still stranded

Huey: “McDuck Manor? As in Scrooge McDuck??”
Dewey: “The bajillionaire!?”
Louie: “You’re finally gonna sell us.”
Donald: “I’m not gonna sell- *sighs* He owes me.”

Mrs. Beakley: “Perhaps you should spend some time with your family?”

Mrs. Beakley: “You have avoided them for ten years!”
Scrooge: “Because family is nothing but trouble!”

Huey: “All we wanted was to hang out with you.”

Scrooge: “Well, now you have. And look at the mess it’s got me!”

Dewey: “I guess family is nothing but trouble. Right, Scrooge?”

Scrooge: “Everybody. Out.”

Donald: “I knew it! I knew I couldn’t trust you with the boys!”


Donald: “Crazy old man. All you care about is your next adventure. This is the Spear of Selene ALL over again!”

Scrooge: “I was NOT responsible for the Spear of Selene!”

Dewey: “… Mom??”

Donald: “… He owes me.”

Reasons I can’t die just yet:
  • Lars is still stranded on Homeworld
  • Shiro fucking evaporated
  • I haven’t watched the Elements mini-series yet
  • I still need to watch the new Wonder Woman
  • I need to see my son, my baby, Izuku become the Greatest Hero™
  • the Reiner and Bertolt reveal???????????
  • Yuri on Ice season two
  • Evangelion 4.0
  • Magnus Burnsides
  • All of my goddamn ships that still have a chance of becoming canon

In short, my fandoms are very important to me.


Men of honor.

Some old haunts of mine.

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Edward in school, 1918

His father, a successful lawyer, provided Edward with many advantages, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private schoolEdward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist.

when it’s 12kst and you’re hitting the refresh button on youtube and twitter repeatedly but bighit doesn’t post anything

burn through my soul

a  fyre festival au because i have 0 chill, set in the ‘marble hearts collide’ universe bc ria asked for like an 80k companion fic, and because 36 of you seemed to like the idea. basically: it’s half fyre and half ust denial jily and a Big Mess.

for @gxldentrio @petalstofish who asked for more and @fredweasleying who supports james and sirius’ stupidity

most of my info is off the snapchat stories, articles and tweets but i’ve also done a lot of exaggerating, so take all reference to the festival with a bit of salt

It’s Sirius’ idea because, if it involves a stupid waste of money and the promise of celebrity chefs, it will always be his idea. And, because it’s Sirius’ idea, James is in. 

“It’s ridiculous,” Lily says, scrolling through the festival’s instagram. 

“No, it’s luxury,” Sirius says and snatches his phone back, “you wouldn’t understand.”

Remus raises an eyebrow, “she practically lives with you, I think she understands what luxury is.”

“And waste of money,” Peter adds, helpfully. 

“I can’t believe I let any of you into my house, when you’ve just come to insult me!” Sirius pouts, throwing himself dramatically back on the chaise. 

“Criticise your money spending habits,” Remus corrects, and just manages to dodge a throw pillow Sirius launches at him. 

‘What does Potter think, anyway?” Lily asks, looking down at her own phone. 

“Why does Potter’s opinion matter?” Sirius retorts. 

Lily is definitely avoiding eye contact, “It doesn’t.”

There’s a murmur of disbelief, and Lily scowls at her phone, knowing that if she looks up she’ll be accosted by five raised eyebrows, because only Sirius has learnt how to raise both separately. 

“But, seriously, when is Prongs back?”

“Well, Moony, funny you should ask…” Sirius smirks, “he arrived last night.”

Lily’s head shoots up, “but -”

“But what Evans, not happy to see me?” A voice comes from the doorway, and they all turn to see James leaning, not as gracefully as Sirius would have, against the doorjamb with a smirk to match Sirius’ on his face. 

“How long have you guys been planning that?” Peter asks, and he’s not as fast as Remus so a throw pillow hits him in the stomach.

Remus laughs, “probably longer than they’ve been planning this festival bullshit.” 

“Losers,” Lily mutters, finally looking away from James, pretending that her phone screen is more interesting than the bit of chest his loosely tied dressing gown shows. 

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Little Nightmares Theory


Ø  Where children/babies are kept and maybe raised?

Ø  Playground cut off with electric bars to keep children inside?

Ø  Hanging person was babysitter maybe/ hung themselves cause can’t stand what’s happening

Ø  Hand prints from children?

Ø  Drawings of six from other small people bc six escaped?

