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I LOVE it how Tom Felton remains the BIGGEST fan of “Harry Potter” while the other members of the cast are sick and tired of it !! 🙀😩 let’s appreciate this gorgeous and devoted man ❤

I can’t wait to get home and cuddle her, not just cuddle her but hold her so close that she doesn’t think about anything that bothers her. That she feels so safe that she could sleep so sound as there is no fear in the world. Kiss her forehead, cheek, and lips while she sleeps in my arms, and watch the cutest smile cross her face even though she’s still sleeping. To stay awake just a little longer even though she is sleeping, just to appreciate the amazing beautiful woman I have in front of me.
These are certainly the moments I look forward to in life!

All Yours

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Character(s): You X Minhyuk, Yoo Kihyun

Genre: smut, slight?romance?? idk its a relationship and they love each other? i think thats how this works??

Warning(s): orgasm denial/edging, slight!degradation, jealous sex (lmao if that’s a warning), dom!minhyuk, slight?sexual tension, semi-public sex

Length: 5.1k

Summary: In which Lee Minhyuk hates that stupid Yoo Kihyun makes him jealous.

Minhyuk is a little childish sometimes. It’s just part of his personality, he says, he’s just a little insecure, just a little possessive.

He knows that you’re his and that he’s yours, but there’s always a little seed of doubt niggling at the back corners of his mind. He’d never try to control you, though, but you can see it in the little things, like the way he pouts, or the way his lips turn down in a frown when he sees you with someone else, or the way he begins to emphasize how much you mean to him.

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Favorite ROMITRI Moments: Last Sacrifice - Chapter 11
Fugitives - Rubysville Public Library

[…] He scanned the shelf twice and then pulled out a large, bright-colored one entitled 100 Best Places to Visit in the World.

We sat down cross-legged on the floor, and he handed me the book. “No way, comrade,” I said. “I know books are a journey of the imagination, but I don’t think I’m up for that today." 
"Just take it,” he said. “Close your eyes, and flip randomly to a page.”

[…] “Mitchell, South Dakota?” I exclaimed. Remembering I ws in a library, I lowered my voice. “Out of all the places in the world, that makes the top hundred?”

He was smiling again, and I’d forgotten how much I’d missed that. “Read it.”
“‘Located ninety minutes outside of Sioux Falls, Mitchell is home to the Corn Palace.’” I looked up at him in disbelief. “Corn Palace?”

He scooted over next to me, leaning close to look at the picture “I figured it’d be made of corn husks,” he noted. The pictures actually showed what looked like a Middle Eastern–or even Russian–style building, with turrets and onion domes.
“Me too.” Reluctantly, I added, “I’d visit it. I bet they have great T-shirts.”
“And,” he said, a sly look in his eyes, “I bet no guardians would look for us there.”

I made no attempts to conceal my laughter, imagining us living as fugitives in the Corn Palace for the rest of our lives. My amusement brought us a scolding from a librarian, and we quieted as Dimitri took his turn. San Paolo, Brazil. Then my turn: Honolulu, Hawaii. Back and forth we passed the book, and before long, we were both lying on the floor, side by side, sharing mixed reactions as we continued our “global tour of the imagination.” Our arms and legs just barely touched.


characters: Erbluhen Emotion, Lofty Anpassen (mentioned: Arme Thaumaturgy, Lofty Executor)
pairing: … arme / erblu, executor / anpassen (rating: lots of hugs)
words: 1033
summary: Anpassen meets himself from the future. Erblu teaches him the power of emotions.
companion to: 87

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Book (Father!Wonwoo)

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Synopsis: Our cute daughter decides to do a cute project but it’s only for your eyes only

Genre: Fluff with more fluff and fluff

The apartment stood still, a little too still for your taste. You understood that it would be a little quiet since Wonwoo was out at practice but it occurred to you, your daughter had made no noise what so ever in the past hour. You set the basket of just dried clothing onto your bed and made your way to your daughters room.

You smiled at the sight. Your daughter, hair in a braid with a pretty yellow ribbon at the end, she wore her favorite pair of polka dot tights and a special designed Seventeen shirt her uncle Mingyu had spoiled her with.

Your daughter noticed your presence, eyes just like Wonwoo’s sparkling along with her smile, “Mommy.”

Lips curling up instantly, you walked into her room, standing over her various artworks on the floor, “What are you doing with all of these?” You picked up one of the artworks, staring at it, the big stick figure with glasses seemed to resemble Wonwoo, “Is this daddy?”

Your daughter nodded, a smile stretching across her face, “Daddy is always reading, so I make Daddy a book.”

You could feel your own heart melting, “Oh how nice. Can I read it?”

“Noooo.” she pouted at you, “only Daddy can read it.”

You set her artwork down on the floor, kissing the top of her head, you nodded, “Okay okay. I won’t read it.”

