still taking requests by the way!

Kay so I wrote a fic about this for a diff fandom but I thought it would work here as well… Au where every one in the ham musical has their own special ability. It can range from being able to control elements to advanced innovation skills.

Maria’s a potions/poisons expert (by default she’s immune to any kind of poison) and she runs a shop that sells the stuff. She needed to go away to visit her family and asks her girl friend Eliza who could control the element of water to mind the store and take care of the deliveries. One of which is someone requesting for a love potion (Eliza doesn’t agree with using it but still goes with it) she makes her way to deliver the thing but on the way she’s met with chaos courtesey of Jefferson and Hamilton who are once again getting on each other’s nerves. It was worst because they were actually using their powers against each other with Jeff telekenitically throwing items at Ham not hurt but mostly to just pisd him off (random trash) and Ham blocking them with a self generated shield while attacking with small bursts of energy that makes Thomas jump. One shock was too much and it caused Tom to bump into Eliza and for her to accidentally spill the potion all over Thomas who now under the effects of the potion is staring at Hamilton.

Eliza explains Ham freaks out and begs Liza to fix it. Thomas is flirting with Ham. Kissing his hand, lots and lots of sweet talking. He tries to hug Ham but Ham pushes him away.

Thomas keeps saying “I love you” and Alexander retorts “no you don’t,!”

Eliza calls Maria to ask for help and after laughing her ass off gives the ingredients to an antidote that works on any potion. Eliza works on the antidote while Ham is stuck with

“You’re so gorgeous”
“Stop touching my face”
“I love you so much Alexander Hamilton”
“Stop saying that!”
“But it’s true.”
“You don’t know what you’re saying”
“Yes I do.”
“You make me feel things, Alexander. You make me…feel.”
“…once you get the antidote you’ll be back to normal”
“back to being a coward”
“Wait, what do you mean–?”

Eliza then appears with the antidote and after much pushing, made Jeff drink it.

Fast forward to a couple of days later, Thomas doesn’t remember anything and Alexander just wants to forget.

Maria is arranging her potions when she notices something

“Yes, my song?”
“You said you spilled the last of my love potion?”
“But here’s the last love potion”
“Oh. Perhaps you had an extra one.”
“No. I’m certain that this is the last one.”
“And I’m sure I spilled it all over Jefferson’s head”
“Wait. What did your potion look like?”
“Well…just like that in the same shaped of bottle except the purple is darker.”
“darker….oh. Oh!”
“What. What is it?”
“That wasn’t a love potion”
“then what was it?”
“That was a truth serum”
“Oh. Oh! Well, damn.”

Word Count: 2710
Author’s Note: The request came from @eenterprise a while ago: “I was wondering if you could do a piece about BonesxReader where Bones is sick which means he’s like 100x more stubborn but the reader keeps taking care of him because they still think he’s cute when he’s sick. (Love your fics by the way!)” Thank you! I might have strayed from what you were expecting, but I kinda like how this turned out.
Warnings: Allergic reactions and the goo that goes with them.

It started so innocently. You’d been assigned to an away team to first assess the plant life of the planet you’d just discovered, and then, provided the plant-life was non-sentient, collect samples to bring back to the Enterprise. It had been a fun assignment. The plants were absolutely just plants, with no hidden complex civilization, and you’d gathered a number of samples to study further on board the ship.

One of the plants, a fern-like thing, with heavy, drooping fronds laden with spore-like seed pods on the underside of its leaves, had dropped pollen on you in what you could only suspect was some sort of defense mechanism designed to guarantee its continued propogation. You’d tried to shake the pollen off, but the weird seedpods clung to your uniform, giving you a somewhat speckled look.

On the shuttle ride back to the ship, you started sneezing, and realized you were having some kind of allergic response to the plant. Once you’d docked, you handed off your samples to Spock and between sneezes excused yourself to MedBay for an antihistimine hypo. You hoped Doctor McCoy wasn’t on duty. The man made you melt into a puddle of goo. There was something about him. It wasn’t just his physical perfection, although that was definitely part of it. It wasn’t the way his medical tunic fit him just right. It wasn’t the eyebrows that betrayed his every thought, or the beautiful hazel eyes beneath them. It was definitely all of those things, but there was something else you couldn’t quite put your finger on that reduced you to a babbling idiot in his presence.

