still tryin'

sometimes i worry that straight people will judge me for how aggressively gay i am like. has that every happened to any of you guys? like even on here this is my safe space~ and all that and im allowed to gay it up as much as i like and i still get nervous messaging someone i respect who is straight or something like that cuz its like. wait what if they see my bio what if they have a problem with that and its so ???????????? cuz our entire LIVES are literally being worried about how straight people perceive us and my stupid fucking brain is STILL tryin to do that even in my “safe” spaces?? bullshit dude.

im so fucking angry because terezi pyrope’s personal system of ethics is one of the most nuanced and detailed examples of CLS paired with a critique of justice that i’ve ever seen in a piece of fiction and it’s homestuck

smol commission rambling?!

i would like to open my commission again but..i keep reducing my prices to a point it become miserable. i kinda need your help . (`・/д\・)

I’m the first one to tell to not under price your commission but i still do it mahself. BruH.

(((╹д╹;))) i know i can’t ask too much for mah cartoon art style but i’ve been to a point where i was fixing mah prices like on deviantart ¾ years ago.(which is very bad considering the low esteem artists have on Da)

i’m not sure any of u would be interested into commissioning me but if u could help with my issue and maybe give your opinion.that would be very kind …


゛(●ノ´・Д・`)ノ For the moment,before reducing my prices like crazy, i was thinking :

  • Simple cartoon-ish chibi  /  10 € + add. characters 5 € : 

//// exemple above //// 

  • Colored sketch fullbody human / 15/20 €  (+ free for smol object /smol animal ) :
  • Picture redrawn 70 € / + add.characters 30-40€ (background included ?* i dunno’) :

  • Cheap option : “Surprise du chef”  / Square page of rough doodles (1 or two characters?!* )  10 € :

(a bunch of doodles,it can be headshot,chibi,human,colored or not..who knows. surprise?)

So ?! is that too expensive? too cheap? I DUNNO. Sometimes it depends of the time too but i draw quite fast so eEeh…i should even ask less but that would be very tiring for meh ‘cause that’s always intensive hours of work.. 

Waht do you think? ヾ( ๑´д`๑)ツ


                                                           Baby, I want you to know
                                                             You are all I wanna see
                                                           Baby, you’ll never feel low
                                                             If you tag along with me

hockey tumblr meme culture is evolving too fast,,, i’m still tryin to come up with rules for dating a hockey player and y'all are out here calling gnash daddy listen i’M TIRED