still the deal

Not to be that person, but until the boys openly support or even talk about Liam instead of brushing him away, I’m not going to be able to bring myself to be enthusiastic about a reunion or anything like that. This is me being bitter, yeah. But this also me understanding that there’s a discrepancy and such.


Did I already mention the fact that I love that black-hair Kirishima is canon I think I might have

y’all should reblog this if you’re still planning on being here after skam ends. i know a lot of people are worried that everyone is going to move on right away but i think it would be nice if this (even though it’s a small gesture) could potentially reassure those people that just because skam is ending very soon doesn’t mean there won’t be others out there still active after the show is done :)

I’m fairly certain Katie McGrath has no idea how unbelievably gorgeous she is and it is both sad and incredibly endearing. Like she comes out ready for the red carpet looking a solid 20/10 and her friends are oohing and ahhing over her but she just scrunches up her shoulders and sticks out her tongue like a dork. It’s just way too easy to love her.


TO Characters + Planet Representation Motives


westallen + third time’s the charm


Again, an AU where Chrom gets a brief short-term memory loss.

I’ve done this scene many times and it’s still giving me trash ideas like this but I couldn’t help it lmao.