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HEY HAPPY 2017!!!!! I MISSED U SO MUCH AND I ALSO MISSED THOSE CLOTHES WISHLISTS OF URS !! if ur not busy, pls make one for me <3

thank you so much, happy 2017! i’ll be back around during mid january bc ive been slightly busy with school stuff. and thanks for ur comment on the clothes wishlist :) i made a new one down below 


* bolded my faves

  1. basic tees bc they’re very versatile and needed everyday

grey ringer tee / banana embroidered shirtlight blue shirt / green embroidered plant shirt / giraffe long sleeve blouse

     2. sweaters and coats since the weather is still slightly cold and theyre super cute and cozy ! ! 

harry potter sweater / knitted turtleneck sweater army green jacket / coat !!! (ordered this and its AMAZING) / oh yes hoodie

     3. boots and sneakers - good shoes will take u to good place

pink velvet creepers / white sneakers / black ankle boots /

     4. new beauty toolss + accessories to start the yr right and to get rid of those dirty brushes and accessories

corduroy striped baseball capcoffee pro brush set (ordered this last week) / acrylic make up organizer (also got this, on the way rn) / THE ROSE GOLD DOME BRUSH SET !!! cool tote bag (i also got this and its cute + cheap)

Our Story

Read the other chapters here.

December 24, 2008

Everything is made a miracle by the fact of their togetherness. The banalities—something spiritual.


The way Jamie does their laundry. How his diligence for clean, crisp folds never extends to removing the drier sheets, tangled amongst the clothes. Claire is forever finding them in the armpits of her sweaters, or in the rolled cuffs of her jeans when she dresses in the morning. A waft of detergent—and of her husband—as a white sheet drifts down, brushing her calf like a beloved’s hand. (Familiar; intimate.)

And the way Claire knows terms like methylprednisolone, but cannot win a single game of Scrabble. Rainy days spent brooding over the board, Jamie trying to coax Triple Word scores from her Z’s and Q’s and X’s. “I reckon it’d be quixotic to think the weather will clear for a picnic?” he asks (hints), peeking at her tiles. 

More miracles, then: the way her eyes light up. The kisses she will give him for this small act of kindness. Quixotic written by her lapping tongue, and poppies left to bloom on his neck. (They will make the neighbors blush.)

Their home, too, is another miracle, with its wainscoting and butter-leather and Persian rugs. No longer must they suffer the grimy box of their mid-20’s, or the lonely echoes of their own respective homes. Boston and Scotland have been shed like old skins, or if not shed, then at least peeled to the thinnest films. 

Instead there is this house and Jamie’s footsteps in the study, and the pour of Claire’s nightly glass of milk. North Carolina lies just beyond the windows, a wild glory whose trees lean close, listening. (Even the universe has grown green-bright with envy, wants to be a part of Jamie and Claire’s love.)

And just last week, they installed heated floors and called a plumber to insulate the pipes. So now: socks peeled off with glee, breakfasts of mouths that taste like sleep and last night’s Colgate. The coffee is brewed too long and the pancakes are left on the griddle, and they burn (and burn and burn).

Miracles, all.

But even so, there is one miracle that has not come. Their hope for it—the fervency, the sheer constancy of the thing—is shadowed by a fear similar to Claire’s wedding-day stomach. Lying side by side in bed, they worry:

What if it never happens? What if it does?

(A baby.)

“We’re so old,” Claire jokes one afternoon, a few weeks into 40. She is walking the tight-rope of Jamie’s spine, trying to usher his stiffness to the surface and away. She remembers her splintered, little-girl feet—dancing in 1973—as she tip-toes up and down, up and down her husband’s back.

Though this ground is more uneven than her childhood porch, she prefers it. No sneaky shards to puncture her once-tender skin. Jamie’s are deltoids here and his trapezius there—a special comfort in her favorite pearl of his vertebrae. She hunts for it, feels its safe rub against her sole, and holds back a sigh. (Suddenly, this seems like the most precious gift, and she wishes, more than ever, that she could offer her own back to two tiny, wobbling feet.)  

“Aye, we’re fossils.”

“You could dig us up and brush the dust off,” Claire says, and so Jamie reaches back, swipes his index finger along her shin and licks it. “What would you do if you found my bones? You’re just walking along one day, kilt swinging, and you trip right over my fibula?”

“I’d build a home out of you,” Jamie says immediately. “I’d sleep on yer pelvis.”

“Awfully uncomfortable, pelvises. You’d have more back problems than you do now.”

“But that’s what yer fibulas are for, see. I’d save them for a cane and fuse ‘em together. I think it’d be nice. Always having you to lean on.” Jamie groans when she tuns around; Claire’s heels digging in and scooping out his pain. “But that’s assuming you die before I do, Sassenach. Maybe I’ll be the one who starts to go first.”

“I bloody well hope not. That’d be unbearable.”

“But no’ impossible. Me, wearing diapers at age 70…D’ye think you could ye wipe my arse, and still love me afterwards?”

“Darling, I can’t imagine a higher honor than wiping your ‘arse’ for you.” 

She is smiling—but only just—as she steps down to lay herself across his body, to shield the life of him. 

“And what about you? Will you still love me when I’m blind? I’ll have to get glasses—those big, alien things that make people look like startled bugs or arctic explorers. Like Murdina wears.”

“You’d look verra cute as a spectacled, startled bug, Sassenach.”

“But not an arctic explorer?”

“I’d prefer you as a wee crawlie inside my shirt.”

Claire snorts (a vestige of her mother there, in that unchecked happiness), then adds, “And my memory! Sheesh. A few years, and that’ll be shot straight to hell. Might even forget your name one day. Jack Fraser? Jay Fraser? ‘Ringo Starr, is that you?’ It’ll all be very embarrassing, so please just play along and pretend it’s endearing.”

“Dinna be silly,” Jamie says. “There’s no forgetting me or you.”

(A shame his body is so stiff. More feeling in his back, and he would sense the creep of a premonitory chill. See a far-off but certain future where he must pause, think slowly, in order to make a wife out of the woman next to him. A stranger to him, suddenly, until she reintroduces herself. Jamie, it’s me, it’s me.)

“I suppose you’re right,” she says. “We’re rather stuck with each other, aren’t we?”

Jamie hears the unspoken longing in her words, and he feels it too, somewhere deep in his chest. Let it be this way forever. (Together, beyond death, inside a pair of slanted amber eyes.)

“I meant my vows when I said them, Sassenach. ‘In diapers and dementia…’”

“Oh, is that how it goes?”

“Aye, the Catholics have always said it so.”

