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With Star Wars: The Force Awakens, director J.J. Abrams sought to prop up and revitalize the most popular film franchise in movie history, to preserve its qualities in amber for a new generation. The Force Awakens was very concerned about what you, the moviegoer and fan, thinks about Star Wars. It wants to please you. It wants to be comfort food. And it’s very, very good at that.

But with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson wants to burn Star Wars to the ground. Not because he harbors ill will toward it, but because he loves it. He loves it so much that he wants to cleanse the garden and allow something fresh and new to grow. The Last Jedi is not concerned about what you, the moviegoer and fan, thinks about Star Wars. It wants to challenge you and make you question what Star Wars is and what it can be.

(This post contains major spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.)

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By his own free will!

I’m freaking out right now because of a real amazing thing I noticed about Kaneki this chapter, where he had an “illusionary” conversation between his multiple personas inside his mind.

Since the beginning of this series, we’ve encountered multiple moments where Kaneki breaks down. And in each moment he gets up using the help of the others, or by others’ will.

Starting with his first mental breakdown, where he gains the power by Rize’s influence created by his imagination.

Here was the born of the so suicidal persona of Kaneki, and I think there was no other of his personas that is worse than “Shironeki” except for “The black reaper”.

His motivation at this moment was nothing but to keep fighting and getting, stronger, in order to be stronger than his loved ones and protect them. He even pushed himself to work hard enough to the point where he lost the sight of his goal.

He lost his own humanity, he returned to the starting point, he still kept on getting himself hurt (emotionally and mentally) to protect the others.

Bad result of his conversation with Rize. Nothing actually exists for Kaneki to look forward in living!

Then once again, the born of a new persona was created by his illusions, “the black reaper”.

A bad influence was this child Kaneki iin here indeed, yet can not be blamed. The child who carried all of Kaneki’s memories and misery, his ghoul figure who didn’t want to be erased yet wanted to die in style. He wanted to give himself one last moment to be remembered as “a hero”.

Even a worse outcome from this conversation! Instead of finding something to live for, he found a reason to die in the name of achievement!

Then we have a new persona, the one who started to believe he there might be a reason to live for, the one who embraced the OEK title.

The very first positive conversation created by his imagination, and of course by Hids’s help! He didn’t give him an exact reason to live for, but at least pushed him forward to find one for himself.

And yet, Kaneki didn’t take Hide’s advice fully to himself, he mixed it up with others’ will once again. He becomes the one eyed king.

This is one of Kaneki’s complex flaws, he needs to be encouraged to take a step in his way. He needs a guide, someone to tell him that it is okay to wish, hope and try to take a step forward. And sometimes this flaw leads him to take actions he doesn’t want to do.

An amazing outcome truth be told! But still he needs improvements.

And last comes the conversation between all of these personas. Each one of them started (was born) based on a whole different reason from the other. Each one of them has his own desires, started with a goal to achieve which is completely unrelated to the other.

One wished for this outcome.

While the other was happy being Sasaki.

And all of them fought over their previous actions and decisions.

Until comes the ugly truth.

Their heavy silent moment.

This situation was built based on the actions of all of them. They might argue over who did this and why you’ve done that, but they agreed on this.

This is his first illusional conversation where he asks for something he desire for himself, not taking titles, dying or even fighting for someone else. This thing is for himself: “I want to see Touka”. Not Touka needs me, not I need to protect my loved ones. But “I want to”, he wants to.

And so, all of these personas come together. No pressure at all, no outside opinions. But by his own free will.

So this fight he is charging is for himself, this is the thing he wants for himself. Not for someone else’s sake, he isn’t searching for someone to think of him as a hero, but he wants to continue on living this life he just built!

This chapter got me reeeeeally hard!

but can we talk about holt for a second

this is his son - he literally thinks of jake as a son. and that son, whom he’s mentored and nurtured for four full seasons, through defiance over ties and even a stint in witness protection, has been unfairly convicted of a crime holt *knows* he didn’t commit because he was trying to help him make the bust. now that son, a damn good cop according to everyone who knows him, is going to prison. his prize mentee is in love with his son, and they’ve just been sentenced to a 15 year separation. and holt has to watch, knowing that the police system he fought to make better is still deeply flawed and having to come to terms with the fact that as a cop, he just couldn’t do enough to stop this. 

anyways come find me dead on the floor

bakugou fics™

i’ve been reading a lot of bakugou-centric stories lately. the plots range from him being a ruthless, unforgiving king to being a coffee shop employee who falls for one of his customers quicker than leaves fall in autumn. in some, he is happy, and in many, he is riddled with rage almost 24/7. it’s interesting to see how creators bring him to life and paint stories with words beautiful enough to have me smiling with bliss or sobbing from pain. 

but by far, my ultimate favorite recurring plot that seems to be making more appearances as time goes on, is when authors portray him as an anger-filled person, with his own insecurities, walls built up high, high, high to protect himself from pain. then one day, someone comes into his life and changes it all for the better. they basically situate themselves into his life whether he wants it or not. the change doesn’t happen all at once, no. it is gradual, like snow melting on the first day of spring. he becomes calmer, holding and seeing things in a more delicate way.

and he seems to be in denial of it, at first, but everyone in the story notices it. they notice how the whole dorm doesnt wake up to the sound of his angry yells, or how they no longer have to worry about getting snapped at if they even utter a single word to him. they notice the little things, like how every trace of irritability drains out of him whenever that person is around, how his eyes soften at the sight of them, how he ‘accidentally’ does little favors for them like packing extra food or bringing an extra jacket so they dont get cold.

