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Did I already mention the fact that I love that black-hair Kirishima is canon I think I might have


I could see all the stuff that was special to me. All the stuff that matters. I love you, Shelly. And I wanna spend my time with that. I mean, you know, if that’s okay with you.

Just gonna sneak this into my blog, don’t mind me 🙃
Decided to post this up because I thought some Cranky Cuphead Fanart would be really cool. And now that I think about it, I hadn’t seen a lot of fanart with Andrew included, so I shall share it here, because Andrew is awesome, too! I did make this a while ago, but I wanted to share, I like this shtuff! Can’t wait to (hopefully) see ya play more of this game, E-tan! Is gud game, I need to finish it myself 😂
Anyway, I hope you guys like it! Love y'all! ✨❤
For good ol’ @crankgameplays and @thelankyrandman! :D


Lmao this is the best thing I’ve drawn so far (not)
Idea from @incorrectdevildicequotes ! They have hilarious content, go check them out!

y’all should reblog this if you’re still planning on being here after skam ends. i know a lot of people are worried that everyone is going to move on right away but i think it would be nice if this (even though it’s a small gesture) could potentially reassure those people that just because skam is ending very soon doesn’t mean there won’t be others out there still active after the show is done :)