still trying to get used to coloring in photoshop

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hi! Ive been doing backgrounds recently, and im having trouble picking out the right brushes and colors. So i was wondering what you do when it comes to those. (I just found your art and i love it!)

Hey there! Yayy for drawing backgrounds!!

I actually use 2 default photoshop brushes: The hard round brush on pen pressure (you can change its shape to suits your way of drawing. This one is, for most artists, our way to go brush. It’s basic and can achieve anything without asking too much of our laptops ~~) and The Round Bristle on pen pressure. I just play around on different opacity (100%, 70%, 30%)   Don’t trouble yourself with brushes really, just go for it with the hard round brush, this one is awesome.

As for colors ah! I’m still trying to get better at colors, but I can tell you a good warm up exercise to do, to improve your understanding of colors: Take a scenery (be it a life drawing thing or a picture) and without color picking, try to make a thumbnail of the scene with a hard round brush at 100% opacity. Try to find the right color just with your own eyes. It’ll help you get more confident about colors and your brushstrokes and will help you understand colors better. Take notes and observe life around you. Here is an example~~ Be messy, be quick, who cares, just try to nail those colors.) Have fun !!

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Do you have any tips for erasing pencils under inks without lifting the inks? Everyone says to just erase gently after the ink has dried but somehow it's just not working out for me. Thanks!

Hello~! I had same issue to a point where my ink was completly gone… 
So a few hints I may give here are as follows:

I started using color pencils (Pentel 0,5 HB-B, Blue or red color for automatic pencils). I think of it as a sketch layer on photoshop on low opacity… XD
I use them very lightly for basic draft, to get composition right and estimate how character will look. Before I proceed with normal pencil, I erease It lightly so it’s barely visible (but still visible enough to retrace it with the pencil). They are hard to get rid of in first place D: ). It comes in handy later so You wont have to erease too hard to remove it.

When I use pencil over It, I try to do light pressure so it wont be hard to remove later. My sketches looks messy because of that but they get off easily! I use 0,3 HB or B automatic pencil.

When I erease, I try to do hard pressure on the areas which dont hold any ink, and light pressure on areas with ink. For that I totally reccomend my one and only love ereaser - Tombow MONO. I use traditional big square ereaser and thin square (more detailed) in case i really have to erease with precission around lines. 

I fill the black areas on the drawing only AFTER I am done with ereasing pencils :’D

Also before ereasing ink let It stay on a paper for at least 5 minutes.

And In worst case don’t forget You can always adjust black on photoshop or phone apps!

Another important thing Is to buy a few types of paper and ink pens / inks and test them before doing picture of Your life. Not every type of paper will work well with inks. The “too smooth” one won’t be holding ink too well when You erease It and paper with too much texture will make Your ink spill all over.
So something between is neccessary. 
I really like Moleskine paper for ink pens and fudenosuke, seems perfect for my lazy needs :D As for Ink type of paper - IC INC paper brand from japan is awesome (deleter on the other hand sucks). Also Copic paper (for markers) is really good. But brand really doesnt matter, just see what You can get in your local stores and test what works best for You. I’ve used some cheap random brand for laser prininter for a while and It was great :D 

From ink pens I don’t reccomend Faber Castell. Out of all ink pens I’ve ever had this one gets completly removed, no matter what paper I use… I really Like  SNOWMAN, uni pin, Copic (is best!) , and Micron 01 (Sakura). Recently I fell in love with Tombow Fudenosuke - Ink has a great quality and It does pretty lines like traditional ink.
As for Ink, again copic or rotring inks worked best for me. I avoid too watery ones because they spill all over the paper :V 

Hope that helped and If You have any other questions let me know! :D

Kakagai week

day 3: combat

This one is about the first time Kakashi saw gai using hachimon tonkou. Kakashi was in serius trouble and without chakra and Gai came for his rival and had no other solution but this… Gai was like: you can let this for me this time, rival. 

It’s a little time after Minato’s death. Gai as chunin and kakashi anbu. The chronology is so confuse with their past…

I’m still trying use photoshop to paint my drawings, but we still do not get along very well…

It’s not a fight between them, but they’re in a battle together …

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Hi! I've been considering making mangacaps and gifs of my own but I don't know where to start! You always post them and I'm super curious, how should I get started? I tried looking it up but I couldn't really figure out how. Any advice?

