmarishneko  asked:

Hey there, I have been asking a few digital artists I really like this question. What program do you use to make digital art? Hope you can answer this.

I use Photoshop CS6 for the majority of my art and it’s the program I feel the most comfortable using, even though I still don’t understand what half the functions actually do. 

If I’m just doodling I enjoy using SketchBook Pro. It’s a nice, straight-forward program with not too many bells and whistles to distract you when you want to do something simple.

I’m trying to get the hang of SAI again (note the “trying”). I used to use it a lot back in the day but the siren song of PS got to me and I’ve forgotten basically everything. I see a lot of other artists doing really interesting and beautiful things with SAI and I have such style envy lmao

I’ve briefly used Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint and want to give it another crack soon to see if I can make proper comics with it. It’s just finding the time!

I hope that answers your question!

anonymous asked:

Can you explain your rationale for hating strategic voting, and LeadNow in particular? I've been considering volunteering with them in an attempt to get Harper out, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on them as an organization.

The short answer to why i hate strategic voting: John Tory.

The long answer:

1. It’s highly inaccurate.

Polls are snapshots, riding level polls are often extremely wrong, and previous strategic voting campaigns have gotten predictions wrong or just plain not worked. The last election had plenty of different strategic voting campaigns, all designed to stop the Harper majority, all of which spectacularly failed. Many of 2011′s vote predictions were incredibly wrong and thus their recommendations counterproductive.

“In 2008, a number of strategic voting sites recommended the Liberal candidate in the Nova Scotia riding of South Shore-St. Margaret’s. The Liberal ended up third, while the NDP candidate almost defeated the Conservative incumbent.”

““I don’t like strategic voting. I don’t think it works,” she [Elizabeth May] said. When she ran against Conservative minister Gary Lunn in Saanich–Gulf Island, May said, she was told that she was going to split the vote and that the best choice was the Liberals. She won by 7,346 votes – in part because that Liberal vote collapsed and rallied round her.”

2. It takes the issues out of elections.

Strategize voting incentivizes politicians and parties not to emphasize issues, but instead to just prove to your their electability. As in, they deserve your vote not because of what they believe in or will do, but because of how many other people have supported them. Popular does not equal good. Leadnow claims that “We are doing something the parties can’t - putting the issues first” but that’s simply wrong. They’re putting strategy first, and the issues second. There is no conditions for LeadNow under which you should not support a Liberal, NDP, or Green candidate.

For me, if you care deeply about civil liberties and C-51, you shouldn’t vote Liberal.

If you care deeply about stopping the expansion of pipelines you shouldn’t vote NDP.

(please don’t take this as an endorsement of the greens, simply just that i can’t find a progressive issue at the moment that they are uniformly worse on than the liberals and ndp. their flaws, which are many, are pretty much the same as the other two.)

Encouraging strategic voting tells politicians that they can take whatever position they want so long as they can argue they are electable.

extremely unlikely that has ever worked, but rather has worked to cement main parties and diminsh alternatives. thus slows change and progress.

3. It means local candidates don’t matter.

There are liberals who support abortion restrictions and oppose marriage equality, ndp candidates who oppose gun control, greens who are sexist, candidates from every party who oppose palestinian rights, who are corrupt, who are racists, etc. Sometimes shitty people win party nominations. Strategic voting says you should vote for them anyways because their party is “progressive,” even if they are not.

4. It’s a waste of resources.

“Vancouver polling analyst Bryan Breguet suggested that in the 2011 federal election it would have taken as much as 60 per cent of Liberal and NDP voters to switch their choice in their riding to make strategic voting effective, something he called “completely unrealistic."”

This is my primary bone to pick with LeadNow. They are spending tens of thousands of dollars in donations and taking hundreds of volunteer hours on something that will have essentially no impact at best, and will likely misdirect voters and degrade electoral coverage and party focus. If it’s money you want to spend, there are millions better outlets for that. If it’s your time or support you want to give, there are so so many better causes or parties (though i wouldn’t personally recommend it) than trying to convince the rest of the people in your riding that they should vote against their principles and en masse according to whichever candidate some organization thinks is not the best, but the best poised to win.

tl;dr strategic voting (and LeadNow’s Vote Together) is ineffective and encourages political actors to emphasize electability rather than progressive policies

(ps sorry for how long this answer took. if you’ve asked us something, there’s a good chance we’re still getting to it, particularly if we think it deserves a long answer rather than a short thoughtless quip)  

Its about Pharmecy and the ships

Hi… there’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Honestly I ship Straight ships as much as I ship Yuri ships…. okay I ship Yuri ships more than I do with Straight ships. Just want to clear this out.