“Have I told you that I’m so glad to be stuck with you again? You. Ringo. My two-times-over husband.”

Jamie laughs, rolling over beneath her so that they’re side by side, face to face. Elbows propping heads; Claire’s right leg, straddling. She moves closer, extending her hips—oh, to live there in that cocoon of bone!—and the last of Jamie’s tension loosens, his body freed.

“So nice ye had to do it twice?”

“Better than nice,” she whispers. “Perfect.”

(No matter what, he will always remember this. How two is so much greater than one.)

But while Jamie and Claire joke about their ages, they both know that time is running out. Their baby, they realize, would be a different miracle from all the others—would eclipse even those babies born from more youthful, hospitable insides. And though they have not sat down and spoken plainly as they once did (I want to have a baby), their needing rings throughout the house, spells itself out on the Scrabble board. A baby. Let’s have a baby.

There is an added sense of responsibility to their lovemaking now, which is no less passionate but simply filled with extra care. As if the baby teeters on some fragile precipice, and needs only their encouragement to find its will to live.

Claire has taken multiple tests, all negative, over the past several months. Each time she throws a stick into the waste bin, she feels their chances slipping through her fingers, joining the pile of Q-Tips, wrappers, and tissues soaked in her frustration. She wads up toilet paper shrouds and covers the oval screens, pretending there was no test, no probability lost with the pronouncement of that one thin line.

This time is different though; Claire knows it. It is after Christmas Eve mass, 11:30PM, and she is pacing in the bathroom. Claire has been waiting all day for her courage, to be able to lock the door, hold a seventh stick, and see if her instincts have any kicking, doughy legs. She retrieves the pink box from the cupboard and sits on the toilet. Holds her breath until black sparks are in her eyes.

Tonight, she thinks, is a night for miracles.

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do you have a 'Stiles moves to Beacon Hills' tag? And if so could it be updated? I mean fics like Stilinski's Home for Wayward Wolves where Stiles is new to BH and makes friends with the pack. ty so much endless love and thankfulness <3 <3

yeah! it’s called our new kid!stiles tag. you can go through it for more

Wandering Cats by xthebrokenacex (L_O_A_A_C_S) (1/1 | 1,995 | G)

Stiles wasn’t sure what to expect, but finding a black cat in his sink was not how Stiles thought he’d be introduced to this new town.

Scowls & Smiles by DestielPendragon (3/? | 3,220 | PG13)

Ye typical high school AU where Derek’s all popular and Stiles is the new kid who everyone thinks is weird.


Quickly, Stiles turns towards his jeep and loads his bag into the back seat. When he turns back around, shirtless-dude is leaning down to grab something from the convertible parked next to Stiles, and Stiles sneaks a look at the guys ass. It’s a pretty nice ass. The guy stands back up and pulls on a shirt, still facing away from Stiles.

“Yea I know,” the guy says before turning around, startling Stiles and making him jump. “It’s my ass right?”

Stiles has to scoff. “Wow.” He drawls. “Someone’s cocky.”

Are we All We Are by lynnwrites (6/? | 15,363 | G)

The one where Stiles runs away from home and moves to the quaint little town of Beacon Hills, where he finds himself surrounded by happy people, healthy gossip, great new friends and a grumpy diner owner who steals his heart along the way. (Very slowly, and then all at once.) 


Surprise! :D My Sans Plushie and Megalovania Sans Shirt! :D 

Now I know I said I won’t post any undertale stuff here on my main blog but I’ll let this one slide for once. I’ll make it an acception~ x3 

My wardrobe is complete <3 (btw I still have some more shirts to show but it won’t come till next month sadly) 


When I go to the games I always see people wearing Arsenal shirts and I try to imagine what the story is behind them and what links them to the club. I see the red and white shirts and I wonder what the emotional connection is [of the fans with the club].

Did they go to the first game via their father or grandfather? Then the fear comes in, that I might let these people down. They are my family. The longer I stay the greater the fear of disappointing people becomes.

There’s something magical about the club. People come together and support the team, basically for the purpose of being happy and my job is to make them so. I believe the human being today is still at the centre of the values of Arsenal football club. I have tried very hard to maintain that. -AW

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6, 7, 10, 15, 20

6. Do you have a favorite pet? If so what’s its name?

That is such a tough question! I really don’t have a favourite! As well as my two budgies I also have a hamster, Popcorn, and I do love them all. 

I do have a stronger bond with the birds however, as in they seem to enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. Having two birds greet you excitedly as you return home never gets old, haha!  

My hamster Popcorn is very indifferent towards me, she see’s me as a source of nice food and sometimes likes to snuggle inside my t-shirts, but that’s very much on her terms as she’s such an independent little lady.

7. What is your favorite petblr blog?

Another tough question! I really enjoy @pepperandpals​, @sweetiesugarbird​, @nestregards​, @flock-talk​, @tinysaurus-rex​, @littlerosebirb​, @tieltavern​ and many, many others. Basically I adore every petblr I follow, and seeing all your lovely pets makes me so happy. I would list you all if I could! (I’m going to post this and immediately remember several more blogs I could have added!  Even if you’re not on the list, I still love you all!)

10. Do you own any pets that you don’t post about on your blog?

I do! This is my little hamster Popcorn, she has her own blog here, although I rarely post there. She’s a Syrian hamster, but she’s tiny compared to other Syrian hams I’ve known!

I’ve had her since May of last year, and I don’t really know for sure how old she was when we adopted her. She’s probably about a year old. I once made her a completely handmade, custom build cage, but she decided she was going to try to gnaw her way out in less than a month. She now lives in an Ikea Detolf hack, and its the best cage ever!

15. Are any of your animals rescues?

Widget and Popcorn were both adopted. Popcorn was adopted from Pets at Home, where she was up for adoption as nobody would buy her because of her “creepy red eyes”. Like seriously? She’s adorable! I’d been wanting a hamster for a while, and had done a ton of research, and then I saw her little face and I fell in love.

Widget was re-homed after three weeks because he was “not tame, too wild and aggressive”. Yup. Look at how aggressive he is.

20 - already answered here:

Couple shirts gone wrong.
Also, to my 50+ followers, thank you very much. I hope you guys will stay with me and get to know my obsession with SKNPN more- *ahem*
Thank you for being there. That alone helps me a lot, the thought that although I might mess up my future (that’s all I do yo), I’d still have this blog and you guys by my side. I hope.

Little Pet (part 3)

(Lucifer x Reader)

part 1  part 2

“Can you pass me the book there, satan?” You nod over to the table next to Lucifer and raise an eyebrow at him.  

