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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. wallet
  2. water bottle
  3. like 5 lipsticks probably
  4. asthma puffer
  5. breath mints

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. f l o o r d r o b e
  2. far too much makeup
  3. books!!
  4. the stuffed toys on my bed including the teddy bear i still sleep w every night
  5. a whole lot of paper that i don’t need

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

lmao i don’t know if i’ve consistently wanted many things in my life but uh

  1. be there for the people i love in whatever way i can
  2. move out of home and be independent
  3. stop being so lazy
  4. get fit and take better care of myself!!
  5. practice more and get better @ trombone

Five things that make me happy:

  1. jung hoseok
  2. listening to/playing music
  3. my bunny
  4. my hair is just about long enough to put in a bun!!
  5. flowers

Five things I’m currently into:

  1. bts obviously
  2. bronzey eyeshadow
  3. really oversized jumpers
  4. pale pink and maroon aka the best colour combo
  5. hopeless fountain kingdom

Five things on my to do list:

  1. do my taxes lmao
  2. clean my damn room!!
  3. organise my bookshelf
  4. read the books i keep buying
  5. this is kinda dumb but i want to start keeping a list of good things that happen each day to try and help a lil with my depression

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everyone: diana is the best fighter in the world!!! tumblr: um but have u heard of a mortal millionaire dude with bat toys??

diana is literally half god and ppl still sayin batman can beat her wyd

GIRL i kno is2g the sexist fake fanboys aint SHIT


{Victuuri a.k.a. skating duet & official YOI art}

or “How to kill the entire fandom in few steps” by Kubo Mitsurou

Just look at this Yurio-toy at the last one, I can`t <3


Look kids, I know that you really, really want your Jurassic Park T. Rex to be “real” in your bone-headed, made-up war on “Fluffy Dinosaurs.” Nostalgia has blinded every generation from accepting new information on dinosaurs, from dragging tails to scaly skin. Paleontology isn’t as cut-and-dry as the movie monsters that we’ve made dinosaurs into (and yes, I love movie monster dinos. But that’s all they are: movie monsters) and people need to stop sharing error-riddled articles and all those stupid fucking blog posts claiming “victory” over something they don’t understand because an arbitrarily designated “King of the dinosaurs” (disclaimer: still my favorite dino) didn’t look like their Playskool toys from when they were 5.

I’m making a quite huge illustration for my personnal project. Here is a wip! You’ll find the whole version soon. ;)

inspired by this video (sfw, but a sex toy is being used as car repair, so take that as you will)

“Laura’s gonna flip,” Derek says in dismay, looking at the huge dent in the driver’s side door of the Camaro. Her most precious possession, the car she’d been saving up for forever, the car she waxes and washes every weekend, the car that she let Derek borrow to go to the Mathletes competition in San Francisco because Derek had a basketball game on Friday and couldn’t make the official school bus, the car that Laura made him swear his life on, is now forever ruined.

“Damn, if there ever was a good place to curse, that would have been it,” Stiles says, crossing his arms and looking far more attractive than he had the right to. “C’mon, Derek. Just say it. Fuck.”

Derek blushes, watching the word tumble out of Stiles’ pink mouth. “No, I… there’s gotta be a way to fix it. But if I call her insurance people she’s gonna know…”

“It’s totally my fault,” Stiles says. “I was the one who wanted to go to Tastee Freeze on the way back, and let some dingbat hit you in the parking lot. Actually, it’s their fault, whoever can’t drive.”

Derek shakes his head. It’s his fault. He’d been having too much fun this weekend; he’d spent practically all of it with Stiles. He’d had a crush on him forever— in fact, joined Mathletes at his request, and the whole year of practice, of spending afternoons with Stiles poring over math problems, watching Stiles lick Cheeto dust off his fingers— it’s been too much. Coupled with the fact that Stiles actually just plain forgot to catch the bus on Friday, and then caught a ride with Derek, meant hours in the car listening to him sing along to Hamilton and muddle through the rap bits, and sleeping next to him in the four-to-a-room motel Saturday night, and waking up with Stiles’ face smashed into his shoulder.

