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100 ways to say “I love you” | 18

Originally posted by kuromel

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, drabble

Word count: 1157

Warnings: Alcohol abuse, vomiting, casual/nonserious mentions of death

100 ways to say “i love you” ➞ 18. “Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.”

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Barnes’ Books - chapter 7

I may have got a little carried away this evening. 4000 word chapter carried away.  Sorry. No update tomorrow as I’m out!

See the Masterlist for previous chapters!

For the next week, I rejoin the real world. I get up, put on work clothes, sit at a computer, answer phones, drink communal tea, eat a sandwich, type, go home.  I talk to new people, go to a new place, earn some money. It’s good for me.

I hate it.

I know I sound like a brat, but I’ve loved being able to spend the day at the bookshop, before James’ accident. I loved the happiness books can bring, I loved talking to people, making coffee and washing up, helping unpack boxes, chatting to James. I’m trying to make the most of this week, it’s good CV-fodder, I do meet some nice people but it’s not me. And every day, while I’m inputting data, although I’m working hard, my mind is wandering. I’m thinking about the day I found the book for that woman, I’m thinking about curling up with Steve in an armchair. I’m thinking about making James laugh. I’m thinking about how sad Bucky looked.

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“You do know it is impolite to scowl, Papa.”

Cullen raised an eyebrow, his daughter giggling at the look of annoyance. “Papa?”

“It’s what the Orlesians say.”

“It is most definitely not what you say, then.”

“I fear I rather like it.”

He scoffed, ignoring the smug grin his eldest child wore, glancing around the room. So little had changed at the Winter Palace in so many years, most notably his disdain for the place. Even for a simple luncheon, the ludicrous outfits and stifling decoration made him loathe even the immaculately perfect sandwiches laid out. His uniform was still too tight, and the scratch of the fabric in the summer warmth was miserably uncomfortable. This had been his wife’s idea, accepting the damn invite and playing the adoring visitors. On hindsight, he should have simply refused to entertain the idea entirely.

“The sooner this is over, the better.”

“You are just no fun, Papa.”

Cullen flinched at the use of the title again, scowling down at her. “And just where is your brother?!”

“Having his cheeks pinched and being fed fancy little cakes.”

His gaze followed his daughter’s guiding point and fell on his youngest child, who was happily perched on a chair surrounded by Orlesian women cooing over him, traitorous icing ringing his mouth, crumbs littering rounded cheeks, and looking thoroughly pleased with himself.

Mon petit, would you like another cake?”

“Is he not the most darling babe?”

So exquisitely like his father. The curls!”

“And the provincial Ferelden charm!”

“Speak the Chant again, mon chou.”

The youngster took the last bite of his most recent cake and cleared his throat, fairly obviously hamming it up for his audience, golden eyelashes fluttering as he pulled an exaggeratedly pious face.

I am not alone. Even as I stumble on the path with my eyes closed, yet I see the Light is here.

There were squeals of adoration, accompanied by disgustingly cute little claps, and Cullen wondered just when his son had transformed from the usually wild little heathen, covered in dirt and terrorising the tower guard, to this saintly child spouting the Canticle of Trials, with perfectly neat golden ringlets, a pristine uniform and holding the adoration of near half the Orlesian court with an angelic pout. As he glared at his daughter’s triumphant smirk, the boy chose that moment to glance over, face filling with delight at the sight of him, and the very words that left his mouth chilled his blood.

“Daddy! There you are!”

At once, there were several sets of eyes upon him, peals of delight and the feigned gasps accompanying them, and he felt a nudge at the back of his leg as his daughter skipped into the crowd, golden curls bouncing innocently as she grinned over her shoulder, abandoning him with little mercy.

“Enjoy, Papa!”

Commander! Won’t you join us!”

Andraste preserve him. He hated Halamshiral.

Sweet, Sweet Victory

You’re a could’ve-been Olympic gymnastics champion now training someone else for the US team. He’s the current Women’s Head Coach who wants to take over her training. You two have a competition to decide who gets their way.

also known as

“Fuck You for It”

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
word count: 5186
author’s note: I threw a little bit of the movie Stick It in here too for plot reasons. I hope you don’t mind!

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Remedying Bra Fit Issues

If you find that you have some signs of poor fit in your bras, the following chart outlines what the typical explanation for each issue is. Please note that this chart is not absolutely definitive and just serves as a general guideline on the first step to remedy common fitting issues. For more specific suggestions on how to fix any fit issues you may experience, we suggest submitting a [Fit Check] post.

