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I’ve been having a rough couple weeks health-wise and haven’t been in the greatest of moods. Imagine my surprise to see a package on my door yesterday, and discovering it was art from the incomparable CAT (@drawallthesorikus).

Thank you, awesome human. This cheered me up so much and now I have something to look at when I’m feeling up to writing. <3

suuuurya  asked:

I really love your formula sheets! Can you post closer up views? Thank youu

Sure! I’m currently taking Calc AB and I found the formula sheet for it online here. I made the trig one myself just for review. Here you go:

Hopefully they’re easy to read. Good luck with your studies! ^^


more spoodles of my ocs for funsies.

alex and sophie going to some sort of gala and as per usual alex looks like a garbage bin at a thrift store threw up on him and not in the fun m*cklemore way. like really bro? purple argyle socks with your high water pants? attractive.

one of the ancient vampires that takes charge of the us eastern seaboard. she’s chinese, frighteningly ancient in so much that she has alluded to being there when writing was invented, and has a swarovski crystal manicure.

breaking news: idiot vampire yells at technology; this and more at 11.

holland, sophie’s estranged older brother, skinhead asshole and spook hunter. his speciality is killing vampires but he wont pass up the chance to kill anything else. no one knows where he’s been all these years.

sophie’s grandma. the supreme witch of the coven, she raised sophie from a baby and taught her everything she knows. she makes other spooks like vampires, werewolves, sirens, fae, ghosts, demons etc etc shake in their boots when shes around.


I’ve been wanting to get photos of the hawks that perch on the power lines on my way to work but until recently haven’t had a decent lens to do so. This time on my way home from work I was able to park close enough to one but not spook it. Unfortunately I learned that 1/250s is just too slow. Next time. Next time.

But his focus was on his reflection—and the question he now asked himself.
Caleb, what are you doing?
He hadn’t gone by that name in years, and he didn’t consider it relevant to the person he was now. Yet whenever Kanan stuck his neck out further than was comfortable, Caleb Dume
was usually the culprit. Caleb, the little Jedi cut off before his date with destiny, his career as a galaxy-saving superhero stunted. He couldn’t believe now that he’d ever been that person. That kid didn’t know what real life—or real fun—was like. That boy was a nobody, a never-was. An unwelcome squatter in the back of his grey matter. Whenever Kanan had an idea that Caleb Dume would have agreed with, it was usually better to stay inside and order a double.

Star Wars: A New Dawn

Petting zoo.

We went to the county fair today. Kiddo did better than I thought he would – the butterfly room freaked him out but he loved the rabbits and enjoyed the sheep and cows and the petting zoo – though I think maybe the highlight of his day was getting to go in the library bookmobile. It was a TRUCK. With STAIRS. Full of BOOKS. 

That’s my son, right there. 


‘cuz he won’t stop 'till he finds the perfect one.

Phew! Done for RinRei Week 2 Day 1: Food!

Gosh RinRei week came so unexpectedly for me I’m just happy I got this up on time.  Welp.

They Know

Prompt: Can you do a fic where Dan is deaf and his subscribers don’t know. One day he accidentally uses sign language on a live show and has no choice but to come clean about his disability?

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Deafness

POV: Third

Words: 2107

All my deaf fics can be found here (each is an independant oneshot)

A/n: This was a prompt but I accidentally deleted it without saving it so….I just went off the general jist (also sorry about the dodgey ending, I wasn’t sure what to do)

((I guess this is set pretty early in their YouTube carier since the chances of Dan hiding hearing aids from four million people is pretty low))

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Tap on the Window (Tim Drake x Reader)

here’s my update for today! I figured I should give you something until I finish at least one of my requests! I’ll also be updating a cute one with Dick!

