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◦ pairing: reader x taehyung

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 2.1k

◦ a/n: This is the result of my post-concert depression and there will probably be more of these before I go back to my requests because I’m in too much pain to think about anything or anyone else at the moment. (!teeny tiny bit of angst at the end!)

R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

He lit up when you walked out of the bathroom, flashing you the cheekiest smile. His pink lips pressed together and turned upwards, his eyes heavy as he fought the sleep that blanketed itself around him comfortably. You couldn’t help but smile at his reaction to you. His eyebrows rose with excitement as you shook your damp hair out, raking through it with your fingers before walking towards the edge of the bed where he sat now.

“The show was amazing tonight.” You said it quietly, as though he were already drifting off and you had to whisper so as to not wake him up.

“I liked the rainbow ocean,” Tae spoke gently, thinking fondly back to the night’s concert. He was bright again; sleep could hardly touch him. “Our Rainbow ARMYs do so much for us,” he smiled to himself. The show was indeed flawless, but then again, everything he ever did was flawless in your eyes. He blinked slowly, his eyes dragging with fatigue. You wanted so badly to just wrap him in a blanket and rock him to bed. It wouldn’t take much. You had been jumping and screaming throughout the night and you were ready to fall asleep standing up. Then, there was Tae. He had been the one doing the actual performing and singing and he was steadily fighting off sleep like a champion.

“Come,” Taehyung patted his thighs with another drowsy smile, leaning back against the headboard. The loose black t-shirt that fell around his body bore too much of his neck and chest for you too resist. You smiled and gently climbed on top of him, straddling him. You rested your arms on his shoulders, idly fingering the hem of his neckline. He looked at you for a while, simply staring in silence as he took in your features. Your skin was fresh, your hair falling around your face neatly, water still dripping from your strands. You smelled like grapefruit, which always made him scrunch up his nose, adjusting to the tart scent. He looked cute when he did that.

Tae slipped his hands beneath your shirt, his hands cold against your freshly showered, warm skin. You inhaled sharply at the contact, your fingers instinctively scratching at his shoulders. “Tae…” you breathed. Your stomach tightened at the thought of where this was going.

“Please?” He said, leaning forward. His grey knit beanie brushed against your neck softly as he lifted his hands, letting the air brush across your skin as he ran his tongue up your cleavage. Your head fell back weakly.

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I Love How You Love Me

pairing: jughead jones x reader

word count: 692

a/n: bury me in jughead fluff tbh (also title inspired by this classic song)

“Can you move your feet?” Jughead asked, your legs propped up on the table. “No, you move your head,” you wiggled your toes, knowing well that it’s obstructing his sight. “Y/N, come on!” he wriggled his body like a whining kid. You giggled, “It’s your fault.” The figure laying on your lap heaved a sigh of defeat and stopped moving. “Good,” you remarked.

You rested your elbow onto the arm chair and leaned into your hand as the light illuminating from the television danced across your face. Your eyes were glued to the movie as the events unfurled one scene at a time. Unknowingly, the pesky little boy has long since ceased paying attention.

Out of habit, you peered at Jughead only to see that he was already looking at you. You averted your gaze as if you had just been caught red-handed. “You’re not watching,” you nonchalantly said, suddenly feeling a tinge of discomfort. “Nope,” he crossed his arms and remained in his position. You scrunched your brows together and pursed your lips, trying so hard to ignore his fixed look. He chuckled and mumbled under his breath, “Cute.” Like a bomb that has ticked, you felt the blood rising and the warmth spreading across your face. In a weak attempt to hide your flushed cheeks, you frowned, “Stop it, why are you staring?” He felt the shrug of his shoulders against your thighs. And for a while you thought you got the hang it but his heavy intent gape won you over. “Stop,” you whined and shielded his eyes but he was quick to catch your hands, his resounding chuckle persisting. He knew you well enough to know how to push the right buttons to incite the reactions he wanted, it was like you were under his spell. He took the opportunity to lace your fingers together as his laughter died down. You stuck your tongue out at him and resumed watching the movie.

“Psst,” he tried to grab your attention. You jokingly rolled your eyes, “Seriously, what now?” He turned his body to face the television once again. You shook your head but chose to ignore his childish actions. The playful demeanor eventually settled replaced by a heartwarming stir in the air. You were too distracted to focus so it was you, this time, that tuned out and instead observed the boy on your lap. You surveyed his features, from the curvature of his slender and milk-white cheeks, his lazy greenish-blue eyes, and the ruffled hair peeking out his beanie. His face was a film you would never tire of watching.

The heartstrings tugged at your chest. You could not help but feel the need to touch him. “Can I… remove your beanie?” you ask. Somehow, all this time that you have been together, Jughead has managed to keep his beanie fastened to his head though it was no surprise since you have always seen it as a part of him. “Oh… sure, go ahead,” he felt quite hesitant but he saw no problem with it and he was as equally curious as you were on the possibilities of what might occur. You paused to let him reconsider but there were no protests so you let your hands guide its way towards his beanie. You tugged it off his head and placed it aside. The hair under the hat was flattened and disheveled like it has not seen daylight in days. “Hmm,” you regarded. He studied your response but to no avail. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

You tangled your fingers into his locks. His hair was surprisingly soft and almost instantly, you knew it was one of your favorite things about him. “I like it,” you reverted your gaze back at the movie, your hands still lingering through his strands. For a second, he was stunned at how innocently you could also make his heart flutter. A smile escaped his lips before he settled back into watching with you. And for the next Friday movie nights that you two have and the ones after that, he always took off his beanie and let you fiddle with his hair.