“Do I look like your errand boy?” He replies in a pissed off tone, staring daggers at you.  

“No but I thought since you’re hanging around anyway you might as well be useful.”  

“Wasn’t I useful last night?” He replies cockily, making you blush as the memories come back to you.  

You had no idea why he was still around. At first you had been half scared to death, than turned on and now you were just confused at the whole situation. He had tried to use you for his own advantage but those thoughts somehow seemed long forgotten. His attitude was still horrible, but what else could you expect from Lucifer himself, though he didn’t look so threatening to you anymore. He almost acted nice, in his own strange way.  

“Be quiet I have to concentrate.” You say, attempting to change the subject while you skim through your lore book.  

“Are you ignoring my question?” He takes the book next to him and stands up, walking over to you, “That’s not nice, someone forgot his manners.” He whispers into your ear as he bows down and drops the book into your lap.  

He walks behind you, nipping at your earlobe and kissing his way down your neck. You try to concentrate on your research but those thoughts are quickly forgotten as he moves his hands up your shirt, his fingers circling your already hardening nipples. You moan quietly and lean back into his touch. His hands are moving up and down your body, tongue finding it’s way into your mouth. You whimper into the kiss an excited shudder running through your body.  

As quick as he was all over you he’s gone again, smiling when you let out a frustrated sigh of discomfort.  

“Still not going to answer my question?” He smirks, moving in front of you to stare right at you.  

“You’re so annoying.” You say while you play around with the hem of your shirt. You needed something to distract you.  

“Want me to leave then?” He walks over to the door and you bite your lip, jumping up from your chair.  

“Yes! The answers yes okay?” You blurt out to make him stop, “Happy now?” You add in an annoyed tone.  

“Very much so.” He walks towards you, sweeping you right of your feet and throwing you over his shoulder with ease.  

“We’re going to have so much fun from now on, love.” He says and smiles at you as he throws you down onto the bed.


Pure Jealousy Part 2- Pietro Maximoff Imagine

“Hold on tight printessa. I’m gonna make you forget that bastard’s name.“ Pietro growled into your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. You was barely able to gather yourself before Pietro ripped off your dress, practically shredding it as the shrewd pieces of fabric floated down the floor. You gasped as his hands grabbed onto your hips, lifting you up so that your legs could wrap around his waist and leaning in to roughly press his lips against your own. You reached up, running your fingers through his silver hair as his lips moved harshly against yours, his tongue forcefully invading your mouth as he easily dominated over you. You couldn’t help the moan that rose from your throat as one of his hands moved to cup your breast. He reached around to unclip the bra only to find that there wasn’t a clip in the back.

“It clips in the front,” You said breathlessly, only being able to pull back from his punishing kiss for a moment. He looked a tad bit confused, glancing down at the strapless black bra you had just bought to go with the strapless dress that was now torn to pieces on the floor. He pulled his hand back to the front of your bra before quickly ripping the clamp apart, letting the piece of now useless fabric fall to the floor. God, you were going to end up having to walk out of here naked.

"What do you want me to do Y/N?” He whispered as both of his hands trailed their way around your chest, never touching you in a place that would give too much pleasure. You stayed silent as he leaned down to place kisses along the top of your chest, your fingers tightening their grip in his hair. “Either tell me, or I walk out right now and you really get punished tonight at the house. There I can make you scream as loud as I want, and no one will hear you,” he whispered, reminding you of the completely public place you were currently half naked in.

“Please Pietro, just. Touch me,” You said, still gasping as he slowly ground his hips against your own, his crotch rubbing against yours so that you could easily feel his hardness against you. You could practically feel him smirking against your skin as he heard you, waiting only a moment before one of his hands went to fully cup your right breast and his mouth dropped to your opposite nipple, quickly suckling it into his mouth. “Holy shit Pietro,” You gasped, the air leaving your lungs as his teeth and fingers went to work on your sensitive nipples. Your head fell back, eyes coming to rest on the ceiling tiles. The waves of pleasure coursing through your body slowly dulled as he began to pull away, his mouth trailing to the other nipple as his hand fell to where the both of your crotches were still rubbing against each other. You let out a small whimper, then another as his hand reached into your panties so that he could feel your wetness.

“Who did this? Tell me who made you this fucking wet printessa? Who left you dripping like this?” He growled against your skin, not fully pulling away as he looked up at you. You let your gaze drop to his eyes as his hand moved to find your clit, still soaked in your wetness as he found it and pressed his finger against it lightly.

“Fucking hell Pietro, you,” You moaned as his finger began to move. You watched as the smug smirk spread out across Pietro’s face, his hand quickly pulling out of your panties, only to grab onto them and rip off the fabric. He really had a thing for ripping fabric today huh.

‘What do you want me to do Y/N? Say it for me printessa,” He taunted, his hand lightly traced over your lips.

“God Pietro. Fuck me, please,” You couldn’t believe he had actually reduced you to begging. But he was very happy with the response, removing his hands so that he could rip off his jacket and button down shirt before unzipping his pants, every once and a while he would grab my thighs, making sure you were still secure on his waist before he dropped his pants and boxers. "Please Pietro,” you moaned as he wrapped one of his hands around his length, moving to align himself with you. He smirked up at you, mischief evident in his eyes.

“I want you to scream for me printessa.”

He was the fastest man in the world, but thankfully, he slowed it down with me. Also, we are now banned from that banquet hall.


- Him being a really sweet/kind of dorky guy, in general.

- Him holding your hand 24/7

- He likes giving forehead kisses.

- “Babe are you going on patrol?”

- He turns around quickly, and presses his lips to your forehead.

- “Yeah, I’ll be back soon, go back to sleep.”

- There are pictures of the internet of Spiderman at the drug store picking up (Shampoo/Tampons/ any other essential).

- “Why do you have this picture saved on your phone?

- “I don’t know, it just makes me happy.”

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A full year of art, still mostly dominated by KH but I don’t think any of you really mind XD!! Thank you guys so much for all your support through your encouraging messages, wearing my shirts, and sharing my artwork with your friends <3 I don’t say this often enough: you guys are awesome, and I’m very thankful to have you all at my side (´;ω;`) so despite the not-so-good things that have happened this year, I know for a fact that there are good and kind people out there.

Keep making the world beautiful–keep drawing, writing, creating cosplay; go and do all the things that make you happy. Encourage others and encourage yourself to do better. Art is never an end, it’s always a beginning of something great.