Fit Issue: Band rides up

Explanation:  Your band is too large

Remedy:  Go down a band size while maintaining cup volume*

Fit Issue:  Band is uncomfortably tight

Explanation:  Your band is too small or your cups are too small

Remedy:  Try the bra on backwards; if it still feels too tight, go up a band size while maintaining cup volume*. If it is now comfortable, your cups are too small, so go up a cup size in the same band size.

Fit Issue:  Straps dig into your shoulders

Explanation:  Your band is too large (so you are compensating the lack of support by over tightening your straps)

Remedy:  Go down a band size while maintaining cup volume*

Fit Issue:  Straps fall off your shoulders

Explanation: Your band is too large (so the straps are too wide set for your frame)

Remedy: Go down a band size while maintaining cup volume*

Fit Issue: Cups have wrinkles

Explanation:  Your cups are too large, or are the wrong shape

Remedy:  Go down a cup volume, or try a different shape

Fit Issue: Cups are overflowing somewhere

Explanation:  Your cups are too small, or are the wrong shape

Remedy:  Go up a cup volume, or try a different shape

Fit Issue:  Empty space between underwires and the outer side of your breasts

Explanation:  Wires are too wide (either due to the cup being too large or simply because you have narrow roots)

Remedy:  Go down a cup volume, or find a bra with narrower wires

Fit Issue:  Underwires are sitting on your breast tissue

Explanation:  Wires are too narrow (either due to cup being too small or simply because you have wide roots)

Remedy:  Go up a cup volume, or find a bra with wider wires

Fit Issue:  Gore (bit between the cups) does not touch your sternum

Explanation:  Cups are too small or your breasts are too close set for the width of the gore

Remedy:  Go up a cup volume or try bras with narrower gores (like plunges)

*Please keep in mind that cup size is not static. Remember the concept of sister sizing: to maintain cup volume, when you go down a band size, you must go up a cup size, and vice versa. For example, 34B = 32C, 28E = 30DD, 36G = 34GG, etc. Please pay close attention to when this chart suggests changing band size while maintaining cup size, when it suggests changing cup volume while maintaining band size, and when it suggests changing both.

Also note that each “remedy” operates under the assumption that the corresponding fit issue is the only one you experience. If you are experiencing more than one issue, combine the two remedies. For example, if your band rides up and you have spillage in your cups, you would want to go down one band size and up one cup volume. Keeping the concept of sister sizing in mind, if you were hypothetically trying on a 36B and experienced these two issues, you would want to next try a 34D.

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 12

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 12 - Secrets

You attempt to keep your new relationship a secret.

Word Count: 2500 (of 73k)

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creideamhgradochas  asked:

well, you already know I vote for a follow up to #30 (almost sex in a morgue drawer) But also, #37. “Because I love you god damn it!” with my man Bucky, please?

looook can i top almost-sex in a morgue drawer? idk…. but i’ll give it a shot ;) and i kindaaa changed the prompt a little bit for this but not too much! i hope you enjoy :)

#37: “Because I love you god damn it!”

You come back from your mission feeling completely wrecked. All you want is to collapse in your bed and not have to be conscious for at least day. You’ve got bruises in places you shouldn’t have  bruises, it hurts to breathe, and you’re pretty sure you’ve done something dodgy to your wrist. It’s not that big of a deal - the rest of the team have had plenty worse - but you ache and you just want your bed.

But first, water. Then you can pass out for as long as you like.

Only when you enter the compound’s kitchen, someone is waiting for you. Bucky sits at the counter with his hood up, glare already on, and silently slides the glass of water he’s already poured for you across the benchtop. You don’t even bother hiding your groan as you stop the water glass from sliding off the end of the counter. You are so not in the mood for Bucky’s shit.

“Why aren’t you in medical?” Bucky asks, his voice gravelly like he’d just woken up. FRIDAY probably woke him up to tell him you’d arrived back, because apparently he can’t leave well enough alone.

“I’m not injured,” you say, and take a long sip of water. It feels like cool heaven and instantly perks you back up - which unfortunately means you’re more aware of Bucky’s unimpressed glare, the lean line of his body as he gets up off the stool to approach you, the way he smells a bit like sleep and cigarettes when he comes to a stop right in front of you.

