still think this song is them to a t

EXO Reacts: Their Kid Not Being Able to Sleep Because Mom is Away


Jongin would probably fall asleep first before being woken up by his kid with complaints that they couldn’t sleep and that they missed their mom. He would try to comfort them the best he could, getting their favorite toy and piling all the blankets on the bed. He would be tempted to call you, but it was so late he didn’t think you would pick up right away. Manages to get his kid to sleep after three hours of cartoons.

“*the next day* Guys, I’m so tired.”


He would probably feel a little discouraged that he isn’t able to get his child to sleep, but it doesn’t stop him from still trying. He would do what he could to get them comfortable enough to be able to sleep, but as the night ticks on and he couldn’t think of any more songs to sing and there were no more books to be read, he would lie down in bed with them and end up face timing with you to bring them comfort.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s late, but they miss you~ And I do, too.”


Junmyeon would probably pout as much as his kid is; they both miss you, they both can’t sleep (even though Junmyeon’s reason for being awake is his kid), and it was too late in the night to do much of anything about it. He would spend hours walking around the room and singing to his child to get them to calm down enough to sleep before giving up.

“You know what used to knock you out when you were a baby? A car ride. Let’s go.”

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I don't know if you still want the song suggestions but Silhouette by Owl City is Bill and no one can tell me otherwise and The Joker by (I think) Steve Miller Band is something Richie would song to/about Eddie

i always want song suggestions, my friend (i’m just not posting any of them anymore since i’m getting a Lot of them)
and i sTRONGLY agree with you on this

Another “I am glad you’re happy but” things: Yes, I do dislike Arcann’s method of redemption because of Vaylin. Not the way people think, though. I see the little bits that they show of him struggling. It is not subtle. But he still got his hate washed away. It was even in the song. He had a Force ritual done to him until his eyes went blue.

Much as Vaylin had one until her eyes went yellow.

Anything they did right from that point is tainted by how it started. I just can’t unsee that enough to call it good.

I wanted him to be better, so I forgive them this. Without that unnecessary moment, it would have been ten times better, though.

Ok, moving on. Tried to do it earlier but that just kept bugging me.


hey baby,
you know it’s funny, even though i heard it so many times in the court case, i still can’t get used to the fact that your real name is miles. that’s a cool name though. i can think of a lot of great miles songs. but we still have to get through all those baby songs first. i can’t wait until the day when it’s just us, music and the road. see you later baby.
all my love,

Beauty and The Beast 2017

so I just saw batb for a second time today and thought I’d contribute my favourite things to the lists of favourite things!

•the intro is bloody beautiful. I love love love the live action films using the castles as the Disney castle •Dan fucking Stevens •BELLE
•"it’s never going to happen ladies" •'busy?’ ‘No…’ •"I’m not done with you" “Neither am I” •GASTON (the song but also just him) •all the songs •I feel like no one is talking about how good Kevin Kline was as Maurice!! •Forever can spare a minute •Lumiere and Cogsworth are so married •Lumiere being so loyal to Plumette, I am trAsh™ •maestro cadenza and madame garderobe are so in love I am gone •CHIP IS SO CUTE •d a y s i n t h e s u n •the beast hating Belles choice of books •then reading a romance bc she loves them •the BATH scene •LeFou being a loyal little bean •the drESS •the waltz//beauty and the beast song •"I suppose it’s foolish to think you could ever feel affection for a creature like me?“ “Maybe” THE SMILE HE HAS ON HIS FACE •e v e r m o r e still has me shook •the whole mob song and fight scenes were incredible inc LeFou’s line!! •I am not a beast •can I just say Luke Evans was perfectly cast. I mean they all were but he was p e r f e c t •you came back//at least I got to see you one last time •THE WHOLE ANTIQUES SCENE WERE SO SAD AND I WAS SO CONVINCED THAT CHIP WAS GONNA BREAK •all of the transformations •beauty and beast finale •everyone talks about it but THE GROWL •even the credits were gorgeous I am dead please please love this movie with me I can’t stop thinking about it
All Too Much

Just some lovely Dad Harry fluff!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for future oneshots, you can ask me HERE.

2035 words.

You were exhausted. You had literally never been this exhausted in your whole life. It had been exactly a month since you and Harry had brought your little girl home from the hospital, and since giving birth you were sure you’d only slept a couple of hours.

The first week had been the worst; trying to keep on top of cleaning and laundry while also breastfeeding and caring for a fussy baby had been incredibly difficult. You and Harry had done amazingly well all things considering, and once the first seven days rolled over, you found you’d managed to get into some sort of routine.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and Harry had been away since Saturday morning. A work trip had come up, and while Harry had initially refused, you had managed to convince him you would be okay by yourself for the two days. Reluctantly, he had agreed, and you’d felt so triumphant. This was your chance to prove to yourself that you really could handle this ‘mum’ thing.

Looking back now, you couldn’t believe you’d been so optimistic. Saturday had gone reasonably well until the sun went down. Things had quickly unraveled overnight. Your little one had refused to sleep, starting up with her incessant crying which ceased only when she was feeding. She would cluster feed; eating for a couple of minutes at a time over the period of a couple of hours, crying in between feeds. You had no idea what to do, and so you’d just suffered through it, soldiering on bravely, hoping things would change by morning.