In light of tonight’s season finale, here’s an aesthetic board of Kallus! He really came through in these two episodes, I’m glad he got the redemption arc he needed!

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ “Something They Need”

An imagine about the 15th episode of season 7

The reader witnesses the night Sasha gets caught and the day after it, that challenges not just Sasha and Eugene but also her

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!
You can find every other part of the series here

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

The sun had been already gone for a long time as you walked from bathroom over to the bed while you slipped your sleeping shirt over your body.
The bed you laid yourself on wasnt just any bed, it was Negan’s.
A lot had happened after the line-up, he had taken you with him to the Sanctuary, you had your own room here for some time, your brother Daryl fled from this place, Eugene came here and then Negan thought it would be safer for you to stay at his room and thats how you ended up here, laying under the dark sheets of his big bed.
But not only that was a change, over the weeks you went from hating and despising him deeply to building up a tiny bond to him, your relationship or whatever it exactly was had turned more relaxed and you could, to your surprise and even annoyance, even feel somehow comfortable around him.

You leaned over to the nightstand and turned off the light of the lamp before you sunk deeper into the thick pillows.
You were alone for hours now and normally you would have been even glad to have some alone time but this time, something was different.
Hours ago, you had have a deeper conversation with him and the tension he had afterwards let it seem like he had realized through it that you meant way more to him than he had confessed before.
Him being that tensed and now gone for hours gave you a little weird feeling, even when you didn’t even like to admit that this somehow effected you.
After all what he had done to the others, you shouldn’t give a single fuck about where he was and what you might mean to him.
But unfortunately that wasnt the case. 

You suddenly heard heavy steps coming towards the door and soon after that you saw Negan stepping in.
He still looked tensed, but a bit less than before while he run his hand through his dark hair, that looked like he had done that multiple times before.
He sighed quietly before he looked over to you.
“Sorry Sweetheart, didn’t want to wake you up”, he said taking his jacket off and turning on the light on the nightstand.
“You didn’t”, you said while you looked over to him.
“Couldn’t fall asleep without me?”, he asked slightly chuckling.
“You wish”, you responded with a small smirk on your lips, while somehow hoping that you’d get that more relaxed mood between him and you back.
But instead of that he chuckled slightly before he got a bit quieter again and went to the bathroom to shower.
You sunk deeper into the pillows once again while you felt some questions coming up in your head you would love to just get rid off.
Maybe he had just been working the whole time, maybe he had been just sitting outside doing nothing or well, maybe he had been with his wives to at least try to get rid of his thoughts.
And that question bothered you more than you liked.
You couldn’t think of him being there often since you where at the Sanctuary, he had been with you almost the whole time except when his men called for him because of problems and well, the last hours.
You heard the door of the bathroom opening again, Negan walking shortly after that over to the bed while his hair was still slightly wet, some strands hanging into his face.
He looked up to you while his glance softened a bit and the tension seemed to be finally gone or at least almost.
That shower seemed to have cleared his mind a whole lot more than the hours he had been gone, wherever he had been and whatever he had done.
You watched how Negan slipped under the blankets before shots let you jolt up and got followed by the beeping of the walkie.
“Boss, Shit boss, we captured a woman. She just intruded and-”, the voice of the man stopped as you heard a familiar voice coming through the walkie.
“Stop, No!”, was the only thing you heard but it was enough to indentify the person behind it.
 You couldn’t imagine that Rick would order anyone to do such an action that would go wrong anyways, that could just be a single action coming from her.
“Fucking fuck”, Negan growled jumping up again and grabbing his pants.
“I’m coming with you”, you said standing up again, in hope you could change something about how they treated her, even though you wouldnt tell him about your suspicion that it was her and just her, you needed to have more information about what was actually going on before you told him.
“Fuck no, you think I’m getting you into danger? Who the fucking hell knows what that shithead is tryna do, or if there are fucking more coming in”, he said pulling over his jacket.
“Then it wouldn’t be that smart to leave me alone here, right? I only have a knife”, you said knowing that he noticed that you were only using his own words against him, he knew that you could fight, but he also knew that even you probably wouldn’t be able to fight a big group alone.
“Don’t play that fucking game with me”, he growled grabbing Lucille while you walked over and pulled clothes over your body and stood before him crossing your arms.
“God damnit alright, but you’re staying with me”, he said opening the door and leading you into the direction where you heard the muffled voices coming from.