Well first you should try downloading photoshop or gimp (which i use and is easier to download). I’ve made some tutorials before you can check out (for gimp)

As for mangacaps all you really need to do is know how to crop, and clean the image by using a white paintbrush to erase unwanted background etc. and increase contrast or brightness

Hope this helps a bit! ^^


She’s been there, 
God knows, she’s been there.
She has seen and done it all.


dedicated to alaskafloats, ilu and I hope you’ll enjoy all the scenes from the caps you couldn’t watch me screenshot bc they were too spoilery :)

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Is there a secret to the way you get that misty effect in your art? Specifically the lance one you did I love it so much. I was thinking it’s a radial blur but is there more to it than that? Oh god it’s so beautiful.

Hello darling! Thank you so much for liking my Lance drawing and my coloring! <3 <3 I don’t know if the thing I do with my drawings is some sort of a secret, and I really suck at explaining what I usually do while coloring (also because I’m using a german Photoshop version) but let me try! It’s kinda a combination between a gassian blur and brightening layer effects to get the picture glowing. I think the little secret is to not use it on the whole image, but mainly on the background so the body/character still stays in focus. I usually save a clear layer of the image underneath the blurred one and erase the blur partial at the center of the character. That, plus a few tonal corrections, light addings and color adjustments. Here’s a little step by step if it helps a bit :D Thank you for being interested in my coloring! <3 <3

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I'm in love with papagoite (I was also going to ask, why does the crab monster's gemstone appear yellow in your gemstone images?)

well I used some Photoshop tricks I learned from someone in here (I don’t remember their username, but is the person that proved Yellow Zircon was yellow and gave us the day palette for the Off Colors).

First, I took the model sheet of the Crab Monster, it’s baby version and the gemstone:

Then you have to take away the bubble’s shine:

(you have to “Multiply” the result color over the bubble to get it)(it’s not perfect but its still useful)

Now, we’ll try to take away the green palette. It is nearly impossible, since everything its green, but if we compare just the crab’s color with the smaller crab, it gives us a reasonable color for the gem (that would be in the same scheme):

(This time you have to “Divide” the result color, not multiply)(Still not quite perfect but still)

And finally, we have to apply that “divided” color over the gemstone:

And there you go! It’s quite yellow I guess. I tried my best.

I don’t want anons/people to tell me this is useless and makes nonsense because I’m tired of y’all. I know this may not be how it works but I still tried. Have you?? No? Then shut up, thanks.


I drew this bird thing in class today. Trying to get used to Photoshop, but I’m still really attached to CSP. 

Also tried a different method, worked grayscale and applied color on top instead of working straight in color. Not sure if I’m into it.

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Could you show us your process?? I'm trying to get into photoshop but it's still so unusual to me! Love your work!!

i’ve started posting speedpaints on my youtube channel, and i’ve made a few tutorials

i draw my lines with black ink on paper, scan it, bring it into photoshop and erase the white background. then i simply color the image on a layer underneath the lines. just keep messing around with photoshop and you’ll find out how you want to use it! almost no two artists use the same technique!

Winter Prince Contest Results!

After careful consideration, the judges and myself have come to an agreement!
Thank you everyone who participated and shared with us your beautiful creations, every single one had something wonderful and unique to offer and it was difficult to narrow down to just four winners.

Even if you don’t place top four, I have been secretly preparing a thank you card to send to each and everyone who participated as a token of my gratitude! I’ll be contacting you in the next week to ask for your address c:

Without further ado, here’s our winners!

❄ First Place- Jack Frost Statuette
drawn4life (ENTRY)

Since Jack Frost is the Guardian of Fun, I asked myself what is something fun to do in the summer? Sidewalk chalk! I live in a townhouse and almost all my neighbors have little kids. I figured not only I could enjoy this art, but my neighbors and their kids!

I thought this was brilliant, Drawn4life set their entry apart by sharing the experience and proving themselves guardian-worthy as children joined in the fun! They showed their process and cleverness in using the materials they had, using Photoshop to properly match the colors to the Winter Prince color palette, and inspiring their block to participate in their own sidewalk chalk art! Congratulations Drawn4life and thank you for sharing your piece with us and your block!

