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hc that bitty is still kind of afraid of the dark (moreso due to childhood trauma than irrational fears) which is why he always leaves his door open when he sleeps, to catch some of the light from the hallway. The more he starts sleeping at Jack’s, who has blackout curtains and likes the room pitch dark, the more he finds he can’t sleep at all. Jack notices but can’t put two and two together. After a few months, when Bitty is a little more brave and a lot more confident in their relationship, he brings a nightlight with him. Jack laughs a little when he sees it, kinda like “what is that??? haha”, but when he sees Bitty’s face he starts to sober up. Bitty tells him it’s his old nightlight, and he understands if Jack wants it off but he’s still afraid of the dark when he knows sounds so childish but he always just thinks of that dumb janitors closet and–

and then Jack’s on him, kissing him softly and holding his hands between his. They make a compromise to leave the curtains open, and looking over at his sleeping boyfriend washed in the pale glow of city lights, Bitty’s never felt more in love.


VeggieBants TM. He loves the kid really…  (probably…?)

Goten is always there though? This is even funnier when you remember Mount Paozu and Capsule Corp are on opposite sides of the planet. The kid has transcended his circadian rhythm. He’s gonna be a beast come finals week in college. There’ll be legends echoing through the ages of the all-nighter kid who didn’t need caffeine and could sleep on command like a study god

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Omg that anon has to be really young to not get that i mean im 19 but i still remember what they mean lol

rip i know, let’s put them out of their misery.

other anon.. [old person voice] back in my day when mobile phones still had manual keypads and you wanted to contact your friends via text message (which cost 0.19c each) you had to press each button as many times as indicated on said button to reach your preferred letter. so if you wanted to spell “hi” you had to press 44 [long ass pause because it would directly send you to i if you were too impatient] and 4 again. those were the days..

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I freaking love you. You're just so amazing and awesome! And your story are fantastic! Like, how are you so perfect with your cosplay and writings? Like, how? Smile, cuz you're better than perfect!

Thank you lovely <3 I really needed this right now haha. Trin is running low on spoons.
I’m not perfect at all, I just try my bestest and do what I think is fun. But I’m really touched that you, in fact quite a bunch of you lovely followers, enjoy my writing. I’m just a maladaptive daydreamer with a pen, but at least I can make y’all nerds happy with it heh ^-^

I promise I’ll try to smile! Thank you so much

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Hello hello! Hey guys just wondering...what's your real job here on Tumbrl. Becouse if can really cheer up people i would need some too... i'm not a drawer or a voice actor...i'm just a regular guy who likes Undertale, playing Overwatch, watching people's beautiful arts kn tumbrl and share laughs. Unfortunately i have very few followers and i wish i could have more :c

((I’m not sure what you mean by ‘real job’ on tumblr >v< If you mean my personal blog, I’m the same. I’m just a regular guy who likes Undertale and other fandoms. I have a few followers and close friends on here, but not many, and that too is the same for nearly everyone online. 

Something I think most people go through when joining a social media site like tumblr is wanting to be well known, and it’s completely understandable, because those are the people you see being interacted with. It’s good to remember that you don’t need lots of followers to enjoy your time online or be a part of a community, because you’re you, and what you provide is completely different to what anyone else can. You can have just as much fun with 20 followers as you can with 1000, because those twenty people are interested in you <3))

Looking up turkish cuisine has me screaming a bit because part of my childhood just flashed before my eyes and I really want to go visit that turkish cafe in Edinburgh now.

Lahmacun was basically my lunch from the bakery almost every day when I got home from school.