I hope y’all have a splendid celebration with loved ones and i’ll see you in 2017 ♥ ♥ ♥

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3,7,10,14,16,17,28,52,57,62,63,64 :>

3. The person you would never want to meet? Mali Alek, Trump, The Person I Am Becoming™ (still working on not being right about the last one though)

7. What shirt are you wearing? Dark grey one with small drawings and symmetrical symbols on it.

10. What were you doing at midnight last night? Texting a friend (thank goodness, she is finally happy)

14. What is your current desktop picture? *had to check* I still have New Day lmao

16. The last song you listened to? Nearly Witches by Panic! At The Disco, but before it I listened to Buzzcut Season and nostalgia hit me

17. You can press a button that will make any one person explode. Who would you blow up? My aunt she is toxic to my sister. Very toxic.

28. You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society. You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place? Everyone has a right to basic human needs (would probably use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) until they strip someone else of that right, no matter if the hurt being is a human or any other animal.

52. How long could you go without talking? Are you asking me to shut up? XD. Well, it depends on what you think of as talking. If you mean talking in person/on the phone, then I could go without it for quite some time. If we are talking about texting or socializing in general, then I would probably last for some two to three days (after all look at what I based my first law on), and if you meant talking like talking to OCs in my mind or writing to them (I actually do this in notes on phone, I really need help), then yeah,
I can’t shut up for longer than a day bruh XD

57. What is the last thing you drew a picture of? I drew a girl entering the forest right now based on the suggestion @potatolaura gave me and it as terrible I have to practice .-.

62. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet? I don’t know I always liked T? Like since I was eight or so it just seemed nice and I thought about how it was simple and you could style it by changing the length of lines. I need help.

63. Which is cooler: dinosaurs or dragons? *sweats nervously* D-dra-dragonsaurs

64. What do you think about babies? I’m scared of them especially after remembering a nightmare from like 5 years ago in which my sister was a demon and had big purple and black eyes and floating in the living room and pointing her finger at me…

Thank you for the ask and enjoy your time ^-^


I’ve added my Shadora Seraphim drawings to my redbubble! It’s available as shirts, swag, and even full printed posters. (There isn’t a giant watermark on the actual products of course!) If you are interested, make sure you decide whether you want the version with Shadow on top, or Aurora on top.

Also, take in mind that some of the visual effects most likely will get lost during the printing process. I love redbubble, but I don’t get to see the finished product before it goes out for shipping, so I can’t ensure that it will look exactly how it does from my drawing. Still, their products always come out pretty well and I’m very happy to be doing my shop through them :)

EDIT: I was an idiot and forgot to turn a layer on, so THAT’s why it looked different from my original drawing. I went in and corrected all the products, so they WILL print as the original drawing looks. I’m so sorry for doubting you Redbubble. Forgive me ;w;

The Szayel diaries

As requested by anon. :)

We’ve previously looked at the diaries of Unohana, Grimmjow, Kurotsuchi, and Urahara. Now it’s time to take a quick peak at some of the entries from Szayel’s diaries!

1. Dear Diary,

Living in a desert is the worst. Here I am, steadily evolving – but without the resources to keep up. I created a primitive computer out of sand yesterday, but it does not do much. I need a proper lab if I want to bring my many scientific ideas to fruition.

My brother Yylfordt, meanwhile, continues to run about with his gang. Strength in numbers is his continuous rallying cry. I point out that I work alone and I am perfectly fine – and stronger than him, that’s for sure, since I am not shy about eating the hollows that give me strength.

Apparently his little gang has a new leader – a panther hollow named Grimmjow. From what I can gather, he’s your average mindless thug. Perfect for them, I suppose. But perfection for me? That means something much, much more. I will keep evolving. And I must find a way to ensure that my environment evolves with me.

2. Dear Diary,

I have decided to join the army of the shinigami, Aizen Sosuke. Seems like the path most likely to provide me with the resources I need to pursue my research and became a perfect being. The intel I have gathered shows that Aizen is organizing his army based on strength – physical strength only, not intelligence, a sadly shortsighted organizational policy for a man who seems as clever as Aizen. No mind. I imagine that even if I am not made an espada immediately, I will soon make my presence known. Anonymity can be a good place to start.

3. Dear Diary,

I am now an arrancar in Aizen’s army - an espada! Apparently my strength is enough. I met the Shinigami bosses, of course. There are three of them: Aizen Sosuke, Ichimaru Gin, and Tosen Kaname. And may I just say: the white-haired one? Very very cute.

I now have all of the space I could wish for, since I have been given my own palace. My lab now covers several rooms. And naturally I have begun building my torture maze – a necessity for any lab (that does not want unwanted visitors) and for any scientist (who happens to have an active vlogging hobby).

I was offered the opportunity to hire some fracciones to assist me. Naturally I said no. I will build my own fracciones. Much more efficient that way. And anyway, I’ve seen the arrancar that are available as fracciones. Can I say no thank you

4. Dear Diary,

I have been demoted from the espada. I do not wish to talk about it.

Where am I supposed to put my equipment now?

5. Dear Diary, 

I need to find an ally among the espada, I think. I need an in, or else I will never become one of them again.

Enter Nnoitra. He is an espada: even more of a mindless thug than that Grimmjow that my brother is still following around. I was looking for an espada that had a desire or a problem that I could exploit: Nnoitra had both. He is having “trouble” with one of his fellow espada: Nelliel, espada #3. It seems that Nnoitra is desperate to fight her, but he cannot because (a) she is to strong for him and (b) she refuses to fight him. So I made a pitch to Nnoitra: I would help him out in return for the opportunity to test one of my latest inventions. To my surprise, convincing Nnoitra was not difficult at all. He is truly desperate to defeat that Nelliel woman, no matter the method.

Tomorrow Nnoitra and I will go to Nelliel’s palace. I have a good feeling about it.

6. Dear Diary,

The experiment was a massive success! I created an illusory clone of Nnoitra, which Nelliel tried to attack, allowing Nnoitra to land a blow from behind.

He still didn’t manage to kill her. That guy is just not very good at fighting. If he is my competition for reentry into the espada, then perhaps I will not have as difficult a road ahead of me as I think.

7. Dear Diary,

I have not written in a while, diary. I’m afraid these personal notes took a back seat to my lab journals. But I thought I should write down the important thing that has just happened to me: I have been promoted to the espada. I am now espada #8. Which is perfect, of course: if you lay 8 on its side, then it makes the symbol for eternity. What better symbol for being like me, who will be both perfect and immortal?

