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there is nothing more beautiful to me than a relationship portrayed on tv as something rooted purely in friendship and understanding and just a mutual respect of one another. Something where two people can always rely on each other, can make each other laugh, can be their best and worse selves around each other and not feel ashamed. Something healthy and realistic and honest and not depicted as an “epic true love” that is toxic and harmful and only ever requires sacrifice. there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than watching healthy relationships develop and grow and become even better.

Joo Hyuk’s video message to Ji Soo on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Episode 0

Joo Hyuk: Ji Soo-yah. Nice to meet you. Were there any heart throbbing moments with Park Hyungsik and Park Bo Young? If yes, I am curious as to when, where, what, why and how. Although we filmed bromance scenes in movies and dramas, but after you fell for Hyungsik, you contacted me less frequently.

Hyungsik: He meant, “contact me more often”.

Joo Hyuk: Please say something about this.

Emcee: Nam Joo Hyuk seems to have went overboard with his concept. He seems to be having a hard time with 2 puppies in his arms too.

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Do you have any tips for writing short stories?

After three years and a degree in creative writing where 95% of the time we wrote short stories, I’m sorry to report that they are still the bane of my existence. I can never seen to focus in on one idea for so short of time; once I have a plot, I want to expand it, to see it grow, to find all its intricacies and stretch it out for a 60k+ word novel. But in truth, short stories are not so very different from novels except that they generally should stick with one plot rather than have one over arching plot and several sub plots woven in. They still need a strong character, still need rising action, resolution, still need to grasp a reader’s attention from the first sentence. 

Here are some resources I hope will help:

In my experience, I find it easiest to write short stories if I am focused on a single scene. For example “this is the story of what happened during one traffic jam.” Many interesting things can happen here, but perhaps not enough to fill a novel. If I am stuck with one location and one short burst of time, I am forced to really hone in on that one story, and this helps to fight off my instinct to tell 10 stories at once.

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Endless List of Favorite Characters: Sansa Stark (ASOIAF Series)

“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel”

Toshinori and Nana and One for All

So I??? Invented a backstory for All Might, how he grew up, developed his ideals, met Nana and turned into the hero we all know and love. It’s like, 100% made up but I adhered to canon events as best I could. I’m so stoked to hear more about Nana, Torino and young Toshi but until then, here’s my dumb thoughts

- Toshinori Yagi was born in the United States, as American as Apple Pie. I personally am liking him being from the American Mid-west, I’m thinking like Kansas (like Clark Kent). I want him to be from a decently sized city but still with that Heartland feel. Toshinori is half Japanese on his father’s side (hence his surname, Yagi) but takes after his American mother more with his blond hair and blue eyes. Despite the name and some Asian features, he’s not involved with his culture at all. I’m playing with the idea that Toshinori wasn’t his birth name growing up in American. Not sure yet but I’m liking the idea of a similar sounding name that people in Japan had problems pronouncing so they just started calling him Toshi which stuck. Once he was more settled in Japan, he changed it to Toshinori. Still working on that.

- Anyway, Toshinori had a good, nice American childhood with loving if maybe distant parents. He grew up on a small farm with his parents, which he both loved and hated because well farm but also he enjoyed the atmosphere and freedom. I see him as being a good, smiley kid with a strong sense of right and wrong. The hero situation is different back when he was a kid, less structured and more like vigilantism. I feel like Toshi would like the idea of heroes as a kid but it’s never a big passion. The organized hero biz is still in it’s infancy so it’s not as big a deal. He, like Izuku, receives trouble for his quirklessness but it’s not a big issue for him, he’s ok with it as it’s a little more common. Anyway, he’s happy until, suddenly and tragically, he’s orphaned at a young age maybe like 8

- Yeah, typical hero origin. He’s got no other family and is shipped off to a city orphanage that just isn’t cutting it for him. He takes to the streets, making his own way and learning how to survive on his own. But Toshinori has a heart of gold, he’s always helping out others street kids, defending them from bullies, giving out his meager supplies. It’s here he really sees how weak and defenseless he is without a quirk and works twice as hard to compensate. He is angry about what happened to him, feeling disillusioned about the state of the world and wanting to better it but he never lets it dim his inner goodness. Despite being a good kid, he becomes bitter about his situation and the so called heroes who aren’t doing anything to help these kids. He hates the state of the world but wonders what a quirkless orphan like him can do.

- Years pass and Toshi is now like 10-11 when his life changes forever. Like another quirkless boy will do in the future, there’s an incident (I’m feeling a fire in the abandoned building Toshi and his street kids have been squatting in?) where Toshinori rushes in without thinking while cops and heroes stand outside and make no moves to help for some reason. He’s trying to save these kids and it seems they’ll all die right there when a woman bursts in and tells them it’s alright because she is here. She saves all of the kids and smiles down with admiration at the awestruck blond boy. Toshi hasn’t liked heroes for a while, but after his first meeting with Nana he is amazed. He’s not the only one, Nana saw so much raw potential in Toshinori. When she hears of his situation she can’t leave him be. She’s a mother as well as a hero and she’s already a little smitten with a smart-ass street kid with a heart of gold. She offers to train him and he accepts. She vaguely thinks he might be a candidate for One for All but, at this stage, she’s not thinking of a successor.