the other characters don’t see the quiet moments, though. the nights bakugou spends with his chest hurting, contemplating his emotions and his fear of destroying what he has because he’s bakugou, dammit, and his explosive behavior has destroyed so many things, but he also fails to notice that he’s stopped being so explosive. the days he spends with the person, eyes flickering to their lips each time they talk because he just wants to kiss them. the time he got dragged out into the rain just to splash in puddles for hours. the sleepy, soft murmurs they exchange as they sit next to each other, trying not to fall asleep because being with them is better than sleep (you know it’s real when you’d rather be awake than asleep)

then after a bit of angst, usually a huge disagreement or matter of miscommunication, bakugou finally confesses and they live happily ever after. 

it’s a cliche trope, i know. but the idea of portraying bakugou as a character who is ‘generally unlikeable’ with very obvious outward flaws, and have him still be able to find someone willing to work to break his walls down and rearrange every corner of his heart is so… nice. and it never really matters to me who exactly this person is in each fic– it’s always varied between kirishima, midoriya, todoroki, or ‘the reader.’ of course, i am well aware that things like deep-rooted issues and childhood trauma can’t be solved with just love. but having someone who is more than happy to keep you grounded while you fix yourself and hold you tightly enough so you don’t shatter as you pick up the pieces and glue them together is really helpful. 

the point of this is that, i love that, in these pieces of writing, bakugou is given a chance to grow. he’s given a chance for someone to love him in spite of everything that makes people dislike him. he finds happiness where he least expects it. i don’t care if that sounds terribly sappy (it is, honestly), all i want is his happiness even if it’s fictional.



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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life | I’ve never been this so hard in love with a fictional character help me

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang | 11/10 would ride him like an untamed stallion

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: I actually played the game in the recommended order, so Zen was my first route. And I wasn’t excited at all the first few days. But the more time passed, the better parts of his character were revealed. I think the turning points for me were: The VN that showed him as a child with his brother and the VN where he’s showing you the stars on his rooftop and telling you about his family. And I haven’t been able to let go since

I’ve known a lot of narcissistic characters in anime and games. But the way Zen was written made me see him as not the usual “narcissist wearing a mask.” Because the narcissism is still a part of who Zen is, it’s not a lie. He knows he’s hot and he’s not ashamed of it. Yes, it may be overexaggerated as a result of his circumstances with his family and to also ease his own insecurities. But the narcissistic side of Zen is as real as the insecure Zen. He’s not like Seven who hides behind a happy facade. Does that make sense?      

I think the thing that drew me to Zen the most is how he kept persevering down the path of life that HE wanted even though there were so many circumstances against him. Because that’s how much he loves what he does and also wants to prove himself to the world.

He has zero support from his family, he had to resort to doing “bad things” when he was part of the gang in order to survive, he had to work jobs to support himself when he was just starting out as an actor, and often his looks are put above his actual skills (which does bother him.) I also had the impression that Zen was really lonely before he met Rika and V.     

But despite all that he kept on going, and even during the game (when his circumstances have improved) he still continues to work hard. 

AND Zen doesn’t let his past experiences influence his behavior. He may have insecurities and flaws, but he’s not a 100% bitter or negative person who is constantly angsting. He doesn’t demonize his family either. For the most part, Zen is the type of guy who will tell you what he thinks and feels straight up, regardless how cheesy or how petty it may seem. Maybe too straight up. Zen will make sure you know how single he is.

And that’s the kind of person I would prefer to be around in real life. Someone who isn’t constantly reveling in their bad past and is instead moving forward. Someone who is honest and will tell you what they’re thinking. And especially someone who is shameless and proud of who they are and how they feel. 

And oh god I can write even more about how much he seems to really love MC in every route (except Jaehee’s) and how that ending in the Apirl Fools DLC broke me more than anything I’ve ever played because of how well written it was and how much Zen just loves you.  

worst quality: He’s perfect whatchu talkin bout!? 

The worst thing about Zen is that he can be extremely petty about things and is quick to jump to certain conclusions. When he doesn’t like someone, he comes off as the kind of guy who will make up like 50 different kinds of assumptions about that someone in order to justify why he doesn’t like them. Even when he barely got the chance to know them well. Remember in the Christmas DLC when he was bitter about the couples and even wanted to give such an amazing performance that will cause all the couples to break up??? All because he didn’t have a lover on Christmas. Zenny that was all adorable, but even I was close to saying “Dude, omg chill.”  

And regarding the matter of “jumping to conclusions”: if you tell him you’re spending alone time with either Jumin or Seven in their respective routes, “THEY’RE GOANNA BANG” is pretty much the first thing Zen thinks of. And not gonna lie, I thought he was a bit insensitive to Jumin in Jumin’s route. 

Not to mention he seems to get offended (even slightly) when you or the other RFA members aren’t on his side. Like the easiest way to break his heart is to simply stay on Jumin’s side of things, whether it be on simple opinions or actual arguments. He also has a terrible habit of trying to make normal conversations in the chat about him.

I think his bad ends also exemplify a dark side of his loyalty and love. He’s so desperate for your affection, that he’ll take all your crap and still find a reason to love you. This man won’t leave you, even if you treat him like a toy.

On the side of less serious (but still very notable and hurtful) flaws, he gets disheartened very easily and is quick to give up on hope or blame himself when something goes wrong (he treats spraining his ankle like some sort of punishment.) He’ll jump back onto his feet for sure, but when he gets into a slump, he gets into a slump.Not a characteristic worth picking on, but it’s definitely one of his more definite flaws. 

ship them with: MC, in-game there’s no one else Zen can love as deeply. 

brotp them with: Pretty much the entire RFA. I just want him to be loved.

