still think i like the allison one the best of the 3

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*incoherent screaming* You opened prompts! Sterek: Not yet together sterek. The idea is a bath and Stiles how did you get that there?!? Thank you.

Taking Sterek Prompts | Filling Prompts Live


“Are you going to get in?” Stiles asked, peeling out of his last shirt, his words a little slurry around the edges. “In a- a- a-” He paused, trying rather unsuccessfully to shake his hand free of his sleeve. He started laughing uncontrollably and collapsed to the floor to work on his shoes. “The water, are you?”

“No,” Derek groused, pointedly not looking when Stiles flopped onto his back and began to shimmy out of his soaked pants. Black slime coated almost every square inch of the floor. “This is your bath, not mine.”

“Mine,” Stiles echoed, now just lying on the floor in a puddle of black, his pale skin coated head to foot in the gunk. “This is not my house.”

“Yes,” Derek agreed, as patiently as he could, checking the water’s temperature before turning off the tap. It had to be extra hot to affect the stuff. “This is the clinic.”

Deaton had explained that even minimal contact with the ichorous substance gave a contact high. Stiles had been practically drenched in the stuff when they had killed it. Luckily it was not deadly or even toxic- which was the problem. Someone had been keeping the creature as a pet, drawing out the fluid and selling it, and it had escaped three days ago to wreak havoc.

Very, very unfortunately, Derek had drawn the short straw for ensuring Stiles got cleaned up and came down from the high safely. Isaac, Boyd, and Erica were taking care of disposal of the body while Scott and Allison swung by Allison’s house to return weapons and report to her father. Deaton had been kind enough - or perhaps had enough self preservation - to give Derek the key to the clinic so he could get Stiles washed up away from his father’s questions.

“Come on,” Derek said gently, slipping from the edge of the tub to crouch at Stiles’ side. It was, he reflected, a very good thing that werewolves were not susceptible to the substance’s effects. “You gotta get cleaned up.” The effects wouldn’t wear off until every drop of the ichor was gone.

Stiles lifted his head, looking all the way down his lean form. “Oh, no, no that’s too far,” he told Derek, head falling back with an audible clunk he was probably going to feel in a few hours. “Wow, this is the best floor ever. Do you think I could take it home with me?”

“No,” Derek said with a sigh. Looked like this was going to have to be the hard way. He shifted, kneeling beside Stiles, and grabbed at his wrists to haul him up.

Despite that they slipped and slid a bit, Derek managed to get a very naked Stiles upright and across the three feet to the tub. For a second Stiles stood very still, holding tightly onto the edge of it like he was going to resist going in. Then he tipped forward and faceplanted directly into the basin so quickly Derek had to scramble to keep him from drowning.

“Hoooooo!!!!” Stiles shouted the second his mouth was above the surface, water sluicing away the ichor clinging to his skin. “It’s hot, Derek! This is really hot, why is it so hot? Oh my god, I’m melting!” He started grabbing at the black liquid coming off his skin.

Closing his eyes, Derek counted to three. Then five. Then ten, for good measure, and when he opened them again, Stiles had fallen very, very still and was staring wide eyed into the middle distance. It was not exactly an improvement, but at least he’d stopped thrashing, slopping water and ichor all over the floor and flinging it onto the walls and- and was that- on the ceiling?

“Stiles, how did you- you know what, nevermind,” Derek grumbled, reaching for the spray nozzle.

This setup was supposed to be for cleaning dogs, but it would work just as well for ornery, tripping humans. He began to run the spray over Stiles’ hair, watching the black give way to brown. When the tub had filled completely, Derek pulled the plug and let it drain. Diluted like this with water, it wouldn’t hurt the general populace; at worst, they’d all have a really good day soon.

Stiles’ eyes slid closed, and he relaxed into the gentle touches Derek used to turn him this way and that, to get at the last of the ichor still clinging to strange places like inside of his ears and between his fingers and- well, at least Stiles was unlikely to remember any of this very well tomorrow.

By the time he had gotten the last of it, Stiles had turned to putty in his hands, making a soft, pleasant humming noise that might have been purring on a cat. Derek swallowed hard, trying to keep it together. He still needed to get Stiles someplace to wait out the high, and get this place cleaned up so no one else would be affected.

Difficult to think of anything beyond the way Stiles pressed himself into Derek’s touches. “Feels good,” Stiles murmured, unwilling or unable to keep his eyes open. “You should touch me more.”

“Tomorrow,” Derek mumbled back, prodding Stiles to his feet. The floor was still covered in ichor, so Derek just leaned over and scooped a completely unresisting Stiles into his arms. Immediately, Stiles looped his own arms around Derek’s neck and burrowed his nose against Derek’s shoulder. “If you still want me to touch you tomorrow, I will.”

“Okay,” Stiles agreed muzzily.

He wouldn’t remember. No one else had. Still…

He allowed himself a small smile, and a measure of hope. Stiles had never been one for following the rules, after all.

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Can we get some 'foxes have a vine' action I think that would be hilarious

what do people even do on vine i don’t know i just threw every meme i could think of at this

  • wymack starts a vine account with the thought that six second videos of the foxes’ highlights sounds like a wonderful idea
  • but after spending a couple of hours just trying to get one winning shot online he thinks maybe he shouldn’t be the one to run it
  • he gives the login to dan with strict instructions, though he agrees they can upload things that aren’t just game footage
  • and she runs it sensibly for a few weeks
  • winning shots, good throws in practice, fans in the stadium doing the wave, the band playing their fight song, grinning Foxes shouting “GO FOXES!”
  • but as expected
  • it doesn’t last very long
  • after a tipsy night, dan gives the login information to the other foxes

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July’s Featured Game: SLARPG

DEVELOPER(S): Bobby “ponett” Schroeder
GENRE: RPG, Fantasy
SUMMARY: SLARPG is a short, turn-based RPG following the story of Melody Amaranth, a kindhearted but meek transgender fox who’s decided to learn healing magic and become a paladin. She’s joined by her adventurous girlfriend Allison, as well as their friends Claire (a sarcastic, rule-bending witch)(she is also trans) and Jodie (a dependable, somewhat motherly knight). Over the course of the story, our inexperienced heroes will meddle with forces beyond their control and find themselves responsible for the fate of their quaint little hometown. They’ll also fight some spherical frogs, travel to a forgotten land in the sky, befriend a robot or two, and anger the local librarian. But that should go without saying. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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FBI Agent Stiles Masterlist

In honor of the new season of tw, but more importantly seeing Stiles in that fbi vest, here is a list of fics featuring fbi agent stiles (word count descending) 

this is a long post and will be under a read more, sorry mobile users if it doesn’t work!

happy reading <3

I know that you love me, even when I lose my head by LunaCanisLupus_22 (13/13 | 135,305 | NC17)

“We’re not mates, Cora,” he insists. “I mean look at him-“

“Ouch,” the kid says, no longer pushing that shit eating grin.

“He’s- he’s,” Derek tries, at a loss of how to explain why this can’t be possible. Why it shouldn’t be possible.

Or the one where Derek gets attacked by hunters, ends up with amnesia and forgets Stiles is his mate

Blue Moon by AsexualDerek (Cammerel) (24/24 | 113,049 | NC17)

After Agent Hale’s partner is killed, he gets landed with a young, nubile agent that doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and stop asking questions about things that aren’t his business to know.

Part 1 of You Be Mulder and I’ll Be Scully

Hale of a Clue by Farscapegeek (1/1 | 21,525 | PG13)

Stiles isn’t sure how long he stands there mouth agape at the man in front of him but he is sure it was far longer than what was polite. But he can’t help admiring the man’s jaw line, and scruff, and the way he fills out the suit.

“Are you coming in or would you prefer to objectify me on the porch all night?” A gruff, but not unpleasantly so, voice calls out.

Flailing a bit Stiles moved towards the man, wondering is he the butler, doorman, or host of this party. All he knows is he is wishfully thinking this guy isn’t totally straight. “Are you the butler?” he blurts out, then cringes. Way to make a first impression, Stiles.

The man’s impressive eyebrows narrow into a scowl. “Yes. I’m Wadsworth. The coat rack is there.” Wadsworth turns and visibly winces as his shoe squelches.

“Aren’t you supposed to do that for me? You do work here right?” Stiles asks as he shrugs off his jacket.

“No, I just like to trespass in creepy houses on hills in the rain and open doors for people that drive death traps.” Wadsworth says, as he blows out a deep breath and points Stiles towards the coat rack.