While you had managed to get her down for a few fragmented hours of sleep, it wasn’t long before she was awake again, crying relentlessly. It was like she knew how panicked you were, and it unsettled her. The day had gone by painfully slowly, an endless haze of nappies, feeding, and tears from both you and her. Now, you were slumped against the side of her crib, shirtless, your breasts hanging forlornly from your nursing bra, your wriggling little one whimpering against your chest as you rocked her half-heartedly.

Warmth hit your hand and tears welled in your eyes. She’d pooed herself. Again. Minutes after you’d changed her. And what was even worse what that it seemed to have escaped her nappy and was threatening to move up her back, deeming yet another onesie dirty. You brought a shaky hand to your face, trying desperately to wipe away your fresh set of tears, willing yourself to stand so that you could change her once more.


Harry’s voice hit you, barely reaching your ears over the sound of your little one as she broke into fresh shrieks. You looked up at him, shaking your head, more tears spilling over your cheeks as your eyes met his. His brow furrowed, his eyes soft and sad as he looked at you.

“Oh… Sweetheart…” he murmured, moving to you. Gently, he took your screaming baby girl from you, nestling her against his chest. His hands and arms were big enough that he only needed one arm to support her, and his other arm slipped under your own, hooking around your waist.

“C’mon. Up yeh get.”

You used the last of your strength to help pull yourself up, your body heavy against him as you tried to stand. His lips found your temple, kissing you gently before meeting your eyes.

“Love, I need yeh ter go an’ have a shower f’me. M’kay? Can yeh do tha’?”

His voice was soft and familiar, and it made you instantly relax. You nodded numbly, pressing a blind kiss to his shoulder before stumbling towards the bathroom. You were like a zombie as you moved slowly around the bathroom, discarding the clothes you’d been wearing for much longer than you should’ve been and slipping under the hot water. You sighed as it hit your tense muscles, your eyes flickering shut as the warmth soothed you. You couldn’t remember the last shower you’d had completely by yourself, and it felt so good to be just in the presence of your own thoughts. You could barely keep yourself standing, and so you slid slowly down the slick tiles of the shower, leaning your head back against the shower wall.


“Love, what’s goin’ on in there? Are yeh- Oh.”

Harry’s sentences was cut short as his eyes found you, completely asleep, curled awkwardly in the corner of the shower. He sighed, biting his lip as he stripped off, stepping into the shower and crouching down in front of you. He cupped your cheeks and pressed a gentle, prolonged kiss to your damp forehead. Your eyes opened blearily, blinking heavily as Harry’s face came into focus.

“Oh… Oh shit! Oh, baby, I’m sorry… Did I fall asleep?”

Harry nodded, kissing your forehead again before resting his own against yours. You sighed, your hands finding his upper arms and rubbing back and forth over them a couple of times.


Harry smiled softly, pecking your lips.

“Don’t be. Yer exhausted. C’mon, lemme ge’yeh clean,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around your waist. You nodded, your arms finding his shoulders as he helped you up, guiding you back under the still-hot stream of the shower.

“Turn fer me love,” he instructed, his voice soft as it filled your ears. You turned slowly, endlessly grateful that he was taking control. Harry was always so soft and sweet and gentle with you, and while you always felt lucky to have him, it meant even more to you in this particular moment than it usually did. You heard him shuffling behind you and then the click open of your shampoo bottle. It wasn’t long before his hands were in your hair, lathering it up with your shampoo, fingers pressing gently against your scalp. Your moaned softly, body moving slightly with Harry’s movements. His touch felt so good, and you loved being taken care of like this.

Harry carried on with washing your hair, rinsing out your shampoo and then conditioning, rinsing that out as well. He tugged the shower head from its hook and you shivered at the momentary lack of heat before it hit you again. You sighed happily as Harry guided the shower head over your body, making sure to get every bit of your exposed skin before hooking it back up. His arms wrapped around your waist, his lips finding the top of your shoulder and your neck.

“Need ter ge’ out little one,” he mumbled against your skin, waiting patiently for you to response. You pulled your eyes open reluctantly, nodding slowly. His hands moved to your hips, supporting you as you stepped out of the shower, your own fingers wrapping around his wrists as you moved gingerly. Harry turned the shower off as you stood there, a little dazed, shivering and swaying slightly on the bath mat. He wrapped one of your big, fluffy towels around you before quickly dragging one over his own hair and torso, tying it loosely around his waist before turning his attention back to you.

“C’mon. Bed time.”

His hand pressed a little against the small of your back as he gently guided you back into your shared bedroom, hands finding your shoulders as he set you down on the edge of the bed. Your limbs felt all loose and floppy from being in the warm shower for so long, and you were once again struggling to keep your eyes open. It was then that you realized you couldn’t hear crying.

“She’s stopped,” you croaked, eyes finding Harry’s.

“Yeah. She’s sleeping,” he smiled, pressing a kiss to your jaw as he moved your towel over your body, drying you off.

“How?” you asked, your expression bewildered. Harry chuckled softly at your genuine disbelief.

“Gave her a little bath… Sang her a little song… Think she was jus’ feeling a little anxious,” he murmured, tugging one of his own t-shirts over your head.

You hummed in response, nodding a little.

“Foot up.”

Your hands found Harry’s shoulders as he crouched in front of you, and you raised one foot and then the other, Harry guiding on a pair of pyjama pants, pulled them gently up your legs.