❄ Second Place- Artbook signed by Peter Ramsey
sorarts (ENTRY)

‘This was my very first try at sculpting a figure, so I am pretty proud of it!! I took a lot of time learning how to make figures from only youtube videos so its still sloppy, but I’m hoping to get the hang of sculpting!’

What’s so great about this piece is that Sorarts is a 2D artist who thought outside the box, and pushed their artistic abilities into a whole different plane (hehe, get it? yyyeahokay…) It’s wonderful to see the work in progress and thought process that goes into the creation of an art piece. Their curiosity that took them to learn a new art form by just watching tutorials on youtube, their creativity and determination is what made their piece worthy of a winning place! Congratulation Sorarts, we believe you should keep developing your sculpting!

❄ Third Place- Pop Up Book & Movie Novelization Book
chisanamonogatari (ENTRY)

‘I really wanted to participate with my craft. Also I wanted to make the layout nice and have thought put behind it since the prompt is creativity, so I took the things that make up the Winter Prince as props in the background.’

Not only are the plushies adorable, Chisanamonogatari went the extra mile and not only made a Winter Prince Plush, but Winter Princess and their canon movie!verse, Jack Frost! As if that wasn’t already worthy of a winning place, they once more went even further to create a beautiful patchwork piece inspired by the movie posters, leaving Jack Frost’s piece blank because ‘he popped out of the poster to check out the other him that was inspired by the movie he starred in.‘
Thank you for such lovely, adorable work, Chisana, and congratulations!

❄ Fourth Place- Graphic Novel & Dreamworks Notebook
arcanabreak (ENTRY)


… maybe that’s not the artist statement I was looking for but, joke aside, Arcana’s beautiful piece struck the judges and myself as unique for being the only piece which had featured in its own custom-made webside and created a track list. Needless to say, I as so happy to have music be part of this contest, since I hold music in high regards and utilize it as any other necessary tool to create properly. When the piece is observed with the effects, it brings the creation together beautifully, and gives the illusion of movement and serenity.
Thank you for going above and beyond, Arcana! I’ll be snagging those tracks for my own art creation c:

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Hullo, sorry to disturb you. First let me say I love your art. I'd been wondering about one of your posts a few times back when someone asked you how to learn to match colour, you suggest to do study of paintings with good colour. How to do this study actually? I've always want to learn to paint & draw, but never got the chance to go to art classes/school (can't afford it) so I just try to learn by myself & reading books. Can you please elaborate a bit more as pointers? Thanks in advance :)

Thanks so much! As always this comes with the warning that I’m not the best teacher and I’m still learning this. 

First, hopefully you’ve already collected a reference folder full of art you want to study; if not, get that started (you can use a lot of things - concept art, traditional painting, screenshots of movies and animation, etc). Here’s the one I picked to study last night because you can never go wrong with John Singer Sargent.

If you’re just starting, it might seem a bit intimidating. I was already thinking oh man, why did I choose something with so many figures in it? But what you’re doing with these studies is capturing the very basics of the image, not creating a detailed copy. What is this image essentially? Dark figures on a light background.

Ok, that’s not so bad, right? You don’t always have to start like this but it can be good practice. I also put each grey on a separate layer so I could save time and paint inside the layer when I colored it. Make sure you use a hard edged brush. In your final study, try to keep hard edges where they are in the original painting, it’s better to keep these bold silhouettes than make a fuzzy scribbly mess.

There it is after about 40 min. It’s not pretty, but I think I got the basics. The hardest parts will be choosing your colors and not getting caught up in the details (I still have so much trouble with this one). Don’t worry about painting faces or details in clothing, those blob faces are good enough. Don’t use the eydropper tool! Part of what you’re learning is how to identify the colors you’re seeing, and finding the color yourself is part of practicing. (eta - don’t use the eyedropper on the original painting, I still use it on my own study while I’m working). This will take a bit of trial and error - just lay down the color, then figure out what’s wrong with it, adjust it, try again.

Here’s one test you can do to check your accuracy - convert the images to greyscale and see how the values match up. I did ok, but it could still use some improvement!

If you’re using Photoshop, the color palette sucks and I recommend getting a proper palette extension like Painters Wheel. There are others that aren’t free that might be a bit more stable but I’ve been using that one.