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The Mistake (Part 3) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One With The Wedding In Beacon Hills”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Melissa McCall, Noah Stilinski, Chris Argent, Lydia Martin & Reader

Author’s Note: There may or may not be a few pictures of Dylan from the LA American Assassin premiere in this. I imagine that all of the groomsmen wore three piece suits, and Scott wore the same color and pattern, just no vest. ANYWAY… anyway… um…. y/f/c is your favorite color, I’m not trying to tell you what color or style dress you look good in.  Also, go read Between Us, by @fillthevoid-stilinski. Without her and without that fic, this ish would not exist.

Songs: The links will be on the song titles throughout the story as well. In order as they play: Doris Troy. Etta James. Haley Reinhart. Don’t have to listen but I don’t know, Etta James’ really adds to the moment…

Summary: Stiles and Y/n continue their charade at Scott and Allison’s wedding, but find that they are both quickly having trouble keeping their respective feelings hidden from one another, and everyone else.

Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Epilogue

Originally posted by dylanobrien

You spent all of Friday running around town with either the wedding planner, Allison, or one of the other bridesmaids, so you had managed to avoid Stiles all day and you were relieved. Between the fake relationship and the real marriage, you were at the end of your emotional tether. Denying your feelings for Stiles was becoming harder and harder each time you laid your eyes on his handsome, wonderful, stupid fucking face. You glanced down at your phone in your lap, as the hairdresser curled your hair into an updo behind you.

Biles Bilinski: How’s it going over there?

You: fine.

Biles Bilinski: Giz

Biles Bilinski: You have got to stop being pissed at me.

Biles Bilinski: I didn’t do anything and I miss you.

You sighed heavily at the last three words on your screen.

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I’m Nothing Without Her- Part 2 - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Word Count: 1.098

Warnings: Cussing

Author’s Note: Not proof read. Ignore any grammar errors, ha.

My Teen Wolf Master List

Originally posted by onlyateendreamerdiary

[Part 1] [Part 3]

The ball flew at full speed towards Liam. Before he could catch the ball with his lacrosse stick, Y/N ran towards him. She aimed low before standing up straight and flipped him over her shoulder. Liam let out a loud groan when his back hit the hard ground.

“Nice job, Little McCall!” Coach Finstock yelled across the field before he blew the whistle, signaling the end of practice. “Hit the showers! Your stench is making my eyes watery!”

A couple of guys jogged towards the locker rooms, while others grabbed a quick drink from the table filled with water bottles. Scott rushed to Liam’s side, who was still struggling to sit up. Y/N removed her helmet as she walked right pass them without so much as glancing at them.

“Y/N, what the hell?” Scott hissed. “You could have hurt him.”

“We both know he’ll be perfectly fine,” she said over her shoulder as she kept on waking towards the girls’ locker room.

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Nine to Five (Part 5)

Pairing: Father!Stiles x Reader

A/n: The response to this story has been so heartwarming and amazing; thank you all so much for supporting this. I love hearing the feedback, and I am trying to get the parts out quicker but sometimes life gets in the way!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Originally posted by wydobrien

“But.. but hold on,” Allison chuckled, holding her cramping stomach in her hands, “Remember that time Stiles thought Jackson’s jacket was Scott’s and put whipped cream in the sleeve. I thought you were going to be killed that day.” The crowd surrounding the round outdoors table fell into a fit of laughter remembering the time they all shared together in High School.

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Heyyy! Love your blog, I've read possibly every fic under the "accidental relationship" and "pining" tags and was wondering if you could update one of them? much love to you people

I did the pining update yesterday and here’s the accidental relationship one. - Anastasia

Originally posted by edigarledezma

Diamond Side Down by hazelandglasz

(1/1 I 659 I Not Rated I Allydia)

Prompt 24- Accidental marriage

put a ring on it. by doctorkaitlyn

(1/1 I 1,120 I General I Sterek)

Stiles wakes up with a mouthful of dirt.

Werewolves + Alcohol = Married? by audrey1nd, RsCreighton

(1/1 I 1,260 I Teen I Stiles/Isaac)

What do you do when you wake up in bed next to your least favorite wolf and find that you got married the night before at your best friend’s bachelor party?

On the Other Shore by Strangeredlantern, Vague_Shadows

(1/? I 1,765 I General I Isaac/Stiles)

Stiles and Isaac have started building a life together with Eloise, but they still have a lot to work through.  

That’s What I Get For Waking Up In Vegas by dontletyourheartdistractyou

(1/1 I 2,821 I Mature I Erica/Malia/Allison/Lydia)

“This is so much like the Katy Perry song,” she groaned, throwing a hand over her forehead.

“Really?” Derek asked. “I was thinking of the Ashton Kutcher movie.”

(In which Erica Reyes accidentally marries four people while vacationing in 9Vegas.)

Turn a Little Faster by skoosiepants

(1/1 I 3,207 I Teen I Sterek)

He shifts back and forth on his feet and tries to psych himself up. He can do this. He’s a badass werewolf, he can totally tell Stiles that they accidentally got werewolf married because—because Stiles was thinking about him, and happened to give him a token of his, uh, affection under the silvery light of the last full moon. Platonic affection, Derek thinks sourly, so he doesn’t get why his wolf feels all warm and fuzzy and bonded all of a sudden.

Honestly, it’s like—why aren’t people accidentally getting werewolf married all the time, if it happens this easily?

Bacon Is The Answer To All Life’s Problems by eeyore9990

(1/1 I 3,322 I Teen I Sterek)

After the election results come in, Stiles uses his long weekend to go visit Derek in Nevada because running away from all of life’s problems sounds like the best of all possible choices. Shenanigans ensue.

Sealed with a Kiss by Inell

(1/1 I 3,628 I Explicit I Stackson)

The fairies seem to like to Stiles, and, unfortunately, the only other person they’ll even let around him is Jackson Whittemore, who he totally doesn’t have feelings for at all. Nope. Not at all.

And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis

(1/1 I 7,155 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

The Valentines Thing and Other Fiascoes by Pandaabeer

(6/7 I 8,705 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek has recently succeeded in a lot of things. He has a job, he has a place with electricity and heck he even has netflix. What he has never succeeded at and probably never will is relationships. He’s a sad sack when it comes to love. This Valentines is nothing new.


The sequel to Valentines Strike no one wanted.

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale by moonstalker24

(5/5 I 9,383 I General I Steter)

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”

Best Men by zcinmalik

(1/1 I 11,422 I Mature I Boyd/Scott)

Boyd, in a moment of startling clarity, finally feels the unnatural weight of the gold band adorning his ring finger.

To Form a More Perfect Union by WritersAreLiars

(3/? I 11,503 I Mature I Deucalion/Stiles)

Stiles never expected that helping an injured dog would result in him living out the plot of one of his novels. Now he’s accidentally married himself to the alpha of the esteemed Blackwood pack and hoping that Deucalion isn’t too good to be real.

The Hangover by van_helsa124

(13/13 I 15,826 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles and the pack visit Vegas to blow off some steam, only to wake up with no memory of the night before. After interrogating Peter for information they quickly realise that: Boyd is missing, a rival pack has declared a blood feud, hunters are on their trail …and, oh yeah, Derek and Stiles are married.

Steel Blue: A Fractured Fairy Tale by FiccinDylan

(15/15 I 29,251 I Explicit I Sterek)

The real reason Stiles and Derek stopped sleeping with each other was because Stiles was the first to break the feelings dam. For Derek, love and sex were placed in two separate compartments, but for Stiles, love was 9chocolate and sex was peanut butter, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were always his favorite candy.

He knew he’d fall head over heels in love with the wolf and he did. And he didn’t know if he could handle Derek not feeling the same way. So instead he agreed with Derek to remove chocolate, and add in the jelly of sarcasm and ribbing banter and jerking off alone.

It sucked.

But Stiles respected Derek and valued his friendship over everything else., he’d do anything for the wolf.

Oh, and he also just found out that he might have a twin brother that’s a porn star for Neckz&Throatz, but oddly… that’s the sidebar in this tale.

Fools Rush In by origamifrogs

(3/3 I 30,673 I Explicit I Sterek)

“Stiles wakes up in his hotel bed in Las Vegas, sticky eyes blinking open to the sight of a stranger sleeping beside him.

A stranger who is male.

And naked.

Stiles promptly falls out of bed.”

Or, the one where Stiles and Derek get drunk in Las Vegas, accidentally get married, go on a road trip, and find love along the way.

