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Appreciation Aesthetics | Day 5 | Rarepair | Thoughts From the River Styx by @geek-fashionista | An Imposition  

She doesn’t hate him.

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When I was a child many moons ago we had this habit with my family that I really miss now that we live in different cities. Usually in the afternoons or whenever on the weekends my mom would go to her room with a book and read on her bed. At some point we’d pile on to the bed with my sister, she’d usually have a Donald Duck comic book with her and I would read books like the HP series. And we’d read in silence, just sprawled on the bed, limbs entangled, light kicking of siblings (ofc) and when there would be something funny in whatever we’d be reading we’d read it out loud to the others and have a giggle together. 

And I really love the idea of these kinds of semi-impromptu reading piles with the gangs. Like Wash reading a book he found in one of the storage rooms, while Caboose flicks through a comic book as Tucker browses his data pad casually tapping his feet against Cabooses shin and resting his head against Wash’s legs. 


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It’s been awhile, glorious sunshines, but I am returning to the tumblr-sphere! (And channeling my inner Leslie Knope :D ) I just got back from a rough week at a missions camp where I was in charge of a group of unruly 13 year olds and I am ready to JUMP BACK  INTO SOME CREATIVE GOODNESS!! 

For all you curious gophers, that mean FAN FIC IS COMING!! 

In order, I am working on: 

1. In Starling Green (sneak peek: DIGGLE!!!!!!) 

2. There’s A Machine Where My Heart Should Be (hint: flashbacks) 

3. The rest of them, because I think I’ve got a list somewhere and I’ll find it eventually (por exemplo: Wonder Woman/Rogue One AU - yes that is happening) 

7. And somewhere in the middle of that maybe a handful of PROMPTS to get me back into writing (so send those in) 

Yes, my stupendous swans, I am super hyper and excited about all this stuff. And no, brilliant boisterous bananas, I have not had an excess amount of sugar. I just started reading some AWESOME fic that got me SUPER EXCITED to get back  to writing in this truly talented pool of fans (to whom I may pale in comparison, but I am honored to see my work alongside theirs in any case). 

And on that note, some fic recs for my inquisitive iguanas: 

 1. Felicity Smoak and the City of Gold by @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline - HOLY HAND GRENADES BATMAN! I just finished reading the first three chapters of this fic and I am already in love. It is just SO AWESOME! I have no words. If you’re not reading this already, then click on the link because it is GORGEOUS! 

2. Safe Haven by @thatmasquedgirl - it’s an “oldie” but is seriously one of my fave AUs and THERE’S A PREQUEL OUT NOW THAT IS PURE GOLD! It’s wonderful and I could fall down this black hole any day. I don’t even know what it’s based off of but anything my Masque is FANTASTIC so just go read it! 

Thank you for sticking with my craziness, magnificent marigolds! I love you all! 

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*In Justin Beiber voice* Is It too late now to read Homestuck?



only ‘90s kids remember….

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My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

(Sorry if its hard to see some of the panels, there is NO way I’d post each one individually lol)


black sails + historical figures

{eta: please read this regarding anne bonny’s unverified date of death}


I saw that the reaper76 tag was lacking a BikerAU (or maybe I didn’t search well enough I dunno) and I was like: “WTF where is the BikerAU at?!?!” So having not seen any fanart of that I decided to make some practice drawings. Heavily used google images as reference xD There’s more sketches and even tiny pieces of fics I’m working on. I’m seriously in love with this AU. Also, go listen to Hands by Barns Courtney.

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