My brother is also a part of Aizen’s army now, by the way. He joined as one of Grimmjow’s fracciones. Yes, apparently that Grimmjow guy is still around. Espada #6 – good for him. I thought it might be valuable to obtain some intelligence from one of the other espada, so I planted some bugs in my brother when he came for “tea.” Now if he does anything interesting, I will know about it.

8. Dear Diary,

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with the most brilliant idea: EDIBLE FRACCIONES. They’re underlings, that double as an emergency food source / healing elixir, just in case I get in a fight that goes badly!

How there are people who don’t just make their own employees is beyond me. Aizen gets it. I hear he’s about to start using his hogyoku to make his own special arrancar any day now.

It occurs to me that Aizen and I are rather similar in many ways. We are both highly intelligent. Both inventors. Both wear fake glasses. And I ran into so many of his secret cameras while I was planting my own. It is nothing short of a travesty that Ulqiuorra is his favorite espada, rather than me.

Perhaps I am simply *too* similar to him.

9. Dear Diary,

My brother is dead. Grimmjow led him on an ill-considered, illicit mission to the world of the living to kill a bunch of humans and Shinigami….and failed. Just, completely failed. They killed none of their targets, and every single one of Grimmjow’s fracciones was killed. Grimmjow himself was demoted and lost an arm. You could not have more of a failure if Aizen actually used that leaky teacup that Gin the cutie pie gave him.

Sorry! Got distracted there! Luckily, the mission was not in any way a failure for me: I got excellent data from the bugs I had planted in my brother. That Abarai Renji fellow seems interesting. He has a bankai, even though he is only a lieutenant. I hope I will get the opportunity to study him more closely at some point.

10. Dear Diary, 

Luppi has replaced Grimmjow as the #6 espada. Luppi! That idiot that Gin loves for some reason. I cannot help but feel a little vexed about this. I will have to step up my seduction game.

Time to put that flowered swing into action.

11. Dear Diary,

The flowered swing experiment was not a success. Gin is a truly mysterious creature.

12. Dear Diary,

At last something is happening! The friends of the woman that Aizen kidnapped – Inoue Orihime – have arrived in Hueco Mundo. Aizen has ordered all of us espada to wait in our palaces. I will obey, of course.

But I think I may go ahead and send out Rudbornn and his men. Just to get some eyes on the ground. And clean up any messes that may be left behind. I am a go-getter, that way.

13. Dear Diary,

Sending out Rudbornn did not cause me any trouble at all with Aizen. No loss of limbs. I am better than Grimmjow.

14. Dear Diary,

Excellent news! I have not one but FOUR victims currently making their way through my maze. The bankai user Abarai, who is being accompanied by some sort of fat round arrancar, and a Quincy (!!), Uryu Ishida, who is being accompanied by a thin and buglike arrancar. I have already sealed off their powers, of course. Oh, this is going to be fun! I cannot wait to study both of these prime specimens up close.

Soon they will be dead, and I will be the richer in knowledge for it. That is the very definition of a good day.

15. Dear Diary, 

I had to change my shirt. They ruined it! Such jerks. Still, clever of them and all. Abarai allowing himself to get blown up, just to get at me. As crabby as I was about the whole incident, it did allow me to test my edible fracciones! And I am happy to report that they are both effective and delicious! I will have to make a new Lumina, though. I promised Verona.

Well! Nothing to do now but go out there and finish those two off. It will not be difficult. Soon, diary, I will be writing all about my victory!

undertale things i need more of:

-cats crawling inside of papyrus and sans’ ribcages. which i have both drawn and written myself and yet the idea still refuses to leave me be

-papyrus wearing minions themed shirts and other merchandise, which i have also drawn, but is very necessary for my survival 

-literally anyone in the ut main cast having a youtube let’s play channel or just overall playing video games together. give me mario party skeletons+undyne and alphys. and all the couch throwing, game controller crushing that entails

-papyrus helping psych undyne up and get her ready before the garbage date with alphys [or any future dates with alphys] [sometimes he and mtt work together to make sure everything goes smoothly because they care so much about their friends’ happiness and want everything to be perfect] 

-frisk’s family participating in school events [not just pta sans and teacher toriel. give me soccer mom undyne, substitute teachers [who may or may not actually be qualified] alphys and papyrus, mettaton trying to help with the drama class productions]

-the first few weeks on the surface. do u mean to tell me no major news organizations wanted to interview frisk, and that frisk didn’t get national coverage for OPENING MT EBOTT’S BARRIER AND FREEING THE MONSTERS??? and not just art/writing of the interviews, but more about how frisk, who’s like 8, adjusts to that. how the rest of their monster family adjusts to Suddenly Scrutiny by Humans at All Times Forever

-frisk’s birth parents finding them and trying to take them back, but frisk not wanting to go back because their birth parents are Bad and the monsters collectively raise hell to get custody of frisk. may tie in to @autistic-apostate’s #kidnapping idea [some examples here and here] because honestly this was my first thought when u mentioned it

-the amalgamates on the surface! actually, more of ALL the minor character monsters on the surface! how does the dog crew adjust to knowing that most dogs are incapable of speech+owned by humans, and also that furries exist? does Grillby’s close down, and does he reopen it on the surface? do the tems leave their village, and if so, does that dancing mushroom remain down there eternally? 

-more stuff of frisk’s monster family that includes napstablook come on people u cant include mtt and then leave nap outta the family

-more alphys with the amalgamates, both pre and post pacifist! more alphys trying to cope with everything about the true lab. alphys having nightmares and alphys being paranoid and afraid of losing everyone’s trust and losing undyne and just! more alphys tbh


When you enter the preggo world, it’s as if you’re expected to wear only a handful of garments that hide the bump, rather than embrace it. If you’ve checked out my InStyle Pinterest board, then you’ll know I’m not one wear shirts that are 5 sizes too large. Don’t get me wrong, I love lounging in oversized shirts, but my bun has been my favorite accessory. Forget society standards and wear what makes you happy! Bring on the itty-bitty bikinis!

1. Maternity Jeans

I dedicated a post on this a while back, but I am still in love with Paige Denim’s Maternity Jeans. Unlike many maternity jeans that have the super obvious elastic band, Paige Denim’s band is unnoticeable. They’re made with a breathable, stretchy material that makes maternity skinny jeans possible! I especially love the Skyline and Verdugo skinny jeans, which I’ve worn a several times.

2. Two-piece swimsuits

Bikinis were once a pregnancy taboo, (and it very well may still be), but if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Embrace all your lady lumps!!