I don’t ship them at all (borders on NOTP for me), but I do love Zen and Jaehee as supportive buddies. Their interactions in Jaehee’s route were sweet and Zen (along with MC of course) can provide Jaehee with the encouragement she desperately needs. 

I actually like seeing Zen as the wanna-be big bro to both Seven and Yoosung, more so with the latter. He brought cookies for Seven when he went to stay at his house, and he’s not quiet about how much he worries about Yoosung and his issues with both the gaming addiction and love. 

And while he and Jumin don’t get along past Zen’s route, the civil and friendly conversation they had was really sweet. I still think they’d be great as “love-hate” friends. 

needs to stay away from: He desperately wants to reconnect with his family, but I wouldn’t blame him if he never wanted to see them again. Also, hey there Echo Girl.

misc. thoughts: I knew I was too deep into Zen after I got that ending in the April Fools DLC. I didn’t sob sob (though I was pretty close to crying), but I didn’t feel…Okay. It’s hard to describe, but it was like I lost someone important and suddenly I was cold. It’s a flipping dating sim!! Cheritz, why do you hurt me this way????

Another fun fact: I went into MM gunning for 707 because his personality resembled the guy I was in love with during the time the game came out. Turns out what I really needed was a guy like Zen in my life. Whoops.

Beady Little Eyes

(another lil thing for @squigglydigglydoo ‘s toon henry au, which has done wonders for bringing back my creative drive lately.  Wanted to try and feel out how Bendy would react to seeing himself when he’s off-model level’s of angry.)

“What did he mean?” Bendy stood on a stool in front of a mirror, stock still, looking at himself.  He bent in close over the sink and stretched his eyelid, intensely scanning for something, anything… nothing.

Which was exactly what he was finding.  The only thing looking back at him was that mug he’d come to know and love oh-so-much. His real money maker.  Not a flaw to be found.

“Boris doesn’t know what he’s talkin’ about,” the devil dismissed, intending to put the issue to bed.

But he didn’t look away from that mirror.  Why?  Why was he even listening to Boris?  Henry’d already poisoned the guy’s mind.  That dunce was always gullible anyway, it was his whole shtick.

So why did this bother him so much?

Bendy knew.  Of course he knew.  He and Boris had known each other for years.  If there was one thing that came with being that simple, it was honesty.  Boris didn’t have a lying bone in his body.  So when the words “he was right” came out of his mouth, coupled with the terror in his eyes, it stung.

Boris didn’t like how mad he was getting.  Why not?  After everything they’d gone through, all the work they’d done, why did they deserve to get thrown away?  They were owed this.  How could he not see that?  Boris was a dunce, but he wasn’t blind.  Henry didn’t care about this, he didn’t care about them.  But all it had taken was one sob story and Boris was in, hook, line, and sinker.

“That’s the problem with having an idiot for a best friend,” he muttered to himself, “they got no idea when they’re bein played.”

But Alice believed him too. Alice wasn’t dumb.  She was as goody-two shoes, sure, but she had common sense.  And she was siding with Henry.  How was he supposed to take that?  Both of them were with Henry.  Henry. Henry, Henry, Henry.  Even hearing that name burned him up these days.  That louse left, tossed them all away, let them collect dust for thirty years.  And yet somehow, he turned everyone Bendy had against him.  What had he said to Alice?  She had to be smart enough to see through him.  Had he threatened her?  Had he threatened both of them?  Boris had looked nervous when they were arguing.  Did that no good, dead-beat, absentee animator threaten his pals?!

“If he lays a finger on either of them…“ Bendy clenched his hands in a vice grip and looked back up at the mirror…

It stared back at him with beady little eyes.

Bendy screamed in terror and fell back off his stool with a clatter.  He lied there for a moment, staring up at the ceiling.  His teeth were clenched, his fingers dug into the wood, and his heart jumped a foot up with every beat.  It was at least a minute of stunned silence when he finally sat up, rubbing his head, trying to process what he’d just seen.  That face, that… thing.  Was that… him?

The thought spurred him back to his feet, he scrambled up onto the stool as fast as he could and looked back at himself.

There were his pupils, big and adorable as they ever were.  Once again Bendy inspected his eyes.  Was it him? Was that freak really what he looked like? Why though? Why were his eyes so small? After a new stint of finding nothing, he shook his head.  

“No, no it was… it was a trick of the light.  Yeah, that was it, trick of the light.  Gotta get these things replaced.”  He put his hands on his hips and looked up at the dim bulb.  “They barely work anymore.”  A laugh to seal the excuse.  There, that sounded sane.

“I’m workin too hard,” he continued to assure himself, turning around and leaning back against the sink.  “All this thinkin bout Henry has my nerves shot.  I need to calm down before I lose my head.”

There was a tap on his shoulder.  A glance to the side brought him face to face with the beady-eyed monster, leaning out of the mirror.

“Might be a bit late for that, mac.”  It growled with a hollow grin.

Bendy screamed higher and louder than he’d ever screamed before.  His legs kicked into high gear. He rocketed out of the room, slammed the door shut, and began nailing two-by-fours over it as fast as he could.  After a finishing touch of police tape and a nuclear hazard symbol for good measure, he pressed his body up against it.  He heaved, chest rising and falling rapidly.

That wasn’t him.   He wasn’t like that.  He was a good guy.  It couldn’t have been him…

But that was his voice.

That was his face.

That was him.  That horrible, bloodthirsty-looking freak was him.