Derek had been too overwhelmed by it all, too overwhelmed by Stiles. Getting the chance to spend time with his friend this weekend had just intensified his feelings, and he knows there’s no chance that Stiles will ever feel the same, so he’s just drinking it all in, savoring these moments when he can.

It had been a terrible parking job, the Camaro was at a weird angle, that’s why the person rounding the turn had hit him. Derek sighs. He guesses it’s for the best. He’ll just have to pay Laura back. For forever.

Stiles is studying the door, eyes narrowed in concentration. “Actually, it’s not that bad. They didn’t even scratch it. It’s just a dent. With the right amount of leverage…”

“I’m sorry, do you happen to have a magical car-door fixer in your overnight bag?”

Somehow, this causes Stiles to turn bright red. “Okay. I have an idea. But you have to promise not to laugh.”


Derek watches, perplexed, as Stiles pulls his duffle bag out of the back seat, and then rummages around in it.

“Promise not to laugh,” Stiles repeats.

“I promise.” Derek is confused, but sincere.

Stiles pulls a bright blue dildo out of the bag. It’s springy, and jiggles a little with the movement. There’s a thick vein running along the side, and the base even has… balls.

Derek’s brain short circuits, an image of Stiles, naked, working himself on the girth of the toy, his mouth open, panting, as he tries to get the right angle, skin flushed pink from pleasure…

“Fuck,” Derek says.

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Nice to know our supports are more appreciated than we are. 🙄

I was initially excited that stim toys were going mainstream. It meant I could get awesome new ones much cheaper than before. For example, my Thinket (still my best stim toy) was $150. My fidget cube from the kick-starter was $40. Last week, I bought a fidget spinner at the mall for $7. That part is awesome.

Now, though, non-autistics are using them when they shouldn’t and schools across the country are banning stim toys.

Leave it to the “normals” to ruin something special again. 😢

there is a huge difference between normalising stimming and aestheticising stimming. I want stimming normalised. I want nts to stim. if neurotypicals stim, it doesn’t look weird when I do. that’s normalising stimming.

I DON’T want stimming aestheticised. if nts are only okay with stimming if it’s pretty? that does jack fuck shit for autistic people. it doesn’t matter if chewlery gets normalised if chewing it in public is still stigmatised! in fact, it could be looked at worse because it would be seen as destruction of something pretty.
stimboards are great, I love them! but they don’t normalise stimming when nts embrace them, because they aren’t considering it anything weird. Enjoying the look of calligraphy being written is not stigmatised. slime is a children’s toy, gifs of it aren’t stigmatised. stimboards, to nts, are going to look like a relaxing breed of aesthetics and moodboards. That’s fine. that’s basically what they are. but I don’t want that glorified as normalising of stimming when the nts embracing it don’t know or care about the origin.
Anyone can buy a stim toy if they want one, but if they still stigmatise nd people for using them? if they don’t actually stim with them? that’s not! normalising anything!

when neurotypical people take something autistic people do to survive, ostracise autistic people for it, and fashion it into something they think is pretty for themselves to consume, that’s not normalisation. And that is what they do every time! the “pretty” ways of stimming are normalised, and the “ugly” ways are stigmatised. autistic people are literally profiled as criminals on the streets for stimming publicly. it’s a problem.

so @neurotypicals: if you like stimboards, great! if you like the look of chewlery, cool! if you want stim toys but don’t need them, cool! all of these things are fine! but you need to make sure that when you see someone stimming publicly, that you don’t treat them differently. don’t call them slurs. don’t think that they should “know better” or that they’re “up to no good”. don’t infantilise them. don’t be a dick to neurodivergents. normalising stimming is a result of people not thinking stimming is abnormal. that’s all you’ve gotta do to make a difference: change your perspective, and change that of others if your friends think poorly of us. it helps.

Make me do your work everyday and cause cats to get sick? I'll catch you in your lies and get you fired.

This woman who I’ll call Tootles worked with me at an animal shelter as cat caretakers. We work opposite days and the first thing that she did to piss me off was telling me she had cleaned under furniture/restocked/refilled cleaning bottles. She sneakily just made it clean enough that you couldn’t tell she was barely doing anything all day. It would take me at least 30 min to an hour everyday to clean all the stuff that she hadn’t done the day before, and I had to do that in addition to my already extremely busy job. So some days I’d have to stay late, and I have two jobs so I’m always exhausted, and then I have a 45 min drive home where I’m blasting music and chain smoking just to stay awake.