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OITNB Season 5 Review

The Good
- Flaritza had so many iconic lines and they’re the absolute bestest friends, I loved them so much!
- Red was delightful, I’m constantly surprised by how well written her character is and how Kate Mulgrew is still able to infuse her character with this manic energy that is just hella enjoyable. I’m excited to see where she’ll go in Season 6, because her development is always amazing.
- Alex and Piper were 500% better than any season. Piper is a lot stronger than before, with a more introspective and balanced feeling to herself, while still having the same flaws as previous seasons. The pair overall works a lot better when they aren’t the spotlight pair and are able to just BE a couple. That proposal and the leadup with Piper’s mom and the tattoos were the best.
- Those flashbacks with the tattoos were the strongest flashbacks this season. I just wish all the flashbacks were this integral to the characters and story. (Watson’s flashback also kinda fits, but it wasn’t quite as strong)
- Taystee (Danielle Brooks) deserves all the awards. That was MVP this season. She had such a strong hols on the plot and kinda slips into that lead role that Piper vacated. It works extremely well.
- The focus of the season was so tight that (narrative filler withstanding) everything felt important.
- The amount of monolgues this season was brilliant. As an actor, I always love a well written monologue that is able to convey strong character. These come up soooo much, giving characters like Soso, Nicky, and Piper some of their strongest material. Suzanne also kills it with her monolgues, Uzo is brilliant.
- Daya gets the strongest development and ugh I’m feeling really bad for her, but I’m also glad she’s ignoring her mother and making her own choice. Also happy that the baby will be safe.
- Some characters like Sophia and Soso aren’t big players, but their actions and the power of their actors made them fantastic. Soso has a myriad of powerful moments and I’m just amazed.
- That finale with them all in the pool was spectacular.
- Caputo is still a very strong character.
- There are some brief little looks into the other charavters of the world, with looks into Maria’s boyfriend and Taystee’s daughter. I love these moments. They work so well.
- Gloria and Maria are still very strong characters, so I hope they get to keep growing.
- The stripper moment with the guard was iconic.

The Bad:
- The Nazis and The Methheads. Although they have some interesting moments, they were overall just narrative fluff. They were around for weird comedy and filler.
-A lot of the season has some filler plots. The bits with the methheads, the bits with Pennsatucky’s trial, some other plotlines.
- The flashbacks also tended to lack necessity. Many of them, while interesting, are extremely superfluous to the characters, either telling us information we could guess or that could easily be explained in dialogue.
- The balance of comedy and drama this season is extremely poor. Although it is extremely funny and dramatic, a lot of times we are subject to forced comedy to try and break away from the heavy drama. Stupid shit like the Nazis and the methheads plus the weird sexual harassment is done very poorly.
- This is more of a worry for the future than anything. The fact that everyone is being separated could prove to be a problem next season, so hopefully this all works out. I have faith.
- I don’t like Aleida. Her scenes just sorta suck this season.
- Sister Ingalls might be very dead/dying and I’m worried.

The Problematic:
- Piscatella’s backstory basically just being about how he’s sadistic cause he’s gay. He just gets too psychotic as the season progresses and begins to feel too inhuman. He does provide some of Red’s most interesting development, whoch I love, so he gets a bit of a pass.
- All the moments were the girls sexually harass the guards that are played for laughs. There are good dramatic moments of this, but a lot of the time it just feels awkward and disgusting to watch.
- Coates. That punkass rapist still around and it’s still hella messy.

Overall: Done messily, but the ambition of the season and the strength of it’s actors pull it through. It is an extremely strong season with a few low points, but the season presented enough brilliance to make up for it’s flaws.

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apparently my obsession to Khun A.A Tower of God had gotten too high to the point where i (frequently) unconsciously draw A.A (him, his genderbend, anything that speaks “omg it’s khun” when u see it). This is like the 73832737th time.

At first i was like :

“Hey how about drawing a girl for a warm up”

“Let’s go with the blue pencil to sketch.”

“Okay let’s give her some nice flat bangs.”

“Hey she needs nice long eyelashes.”

“Let’s make her eyebrows thick.”

“Omg wait they’re too thick.”

“Whatever let’s just line everything with another blue pen.”

“Lol she looks like khun.”


something people don't understand

is that you can have strong female characters.

strong female characters are allowed to have a feminine personality.

strong female characters are allowed to be girly and princess/doll like in design.

strong female characters can seek help from a male time to time.

strong female characters can have relationships with another character, even male characters.

strong female characters can conform to gender roles and still be strong.

strong female characters can be housewives and mothers.

strong female characters can be anything, feminine or not, because a strong female character is strong by her words and actions, not what she looks like or conforms to.

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i get what you're saying about iw but like. it's directed by the russos. i'd be worried as fuck if it was whedon but it's the Russos.

Civil War was directed by the Russo’s and it was garbage so I stand by what I said.


get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite female characters

Margaret “Peggy” Carter (from Agent Carter): “I don’t need a congressional honor. I don’t need Agent Thompson’s approval or the President’s. I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”