You pulled yourself up slowly, hands still gripping Harry’s shoulders as he tugged the shorts up over your hips.

“Good girl.”

You grinned, blinking sleepily at him. His praise never failed to make your stomach flip a little. He smiled back at you, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips before helping you into bed. You sighed as you fell back against the pillows, nuzzling down against them as Harry pulled the duvet up over you, tucking you in.

“My little one. Sleepy girl.”

His lips found your forehead once more, his hand gently pushing back through your damp hair, stroking it softly.

“Close those eyes,” he whispered. You gladly obliged, your eyes finally falling closed after having been forced to stay open for so long. Sleep took you almost instantly, warm under the covers, Harry’s fingers never leaving your hair.


Plaintive little cries woke you from your slumber a mere hour after you’d fallen asleep, and you looked around blearily, quickly locating the source of the noise. Harry was cradling her close, bouncing a little, whispering to her as he moved around your bedroom.

“Hey you two,” you croaked, your voice still laced with sleep.

Harry’s eyes snapped to you immediately, forehead scrunching up as he realized you were awake.

“M’sorry love, think she’s hungry.”

“S’ok. Bring her here.”

Harry shuffled towards you, carefully transferring the whimpering little one into your arms. You smiled down at her, settling her in the crook of your arm, a finger stroking softly across her cheek.

“Hello baby… Oh… Hello little one. Hungry? Yeah?” you cooed, moving to pull up your t-shirt.

“Love… Shuffle forward a bit?”

You paused, looking up Harry a little confused, but you shuffled forward regardless. He climbed in carefully behind you, his legs slotting easily either side of you, settling back against the head board.

“Lemme help?”

His hand moved to cradle her head, and you followed his lead, lifting your t-shirt up above your breasts. You guided your nipple to her lips, Harry helping maneuver her head. Your mutual efforts paid off as she eagerly latched onto your nipple, immediately pulling milk into her mouth, a tiny hand flailing up and resting against your skin.

You dropped your head back against Harry’s shoulder, pressing your face in against his neck, your eyes closing again. You felt so safe and warm, knowing Harry had you, supporting you and your little girl while she so eagerly fed. This comfort had been what you’d been missing all weekend and it felt so good to have it back.

The next hour passed a bleary haze, your little one cluster feeding as you drifted in and out of sleep. Harry did most of the hard work, burping the baby between feeds, and then guiding her back onto your nipple. You relaxed completely against him, too tired to do anything else. There was no one else in the world that you would trust with this level of vulnerability.

Eventually, she was done feeding completely, and Harry held her against your chest, humming to her softly as she drifted asleep against you.

“She’s so beautiful,” you whispered, gazing down at her. Harry hummed in agreement, kissing the top of your shoulder a couple of times before carefully shuffling from behind you, moving in next to you.

“Wan’ me the take her? Y’can get some more sleep.”

You nodded, gently passing her back to Harry, careful not to wake her. Harry cradled her against his chest, shuffling down so he was lying on his back, his hand supporting her bottom as she slept peacefully against him. You moved in next to him, his arm opening, inviting you to snuggle in against.  Just as you were on the verge of sleep, Harry’s gentle voice filled your ears.

“Love my girls,” he whispered, kissing your head and then your little girls. And with that, you were out, warm and safe, snuggled up with your family.

File a dispute or reuplaod the video? That is the question.

After 4 years on YouTube it finally happened; a video of mine was blocked world wide.

FOX themselves have manually blocked my video ”Olet Puolisoni Nyt” because of the “Anastasia” footage featured in the video, which is the kind of crap that I though that only Studio Ghibli dealt with in the crossover and AMV community.  

And now I honestly don´t know what to do. The video does not break Fair Use laws when it comes to the visuals, but if I would file a dispute and FOX decides to fight me and counterattack then I can loose my whole channel.

So from that standpoint a reupload would not be too bad, except…

I would loose all of this… Dang it!! DX

Anyway, I got some thinking to do…

OBS: The video does not fall under the laws of Fair Use when it comes to the song (which is why my whole channel is non-profit), but as you can see above, the song owners are aware of me using their music and even earned money thanks to my video. But FOX on the other hand have no legal ground to stand on to stop music videos of this sort (still don´t know if I wanna fight them). I just cant understand why they did not monetize it like UMG did. Like, who says no to money??!?

EDIT: I’m 95% now sure that they blocked the video because of homophobia. Sure, they don´t say anything about the video where Anastasia is brutally killed, but the one where Dimitri is in a happy same-sex-relationship?! “TAKE IT DOWN!!” 

ugh. -_-


a small collection of mostly 80s/90s love songs for Richie/Eddie.

  1. Africa - Toto
  2. Shadows Of The Night - Pat Benatar
  3. You’re Still The One - Shania Twain
  4. Open Arms - Journey
  5. I Think We’re Alone Now - Tiffany
  6. I Can’t Help Myself - Four Tops
  7. Forever - Mariah Carey
  8. Saving All My Love for You - Whitney Houston

[listen HERE]


You Can Grow Your Own Way by Sharon
Via Flickr: 

© 2017 Sharon Boswall | No re-blogs to NSFW/18+ blogs please.  

Do you think maybe the title of the photo falls into the category of “misheard song lyrics”??  Susies are still very much in bloom and earlier in the season I took so many photos of them becoming the little susie-cuties they are.  Let’s face it though, some of them can look like downright creeps and weirdos before they get to where they are growing!! And yes, love, love, love Macy’s cover. Don’t you?