After checking in with the nurse, you pushed yourself up onto the BioBed to wait for him to attend you. Of course Doctor McCoy was working today. Of course he was. Because you had been rapidly reduced to a disgusting mess of snot, and red swollen eyes and sneezing. He picked up a scanner has he approached you and raised an eyebrow. As you sneezed into the handful of kleenex you were holding, his eyes widened, and he backed up a little.

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More Than Friends - Fanart

I’m going to post Rick’s most recent pieces individually, since Tumblr apparently can’t handle text posts with more than one image. I absolutely LOVE these, but I also don’t want to spoil the story for anyone who is still making their way through it. Here’s a sneak peek - I’ll post the other two under a cut. Also, Rick will consider taking requests, so if you love these as much as I do, let me know what else you’d like to see!

So I just heard about the situation involving @yogurtbunny

And I realize like, maybe 10 people will see this? But it is never acceptable to blackmail someone because they wouldn’t give you free stuff.

Artists are still people. They need to make money. If you think they do it at people’s whim because “it’s what they do,” get the fuck out of here. If you think an artist should make you something for free, get the fuck out. You are preventing someone from getting their income.

A good way to do this better is to ask if they take requests. If they don’t, tough shit. Commission something. Donate. Support the artist. Don’t just act like you “deserve” it.

Support artists, don’t be an asshole.

Safe - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

Could I request an overprotective Jughead imagine? Not in a bad way, he’s just worried about you because of what happened to Jason

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

I’m sorry this is so short. I just didn’t know where to take it. 

Ever since the summer, Jughead Jones had been acting very different around you. He was still his witty, sarcastic self,  but he seemed more closed off. If you were talking to someone, someone connected to the Blossom case, Jughead wouldn’t be far behind you. He’d lurk around until you were done talking to them, and then be glued to your side. He wouldn’t ask questions about what you were talking about, he would just glare at people as you walked down the hall. One time, Veronica pointed out that he looked like a dog protecting his owner. You had laughed originally, but the next time it happened, you could see the similarities.

You had just been speaking with Cheryl, a few moments ago, when Jughead fell in beside you. “Hey Jug,” you said, getting his attention, “what’s up?” You looked towards him as you both walked down the halls. “Nothing, just walking with you,” he said giving you a smile, one that, when you didn’t smile back, faded off his features. You grabbed his wrist, pulling him to the side of the hallway, away from prying ears. “You’ve been doing that a lot,” you whispered and Jughead raised his eyebrows. “It’s not that I don’t like it,” you added, trying to save yourself, “it’s just out of character.” He nodded along with your words, as if he agreed. “I just don’t trust anyone,” he replied finally, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” You squeezed his hand reassuringly and looked into his eyes. “I don’t need protecting Jug,” you whispered back and he shook his head. “There’s a murderer out there Y/N and we don’t know who it is,” he stepped closer to you, and you could actually see the panic in his eyes. “We could’ve just seen them and we’d never know,” he whispered and you felt his worry, running off of him like a waterfall.

“Okay,” you said soothingly, placing your hand at the side of his face, “I get it.” He let out a heavy breath and turned his face to press it into your palm. You smiled weakly up at him, happy that he was finally open with you, but scared that he was worrying so much. His eyelashes tickled your palm when calmed down enough to open his eyes again. He turned to face you, his hand reaching up to hold yours that was still on his face. “I’m sorry I was acting weird,” he murmured and you pulled you hand away to wrap your arms around his waist. “Don’t apologize,” you whispered as his arms wrapped around your shoulders, “you were just concerned.” He nodded, “I just want to see you safe,” he whispered and you nodded against his chest. “I am safe right now,” you whispered back and you felt how true your words were. You felt safest when you were with Jughead, as if nothing in the world could harm either of you.