UST (An Unfortunate Series of Tropes) by ureshiiichigo

(20/20 I 54,259 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles and Derek sitting in a tree, M-A-R-R-I-E-D.

Wait, what?

Or: Stiles thought he and Derek were finally getting to be bros, and then Deaton had to go and ruin everything with his stupid spell.

We Prefer Good Love to Gold by i_am_girlfriday

(9/9 I 63,371 I Explicit I Sterek)

This week on Millionaire Matchmaker: Supernatural Edition - Derek Hale, a thirty-year-old millionaire venture capitalist and beta werewolf, finally gives into his sisters’ pressures to start dating again and reluctantly agrees to use the services of a supernatural matchmaker. Stiles Stilinski, at age twenty-five, just sold his start-up to Google for undisclosed millions, and ends up on a reality dating show when his true alpha best friend tries to help him get over his broken heart.


The last thing anyone expects is for the two eligible bachelors to fall in love with each other behind the scenes.

The Purloined Letter by DarkAthena (seraphim_grace)

(34/34 I 83,123 I Explicit I Sterek)

Kate Argent learns that Peter Hale has a letter, the contents of which, if known, would ruin her, and decides the best place to find it would be the hunting party arranged for the Whittemore-Martin engagement celebrations, but there are some issues with her plan, Peter has brought his nephew, the house is full of omega meaning everyone is watching everyone else, Lydia is not as happy with the engagement as her mother casting her eyes on someone else, her niece, who she’s meant to be chaperoning has eyes for a penniless Scottish Lord, and she’s not even sure that Peter brought the letter with him.

How do you sleep? // Theo Raeken x Reader


Originally posted by couplenotes

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count : 760- ish

Summary : you get stuck with Theo at a Motel California room.

note : Let’s pretend Theo is in season 3 and motel California and plays lacrosse. I’m Theo Trash. 

Warning : very fluffy

not my gif. hope you like it! 



You walk in the room, Theo followed closely.  You were best friends with Lydia and Allison but they were better friends so they decided to bunk together, you got stuck with Theo since you got into the pack very recently too. You were very sceptical about him but still treated him like a friend. You were a banshee like Lydia but with stronger powers but you couldn’t control them, at all. Not even a bit. You were working on it.

You put your phone down on the side table, you just wanted to get out of your tight jeans, you cussed at yourself saying ‘shouldn’t have worn these just because my butt looked good’ you think to yourself and tug at the belt loop pacing around the room.

“You look comfortable” Theo comments putting his bag on the side of the room. You roll your eyes, “thanks” you reply sarcastically. you kept pacing, right when you turn around to face him, you are hit in the face with something soft, cloth, you pull it off your face, it was his jersey. You smile a little at him, almost saying thank you through gestures.

You quickly change into it, it almost fitted you like a dress so you weren’t uncomfortable. He was already lay on the bed with legs crossed at the ankles and his hands under the back of his head. He was in his sweat pants, only. He looked handsome, very handsome. You shrug off all the thoughts that might result in you jumping on him and get on the bed.

“Looks good on you” he compliments and you die a little on the inside. “Thanks” you mutter, you had never seen him from this ‘I-want-to-jump-you’ perspective. you sit on the bed mimicking his actions. “So, I had a question” you start looking up at the ceiling.

“How do you sleep?”

He looks at you completely confused, “I close my eyes and try to relax?” he says which almost came out like a question. He didn’t understand what you meant.

“I mean, do you sleep like a starfish, like take up the whole bed? Do you drool, oh do you snore? If you snore I swear I’ll push you off this bed” you say everything that comes to mind. He shakes his head, “I won’t interrupt your beauty sleep if that’s what you’re asking” he says looking over. You smile sheepishly, “Neither will I” you say to him, you look around, you weren’t that sleepy. “Stay on your side okay?” You say, sorta warn, but you weren’t sure if you were warning him or telling yourself to stay on your side.  

He chuckled “Sure” and slowly turned around to the other side, facing away from you. You immediately said “No, no” and pull his arm to turn his face to your face. “I don’t like that” you say vaguely.

“Don’t like what? Me getting comfortable?” he asks raising an eyebrow and turning on his side to face you.

“I don’t like it when people sleep with their backs to my face” you say and he was completely lost.

“That makes no sense, whatsoever” he says obviously wanting more info on the issue.

“If they turn on you when you’re sleeping, they will turn on you when you’re awake” you state.

“You’re an irrational weirdo” he says and grins while shaking his head, he was amused.  “It just makes me uncomfortable” you say hugging yourself after pulling the flimsy blanket cloth over you.  His jersey smelled like his cologne which was heavenly. You close your eyes and slowly try to drift into sleep.

You couldn’t sleep on your back, neither could he. You were completely restless. He groaned. “(Y/N) what are you doing?” he asked. “I can’t sleep” you complain. He quietly puts his hand on your waist and flips you to your side, facing away from him. “No. No” You refuse. “I don’t mind you ‘turning your back’ on me, sweetheart” he says.

Even after flipping you, his hands don’t go back where they belong. The jersey wasn’t that thick so you could feel his hands as if they were almost on your skin. He gently pulls your back into his chest. You could feel his breath on the back of your neck. His breathing pattern relaxed you into sleep. “Now stop complaining and sleep” he says firmly.

“I guess it doesn’t apply to cuddling” you mutter and he chuckles. “Sleep (y/n)” he says again smiling, you could hear it. You nod and drift to sleep.

The Mistake (Prologue) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One With The Pact”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Allison Argent & Reader

Author’s Note: A few weeks ago, @fillthevoid-stilinski and I were talking about her series, Between Us, which is an excellent Scott/fake relationship mini, and she was like, you know what I want to read? A Stiles/fake relationship fic, and I want you to write it. Seeing as her big TWO-OH is coming up on October 18th, and I also worship the ground she walks on, I obliged her. This is my birthday gift to my Posey, the other half of Eat, and one third of the Puppy Pack, and just my all-around across the pond soulmate. I hope you all enjoy this fake relationship, Stiles mini series. 

Thanks: huge thanks to @ellie-bee242 for helping me finally come up with the idea of how this fic was going to go. I literally would never have come up with this without her.

Series Summary: When Stiles Stilinski and Y/n Y/L/N were sixteen years old, they made a pact: if in twenty years, they were both still single and their friends had all gotten married, they would marry each other. At twenty-six, a turn of events and a wedding, change their entire lives.

Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Epilogue

Originally posted by dylanobrienaddicted26

“I still feel bad for Isaac and Kira though.” You said, sitting on the counter in Stiles’ kitchen, eating an apple, while he stared at his open fridge. 

Stiles closed the door halfway so that he could look at you on the other side of it. “Are you telling me you were rooting for anyone but Scott and Allison ending up together?” He rolled his eyes and went back to searching for something to munch on.

“Of course not, they’re our best friends, and they’re sickeningly cute together, and she loves him so much, I wanted them to get back together. I just feel bad for, well, Isaac mostly. Kira and Scott were never that serious, but Isaac seemed pretty into Al.”

Stiles closed the door, not having found anything, and stared up at you, crunching your way through the granny smith apple in your hand. “Yea, well, maybe if he stopped wearing those fucking scarves when it’s the middle of May, he would get the girl.” You smirked and rolled your eyes at your best friend, not indulging his irrational hatred of Isaac’s scarves with a reply. “Did you just roll your eyes at me?” Your smirk grew into a smug grin, which you broke when you took another bite from the piece of fruit, and then shrugged. “Oh, well then, I hate you, and you don’t get to eat my fruit.”

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Andreil & Baking

Yesterday I posted about craving chocolate chip cookies, which lead me to crave an andreil baking hc and thought of how nice it would be. Sooo I wrote one? Just for my own self indulgence. That and I’m not sure if I’ve seen many andreil & baking scenarios? Anyway enjoy and sorry if it’s a bit shitty. 

Confession: Originally it was just Andrew & Neil. Until I remembered Neil doesn’t like sweets & I cursed myself wildly at my ignorance.


“Are you sure this is right?” Neil asks Andrew, cocking his head at the mixture of flour and egg inside the bright fluorescent orange bowl. Neil isn’t used to baking. Most meals he had were cold slices of left over pizza or burgers from whatever restaurant was the most convenient. So the idea of taking all these base ingredients to actually create something that should turn out to be as Nicky said “Unfathomably delicious”, was entirely a foreign concept, especially to someone who more or less didn’t harbor or tolerate sweets of any sort. But Andrew sat atop the counter a few feet away, legs dangling over the wooden cabinet doors, his nose buried in the cookbook they were using.