“I used to believe that you couldn’t possibly just be in love with one person. I believed feelings changed. I believed that if you tried to move on those feelings would subside too. Then I met someone, and even months after we broke up I was still madly in love. I couldn’t bring myself to stop caring or loving this person. No matter how hard I tried. I’d catch myself daydreaming about the times we spent together, the way they smiled, and oh that laugh. The way they made me feel like I had something to live for, that being alive wasn’t as bad as I once thought. I’d catch myself comparing things to them. The way someone would say a word, or that one song that made me think of them. Or when you’d try to talk to a friend the way you talked to them but you realized they wouldn’t get it like they did. I never believed you could love one person so much and be so madly in love with someone until I met them. Now I can’t picture my life without them. I can’t remember any of my past lovers for they have exceeded them all. I have never been truly in love so madly and deeply until now. And if you’ve ever felt this never let them go. Because I promise you won’t feel this way twice. It’s been months but I still love and miss you like it was just yesterday. ”


(Avengers x Reader): Boys

Song Fic - Boys (Charli XCX)

Summary: Reader is in the Avengers, and it’s going great, the only problem is that she’s constantly surrounded by the avengers which leads her to daydreaming about them…a lot.

A/N: So, I’m still so obsessed with this song (because it’s relatable af) and I’ve been mulling on the idea of writing this, but wasn’t quite sure how to execute it… until now. Also! This is the first time I’ve ever published smut, hence why it’s pretty bad.

I was busy thinkin’ ‘bout boys, boys, boys
Always busy dreamin’ 'bout boys, boys, boys (XCX)
Head is spinnin’ thinkin’ 'bout boys

You were starting to think you had a problem. It’s started off small, maybe you’d zone out during training for a few moments while staring at one of the guys absentmindedly. However, it slowly started to increase, you would get distracted by staring at Thor during missions, you’d had a more risque dream about Tony, and when Sam made dinner for the team one night, you’d spent an entire meal daydreaming about how he’d do the same thing for you if you were dating. It was getting bad. You were in way too deep and had no plans to get out.

I need that bad boy to do me right on a Friday

You decided to try to remedy the situation on your own. You figured a relaxing bath is what you needed. At least, that’s what you’d told yourself as you called it a night around eight o’clock on Friday and went back to your room to draw yourself a nice bubble bath.

You were enjoying yourself, taking a moment to destress and just get away from the rest of the team. Next thing you knew you were lying in bed with Bucky. More specifically, you were lying in bed with Bucky on top of you. His hands trailing down your sides and his mouth attacking your neck. You moaned a bit louder than you would like to admit as he sucked roughly on the crook of your neck.

His hands were trailing down your sides, eventually his hands anchored themselves on your hips. Eager to feel him inside of you you arched your back aiding Bucky in lifting up your hips, ever so slightly. Next thing you knew Buck was hilt-deep inside of you and you let out a deep groan.

You bodies seemed to move in sync, moving you both closer and closer to release before-

And I need that good one to wake me up on a Sunday

After the complete and utter failure of your bath you’d decided to just go to bed, and give up on doing anything about your…problem while awake.

You were woken up by the soft tickle of someone’s hands messing with your hair, gently brushing it back, behind your ear.

You slowly blinked your eyes open to see Steve looking back at you, a dreamy look on his face.

“Morning,” He greeted you, his voice still laced with that husky, just woke up, raspiness.
“Good morning,” You replied with a slight moan as you stretched in an attempt to wake yourself up a bit more.

“How did you sleep?” He asks, gently rubbing the pads of his fingers over your jawline.

“Good, how about you?” You reply.

“Amazingly, thanks to you,” He replies, “Hey (Y/N)?”

“Mhmm?” You hummed.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), Wake up,”

You sat upright in bed, startled by how you’d been awoken from your dream, “Wha-” You started as you looked over at your doorway to see Steve standing there, very much so not in your bed.

“We’re having a briefing in 10, sorry, I didn’t realize you were still asleep,” He says before walking away. Leaving you to sit in bed and piece together that you had a dream about Steve which was almost as embarrassing as him waking you up from a dream he was in.

That one from work can come over on Monday night

You got dressed quickly, just throwing on some jeans and a sweatshirt before heading to the conference room that you had all of your briefings in. Almost everyone else was already sitting down when you got there so you just grabbed the closest open seat, meaning that you were sitting next to Bruce.

You smiled at him a bit sheepishly as you sat down, you weren’t late, but you still felt bad about essentially being the last one there.

“I overslept,” You tell him quietly, deciding that you might as well tell someone your excuse.

“Don’t worry, Tony’s not here yet, and he’s supposed to be leading the briefing, I’m sure you’re fine.” He replies, giving you a comforting smile.

You nod just as Tony comes galavanting into the room.

“Alright, so Fury wants me to cover a million and one things today, so I’m going to talk through it as quickly as possible so you can ask me any questions, but it’s also all in your briefing packets.” He rattles off, waiting for everyone to nod their heads before jumping head first into all of the information you’ve got to cover.

As you start to flip through your packet, trying to keep up with everything Tony says you can’t help but let your eyes wander over to Bruce.

You can’t help but let your eyes trace the contours of his face, down to his neck, and then into his shirt. And you don’t mean to completely zone out for the entirety of the briefing, meaning that you didn’t learn a single thing so you were probably going to die during the next mission if you don’t go read all of the information on your own time.