You struggled to fall asleep tonight. After numerous tosses and turns, you stood up to go to the kitchen to fill a glass with some water to calm down your system. Passing your mother’s room, you quietly checked her; if her oxygen was alright, whether she was awake too or not, and if she was whether she needed anything.
   Apparently she was asleep, with a weak smile on her face, and you pet her hair with your fingers, sighing. Cancer was wearing her body and mind down. Doctors had said she wouldn’t make it until February but it was March already and she was still alive, which was surprisingly good for her condition. Then again, you knew she was about to die, and then you would be left alone in the world. You had discussed the possibility of being in an orphanage with a caseworker, as well with Tim and Bruce had subconsciously hinted that he’d be happy to adopt you as a ward once.
    As the flavorless liquid went down your throat, your mind wandered once again in your unfortunate evening. See, Tim had been insisting on taking you out tonight, because you needed to have some fun. Being seventeen and struggling to provide for you and your mother was damn hard. Thanks to your scholarship you had managed to go to school by day, but working five hours at least in the afternoon.
    Thankfully you had friends, that would often visit you when you were studying at 1pm, most of the times in their mighty costumes.
   But you had planned tonight to be great. You had been given the day off of work, your nonsense was willing to stay a couple more hours and you had gotten all dressed up waiting for Tim to come knocking on your door.
    But as time flew by, all your seventeen year old self esteem had abandoned you, even though your mother and her nurse had tried everything to cheer you up. Eventually they both stopped; your mother because she needed to sleep and her nurse because she had to give some advice.
   It was a pity though. Tim wanted you to go out so much and everyone believed you were already a couple, even when you’d shove the rumors away.
    You walked to your room once again, this time not checking on your mother. You laid on your small bed and looked out of the window right next to you bedside. You were assured Tim wouldn’t show up, not even in his Red Robin attire. But you wouldn’t let the incident get in your friendship. Tim shouldn’t know it bothered you because…
Because you felt something. It was still too blurry for a seventeen year old to see, and you were too busy, too sad to realise.
   Yet, you still couldn’t sleep, knowing the smallest of light that could happen in your life had actually kept you hanging on all night.
   That, until you felt the soft taps on the window.
   Slowly, your eyes opened and you let out a gasp by the sight of a dark figure outside your window, only the thick glass giving you the privilege of distance.
    Fear rushed through you at the though of being raped and dumped at the same night, by then again your apartment was on the fifth story and you knew only a certain squad of people who could climb their way to up here.
    “Go away Drake” you growled at him and covered yourself fully with the blankets.
    “Come on (y/n) open up!”
    With a sigh and the determination of not ruining your friendship over that you threw the blankets off and opened the window.
    Tim instantly burst in, making the smallest sounds, as to not wake up your mother.
“ I’m sorry” he whispered “I couldn’t make it and I’m sorry. We had that -” you shushed him. For some strange reason you don’t not want to see him explaining himself. And he smirked. Timothy Fucking Drake smirked as he grabbed your wrist and led you to of the window.
“What do you think you’re doing Tim?”
“Oh! Come on! Its like a starry night in Gotham! We cannot miss that (y/n)”
   Without second thought you nodded and climbed up the stair to the roof.
   “Lay down.” He said while he did as he had just suggested.
    “Ew Tim no. I’m clearly in my pijamas”
   “I don’t care…”
        You sighed again, knowing youd only do anything he asked you to.
   “I’m sorry once again” he confessed, like washing dirty blood away from his hands.
“Don’t be Tim. You were off saving our city.” He didn’t respond for a while as he admired the rare view of the stars. “That being said, my mom has to go to Star city for chemos, but I don’t see my self going there. I’ll have Macy with her.”
   Tim sighed again. The warmness of his gloves met your cold hand and he tangled it between his own, gloved fingers and put it on his chest.
   “You can stay at the manor for as long as you-”
“I can’t believe my mom will die Tim. It’s so unfair!” Your cracked voice spoke in frustration. But soon, you found the stars as enchanting as Tim had and the two of you engaged in small conversation.
  He had now taken his right hand from under your palm, guiding yours with his left one, over his heart.
‘shh’ ‘the starts’
    You didn’t hear anymore words, your system numbed any other sound and you focused on the steady beating of Tim’s heart. It was fast, but yours was faster upon the strange connection the both of you had created.
   And then, you took his hand and placed it so ever softly and hesitantly close to your left breast. It took Tim sometime, to finally be able to do what you had moments ago, but once he did the only thing that mattered was your heart. It was beating so fast, spreading an uncomfortable hotness withing you, turning your stomach into a comb and your thoughts unable to think anything else but Tim, right here, right now.
  At first, hesitation caused him to stay in his place, but he had to do something, it wasn’t like he had to kiss killer Crock, so where was the problem?
    It all was a blur. From the moment he hovered over you, supported his hands on his elbows and how he was so close, but he had kissed you, increasing the volume of the young, naïve fire within you.
  Crazy thoughts run through your mind; you’ve never kissed anyone before, were you kissing back? Whybwere your lips so dry and chapped, while his felt like a warm beautiful pillow. Why was your stomach such a comb and would your vomit make its way to him?
     And at the grossness of the thought you pushed him away. “Tim, I’m… I’m gonna throw up.”
   He stood back, amused, helping you straighten your torso.
   “Am I such a bad kisser?” He asked, bluntly.
    “I… Tim… you’d be the first to know if I had kissed anybody”
    He figured you were nervous, your body trembled, your eyes avoided his, your heart beat so fast that it could as well fly away from your chest, and you felt like throwing up. What else could it be?
   “But that won’t stop me from going again”
His face came close to your once again, and now your first thought was to instantly kiss back. Like in the movies. But your mouth, oh, your opened way too much and your button lip brush again his nose, and you swore you felt a tear slide down your face.
   ‘seriously (y/n)’ you thought.
“I’m sorry.” But Tim brushed it off, leaving small kisses on your lips.

    Almost an hour later, you were begging Tim to let you go to bed, and he finally unlocked your lips from his, saying he should go too.
    You reached your window, and stormed into you bed and Tim sat next to you and run his fingers through your hair.
  “Where does that live us?” He whispered
  “ Tim… I don’t know if I.. love you.. it’s too early- we’re too young for that but… I definitely feel something.”
    He affectionately kissed your forehead and you smiled at the feeling of his warm lips.
  “ Then (y/f/n) do you want to be my official girlfriend?”
    Your face turned into a big, happy smile, one he hadn’t seen for so long. You bit your lip and smiled again before you vigorously nodded your head, and his heart warmed up too.
   “I’d love to”
“See you at school”
  With one last peck on your lips he went away and you watched as he flew from rooftop to rooftop with his wings.
  ‘your angel’

**Bonus scene because well I had too…**

“Tim kissed (y/n)!” Dick yelled upon Tim’s arrival to the cave, causing the seventeen year old to blush.
    “What the fuck Dick? no! I didn’t”
   “I saw you”
   “Were you peeking at us?”
   “Ha! That’s my confirmation!”
     At the other side of the room Damian sighed and buried his head between his hands while rolling his eyes. Little did he know, his time would be coming soon too.