Andrew flicks a chocolate chip from the bag next to him, into his mouth before looking unconcerned at Neil.

“Well it’s certainly not wrong. I mean,” Andrew flips the book towards Neil and points to the title. “..not like it says auto repair manual.” He answers matter of fact.

Neil huffs out an annoyed breath and stops stirring the wooden spoon in his hand before addressing Andrew again.

“You know that’s not what I meant.” Neil says, more frustrated than anything else. Andrew had to understand his unease with this newness of baking. This uncharted territory in Neil’s ever expanding world voyage of things he’s already done and things he never had a chance to enjoy. Something as simple as baking cookies like this was not common in the Wesninski household. He was too busy mixing hair dye and assuming new identities than he was busy with mixing eggs and sugar and flour together to create a taste of comfort, of warmth and sweetness that tasted of safety and reassurance. There had never been time for those intangible feelings. If there had, perhaps his sweet tooth would be as insatiable as Andrew’s.

“No? Then what did you mean?” Andrew stares, his legs swinging still, the gap between his legs to the ground makes Neil smile.

“Stop it.” Andrews golden gaze levels his. “What did you mean?” Andrews eyes focus on him like a cat catching sight of movement in a patch of tall grass. Focused. Insistent.

Neil’s smile doesn’t fall when he answers Andrew. “I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m going to mess this up.” Neil remembers the honesty they agreed upon. Truth for truth. He figures it’s the best path to take right now.

Andrew folds the book face down in his lap. Reaching over, he grabs a few more chocolate chips from the bag, popping them in his mouth again before addressing Neil’s confession.

“There’s nothing to mess up. I’m reading off every step required. You’d have to be truly incompetent to think that it’s possible to mess up, all things considered. Unless you don’t trust my directions.” Andrews voice curls into a tone usually reserved for the other foxes, his walls slowly sliding up, his eyes slit to harden hues of topaz.

Neil back peddles, tripping over the right words to stop Andrews wall from locking into place.

“ No..” Neil closes his eyes, gripping the bridge of his nose with his right hand that is covered in flour after one too many zealous strokes of the mix.

“No you don’t trust-” Andrew starts but Neil cuts him off before he can continue to interpret his unfinished comment.

“No. That isn’t what I meant. I just, I’m nervous, okay? You say this is simple and I truly want to believe that but nothing is ever as black and white as it seems and even in it’s simplicity, there’s room for error.” Neil admits.

There’s a thunk sound, the shuffle of feet heading closer to him. Neil turns his head and finds the 5ft blonde beside him, staring into the mix. He sets the cookbook face up on the counter, visible to both Andrew and Neil.

“Okay.” Andrew tells him. “Hand me that measuring cup there.” Andrew flicks his head over to the pile of measuring cups to his right. Neil grabs the nearest one and offers it to Andrew.

The roll of Andrews eyes eludes Neil to the realization of having already messed up again. “What is that?” Andrew asks him.

“Um. The measuring cup you asked for?” is the only answer Neil has because it was the only answer it could be.

“Wrong. I swear, I’d be afraid too if I were you. You are oblivious.”

Neil’s brows furrow, confusion twisting into his face. “But you asked me for the measuring cup?” Neil defends.

“This is a 1/3 cup. I need the 1 cup. But you’d know that if you’d look at the instructions in front of you. That’s step 1.” So Neil leans over the counter, scouring the page for the step they were currently on. Finding that in fact it did say 1 cup and not 1/3. But could it have hurt Andrew to specify for once in his life?

“I’m not psychic.” Neil spits back. Using Andrews own words he’d once used against Neil.

“Clearly not, other wise you’d realize I have about 2% patience left with you. You’re clearly not a very avid reader either, otherwise you’d know to look at the directions before freely reaching for whatever measuring utensil is available first.

Neil plucks back the incorrect measuring cup from Andrews hand, his fingers barely brush Andrews but the roughness of them eases some of the uncertainty in his chest.

Tossing the cup back onto the pile, Neil grabs the matching orange measuring cup that is clearly marked 1cup and hands it to Andrew. It takes less than 2 minutes as Neil watches Andrew step in and fill the cup with sugar, pouring it into the bowl. Neil reaches for the spoon again to start mixing but then Andrew is repeating his last step of filling the cup again and dumping a second cup of sugar into the mix.

Neil feels flabbergasted, why would he intentionally try to sabotage these? They were for a Foxes fundraiser that Renee helped set up with a few of her acquaintances from a local church. It had been a good idea. Getting their name out there, not to mention the publicity that the notoriously delinquent Foxes were partaking in a charity fundraiser.

"I can read your face Josten. Trust me, I didn’t mess it up. You’ll see.” Andrew tells him confidently.

“But you just doubled the required amount of sugar? Isn’t that going to mess up the rest of the ingredients in the recipe??” Neil asks him, honestly curious.

“I said trust me.”

Neil nods, closes his mouth to hold in any more comments. Andrew asked, no told him to trust him. He had yet to fail Neil but he began to seriously doubt how well these cookies would turn out.

After 45 minutes & 375° later, a rack of 16 moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies sit, cooling off. They wait a few minutes before Andrew grabs one of the cookies, the middle slightly buckling from the weight of the chocolate chips (also doubled thanks to Andrew).

Andrew hands the cookie over to Neil with a “here eat this.” As if Neil were Andrew’s personal royal food tester, searching for any poisons.

“You know I don’t like sweets.” Neil reminds him. An irritated sigh escapes Andrew lips.

“That’s right. Pity.” Andrew tells him. Just then, as if on cue, Matt walks around the corner into the kitchen. Last Neil knew, Matt had gone over to the girls room to help Dan and Renee since Allison had refused to get dirty the $200 manicure she’d just gotten done.

“Matt will try it. Ask him.” Neil suggests, gesturing to him as he walks closer.

“I asked you. I didn’t ask him.” Andrew retorts.

“Yeah, and I told you no. Sugary sweet things do not tempt me in the slightest.”

Andrew looks at him a beat before returning with “You like kissing me.” A fact, no question behind it.

“I don’t see the relevancy to that in this situation.” Neil lies. Clearly Andrew was referring to the kisses they shared and how Neil never turned those down. And yeah, he didn’t.  Andrews kisses were sweet but it wasn’t the same kind of sweetness. They were welcomed. That sweetness didn’t turn and twist unpleasantly in his stomach later.

“Hey Matt, will you try this?” Neil calls over his shoulder. Matt, who hadn’t said anything, trying to keep off Andrew’s radar even just in passing, looks up beaming when Neil asks.

“Oh totally. Is this your contribution for the fundraiser?” Matt looks to Neil and then to Andrew, whose eyes were still lingering on Neil.

Neil nods his head yes, taking the cookie from Andrew before turning toward Matt, cookie outstretched.

Matt accepts it, lifting it to his mouth wrapping his lips around it. Neil braces for the worst after Andrew’s impromptu and hastily doubled ingredients but Neil is shocked when Matt’s face lights up excitedly before taking another large bite.

“This is amazing.” Matt’s jumbled words spill out of his mouth, along with a few cookie crumbs, staring at Andrew & Neil in awe. Visibly taken aback that they could create something so unbelievably good.

“Dude, I need the girls to try these. These are going to be so dope at the the fundriasier. You might want to make an extra batch!” Matt tells them. “Do you care if I grab another to take next door?” He asks.

A “No” and a “Yes” simultaneously fill the air. Matt freezes because the “Yes” came from Andrew.

“It’s fine Matt. Go ahead, you helped us so you have earned another.” Neil tells him. Andrew stays silent, which Matt takes as permission to do as Neil said. He pockets another cookie and heads out the same way he came in.

“Seriously, these are fantastic. They’ll be a hit tomorrow.” Are Matt’s last words before he vanishes back outside.

“I told you to trust me.” Andrew tells Neil. His face as stoic as ever, it’s only the flicker of a lightness in his eye that Neil can tell Andrew is pleased with Matt’s reaction.

“But. How did you.. You didn’t follow the directions though. You improvised, how did you know they would turn out so great?” Neil asks

“Sometimes the best things in life call for new plans of direction.” Is Andrews only reply.

Neil knows Andrew is talking about more than just baking. Their whole lives were built on forming plan A’s, plan B’s and plan C’s. Sometimes D’s & E’s, sometimes more.