Bucky reaches for you, probably to check if you’re lying or not, and you flinch away. His hand comes way too close to your sore ribs, but the movement to get away from him jerks your body anyway and you fail to hide your wince. Bucky frowns, stepping closer to you even as you move further away, and reaches for you again.

“You’re lying,” he grumbles, glaring up at you through his eyelashes. “You’re hurt.”

“I’m fine,” you snap, crossing your arms over your torso to ward him off as you back away. Your back hits the fridge, jolting you further but you manage to bite your lip and stave off your reaction to the pain that flares through your body. Unfortunately, Bucky now has you cornered and he’s a stubborn bastard, so he won’t leave you alone.

Bucky raises one eyebrow at you and grabs your wrists, gently pulling your arms away from your body. His grip is still a bit too tight on your potentially sprained wrist, so you suck in a deep breath to stop yourself from groaning in pain. Bucky, of course, notices. He drops your uninjured wrist to inspect the sprained one, massaging his thumbs gently into the ligament to find where the pain is. You try and bite your lip to stop yourself, but when he hits the sprained part you gasp anyway.

You take your wrist out of Bucky’s grip and cradle it by your stomach, avoiding his eyes. Bucky doesn’t say anything, but you can feel the concern and frustration radiating off him in waves. You’re so tired, and you hurt all over, but the last thing you want is for Bucky to know and the overbearing weight of his concern for you makes tears sting at the back of your eyes. You just want to go to bed and be fine like everyone else but Bucky won’t let you, and it’s so frustrating all you want to do is scream.

Bucky goes for your ribs next, softly sliding his hands on either side to feel for tender spots. The whole area is tender and you flinch away from him again, but he chases you back against the fridge so you’re crowded into it. All you can see is him. It’s overwhelming, and you try to remove his hands with your one good one but it doesn’t work. He rubs his thumbs into your skin and presses his fingers in until you cry out, thunking your head back against the fridge door as the pain gets too much.

“It hurts that much?” he murmurs softly, and you almost wish he was still angry with you because it’s easier to deal with than pity. Or sympathy, or concern, or whatever the fuck it is that always has Bucky chasing after you and sticking his hands in things that don’t concern him.

Tears well in your eyes without your permission as you glare at him, which probably lessens the impact. “It’s fine, it’s just a couple of bruises. I’m just fucking tired, ok? Let me go to bed.”

“It’s not,” Bucky says, growing frustrated again. Part of you is pleased, but part of you just wants to sob like a child. “Just admit you aren’t fine for once in your damn life. Are you really so proud that you can’t accept you get hurt?”

“I’m not proud,” you sneer, “I’m just not fucking injured, alright? I’m sore, that’s it - I’m fine.

“Sergeant Barnes,” FRIDAY’s voice interrupts, oddly quiet like she’s nervous of interrupting - if AI’s can get nervous. “(Y/N) has a fractured rib on her right side. Her wrist is sprained, and there is significant bruising to the rest of her ribcage.”

“Fucking hell,” Bucky breathes, like it’s been punched out of him. You have to blink up at the ceiling to stop the tears that threaten to fall, especially when Bucky slides his hands up your arms to grip your shoulders and squeeze.

“It’s fine,” you whisper - any louder and your voice might crack. “I’m fine, Bucky, please just stop.”

“You aren’t fucking fine,” Bucky growls. You know he isn’t really angry at you, but you still recoil from the force of it.

“Please,” you beg, “It’s not that bad, everyone else goes through a lot worse and comes out fine-“

“That’s a load of fucking bullshit and you know it,” Bucky snaps, still gripping you tightly so you can’t slip away. “Everyone else goes to medical when they’re hurt and gets fixed up! You hide serious injuries like you can just sleep them off but you can’t, that’s how you fucking die, (Y/N)!”

“If I went to medical every time I got hurt I’d never leave the damn place!” you hiss. “Don’t you get it? I’m not like you or Steve with the serum that heals everything in a day, or Tony in his suit, or Bruce when he’s hulked out. I’m not a god, I’m not Natasha or Clint who can’t be beat at what they do - I’m just human, I get beaten, I get hurt. It makes me a fucking liability, and I’m sick of letting people down.”

“You aren’t letting anyone down by admitting when you’re hurt. It’s worse when you don’t, because then we can’t take care of you and you hurt yourself more,” Bucky says, softer now, like you might break. You hate it, you hate the way he rubs his thumbs into your the hollow of your collarbones and ducks his head to look into your eyes so you can see just how much he means it. You hate it because you really, really don’t, and you feel pathetic for it. Why does letting him take care of you feel like the end of the world?

