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So imagine them trying to think of super hero names! So they would all be in Michael's basement and he would say "I have ice powers... And I like slushies, and they've got ice in them... So slushyman!" And everyone just stares at him. (Btw I'm basement anon!)

Chloe: I swear to god, Mell, I will make you wear a life size slushie cup costume as your outfit if you go with that name.

Michael: Slushyman it is then!

Everybody else: Michael nO.

Then Jeremy brings out a spray bottle and he just sprays Michael and he hisses

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[small nudge] if you're out of stuff to do i left you a reply on a requests post a couple days back asking for fic of Alex healing and growing after cutting Eliza out of her life ('cause of the emotional abuse). no pressure or anything i just. yeah. mother's day was last weekend and yesterday was the 1yr of me not talking to my own mother for the same reasons, and I doubt I'm the only person who's having Feelings about all this rn lmao. still think you're awesome btw.

She never recognized the pattern.

Never recognized the pattern, and J’onn waited patiently for her to figure it out on her own, not wanting to violate her privacy by sharing the insights he got by how damn loudly his Earth daughter thinks.

Because she thinks very loudly, on the mornings after her phone calls with Eliza.

She thinks very loudly, and her thinking is about how inadequate she is. How imperfect. How disappointing.

And she never recognized the pattern, but she would bruise her knuckles in training, and she would work the new DEO recruits harder, and she would work herself so hard she nearly vomited.

Always on the days that followed the nights she talked to her mother.

She never noticed the pattern, but Maggie does.

Maggie notices and Maggie cleans up the glass when Alex throws her bourbon at the opposite wall, and Maggie makes a note to bring up her drinking after they process this latest call with her mother, this latest fight, this latest abuse.

Maggie holds her when she sobs apologies and Maggie holds her when she begs forgiveness and Maggie knows that it’s not only Maggie she’s seeking forgiveness from.

It’s Eliza, yes, but it’s Kara, and it’s Jeremiah.

Because in Alex’s eyes – after she talks to Eliza, anyway – she reliably believes that she’s failed them both.

So Maggie holds her and Maggie gently refuses to make love to her even when Alex begs for it, begs hard and begs long; refuses because Alex has liquor on her breath and tears in her eyes, and Maggie won’t, ever, take advantage of that.

Even with Alex begging her to fuck away her inadequacy. To make her feel worthwhile. To make her feel good enough.

Maggie focuses on making her feel good enough in other ways. 

Whispered words and soft kisses all over her face, strong arms and gentle touches.

And when it’s morning and Alex wakes up with distant eyes and a vacant voice, Maggie asks her.

Asks her, in a small voice – terrified that Alex will be furious with her, will leave her, will think she’s accusing Alex of being a bad daughter, a bad person – if she’s ever considered cutting Eliza out of her life. At least for a little while.

Alex doesn’t yell and Alex doesn’t snap at her. She doesn’t reach for bourbon. Instead, she collapses back down onto the bed and she reaches for Maggie’s hand.

“But wouldn’t I be a terrible daughter if I did that? I mean, my mom, she’s not… she… she hugged me when I came out, Maggie, she… she’s so good to you, and she loves me, and she paid for college, and med school, and she loves me, she really does, she would be crushed if I stopped talking to her. Wouldn’t it be mean? Wouldn’t it just make things worse? I mean, I only get upset when we talk because I overreact and I’m oversensitive – ”

“Alex Danvers. You are not oversensitive and you don’t overreact to your mom. You respond to her. Rationally. It’s rational for you to feel like you have to be perfect – to hold yourself to impossible and unhealthy standards – because of everything she expects from you. You respond to her telling you that you’re not good enough, that everything that happens with Kara is your fault. Alex, your mom… you’re right. She probably loves you. Fine. But that doesn’t make her a great parent, or even a good one. Her loving you doesn’t make her good at loving you: it doesn’t make you two have a healthy relationship.”

“But I can’t just cut her off, Maggie. Then everything would be my fault.”

“No. Nothing would be your fault, Ally. You’d just be asserting what you need. You’d be doing what’s right for you. And you’d be setting a new standard for how your mom has to treat you.”

Alex bites the inside of her cheek and she thinks and she listens and she argues and she thinks some more.

She tells Eliza that she needs to take some time away from their relationship a couple of weeks later. Tells her that she doesn’t know how long it’s going to take, but to please leave their contact in her control. 

She stops training so hard she throws up right away; but at first, she doesn’t understand why.

It’s easier for her to stick to one beer, once in a while, socially, rather than half a bottle of bourbon, often, on her own; but at first, she doesn’t understand why.

She also doesn’t understand, at least not at first, why she stops – slowly, slowly – blaming herself when Kara has a bad day. She doesn’t stop caring, and she doesn’t stop trying to make her little sister feel better, but the pit in her stomach, gnawing, ripping, that Kara’s bad day – whatever the reason – is her fault, her fault, her fault, starts diminishing. She barely notices when it disappears almost completely, the healing is so gradual.

She surrounds herself with a little sister who adores her and a girlfriend who supports her and a father who is unfailingly proud of her and brothers who tease her but always, always, always love her.