You went about your day, occasionally checking in on your daughter and her book. You smiled at her adorable actions of protecting her book, when you had told her to eat lunch, she made sure to pack all her pages together and bring them with her, not letting you glance or touch them.

You were sitting in the living room when Wonwoo had arrived back. It was late and your daughter had fallen asleep long ago with her book tucked in her arm. His heavy feet came closer and soon he plopped himself on top of you. Burying his face in your neck, you could hear how tired he was.

“Rough practice?” You asked with your hands playing with the ends of his hair.

He simply nodded, “Is she sleeping?” Wonwoo asked, his breath tickling your neck.

You sighed, “It’s midnight Wonwoo. Of course she’s sleeping.” His silence made you question if he was awake or not but you still continued speaking, “She was doing the cutest thing today though, she spent the whole day making you a personal book. And she wouldn’t let me read it. ‘Only daddy can read it’ she said.”

Wonwoo chucked in your neck. The light pitter patter of feet made the both of you jolt up. Your daughter stood, rubbing her eyes with one hand while the other held tightly onto the book.


Wonwoo smiled, he gave you a small kiss on the cheek, whispering for you to go to bed and that he would put her to sleep. You watched as he picked up the small girl, holding her in his arms as he carried her away and the faint conversation of “I missed you” “I missed you too.”

You had just finished brushing your teeth when you had realized Wonwoo had never returned. It had already been 30 minutes which was longer than expected to put your daughter back to bed. You exited the bedroom, almost screaming when you noticed a dark figure near a lamp.

“Wonwoo? What are you doing just sitting there all creepy.” You walked closer to him. Wonwoo didn’t move, it appeared like he was frozen, “Wonwoo? Is everything okay?” You sat next to him, putting a hand onto his shoulder.

“This is………this is so beautiful.” Wonwoo lifted his hand to show the book created by your daughter.

You have him a bewildered look before taking the book from his hand, a heartwarming grin placed onto your lips, “Best Daddy Ever.”

On the front a big stick figure with what looks like a microphone was placed under the title. As you continued through the book of choppy handwriting, misspellings, and cute stick figures, you could feel your heart swell up in happiness.

“Daddy is busy a lot but daddy still loves me and mommy. That’s why daddy is the best daddy.” You closed the book, looking at Wonwoo who looks ready to cry. You put an arm around him, resting your chin on his shoulder, “Sometimes I think she loves you more than me.”

Wonwoo grabs the book back, he holds it preciously like it was the most delicate thing in the world, “This is my favorite book now, this is the only book I will ever read.”


Wonwoo stands to his feet, “I need to show the other members tomorrow. Mingyu’s son can’t even do this.”

“Babe, Mingyu’s son is like one.”

Reaction (BTS): When their gf/bf brings home a puppy without telling them

Jin: “A puppy!!! I love it, love it, love it.” 

Namjoon: “I don’t know what’s cuter. The puppy, or you and how excited you are about the puppy.” 

Yoongi: “I love you so much. Can we name the puppy after me?”

Hoseok: “Look jagiya. Now you have two dogs that love you.” 

Jimin: “Awe baby. It’s almost as cute as you. I call naming it.” 

Taehyung: “Oh goodness, it’s too cute. I can’t even handle it.” 

Jungkook: “I love it. I’m still the cutest though, right?” 


Bros on your birthday!!

So many July birthdays!!!  

My internet quit being mean ;)  Happy Birthday @fieryfantasy

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If you have not done it already, Xiao Long Family with White Rose/Ice Flower/Arctic Flower, etc.

Xiao Long Rose family heacanons with white rose

Yang always thought if Ruby ever brought someone home she’d totally do the ‘so you want to date my baby sister’ talk. She was a bit disappointed when with Weiss that wasn’t necessary anymore, but only for a moment. She’s so happy for Ruby and Weiss and very glad Ruby’s with someone Yang know and who she can trust. She’s extremely protective of Ruby. 

Yang’s still doing more bad dad jokes than Tai ever could though.

Tai knew about Weiss’ family before Ruby and Weiss started dating and his protective dad instincts totally kicked in. He tries very hard to make Weiss feel welcome and make clear his house now is her home too. Weiss didn’t know how to handle it at first because it’s so different to what she’s used to, but she truly appreciates it. 

Qrow’s first thoughts were ‘Shit, not her too’. He’s a bit biased towards Schnee girls. But he would never talk Ruby out of a relationship that’s not very clearly abusive/not good for her, so he started to make jokes about how they now both have to deal with a Schnee and how Ruby got the nicest and prettiest Schnee girl. Qrow and Ruby always laugh together at how Winter and Weiss then simultaneously roll their eyes.

Weiss is not used to having a warm and caring family. It took her a good while to get used to it. She’s really trying hard to be the best family member they have ever seen and treats that almost like a competition. Everyone still appreciates it a lot though. Ruby thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. 

Always feel free to ask for more headcanons if I have already done something. Maybe I’ll be inspired to do some more!