There were men running hastily through the hallways, looking for more intruders and stormed past you while holding guns in their arms.
You felt Negan getting an arm around you and pulling you closer to him, away from the men that would barge you away otherwise.
You walked around a corner seeing men pressing Sasha to the ground, one of the men trying to get a rope off his belt to give it to the others.
“You already know if there are more?”, Negan asked as he looked at the men. “Doesn’t seem so Sir. Got most of it checked as far as I know, seems to be just her”, said another dark haired man as he looked up.
You looked at Sasha’s body on the ground, her face turned to it not being able to see you and not being able to move.
“What now, Boss. kill her?”, another shorter one asked as you gasped slightly and searched with your hand after Negan’s arm to get his attention and started right as he turned to you.
“Don’t kill her”, you said determined while looking at him before he looked over to her and it seemed to dawn to him.
“Wait, is she one of-”, he said pointing with his baseball bat into Sasha’s direction while you slowly nodded.
You didn’t know if what you were doing here was right and if you got the others with that even more problems, but you couldn’t let him hurt or even kill her.
“Fuck”, you just heard Negan mutter before he turned back to his men.
“Get her in a cell”, Negan growled before you saw the man lifting Sasha up and dragging her along the floor until you weren’t able to see her anymore and you saw Negan turning around to you analyzing your face for information.
“You knew that it was her, huh? Thats why you wanted to come with me”, Negan said looking at you.
“Yeah, yeah I did. I recognized her voice over the walkie”, you said looking at him while you saw him shaking his head slightly while he began to chuckle.
“Hell, of course you did”, he said stroking over his jaw before you began walking back to the room.
The hallways were filled with less people than before, only a few men standing there with walkies in their hands waiting for more information while it got less and less until you came back to the room.
Negan opened it but stayed standing in the door frame looking at you.
“I’m gonna go and check outside, If everything’s alright again, but I’ll come back fucking soon, I promise”, he said before he smirked slightly before he swung his bat over his shoulder again and walked away, his heavy footsteps becoming more quiet with every second.
You laid down again, still hearing some men walking through the hallway as you first really realized what had happened.
Sasha was here.
And you were sure that she could have been dead if just some little thing went different.
God, the cells were disgusting things and just by the thought of your brother having to stay in there for so long made you feel incredibly uncomfortable but it was better than if you would have had to see her dying because of that plan.
You couldnt think of that her plan would have actually worked to kill Negan, nevertheless the thought of it working bothered you.
God, you could understand them for wanting him dead, you had have strong revenge thoughts too when you saw what he did in that night, except that you knew from the very beginning that actions like Rosita’s in Alexandria and Sasha’s now would do nothing but fail and probably make the situation worse and except that now, doesn’t matter how much you despised it, the thought of him dying send cold shivers down your back and let a lousy feeling create in your stomach.
You tried to suppress the thoughts that terrorized your head to finally fall asleep, knowing too good that all the feelings and fears you were suppressing over all this time would come back in your sleep as nightmares.
And that knowledge proved itself also in that night , even though this time something was different.
For the very first time you didn’t see one of your friends or your brother scream on the top of their lungs before you, blood streaming over their heads and bodies while you had to helpless see how they spit blood, their eyes wide open staring at you while they screamed for you to help them, before they collapsed and died still twitching and screaming in front of you.
No, this time it weren’t them.
It was Negan.

You woke up laying in Negan’s arms like after every night the nightmares came for you.
You didnt like it and you would do a lot to change it, but he had the ability to calm you down in your sleep and not let the nightmares come up again when he was holding you.
The whole time you had been here you had always tried to not let him see you vulnerable or even weak and as long as you were awake you had the control over that, but as soon as you fell asleep this control was gone and with that also the filter that sorted out all the emotions you didn’t want him to see.
And of course he took that chance to have your body that close to his, even though it actually seemed that the main reason was that he cared for you
You lifted yourself slowly up, looked at for some moments at him, seeing him peacefully sleeping while the pictures of last nights nightmare began to fade seeing him that peaceful.
You slowly released yourself out of his embrace and walked over to the bathroom to get ready.
You don’t really liked knowing that you had a nightmare with Negan dying, not only because those nightmares tortured you also because it meant that you got more drawn to him than you liked to admit.
You could deny that while you were conscious, but you couldn’t lie to your subconsciousness.
You looked at the thin bracelet around your wrist, Negans spontaneous gift to you he found while you were outside of the gates which sparkled right now in the morning light.
Your glance wandered over to your leather jacket that hung over the door knob waiting for you to slip on.
it wasnt just any jacket, It was a gift from your brother to you when you were still living in the prison.
Some day he had brought it back to it from a run, you had no idea where he had found it and he just wouldnt tell you because he knew he could tease you with that but anyway it turned into something that had become important to you over time.
And wearing his gift now together with Negan’s now seemed somehow bizarre to you, and still, you put the jacket on.