Bendy started to shiver. He wrapped his arms around himself and sank to the ground.  He missed Boris.  He missed Alice.  He…

A few drops of water hit the ground.  Rain. Instinctively, Bendy pulled an umbrella out and opened it.  Drops kept hitting the floor.  Confused, Bendy looked up… at the ceiling.  “Oh.”  He flicked the side of his head to berate himself.  “Then what… oh.”  He moved his knuckle up to just under his eye and rubbed, looking at the droplet that had settled on his finger.  “Oh,” his voice cracked, smiling at the tear like it was a joke.  Then he put his head back down and let himself cry softly.

His friends were gone, he has dropping ink like a leaky faucet, and now his eyes were going screwy.

Was he the bad guy?  You didn’t name the show after the bad guy, did you?

Half-finished thoughts came and went before he could grab them, the bulb over his head was flickering but it wouldn’t light.  He tried to think of something, anything… nothing.

Which was all he was gonna figure out on his own.

But he had no one to ask now.

Except Joey.

Bendy smacked his forehead, “That’s it!”  With that, he hopped back up, grabbed his umbrella and started down the hall.  Joey would know.  

He had to.

One of the major character flaws in Poe that doesn’t allow him to become a good leader just yet and that is highlighted in TLJ is the fact that he’s emotional and he doesn’t always know how control his temper.

This flaw is most prominent during the moment when he finds out Holdo gave the order to fuel the transports. Poe starts shouting at Holdo about how her plan is going to kill them all, and you can see the growing preoccupation on the faces of the other people in the room.

And his behavior at that moment is inexcusable if you think about how it affects everyone else’s morale. Admiral Holdo is working under immense pleasure, but she does her best not to show how worried or nervous she is. We can see that she is not just cold because she doesn’t care - for example, when the medical ship is blown up by the First Order, the pain on Holdo’s face is crystal clear, but she doesn’t allow anyone else to see it. Like a good leader, she is calm and collected, which helps people believe that she can save them. And when Poe is yelling that she’s a traitor, that her plan will mean death for all of them, he is destroying that faith, destroying the morale of other Resistance members, and that is a horrible thing to do given that they are in critical circumstances and everyone is already on the edge. Were Poe more emotionally mature, he wouldn’t have criticised Holdo’s plan like that, spreading panic in the others, even if he hated it.

In contrast with Poe, Holdo is always collected and very in control of her emotions.When he throws that hissy fit she tries her best not to escalate the argument, for she doesn’t have any time to lose, so instead she orders to remove him from her bridge rather calmly. Holdo is composed even when Poe points his gun at her and tells her he’ll be taking over - instead of arguing with him, which would be of no use, she waits for an opportune moment to seize the control back.

This flaw in Poe’s character is visible again in the very end, when he leads the Resistance after the crystal foxes trying to find their way outside. When he sees that the route is blocked, he again can’t control his emotions, looking almost desperate. That is not something a leader is supposed to do, for a leader must inspire his people, make them believe there’s still hope, even in the most dire of circumstances. And if Poe wants to become a leader his people can count on and can believe in, he needs to learn how to control his emotions. And I don’t mean that he must completely change his personality and become cold and robot-like, but there are some things the leaders are not supposed to show to their people, like fear or doubt, for a leader is not a pilot, a leader is a public figure. That’s another lesson for Poe to learn before he can become a leader the Resistance can be proud of.

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I’ve seen that hc where oikawa constantly talks about iwa chan!! to his teammates and they’re all shocked when he turns out to be this buff angry guy.

 But imagine it the opposite way?

(I mean, it is Iwaizumi who says that Oikawa is the partner he can boast about.)

Iwaizumi’s teammates catch him blushing at his phone all the time and he keeps accidentally mentioning Oikawa in conversations. And for the most irrelevant things too, like someone will buy this one flavour of sports drink, and Iwaizumi will say, “Oh, that’s oikawa’s favourite kind”, or he’ll grudgingly agree to watch some sci-fi blockbuster because, “I would’ve gone to see it with Oikawa anyway”, or he’ll quote (one of the few) sensible things about volleyball oikawa’s said and add, “–or at least that’s what Oikawa would say”. Sometimes he shows up to practice looking like the dead with the only explanation being that he was video calling oikawa and lost track of time. 

The team expects this sweet, shy girl because nice seems like iwaizumi’s type. Then, inevitably they have a practice match at oikawa’s university. Iwa’s trying to look decent or y’know, at least better than normal so the team teases him a bit about it, but when they get on the court they keep trying to scan the (small) crowd for this Oikawa they’ve heard so much about. 

But then the match starts and Oikawa’s being his normal asshole self, picking holes in the opponent’s strategies, doing killer jump serves, trying to crush their spirt, normal oikawa things. Iwaizumi’s doing fine too, but Oikawa’s team is still winning. Iwa feints and they score a break thanks to him, and oiks is like, mean, Iwa-chan! Iwaizumi responds, well I did say I’d try to crush you, Oikawa. And then his whole team’s like this is oikawa!? the tall asshole who’s been finding flaws in our abilities and you keep insulting, that’s oikawa?  

Iwa’s team loses, but not by much. In the end, when they’re saying goodbye Iwa’s teammates are like, “Oikawa, we’ve heard so much about you!” Oikawa is flattered because he thinks they’ve somehow heard of his volleyball skills, but then one of them says, “Your favourite drink is a pumpkin spiced latte!” “You’re a star wars fan!” “You really like aliens!” “Your favourite song is __!” “You wear contacts!” and so on. And oikawa turns to iwaizumi, saying “oh, iwa-chan did you miss me?” Iwa’s standing there mortified, and says “yes, you asshole, of course” even though they talk like every day. oiks is almost in tears bc iwa chan?? being sentimental??  

their teams ship them so much it’s kinda ridiculous, and they have this group chat where they share pics of the two of them being embarrassingly in love at their respective unis. (oikawa’s team gets little gifts for iwaizumi because he deserves something for dealing with oikawa. iwa’s team is so torn between hating oikawa for being so hard to beat and liking him for making iwaizumi happy, it’s a struggle.)