Ø  Black slugs are parasites maybe

Ø  Black slugs kill the children and that’s why the black hand prints

Ø  Watching eyes for if the small people escape their prisons like six

Ø  Open room in prison next to the watching eye might have been six’s

Ø  Janitor watches over kids before they can be killed

Ø  Food that is thrown to six is flesh that’s why she gets addicted and eats other flesh?

Ø  Prison cafeteria for the small people not children

Ø  Small people are parasites to the monsters?

Ø  All other open space is storage maybe


Ø  Children locked in cages ready to be ‘prepared’

Ø  The Janitor wraps the children up and then puts them onto hooks which lead into the kitchen

Ø  Janitor is blind – Don’t know why

Ø  Janitor gets to keep toys and dolls that the kids leave behind before being killed

Ø  Carpets on the floor might be for the Janitor to feel (sensory thing) not just for six

Ø  Janitor stores all the children’s shoes in one room which a monster lives under

Ø  Janitor is a bit slow/ he gets distracted easily

Ø  He collects clocks (might be a sensory thing again since he can’t see)

Ø  Loads of books that might belong to the Woman

Ø  He loves the tv, specifically singing

Ø  They might not speak any language since I can’t make out what the singing is saying

Ø  Might not have killed the Janitor near the end, just chopped his arms off?


Ø  Six eats rat because of flesh she consumed earlier? Now addicted

Ø  Twin chefs are kind of brain dead. All they know is cook and clean

Ø  They scream when they see you almost like you’re vermin trying to get their food

Ø  They scratch under their face which implies they are wearing a mask (wonder what’s underneath…)

Ø  Maybe they are trying to look human for their guests?

Ø  They seem to only cook meat and fish

Ø  They might be diseased (heavy coughing and breathing)

Ø  There are a lot of mouse sized holes? Coincidence?

Ø  The twin chefs have very good hearing

Ø  Why do they look like the guests? Are they prisoners as well? Forced to cook?

Guest area:

Ø  Guests arrive on a ship. Why is The Moir on a boat?

Ø  Some guests are also wearing masks

Ø  The Woman seems to be wearing a white mask. Why so many masks?

Ø  Brain dead guests? Savagely hungry?

Ø  They are so fat they have to crawl to try and get you yet they crawl quite quickly

Ø  They make pig like noises

Ø  Maybe made that fat so the Woman can feed off them?

Ø  Are these people maybe business men/woman that come for food?

Ø  Does the food make them hungrier than they were so they have to keep eating

Ø  Six eats quite big portions for such a small body but still gets hungry

Ø  Chef is sent to get rid of six as if she’s vermin again (when you hide in the bathroom)

Ø  The food might make it so that you have to constantly eat to not starve to death

Ø  The food being flesh might be why six ate the gnome instead of the sausage

Lady’s quarters:

Ø  The lady is very self-conscious that’s why she makes everyone wear masks including her?

Ø  All her mirrors are broken apart from the one you fight her with. She scares herself possibly

Ø  Lots of manikins with dresses on like hers but they have no face. Coincidence again think not

Ø  In the lady’s bedroom on the far left there are 2 photos, one hung up and one on the floor half covered. I believe this is her as a child and the one on the floor might be six because the girl is wearing a yellow raincoat like six. Maybe they are sisters but the lady got sick of her for some reason therefore turned her into a small person?  There is also a song called Six’s theme which includes something that sounds like a child humming, humming the same tune as the lady. This might be why the children or small people draw pictures of six which you can see hidden around The Moir.

Ø   Six might be trying to stop the lady because six knows what evil and torture is going on in The Moir and how sick it is, especially from what it’s done to six.

Ø  Six taking the lives of the fat people could be her revenge or maybe she is setting them free from what the lady has turned them into whilst also escaping from The Moir so she is free

Ø  At the end you see she has made it out but is still stranded on the ship

Ø  Maybe six will fix what the lady ruined

The gnomes:

Ø  I can’t find much about the gnomes but I did notice there are a few framed photos of them around The Moir so maybe they are just ‘pets’ on the ship or found their way onto it and so made that their new homes.

Ø  They get startled by the monsters (who wouldn’t) so maybe that’s why you hug them…as a kind of hey everything will be okay and that’s why they appear at the end when you leave, they are following you?

Ø  Something huge I almost missed. When you eat the last gnome there is a black figure of six on the table above her for a split second. Foreshadowing something for sure. Maybe six is the enemy here not them.