As you walked out of it Negan walked already dressed and smirking past you into the bathroom and came shortly after that out of it again while he slighlty chuckled
“Today’s an important damn day for your friend”, he said chuckling while he looked over to you.
“What are you planning for her?”, you asked, hoping that his answer wouldnt mean pain or even worse for her.
“See if she’s fucking things up or taking a chance, you’ll see Sweetheart”, he said slightly grinning.
“I need you to let me talk to her”, you said while you looked at him.
“She’s getting some pillows and food when she isn’t acting as fucked up as last night, think thats enough luxury for the first fucking time”, Negan said grabbing Lucille that had leaned against a wall till then while you sighed.
“I don’t need a lot time, please”, you said swallowing and waiting for him to answer.
“Hell, only if she’s not being an asshole and there are no emotional incidents from her side”, he said stroking over his jaw before you raised your voice.

You walked down the hallways, feeling a little tensed as you came closer to the cells.
From afar you saw one open cell door and as you came closer you heard a male voice coming from its inside combined with the sound of unbuckling a belt.
“Fighting’s just gonna make it last longer. Which, for the record, is fine by me”, you heard him say while you felt a cold shiver running down your back before you got a picture to the mans voice.
You saw him sitting there, opening his pants before you heard Negan grunting next to you and drumming his bat against the open door.
“David! What the hell are you doing in here?”, Negan asked calm but with a tensed and dangerous undertone.
“Negan, sir-”, began that asshole to say but got gladly cut off by Negan.
“Do you really think I need you to answer that? I can see that you’re trying to rape this woman. Fuck, you were really trying to rape this woman, weren’t you?”, asked Negan looking at the man who looked trembling up to him.
Your glance went over to Sasha, checking if she was alright before you heard Negan’s voice again.
“This is some unacceptable behavior. Rape is against the rules here. I wouldn’t wanna be somewhere where it wasn’t. Someone in charge who let something like that fly…Whew”, Negan said while you saw him sliding his knife out of its bracket.
You knew what would happen next and you were nothing but glad about it.
He deserved nothing else.
“David. You really crossed a line here”, Negan said darkly while he held the knife between him and David.
“I’m sorry, Sir”, he said in a begging tone.
“You know what? I do not accept your apology”, Negan said shoving the knife through the mans throat, slid it out of it and let the body of that asshole fall to the ground,
“So-uh, someone gotta get-”, Negan started to say, pointing at her while searching for her name.
“Sasha”, you said, seeing how not only Negan’s but also Sasha’s glance wandered over to you.
“Thanks, Sweetheart”, Negan said slightly smirking before he turned to his men.
“Get Sasha here a new T-shirt”, he said, before he crunched down to her.
“I’m sorry you had to see that. Sorry ‘bout the rope, too. Probably overkill, but you did cause one hell of a fucking fracas last night”, he said loosening the rope that had been around her hands before he got up.
“You know what, Sasha? Probably wouldnt have regonized you till now, if she wouldnt have told me”, Negan said, before her head snapped over to you, glaring into your eyes.
“Wow, Sasha you better calm down, ‘cause it might be that she somehow saved your life with that and actually, I’m pretty sure that this was her fucking purpose. So you better be a bit grateful and listen to what I have to say”, Negan said before he got up and continued.
“You’ve got some beach-ball-sized lady nuts on you, coming in all kamikaze like that and big question here, and I need the damn truth on this one. Did Rick put you up to this?”, Negan asked pointing with his bat at Sasha.
“Rick? Your bitch?”, she asked while you werent sure if she was saying that because she wanted to lead the attention away from your group or if she really saw him that way, which would actually fit to her actions.
You saw her huffing slightly before she looked at Negans arm that found its way again around your waist.
“You’re his bitch too?”, she asked hissing looking at the hand Negan had put on your waist while you thought you didn’t hear right.
“No I’m not”, you growled looking at her moving slightly away from Negan.
You wouldn’t leave that hanging in the air, not that.
You heard Negan chuckle darkly before he pointed his bat at Sasha.
“Ohwowow you better watch your mouth talking ‘bout her, cause I can still change my plans with you and you better not like to see what happens then”, Negan said chuckling but with a growling undertone in his voice.
“Alright…Either way, you must’ve thought it was gonna be the end, coming in on your lonesome like that. But that’s not the fucking way it’s got to go. Just the damn opposite. See this, well this could be the beginning”, he said placing his knife next to her before he continued.
“This one is yours now. You can try to use it, take me out, but considering I am standing above you, holding a fucking baseball bat, that doesn’t seem real smart. Now, you can use it to slit your wrists, which would be a damn shame, but I get it. You’re obviously not on the shiny side of the street, given recent events. Now, you can sit there and do nothin’, wait for ol’ David to come back to life and eat your face, also a damn shame and kinda nuts, but, hell, to each their own. Or you can use that blade and stop ol’ Rapey Davey from becoming Dead-Alive Rapey Davey, save yourself, join the cause. I know what I’d do”, Negan said looking down to Sasha.
“What?”, she asked irritated.
“Well, I’m a man short. Hell, you can’t really call this piece of fucking shit a man, but still, I’m short, and you got those beach-ball-sized lady nuts, and I wanna harness the heat comin’ off of them”, he said before crunching down to her.
He wanted to use her, of course he did.
“You can help me run this place one day, all of us together, following the rules, workin’ on the same side of things. That’s all this was ever about. And it still can fucking be for you. I know it’s hard to picture, considering what I fucking did”, he said while you saw her glancing to the bat before Negan continued.