I thought i was over iwaoi but apparently not. 

Love you nonetheless

Title: Love you nonetheless

Pairing: Joffrey Baratheon x female!Reader

Word Count: ~2.1k

Warnings: h/c (Joff’s an ass as always)

Request: Hey! If it’s not too much trouble, could I request a jealous/protective Joffrey? Maybe like the reader likes Joffrey but thinks he likes someone else/deserves better, so they back off and eventually try to move on with someone else (despite still loving Joffrey) and he gets really jealous? Thank you so much 😊❤ ((sorry if that’s too specific))

A/n: Don’t know if I really fulfilled the request. If you aren’t happy just message me and I try again J

Despite knowing the young king and his obvious flaws you had fallen for him. You couldn’t point the exact moment or what it was, you only knew there was no way back. The way your heart beat a little faster at the sight of him or the way your eyes would always scan the room to find him, you wouldn’t change it. Even though it rationally wasn’t smart. Loving a spoiled, cruel boy like your king wasn’t wise or even rational, but your heart wouldn’t have it any other way. The heart wants what the heart wants, you mother always used to say. She had been a smart woman even though you could barely remember her. She passed away when you were quite young.

Loving Joffrey confronted you with all the struggles life could throw at a young girl. He wasn’t just any boy, not just a prince, Joffrey was king. And technically engaged. You hadn’t like Sansa Stark the moment you met her. She was pretty and all ladylike, but you also found her pretty stupid and dull at the same time. Sure it was probably jealously, but you couldn’t help it.

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Crooked Chapter 8

Summary:Big Bang Mafia AU-

Chapter 1   Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6  Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Epilogue

When the members of Kwon Ji Yong’s men take up a deal with the Italian mob, they think kidnapping one young woman will be a piece of cake. But all isn’t as it seems, and soon Ji Yong is realizing that maybe he’s bitten off more than he can chew…..

Disclaimer : Rated M for violence, and eventual smut.

A/N: Sorry again for the late update, my moving plans aren’t going….well as planned.

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Identity - A Star Wars Story - Part One

Request : Hi! Your blog is awesomeness just like you. Could I request you doing a Luke/Leia/ reader fic were Anakin and Padmè had triplets instead of twins? Could you write that the reader somehow ended up in Jyn’s dads care? She’s force sensitive and helps Jyn and Cassian, but gets captured by Vader and Y/N Skywalker’s true identity is revealed. Thank you so much but if I you can’t then it’s totally fine.

I took a spin on this one. It will be a series of I don’t know how many parts yet. I basically follow the main story of Rogue One, but changed with different characters and slightly shortened. There’s a touch of Cassian X Reader cause he’s me space babe and I couldn’t help it.

Thank you kindly my friend who requested this! ;) !!

Part One


“Yes…three of them there are. Separate them we must, protect them from the Dark side.”

“Me and my wife have always wanted a little girl. I shall take her to Alderaan.”

“I will take the boy to Tatooine.”

“Return him to his family you will.”

“The Skywalker’s will be pleased.”

“What of the other child?”

“I know of a brave and smart man, Galen Erso, he has a family. The child will be safe with him.”

“This man, do you trust Senator Organa?”

“Yes, Master Yoda.”

“Very well. It’s settled.”

“May the Force be with us all.”


What was so nice about living near an ocean was that the sunsets seemed to go on forever. The night skies that appeared after were vast and full of stars. You and your family would watch the sunset each evening. Your mother and father would sit in the sand watching you and your sister, Jyn, play in the sand. After a meal on the beach, your papa would tell you about every planet he had been to, listing off the name of each star. You would sit in awe of his knowledge while Jyn and mama would collect shells to make into toys. Those were the nights you looked forward to the most, those evening on the beach.

That was all now a distant memory. As you opened your eyes, the truck bounced with the unruly terrain. Your head shook in time with the wheel’s movements. The restraints binding your hands rubbed, making the skin irritated. It wasn’t just you in the truck either, as you turned your head to look Jyn. Her stare was cold as she observed the other passengers. When she saw that you were done daydreaming, she looked into your eyes with the gaze an older sister would have. You were about to speak, when the truck jolted. The stormtroopers grumbled, getting up to see caused the break in travel. Suddenly, the door to the cargo hold blew open and a flood of rebels entered. The stormtroopers were down before they could even fire a blast. You shrunk back into your seat, but Jyn looked out to the rebels. One of them came up, undoing your restraints, then Jyn’s. He mumbled something to Jyn, and then she pushed him back, fighting her way out of the truck. You quickly followed her, trying to avoid getting hit by the rebels that were running away from your sister. Jyn swiftly jumped out, but with a clunking sound, she fell to the ground. You peered out of the exit and saw a large imperial droid. He looked down at Jyn then to you and said,

“Congratulations! You’re being rescued!”

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Oh oh oh Or what about Time Travel! Time Travel Fix it feat. Ace.

Ace doesn’t say anything when he wakes up in the bandits hut after the burn of Akainu’s fist through his chest, the ache of it still there like a nightmare that won’t go away. It still burns and feels like he’s burning if he thinks about it, but Ace is dead now, so it can’t be real.

“Are you okay?” Sabo asks softly, after Ace has finally dragged himself from the hut and through a day of stealing money that means nothing since they are both dead and unable to be pirates.