I want 'em all, I want 'em all
And when they finally leave me, I’m all alone but
I’m lookin’ down and my girls are blowing’ my phone up
Them twenty questions, they askin’ me where I’m at
Didn’t hit 'em back

As everyone started filing out of the conference room you got up as quickly as possible, trying to get out of there in case anyone had noticed that you hadn’t been paying attention in any way, shape, or form.

But before you could get back to your room you could hear Wanda and Natasha calling your name.

You sighed but turned around, “What’s up?” You ask as they make their way over to you.

“Where’ve you been?” Natasha asks, in her probing yet slightly endearing way.

“Yeah, you’ve been completely cut off the past few days, what’s up?” Wanda asks

“Oh, I’ve just been busy, taking care of some stuff, don’t worry about it.” You reply dismissively, “And I actually have some more to do…I’ll catch up with you guys later though,” You add before making your way to your room as quickly as possible.

Once you’re back in your room you breathe a sigh of relief before flopping back down on your bed.

I’m sorry that I missed your party
I wish I had a better excuse like
I had to trash the hotel lobby

Once you’d finally calmed down enough you figured that you might as well bite the bullet and just go find Natasha and Wanda and get them to help you figure out what to do about this situation you’d found yourself in.

You slowly emerged from your room and slowly made your way down the hall to Wanda’s room, knowing that the two of them were probably in there.

“Can we talk about something?” You ask from the doorway as you watch Wanda and Natasha practice some of the new moves that Natasha’s been teaching the two of you.

“(Y/N)!” Wanda calls gleefully when she looks up to see you standing there, “Of course, what’s up? What have you been so busy with?” She asks as you all move to sit down.

“Well…I’ve…God, this is so embarrassing to admit,” You mutter.

“What is it? Why have you been missing out on all of our stuff?” Natasha asks.

“Well, I wish it was because of something cool, but the truth is…I’ve just been getting really distracted by… all of the guys on the team.” YOu admit.

“Really?” Wanda asks, trying not to laugh.

You burry your face in your hands, “God it’s so embarrassing.” You mutter.

“(Y/N),” Natasha calls out, causing you to snap your head back up, “There’s a very simple solution to your problem. You just need to find a guy and fuck him.” She says, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“How am I going to manage that?” You groan.

“Honey, it’s not that hard,” Natasha replies with a smirk, “I’ve got a plan.”

I was busy thinkin’ 'bout boys, boys, boys

Story Time: Juice Gawdess Chronicles

Sooooo earlier this month, my friend added me to this group chat and in the chat, me along with my friend are known as the Juice Gawdesses because EVERYWHERE we go, we get niggas. Never fails. We could be looking like bums and niggas would still come up to us. A blessing and a curse.

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Anyways, if you follow me on Snap, you’ve noticed that thanks to them, I’ve been going out more. One of the things we do is Karaoke Mondays. Since I started going, I’ve noticed this one guy who’s been trying talk to me but he was always nervous. The first time he saw me, he walked up to me and told me that I will make a good wife someday and that was it. Didn’t think nothing much of it it but thanked him and went to perform my song. Y’all know I’m not use to this attention and I like to be low key soooooo lower your voice.

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I don’t know what got into him last night, but he decided to come from the other side of the bar to stand behind me for 10 minutes. I was looking at my guy friends for help but these niggas were distracted. I was plotting my escape like:

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So after he built up his confidence, he walks up to me and bluntly asks me on a date. When I turned him down, this nigga had the audacity to rant about how he deserved a date because he was being a gentleman and being respectful. WHY DO NIGGAS DO THIS EVERY TIME? Just take your L and lemme alone.

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I ended up giving him my Google number just to get him out of my face, only for his phone to die. So of course his ass had to put his number in my phone and call it…. I was so irritated for the rest of the night and I’m not going back for the rest of the year because I’m not entertaining the hood niggas of Durham.

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Camila Cabello Opens Up About Life After Fifth Harmony

To say the past few months have been totally cray for our March/April cover star, Camila Cabello, would be the understatement of the year. Last December, she publicly parted ways with Fifth Harmony and her solo career is already skyrocketing with the ridiculously catchy #1 hit single, “Bad Things” with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

In her cover interview, she opened up to Seventeen’s Deputy Beauty Director Marta Topran, about leaving the group, her new music, boys, and so much more! Here’s what she had to say:

1. She’s revealing a lot with her new sound…

“Fifth Harmony wasn’t the maximum expression of me individually. My fans are really going to know me from the music I’m writing. My goal is to be brave and open up my soul.”

2. …But she wishes nothing but the best for the 5H ladies

“I’ll continue to wish them all the best, and I’m happy they are continuing their journey as Fifth Harmony. I’m also looking forward to hearing new music from the group and their solo endeavors.”

3. She’s still super close with T. Swift…

“Taylor is always the person that I go to for boy advice. The reason we became friends was purely because we think the same way about a lot of things: We’re both really sensitive and emotional when it comes to love. We love love, and we love writing songs about love." 

4. …But she’s dreaming of a collab with Ed Sheeran

"He’s incredible at putting love, emotion, and feeling into words. I would love to see him go into a room and watch how he makes his magic. He always talks about how he loves making songs from the heart, and that’s something that I’ve pushed myself to do in my songwriting process, too.”