3. Body hugging dresses

You don’t have to shop in the maternity section for this one. Maybe you can still fit in the ones already in your closet. If not, just purchase a size larger like what I did. A brand that I’ve been sporting a lot lately is Missguided. I’ve worn the Curve Mini Dress and the Side-Split Midi Dress, both of what you won’t find in the maternity section!

4. Long coats

Long coats just make any outfit chic. Whether I’m in heels or in Converse, long coats are just great statement pieces that take any outfit up a level or two. I especially love that they keep not only me, but my bun warm.

5. Rocker tees

I love pairing rocker tees with skinnies or joggers. Dress it up with the right accessories, such as aviator shades or wide brim hat, and you’ve got yourself a chic, rocker mommy look!

The Funnies? or Boxes? Diaries Chapter 6

Thanks for being patient, school can be hassle! Here you go !

Nicks stared hopelessly at the computer screen trying to zoom in on the culprit who came in to visit the weasel, but nothing. Whoever came in, knew where all the cameras were hidden and they did a pretty good damn job at hiding their faces. They were wearing a ZPD uniform and had their heads titled at the perfect angle, they had long coats to cover the uniforms and most likely their tails. A deep growl rumbled in Nicks chest, he wanted to strangle that weasel for what he done, telling Berlin of Judy’s pregnancy. A slight knock on Nick’s office door made him jump.

“Hey, sorry to bother you but we found more information on Berlins possible where about” said Emma, as she laid a stack of papers on Nicks desk.

“I feel like we aren’t getting any closer to him, there is a reason why he hasn’t been caught by the police  all these years” said Nick.

Nick had come into the station a couple weeks ago after Judy was in good health. He filled in the Chief on everything about Berlin. That Nick worked for him, ripped him off, ruined his name, etc. But he also told them that Berlin is never in the same place twice, he is constantly on the move. The only lead they had was the weasel and he was no help because Berlin only contacted him through via phone or had his agents to do the work for him. They were at a dead end.

Chief Bogo had put a special team together to hunt Berlin down, Emma was a part of that team and with Judy’s hesitation Nick joined too. Nick worked countless hours with Emma trying to hunt Berlin down, but there was no use. Nick would come home, exhausted out of his mind and eye lids that could carry cement blocks and crash on the bed, Judy worried about his health.

Just this morning she asked him to stay, “Please Nick, this case is killing you, you need to rest” she wrapped her arms around his waist the best she could, with the baby bump being in the way. Judy was 22 weeks, her belly the size of a melon, her cravings and her emotions getting more intense, just the other day she cried when she spilled a glass of carrot juice and scared Nick half to death as he ran into the kitchen with a baseball bat. Now, with her puppy dog eyes begging him to stay bed, it was so hard not too.

“I have to Carrots, have to keep you safe remember?” he winked

“I have to keep you safe too, we haven’t had any issues” said Judy…. but there was a reason for that. After Berlin poisoned Judy, Nick made a quick phone call.

He called Mr. Big and told him the situation, Mr. Big swore protection over him and Judy. Not only were the ZPD were keeping close watch, Mr. Big and his polar bears did too. When Nick wasn’t home, Kevin and Raymond were watching the block.  Mr. Big wanted Berlins head after Nick told him Judy was almost killed.

Now Nick and Emma were sitting in his office at another dead end, even with Mr. Big on his side, he didn’t feel any better. Suddenly, Clawhauser came running into his office.

“Nick! Judy called she says she needs you home, she isn’t feeling well”.

Nick snapped up, gathering his paperwork like a tornado until Emma laid a paw on his shoulder.

“Don’t Nick, take a break, I will let you know if we need anything, go home”.

Nick sighed, “Thanks” he quickly ran out of his office.

Nick ran at least 3 lights on his way home and bolted up the stairs. He opened his apartment door to find Judy happily sitting on the couch dipping carrots in a jar of chocolate.

“Hey Nick” she smiled.

Nick was panting heavily, “Wait….I came home because you told Clawhauser you weren’t well”

“Yeah, I’m not well, I’m having husband withdrawals” she winked

“You sly bunny, you lied”

“Not really” she tried to inch herself off the couch, sliding in an awkward formation. Nick flew forward, his arms ready to catch her if she fell. She stood before him with her puppy dog eyes. “I have a surprise for you”.

“Really, what is it?”

“I moved our Doctors appointment up to today, we leave in an hour” she smiled happily. “So, shower and get dressed”.

Nick Whined. “No, I don’t want too”.

“Too bad, so sad”

Judy started walking away from him, he grabbed her wrist and picked her up in his arms. “N-Nick! Put me down”

“I’ll shower, if you come with me” he started kissing her neck, making it very hard for Judy to deny his wish.

“Dang it Nick no, I already showe—“but it was too late, Nick had her shirt off in a heartbeat and silenced her lips with his, she was putty in his arms as he lead them to the hot shower.

Nick couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he drove him and Judy to the doctor’s office. The windows were rolled down, the sun glowed on Judy’s fur, and Nick was replaying her in the shower over and over again. Judy could see the huge smug of Nicks face.

“I don’t think I have seen you smile that wide since we got stuck on paperwork duty in the basement at the station” she smiled ..Ahhh good times. One of the many scandalous places they decided to “do it”.

“Can you blame me carrots? Who knew you could be so flexible pregnant”

“Don’t ever underestimate me Wilde”

“I won’t….ever again… I don’t think I have been this clean since I was a kit” he winked.

Judy blushed and whacked him with her forearm.

They pulled up to Savannah Central medical and headed to the fourth floor. They checked in waited in the patient room as Judy laid back in the long chair as she laid her hands on her belly. Nick scanned the room, baby paintings all over the walls. Nicks heart began to race, his paws beginning to sweat, his tail curled. Oh my gosh…am I going to be able to do this? He was nervous, he had no idea on how to be father! He didn’t even have a good father figure of his own. Judy reached for his hand, squeezing it tightly.

“Nick, it’s going to be ok” she whispered.

The door to their room opened, a silk voice came from the doctor who would be aiding them today. “You must be Mr. and Mrs. Wilde, my name is Dr. Stream”, the doctor didn’t look up from her clipboard, but it wasn’t hard for Judy to miss that the Doctor that stood before them was a vixen. She was beautiful, with a cream colored coat and light blue eyes, the white coat complimented her red shirt and black pants she wore underneath. Judy’s throat went dry, she was stunning and not only that she was a female fox. Nick hardly noticed, his eyes glued to hers.

Dr. Stream looked up, her head went aback in shock as what sat before her. A fox….and a rabbit, and the rabbit is pregnant. Judy could see the vixen’s eyes darting between the pair, Judy sat up more straight in her chair, Nick eyeballing her as she moved. Dr. Stream came forward with an outstretched hand.