“Why do you care anyway?” you say harshly, “You can’t do anything about it, and me being hurt doesn’t affect your life any way-“

“You really think that?” Bucky snaps, his grip tightening on you slightly. “You’ve got to be fucking dumb to think it doesn’t affect me.”

“Oh yeah?” you seethe, leaning into his face as anger courses through your body. “If I’m so dumb, then fucking explain it to me, asshole! Why do you care? Give me one good-“

“Because I love you!” Bucky cries, stepping away and throwing his hands in the air. They fall to his side with a thump, so much louder now that you’ve fallen silent in absolute shock. Softer, with a little, self-depreciating laugh, Bucky says, “God damn it, I fucking love you and it kills me when you do this. It makes me crazy, I can’t- I just want you to be ok and you won’t let yourself. Please, just- let me take care of you. Or someone, anyone, just stop doing this to yourself. If not for you, then for me.”

You can’t breathe, and not just because of the fractured rib. Bucky looks broken apart, standing there in his soft hoodie looking at you like you’re reaching into his chest and ripping his heart out with your bare hands. You want to tuck his hair behind his ear and hug him until he stops cracking apart, and you don’t know why you want those things so badly but you do. And he looks like he wants to do the same to you - the scariest feeling in the world is realising that, actually, you want that too.

“Say it again,” you say, and this time a few tears do fall before you can hold them back.

Bucky screws his face up in confusion and says, “What, you really want me to repeat all-“

“No, dumbass,” you say, rolling your eyes with a watery laugh. Now you can’t stop smiling as you ask, “Just the first bit - say it again.”

Bucky blinks, as if he can’t quite understand what you’re asking of him. But then he grins, big and lopsided and beautiful, and you never want to be responsible for taking that smile away from him again.

“I love you,” he says, stepping closer to you until your chests are bumping together every time you breathe. He cradles your cheek in his flesh hand and rubs his thumb along your jaw. He’s looking at you in that way that used to infuriate you, like you’re breakable - but now you get it, you get him. You’re just too precious for him to let shatter, no matter what it took.

He says again, leaning in to brush his nose against yours and breathe you in, “I love you.”

You sigh, closing your eyes at the feeling of him so close - his hand on your face, his breath on your lips, his metal hand sliding down to grip your hip and pull you close to him. You grin, and your lips catch against his. Just that little brush of contact sends sparks all the way down your spine, so much so you forget just how tired and sore you were a minute ago. This is all that matters now.

“I love you too, idiot,” you say, and not at all surprised to find that you mean it.

Bucky presses his lips to yours and it’s warmth and a calm, soothing light that numbs you all the way down to your toes. You tingle like when sunshine hits cold skin and it sparks you up for a second before settling into that comforting, all-over glow. All because he’s touching you, holding you, smiling against your mouth as you kiss and kiss until you can’t feel your lips, they’re so swollen.

“Let me put ice on your ribs and feed you grilled cheese,” Bucky mumbles against your mouth, between bruising, quick kisses.

You feel him grin before he’s even finished speaking, and you’re laughing before you remember how fucking much your ribs hurt and have to stop right away. But you can’t stop smiling, and it doesn’t feel like weakness when Bucky leads you back to his bed and makes you lie down and shut up while he fusses over you. It feels like love.


# gotta love how Flint lowers his gaze and looks away :) # as if his chest just got a little too tight suddenly :) # because he realizes that’s not what he wanted to hear :) 

Baby, New York City: Chapter Six (Biadore) - Boleyn

AN: Remember that time I said I would submit the next chapter soon and it took me over a week to get it to y'all? Lol whoops!! Anyway, this chapter has nearly 2k words of smut at the end as an apology! It’s the first time I’ve ever written smut so I’m sorry if it’s a bit rough (pun intended). I hope you enjoy this next installment! All my love always xx Boleyn

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some updates that no one asked for on my prom dress lol

i added sequins to the bottom and sowed all the tulle together so its /less/ messy, but still more messy then ideal. do any of y’all know of a way to weigh down tulle w out being very obvious?  

“Don’t you think this would be much easier if you would just open up and try and speak with her?” Liam questions him one day.

“Don’t you think this would be much easier if I could just kill her and be over with it?” Harry counters, fist at his cheek and pressing the skin up towards his eye.