5. She’s so over social media…

“I’ve been trying to stay away from social media for almost two years now. There has always been negative stuff on there. Even if you read 100 messages of love, the hurtful one is what you remember. But I did see a lot of love and support from my fans. Honestly, I didn’t expect it. I was so emotional at that point, that when I saw some really encouraging things people were saying, I burst into an ugly cry.”

6. …And she’s ready to find real love IRL

“Even though I’m 19, I’ve literally never had a long-term relationship. So when I show people my songs, they’re like, ‘Who’s this about? I’ve never seen you with a boy ever.’ I make all of these fantasies in my head. There’s this constant theme of unrequited love and me loving people from afar.”


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Hi I have a request (might be weirdly specific idk sorry) about (separate) Hanzo, Genji, and McCree’s s/o who used to be a star singer & actor during school but in one performance their voice went really rough and hoarse and they were traumatized and quit. A few years later, s/o hides that they can sing but one day thinks they are alone in the house and starts singing out loud and then their boy walks in and is amazed at their talent and begs them to sing more but s/o is embarrassed - fluff

It’s not too specific at all! I had so much fun with this one and I can totally relate to it!

I’m gonna add the songs I heard reader singing in my head. They are not ‘canon’ so-to-speak, just what my head conjured up and I thought it would be cool to add. These head canons still stand even if you don’t look at the songs I added!

Hanzo (here’s the song I imagined reader singing, which is actually a song I added in one of my fics for reader x Hanzo so this is a bit of self-indulgence)

  • When he first heard you singing he assumed you had turned on the radio while you were baking
  • Didn’t pay it any mind at first
  • Then it stopped suddenly when the singing voice dropped and he heard you laugh nervously and the song pick back up again
  • Wait..that’s not the radio
  • He tactfully climbs down off the roof where he was meditating and quietly sneaks in through the open window
  • He leans against it casually and even he doesn’t realize the look he’s giving you is…very gentle
  • Highkey thinks your voice is very soothing and pleasant to listen to
  • “You have a wonderful voice, my love.”
  • And then you screamed…and dropped the spoon you were holding
  • Why was your face so red? 
  • “Oh, Hanzo! I didn’t know you were home.”
  • “I’ve been on the roof, meditating.” he gives you an incredulous look
  • Of course. That’s where he was when you couldn’t find him 90% of the time. Why hadn’t you thought to look there??
  • He quickly realizes that you’re embarrassed so he plays it cool and sits in the middle of the living room, with his back to you
  • “If it is not too much trouble. Would you mind continuing? It was helping my concentration.”
  • Well…he’s not looking at you..and not even really paying you hesitantly start up again
  • Since his back is to you you don’t see the little smile on his face as he hears you start singing again
  • Will sometimes ask you to sing to him when he can’t sleep

Genji (here’s the song I imagined reader singing, yes, it’s because of that video floating around tumblr :P)

  • Will 100% burst into song with you
  • Scaring the absolute shit out of you at the same time
  • Boy can’t carry a tune in a bucket
  • Undeterred he’ll sweep you up into his arms for a fast-paced dance
  • Where the fuck did he learn how to swing???
  • The way he’s acting you’re pretty sure he doesn’t see how nervous you are
  • But he does
  • He just wants to show you there’s nothing to be embarrassed about
  • Dramatically tosses his faceplate onto the nearest surface and strikes a pose
  • Sings to you specifically like you’re in some kind of musical
  • Pulling faces and dropping kisses on your lips/forehead/cheeks when you’re least expecting it
  • You literally can’t hold in your laughter
  • Even though your cheeks are red he keeps dipping you and spinning you
  • “Stop, Genji! I’m getting dizzy!” you manage through giggles
  • “Nope, sorry, you see, I’ve got the rhythm in me…and it’s contagious!”
  • That’s such a bad line
  • But it makes you laugh harder 
  • Which is his goal
  • Ends the song on a dip, smothering you in kisses
  • “Never in my life thought I’d find me a dame like you.” he says, imitating the speech pattern from old movies he’s seen
  • Now every time you sing in the shower he’s gonna join in, even from like 3 rooms away
  • You’re not so worried about hiccups in your singing anymore.

McCree (here’s the song I imagined reader singing, look me in the eyes and tell me this doesn’t sound very Jesse.)

  • The way you’re gonna find out he’s there is because this fucker pulled out a guitar and started playing along with your voice
  • Who gave him the right???
  • Why is he so ungodly good at wooing people???
  • You’re so thrown off by the fact that he’s playing for you that you forget to be embarrassed
  • And he gives you a grin that could literally rival the sun in its beauty and brightness
  • Will start singing with you and keep going if you stop.
  • Even if he doesn’t know the words
  • Will make up words
  • Also pulls pouty, cute faces while he performs
  • Probably gonna jump up on the couch or coffee table if it can hold him
  • Shaking his hips/ass in time with the music
  • Basically his goal is to distract you from being afraid to join in
  • Will clap for you once the song is over
  • “Sorry for stealin’ your show there, darlin’, just couldn’t help myself.”
  • Will slyly ask for an encore
  • Seeing your hesitant face will offer to teach you guitar if you teach him how to sing so well
  • And now you’re beet red
  • But he’s so encouraging that you find yourself nodding
  • He’ll never push you to sing, but will always remind you that no matter what you think you sound like, as long as you’re having fun that’s all that matters
My Kind of Woman (Kylo Ren x plus size reader)

Warnings: I think like one curse word

AN: this is probably doing to be a multi part series. This is based off of the song My Kind of Woman by Mac DeMarco. So each part will probably be like based off one of the lyrics.  Also I know it wasn’t requested and I still have some requests to fulfill, but don’t worry i will be writing them soon. Hope you enjoy😊

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Oh baby, oh man
You’re making my crazy, really driving me mad

You were not someone to be reckoned with in the first order. You were strong, powerful and confident. Which scared most of the other officers and workers at the first order.

But to Kylo god you were perfect. Kylo would think about nothing else but you sometimes. He couldn’t help it. He just couldn’t get enough. There was something in you that made him feel alive again.

The problem was he wasn’t able to say at least two full sentences to you. Your exchanges were quite quick and simple. He really tried to talk to you. But whenever he had enough courage to walk up and talk to you, the minute he would look into your eyes, he wouldn’t be able to talk. Leading to you roll your eyes and walk away.

Which leads you to today, you had been looking out at the viewport, when Kylo saw you. He hide behind one of the hallways across from it. He admired your beauty and shape.

“Kylo I know your there.” He heard you say. He poked his head outside the hallway he was watching you. You laughed but you tried to cover it with a cough. You couldn’t possibly fall for your commander. Love makes you weak if you were in love you would be weak. But that was the most beautiful thing Kylo has ever heard.

“Hello y/n.” You nodded your head.

“Why are you watching me?” You aggressively questioned.

“I wasn’t watching you.” He answered probably way too fast. You almost let out a smile but quickly rolled your eyes.

You then turned back to the viewing window looking out. Kylo continued to look at you. “See there you go again creepily watching me.”

“I’m sorry, you’re just-you’re just-”

“I’m just what Kylo?” You said giving him a glare. He then started to push your body into the window. He didn’t stop until your back was flat against it, and your bodies were almost touching.

“You’re beautiful.” He breathed. You looked up into his eyes, which were already looking at look. Kylo then closed the space in between you both and placed his lips aggressively on yours. You let out a gasp as he did so. Your mouths continued to kiss in sync.

Kylo placed one hand on your waist and the other one on your cheek. As he did so you pulled back from the kiss. He smiled at you and as he did you slapped him across the cheek. Causing him to take a few steps back.

“Don’t ever fucking touch me again.” You gritted through your teeth and quickly stomped away from him. He held the spot where you slapped him with his hand. He then turned to watch you walk away. He was in shock but also awe of you.

God were you his kind of woman.

- 5 a.m. -

Pairing: Alex/reader

Warning: fluff, lots of fluff

Notes: The events in this one shot are about two years after the reader and Alex get together in my fanfiction ‘Great Expectations’. There’s a lot of fluff here, and please let me know what you think about it in the comments. Kisses!! 

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‘What are you thinking about? I asked him.

We were sitting on the balcony, with our coffees in front of us. It was 5 a.m. and the sun was about to rise.

I could see he was lost in his thoughts. His eyes were wide open, fixated on his hand that was playing with the handle of his cup. Regardless of what he’s doing on the outside, he bit his lip. I think he was completely unaware of what kind of desire he wakes up in me with that little gesture of his.

‘I’m thinking about how crazy I am that I listened to you. You woke me up to watch the sunrise with you, and I, the idiot that I am, wanted to grant your wish, so here I am. I’m also thinking about your obsession with sunrises. Why do you like them so much? In my opinion, sunsets are more beautiful.’ He paused to take a sip of his coffee. ‘But, I realize I can’t be mad at you. Do you know why?’ He looked up at me now.’ Because you look magical with that messy bush of hair on your head and my t-shirt on you. I think it’s not fair that my shirts look better on you than they do on me.’ I just smiled at that, because I knew how much he loved when I wore his clothes.

After his words met the cold air of the morning, we just kept looking at each other in silence. I was analyzing his face features, even though I knew them like all the words of my favorite song. It’s been a long time since we got together, but I still didn’t get bored of him. I hope I never will.

One angle of his mouth moved up in that smirk of his that I loved so much.

‘What are you thinking about Y/n?’ He said.

I gave him a questioning look while saying: ‘I’m not thinking about anything.’

‘Bullshit.’ he said.’You’re always thinking, and you’re always lost in your thoughts. You just learned to live in two worlds at the same time.’

I was shocked. Not because he was right. It’s not that what caught me of guard. The truth is that he was always right, but I would never admit that to him. I was surprised that he actually knew me so well. I didn’t know he payed that much attention.

I let out a deep breath.

‘I’m thinking about how I made us a good coffee. I’m thinking about how I love it’s taste. You know, its bitterness reminds me of reality. It’s strong and harsh, but I still like the taste it leaves in my mouth. On the other hand its smell gives me that warm feeling you get when it’s Christmas, and you’re sitting next to the fire, covered with your favorite blanket, while it’s raining outside. It’s weird that such a small thing like that brings me so much comfort.’ I made a small pause.

‘I’m also thinking about how I love sleeping in your t-shirts. They are more comfortable than any nightgown I have ever worn. I realize that it not because of the material that I like it so much. It’s because they are yours, and because they smell like you. And just so you know, I will always steal your t-shirts from you, especially when you don’t want me to do that.’ I couldn’t help the chuckle that left my mouth.

