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shout out to m’gann m’orzz, who came from a species that wanted to destroy planets and kill/enslave all the inhabitants, for fighting for what was right and actively try to save people. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for showing everyone that where you come from doesn’t have to define the person you are. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for proving that she is a hero time and time again without just going around and saying “i’m a hero now!” like other characters on the show.

Uhm yeah had to take a break. I dont feel well right now…Watching 13 reasons why didnt help…to soothe my soul I sketched some young McHanzo. Its a bit better now. I love Jesse with a messy bun. No one can take this from me. Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH for much more then 200 followers by now!!! I appreciate it a lot. If you have any questions or just want to talk with me send me a message or an ask. I would really love to talk to you guys :3

honestly it’s baffling to me how the entire party can be So Bad at reading vex outside of percy and pike (if she’s there) like even vax is extremely hit or miss on saying what vex wants or needs to hear and as a whole vm just. likes to dismiss a lot of vex’s more serious feelings as jokes.

I love how the UK’s motto is keep calm and carry on, the terrorist attack we had a month or two ago and the attack yesterday in Manchester just proves that. The community comes together and we fight together and it just makes my heart so happy to know that even in the darkest times hope is never lost and everyone’s comes to each others aid.  

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I’m still trying to finish up homework for the term, so I’m a bit on the stressy side lately. So until school’s over, I’ll mainly be posting little sock doodles like this!

Here’s bashful playboy Sock on a hot date with an alolan Vuplix!
(He thinks Vulpix are one of the world’s most beautiful pokemon ohoho)

I just had a terrible flashback from after they killed Lexa. I started Into the Badlan ds and thanks god they didn’t kill the gays but they made the same fucking trope with a black woman on their last episode - it’s all the same thing, black women promoting the show and supporting it then they kill the character in this fucking lazy writing. So I went to see if the showrunner said anything on twitter and: he only retweeted an article. written by who?

that Eric Goldman who did the same for Jason after 3x07.

Apparently this is how I cope with my fave characters being killed…

Based on this


“Hey Bria’, how was work today?”

What I said: “It was good!”

What I meant: “I was cleaning the gift shop counter while there were no customers but I kept hearing weird squeaking noises. I stepped closer to the window behind me and noticed the squeaking was coming from four baby birds. I gasped and looked at them fondly; two on the windowsill, two in a bush. Then I noticed a small garden snake crawling up the bush. I realized the baby birds were squeaking with fear and not with joy. The snake was close to the lowest bird in the bush. It made a leap and hit the birds foot. The bird hopped a little and squeaked a bit louder. "Bitch you thought ha ha ha” I assume the snake thought. It leapt again, coiled around the bird and fell to the ground. The baby bird siblings squeaked even louder. One hopped on the snake for about two seconds and tried to get it to let go. “Once again, bitch you thought ha ha ha” I’m sure it thought. It tightened around the baby bird in it’s grasp. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga began to play on the gift shop radio. I watched the snake strangle the bird for the entire song. Right as the next song started, a customer came in. I turned away from the window. “Hi there, how are ya?” She asked. “I’m good how are you?” I replied. My retail smile was plastered back on my face. After making small talk and watching her leave, I returned to the window. The three remaining baby birds were huddled on the windowsill, squeaking up at me and breathing heavily. The snake was just starting to eat the baby bird. Customers kept coming and going. Every time the shop was empty, I would return to the window. The snake eventually inhaled the entire baby bird. I couldn’t shake the image of the birds open beak and lifeless eyes just before the snake started to devour it. Then I refilled the soda machine because my boss told me to.“

Story Time...

So today I mentioned in a conversation how many of the senior class bullied me while we were in middle school, and that during that time, I was EVERYONE’S target, not just a small group’s or anything like that, no, all of the entire class of jerks and idiots, aside from a few decent human beings who also went to middle school with me, all targeted me to pick on and bully.

This person I’m talking to asks me this in quite a bit of an accusatory way, “What did you do to make them do that?”

I’ve been asking myself that question for years and never came up with a definitive answer, and it really pissed me off to hear that question come out of someone else’s mouth. Why? Because it dawned on me that this made it seem like I asked for it, that I wanted to be bullied and tormented for X years of my life.

I didn’t mention how what they said irritated me, but I threw my arms out and said that I’ve been asking myself that question for years. The conversation kinda ended abruptly after that, but still!!


And I just want to put this out there, don’t go asking the bullied what they did to deserve what they had to suffer through. They didn’t do anything. Nothing should be cause for bullying or being bullied.

Don’t be a bully. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be stupid.

Be a friend…

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-the namjoon anon- I don't exactly know what is it, but the way i see it : namjoon and yoongi had difficult early lives the only difference is namjoon had something externally happened to him that effect him, while yoongi had something internally happened to him ( mental health issues ) and I don't know why but i feel like his father has the same issues growing up too and that yoongi is old enough to understand it he has the biggest respect to his father.

Hmm, I see your logic. I think I get it now. For Namjoon, I think I had never thought about that before ‘cause I had never seen any signs that it’d be possible. To me, the problem was born with him? Like. There’s many kinds of intelligences, right? People will be smart about different subjects. Namjoon, though, has the kind of intelligence that would easily fit in to a bunch of different subjects, he’s literally too smart for his own good (Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius) - so that’s what I always thought that had been what made him the way he is with his mental issues. He just simply knows too much, and growing up with his kind of intelligence in the society that he lives (he being open minded and having to learn that that was actually considered wrong by his elders, etc) made him confused for a really long time. The amount of knowledge that he has eats him up. Does that make sense? So while Yoongi feels a lot because he’s a very sensitive person, Namjoon is sorta like that too but his biggest problem is understanding even things that he doesn’t want to. And it’s common knowledge that people that are too smart always end up feeling alone somehow. That’s what I think happened to him, so I never thought about something actually being done to him. Maybe he experienced some bullying in school, too, also because of his wits - but we can’t know that for sure. I do feel like it’s weird that he never talked about anything like that (not that I’m aware of), which leads me to think that 1) it happened but BigHit wouldn’t allow him to talk about it because South Korea wouldn’t like that subject to be public, 2) it happened but was so traumatic he still has a hard time dealing with and wouldn’t want to talk about it, 3) it just never happened. lol But anyway. I appreciate your input ‘cause now you made me think about it and I’ll probably pay more attention to the things he says as so to compare to your theory.

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And that’s true, Yoongi was strongly influenced by his father in many ways, it frustrates me a lot that I can’t read his 4th house to understand it properly. I feel like that’s sorta what happened but it also has something to do with his brother too. Whatever it is, Yoongi’s relationship with his father certainly defined who he is. And Namjoon and Yoongi were very lucky to find each other in life (I honestly think they were meant to like in a fate kind of way lol), they’re very alike in a world that doesn’t have many people like them - so they probably rely on each other a lot.