“Well but Sasha, we all got shit to get over. Take some time. Think about it. Whatever you decide, so it shall be. No pressure. And, again, I am sorry you had to see that, even though I know you have seen some fucking things. I just want you to understand we are not monsters”, he said before he stood up again, walked over to you, the hand back on you lower back before he looked over to Sasha.
“So she wanted to talk to you and man, she could persuade me”, he said chuckling before he looked at you.
“Have some nice lady talk, Sweetheart. I’m gonna wait in our room having some men talk with Smartypants”, he said chuckling while biting his lip before he winked at you letting you huff annoyed, before he walked away.
You looked at the corpse laying in the cell, before you decided to sit down in the door frame, away from the probably soon reanimating corpse and outside enough to see if someone was listening, because that was the last thing you needed.
“I’m sorry for that happening to you”, you said as you sat down and saw Sasha nodding before her glance got more narrow.
“Did you fuck him to persuade him?”, she asked chuckling bitterly.
“No”, you responded with an angry undertone to her before you continued.
“Just that you know, I’m not someone he can do everything he wants with. I never was his bitch, I’m not now and I’m never gonna be”, you said more calm while you looked at her.
She just grumbled a bit before she looked up again.
“So you’re sharing a room with that asshole?”, she hissed crossing her arms.
“Yeah, yeah I am”, you said swallowing before you saw in her glance that you couldn’t leave it like that.
“I had my own one for some time until he thought after some stuff that I should stay with him”, you said trying to explain yourself even when you knew that the situation was that muddled that trying to explain everything wouldnt help a lot.
“I did not let that happen without protesting though”, you added while Sasha chuckled again.
“Anyways, when you’re both sleeping in one room, why didn’t you kill him in his sleep?”, she asked quietly, her voice tensed while she kept looking at you.
“Sasha, it’s not done with just killing him. I’ve seen what the Saviors are capable of doing and that’s more than what they did in that one night and in Alexandria afterwards. Kill Negan and you kill with that not only yourself but everybody else home. They’d first kill you and afterwards they’d go home and slaughter everyone”, you said looking at her before an uncomfortable silence filled the small room.
You looked down to your wrist tried to not let her see the bracelet and to just keep it vanished in the sleeve of your jacket, but you were sure that she had seen it before and within the next seconds you were proven right.
“Is that the real reason why you didn’t? Or does he flatter you with enough jewelry to turn you against us”, she said nodding to your wrist.
“Do you really think like that about me? That he could turn me against you with giving me some bracelet?”, you asked bewildered while you were now the one who chuckled bitterly.
“No normally I wouldn’t but the fact that you’re wearing it makes it kinda suspicious, you know”, she said, an ironic undertone swinging in her voice.
You huffed, even though you couldnt deny that next to the reason you told her was that you didn’t wanted him dead anymore, doesnt matter how ashamed that made you.
In the end you had two sides fighting each other inside you, one side wanted your group to fight back, the other side just wanted Negan to stay alive. 
And even though you had those thoughts, he wouldnt ever be able turn you against your friends, not with a bracelet, not with anything else.
“Alright, I can’t do more than telling you that I’ll not change teams and that I’d never betray you, doesn’t matter what happens. He can’t use me as a weapon against you all and I’m pretty sure he knows that”, you said before you continued, knowing that you just had to persuade her to not lose a friend.
“I just want everybody to be as safe as they can be in this situation, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to rise up and fight, I want you to. I just wanted you all to do it without having to see more people unnecessarily dying…we both just want to protect them”, you said trying to lead the conversation into a better direction.
The situation wasn’t easy for everyone and you really didn’t want to have people from your group being against you.
“Yeah”, she just answered nodding.
“And I…I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for everything what happened in that night”, you said swallowing.
You didn’t know if that was the best situation but you had to tell her that and who knew when you would get the chance to talk to her again that way.
This conversation was the first proper one you had with one of your group members since that night.
“You don’t have to be”, she said sounding a little bit softer while you nodded and a thought came up in your head that would solve a lot of your problems and would let a lot sorrow vanish.
“Can you answer me one question? I won’t ask for anything else after that”, you said swallowing.
“Yeah, alright”, she said nodding slowly.
“Okay..don’t tell me where he his or anything else, the only thing I need to know is if he’s safe”, you said  quietly and swallowing looking at her knowing that she knew what and who you were talking about.
With that you had more than just knowing about your brothers condition you had two more things at once, her having a prove you that you’re not spying for Negan to find out where he is and second you wouldn’t have to lie to him.
“He is”, she said quietly while you smiled thankful at her.
“Thank you”, you said while another small smile created on your lips.
Your brother was safe and with that a huge burden disappeared had dissapeared.
”Would you want me to take his offer?”, she suddenly asked nodding over to the blood covered knife on the ground before you swallowed and raised your voice.
”I won’t tell you what to do, the only thing I’ll tell you is that I don’t want you dead.”