You pulled away, and found yourself leaning upwards. Your lips brushed against his and he pressed back. He kissed you as if it was going to be the last thing he ever did, so he needed to pour his heart into it. His hand was on the back of your neck, pressing deeper. You felt his lips move against yours, as if he were repeating a mantra. “I love you,” you heard him say, after he pulled back a little. You smiled at him, pressing your lips to his once more, “I love you too.” He smiled against your lips, “safe?” You pulled away from him, looking into his eyes. “Safe,” you whispered back and the bell rang loudly. You looked at Jughead who frowned a little. “Pop’s after school,” you asked, squeezing his hand. He looked up at you and nodded, “sure.” You walked away, letting your hand fall slowly from his; the words he said flashed before your mind, causing you to smile. “Safe.” 

polkadotsdesign  asked:

5A or 5B Marinette??? Your blogs amazing by the way and I hope you have a happy holidays <3

When you learn new things about your crush! C:

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C:


I’ve decided to turn a few requests into genuine comics. These take a long time to make, though, so don’t expect every request to be filled out this way, and please don’t ask for your requests to be turned into comics, I’ll be making that decision.

This palette was also hell, it was so boring, Branch, why does your home have to look this way ;-;

I’m still not 100% happy with how this turned out (and yeah the palette has a lot to do with that) but I know I can only improve from here…!

Oh yeah, and you guys wanted to see Branch in reading glasses, and I’m happy to deliver ;)


What do you mean fluff anon, tickle fights are an actual war

mindlessnerd89 said:can you possibly do what it would be like dating Emmett list please? thank you! 💖💖

A/N: Yeah, of course, sweetie! I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with: Sorry! I haven’t written one of these in quite awhile, so it may really suck. :( Sorry for taking so long to get this posted; I still have WAY too many requests in my ask box and I’m working on getting most of them done as possible. Please enjoy, lovely! 💖💖

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Emmett Cullen Would Include:

- Emmett teasing you.

- Wrestling matches in which Emmett let’s you win.

- Emmett always throwing you over his shoulder.

- Emmett spanking your bottom.

- Rough sex.

- Neck biting.

- A playful relationship.

- Emmett always taking you on camping or hiking trips.

- Emmett always showing off in front of you.

- Emmett flexing his huge muscles in front of you.

- Emmett being your teddy bear.

- “What are you doing here at 2 in the morning?

- “I got bored.

- “And I need sleep.

- Emmett always trying to keep you as happy as possible.

- The two of you always being there for each other.

- Tight bear hugs.

- Emmett being so protective of you.

- The two of you getting jealous easily.

- Always clowning around.

- Emmett teaching you about sports. (If you don’t already know about them).

- Staying up late to curl up and cuddle with Emmett.

- Emmett always trying to get you to watch horror movies with him.

- Emmett loving the fact that he’s able to constantly protect you from any threat.

- “There’s nothing to worry about. I’m here.

- “But what if-

- “You think I’d let anything happen to you?

- Emmett always bringing a big grin to your face.

- “Emmett! Put me down!

- Emmett teasing you in more than one way.

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Hot, long and lustful make out sessions.

- Your small hand fitting in his perfectly.

- Emmett hugging you from behind.

- Lot’s of horsing around.

- You teasing Emmett for being a giant.

- Arm wrestling matches, which Emmett let’s you win.

- Emmett treating you like a queen.

- Immediately being protected by the Cullen family.

- Being covered in hickeys. (Unless you’re a vampire, too).

- Emmett being gentle with you.

- Emmett winking at you.

- Jealous Emmett.

- Jealous you.

- When you cry, Emmett immediately tries pulling out jokes, but when that doesn’t work; protective Emmett comes out.

- “Who’s ass do I have to kick?