Andrew turns to leave but Neil calls out a “where are you going?” before Andrew stops, turns and walks back up to Neil. “I’ve got some things to take care of. Box those up and start another batch, but this time follow the directions exactly as they’re written.” Andrew reaches behind Neil, grabbing a cookie for himself and taking a bite of it.

Neil stares at Andrew, perplexed.

A fraction of a smirk slips onto Andrews mouth, invisible to the untrained eye. But Neil’s eye had been trained, fixated on Andrews mouth for long enough to spot each time one of these almost smiles appears.

“This batch is mine. I trust you can handle the rest from here on out. You completed your first real baking challenge Josten. Congratualtions, you didn’t fuck it up. Now prove you can repeat this success.” Andrew’s hand lifts to the corner of Neil’s mouth and wipes away what must be a smudge of chocolate that he inevitably smeared on himself. Without hesitating, Andrew brings his thumb up and slips it into his mouth. Neil sees a flicker of his tongue swirl around it, cleaning it off successfully.

“See you later, maybe. Don’t forget, Renee said to bring two dozen of them.”

And with that, Neil watches Andrew exit out the door, leaving him with a new fondness for baking and a secret plan to “accidentally” share Andrew’s batch of cookies with the other Foxes once he finishes the next two. Batches he was already planning on using those improvised two cups of sugar on, going against Andrew’s instructions .

Neil was aware that Andrew liked to play these little games of his but Neil was getting better and better at playing them too.

kara sevda (3) ↠ stilinski

author ; fessa

rating ; 18+ nsfw

pairing ; fuckboy!stiles X oc!reader

word count ; 3003

warnings ; angst

a/n ; u guys r making me cry with all your support, thank u for all the feedback, i really appreciate it and i love u guys :,) p.s. playlist coming soon

i. ii. - iv.

*not my gif*

kara sevda


1. blinding love;

literally translates as “black love”

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More Than Bubbles - Part 1

Okay guys.. SUPRISE I am joining the club.. This is the first fic I have ever written. Please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language but I tried my best. I didn’t felt self conscious enough to even try writing a fic. Until a couple days ago when I had this dream and I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. I just needed to write it down.

A huge THANK YOU to my twinny Emma @fillthevoid-stilinski for motivating me and giving me enough courage to even post this. Plus for answering every single one of my stupid questions and most of all for proofreading and editing this. I love you a lot ❤️

 And also thank you to @cynicallystiles for helping me out 💜 I really appreciate it 😘

 Please let me know what you think and if you wanna have a part 2 because that’s not the whole story I had in mind… I just wanted to wait and see what you guys think.

Part 2

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 1273

Warnings: bullying, fluff 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Scott, Stiles and I have been best friends ever since I can remember. Our parents knew each other in high school. I don’t know how it feels to be without them and to be honest, I don’t want to. They’re not only my best friends but for a long time my only friends. Ever since I was a little child, I was very shy and self-conscious about myself. I never felt like I was good enough, pretty enough or thin enough. But those boys always made sure I didn’t feel lonely. It has always been just the three of us.

That changed sophomore year of high school when Allison moved to Beacon Hills and Scott fell in love with her. From the moment she walked into our classroom, I knew he fell for her hard. I knew that because he looked at her the exact way I look at Stiles. Yes, Stiles. He may be more than just a best friend. For a long time, I had unexplained feelings towards him. Stiles doesn’t know about these feelings and it has to stay that way. Our friend group grew a little more since Allison and Scott got together three years ago. Lydia, Malia and Issac had joined the group as well. 

I feel safe when I’m with my friends but when I’m alone, it feels like everyone is staring at me. I hate walking to classes alone, Stiles always try to escort me because he knows how anxious I can get. But sometimes it isn’t possible, like right know. I’m walking alone to my next class feeling everyones eyes on me when I hear someone say “Look who is walking all alone today. I wonder if her ‘friends’ finally noticed that they were way out of her league! She is just a fat pig. I mean look how pretty Lydia and Allison are.” I feel the tears slowing coming but I can’t let them see me weak.

I start walking faster until I’m in the bathroom and just let the tears flow down my cheeks. Luckily I’m all alone and nobody can hear me cry.

After a couple of minutes, I try to get myself together because I need to go to class, I can’t afford to fail any classes this year. Staring at my own reflection in the mirror, my eyes are a little bit red and my mascara is a bit smudged but I didn’t care enough to fix it. All I can think about is that they are right. I’m not good enough to be friends with them. Not pretty like Allison or Lydia. Not good enough for his love. And I never will be.

The sound of the bell ringing for the next class rips me out of my thoughts. I pick my backpack off the ground and rush out of the bathroom directly into Stiles arms. “There you are Bubble! I was looking for you!” I smile a little at the nickname he gave me back when we were children, I was totally obsessed with blowing bubbles.

“Wait were you crying in there? What’s wrong?” he asks me after realizing the state I’m in. “Oh it’s nothing.” I shot back hoping that he wouldn’t ask anymore questions.

I start walking away as fast as I can. “Y/N ?! Wait!” he yells after me but I already disappeared into the crowd of students to avoid explaining why I was crying.

I can barely concentrate in class. My brain keeps wandering back to the situation earlier. Dark thoughts clouding my mind to the point that I can’t take it anymore. Without thinking and saying anything, I grab my stuff and just run out of the classroom, out of the school. I just want to go out home and be alone.

It has been 6 hours since I came home from school. Luckily my parents are currently away on a business trip so I could just lay in my bed and feel sorry for myself. And that was exactly what I was doing for the past couple of hours. I didn’t even bother to take off my shoes or unpack my stuff.

My mobile was also still in my backpack and thats why I haven’t read any of the 15 messages and didn’t see the 7 missed calls Stiles has left.

You can imagine how confused I was when I heard the front door open and footsteps running up the stairs. Stiles opens the door to my room, an angry look on his face. I sit up slightly and stare back at him.

Before I could say anything, he starts yelling, “Are you fucking kidding me? I tried to call you like 3 billion times! First, I find you crying in the bathroom and don’t tell me you haven’t cried because I am not stupid!” He closes his eyes, steam nearly coming from his ears, “And then I hear that you just run out of class without any explanation? I worried about you! Why are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong? Please tell me what happened!”

I immediately start crying again and bury my head in my hands. Loud sobbing noises leaving my lungs. Stiles comes over to my bed and sits down besides me. He embraces me tightly and I just let the tears out. Even though I thought I hadn’t any left. “It’s okay Bubble.. I got you… I’m here.” he says while stroking my hair softly. 

“You shouldn’t be here.. You shouldn’t waste your time on me. I’m not worth it.” I say quietly and it came out more as a whisper but it was loud enough for him to hear. He leans back a bit and takes my face in his hands; One hand on each cheek. He looks me deep in the eye and says “Don’t be stupid y/n. I don’t want to hear that ever again. It’s totally bullshit! Who is saying that?” My eyes wander around the room while explaining to him what happened earlier, avoiding to continue to look in his.

A part of me was afraid to sound stupid. Another part was afraid to realise, based on the look in his eyes, that they were right.

When I finish my story, he stands up from my bed and angrily wanders around the room.Is he angry at my? Is he trying to find the best way to tell me that it is true? That I am indeed not good enough to be friends with them?

He sits down next to me and his eyes find mine again. He takes a deep breath and says “I want you to listen to me okay? Don’t tell Scott I said this but you are the best human on this planet. You are so kind and loving. Remember when my mum died? You were the only person who could make me laugh. I don’t know what I would have done without you so many times. You are my best friend and I love you. You hear me?” His face was so close to mine that I could feel his warm minty breath on face.

A small tear rolls down my cheek which he wipes away with his thumb. My lips slowly curling into a weak smile. He smiles back at me. I could feel the butterflies dancing to the melody of his words in my stomach. All I wanna do is kiss him right now; I believed every word he said. And god knows I love him too. I love him more than I ever loved blowing bubbles. Just not in the way he loves me.

anonymous asked:

1/3 I saw this post again about someone only knowing Teen Wolf from gif sets who thought that Scott wouldn't survive the pilot and it got me thinking: What would've happened if Scott *hadn't* survived the bite? Just in season 1 alone? Would Peter've bitten anyone else (he tried half on s1 to connect with his beta but seeing his beta die would that have encouraged or discouraged him)? Would Stiles've still sided with the wolfs (he would've felt guilty for Scott & maybe looking into hunting (hint,

hint) what attacked his best friend)? Would Allison (without Scott, Kate would’ve brought her into the fold & she wouldn’t have had any evidence that wolfs *are* people)? Would Jackson’ve been tempted (no Scott, no rival Lacrosse Captain, he still would’ve been attacked in the video store but would he’ve sought out Derek)? Would Derek’ve died from wolfsbane (no Scott, no Stiles?, no bullet) or would he’ve hurt Deaton (then again no Scott, no Night School, no one howling for the alpha)? How different would season 1 (& 2 & 3 etc) have been? What are your head cannons?