You walked through the empty hallways having to think about Sasha and what she would do and if that was actually the last time you had seen her, doesn’t matter how painful that thought was.
You walked around the corner already hearing two familiar voices coming from the inside of Negan’s room.
You turned the handle and saw Negan sitting on the couch, Eugene in one of the armchairs towards him.
As soon as you walked into the room Negans glance wandered over to you and a smirk created on his lips.
“There she is again!”, he said winking while he chuckled before he pointed over to Eugene.
“I just told Dr Smarty-Pants what I’m planning to do with your friend from the cell, in case she wasn’t actin like a bitch to you again”, Negan said chuckling.
“She wasn’t”, you said before you sat down on the couch and looked at Eugene who nervously played with the stuffed animal in his pocket.
“So smarty, guess you’re burning to get to know my plans for her. Well, I dont think that she’s the fucking smartest for breaking in here thinking she wouldn’t get caught, but she has for sure not many scruples and that makes her a pretty good add-on for my men power”, Negan said chuckling while he looked over to Eugene.
“Short: If she actually takes the damn fucking knife to stab rapey Davey into his sick fucking head she’s on board, just like you Smartypants ”, Negan added grinning.
“I’m gonna keep you updated, so go back to your good work Smarty and I’ll tell you If I need you to do fucking more for me”, Negan said closing the little booklet he held in his hands and laid it onto the table while Eugene stood reluctantly up, walked to the door and looked shortly back before closing it.
“Bye Sir, bye (Y/N)”, he said nodding before he closed the door.
The room got for a short moment silent before you saw Negan looking at Davids blood on his hands that slightly splattered them before he raised his voice.
“If that shithead would have only touched you once, hell, I would have bashed him slowly into tiny fucking pieces”, Negan growled almost that quiet that it sounded as if he was talking to himself.
As you looked over to him he raised his head and locked his eyes with yours
“I might have my methods you don’t agree with but as I said before we’re no monsters,..I’ll not let anyone just fucking attempt to rape someone here”, Negan said while you nodded slowly.
“Thats good”, you muttered before he caught your glance again.
“You don’t have to tell me when you don’t fucking want to, really, but well I just gotta ask you that. Out there… fuck, did some prick ever try to do that to you?”, he asked in a tone that sounded like he had his struggles asking you that and to have the risk to find out something he just didn’t want to hear.
“No, never came that far that someone could attempt to”, you said looking at him while you could see how that answer relieved him.
“Good”, he said nodding slowly before he raised his voice again.
“In case any fucker ever comes to close to you or even tries to do that shit, use that knife I gave you and fucking slit him up if you can, doesnt matter what else you’re doing just scream for me, alright? I mean it, I dont want that to happen to you in any fucking way”, he said serious.
“I’ll do it, I promise”, you said nodding while Negan nodded relieved.

Later you found yourself walking closer to the cell, not really knowing what would wait for you in there.
You couldnt and also didn’t want to imagine that Sasha would have killed herself, even though you could think of her rather being dead than joining Negan.
You saw the door in front of you before Negan opened it and the first thing you saw was David’s corpse with Negan’s knife sticking in his skull that let a relieved sigh travel up your throat.
“You win”, you heard Sasha’s voice coming from the inside before you got to see her.
“No. You win”, Negan said slightly chuckling looking from Sasha to the dead man on the ground.
“Get some people in here. Clean this shit up”, Negan said to the men standing behind you and him before he bowed down to the corpse and pulled the knife out of his skull before chuckling slightly as he saw Sasha’s glance.
“What? You didn’t actually think I was gonna let you keep this, did you? You still got a ways to go before I’ll believe you’re fully on board here”, Negan said tucking the knife into its bracket before he continued.
“Baby steps. It is absolutely not personal. If the situation was reversed, I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me either. Still the way you saved yourself, the way you surrendered to me just now. That is a damn good start”, he said grinning.
“Did she surrender?”, Sasha asked nodding over to your knife while you heard Negan chuckle.
And to be honest, you were eagerly on what he was about to respond in front of his men.
“Well Sasha, you do know that you can’t compare your situation to her’s, right?”, Negan said looking down to her.
“So did she?”, Sasha asked again and before Negan could respond you glanced over to him before you turned to Sasha.
“No”, you said sternly while feeling Negans glance on your body, it got quiet for a moment and Sasha looked over to Negan.
”Yeah, yeah she’s right. But you have to know Sasha, that’s a singular exception. Not did it before, not doing it again and there’s no fucking other way for everybody else. That has to be clear to you”, he said before he continued.
“Well, we got to work on some things, Sasha. But I fucking promise you, I will try to make it fun”, Negan said before he stepped closer and turned a little more serious.
“Cards on the table a little birdie told me that Rick and the rest of your people are up to no good. And, well, that needs to change, and you’re gonna help me change it. We’re gonna find us a win-win”, Negan said while Sasha looked questioning at him.
“How? What are you-?”, she said but got cut of by him.
“Well hey, I’m gonna let Eugene get you some stuff to make you more comfortable, let you have a taste of what it is we have to offer. Spend the night enjoying it, ‘cause tomorrow is gonna be a big day”, Negan said grinning.
And with that he didn’t just leave Sasha irritated, also you.
You didnt know about him finding something out, having a spy or anything else, but to be honest, that didn’t surprise you.
Him having those suspicions would have, if they would turn out to be true, consequences for your friends, maybe even deadly ones.
And for some time now he avoided telling you those things or talking about suspicions about them That could just be a single action coming from her, as well as the consequences for them or your brother  probably knowing too well that he would endanger the small and fragile bond you had build up to him.