- The two of you loving each other so much that you don’t even have to say it: You’ve found other ways to express it…

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

Reverence - M

Kim Seokjin 김석진 / Min Yoongi 민윤기 / Jung Hoseok 정호석 / Kim Namjoon 김남준 / Park Jimin 박지민 / Kim Taehyung 김태형 / Jeon Jeongguk 전정국

Reverence -  honor and respect often mixed with love and awe

Warnings - idk if this is smut but kinky shit is implied sooo: bdsm, daddy kink, choking

request! (i decided to do short clip for all of the members and im not sure if this classifies as aftercare im sorry)


Although smooth hands on your waist can take your mind away from the pain, you still long for affection from Seokjin in every way. His lips graze yours, cock throbbing, red and angry as he pulls out. His release dripping down your legs, staining the silk sheets. He gets up and momentarily leaves you, coming back with a wet towel and a clean shirt. His hands snake up your legs, still shaking in the aftermath of your orgasm. He uses the cloth to gently clean the insides of your legs and the swollen skin around your clit. Seokjin leans forward, pressing soft kisses to your navel as your chest continues to heave. He helps you sit up, smiling down at you softly as he slips the t-shirt over your head and climbs back into bed with you. Legs intertwine, limbs meeting and clashing until you’re comfortable. Seokjin’s nose nuzzles into your hair and he lets out a breath before saying, “I love you.”


The bed creaks with every thrust of his hips until he comes to a complete halt, your nails dragging down his back, biting into the skin. He moans into your shoulder before pulling away, eyes glossing over in affection as he stares at you. You move to cover your face with your hands but he stops you. He bites the tips of your fingers jokingly before standing up and heading into the other room. When he comes back, he’s got a towel over one arm and a pair of his boxers in the other. Your eyes fall droopy as he takes his time between your legs, cleaning up the mess he’s made between them. You’re half asleep when he slips the boxers over your frame. He snaps the band, startling you. Yoongi grins, climbing on top of you. He rests his head between your breasts, slowly caressing your sides. “I think I’ll sleep right here tonight.”


Muscles tightening as you rock against Namjoon, waists intertwined with sinful deceit. Red and white marks burn across the skin of your ass, reminding you constantly of who is beneath you. With one last breath, Namjoon finishes inside of you, finally allowing your release as well. He lets you lay beside him for a silent moment, your breath becoming even before he moves away. When he returns to the bed, he slowly turns you on your front, kneading cool gel into the abused skin. He begins trailing open mouthed kisses up your back until he reaches your neck. Namjoon lays down, arms snaking around your sides, pulling you into his chest. “You’re such a good girl for daddy.”


Red wine, cold as it drips down your bare back, making the skin tacky. Hoseok moans behind you, hips thrusting up to meet yours. The bedsheets smell like chocolate and you press your face into them, dig your fingers into the silk. You tighten around him as he finishes inside you, pulling out and letting the rest of his release drip down your back like the chardonnay. There’s a moment where you can’t breathe as you regain your composure, slumping down into the sheets without Hoseok’s hand to hold your waist up. You let your eyes fall shut, a few moments later, a warm cloth meets the skin of your back. Hoseok carefully cleans you up before disappearing again. This time, he returns with a glass and another bottle of wine. He smiles, holding a full glass out to you, “Happy Valentine’s Day, love.”


Throat tight, air barely escaping your lips as Jimin’s finger wrap tightly around your neck. You back arches in delight, vision blurring at the edges. When he lets go, you gasp for breath, nails digging into the skin of his biceps. He tucks his face into the crevice of your neck, tongue soothing over the red marks his fingers left. He pulls away when you’ve caught your breath, slinking away while you curl yourself into the sheets. Jimin returns, quickly cleaning up the inside of your legs before climbing into bed. He gives a quick smile and starts peppering kisses across your cheeks, murmuring, “I’ll be ready for round two in 5 minutes.”


The day had begun with roses and chocolate, then more flowers at lunch and a day out in the city. Gifts upon gifts, but his favorite was the lingerie he’d picked out for the night. When the time had come, he ended up ripping it to shreds in frustration. Too many buttons and complicated clips. He had dragged the foreplay out for almost an hour, prolonging your release, making you whiney and jittery. But Taehyung would smile and shake his head, tongue swirling against your abused clit. It took another hour before he let you finish, cleaning you up with his tongue and a soft cloth. His hands roam your body, goosebumps rising in his wake. Taehyung blows cool air on your navel, before resting his chin on your stomach. He stares at you with bright eyes and tilted lips. Your hands grip his hair, combing through the golden locks. He moans, tilting his head into your touch. “Next time, let’s spend more on food and less on shitty lingerie.”