“Hello, you must be Mrs. Wilde” she smiled


“And you must be Mr. Wilde” she turned to shake Nicks hand, her eyes moved up and down, and who was to blame her, Nick was very handsome. It didn’t even phase Nick that the doctor was a vixen, he shook her hand politely. Dr. Stream continued to stare at them both, Judy was starting to feel uncomfortable and finally spoke up.

“I’m sorry, does this make you uncomfortable?” said Judy as she glared at the Doctor.

Dr. Stream snapped out of her gazed, embarrassed of her behavior. “No, I’m sorry I just don’t see interspecies couples very often, and to be honest I have never see a Fox and Rabbit together, but it’s beautiful and very happy for you both, I apologize if my behavior seemed rude”.

Nick laughed nervously, Judy could tell he was still on edge.

“Alright Judy, let’s take a look at those babies huh?”

Dr. Stream rolled Judy’s shirt above the bump, she turned the monitor on and squeezed the cold gel on Judy’s stomach. She winced a little, it was too cold for her liking.

“Ok, so take a look at the screen and you should be seeing your babies soon”. The doctor moved the remote up and down her stomach until Judy could hear a tiny heartbeat. Nick squeezed her hand, his mouth hanging open as he stared at the monitor.

“Look, there is one!”

Judy looked to her left to see a tiny body with a tiny heartbeat, curled in a fetal position. Tears started to form in her eyes, still holding onto Nicks hand.

“What do we have here? Two more heartbeats?” Dr. Stream said in shock. The monitor was raging with the sound of tiny heartbeats, for hiding behind the first baby was two more. Judy gasped in surprised, tears streaming down her face. THREE! THREE BABIES.

Judy looked at Nick whose mouth was hanging to the floor, you can see water building up behind those emerald eyes.

“Well will you look at that” said Dr. Stream as she was rotating the remote on Judy’s belly.

“What!? What’s wrong”

“Oh nothing, it’s just I see a baby with ears of a bunny, you can see the ears forming here” she pointed to the side of the baby’s head. “But you can also see a tail, but not a bunnies tail, a foxes tail”

Nick couldn’t hold back the tears now. Judy held his hands with her own, “Oh Nick.” she whispered. Nick wrapped his arms around her shoulders and held her close. Dr. Stream smiled at the couple.

“I can definitely see that one of your babies will be a mix, the other two are hiding behind the first so I can’t tell, but we can always check at a later time, do you want to know the sex of your babies?”

“YES!” screamed Judy

“Ok, well it looks like……A boy and two girls”.

Judy could feel Nicks hands falling off of her shoulders and his body going limp. Oh no…. not again.

Nick collapsed on the floor, passed out. “Oh my gosh Nick! Not again”. Judy couldn’t believe it, Nick fainted.

It took about 25 minutes to make Nick come too, he got carted out in a wheelchair into the hospital parking lot. Dr. Stream handed Judy the pictures from her sonogram.

“Take care Judy, let me know if you need anything”. Dr. Stream looked at Nick and shook her head and laughed. Ugh…Nick was so embarrassing. Judy told the nurse she would take it from here, she shook Nick by the shoulders.

“Come on Future Dad, get up!” Nick whined as he slowly got out of the wheelchair. “We are going to have three! Three babies!” Nick stumbled almost like he was drunk. Judy couldn’t help but laugh as she helped Nick to the driver’s seat of the car. He drove them back, excited out of his mind.  Judy couldn’t help but be excited with him.

“Now, we need to pick names!”

“Yes, we need to pick names”

Nick received a text from Emma to pick up some paperwork from the station. Nick parked the car, he gave Judy a quick peck on the cheek.

“I won’t be long” he whispered, he hopped out of the car and ran inside. Judy sat comfortably in the passenger seat, stroking her belly, “I can’t wait to meet you guys” she whispered. Judy’s phone buzzed in her pocket, she flipped it open to see an unknown number. Confused, she answered “Hello?”

“It’s good to hear you are doing well Judy” said the voice who could cut glass…..Berlin…

Judy froze, unsure what to do, should she run? Find nick?

“Don’t even think about leaving the car Judy, my sniper would take you out in a millisecond”

Shivers flew up her spine, she wrapped her arms around her belly, he was watching her and she had no idea from where. No…. no she couldn’t let Berlin win; she wouldn’t let them hurt Nick or her babies.

“What do you want?” Judy snapped

“Oh, there is some fire in you, I like that in a woman.” Berlin chuckled

“Don’t flatter yourself”

“Feisty one, ok Judy here is what I need you to do, if you fail to comply my sniper will kill Nicholas Wilde as soon as he leaves the building”.

Judy’s heart was in her throat, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think, she looked around the parking lot and around the buildings, the sniper could be anywhere. Nick was her reason for living, he was everything to her, she loved him more than anything in the whole world.

“Mrs. Wilde, I also promise if you do this for me, I won’t hurt you” the dark voice echoed in her ear.

The babies, they needed to be safe, Nick, he needed to be protected. Judy sat up straight and puffed out her chest and spoke.

“Alright, what do you want me to do?”

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OKAY SO THIS IS CRAZY but I made a makeshift Burgie cosplay (I still gotta add cheese and get a Game Grumps shirt but all in due time)! It would mean the world to me if you guys can reblog this so the grumps can see; it’s been a very rough year with my OCD and just watching Game Grumps makes me feel so happy and cheers me up a lot! I really want all the grumps to see this and smile! They’ve done so much for me and the least I can do is cosplay a small, smiling burger <3

It takes two (part 2) - Dean Winchester

Part 1

Request: Imagine playing ‘truth or dare’ with the brothers and then sam asks you something sexual and you admit that you never had an orgasm with any of your Boys you slept with. Later that night dean sneaks into your room and shows you how great sex can feel with the right person 😊 something like this would make me very happy :) gentle and loveable dean hihi

Note: Here we go. Thanks to Venora we have some more Dean smut ;)



No words were exchanged between the two of us as Dean’s hands slowly found their way under my T-shirt. He moved them slowly to the small of my back, his fingers softly caressing the bare skin as he did so, leaving goose bumps in their wake. My eyes once again locked with Dean’s, his irises a slight shade darker than the normal bright green. Lust was steady but surely taking control of him. Little sparks ran up and down my spine as his soft voice filled the room.

“You have to promise me something.” I was already too wrapped up in the moment to answer, so I  nodded, looking at him quizzically.