Ace, Ace knows that he’s a monster, but he had been hoping that in death that he would be able to see his mother once. She was suppose to be amazing enough to make that man, the most dangerous and monstrous man in the world fall in love with her, Ace is sure that she must have been an angel. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t allowed to meet her, because she was an angel and he was the son of a demon. Her blood must have been entirely overwritten by his.

“I’m fine, Sabo,” Ace says smiling and feeling the way it’s forced onto his face because Sabo doesn’t remember Luffy. He had made the mistake of mentioning their little brother and he hadn’t known who Luffy was. Ace assumes this is what his punishment must be.

“You don’t seem alright,” Sabo mutters as he licks his fingers and starts to count their haul, muttering the numbers to himself and marking numbers down onto their accounting papers. “We made quite the haul today.”

“Good. We doubled our money, didn’t we?”

“Just about,” Sabo agrees hiding their funds away once more. “I need to head back to where I need to be. I’ll see you in a tomorrow?”

“Bright and early,” Ace sighs, still sprawled over the branch and staring at the sky. “I’ll head home in a bit, don’t worry Sabo.”

Sabo closes his mouth, obviously about to worry, but cut off too soon to try any of his usual attempts, shrugging and hurrying off as Ace stares up at the sky for a long time, trying to find some kind of flaw in it. Some sort of, any sort of something, that made it seem off because there was no way that he wasn’t dead and this wasn’t a punishment.

It’s sad that this Sabo, the Sabo who is just made from his memories Ace assumes like the rest of this place and has no memories of what happens after Luffy arrives or when they take off or when Sabo dies. It’s just as flat and empty as he thinks it is.

“I hope they loved me,” Ace whispers pulling his knees close to his chest and trying not to remember the look on Luffy’s face as he died in his little brother’s arms. “I hope they forgive me. I hope it was enough. I hope they didn’t die like I did. It wouldn’t be fair if they ended up some place like this just because I was stupid.”

It hurts to think about, his heart burns and he can’t decide if that’s because it hurts to think about everyone or because he can still remember his chest burning with Akainu’s hand and this is another part of his punishment. Along with not being allowed to see his mother.

He would had hoped that death would have been kinder than life, but Ace supposed that nothing would be kind for him in the end.

Ace stares at Luffy, fast asleep and readjusts everything that he’s been thinking of this place few years, his hands shaking as he fights not to brush through Luffy’s hair. Sabo had said he has been staring at Luffy like he’s seen a ghost and how could he not? If Luffy was here, if Luffy, who acted and did things and reacted to Ace in ways that he couldn’t predict was real that meant all of this was real. All of this was real and Ace wasn’t, he wasn’t dead.

“You’re doing it again,” Sabo whispers suddenly at his side. “That thing you do.”

“I’m thinking.” Ace admits.

Sabo smiles, rolling his eyes, and Ace with years of experience and having held Marco’s heart in his hands once upon a time, can tell the signs of a crush. Maybe just something that children have but he doesn’t know, he does know that he doesn’t think he fall in love with anyone for a while yet, not until they’re all mentally adults.

“You might not want to think too hard or you might fry your brain.”

Ace laughs remembering the devil’s fruit that he doesn’t have just yet, “I don’t think that’s possible. But I was thinking. And I’m thinking you’re very recognizable.”

“Oh, you’re right. Someone would notice me, tell my family,” Sabo bites his lip. “We wouldn’t do well against that. Not with their money.”

“I don’t want to lose you, you’re my brother,” He hopes that doesn’t hurt Sabo and his stupid crush. “And I care about you. So don’t you dare think about doing something stupid to try and keep them from noticing Luffy and I. We need you as much as you need us.”

Sabo stares at him and Ace wonders what is going on in his head for a long moment before he finally grins, “You’re different now. I like it.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“You’re my little brother, I have to make sure that you stay safe,” Ace teases. “You’re the one that needs to be kept safe you know, not me.”

“I need to be kept safe?” Sabo snorts raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” Ace agrees, smiling at him. “You are just as bad as Luffy, I’m sure. Now get to bed, we have plans to make in the morning and I, for one, don’t want to be tired when that idiot decides we need to go against Tiger Lord or something equally stupid.”

A second chance, Ace considers because he doesn’t think even the afterlife could make something that acted like Luffy. He had a second chance and he wasn’t going to blow it.

No matter how hard I try, I just still really, really dislike Xander. I just have such a laundry list of things that I hate about his character.  All of the characters have flaws and growth and so does Xander but I can’t help but feel like his flaws definitely outweigh his attributes. I cannot stand the hypocrisy of his character primarily because it extends all the way to season 6. 

When everyone finds out about the Buffy/Spike relationship, they don’t handle it well as is expected but the other scoobies are more hurt that she wouldn’t trust them (willow) but Xander takes Buffy’s pain and confusion and turmoil and turns it into something that’s about him. He ridicules Buffy and treats her like shit because Buffy chose yet another guy over him. It’s been six seasons and he’s STILL not over his “friend zoned” phase. 

They’re adults and he whines and moans about how she will never date/fuck him. And when Xander broke up with Anya and she went into her vengeance demon self again, Buffy made it very clear that if Anya killed someone, she would stop her by killing her if necessary and again he treated Buffy like shit, saying could she do it if it was someone she loved when fun fact, Buffy did exactly that. In season 2, Buffy killed Angel right as he turned good again when he was the love of her life. 

All of this and the fact that Xander cheated on Cordelia and felt nothing while doing so, the way he always looked down on Spike when spike spent months helping the scoobies after Buffy’s death, the fact that he left Anya at the altar, and that disgusting dream he had about willow and Tara fucking him just ugh.  