Jeongguk lets out a deep breath, unhooking your legs from around his waist as he pulls out of you. You stomach is in knots, breath out of whack as he leans down and presses his lips to yours. He bites harshly on your bottom lip and you struggle for air as you tilt your head for a better angle. Jeongguk reluctantly pulls away, sitting between your legs like a child. He grabs his abandoned boxers on the other side of the bed and sloppily cleans you up. You lock your ankles behind his back and he chuckles before unhooking them and moving back. His hands ravel up to your thighs, fingers hooking under the seam of your thigh highs. He kisses your bare skin as he takes them off, leaving a trail of kisses down your calves. “We’re going to have to purchase a few more of these.”

double posting? who am i? hope you enjoy this! i couldn’t pick just one member so i did all of them as per recommendation of a close friend. thank you for the support and fel free to send something to my inbox if you’re confused or just want to chat! the ask box is always open :)

Who is This Guy?

Originally posted by adamisstillinhellthankstoyou

Peter Parker x Reader

Written by Danielle

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 1,713

A/N: Hello everyone! Here is just a little something I wrote and I hope you like it! It is not my favorite, but I love their conversation. :) For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a good holiday!
Christina and I are still open to taking any requests you guys may have (just as long as there is no smut involved) so feel free to message us suggestions you may have! Thank  you! :) 

You wake up to the sound of your alarm which is way too loud for your liking. Since the seasons have been changing and it’s becoming colder and colder, there is no way you want to get up from the warm cocoon you’ve made in your bed. You groan when you look outside and see it is pitch black. All of these factors add up to absolutely no motivation to get up. You didn’t get much sleep last night and don’t really want to go to your morning art class. You aren’t a huge fan of art, but you were taking it to get elective credits, and it was better than some of the other options. The only reason you really enjoyed the class was because it meant you got to see him.

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Dating Harley Quinn Would Include...

Requested by anon

  • Harley seeing you for the first time
  • And automatically knowing that she had to have you
  • She only thought of you in a sexual way at first
  • Someone she just wanted to fuck
  • Until she started getting to know you
  • And saw how beautiful you were on the inside
  • And that’s when she began to fall in love with you
  • You never really went on an official first date
  • Or any dates, for that matter
  • (Being one of the most wanted criminals in Gotham, Harley couldn’t really take you anywhere)
  • But she still made sure to spend time with you
  • Whether it was cooking you dinner after a long day at work
  • Or just cuddling on the couch and watching a movie
  • You loved spending time together
  • You also loved having sex
  • Lots of it
  • Everyday
  • Everywhere
  • Harley getting very horny very easily
  • Her loving to pin you up against the wall and take you right then and there
  • Harley leaving hickeys all over your body
  • Which is always a struggle to cover up
  • But you don’t mind
  • Doing the most stereotypical female BFF type things
  • Like giving each other manicures
  • Or having pillow fights in your underwear
  • Harley loved surprising you with random, spontaneous gifts
  • Adopting a dog together
  • Harley having a million nicknames for you
  • (Your favorite is “sugar”)
  • Doing lots of domestic shit
  • Like bringing each other breakfast in bed
  • Or sliding across the wood floor in fuzzy socks
  • Or baking together and ending up throwing flour at each other
  • Having lots of late night talks
  • Harley constantly kissing your cheek when you’re out in public
  • Leaving you with red lipstick marks on your cheek all the time
  • Loving her crazy
  • But Harley trying to become a better person for you
  • Because she was so madly in love
  • She was willing to leave the madness behind for you
Someday, I’ll see you again

Someday, I’ll see you again ; Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Setting : End of first movie to start of second movie

****Requested: Yes

“Hurry up, you slowpoke!” Y/N shouted, looking behind her to see Edmund sitting still on his horse.

“Just… Taking a breather.” Edmund said, gesturing to Phillip.

“You stay back and I’ll catch the white stag myself.” Lucy and Susan mocked as they arrived, their horses skidding to a stop beside Y/N.