Liam rolls his eyes at him, chewing on the end of a celery stick, “The bond runs both ways so you wouldn’t have a chance to make a fool of yourself, she’s already very fond of you.” He swivels in the stool he’s sat on, “Why’ve you not told Niall about this yet?”

Snorting, Harry snaps a celery stick of his own in half, “And be called a sap till the next millennium? I’ll pass.”


Harry is a demon and Y/N is cute 

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bts scenario | because i’m a man, i’ll hold your hand

Your visit to a haunted school building has your heart racing… but is that due to the possibility of seeing ghosts, or because of the extremely handsome boys you’re with? 

pairing: flirty BTS + you (What is this?? A reverse harem or something??)
genre: fluff, comedy… maybe?
word count: 3K

Originally posted by kths

It’s five seconds to midnight. You’d normally be tucked up in bed at this time of night, with your phone and a good Wi-Fi connection for company. Instead, you find yourself on an abandoned side of town, dressed in a tacky (and not very insulating) witch’s costume, in the company of seven excited boys.

“Apparently, this is the haunted school everyone’s been talking about,” Namjoon says, his breath coming out in clouds that mingle with the cool fog slithering around you.

You look up at the old building, with its boarded-up windows, and soot-stained walls. It’s the last place you’d want to enter on Halloween night. But the boys were rather insistent.

“Come on, Y/N. The night’s still young.”

“Yeah, you can’t go home just yet.”

“It’ll be so much fun.”

“You’ve got to!”

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nenoka  asked:

Hey Moosh! May I request a short fluffy drabble about Kari and Gladio's first kiss? 💕 Thank you!

Awwww, yes! Of course you may <3 This one’s actually Gladio and Kari’s first kiss, and it’s not romantic in the traditional sense xD It’s actually kind of silly, but it is what sparks their feelings towards each other :D

Tagging some pals: @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @hypaalicious, @lady-asuka, @cupnoodle-queen, @nifwrites, @nenoka, @the-lucian-archives, @rubyphilomela, @joioliviapolaroid, @alicemoonwonderland and @xalexanderxkozachenkox <3 :D

Spark (Gladio x Kari (OC) SFW)

An eighteen year old Gladio smirked down at a seventeen-year old Kari Leonis, standing up straight with his chest puffed out and his hands on his hips. Kari could only frown in response, averting her gaze as Ignis and Nyx stared on in horror at the two.

“Gladio… I don’t think-” Ignis began to try to remediate the whole situation before it became a big deal, only for Gladio to shoot him a subtle glare. Ignis shut his mouth immediately and shook his head slowly in defeat. Things were not going to end well that afternoon in the Crownsguard Training Room.

“No, I won fair and square. And both of you were here when she made the deal.” Gladio emphasised, a smug grin etched onto his full lips. Kari scowled at Gladio’s condescending tone and huffed, crossing her arms protectively around her stomach and mock-gagging.

“I was kidding, you big lug! I didn’t mean what I said! Besides, you have an unfair advantage over me- you’re the future king’s shield! I’m just a medicine woman!” Kari cried out in protest. Ignis stepped forward, ever the gentleman, and nodded- backing the young Leonis up.

“Indeed, Gladio. You mustn’t force a young lady into anything she doesn’t want-”

“Oh, she wants it bad though,” Nyx mused out loud, an amused smile on his face. Kari gasped, outraged as Gladio chuckled out loud. Ignis merely rolled his eyes and stepped away from Kari yet again, defeated once more.

“I do NOT!” Kari protested loudly, stomping her foot in an attempt to demonstrate her outrage. Gladio stepped forward and grabbed Kari’s arm to hold her still, his grip firm yet gentle.

“You know, it’s really weird…” Gladio began, his voice a soft rumble as he stared into Kari’s steel blue eyes. “I’d always thought it was the boy who was mean to the girl to get her attention, but it seems like here, the exact opposite’s happening-”

Kari shook her head in protest, trying to wriggle out of Gladio’s grip, though her movements became half-hearted as Gladio’s familiar scent wafted into her nose, soothing her almost instantly.

Still, she struggled to keep up appearances. She mentally noted the Gladio smelt like a summer campfire and floral-cinnamon scented deodorant.

“Let go of me!” Kari yelled.

“No, you said that if I could beat you in an arm wrestle, I could have a kiss!” Gladio yelled back, his voice rising but his grip still not too tight. Kari’s eyes began to water as she began to run out of options. She didn’t want to lose her first kiss ever to ‘asshole Gladio’.