The door shut again leaving you with him standing on the hallway while his men went back to their work.
“Big day?”, you asked knowing too good that big days usually were only good days for him. 
“Isn’t everyday a big day with me?“, Negan asked chuckling while biting his lip as you raised your eyebrows.
“Well that sounded like an especially big day,…what are you planning?”, you asked knowing that when he was hedging that way, you could expect something you probably didn’t like as the real answer.
“Why ruin the damn surprise, Sweetheart?”, Negan asked grinning while you scoffed slightly.
“'Cause I don’t know if I’m that much into your surprises, Negan”, you responded sternly while crossing your arms.
“You better are ‘cause surprises are something I’m pretty good at”, he said smirking wolfish, alluding something that just made you roll your eyes. 
“Anyways”, you said before you continued. “I just hope that it’s not including you killing or punishing one of my people again”, you said with a serious undertone.
“Sweetheart, when my damn suspicion is wrong and they’re up to nothing but damn good and don’t fuck this up again, then nobody’s getting hurt and everything is peacy. Just like the agreement says. I’m a man of my fucking word as you know”, he said still grinning but more serious while you nodded slowly, still with your arms crossed.
You just nodded still looking serious at him before you began to walk back to the bedroom.

It was already late as you got yourself ready for the night and finally walked over to the bed, Negan already laying under the sheets while he watched you walking over to your side and slipping under the blanket before you laid back into the pillows.
“So the same procedure as almost every fucking day?”, he asked chuckling while he looked over to you.
“Huh?”, you muttered before you looked irritated over to him.
“You close your pretty eyes on your side, far far away from me just ‘cause you rather get a fucking nightmare than overcome your stubbornness and come over to me even though you fucking know they fuck off then”, he said chuckling while you scoffed shaking your head slightly.
“You think I don’t know you good enough now, after the assload of time I spend with you, that it’s just your stubborn head right now that’s holding you back?”, asked Negan chuckling while you huffed because you knew that he was right.
If you really didn’t want something, you wouldn’t do it and you were sure that he absolutely knew that and this time it was just your mind preventing you. 
You looked at him before you saw his smirk slowly vanishing from his face and he swallowed slightly before raising his voice.
”Jokes aside just that you know, I’m not into seeing you flinch and whimper.
Can’t fucking stand it to be honest. Now I don’t know what shit you’re seeing there but it seems like some fucking hard crap to me. So do whatever you want, come over or stay there, but you don’t have to deal with that shit alone”, he said in serious tone.
You looked at him, seeing in the way he looked at you that he meant it.
For some moments you struggled with yourself before you made your decision on what felt right in this moment even if it probably was nothing but wrong in the eyes of everyone else you loved.
Slowly you moved towards him and soon you felt how he laid his arms around you and pulled you closer.
You felt his body close to yours, his arms wrapped tightly around you while you felt his warmth creating another one in your body, his warm breath on your skin creating goosebumps and your body relaxing slowly while you couldnt deny that it felt good.
And while you slowly dozed off into a sleep without any nightmares, you just hoped deeply that all what would happen tomorrow, wouldn’t turn out for badly for your friends, that nobody would get hurt and that the bond to Negan that slowly but surely grew stronger wouldn’t be endangered by himself.

part 15 - the season finale

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Vengeance // Part II

Peter Parker x OC

warning? maybe

requested? No, but I’m working on one!!! Just school sucks right now!

Note: So hear is chapter 2 I hope you enjoy it, it was fun writing it!!! Give some love to @rejectcentral for helping me edit this chapter so that people will actually like it, you da best!!!!! Now without further ado….

Vengeance // part II

Peter and I  lay naked in the tub, the suds of the warm water  wrapped around our bodies. I lean against Peter between his legs and felt his soft lips on my neck.

“I missed you,” I sigh contently and lean further into him. “I’ve missed you too, Peter-”

“Say that again.” I arched my brow and turn towards him, “say what again?” I asked feeling his arms tighten slighting around my naked waist.

“My name, say it again. I’ve missed the way you say it.” Peter answered, he kissed my wet hair and nuzzled himself into it.

“Peter,”  I said but this time in a sultry whisper, Peter shivering against me.

“You’re absolutely ruining me Ms. Stark,” Peter said before kissing the shell of my ear. I turn myself, the water jostling slightly, and straddled Peter when I heard a knock.

“Hey Samara, it’s daddyo, um when you’re done with whatever you’re doing we can watch a movie, if you want.”

I heard my dad say behind my bedroom door, feet away from the open door to the bathroom. I sigh and lean my forehead against Peter’s shoulder, “Sure dad, give me 10 minutes.”