“Honestly, brother. You should be the one to care for your wife in these situations, not the other way around!” Peter snorted, appearing alongside his sisters.

“Ah, but my husband is old now. I’m afraid he’s not as agile as he used to be back then.” Y/N teased smirking over at Edmund. “I’m fine, though. I understand you completely, love.”

Edmund made a face at his wife before looking at the huge black metal pole beside him.

“A tree made of metal?” He muttered quite loudly.

Lucy gasped and dismounted her horse to run up and touch the so-called tree.
“I think it’s called a lantern?” Y/N said, causing the four to look at her in confusion. “What? I have a slight memory of it. After all, it IS in Lantern Waste, is it not?”

The four nodded in understanding.

“It’s like I’ve seen this before, though.” Lucy whispered. “Like, in a dream.”
“Or in a dream of a dream.” Edmund added.

Lucy gasped and opened her mouth in excitement. “Spare Oom!”

The others looked at each other in confusion.

Lucy ran off into a small passageway of pinecones.

“Lucy!” Y/N shrieked and dismounted her horse and ran after the excited queen.

“Y/N!” Edmund and his siblings followed suit and sprinted after Lucy and Y/N.
However, they were surprised when they all fell back in the 1950s, back in their original ages when they entered Narnia.

Edmund’s eyes immediately scanned his siblings and darted around the room, not even aware of the ongoing conversation between Peter and Professor Kirke.

“I’m not sure you’ll believe us, sir.” He heard Peter say in his panicking state.

“Try me.” Professor said with a smile, throwing the ball at the siblings at the exact time Edmund stood up.

Edmund hastily batted away the ball, much to everyone’s shock, and ran back inside the wardrobe.

“Edmund?” Lucy asked when she heard Edmund shouting, pounding and kicking the back of the wooden wardrobe.

Peter walked in the wardrobe and dragged him back. “Edmund, calm down.”

“Let me go! I have to go back!” Edmund screamed and flailed in Peter’s arms.

“Edmund! What in the name of Aslan came over you?” Susan said before whipping around to look at the Professor who smiled at her and gestured at her brother.

“Edmund, what’s bothering you?” Peter asked once the brunette boy calmed down.

Edmund looked down and took a sharp breath before he raised his head, looked his older brother in the eyes with the fierce glare that can be received from only the finest warrior, diplomat and one of the finest kings that Narnia has experienced.

Peter barely had the time to gulp before Edmund growled with rage.

“Where the hell is my wife?

Y/N woke up under her bed.

"What…?” She breathed before crawling out and widening her eyes at the cream walls surrounding her.

She was not in Narnia anymore.

She was back home, in 2016.

2016… Boy, she had a lot of adjusting to do.

As she stood there, the door slammed open, revealing a small girl.


Y/N twirled to see her little sister holding a small device.

Oh, right. I have a phone.

Y/N smiled and took the device. “Thank you, sister. I must rest, I’ve had a rough day today. I’ll see you at dinner, I presume?”

Y/N’s sister looked at her in confusion before shrugging and walking away while shouting. “You’re unusually nice today. I like it. See ya at dinner, sis.”
Y/N sighed and closed the door.

Feeling a familiar weight, Y/N looked down at her hand and was surprised to see a silver wedding ring.

Hers and Edmund’s.

She smiled knowingly and looked our her bedroom window.

“I know I’ll see you again. Someday, I will. I know I will. I have to see you again.”

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anonymous asked:

(1/2) Keith is recovering from a bad bout of flu and still has a mild fever even though his symptoms are way less than before (he generally runs hot when he gets sick) and Lance (tired from fussing like crazy over Keith the last few days without any regard for himself) takes Keith's temperature to find it slightly higher than before. He proceeds to overreact and start crying bc "I cant do anything! I cant even help you get better!" While keith assures him that

(2/2) “its only because I was just taking a nap…hey come here, your eyes are really glassy…” and discovers that Lance is running a pretty strong fever

“You still have a fever,” Lance said, taking the thermometer from Keith’s mouth and shaking down the mercury. He started decluttering the living room table, sweeping the pile of used tissues into the trash, shaking the half-empty ginger ale can to see if he needed to grab another one. “What if it gets bad again? What if you need something? You shouldn’t be moving around—”

“Lance,” Keith interjected. He hadn’t missed how tired and rundown Lance had been looking over the last couple of days. “You’ve missed enough class already. You have that lab assignment due today.”