But this is just a theory not the truth.

Of Tiger Diamonds & Dripping Gold (M)

word count: 7.1k

genre: smut; slumlord/pimp! au + established relationship

pairing: reader/jooheon

warning(s): mentions and depictions of murder, blood, drugs, prostitution, slurs, very rough sex and all else that comes along with being a pimp/slumlord. please don’t read if this or anything along these lines bothers you, thank you.

a/n: there are several warnings with this fic, it is drastically different than my usual writings and therefore i feel as if i should warn readers before hand so please make sure to read them before reading the fic.  


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Contra: Part Two

                  Old Dog, New Tricks: First Installment

                                                 Part One

                                                 Part Two

                                                 Part Three

                                                Part Four

                                                Part Five

                                                 Part Six


Bucky Barnes was someone you never thought that could lead you to danger after your sex filled summer - it led to only that. After months of playing between the sheets, you were suddenly in the line of work you never expected to be - part of the Avengers. With the help of the team, you learn to transform into something else. Someone else.

Word Count: 2,560

Notes: Cursing, Angst, Some fluff.

let me know what you think :)

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  • what i say: I'm fine.
  • what i mean: Lars never exited the ship after everyone else was evacuated. That means he is still stranded there with Steven, and unable to escape. This means that Lars is probably the only pure human who is ever going to see Homeworld, if we're assuming there were no humans taken there previously, instead left at the zoo. How is this going to impact him? Is there going to be even larger of a resentment for Steven because he never got him out? What even would the diamonds do to him in the first place? HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET BACK TO EARTH????

◦ pairing: reader x taehyung

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 2.1k

◦ a/n: This is the result of my post-concert depression and there will probably be more of these before I go back to my requests because I’m in too much pain to think about anything or anyone else at the moment. (!teeny tiny bit of angst at the end!)

m a s t e r l i s t

He lit up when you walked out of the bathroom, flashing you the cheekiest smile. His pink lips pressed together and turned upwards, his eyes heavy as he fought the sleep that blanketed itself around him comfortably. You couldn’t help but smile at his reaction to you. His eyebrows rose with excitement as you shook your damp hair out, raking through it with your fingers before walking towards the edge of the bed where he sat now.

“The show was amazing tonight.” You said it quietly, as though he were already drifting off and you had to whisper so as to not wake him up.

“I liked the rainbow ocean,” Tae spoke gently, thinking fondly back to the night’s concert. He was bright again; sleep could hardly touch him. “Our Rainbow ARMYs do so much for us,” he smiled to himself. The show was indeed flawless, but then again, everything he ever did was flawless in your eyes. He blinked slowly, his eyes dragging with fatigue. You wanted so badly to just wrap him in a blanket and rock him to bed. It wouldn’t take much. You had been jumping and screaming throughout the night and you were ready to fall asleep standing up. Then, there was Tae. He had been the one doing the actual performing and singing and he was steadily fighting off sleep like a champion.

“Come,” Taehyung patted his thighs with another drowsy smile, leaning back against the headboard. The loose black t-shirt that fell around his body bore too much of his neck and chest for you too resist. You smiled and gently climbed on top of him, straddling him. You rested your arms on his shoulders, idly fingering the hem of his neckline. He looked at you for a while, simply staring in silence as he took in your features. Your skin was fresh, your hair falling around your face neatly, water still dripping from your strands. You smelled like grapefruit, which always made him scrunch up his nose, adjusting to the tart scent. He looked cute when he did that.

Tae slipped his hands beneath your shirt, his hands cold against your freshly showered, warm skin. You inhaled sharply at the contact, your fingers instinctively scratching at his shoulders. “Tae…” you breathed. Your stomach tightened at the thought of where this was going.

“Please?” He said, leaning forward. His grey knit beanie brushed against your neck softly as he lifted his hands, letting the air brush across your skin as he ran his tongue up your cleavage. Your head fell back weakly.

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Haunting Me (Chap. 7)

Haunting Me (NSFW) - Reader is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Pairings: Bucky x POC Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Memories of past lives. Slight Angst. Violence. Mentions of smut in the past (super brief). A bit smutty.

A/N: Okay guys! I’m super sorry for the long update! Chap. 7 is finally here and it’s wild as heck hehe. >;) I hope y’all don’t kill me with the ending. muahaha!