She surrounds herself with affirmation and she surrounds herself with validation, and after a while, she realizes that she’s not waking up with such burning loathing for herself anymore.

It takes time – it takes years – but eventually, when she’s laying awake with Maggie sleeping in her arms, she realizes that she really loves the person she is.

It feels strange and it feels unfamiliar, but god, god, god, does it feel good.


Carmilla Appreciation Week

Day 5: Favorite BroTP
I mean, yeah I totally want more because, you know, you’re super smart and way tough and smokin’ hot, but, you know, I get it. You’re just not into me that way.

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May I have a kitty cuddle? I've had a bad week, my best friend is mad at me and I got into my second choice school but not my first...

Without saying a word she gives you a gentle smile, then reaches and grasps your hand lightly. 

“But of course, Doll, come with me.”

She blinked a moment at the pet name she called you, then muttered something about a silly dork that makes it so that she calls everyone that now.  But, giving your hand a gentle squeeze, she led you to a nice soft plush couch, and gestured with her free hand for you to sit down. 

“Here, rest for a bit, I’m sure the kitters will join you in a second. I however, am gonna go get you a warm drink, and you can bend my ear for awhile too. Okay?” 

She smiles, and slinks off to the kitchen, humming softly.

It didn’t take long for the Kitters to grow curious about you. Large eyes looked to you, as their ears turned ever so gently, listening to you. 

The first to approach was Regis, as he burble-mowed at you once softly, before hopping up onto your lap, and gently starts to knead. A moment later, another soft meow meets your ears as Prompto hops up next to you, his ears turning as he meows again, curious as to why you’re upset.

A loud rumbling purring meow happens next as Gladio gently rubs against your legs, before she slips back out of the kitchen, two warm mugs of cocoa in her hands. She smiled softly and chuckled. 

“I see they’ve begun without me…” she gently handed you one mug, then took a seat next to you, grunting as Dino hopped up on her lap, sporting a new shiny rhinestone collar that caused him to puff up his chest in pride, as he showed it off. She shook her head, and rubbed his ears. “You dork…”

Looking to you then, she smiled softly. “I’m so sorry to hear that it’s been a rough week, and that things didn’t go as well as you had planned.” she frowned a little, then sighed once more rubbing Dino’s ears, smiling softly as he almost fell over on her lap due to leaning into his ear rubs so much. 

Regis, on your lap however, didn’t want to share you with the other boys, and quickly moved up, to lean against your chest, his paws wrapping about your neck as his nose pressed gently against your cheek, causing him to snort into his purrs which caused her to giggle. 

“Well, he can’t reach your ear if you don’t hold him, so he’s doing the next best thing.” she smiled a bit more at you as you took him into your arms, chuckling as he began to purr into your ear. 

Reaching over, she gently placed her hand to your shoulder.

“You’re going to do amazing things regardless of where you go to school. Anger always ebbs, and bad weeks always get better. Specially when the kitters and I are always here to listen to you anytime.” she smiled a bit more as you looked to her. “That’s a promise.”

She rubbed your shoulder lightly, and watched as Nocits and Nyx took up spots on the couch behind you, purring softly, as if they were hoping their soft purrs would ease your worries. 

“Now, just sit back, relax, and let us comfort you for awhile, yeah?”

I hope this is kinda what you needed and wanted Anon-san. Much love, and many hugs, and kitter snuggles! ♥

That’s one thing about the apocalypse that’s gonna be rough: hair cuts.
—  white woman, in Boulder, at the Kitchen Next Door

healthy and self-confident is the new punk rock


You can’t be amazing and awesome and then compliment my art.

You have no idea what you’ve just done, capaow.

You have unlocked the worst thing in the world: my friendship.

Merry Christmas, dear! Here’s a drawing I made for you. I hope you have a wonderful day and a great New Year! (I still think you're the best meta writer out there. Keep on being awesome.)

This is incredibly sweet! Thanks a lot @coulson-in-the-tardis! Merry Christmas and an awesome 2016 to you as well. People like you make this world a better place. *hugs*

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I appreciate your response to occultek's ask, and for the record I still think you're awesome and am still happy to follow your blog. I do want to clarify that I never thought (and I doubt occultek thought) there's an equivalency in *making* the joke (and I trust you not to make a joke about something people didn't choose). The ironic parallels were in how you *reacted* to people finding it unfunny. First by mentioning your vegan friends and then by telling me I simply lacked a sense of humor.

I’m sorry I snarked at you. I could have avoided the entire thing, had I been clearer, I think. I’m also sorry people were jerks to you.

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Hi Brad. I think you're awesome, but lately you've been acting really conservative whenever any even slightly sexual topic comes up. Freaking out on Dan because of his face-off joke being a recent example. I'm not saying that you aren't allowed to have socially conservative opinions, but it's starting to become pretty annoying having them take up so much space in something that's presumably largely aimed at a liberal audience. Just some feedback, I still think you're awesome.

I’d strongly urge you not to make broad assumptions about people’s personal politics and beliefs based on nothing other than dumb podcast conversations.