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you fucking degenerates: it was an accident!!!!!! it just slipped out!!!!!!! he forgot he was live!!!!!!! IT WAS A HEATED GAMING MOMENT!!!!!!!! 

me: thinks about vinny from vinesauce, someone who exclusively does livestreams, someone who has had plenty of Heated Gaming Moments and once got so enraged at continuously losing at mario kart that he literally threw up, but has still never accidentally said a fucking racial slur 


you don’t stop
loving someone
just because
you don’t talk
to each other

you don’t start
hating someone
just because
things got tough
or wasn’t all
sunshine and
the whole time.

things work out,
they don’t,

sometimes shit
just happens,
and that’s okay.

love is really,
fucking complicated
but go with it
when you find it

you might
get lucky
or you might not,
but either way
you can say you
tried and learned.

and that’s

—  trying to learn from what happened (6/21/17), thekaijusleeps

🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉

Shame on me for having this in the drafts for like 5 months and never posting it

Soft summer boys~ :3c


TO Characters + Planet Representation Motives


That stream truly gave us so many great moments. Have some random headcanon doodles cooked up with help of the usual suspects @spinetrick @professor-cinnamon-roll @thesnadger


My Top 3 pick: #3 Hanahreum Company, Kim Taemin (the meme prince)

(to his mom) “I’m sorry for whining, let’s walk in the flowery paths” by Kim Taemin - Fear

p/s: Have a speedy recovery and let’s meet in a better condition. Thank you for all the laughter you bring to us :)

Murata’s completed Genos’ half of the illustration for Jump Festa, as posted on twitter. ONE will complete Saitama’s half!