Oh I love thinking about this –– one single detail changing everything that comes after it. I’m going to preface this theorizing by saying that I don’t remember all the details on s1; it’s been a long time since I watched so I might veer off in the wrong direction at any point. That said, here goes.

Scott’s turning is the trigger for a lot of the early events in the series, and his death would change pretty much everything about the characters’ dynamics, relationships, and alliances. If Scott were dying in a hospital bed after the Wolf Moon, I’ll bet that Stiles would be right by his side that day, meaning that he wouldn’t run into Derek in the woods, in search of his friend’s inhaler. That said, Scott would have an animal bite on his hip, and would probably tell Stiles that a wolf bit him as he lay dying, and that, combined with the full moon and the other animal attacks/dead bodies around town, would probably still lead Stiles toward the truth.

A werewolf bit his friend. A werewolf killed his friend.

And you can be sure that a guilty, bitter, raging Stiles would latch onto that knowledge and decide to do something about it.

Stiles probably wouldn’t run into Allison at this point. Would have no reason to connect to her, no reason to really even notice her. She’s just the new girl in school and he has a hell of a lot bigger things to think about, like his dead friend, like the supernatural threat apparently running through the preserve killing innocent teenagers.

That said, I can absolutely picture Chris Argent visiting Stiles after Scott’s death. Maybe even in the hospital. (I put Scott in the hospital and not dying at home because Melissa.) He slinks up all grim and mysterious and asks Stiles if he’d been out there in the woods too –– what he saw, whether there was anything unusual. And when Stiles snarks back –– and Stiles would inevitably snark back –– he’d probably make some vague comment about bringing the thing that killed Stiles’ friend to justice before slipping away again.

And this might even be what helps Stiles connect those final dots.

So Stiles would take to the woods. Which… maybe not the smartest plan, but something out there fucking killed Scott and Stiles isn’t in the mood for smart right now. He’s in the mood for payback. When he runs into Derek he nearly takes his head off with a baseball bat and then he’s just kind of reeling because Derek Hale, survivor of the Hale fire is randomly hanging around the preserve six years after anyone in town’s seen him.

Hanging around the preserve where Scott (and another person) were killed.

Hanging around the preserve where an actual legit werewolf might be living.

Would those dots take too long to connect?

The thing is, though, grief recognizes grief and I think that a Stiles who’d just lost Scott might not be so quick to dismiss Derek’s bad attitude as he’d been in the show. And Derek, in the state that he’s in throughout s1, would be a lot more likely to open up to someone on a vendetta of revenge and grief than a couple of kids who seem more concerned with sports and dating.

So whether it happens right then or later, it would happen –– Stiles realizing what Derek is. Lashing out or bolting. Derek catching his bat on a desperate swing, chasing him (chasing the secondhand scent of gunpowder and Argent) slamming Stiles back against a tree and and Stiles screaming “My best friend is dead” and Derek snarling back “so’s my sister.”

And then for a few seconds they’d just… stare. Recognizing that grief, that loss, that hopeless rage, in each other’s wrecked expressions. And after a long second Derek would just… fall back. Give up his hold on Stiles, let the ugly weight of the losses settle between them. And Stiles would know… not really knowing how, but he’d know, that Derek wasn’t responsible for Scott.

But would Stiles go back to Argent? Would he approach Allison then, after hearing her last name in class and connecting those dots, would he make friends to try and find out what she knows? Or would he just seek out Chris Argent and demand information, demand weapons, demand whatever the hell it takes to take down this werewolf threat or else he’ll just go public to the Sheriff with what he knows and he’s pretty sure Van Helsing here wouldn’t love that.

So Argent agrees, on these terms: he trains Stiles.

It’s a good compromise, actually. Gerard’s been pushing for the next generation to start getting brought in on the family business and Chris really just wants to keep Allison out of it. Keep her safe, keep her happy in her ignorance. Is it so wrong to want a normal life for his daughter? And Stiles isn’t an Argent, and Chris isn’t sure he’d even want this kid carrying on his family legacy, but if it slows things down, lets Allison get through high school at least without having to face down the horrors he grew up with… he’ll take it. He’ll use this boy who’s already willing to fight and die for the cause and keep his daughter safe.

(Of course, this won’t work for long. Allison’s not oblivious and she’ll notice her family’s strange behavior. Notice Stiles dropping by a strange number of times… and his sudden “internship at Argent Arms International” –– her dad’s never taken on sixteen year old interns before… or any interns –– doesn’t completely explain it. So eventually, despite her dad’s best efforts, Allison will still realize her family business.)

–Jumping off the continuity track for a bit, with Scott gone and Jackson’s place on the lacrosse team assured, he wouldn’t feel any particular need to seek out new skills, strength, or the supernatural at all. So his involvement in the main arc would only come through Lydia (through Allison) or, if you’re with me on this one, once Peter takes interest in him, recognizing him as his son.

I also (and this is where my not having watched the season in so long might come into play) don’t particularly think Peter would bite anyone else if Scott died, because I generally feel like Peter biting Scott was just a case of Scott being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saw a kid wandering through the woods –– the moon was full, his wolf was howling, those wacky CGI deer had sprinted away, and he figured why not? Peter wasn’t really focused on building a pack in s1. He had a lot of opportunities to bite other people, to make a whole pack, and he didn’t take them. He liked the idea of Scott being his beta, and having help getting his revenge, once he already had him, but I think his priority was really just killing the people involved in the Hale arson and Scott was just a bonus. If Scott didn’t take –– or if Scott hadn’t been in the woods that night –– I don’t think Peter would have gone for anyone else.

Back onto the main plot, though, with Stiles on the hunter track, his tentative truce with Derek would become very interesting. He wouldn’t tell Argent about knowing Derek, but the next time he runs into Derek –– fucking bleeding out in the school parking lot in front of his Jeep because Stiles and that few-second bond of loss is still the only connection Derek has in this town –– I think Stiles’ secrets would come out to him. He’d mention the wolfsbane and of course Stiles knows what wolfsbane is, how it works, where to get some, and he’d leave Derek in the safety of his bedroom probably while he flits to the Argents’ and gets himself a bullet to help bring him back. He figures Kate probably thought what Stiles did at first –– a local werewolf, must be the feral Alpha –– stupid mistake but it’s not like Derek exactly gives off the warm, cuddly vibes… but once Derek’s recovered enough to realize what had happened, where Stiles had gone and how he’d gotten that bullet, what would he do? Grit teeth, clam up? Push Stiles into the nearest shadowed space and snarl that the Argents can’t be trusted, they’re killers until Stiles snorts, snaps back a blithe “Oh yeah, and what are you?”

And Derek would pull back, looking wounded for a heartbeat before walling off, and Stiles would almost want to take the words back but he’d lift his chin stubbornly instead because these guys are helping him learn to fight, ok? They’re helping him learn how to take down Scott’s killer and yeah it sucks that Derek caught a bullet but everyone’s on red alert right now and it was a fucking shitty mistake.

And Derek would hold his gaze, steady and cold, say “your father’s Sheriff Stilinski, right? Look into the Hale fire. Visit the hospital’s long term care center. See what your new friends call justice.”

And of course Stiles does. He looks into the records. He sees that everything in the police files scream arson. And he can’t connect Chris Argent and his stern code with the mentions of children’s corpses, but the more he gets to know Kate the more he can see that in her. And I think he would start to question the Argents at that point, start questioning his alliances and everything he thinks he knows.

And that’s as far as I’m going to go with this headcanon for the moment, because it’s getting incredibly long already. But I really adore this canon divergent concept, with it starting as a tragedy/revenge story and Stiles being pulled in on the hunters’ side of things at first, and I think so much could be done with it.

Oblivious~ Liam Dunbar

Anon:  126. with Liam Y/N (stiles little sister) loves Liam but he’s dating Hayden so she avoids him but somvething happens and they’re fogrced to talk and Y/N admits her feelings for him and you can decide if they get together in the end

A/N: here you go, long as usual sorry! Thanks for requesting it, I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


126. “I think about you all the time, it’s freaking annoying.”

