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SFSJDKFJSGD LONG TIME NO KLANCE or actually art in general ahah well…

I wanted to practice bgs and i wanted to draw klance so i tried to hit two birds in one stone since my time for drawing is super fucking limited akjsdfas. Hope you guys like it! <3<3


Here comes the episode 13 trailer to revive the suffering!

Featuring three separate stories, according to Amazon:

“Shoal of Time”: As teenagers brimming with curiosity, Nero and Vanno persuade Frate to sneak away from church service, and go to see the circus…

“All Our Yesterdays”: Ganzo was drinking in a bar, when before him appeared a youth who called himself Vincent. He had a favour to ask of Ganzo.

“Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”: Having defeated Mad Mack, on the way back to Lawless, Nero comes down with a high fever and Avilio looks after him. What passes across the hearts of these two people?


Please, Oikawa-san, take me away. I don’t care where, as long as it’s far away from here.

This is from the very beginning of the amazing road trip au created by the wonderful @mooksmookin!! (do ask them about it, it’s really great!!) I have a small comic for this that I’m working on, but since it will probably take a while, I’m just going to post these two pics.

andreil going on roadtrips is literally??? just the?? warmest thing ever????? they werent able to do it before, for spring break, because of all the bad stuff that happened…but just imagine like sometime in the summer. for 2 weeks or so they get to be together, alone, free of worry leaving it all behind ((including kevin much to his distaste bc he didnt want to have the court so far from him but hes able to stick with his dad so its ok. also andrew pulled out the knives))

  • having just the road beyond them!!! they travel for hours with no real destination in mind, only the feeling of being able to be with each other like this 
  • with their fingers loosely laced together in the middle of the console and the windows down with the wind blowing through their hair. sometimes neil will stick his head out to really breathe in and feel his blood rushing because freedom is right here in front of him in the palms of his hands and it feels so good
  • andrew glances at him before turning back to the road again and his heart is clenching and burning with this entirely new feeling because neil still feels like a fucking pipe dream even though he is right there with him. and he always will be.
  • after a while they’d stop at a rest area, or maybe just the shoulder of an empty road. andrew would step out and go to neil’s side and lean against the hood of the car while lighting 2 cigs
  • they both breathe in the smoke while they lean back to stare at the starry sky which is extremely clear without light pollution, except its only neil doing so, because andrew is staring at him from the corner of his eye instead
  • the awe on neil’s face makes the realization hit him that he’d burn down the world if that meant nothing would ever be able to take this away from him again ((am i speaking about neil’s happiness, or neil with andrew? ;)))
  • this muddles his thoughts and almost melts his fucking brain, so much that he has to ask “yes or no?” and pulling neil in by the collar of his shirt when he whispers out a “yes. always yes.” and biting his bottom lip for the last of it in retaliation which makes neil smile against his mouth
  • they spend nights in shitty motels with junk food and candy surrounding them on their bed, courtesy of andrew
  • theyre wrapped in blankets like a cocoon and sharing kisses and nuzzles to necks and soft touches like hands running through hair, warm hands on the back of necks and sometimes barely-there fingertips grazing up and down arms when andrew is comfortable with it
  • neil will send a pic of them on the balcony with the sunrise behind them to the foxes’ groupchat and everyone dies from it. andrew is glaring at neil and flicks the ash of his cig towards him and neil just smiles
  • neil would want to go on runs in the morning, to stick to routine, to sometimes push away nightmares he had the night before, but in the end he will always come back to andrew because he knows he no longer has to be actually on the run. and andrew will be waiting for him
  • and he is, with takeout breakast and a 2nd cig in between his fingers for him, and the steadying presence with the feeling of home
  • they dont exactly have plans for their days, just whatever comes to mind and whats easy, either lazing about watching boring movies with andrew’s legs thrown across neil’s lap or andrew slowly taking neil apart bit by bit with hot hands and harsh kisses. it all works for them
  • ((once neil asked if he’d wanna go running with him sometime and maybe check out whats around and what to do and andrew just stares blankly at him like ‘are you kidding me’ and neil has the audacity to laugh))
  • and even after many years that pass they’ll still take these roadtrips, a lot of them on a whim just to get away from everything and to wrap up into each other and feel how they still fit together like 2 pieces of a puzzle even after all this time
  • until the end of forever

HELLO IM SO SORRY. I’m back and i’m so sorry I’ve been away but I started working and blah blah blah, but! I found that I have 500 followers and I can;t tell you guys how much that means because it’s been less than a year since my first post and just wow. Anyway here’s roadtrip!chanbaek and I hope you guys like it! THANK YOU AGAIN I LOVE YOU

A birthday kid and her punk girlfriend.

Two years into the future.

We all know the main characters will survive RTTE because ther is a HTTYD 2 and Heather and Dagur are probably still on their roadtrip to find Oswald.



Tuff would never part with chicken voluntary and considering his other love Macey has already died…

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You’re Still A Weeaboo | a weeaboo roadtrip fanmix

Time to feel the inner pain of your weeaboo phase all over again. Roll up your sailor fuku sleeves, get out your psychics, and find a country to dance with to these timeless kawaii as senpai tunes.

listen on | art from Haruhi Suzumiya

1. Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix) by Caramell & Speedycake ||| 2. Butterfly by ||| 3. Motteke! Sailor Fuku by Aya Hirano ||| 4. Sailor Moon Theme by Nicole and Bynne Price ||| 5. the WORLD by Nightmare ||| 6. Hare Hare Yukai by Aya Hirano, Minori Chihara and Yuko Goto ||| 7. Best Friend by Toybox ||| 8. Marukaite Chikyuu by Daisuke Namikawa ||| 9. The Sitar Song by Dr. Bombay ||| 10. Asterisk by Orange Range ||| 11. Do You Like Waffles? by Parry Gripp ||| 12. Ni Hao Nyan Commercial by Ranka Lee ||| 13. World Is Mine by ryo (Feat. Hatsune Miku) ||| 14. All The Things She Said by t.A.T.u. ||| 15. Ievan Polka as sungby Hatsune Miku ||| 16. Bumble Bee by Bambee ||| 17. Yuri The Only One by The L33tStr33t Boys ||| 18. Heroes Come Back by Nobodyknows ||| 19. and a bonus track which is unnamed for now

Turn The Beat Around
Gloria Estefan
Turn The Beat Around

Gloria Estefan | Turn The Beat Around

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

As a kid I remember loving this song but never actually knowing what it was called or who sang it. It was 2001 and as you year 7 students I remember catching The Specialist on CH10 (back when they use to show movies on a Friday night) and talking to Peter about it on Monday morning… Mainly about the shower scene with Sharon Stone.

The film utilised this version by Gloria Estefan and it would be a few years later when I discovered the original disco version. Nowadays I just think of myself dancing to this at the beach on our first day trip to Wilsons Prom. 

Hands down still one of my favourite roadtrips!