Kari struggled for a few more moments before she shot a desperate glance at Ignis for some help. The bespectacled seventeen year old stepped forward, but Kari’s momentary lapse in judgment was enough to catch her off-guard.

Gladio’s lips pressed firmly against Kari’s, and her eyes widened in both fright and shock at the sudden contact. Ignis gasped in horror whilst Nyx smirked and clapped his hands together.

“About time, kids.” He grinned.

Kari pushed Gladio away, her face flushed and her heart beating wildly. There was something unexplainable happening within her chest and stomach- like a million butterflies had just spawned themselves in her insides. Gladio’s face fell at the impassive look on Kari’s face post-kiss.

He started feeling bad after having planted the rather innocent, yet forceful kiss, on Kari’s lips. A past lecture from his father, Clarus Amicitia, about how ‘no means no’ suddenly popped up in the forefront of Gladio’s mind and he gulped in fear.

“Kari… I’m sorry.” Gladio said, his voice gentle and soft- realising that he’d gone too far.

Kari could only nod- still reeling from the feeling of Gladio’s lips on hers. They had looked so rough… but feeling them against her own lips… Gladio’s lips were incredibly soft.

The kiss, though forced, was nice.

Kari surprised everyone when a small smile blossomed onto her face. She nodded resolutely to herself and then shrugged. “Okay- well that wasn’t too bad. Thanks Gladio. I can tell Papa that I had my first kiss with you today over dinner!” Kari chirped, her inner sense of evil popping out. Gladio’s amber eyes widened as Ignis groaned out loud knowingly.

“Shit, no Kari! Anything but that! Don’t tell Cor- he’ll rip my balls off and feed them to the dogs!” Gladio pleaded. Kari grinned and took a step towards Gladio, the gears in her head turning as she sized Gladio up critically before nodding.

“Alright… but I have one condition.” Kari stated seriously, her piercing gaze rendering Gladio terrified. She looked so much like Cor, it wasn’t funny.

“Yeah- what is it?”

Kari smirked. “You’ll be my personal slave for two whole weeks,”

Gladio narrowed his eyes immediately, about to launch into a protest, until he was interrupted by both Nyx and Ignis.

“I’d take her offer.” Nyx said simply.

Ignis nodded in agreement. “Self-preservation is key. You would be a fool to refuse such a generous offer.”

Gladio sighed miserably, nodding his assent as he frowned at a grinning Kari Leonis.

“Fine. I accept my punishment.”

Dear Nonnie, thank you so much for suggesting this. I had no idea how much I needed Rex posed like a shoujo protagonist in my life until I started drawing it. I think I giggled the entire time. :’D Pose ref here

pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: fluffy smut
wordcount: 1.2k
a/n:  min yoongi is incredible soft please don’t ever forget that aka i challenged myself to write one last drabble before this year ends and it turned into fluffy yoongi smut. please love that boy.

Originally posted by chimchams

Your movements are confined with the blanket tangled around your body and a pair of wiry arms holding you in place, but it does not matter. Not when Yoongis lips feel like honey against yours despite their rough and chapped edges, and his soft touch is drawing you in so well. It’s too hot and tight but you cannot bring yourself to care when he is all you want to feel.

Bony hands move from your hip and wander under your shirt, gracing your skin, lightly like he is scared that you will shatter under his touch if he doesn’t handle you with utmost care. He is moving further and further up until your shirt – borrowed from him and adorably big on you – is bunched around your chest, and you move up your arms for him to discard it. He struggles a bit, it’s hard to move with your close vicinity but he makes it work, and you fascinatedly watch him lazily trail his eyes over your bare chest, the same worship and love laced into the stare like the very first time he saw you bare in front of him.

He looks ethereal like this, the black hair that falls in to his eyes in stark contrast to his pale skin glowing in the light of the credits rolling over the laptop screen (sometime during the movie the sun had set, leaving it the only light source and dipping the room in an enchanting gleam.) And his charcoal eyes, lined with dark, curled lashes that accentuate the triangular shape of them, find yours.

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Au where Jean, Marco, Connie, Armin, Bertholdt, Reiner, and Eren go shopping. The song ‘I’m too sexy’ by Right Said Fred starts to play and they start to put on sunglasses doing the catwalk and sexy dances in every aisle because they’re all sexy dorks and they know they’re too sexy.