Part 7

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  2,018

Author’s Note:  I wrote a solid 6.5K words toward this story on my last day off here, so please enjoy! As always please let me know what you think, I love hearing from you <3 (Also, I think I solved the tag problem? Let me know.)

Cyrillic Key:   Выпьем за то, чтобы у нас всегда был повод для праздника! - May we always have a reason to party!

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Huffing out a nervous breath, you inspected yourself one last time in the mirror in Scotty’s quarters. All of your clothes were still in his closet, so instead of opting to take them all back to your temporary quarters, you chose instead to bring a few garments in at a time and try them on.

Your taste changed drastically since before you joined Starfleet, apparently. Before you tended for clothes that disguised more of your bodily flaws, but the new you, the hypothetical you, liked to flaunt what she had.

Turning around, you cocked your head to the side and tried to decide if the back view of this dress was what you were going for or not.

The dress was the swingiest that you could find; in fact, it was the only one without a tapered skirt. It flowed around your knees enough that you felt that your hips were somewhat camouflaged, but it had no arms and you couldn’t find any camisoles or the like in your collection, so you opted to just rough it. It was either this or that skin-tight number that had full sleeves and much shorter skirt.

Stepping out of the bathroom, you carefully tucked your folded clothes away where you found them, acutely aware of Scotty standing in front of the window looking out over the planet with a tumbler of Scotch in his hand.

“How do I look?” you ventured, carefully stepping forward. You winced, afraid of the answer.

Scotty turned slightly and his eyes softened around the edges.

“I always loved that one,” he said quietly. “You look great.”

You twitched a smile and wound around the couch to stand next to him. Scotty wore one of his insanely patterned shirts, one with multi-coloured, miniscule florets all over it. He looked relaxed and you weren’t sure if it was the lack of uniform or the alcohol.

“Wanna drink?” Scotty offered, taking a sip of his.

“I’ll wait until we’re planetside,” you decided, looking down at the beautiful globe below. The sun was setting on the area you were headed for and the sea on the edge of the continent glowed vermillion in the star’s wake. “Is it alright if I’m nervous?”

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Ok so what if the S/O of UT/UF/USbros is like a bad ass all day everyday is like super brave (full of themselves) will do dangerous things to impress people/monsters but one day they just find them crying in their room because somebody/some monster pointed out all of their S/Os flaws

I did more than 4 characters for the old ones since I kept them waiting, but 4 character rule sets in for real now. So I added SF!Sans and went for the Sanses. Please send another ask for the Papyruses. 

UT!Sans: To be honest, he’s not  a fan of that sort of behavior at all. The dangerous stunts you pull off makes him worry about you, and he doesn’t like people with a lot of moxie. Still, he loves you a lot. And when he finds you crying in your room, he’s so worried. He starts asking you what’s wrong, did you get hurt? Are you okay? And when you tell him that someone confronted you, and started listing your every flaw he’s beyond angry. He takes a few seconds to calm down, and feels a little guilty for having thought some of the same things. Though he never thought of them as your flaws, just things that made you you. He gently picks you up and plops you down on the couch. Then he starts breaking down their arguments. And he starts listing everything he likes about you. 

UF!Sans: He likes your badass personality, a lot. Though it might lead to a few arguments between the two of you. The dangerous tricks you go around doing have his nerves on end and he gets snappy when he’s anxious. So when he finds you crying. his mind instantly takes a pretty dark turn. But when you tell him that you didn’t manage to hurt yourself, something else happened. His nerves still wont calm down until you’ve told him exactly what happened. And when he finds out he is so pissed. He makes sure to calm you down best as he can, trying to convince you that what they said wasn’t true. You are so much more than a list of made up flaws said by some jealous pricks. Most of those traits are some of your best, you’re just seeing them the wrong way. When you’re feeling better, he excuses himself to do something. Then he searches through the city for the stupid thing who dared do that to you. He wont kill them, he has enough self restraint after years on the surface. But they’re not getting away easy. 

US!Sans: Okay so your attitude and his are pretty similar in a way. But it still clashes sometimes. But the important thing is that you both love each other a lot. And as long as you have a good communication going, the relationship is fine! Which means that when Blue finds you crying in your room, he instantly puts on the worried boyfriend front, and he’s questioning you at a word rate of 100 words per second. When he finally manages to quiet down enough to hear your hiccuped words, he’s even more upset. He wants to know who they were, he’s going to have a civil but stern talk with them. This isn’t okay. To cheer you up, he does everything he can do show you how awesome you are. Reminding you of all the cool things you’ve done, but also of your sweeter more caring moments. He loves you so much, he can’t let you live thinking you’re not good enough for even a second. 

SF!Sans: You’re practically identical. He literally does the exact same thing. Which means that while others might tire a little of having you both in the same room at the same time, it’s absolutely amazing for the two of you. You challenge each other constantly, and brings out the competitiveness in each other. You both know you’re great, time to show the world. So when he finds you crying in your room he’s firstly so shocked that he doesn’t know how to react. He didn’t expect to see you like this and he doesn’t know how to handle it. It takes him a moment to find the courage to ask you what’s wrong, his voice unusually soft and encouraging. When you tell him what happened, he insists on finding them for you and teaching them a lesson. How dare they make you feel like this. You’re absolutely perfect, and you’re his s/o. That fact alone should make them know better than to criticize you. 

(Please do not let him go after the person, he’s going to rip them apart and no one will ever find them again. I mean, unless you want that?)