‘Also, I’m thinking about how you have been patiently listening to me the whole time. You haven’t interrupted me once, and the worse thing is that you take me seriously. You know that I’m insane Alex, and that this proves you’re just as insane as I am? Don’t laugh at me!! You know I’m right!! Also, I realize that that’s the reason why I-’

I stopped myself there, because I knew he wasn’t a big fan of love confessions. I knew he didn’t mind getting them from me, but still, I didn’t want to do that. That’s why my words stumbled on my tongue and fell on the edges of my lips, never meeting the freshness of the morning air. But he could feel their heaviness. He always could.

That’s why he just gave me a loving smile. And that’s why he put his hand on top of mine, squeezing it slightly.

‘I know honey. I know.’

He took another sip of his coffee. ‘And you’re not insane Y/n, you’re just smart. Smart people always think and always doubt. But you never had second thoughts about me, and that’s why I love you.’

I searched for something in his eyes because I still didn’t want to believe in what he was saying. But there was nothing except warmness.

I didn’t say anything in response, I just turned my head towards the small lights behind the hill that were hinting that the sun will be out soon.

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If BTS were to perform at the BBMAs, what song do you think they'd perform?

  • 1st Guess: BS&T and Not Today/Fire/Dope (The classic combo)
  • 2rd Guess: A mash up of their best songs (The gonna ruin us combo)
  • Bonus: Some dance break + songs (The gonna ruin America combo) 

But we still don’t know if they will perform though. I just hope that a lot of ARMYs will attend and cheer for them like beultorone. We must protect these dorks you know…

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SHINee reacts: Their s/o fangirling over them

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^Found this gif and I had to share it

Note: These reactions turned out meh.. :(

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  • Lee Jinki\Onew

Would be really embarrassed by their behavior but would be secretly happy that his special someone loves his work.  Probably would look for his s/o after every performance hoping that they managed to come. If they hadn’t found time to appear, he would be a bit disappointed.

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  • Kim Jonghyun

This sweetheart would join them on their fangirling. Watching live performances would become a common occurrence for them. What’s a better way to end a day than complementing Minho and Taem’s moves, Kibum’s looks and Onew’s voice? Complementing Jonghyun’s talent. Jjong’s partner would have to put him on the top or he would be hurt.

Originally posted by painkiipain

  • Kim Kibum\Key

“Of course, you love me. I mean I’m out of this world.” Kibum’s reaction would be pretty chill. I mean this guy knows how amazing he’s. There’s no other option for his s/o than to love everything he does. He wouldn’t be able to stop teasing them and showing off his wide vocal range (death on the spot).

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  • Choi Minho

Minho would try teaching his special someone dance moves to some songs so they could dance together. Also would make sure that his s/o has a closet full of merch. I think that seeing them in SHINee’s T-shirt would be a big turn on for him. Whenever they have performance he would give all of himself into some more sexual moves, because he knows that they would be watching.

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  • Lee Taemin

He would get really shy whenever his s/o would complement his performance. If he would ever be asked to dance for them, he would decline at first but then do it. Still he would bring his s/o to dance practices if they would want to and ask about his songs whenever a new one would come out.

Okay so, just finished watching Stray Kids first episode, surprisingly enough my Korean is not as rusty as I thought it was lmao

This is the first survival program I watch, I never do it because they stress me out a lot and the only reason I’m doing it this time is because they’re not going to compete against each other (although eliminations are still possible but I believe that won’t be the case, specially after the release of Hellevator)

As far as I understood, Bang Chan was the one to actually make the group, not the company, which is really freaking cool in my opinion and it’s a pretty unique concept; I also like the fact that a lot of the team members are producers and there’s no doubt both Hellevator and the song for the showcase had such personal vibes to them, I think this will be a great image fot the group; the choreographies are also really good and in general they seem like a really solid group. (Of course they would still have to polish other idol abilities like variety skills and all that, one can never stop getting better).

Overall, the team members are all extremely cute. Felix is constantly lost and that’s just so relatable lmao. Chan is such a meme, no one can deny that. Changbin seems like the protective type to me, there was something about him that caught my attention in the way he reacted to JYP’s words and also when he lost his mic when rehearsing, in curious about what other faces he’ll show us.

Woojin’s voice was really beautiful when playing the guitar, but him forgetting the lyrica totally got me into a laughing fit. I feel like Minho was almost as lost as Felix, and I can’t believe he actually has bundles of clothes like he’s going to escape home some time soon. Hyunjin’s reaction to everyone cheering for him was downright adorable, I have to agree that he’s such a visual.

I feel like Jisung, Seungmin and Jeongin didn’t have much time to shine in this episode but I’m sure we’ll see more of them in the future. The three of them are extremely cute btw what is life.

I feel like this program is going to stress me out a lot, but I feel like we can all agree the first mission was a success since Hellevator was indeed released. In any case, only time will tell.

Stray Kids, fighting!

P.S.: Motion to change Stray Kids to Messy Kids like seriously, someone save them(?)

I just gotta say that B.A.P’s new mini album Rose is just So Good! All three songs are must for my playlist and I’m seriously thinking of buying it.

Their latest NOIR was like The Best album of the year. All of the songs could’ve been title tracks and they just deserve much more love. They are so talented, holy damn. And I dont even hardcore stan them and they still slay me. What is this.