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Witchsona commission for birbycakes of her and her sister.

potion/starlight/cute witch & charms/moonlight/elegant witch.


nitrogennightmare  asked:

Hello Mod! I have Volume I of TPoH and I love it soso much. I would love to throw money at you for a second volume. Is that something that will ever happen? I know you're busy doing art! But I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Have a great day!

I really hope so, but I am still trying to find someone who can distribute the books! the manual effort of parcelling and carrying them to the post office is getting too much for my hands to cope with and a second volume would make a huge surge in work on that end- if all else fails I’ll self publish again like with Volume 1 but I am really hoping to find some pro help for the task

I would like to apologize for not drawing enough of this tol cinnabon Libra man

So here’s a Pride!Mario 8D

[Update] Hello, Hello~

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So I apologize for not getting to any RPs this week…I’ve just been focusing on other things, and of course emotional drama was going on and then I was watching the house and four dogs for awhile, took my time grinding like crazy through Overwatch all weekend to get to level 32, so…yeah…busy, busy.

I did make some changes to my RPing list, guys—I removed and added some people at random. The people I removed were people who seemed uninterested to continue or things are too much for them to continue right now (super busy and what not). I didn’t want to hold that spot for them if they didn’t want to keep working on a story they are uninterested in. If I made a mistake, you’re free to correct me! And do remember you’re free to approach me about a RP or ask to be removed—that you’re unmotivated to continue. I will not be offended or off-putting by either comments.

Also, I have commissions to work on—so that makes me happy! I get to work on transforming one of my friend’s anthro characters into a humanoid, and I think I already have the perfect one picked out! So excited~! Still have my novel to work through and try to not take too many stops along the way. I still thank my lovely princess for sponsoring that and being so sweet to commission the first 5 chapters from me. That was so kind of you.

Mega thanks for the donations as well, dears. That was very sweet and just brought me to tears. You’re lovely and amazing folks for that. ♥

I will get back into the writing imagines mood eventually. I just really wanted to take a nice break from writing, to be honest. I also found a Youtuber who plays mostly horror games and even some Japanese horror games that aren’t translated that she can translate. I love it! I am such a whore for horror. ♥♥

I did notice some of you found my twitter @Oreana_Galena. I do post/ retweet/ ect on there but not often. Lately I’ve been using it to talk to my favorite Youtubers, because they seem cool and approachable. I don’t follow or watch many other folks (like AC voice actors or whatever), because that makes me nervous. X’D I don’t want any of them seeing the crazy world I live in—though dawnee jokes Paul Amos has probably read some of the smutty shit I’ve written, and I tremble at the thought.

You’re free to follow me on there but honestly, there’s not much to see, if I am to be honest. I might end up tweeting out my streaming links when I get that going or feel comfortable with it, but that’s the only reason I can think that you’d want to follow me there? :? I will try to post art on it and Youtube videos. We’ll see what comes of that account. I am trying to use it more like my Facebook account. So many places to post!

Thanks again for all the lovely support, likes, and reblogs I am still seeing on my older and newer works—drabbles and headcanons alike as well as imagines. And geebus, I have no idea why The Wet Nurse has so many views on AO3, but thank you—that’s super sweet for a story I felt I rushed too much.

Thanks again for the support, guys, and hello to my new followers~! I hope to hear and see you more around. Love you.

~Oreana Galena

As soon as life returns to normal, so will you. Back from the dead.
Not without you.


when your smoke BF comes to you for comfort because he did really good and still lost but you decide to rub it in his face that his best still got beat by a Soldier who wouldn’t stop unloading whole clips into Mei walls.

(jk he still got hugs after jack was done teasing)

Tbh I don’t understand why cishet aces are STILL trying to get LGBT folk to accept them as part of the community. Like, no offense, but what do they think being officially labeled as LGBT is going to do?

In the end of the day discoursers on my side are arguing because we feel like our safe spaces are being invaded by our oppressors, and from what I can understand the other side is arguing because they want/feel like they need safe spaces (pls feel free to correct me on this).

So why not just create their own community? It’s a compromise that allows those on my side of the discourse to feel safe in the spaces we had already established, and it gives those on the other side of the discourse the freedom to create safe spaces that fit their needs.