To make the most of your studies, don’t just blindly copy but make note of why you like the original and what makes it work as an image. For example, things I looked at in this painting:

- what’s the focal point of the image? I’m going to say the woman closest to the camera - notice how Sargent uses the highest contrast of values (her top is practically black and white) and colors (that pop of red) to draw your eye here.
- the warm sunlight
- the cool shadows (don’t just paint these grey, look at those beautiful blue-green colors)
- blue light from the sky reflecting off surfaces that face upwards
- repetition of colors to create harmony (look how many of them have turquoise somewhere on their clothes)

(The James Gurney Color and Light book I mentioned before is a good start to learning color theory and the reasons behind these things you’re observing)

And finally, the most important thing isn’t anything specific I said but the fact that you do a ton of these. You’ll learn through repetition and eventually absorb some of their artist superpowers (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). Whew, that ended up longer than I expected, I hope it wasn’t too dull!

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Wondering if you learned to draw digitally with a mouse or drawing tablet of some sort. I just got photoshop and all I have right now is a mouse and I'm having a hard time with that (especially sketching) I'm used to traditional art so it might just be to used to holding a pen/pencil in my hand. any suggestions for an aspiring digital artist? (sent this few days ago dont know if it worked sorry to be a bother i love you!)

about 2 years ago I still draw by mouse, here a piece I drew by mouse using Photoshop (lol it’s a meme)

but then I took some advice from friends that it would give me bad effect to my hand from drawing by mouse, that I should buy a wacom. So I bought a wacom. I’ve used this drawing table since Sep 2013 till now.

It’s wacom bamboo Manga.

I thought my friend’s advice were right, it’s not good for your hand and your digital art skill if you just keep drawing by mouse (except you’re some kind of genius…)

So if you’re drawing by mouse, I highly recommend you to buy a wacom [or any kind of drawing tablet you want]. 

For the digital art program, it’s up to the type, the art style you want to come along with/to study. Comic & Manga style, in my experience, you should start with Manga Studio/Comic Studio or Pain Tool SAI.

Photoshop is a good digital art program but from the very beginning it was created on the purpose of editing photo - not for painting/drawing. But I have to admit that Adobe has improved it so well, and people created for that program many additional brushes - really brilliant to help you paint the scenery/background effect.

Most of my picture in 2015 was painted using Manga Studio EX 5.0. The program is a little lighter than Photoshop since it takes off a lot of no-need photo editing feature and focus on linear tool (its G-pen is great) Still it’s a complicated program, you will need time to get used to… and it’s not popular as much as Photoshop mean there’s less TUT, add on for it.

Also you should try Paint Tool SAI too, it’s one of the most popular, lightest and least complicated. Before using MS EX 5.0 I used Paint tool SAI in 2014. It’s pen/brush tool are very flexible but still simple to understand plus the color blending is very smooth and goes well with contrast & light tone. (I think MS is a little darker in blending color compare to Paint tool SAI)

My first week without an Apple Watch

Like many geeks, I haven’t worn a watch since high school. Having an extra gadget on my wrist just seemed silly, given that I already carry all the standard gadgets we’ve all had forever (5″ smartphone, tablet, laptop, fitness band, white earbuds, pill box, vape pen, vape jam). However, the promise of Apple’s more-than-a-watch watch changed my mind. I confess: I stayed up until midnight on launch day so I could order an Apple Watch and get it as soon as possible (late May). So, here’s my first week without an Apple Watch.

The Case for the Watch

If there’s one thing I didn’t doubt Apple could kick the ball out of the park on, it’s the watch case. I ordered the space gray Apple Watch Sport, reasoning that this understated model would be subtly cool, easy to match with my wardrobe, and surely widely available. In photos, the case has a pleasant matte feel. Its weight is 30 g, which I imagine feels light (something like 4 ounces?)

After much debate, I went with the larger, 42 mm case. And I’m glad I did; the interface is just easier to read when I hold up my arm to a life-size image of the watch.

First time trying on a photo of the Apple Watch. Exciting!

For those wondering whether the Digital Crown is the “revolutionary” new input method Apple calls it—I can safely say it’s the most satisfying scrolling mechanism I’ve never used.