I am a huge Dumbledore fan, I have loved him ever since the start of the series and I love him even more at the end. And I get furious when people blame him for things that aren’t his fault and hate him for things that he didn’t do. I especially hate bashing of any kind especially when they try to make Dumbledore be evil. He has his flaws but I’ll defend him to the death most of the time, out of all the HP characters he’s my baby.

However, the one thing I keep thinking about is the whole Willow/Werewolf prank. As much as I love Dumbledore, I can’t get over this. Every time I think about it I feel bad for Snape and find myself going “Albus…WTF?!” I can defend Dumbledore from a lot of accusations using canon, but I CANNOT defend this. Albus, what the hell? Snape isn’t my favorite but he’s still a kid who almost died! Merlin’s beard, man, what were you thinking?! Now I love Sirius to pieces, but his little ass needed to get expelled or locked up for that crap. JK Rowling, I keep thinking about this scene and I need you to come up with an explanation for this, something so I can get it out of my head. Unfortunately, this confession may attract Dumbledore bashers (I pray not), I will always love him. But gods dammit if this scene doesn’t make me want to throttle him. What was his reason? I really need a canon reason why this happened, and a good one. The whole “he favored Gryffindor” deal that haters use isn’t good enough for me. Nobody favors a house to that extent, it’d be bad business.

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I don't know why no one is saying that Kaneki has an unhealthy obsession with Toka, he killed children whilst calling her name and after thinking about her he went mad, whilst when he thought of hide he wanted to live

yo kaneki is going mad because he’s cannibalising and that makes a kakuja and we know that having a kakuja makes you lose your mind. in my interpretation, he’s calling her name to move forwards because he’s scared of losing everyone + he kind of has no choice but to kill, he’s the one eyed king and no matter what furuta’s plans are, he had no choice but to kill. plus he’s always been like this, he’s only accepting it now and no longer fighting back the urge. as we known, ken’s tragedy started well before he even became a ghoul, so that doesn’t involve touka. honestly, stop trying to find every little fault to suggest that touka and kaneki’s relationship is unhealthy, because yes it has its flaws and space for improvement, but they’ve both been through a lot and supported each other. thinking of touka was what made him decide to fight back or not, it’s not touka’s fault what happens to kaneki because touka moved forwards from her past whilst kaneki erased his personas and pushed past, which resulted in his current unstable self. ken still has a long way to go and that’s what tokyo ghoul has been about ever since it started. 

tokyo ghoul has always been violent, and traumatic like this, so i don’t know why people are suddenly getting all defensive and pissed off about it bc lmao just read another series, i recommend bnha its good xx

kaneki is shitty at keeping stable relationships probably due to his mother’s abuse from the early stages of his life, we can’t blame that on other people. ken isn’t a good person either, he’s killed people before this, he’s cannibalised, he’s done awful shit yet we all keep treating him like a delicate little flower, because he’s reeaaaaallllllly not. he’s gone through many unstable stages and he never even got over them in the first place, which resulted in his current rampage. 

idk what i just typed, but i’m just here for a good time man

Advice I Wish I Got When I Was Younger

- You don’t need to grow up so fast, you’re only a kid for 18 years, then you’ll have all the time in the world to be an adult

- Those other kids you’re afraid of talking to because “you’re not cool enough” aren’t judging you. Nobody is judging you except for you.

- School counselors are there to help you, it’s okay to ask them for help and they aren’t as bad as everyone says they are.

- You don’t have to figure out what you want to do immediately, it may take you until after college or even longer to find what you want to do.

- Nothing is permanent unless you make it permanent (friendships, relationships, etc.) it’s your choice

- If you’re struggling to make friends, don’t worry, it took Dan Howell 18 years to find his best friend, and I know you’ll find someone deserving of you eventually

- Don’t be afraid to tell people no, or they’ll continue walking over you

- If you feel ugly, you’re not. Everyone is insecure and has flaws they worry about, and you’re beautiful.

- Some kids just try to find drama wherever they are, and if they suck you into it somehow, just try to act rational and if they still are giving you a hard time, first confront them about it, then seek help. (some people are assholes, and I know it isn’t fair, but there’s nothing you can do about them unfortunately, except stand your ground and be a good person)

- Sleep is important, it’s better for you to stop studying, go to sleep, and study in the morning than to study all night.

- You’re going to graduate in just a few years, then you have the rest of your life ahead of you so, if you’re struggling currently don’t worry, there’s more to life than what you see now.

If you have anything to add on go ahead! Also feel free to message or send in asks if you ever need advice or help, I’ll be here to listen, and if you want, to give you the best advice I can.

Phone Numbers:

  • Adolescent Suicide Hotline
  • Adolescent Crisis Intervention & Counseling Nineline
  • Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment Hotline
  • Eating Disorders Center
  • Family Violence Prevention Center
  • Gay & Lesbian National Hotline
    1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564)
  • Gay & Lesbian Trevor HelpLine Suicide Prevention
  • Healing Woman Foundation (Abuse)
  • Post Abortion Trauma
  • Project Inform HIV/AIDS Treatment Hotline
  • Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network (RAINN)
    1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673)
  • Runaway Hotline
  • Self-Injury Hotline SAFE
    (Self Abuse Finally Ends)
    1-800-DONT CUT (1-800-366-8288)
  • Sexual Assault Hotline
  • STD Hotline
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Suicide & Crisis Hotline
  • Suicide Prevention - The Trevor HelpLine
    (Specializing in gay and lesbian youth suicide prevention).
  • Teen Helpline
  • Victim Center
    1-800-FYI-CALL (1-800-394-2255)
  • Youth Crisis Hotline

Don’t hesitate to call these if you need to.