“But you’re still sick.” Lance’s shoulders fell, his argument feebler than it had been the past few days.

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If you ever just wanna feel a lil emo, take a second to remember that nakhun (one of the eliminated mydol trainees) still makes sure to keep up with vixx’s activities and supports them any way he can.

he bought tickets to elysium, watches their v app streams, requests their songs, “do well taekwoon and wonshik hehe 😆”, tweeting mvs, and again, even more tweets abt lr, you can absolutely bet he listened to vixx n kpop too


Can’t Stand You (Vernon AU)

Disclaimer: some swear words

Admin K: Haven’t gotten to finish any scenarios yet but if you did send one in, don’t worry, I have them and I’ll post them soon! Send in any requests still even if it’ll take a while for me to get to them (:) 

I also wanted to say that in this scenario, Vernon’s personality is nothing of what I see in him at all. It is an AU therefore, things are completely different, I’m just using his name as part of the story line created. In no way does this character portray any personality of Vernon because they are very rude but once I get to the fluffy part I will contribute some Vernon personality in it :) 

Okay onto the scenario, I’ve said a lot lol

Genre: badboy AU 

Word count: 1,304 

Originally posted by wonyeols

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anonymous asked:

Love your writing! Can you do all the prompts?

First Sentence Writing Prompts

Challenge accepted anon! Sorry for taking so long to get these out. Life is busy at the moment but I’ll steadily make my way through these and I’m still working on the other prompts and requests people have asked for x

8. “I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations”

Title: 32, Blonde, Big Eyes

“I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations,” Serena sighed as she watched Bernie climb out of the ambulance. “It’s like you attract chaos.”

“Good morning to you too,” Bernie smirked before she turned around to help the patient out of the back.

Serena smirked as she took in Bernie’s attire. Skin tight leggings and a cropped sports top that showed off the muscles in her torso. She tried not to let her eyes linger but she couldn’t help it when Bernie leaned over slightly, her perfectly toned arse stretching the fabric of her leggings. Serena loved seeing her partner in her running clothes.

“We have a 32 year old female, passed out on the running track,” Bernie said, turning to Serena

“The 32 year old female has a name,” the woman said with a soft laugh. Serena looked down at the woman who had just sat down in a wheelchair and froze.

“Evelyn Carter,” Bernie smiled at her and Serena felt jealousy bubble up in her chest.

Evelyn was young, big blue eyes and long shiny blonde hair. She wore similar running gear to Bernie, her small yet well defined body a feast for anyone’s eyes. Serena glanced at Bernie who was laughing at something else the young woman had said.

“Let’s get you inside then shall we?” Serena interrupted. Bernie nodded and went to grab hold of the wheelchair but Serena called a porter over to take Ms Carter to AAU. “I can take it from here Ms Wolfe,” she said, earning her a frown from Bernie.

On closer examination of Evelyn Carter they quickly discovered a small blood clot in her neck. It had been a good job really that Bernie had been the one to find her and insist on her being taken to hospital. It was a ticking time bomb to a heart attack and Serena had spent the morning in theatre removing it.

When she made her way into AAU, she was aware of the whispers immediately. The little glances people made toward her office drew her attention. Bernie was inside, leaning over their desk, her attention focused on something in front of her. It wasn’t difficult to understand why people were staring. Bernie in her running gear was a sight to behold. She couldn’t blame anyone for staring, she was just as bad when she watched her change into them early in the mornings.

“Keeping busy?” Serena asked as she passed Fletch and Raf who had been stood at the nurses station, their heads bowed close together as their eyes stared into her office.

“Ms Wolfe wants an update on the patient she brought in,” Fletch straightened up, his cheeks flashing red.

“Does she?” Serena asked with a tight lipped smile.