I tried to tell my boss about this but she said that I need to have a better attitude, and that I was complaining too much about Tootles. She only told me this bc she’s a jerk most of the time and she didn’t want to deal with all the hassle of finding a new employee in a rural area.

Basically, when you have 20 cats housed in multiple rooms, it becomes a breeding ground for disease and infections. The point of cleaning every single surface and under the furniture with chemicals is to kill these germs and what not. After I started working there she got lazier and never did a single thing that she thought wouldn’t be noticed since my boss had no problem with what she was doing to me.

Because she wasn’t cleaning according to procedure, we now have almost every single cat (except the older ones with strong immune systems) come down with an upper respiratory tract infection. We have to now take those sick cats and quarantine them. For each cat, we have to now put on a gown, booties, gloves, and a mask if we are even going to touch them. These are all single use, extremely wasteful, and very expensive, but required by law. We also have to give them meds two or more times a day for the uri. This takes even more time(3x the amount of time I’d need to take care of a healthy cat. I knew immediately that the outbreak was her fault for not cleaning and the boss was very angry at the whole situation, wondering why this is happening. So before I leave I take tiny cat toys and hide them under every single thing shes supposed to clean under. I then make tiny marks with sharpie on all the kennels she has to scrub( we use a chemical that would dissolve the sharpie, and then rinse out and dry the cage so the cats paws aren’t affected.) I also put tiny marks on the bleach bottles showing how much was in them so I’ll also have proof she’s not cleaning the toilets. I come to work the day after hers and surprise surprise the same amount of bleach, sharpie marks still on kennels, all the toys still where I left them. So I tell my boss what I’ve done, I was nervous she would say I was kinda psycho but she said I should have done this sooner and yelled at me a bit(I told you this was happening already.). We sign a log required by law and we have to initial that we completed every single thing so boss just calls her up, asks if she’s actually done these things, which if she just admitted to being lazy she could have just been yelled at and kept her job. She lies and says she always follows procedures so boom she’s fired for lying about doing her work. It’s been like 3 months, she’s still out of a job I think, and the outbreak of disease amongst the cat has completely cleared up. She apparently really loved her job based on her fb so idk why she’d be so lazy and cause the cats suffering like that.

The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by syeons

Genre: romance/fluff
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 12203 words
Summary: This a series based on all of your first times with Jungkook from your childhood till when you both reach adult hood.



“You tell me Y/N, do you want this?” he brushes his thumb over your cheek “Do you want to kiss me?”

Before you could ever give your response to him, reality hits the shameless boy like a train. What was he thinking when he asked you such a question? His sudden tendency to take your feelings for granted by working his moves on you, wasn’t how he ever wanted it to be. He was curious and quite greedy about having the chance to win your first kiss. Was it still like a competition for him? Was he toying with you or was he being serious?

Jungkook was your best friend and his intentions were never ill to begin with. You knew from day one, when he held your hand and decided to be your friend back then in kindergarten, that he was anything but harmful. You were well aware of the fact that he could be trusted, and all these years of friendship proved that he was a keeper. Maybe you could trust him? But what would it change? Only jungkook had the answers and decisions to take in this very moment, yet he suddenly stepped away from you

What am I doing, right now? Jungkook would suddenly ask himself as he eyed your lips up-close for the first time in his life

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You know what gets me everytime?

when Allura is giving away the bayards..

and everyone get their own special weapon

and look so cool

and excited

and happy

and then comes Shiro’s turn…

And you knoooooooo he was watching them all get all the weapons and getting all excited himself like “oooh I wonder what my bayard is gonna turn into! the black one must be a very special one! cuz i dun see it here.. Allura is probably saving the best for last!”

and hes standing there like “I’m so ready! give it to me! sooo ready! gimme!

and Allura’s just

Shiro, I’m afraid your bayard was lost with its paladin.

and his face just goes:

and then he like smiles and all “I guess i’ll just have to make do..