Warnings: brief descriptions of claustrophobia, depression, sorta. people freezing to death.

Word count: like 3k oml


It had been 7 months, 3 weeks, 4 days and some loose change since you had realized you were in love with Liam Dunbar.

But who’s counting?

The problem with being in love with Liam Dunbar was nothing more than one seemingly simple reason.

Liam was oblivious.

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The Mistake (Part 1) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One With The Wedding In Vegas”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Isaac Lahey, Liam Dunbar, Malia Tate, Mason Hewitt, Cora Hale, Corey Bryant & Reader

Author’s Note: This chapter was entirely too fun to write. Probably because I was mildly drunk while doing so…. For my purposes, even though i kind of love Stalia, Stalia never happened in this AU, so Stiles lost his virginity to Lydia. *rolls eyes* whatever. Clearly still mildly drunk while writing this A.N. and am fully team StilesxReader at this point. Um, yea, this is my birthday, fake-relationship mini series present for @fillthevoid-stilinski. The fake-relationship part comes in the next part :)

Summary: Ten years later, Stiles and Y/n are twenty-six and partying in Las Vegas in a joint bachelor/bachelorette party for Scott and Allison, days before their wedding back in Beacon Hills.

Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Epilogue

Originally posted by hoech-bear

“Are you nervous about tomorrow?”

“Why?” Stiles answered your question with a question. ’The Master of Evasion’, you thought to yourself with an internal eye roll.

“Because that is your third whiskey neat, and we’re only on cocktails. We haven’t even done dinner and the casino yet, Sti.” You said with one eyebrow arched in amused concern.

Stiles stared down at his drink, and then looked up at you. “Have you been monitoring me, Giz?”

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Take My Pain - Theo Raeken

Originally posted by wolfiehunters

Requested: Could you do a Theo imagine where the reader gets hurt and he takes her pain away

Summary: (Y/N) has been shot by an arrow. She thinks its the end until Theo finds her.

I sat with my back to the wall, steadying my breathing. I looked around the room and broke down crying. This was the last place I wanted to die; school. I felt a sharp pang in my chest coming from where the arrow was lodged inside of me. There was one of two things I could do. One, I could take it out but risk myself not healing and bleeding out, or two I could leave it in which if its poisoned will speed up the process. I slowly wrapped my fingers around it looking up at the desks in front of me. I smiled through the tears and thought about all the good memories I’d had here in this very room. English with Stiles and Scott, first hearing about Scott’s bite wound in the third desk from the front right, the last place I’d seen Isaac before he left for France, Theo and I’s first kiss,… Theo. I cried heavier, my hand slipping from the arrow. I hope he’s okay. I hope he will be okay after… after I die. I take a deep breath and lift my head to lean against the wall. I wrap my fingers around the arrow once again and pull. 

“Ahhhh!” I roar, feeling my eyes changing colour and my fangs slowly emerging as a result of the pain. I let go of the arrow which is still deeply lodged in me. I cry as I realise this is how it’s going to end for me. Defeated by the evil of this world. I rest my head back up against the wall, closing my eyes and picturing Theo.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper. Tears start to fall from my eyes again as I grab the arrow again and count down from 3…2…1… and pull! I roar loudly this time, fully knowing that if there are any hunters here still - which I’m sure there are - they’ll find me. I look down and see the arrow in my hand. I smile, happy that I could accomplish one more thing before death took me over. I sit for what feels like hours, slowly withering away. My body is too weak for me to walk let alone shift. The door slowly opens and I roll my head to the left to see who was there. A hunter. Of course. He smirks as he raises his gun. 

“Good will always triumph evil” he mutters as I scoff. His views were completely warped. They had no idea what we had risked for them; who we had risked for them! Allison, Aiden, Boyd, Erica, Deucalion, and more. Children and mentors slaughtered trying to protect. 

“Go on then, show me how good you humans really are.” I snarl. He smirks and looks back down at me through his gun, lining me up. Just before he pulls the trigger someone tackles him I can’t see who it is or sense them but I can hear someone gurgling - most likely their throat had been cut. The commotion stops and I try to keep my eyes open but the pain is getting too much to handle. 

“Hey, hey, hey! Keep those eyes open!” I hear the voice say. I open my eyes to see Theo kneeling next to me. 

“T-Theo.” I muster out. 

“Shh. You need all the energy you have.” He says and inspects my wound. 

“Theo. I’m so-sorry.” 

“(Y/N), you don’t have anything to apologise for! You’re going to make it out of here.” 

“How did you find me?” I whimpered. 

“I heard you. All the way from the hospital. I ran as fast as I could.” He looked into my eyes, stroking my cheek with him thumb. “We need to get you out of here.” He says, picking me up. 

“I don’t want to die Theo. I’m so scared.” I whisper.

“You don’t have to be scare (Y/N), I’ve got you.” 

“It hurts. I’m so scared, Theo.” I start crying again, the tears finding their own way down my face. 

“I’m here baby, I’m here.” He says before quickly lying me in the back seat and jumping in the front. 

“It hurts so much Theo, please!” I wail. He looks back at me and takes a deep breath before taking my hand in his. He closes his eyes and when they open I see them filled with tears. I see his veins turning black and I feel a wash of relief come over me. It was as if I was being squashed by a tonne of weight which had now been lifted. 

“Thank you.” I whimper, surprised with Theo. He had always struggled to take someones pain away. I smiled at him, proud of how far he had come and how much he has grown. He pulls away and starts the car. He begins to speed, flying in and out between cars. I try and hold on the best I can to the seat. After a couple of minutes Theo slows down and I look out the window. The animal clinic. Theo lifts me from the car and races me inside. 

“I need help!” He calls, placing me on the table. Deaton walks in and looks shocked but acts fast. 

“This is going to be very painful, (Y/N).” He says as he lights a blowtorch. Theo grabs my hand, already taking my pain away. I feel the heat burning my wound and I cry out while feeling Theo’s hand tighten around mine. Even though the pain was dulled, it still hurt terribly. Theo fell to his knees by the table and placed his head on my hand. After a few more seconds of the undeniable pain, Deaton places the blowtorch on the table and places a bandage on my chest. 

“You need to rest. I suggest not using your left arm until its fully healed. You’re very lucky. One inch to the right and you would have been killed instantly.” He says while helping me stand from the metal table. 

“Hey, while we’re here… can I get this removed?” Theo points to a bullet wound in his arm and its clear there is no exit wound. Deaton nods and grabs his tweezers. 

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Hi, Saori! I see you blog a lot about Sterek and I was wondering if you read fanfiction too? If yes, can you rec me some fics to read? If not, can you recommend a blog that you think recs good fics? I find your taste in Larry fics similar to mine and I was hoping you can do the same with Sterek as well. Thank you!

Oh boy, honestly I have no idea what to say, I’m just glad that not everybody’s fed up with my Sterek spams (probably a lot of people are but oh well) :D

First things first, you should check out @theofficialstereklibrary @wheredidhiseyebrowsgo @underappreciatedsterek @acountrygirlsfun @christinesficrecs @eternalsterekrecs and if you like Larry too then @nottooldforthisship recces  awesome stuff all the time, (her sterek fic rec tag is a blessing) (my fic rec page is kind of a mess, but you can find some there too)

As of my recs, I usually don’t do it cuz I’m always anxious I’ll rec something the other doesn’t like, but since you asked so nicely here are some of my faves:

The Undisclosed (109k) - For once the pack doesn’t panic when a new hunter arrives. The gleefully sadistic man has labelled himself a collector of all things rare in the supernatural world and wants one of the rarest creatures; a werefox. Content that the pack is safe, the wolves focus on why their human member is acting so strange, ignoring the fact that Stiles only started once learning who the man wanted…

I’ve read this like, how many times? Way too many to be healthy? Seems accurate. And I’m totally not re-reading it again, nope.

Baking My Way Into Your Heart (179k) - Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

This fic changed my life tbh.

As Luck Would Have It (I’m already smitten) (188k, WIP) - When Stiles meets his Dom for the first time, it’s nothing like the cutesy, lovey-dovey Subflicks he used to drag Scott to when they were thirteen. There’s no burst of sunshine when they collide, no sudden swell of violins when their eyes meet; only a really big dent in the front of his Jeep and a seriously pissed off Alpha glaring at him from the sidewalk.

When I see the e-mail I shut down and don’t even look up until I finished reading the update. It’s by far the most exciting fic I’ve read, and I read A LOT.

