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can i ask what you dont like about oct*via? (i dont want to start anything im genuinely curious - if u dont wanna answer its totally fine)

so much

i liked her just fine in s1 but then any s2 when she ~decided she was a grounder~ she became just like every other culturally appropriating white girl (especially when she tried to teach lincoln about his own culture like bitch wtf) (also this is off topic a bit but when she blamed him for not being strong enough to fight the effects of drug addiction which. again wtf bitch)

i’ll admit that i still liked her in s2 because despite her flaws she was still, at her core, a girl trying to find herself in a world that she had ‘no place’ in except with her brother.

then s3 happened

s3 was a clusterfuck for every fucking character oh my god s3 was a dumpster fire and i don’t claim octagon past 303 aka when bellamy told her ‘you’ll always fit in with me’ aka the blake siblings moment that made 303 a tiny bit okay because 303 was when everything started going downhill for the dumpster fire that was the ep that they doused everything in gasoline and was like fuck it

in s3 her appropriating self came back out to play again with indra and then she abused her brother which- she has a habit, one which has been pointed out many a time, of abusing poc when she knows they would never harm her. lincoln would never hurt her, bellamy would rather shoot himself than hurt his sister, indra was injured and couldn’t hurt her.

so yeah, that’s the gist of the whole i don’t like her thing especially when in s3b/ so far this season she’s just… idk not even a character she’s super 2 dimensional with just 2 settings: rage and murder and i’m #overit 

SHINee Reacting to their S/O fangirling over another band

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Onew - Being a sweetie he is, Jinki probably wouldn’t mind the squeals you make as you watch Seventeen’s new music video. However, he would still be interested in what Seventeen has that makes you fangirl that hard, so he would find a place to sit near you and watch the music video himself. He’s a proud leader of his group, so even if the video he’s secretly watching is really good, he wouldn’t admit it and would try to find its flaws. Near the end, the thrilled you would notice your boyfriend sitting nearby with his chin resting on his hands, analysing the other group’s performance and realise the tension slowly rising inside of Jinki.

“Jagi, you know you’re still my favourite, right?” you’d worriedly ask.

In a split second, Jinki’s concerned face would transform into the dorkiest smile you had ever seen and he would, like he had no worries in the first place, dreamingly say, “I know~”

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Jonghyun - He’d smile at your reaction when you read GOT7′s having a comeback this season. At first he wouldn’t feel jealous nor insecure because you both have vowed to have eyes only for each other (him being the one to suggest the idea because isn’t he the biggest hopeless romantic you’ve ever met?). He’d go out of his way to get hold of limited merchandise or autographed albums by the group you love so much and would never get tired of hearing your gasp when he shows you what he got for you. There will maybe be times when he has these doubts about your love for him and for GOT7, but he would simply openly ask you if you love him. When you say you do and that there’s no man on the Earth that you could love more than him, he’d give you his broadest smile and hug you.

“That’s my jagi!”

Key - “My girlfriend loves me only!” Key would proudly brag to his friends.

However, when he catches his girlfriend jumping up and down in the living room after unpacking the newly-released merchandise, he stops dead in his tracks. Out of the whole group, Kibum would probably be the most troubled one. It’s not because he has insecurities in the looks and quality of his group and himself. On the contrary: he thinks SHINee’s one of the best ones out there. But so is BTS. Does he go over to her and take away the high-quality sweater she has just received or does he simply look past this? He breathes in deeply and tells himself that it’s just a group she likes and that it’s him who’s her boyfriend. It’s for the best if he just says nothing, he reassures himself. Still, whenever he gets a chance to meet the boys his girlfriend loves, both BTS and his fellow group members will be able to feel the competitive spirit rising up inside of Key and know that he won’t let SHINee, especially not himself, lose to BTS that easily.

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Minho - No doubt Minho would be annoyed when he heard you on a phone talking to a friend about ‘how great VIXX’s new comeback was’. He has never heard you talking so enthusiastically about something before so of course he’s curious about what’s with VIXX and fangirling so hard. He’d probably try to get your attention by humming to their songs or making implied statements about your favourite group. When everything miserably fails, he’d have no other choice but to give in to the last mean of getting your attention - aegyo. By that time you’d realise he was getting jealous and would tell him you still love him the most. This will not be enough for Choi Minho so he won’t hesitate to ask you if you love him the most every 5 to 10 minutes.

“I’m still your favourite, right? Right?”

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Taemin - “Do I get her EXO’s autograph or do I not get her EXO’s autograph?” In the end, he does. The moment he sees the happy smile on your face he’d forget about the jealousy he had felt earlier. You jump on him and give him the tightest and the most loving hug ever, sqealing in his ear because of just how happy you are you got an autographed album by EXO. Taemin would hug you back and twirl you around before putting you down and giving you a soft peck on the cheek, saying: “Anything for my jagi”

However, but when he meets up with Jongin later that day, he’d make sure to talk him into acting like a fool in front of you so you ‘like them a bit less’. You know, just in case.

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it always was
or, the fic with no lube because dammit, their bodies are humanoid and weird and they also respawn in death. a deblanc/fiore short fic (~1.5k) with a little h/c, reassuring talk, and first time human dicks in human butts. for a certain fav person. nsfw.

The custodians find themselves needing a break. They’d met surreptitiously across aeons, in different times, in different places, and in this mortal realm, they’re together, foreign, and tired. Earth and humans are hard, filled with liars and con men, deeply flawed mortals who only made their job more difficult.

“It’s immeasurably different, Earth is,” Fiore says, laying on the bed.

DeBlanc nods slowly, thoughtfully, taking in the sight of his companion trying to rest. “Or maybe last time we weren’t caught,” he says, laying next to Fiore.

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