“I need you to sign this,” Raf handed her a file but avoided her eyes. She could tell both men where a little uncomfortable at being caught ogling the other AAU Lead.

“Anything else gentlemen or are you staring into my office for another reason?” Serena asked as she signed the file and handed it back to Raf.

Fletch laughed nervously. “You can’t blame us for looking…”

Serena raised an eyebrow at him and he stopped talking. “Want to test that theory?”

The speed with which Fletch and Raf left the nurses station was impressive.

Serena turned to look back at Bernie who was now standing at the door to their office, arms crossed over her chest and a smile on her lips. Serena sighed and walked toward her.

“Feeling a little possessive Ms Campbell?” She asked with an amused tilt of the head.

“Did you need something?” Serena asked in the same tone she’d used with Raf and Fletch.

Bernie frowned. “Is everything alright?”

Serena took a deep breath. She knew she was being unreasonable. She had no reason to be angry with the staff and certainly nothing to be angry with Bernie over. She pushed Bernie into the office so that she could close the door behind them.

“I’m sorry,” Serena smiled nervously. “I think l… I got a little jealous.”

“Of what?” Bernie asked.

“32, blonde, big eyes… pert in all the right places… ringing any bells?”

Bernie laughed. “Oh please,” she rolled her eyes. “She spends all her time at the track observing herself in every reflective surface she passes.”

“She’s a pretty girl,” Serena pointed out.

“She is,” Bernie nodded and Serena felt her chest tighten. “It’s a shame I only go for pretty women.”

Serena laughed. “Smooth,” she said, allowing Bernie to pull her in close.

“Anything else bothering you?” Bernie asked as she placed a kiss on Serena’s cheek. They had refrained from doing this in the office since Bernie’s first day back from Kiev. They didn’t want anyone watching them as they navigated their new relationship and Bernie was a private person by nature. So to feel her hands wandering under Serena’s scrubs was a surprise. A very welcome one.

“You’re very distracting in your running gear,” Serena said as she turned her head slightly. Bernie kissed the corner of her mouth.

“You’ve said that before,” Bernie grinned and grazed her teeth across Serena’s bottom lip. “I thought you enjoyed the view.”

“Oh I do,” Serena caught Bernie’s lips with her own. “But it seem that the rest of AAU also appreciate the view.”

At that, Bernie pulled away. Her face was red, her eyes worried. She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and crossed her arms over her chest in the same way she did when she felt exposed or nervous.

“Ah,” Bernie looked to the ground.

“I was jealous that everyone else could see what is rightfully mine,” Serena said, trying to lift the mood.

Bernie smirked. “Yours?” She asked.

“Of course,” Serena smiled, pulled Bernie close to her again and at the same time reached for the blinds with her other hand.

“I think I have some spare clothes in my draw,” Bernie said as she grazed her lips across Serena’s jaw. “Care to help me change?”

Serena hooked her fingers under the crop top and grazed the underside of her breasts. “I think I have time for that.”

That was fun!! Thanks for the ask anon!

how bout kash/keyleth tho

kash thinks she’s a bit much at first, but she’s beautiful, and she grows on him. “is she always like this?” becomes less disgruntled as time goes on and more becomes hopeful; he could always use a little more light in this dark, awful world he’s in

keyleth’s path takes her on a similar one to kash’s; it’s nice to have company on the way. she teaches him about nature and the ashari, and kash is a fast and willing learner. her enthusiasm and love for it warms him and a rare smile creeps onto his face watching her, every damn time

with the help of percy, keyleth druid-crafts the wooden shaft of his spear. percy carves the patterns she requests into it, and keyleth grows small vines and flowers over it, and it’s still usable, it’s just more pretty– and once while kash would’ve scoffed at it, he feels his chest swell; no one’s given him something so beautiful before

they’re both calm enough for eachother. there’s no drama, no constant need for adventure; there’s keyleth’s aramente and vesh. once it’s over with, they can settle down, kashaw becoming a healer for the air ashari they join in with, keyleth trying to be the best headmaster she can be. they support eachother, lift one another up; it’s an easy, kind life, and they’d prefer nothing less