still to fat

no offense, but even if su’s art has been compromised due to its budget, that doesn’t excuse the quality of the actual lineart itself. even if we have a lack of shading, less intricate backgrounds, and lower quality animation than in previous seasons, we’re still perfectly capable of having a visibly fat greg, steven, amethyst, and rose, a lapis without a pompadour, and a peridot that actually has a goddamn torso. how exactly does a “tight budget” automatically equate to a funko-pop-esque garnet?

a “tight budget” can only explain so much until it’s replaced by sheer laziness/a lack of desire to give the animators decent models in the storyboards to work off of in producing the final product.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day (with David Tennant)

Jesus christ, Tumblr. Stop fat-shaming trans people and stop fat-shaming men.

If the only people you’re posting positivity for is baby-faced cis women, you’re not helping.

And if every time you bring up misogynists or homophobes or racists you depict them as fat, you’re part of the problem.


Step one of character design: don’t ever do research in public.

I'm sorry

for all the times I can’t think of a things to say
for when I talk too much about things you clearly don’t care about
for when I don’t put in the effort we both know I could
for when I make it worse
for responding too quickly
for singing too loudly
for laughing too obnoxiously
for letting myself get so fat
for being too clingy
for not understanding
for trying to understand
for bothering you when you’re busy
for over reacting
for being bad at everything
for messing everything up
for not being able to hold a conversation

I’m so infinitely sorry for being me

Every Lent I remind myself that in terms of restraint Catholics have probably the most soft-core fasts of at least the Abrahamic religions. Like damn I remember going to brunch with my Jewish bff during Passover. No BAGELS? at BRUNCH? That was true suffering right there; I can be a vegetarian once a week with no complaint.

Guys I am so confused about the player pieces.

Ali is dressed as Yellow Shirt Ali™.
Aria is pre Iceland, Pink Streaks Aria™
Emily is dressed as Swim Practice Emily™
And Spencer is dressed in her usual prissy, pre wine mom style.

So… like… it looks like they’re supposed to be dressed in their style from That Night, right?

Then how come Hanna is all wrong? That Night Hanna™ was still Fat Suit Hanna™. This is Shoplifter Hanna™

It’s like AD just dressed them all in their most iconic looks, which is pretty weird…? Like AD just has a personal favorite look for these girls?