Pls feel free to add your thoughts! I’d like to hear other ppl’s opinion on this.

Give Me A Try [2/?]

[Symmetra kisses Junkrat.  Chaos ensues.  Unconventional slow burn with a developing relationship.]

It was clear that her experiment hadn’t worked.  If anything, it had made it worse.

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I see folks out here slandering short men.

Originally posted by z-fighter7

Coming from a guy that’s 5'4. (Below average height of males in america)

All my life I’ve dealt with the short slander. Even as a grown 23 year old, folks still try me from time to time. Men and women. It’s gotten to a point though for me that it’s so played out and tired that i literally just respond with “Are you done? I’m ok with being short, you should be too.” then they get quiet. OR if i pick out something about their body that i know for sure they are self conscious/insecure about and make fun of them for it they want to get butt hurt over it or get physical lol fuckin lames. People hate when you give them a taste of their own medicine.

But it does take a toll on your mental health. Especially during your teenage years. Your self-esteem and confidence is minimized. Then it trickles into adulthood. Makes you feel you aren’t good enough. Like you are sub-par or like you always have something to prove to over compensate for being short even though there is nothing wrong with being short in the first place.

You second guess yourself before you are about to approach a girl.

You feel like you have to mention “Oh yea just so you know I’m (whatever height under 5'10).” in the beginning stages if you all haven’t met in person.

If a mutual is putting you on with someone they know, you ask “Do they know i’m short?” Just so there aren’t any surprises when they meet you and you don’t get embarrassed.

You hear shit like “You look tall today? *proceeds to look at your foot wear* oh no wonder you look tall today. Ha ha ha.”

Originally posted by controversialdb

“Are you ever going to grow?”

Sidenote: Do you know what it’s like for a girl to say to you “You’re such a great guy, if only you were taller i would date you. : ) ” 

Originally posted by wifflegif

😂 like huh?🤔 do you know how rude that is?

Me being short doesn’t really bother me much anymore. When it did bother me it was because others made me feel it was a bad thing. When people try and come at me for it, it does bring me back to my teenage years when people would clown me for being short. It is what it is.

I digress, people need to chill with the short slander. If short dudes ain’t your preference then move along. No need to disrespect. Need to chill with slandering people for the bodies they live in period. The shit ain’t cool.

Originally posted by born-hip-hoper

Nope, sorry. If you wanted me to ignore you, you probably shouldn’t have publicly commented on my post. This is not the only comment like this. You are one of many people to try to find a way around what was said/meant/implied, whatever. Because there MUST be some other meaning.

First of all, the person quoted was not the only person to make such comments and they ALL mean the same thing. “I can overlook that she’s black because the costumes are well made.” There is nothing positive about that statement. Period. Just stop trying to pretend that there is. It implies that if your costume isn’t good enough, people won’t overlook the fact that you aren’t white. As if being black is some negative factor that should be counted against you. 

Second, you are also wrong about “literally almost all of the cosplays you did were of characters who are actually white”. No. No. No. I am going to assume you do not read comic books and correct your ignorance here. Out of the 10 characters I am cosplaying in that set, guess how many have black versions in the comics. Actually no, we’re going to say out of 8 because 2 are aliens. Martian Manhunter is NOT WHITE. He’s an alien who happens to shape shift into a black man for his secret identity sometimes. Dejah Thoris is also NOT WHITE. She is also from Mars but not the same comics as Martian Manhunter. White is not the default race of the whole galaxy, people.

 So that’s 8 characters left in the set and guess who are the ONLY ones out of 8 who DON’T have a black version in the continuity that I based my costumes on?? She Hulk and Colossus. Yep, the ones with full body paint. 2 out of 8. That’s it. That’s all. Everyone else is either black all the time, or black in the continuity that I based my costume on. 

This once again proves my point, that this type of discrimination is not based on ‘accuracy’ or anything else. White supremacy allows people to make the assumption that everything SHOULD be white, and that deviations from this norm must be noted, detracted OR if you’re so 'lucky’, can be 'overlooked’ if you’re 'good enough’.

I want to thank every person on this post who complimented me on my work, or expressed joy at seeing their favorite character represented, and even the people who negatively criticized my costume work based on my sewing skills not impressing them enough. Because they saw me as a whole person and not just my race being something they had to overlook.