Do Not Go Gentle (108k, WIP) - Derek Hale, Beacon Hills Alpha, is thrown into a dark cell which already contains another captive.   Someone quite young.   Someone who’s clearly been badly treated.  Someone who cannot speak and who has a cruel collar around his neck.Derek is both a Dom and an Alpha.  What do you think he’ll do?

Same with this. Mondays can’t come fast enough. Dark, but worth it for me.

Home (160k, WIP) - January seventh. Seven days since the start of 2015, and seven days since his father’s death.The bastard, he thinks bitterly. The past year Derek Hale had made it blatantly obvious that he hated his scrawny guts, taking every given opportunity to shove him up against a wall, growl threats in his ears and roll his eyes whenever he stepped into the room, muttering some snide comment about how spastic or idiotic he was.So why did he fucking volunteer to take him in?

You can’t even imagine what this fic does to me. It’s everything.

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Bound to Happen (Part 3), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,311

Author’s Note: Introduction of a Joey Lucas-esque character, I kinda blasted though this story line to get to the next one (a rather angsty one, at that). Hope you enjoy! This is based off of literally one of my favorite scenes ever from WW.

Warnings: As always, a slow burn.

Askbox | MasterlistPrevious Chapter | Next Chapter

“What should I order for your dinner?” You called through the door, sitting criss-cross on the floor outside Lin’s dressing room. You typed furiously at your laptop, barely registering when he answered.

“Nothing, I’m going out.”

“Hmm?” He poked his head out the door, tilted down so he lingered just above you.

“I have a date.” His head disappeared back into his room.


“Her name is Allison.” The door swung open and his hand was at the top of your laptop, forcing it closed in your lap. “She’s very smart and very interesting and she’s totally in love with me.”

“So she’s blind, too?”

“Shut up.” The breeze of him rushing away pushed your hair into your face, you stood and followed, just as you always did. Trailing behind him with a million items in your itinerary, you were still willing to humor Lin in all his franticness, “There she is.”

He ran his hand through his hair a final time, fluffing it so it sat just right.

Allison!” He called, waving his hand like a maniac. She was pulled from her conversation with the doorman, smiling politely to excuse herself.

“Holy shit, Lin. She’s way out of your league.” You whispered, though you kept it just loud enough so that she could still hear it. You put on a smile, forcing your hand out to her in introduction.

“You’re Y/N!” She gushed, and you knew immediately you couldn’t force yourself to hate her. “He never shuts up about you.” He nudged Lin and you were able to read his reaction immediately.

I don’t want to talk about this.

“Where are you two going?” He smiled at you, grateful for your shift in subject.


“That’s nice! I won’t keep you.” You watched as Lin’s hand found home in the dip of her back. “Be back in two hours, you have a meeting with Alex before the show.” You reminded.

With a glance at his watch, Lin was escorting her out the building. You smiled at the thought of Lin getting out there - he certainly deserved a good break away from the theater. You just couldn’t shake the nervous pricking at the back of your neck.

“Y/N?” Mandy stood to the side, inspecting you as you watched where Lin and Allison once stood. You hummed in acknowledgement, “What’s going on between you guys?”

“Well, I’m not sure I have a specific title. But my paycheck says ‘Chief Assistant’. Whatever that means.” You rolled your eyes, returning your attention to anything that meant you wouldn’t have to meet Mandy’s gaze.

“Right.” Mandy smiled lightly, wondering if she was overstepping her boundaries yet, “Are you in love with him?” Her head tilted, and she spoke almost conversationally.

“He’s intolerable.” You answered, just as casual. Clueless was the best way to go about this, you decided. “So I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Your tone shifted, and Mandy stepped back. She had pushed you too far.

“Right. Sorry. Reading too far into things.” She waved her hand, as if physically brushing the idea away from herself, “You know how it is. Cooped up in the theater too long and you start seeing things. Chris swears the ghost of George Washington haunts this place.” She rolled her eyes.

You laughed as she diverted away from the subject she had brought up, allowing yourself to relax when she decided not to delve further into an interrogation.

“I mean, if you’re looking. There’s this guy-”

“Sure.” You nodded, the intolerable sting in the back of your neck growing stronger, “Yeah, why not?”

“Great. I’ll set something up.” Mandy nodded off to she side before retreating backstage.

You needed a new plan.

“I’m so happy you invited me out!” Allison gushed, fingers grazing over the racks of clothes before her.

“Me too, I never get to spend time with anyone that Lin dates.” You smiled kindly as she held a top up to her torso.

“You’re always running around for him, I don’t know how you find the time for yourself.” She pouted, as if to say ‘Poor you!’. She shook her head and hung the top back on the rack, deciding against it with one glance at the price tag.

“Yeah. Balance is a good thing. I like to stay busy.” You assured her, pointing to a skirt you thought would flatter her hips. “You guys seem really great together, though. He talks about you all the time and I think you make him happy.”

She inspected you for a moment and you plastered the smile you had practiced in the mirror that morning.

“Yeah? So you’re happy for us?” You continued to smile, nodding happily. “Interesting that all he wants to do when we’re together is talk about you.”

She wasn’t upset or annoyed, just generally curious.

“I mean, I get it. You guys go way back. But sometimes I wonder if there’s something more there.” She watched as your face fell for a split second, solidifying her position, ”I’m probably just being silly. No need to make a big deal out of it. I don’t want to be that kind of girlfriend.”

You laughed together, each forcing it in a certain way that didn’t allow detection from the other. She settled on buying the skirt to humor you, planning on returning it in a few days.

Allison was surprised to see Lin at her door so late without warning. While she knew Lin enjoyed being spontaneous and fun, she assumed you had his days planned to the minute and he couldn’t afford to stray too much.

“Does Y/N know you’re here?” Was her first question when she swung the door open.

“I don’t need her permission for everything I do. She’s not my mom.” Lin smiled, hands stuffed in his pockets to protect them from the cold breeze.

“That’s the problem.” Allison mumbled, stepping aside, “I think we need to talk.”

Lin’s heart dropped at those words. Right, she would say that the timing wasn’t right or she needed to go over her options or something that forced him out of the picture.

“Actually, I think you and Y/N need to talk.” Allison led him inside to her kitchen, where she made fast work of pouring some form of alcohol. “She is so obviously in love with you.”

Lin laughed at the idea. Sure, people had commented on your relationship before, generally curious if anything was going on. But no one had outwardly said it in that fashion before.

“You’re wrong.”

“I’m not. And I can tell you either feel the same or are on the verge.” Lin had to stop himself from chugging down his drink.

“Didn’t you guys hang out the other day? What did you say to her?”

“Nothing! I could just tell that she was deflecting. She kept talking about rooting for us and she had this smile.” Lin’s eyebrows crinkled, just as they always did when he was trying to picture something. 

Y/N’s smile.

“She’s in love with you and she knows it’s getting obvious. She’s forcing us together so no one else notices. It’s okay, but I’m not here to get in the middle of everything.”

Lin stayed for another hour, desperately trying to convince her that Y/N had nothing but platonic feelings for him. If anything, she barely tolerated him and stayed for the paycheck. Still, his attempts were futile and he left her building with one less girlfriend and one more headache.

“Talk to her.” Allison said, her last words to Lin before shooing him off her porch. It was approaching one in the morning.

He didn’t. Instead, he trudged home in the darkness, chugged the last beer in his fridge, and tucked himself into bed without changing.

He knew you would be calling in a few hours, but even then he said nothing.

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The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 27) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Hospital Days”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Melissa McCall, Isaac Lahey, Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Noah Stilinski, Dr. Dunbar, Liam Dunbar, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Cora Hale, Derek Hale & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: I love this chapter. Stiles is always the one sleeping at the hospital and fretting over other people, it felt nice to show how many people would show up and would be distraught if something happened to Stiles.

Summary: Stiles was brutally attacked on the Fourth of July. It was now July 7th and he still laid in a coma in Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital.

Chapter Twenty-Six - Chapter Twenty-Seven - Chapter Twenty-Eight

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

“Hey mom, what’s up?” Scott said, as he answered his phone, standing in Allison’s living room with Allison and Y/N.

“Scott, you need to get Y/N and get to the hospital right now. Stiles was attacked.” Melissa McCall replied through the phone, her voice shaking.

“What? What do you mean? Is he okay?” Scott’s entire demeanor changed, he struggled to keep his rage and his fear bottled up.

“The Sheriff just brought him in, you need to get here. Now, Scott!” She shouted before hanging up.

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