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BTS Reaction | finding their crush asleep in a funny / cute position

request: “Hi, so if you could, can you please make the guys react to finding their crush on a bed sleeping and either find them in a cute position or funny position. […]”

Kim Seokjin

He would just look at you while you were still deep asleep, stranding in the doorframe and admiring you from the distance. He would smile and giggle when you’d open your eyes and stare at him with your sleepy eyes. “Did you sleep well?” 

Min Yoongi

Once Yoongi woke up from his nap, his eyes would be fixed on you, nearly hypnotized by your cuteness. He fell asleep on the bed and you must have crawled in bed as well besides him after he fell asleep without him noticing. He would try to slip out of bed without waking you and getting himself something to work on and lying besides you again. He would work on some lyrics while stealing glances from time to time at you, feeling very peaceful with you by his side. 

Kim Namjoon

He would try to manoeuvre you into a more comfortable position after he saw you lying on the edge of the bed, shortly before falling off. As you had a deep sleep he wouldn’t wake you and after he would lie besides you and put his elbow on the bed, to rest his head on his hand. He would stare at you for a while before drifting off to sleep himself.

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok came home late from work and you wanted to wait from him but fell asleep on the couch in a strange position with your feet upwards and your head just an inch away from the ground. He would giggle before kneeing down besides you to wake you up. “Hey Sweetie, wake up.” After you opened your eyes and realized in what strange position you were sleeping he would ask you, “Was this even comfortable to sleep in such a position?”

Park Jimin

He wouldn’t be able to control his feelings after he saw you lying on the bed in a rather strange position but still he would find it so cute that you can even manage to fall sleep like this.  He would take a picture of you, giggling at it and make it his contract picture for you afterwards. He would even try to film you just to show you in what a strange position you were sleeping afterwards. But really he just wanted a video of you sleeping. 

Jeon Jungkook

Once he saw you lying on the bed, deep asleep in a cute position he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you. He wouldn’t want to wake you either, so he would just lie besides you and stare at you, supressing the urge to stroke over your hair. The minute you muttered something in your sleep and were about to wake up he would widen his eyes, jump backwards and fell off the bed. “Are you ok?” You would ask him, leaning over the edge of the bed and looking down at him. “Sure.” He would try to play it cool.

Kim Taehyung

After he found you on the couch taking a nap in a very cute position, he would go over to you and wanting to poke your cheek but he would hold back as he don’t want to wake you. Instead he would sat down on the ground besides the couch with his shoulder resting against it and watch you sleeping in silence, till he would doze off as well.

Marichat May Day 31: Copycat

And here it is, the last one. I’m really happy I could take part for the second year in Marichat May and do all the prompts. Thanks to everybody who read them!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a stand-alone drabble, this is a sneak peek for a loooong oneshot I’ll post in July. It is called Chat Squared.

When he thought the day couldn’t be weirder, this happened. Or better sad, she happened. It was past midnight when he was on the rooftop of Notre Dame, hoping his lady would show up and he only hallucinated she was hit by an akuma. But instead, he came face to face with someone else.

Chat looked at a feminine version of himself, but… not quite. Besides the mask and the general idea of a cat costume, there wasn’t really anything similar. Her dark hair was put up in twin buns and while they were secured with green ribbons, there were still some loose strands. She didn’t have the cuffs around her wrists, but instead, there were two metallic like armbands on her upper arms, giving the impression of some long gloves. A similar thing happened with her boots, they were cuffless and knee length and ended with the metallic like bands. Another thing that Chat fastly noticed was that she didn’t have pockets. Instead, she had a belt with pockets and he could notice her baton resting on her back and her tail being connected to them… wait.

“Is that a whip?”

She giggled and made her tail hit the roof as a demonstration. That was indeed a whip. Chat directed her attention again towards her face. She had beautiful eyes, blue and her transformation made her look like she had Persian cat eyes. Chat gulped as she smiled sweetly. There was something about her that reminded him of Ladybug, a little too much for comfort.  She was cute and beautiful and…

… she wore bells in her hair. Chat was only noticing now, that the ribbons had little bells attached to them, nestled in her dark locks. Pretty but empty, he realized as a breeze wheezed by but there was no sound.

“Who are you?”

The mysterious girl took his hand and raised it close to her face, kissing the inside of his wrist.

“Ombre Minette, but you can simply call me Minette.” Chat pulled his hand back fastly, trying to hide his blush.

“Where is My Lady?”

“Oh, she is gone temporarily. So you are stuck with me for a while, beau gosse.”

Chat wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing.