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I’ve been having a rough couple weeks health-wise and haven’t been in the greatest of moods. Imagine my surprise to see a package on my door yesterday, and discovering it was art from the incomparable CAT (@drawallthesorikus).

Thank you, awesome human. This cheered me up so much and now I have something to look at when I’m feeling up to writing. <3

suuuurya  asked:

I really love your formula sheets! Can you post closer up views? Thank youu

Sure! I’m currently taking Calc AB and I found the formula sheet for it online here. I made the trig one myself just for review. Here you go:

Hopefully they’re easy to read. Good luck with your studies! ^^


I got a new tablet and figured the best way to break it in was redrawing the first ever picture of Spirit! Looking at old art makes me shudder I remember when I drew him the first time I didn’t have a tablet at all so I had to draw it on paper then take a picture, then trace over it with my trackpad on my computer XD

I still have a lot to learn and work on, but it feels good seeing how much I’ve improved in just over a year!


more spoodles of my ocs for funsies.

alex and sophie going to some sort of gala and as per usual alex looks like a garbage bin at a thrift store threw up on him and not in the fun m*cklemore way. like really bro? purple argyle socks with your high water pants? attractive.

one of the ancient vampires that takes charge of the us eastern seaboard. she’s chinese, frighteningly ancient in so much that she has alluded to being there when writing was invented, and has a swarovski crystal manicure.

breaking news: idiot vampire yells at technology; this and more at 11.

holland, sophie’s estranged older brother, skinhead asshole and spook hunter. his speciality is killing vampires but he wont pass up the chance to kill anything else. no one knows where he’s been all these years.

sophie’s grandma. the supreme witch of the coven, she raised sophie from a baby and taught her everything she knows. she makes other spooks like vampires, werewolves, sirens, fae, ghosts, demons etc etc shake in their boots when shes around.


I’ve been wanting to get photos of the hawks that perch on the power lines on my way to work but until recently haven’t had a decent lens to do so. This time on my way home from work I was able to park close enough to one but not spook it. Unfortunately I learned that 1/250s is just too slow. Next time. Next time.

quick question to my fellow artist friends who use photoshop, what settings do you save your art with?? I’ve noticed lately that whenever I post my art anywhere that the picture is just the slightest bit blurry and it’s so annoying!! I need that Crisp Art !! ✨

anonymous asked:

Im loving the role reversal au. Please, please more of the role reversal. Thank you you blessed soul

“Zehahaha” A man laughs joyfully surround by his pirate crew. In his lap, Sabo grimaces briefly as pieces of cherry pie fly out of his mouth landing on him before his face clears. 

He raises a fork with a small smile, offering to feed the man he sits on. “Would you like some more….love?”

Blackbeard gives him a leer causing his skin to crawl. The older man says nothing but he does lean down and chomps on the food. Sabo has to fight every nerve in his body from stuffing the utensil into his throat and choke him with it.

It been eight weeks of his promotion from pensioner to captain’s little boy toy and honestly, he thinks it was better to be chained up in the dark. He was never out of Blackbeard’s eyesight.

He went everywhere that man went. The bombs strap to him were set to go off if he wandered too far away from the ship or more specifically away from the captain of the ship.

Sabo had spent a good six or so weeks getting reintroduce to food and getting back into shape. He was dressed with…alluring… clothing all in different shades of black. At first not looking too good on his skinny body but after a while fitting him almost skin tight, wrinkling over his muscles.

The clothes left nothing and everything to the imagination. 

Laffitte was right.

Blackbeard treated him like fine arm ornament. 

and Sabo despises it. 

When they went into any kind of town anything he wanted he got, even when he really really didn’t. If he so much as glanced to a store the Blackbeards ripped it apart for him to gift Sabo with the contents. Innocent people suffered because of him, so the blond learn to keep his gaze on his feet as he walked. 

These monsters were taking his freedom little by little adding habits to his routine and making him submissive to this fate. Sabo needed to get out of here.

The blond wasn’t allowed to do too much, guards always closely watching his every move making it hard to do anything. It put an awful dent in his escaping plans.

He couldn’t even gaze at the horizon for too long before he was ordered to return to Blackbeard’s side.

At least he knew where they were now. An hour away from an island called Banaro Island. Nowhere near a Reverulationary safe house sadly but maybe with a few more days, he could get some help.

“The pies always tastes better when you feed me.” Blackbeard grinned running one of his meaty hands on the blond’s cheek. He can’t force a flush but he can make his eyes soften- all he has to do is think of Marco’s gaze in the mornings after waking or when Ace laughs at his own jokes. 

He misses them…

Hell, he misses everyone. 

“Of course it does. I’m feeding you and I’m amazing.” Sabo chirps faking the pride from the praise he received with ease. Blackbeard’s lips quirk in amusement before he suddenly yanks the smaller man closer. 

Lips smash against him in a hard desperate matter. He screams in rage inside his mind but returns the gesture almost shyly. He realized early on that Blackbeard prefers him to act like he’s never been touch before. It’s a dangerous line he dances on.

On one hand, it makes sure his captor doesn’t get bored of him and turn him over to the marines but on the other he makes Blackbeard want him. Luckily he hasn’t forced the blond into anything past kissing yet, but Sabo can tell his patience was running thin. 

The asshole already ran his hands up and down his thighs whenever he sat in his lap and made the smaller male sleep on him during the nights. His hands gaze all of Sabo’s body during that time and he took extra long in the showers the next day because of it. 

“Land ho!” 

The yell makes the gross man grumble but he pulls back from the blond. Sabo takes a deep breath- sometimes the bastard doesn’t let him go up for air when making out- and he slides off of the man’s lap. 

Before he can go too far, a hand snakes around his waist pulling him into a large belly. Sabo hates how he automatically rest against it and snaps his eyes to his feet. 

Thank the Sea the civilians have evacuated. 

When the Blackbeards threaten to destroy the island they were smart enough to listen. Leaving everything behind the people ran out of the town following Blackbeard’s demand of giving him anything valuable.

Sabo is handed a bag, told to go to the houses and pick something pretty for himself. Burges as his guard this time follows close behind. The large man is one of his least favorite babysitters cause he loves to taunt the blond. 

“Why don’t you see if you can find some nice panties?” The large man mocks from where he is leaning on the house door. Sabo’s face scrunches up, but he refuses to answer.

He takes careful steps through the house. His vision is blurring a bit, and he’s wobbling again. As an extra precaution to make sure Sabo didn’t overpower his guards he is drugged.  When and how he wasn’t sure but every time Blackbeard leaves him, he starts to feel like shit.

Doc Q is always happy to try out his latest experiment on him. Lucky he isn’t vomiting this time, that’s an up side. 

He could beat these bastards easily, the only one that’s a problem is Blackbeard himself, but with his movement dulled and all his strength sapped out his body, Sabo will never be able to beat Burges.

Not before he is surrounded and killed.

Or worse.

The blond sighs, leaning onto a wall panting hard. He slides down when his legs start to give up. His dull blue eyes run over the living room he is in. It’s very homey. There is a couch, and two rocking chairs placed by a unlit fireplace.  

A small coffee table is placed in the middle of the room with a large bookcase pushed to one side.  Pictures of people he can’t make out are all over the walls and the smell of unfinished food drifts from somewhere in the house. 

Nothing really he wants is in the living room but he doesn’t have it in him to walk upstairs and see what else is there.

 If he doesn’t take something though, he worries what Blackbeard will do so he forces himself to get up. Burges laughs as he stumbles down, grunting as his forehead slams against the floor.

“Need help pretty boy?” 

Sabo shakes his head, but the room is spinning too much for him to focus.  Bile rises in his throat but luckily he keeps it down. Taking deep breaths he manages to push away the nausea.

Through sheer willpower, he gets up and wobbles to the bookcase. His hands land on the shelve a little harder than he intended, but it works to keep him up straight so he doesn’t care.

Burges stands behind him large shadow covering his body completely. A reminder, silent it may be. Sabo feels a haterd burn in his very soul but ignores the man as best he can. He squints trying to understand what is in front of him. 

He is reading the title of some books when suddenly the right wall explodes open. He spins around watching through half-lidded drugged eyes as a man covered in blue fire punches the wrestler square in the face. 

Burges screams large body sent flying but he can’t tell how far he went or if the Blackbeard pirate is down. In that moment the whole room starts to spin. 

Sabo’s vision is still too blurry more so than before. It takes him a minute to realize who is standing before him. The yellow of his hair and the blue of his eyes is the first thing he recognizes before relief crashes through his system.

The small blond falls as arms grab onto him. Someone is talking to him but he can’t understand the words. A blur of orange enters his eyes sight and- oh Ace is here too. 

They found him. 

He smiles in the direction he thinks Marco’s face is, whispering “I knew you would come for me.”

Then everything goes black as the drug runs its course. 

Unknown to the blond outside a horrible storm starts up and Blackbeard is struggling against a hooded man. Lightning flashes, lighting up a tattooed face as the figure says.

“You have something that belongs to me. I like my Chief of Staff back.”