“Don’t fake anything, if you don’t like it… Just tell me.” His words were rather a demand than a question.

“I promise.” With that, his lips met mine. Still unsure of what to do, I let him take control, giving myself to him completely. Dean took his time, just tasting me, my lips caught between his, tongues dancing around each other. The kiss was slow, but promised me that it and this night was going to be all about me. Dean’s hand dropped to my leg as he started kissing my neck, leaving his mark in the process. I didn’t even care about it, everything about this moment, about him felt right. He kept working his way down my neck and kissed the top of my breasts. For a moment, I held my breath, waiting for his next move. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when he suddenly pulled away. He had the cutest smile on his face as he looked straight into my eyes.

“Let’s get rid of this.” His voice was low but soft as he played with the hem of my shirt. I lifted my arms so he could easily remove it and toss it to the floor. Dean took his time, eying my body, causing me to cover myself with my arms.

“Don’t, you are beautiful. Exactly how I imagined it.” Gently, he guided me down so I would lie on my back. My mind started racing. Dean thought about me? Naked? I was so lost in thoughts that he caught me of guard. Opening the zipper of my shorts he gave me a reassuring look. Agonisingly slow he pulled them down, gently kissing every inch of skin that got exposed. My friend squatted down at the end of the bed, grabbed my ankles and pulled me closer towards him.

“Just relax.” I rested my head on the mattress and focused on what I was feeling rather than what I was thinking. Dean’s fingers softly pulling my panties down my legs, his arm lifting my right leg over his shoulder, the scruff on his chin and cheeks leaving a soft burning sensation against my inner thy as he teasingly placed kisses around my most sensitive area. A soft whimper left my lips as the tension building between my legs became too much. Dean listened to my silent wishes and brushed his lips slowly against my clit, sending warm shivers all over my body. He kept kissing and licking, exploring every inch of me, finding every sensitive spot, leaving me a panting mess. His name a whisper of pure desire on my lips… I could feel a warm glow forming in my lower stomach and sparks racing up and down my spine as his hands cupped the cheeks of my ass and gave them a little squeeze. My hands found their way into dean’s hair, pulling at the short strands. And just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled away. Leaving me breathless and confused. “I’m sorry sweetheart, I’m not ready with you yet.” Dean stood up and started taking of  his pants and boxers. He looked absolutely stunning and I couldn’t help but wanting to feel his hot skin against mine. He took place between my legs and his lips kissed mine quickly, before he let his tongue flick over my already hard nipples. The pool of heat in my stomach intensifying immediately. I could feel Dean lining himself up at my entrance, teasingly dipping in and out of me. If he kept on going like this, I was going to lose my mind right then and there.

“Dean, I need you, now.” A mischievous grin formed on his face as he looked at me playfully. He let himself sink into me, filling me up perfectly and completely. We both needed a moment to adjust and only when dean was sure that we were both ready, he started moving again. Oh my god, this felt amazing… His strong muscles rippling underneath my touch, my lips tenderly kissing his shoulder, covered with freckles and my nails clawing at his back. I never wanted this moment to end. My legs automatically wrapped around deans hips, the new angle allowing him to hit my g-spot thrust after thrust. Breathing got harder as our bodies moved in sync with one another. Dean rested his head on my chest as he felt his orgasm build up. His hand travelled between our bodies, rubbing soft circles on my clit. As much as I wanted to hold onto this moment, I couldn’t take it any longer. Dean’s soft whispers and moans were the last thing I needed in order to let go. The feeling rushed over me like a wave of ecstasy. I had never experienced it this intense before. Not long after me, Dean came too, releasing his load inside of me. The feeling of it giving me little aftershocks. I gave him all the time he needed to come down from the high as I gently stroked his cheek.

“Dean, that was perfect. You were perfect…” Slowly, still catching his breath, he lifted his head from my chest.

”I told you it wasn’t your fault, I told you it takes two…”

Calum's Little Sister

I knocked on my brother’s hotel room door and waited as I listened to the story my mom was telling.

The door opened seconds later and I saw a shirtless Ashton. My cheeks got redder and I looked at my hands.

“Have you found Calum?” My mom asked on the phone.

“Is Calum here?” I asked his bandmate.

“No he is not here,” my mom responded on the phone and I rolled my eyes. Ashton nodded and I smiled, entering the room.

I walked in the hotel room to find two double beds with white sheets. Calum was laying on his bed and he sat up when he saw me.

I gave him my phone, “Mom,” I said and he sighed before taking my phone. The conversation seemed pretty serious and he eventually told mom to call him on his phone so he could give mine back.

“Yeah,” He said, “No… The show starts in one hour… If you want… What’s the number of your hotel room?… Okay…” Those were the few words that I heard before he disappeared without even looking at me.

I shrugged at his weird behavior before glancing at Ashton. He had now a tee-shirt on, making me feel slightly more comfortable.

“My mom is freaking out about tonight. She’s excited, nervous and very happy at the same time and it’s just not a good mix,” I stated and Ashton grinned.

My mom had flown to Ireland so she could go to the show and explore the country for a while with my older sister. Me, on the other hand, I was following the band during most of the tour because Calum and I were really close and I had a job, a small one, but still a job in the management.

“She’s just a proud mom,” he replied. “Come here,” he nodded, gesturing me to come where he was, which was on his bed. Ashton was the guy who would always talk a little bit more than the others. But I don’t know if the reason why he talked to me more than anyone else was because I had known him for quite a while or because he had a crush on me (like Michael and Luke had previously mentionned).

I walked over to his bed and sat dangerously close to him. Our arms were touching and that was enough to make the blush reappear on my cheeks and to make my heart race a little faster.

The tour had started since only a few weeks now, but it was the third time we were completely alone. And it felt nice.

He reached for his earphones and plogged them into his iPhone. He gave me one earphone and took the other one for him.

“I listened to that song earlier and I thought I should show it to you… It’s amazing,” he said as he searched for the song on his Spotify. “Here it is,” he mumbled.

I punched him in the arm when I heard a 5sos song play and he giggled. He then put on some songs from the band Biffy Clyro and we started talking about random things. I then started to sing, even though I didn’t have any singing talent. But that didn’t stop me. Ashton giggled some more and sang with me. When it was the two of us, laughter was always present.

“That was fun,” I sighed as I sat on his bed after I was done shouting lyrics.

He nodded and smiled, “But it’s time to go now.” He handed me his hand and I took it. We walked outside the hotel room but once he saw nobody was there, he kissed my cheek for the first time.

I smiled at him and he kissed my temple before giving my hand a gentle squeeze.

Tour was going to be great.