This thing is going to be a long one.

I’m sure I’m going to write something similar if I come across another ship of a different game or anime or show. I’m pretty sure I did with the Legend of Korra and Bleach.

Anyway it’s about Pharmacy at first I was shipping Zarya/Mercy because that’s how goes down for me. Warrior and Healer (My shipping weakness) so me being a dork shipped Zarya/Mercy instantly, then Pharmacy somehow grew on me. (MAJOR Factor YulSic but that’s a.. different story I’ll probably never get into)

So Shipping Pharmacy became fun then once again there was trouble in Paradise because of the antis.
And there’s a few things people liked to bring up often to ‘Justify’ their reasons on why Pharmacy can’t be shipped. This more of a ramble so excuse me for being all over the place.

Many people try to say Pharmacy is creepy because
1, Angela’s ‘way, way, way, older’ than Fareeha by five years… okay? Five years apart… ladies and Gentlemen please hold your seats for this.

2, Is that Angela was like a mom to Fareeha. Had anyone ever considered that Angela could have been like a big sister figured or maybe more of babysitter.(Yes I realize people may use that as a fuel to not ship Pharmacy about the sister thing.) Same as Jesse, big brother figured or babysitter to Fareeha.

3, Angela and Fareeha were more than likely never thought of each other in a romantic nor sexual way when they were teenagers. Well, Fareeha was a pre-teen because she was 12.

4, Fareeha might not have visited Overwatch as often to even create an atmosphere of this supposed ‘Mother/Daughter’ thing or even sister/babysitter.

5, They’re officially grown adults… Feelings can change. They can be attractive to each other or not.

6, Would it be different if they never meet before when they were the ages when they were young? Would you end up shipping them or still find an excuse to claim that they can’t be shipped.

7, I remember reading that it’s an abusive ship… (I understand the age difference because people brought it up many times but how is this one abusive?)

8, Angela age really well from what we can tell and looks young because one she probably took care of herself or she has this thing called genetics to look younger than she appears to be. So I know people were freaking about that part which leads to number 1. Blizzard from the looks of it cleared it up that she is 37.

9, Originally Angela was going to be 34 years old but ‘Someone messed up and changed her age to 37 from the first video with Winston.’ So basically Angela was going to be 2 years older than Fareeha. Would people still find it creepy!?

If you don’t ship them, then don’t but if you want to claim it’s sick and wrong due to the age and mother tone then please look at Soldier76/Mercy and Reaper/Mercy if you wanna play that game or display your otp while dragging down another ship.

Who knows Reaper and Solder 76 could have been father figures to Angela and they knew her when she was seventeen and Jesse’s case as well. Both men were well over in their thirties when she was seventeen.
Probably treated her as a disciple.
It could be the same where they had not care to know Angela on a personal level when she was only seventeen and only see her as a healer when she was at that age. Maybe afterwards from a couple of years of her being in Overwatch they probably seen her differently as a romantic partner when she’s in her 20s.
Which is understandable and A-Okay with me.

And if you don’t agree with what I’m writing… it’s cool, don’t like it. It’s really something I wanted to get off my chest because it’s ridiculous and hypocritical as well as frustrating to read those reasons. Ship Soldier76/Mercy and Reaper/Mercy as much as you want; I trying ain’t stopping you all.
It’s just silly and redundant for you to bash a Yuri Ship when you guys should be worrying about your ship and loving your ships and most importantly having fun with your ship.

Also if you ship both Pharmacy and Soldier76/Mercy and/or Reaper/Mercy. I’m going to be honest I like you far more than the nay sayers and keep on shipping if you find nothing wrong with it or you know but love their flaws for it.

If you ship Solder 76/Mercy and Reaper/Mercy and you don’t ship Pharmacy cause you just don’t want too and it doesn’t have anything with the Age difference or “How Motherly Mercy is to Pharah”. The real reason is that you just don’t see them compatible to each other and that’s that. I want to say Thank You for not being rude to us.

Ps. I’m sorry for bringing Jesse into this…
Pss.. I’m not trying to start an argument lol but it is silly. Though there is few things I’m curious about.
Psss. Hi
Pssss. I don’t know if this is even possible but if you don’t tag a ship, it still somehow finds it way to its tagging list.

I know there’s also other shippers from different ships besides those two that keeps on dragging Pharmacy.