Band Aid

When choosing the band for my Space Gray Apple Watch Sport, I considered my clothes and other accessories I usually wear: my glasses, shoes, belts, etc. After careful analysis, I decided to order a brown leather strap—it would match my skin complexion and my mostly-brown-and-blue wardrobe.

That decision was then changed to “Black Sport Band”, because it’s the only option with the 42 mm black Space Gray Apple Watch Sport.

Luckily, the black fluoridelastomer band seems comfortable and easy to manufacture. This will certainly be the most popular (and thus most widely available) Apple Watch model.

The fluorolastimeer Black Sport Band looks casually elegant near my wrist

If you’re considering the floridastemer band, note that the box evidently contains two different lengths of it, for smaller and larger wrists. For reference, I’m 6′2″, medium build, and I’m not using either size because I still haven’t received my watch.

Only “Time” Will Tell

Apple Watch offers a wide selection of customizable watch faces. In fact, it’s easy to waste lots of time just going through screenshots of them and Photoshopping combinations you may like. This is, after all, Apple’s most personal (and personalizable) device—you should make your watch fit your style, whenever you get one.

The “Color” face is just one of the many options I hope to try some day

Unlike an analog watch (ask your grandma what that is, ha ha!) the Apple Watch doesn’t show time constantly—you have to wake it up to display the watch face. You do so by flicking your wrist. In my tests, a small flick was enough to make it seem like it would wake the watch up, if I had one.

Soft “wear”

In the long run, the Apple Watch software will perhaps be more important than the hardware. After all, this is Apple’s new platform: they have to get the basics right very, very early on (late May).

Siri is a crucial part of the Apple Watch experience. After a week of not owning the watch, I find that it’s much faster to pretend to invoke Siri than to pretend to launch apps from my wrist.

Apple Pay looks like it would work as advertised, probably

One bit of bad news: the most frustrating part of not using an Apple Watch has been the very noticeable delay when performing some common actions. Glances, for instance, don’t respond for four to six weeks after ordering.

Some situations where Apple Watch could be useful

The Friends interface is a bit confusing at first. It’s also not clear why it’s a feature so important that it needs a dedicated button on the case. At least in this first week, I didn’t use it much because I don’t have many friends with an Apple Watch, nor an Apple Watch.

In “Conclusion”

The black Space Gray aluminum case looks great in pictures; the fluoromouseketeer band feels better than any other band I’ve seen and haven’t tried; the software has the usual level of polish we’ve come to expect from high-res Illustrator mockups in Apple’s promotional materials.

Is that enough, though? Do you, in the end, need an Apple Watch? To be honest, I don’t care—I just want mine shipped already.

Before getting an Apple Watch, I set a challenge for it: after one week, would I miss it if I ever took it off? Today, after spending a week without an Apple Watch, I can give a definitive answer:

I have no clue, god damn it.

Edit: regarding the cf in hq, please read this

Okay so since yesterday I thought a lot about Jackson’s “blackface” issue and let me tell you something: I was half mad (at him) and half confused. As you can see I’m a Jackson stan and tbh at first I wasn’t defending him but as time passed and I read comments about him being covered in navy blue paint I thought it could be a possibility. So today I did something. 

Let me tell you something before I start: English is not my mother tongue, so if I can’t explain something clearly, I’m sorry, but I’m trying my best. 

So yeah, I like photoshop a lot and I’ve been using it since I was 14. I’m not a super-duper designer or smth like that so don’t get me wrong, this is something super easy to do. 

First, I took a screenshot of the ‘fancam’ and copied it on photoshop. Then I added a curve like this: 

You can already see the result of it but let me post a “better” image of it. 

As you can see, his skin it’s kinda dark blue. But still I wasn’t happy with this, so I did another thing: invert the colors of the image. 

(Without curve)

(With curve)

Okay so now you may ask me why did I do that. Let me explain it. As you can see in the other image, the background of the cf was blue, so when you invert it is orange. And guess what? Jackson skin looks orange-ish with a little of white because of the darkening. Another thing that I want to point is the crowd. In the other picture they were dark/black so when you invert it they’re completely white. The thing here is: if Jackson was really painted in black he would be white in the inverted pic, not orange-ish. 

So my guess is (and I’m like 98% sure after this) that he’s covered in dark blue not in black.