“Great! Um-I’ll be in the den on the 9th floor.” I heard my dad say before I hear his footsteps, both me and Peter listen as Tony’s steps disappear.

“There goes us having sex,” I said sitting up on Peter’s lap, his cheeks redden.

“We should wrap this up, I can’t have your dad finding out I’m here. He’ll kill me,” Peter said I lazily place kisses on his face.

“We’ve got 10 minutes, we can accomplish a lot in 10 minutes.” I said with a suggestive look. I rock my hips gently against him as  he let’s out a shaky sigh.

“We’ll get caught.” He said more to himself then I.

“Just surrender yourself Peter, you know you want to…”

I see the idea roll around his mind behind his doe eyes, “Take me, I dare you, Peter.” I challenged him running my wet fingers through his damp chocolate hair.

“You dare me? Fine, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you.”

I smiled in triumph, I was about to open my mouth but Peter attacked my lips, his hands traveling down my waist to my bottom, bringing me closer to his awaiting body.

~10 minutes later~

We spent most of the ten minutes rocking hard against each other bodies, I miss the way he feels against me. I didn’t realized I how starved I was of his body until I reached my peak of ecstasy.  Peter and I were panting slightly as we dressed ourselves.

I was wearing one of Peter’s old puny math equation shirt, with white cotton shorts, and Peter has on a pair of light grey sweat bottoms. He was looking for one of his shirts he left in my dresser that he has never got back.  

“How am I going to sneak past your dad?” Peter asked, forgetting to keep looking for a shirt. Not like I minded.

I thought for a moment, when an idea lit brightly in my head.

“My dad put this in my closet after you gave back to him, and this is a good time as any for you to get back into things, whatcha say Spiderman?”

As I said that i walked over to my walk-in closet and grabbed a dark grey box next to my shoes. I walked over to Peter and gently reached out the box to him.

He looked at me, then the box. “Spiderman died the moment you did, Sam…I can’t, I-I’m not worthy-”

“You are worthy, Peter. I’m here and I’m real, what we just did was real. You can’t let what happen take over what you are truly meant to do, you are Spiderman, you are my Spiderman. My hope, my happiness, my everything. If you give that up, then what did I die for? Nothing? Because it’s starting to feel like that.”

“Sam don’t say that. It’ll break me if I let down the people again,” Peter whispered stepping closer but still not taking the box.

“You’ll be letting them down if you don’t,” I whisper, finalizing the conversation, pushing the box into his chest. He slowly takes his hands and places them on the box, he then put it on the bed. He turned to me like I was all of a sudden going to change my mind, but I’m not changing my mind, ever.

He lets out a shaky breath as he lifts the lid.

Inside the box was his uniform, the red and blue rich with color. He grabs his mask and makes eye contact with the white eyes of the mask. His eyes look like he’s at war with himself.

I take a breath when he gently places the mask on the bed, as he then grabs the suit and holds the thin material in his calloused hands. Then he looks at me expectantly, I suddenly realize what he wanted.

“You’re kidding, I’ve seen you naked so many times,” I said with a laugh.

“I won’t wear it if you don’t turn around.” He said, tauntingly wiggling his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and turned around, “Better?”

“Better.” Peter stated, I rolled my eyes, he can be so annoying. He’s lucky I love him.

I hear him drop his sweat pants, and bit my lip, I really wanted to turn around.

Then I heard him struggle getting himself into the suit, “This is a little tighter than I remember.” Peter said as he shimmied his way into the suit. I laugh quietly into my hand as I heard him struggle.

After a few seconds I felt Peter tap my shoulder, at that I turn around and smiled widely.

My hero stood before me, just as awkward and handsome as ever.

He had his mask in one of his tightly fisted hands. He kept looking at me and then back to the mask.

“Whatcha think?” Peter asked, looking at me then biting his lip.

“Just as dashing as I remembered,” I said with a grin. He gave me a blushing smile in return.

He was about to open his mouth when we were interrupted by a small knock at my bedroom door.

“Sam? You okay? Are we still on for the movie?” Tony asked with a soft voice.

“Yes dad I’ll be out soon,” I said, ushering Peter to one of my big windows holding one finger to my mouth, signaling Peter to be as quiet as possible.

“Okay hurry, Pepper made you some popcorn with extra butter, your favorite!” Tony said. Peter and I  waited until we heard his footsteps slowly walking away, signaling Tony’s leave.

We both let out a soft sigh of relief, and then started to laugh quietly, “We’re such teenagers, I love it.” I said once we regained enough composer to speak. Peter smiled and touched my hair gently,

“I’ll see you tomorrow? I’ll come by after school?” Peter asked.

“Of course, you’re the highlight of my day.” I said. I watched Peter as he still held a strand of my strawberry blonde hair in his gloved hands. He looked at the now open window, letting out a weary sigh.

“I guess this is where I leave you. I love you my Strawberry Shortcake.” Peter said with a smile and dropped the strand of hair that he was holding, bringing  me into a comical kiss, I let out a short laugh at the horrible nickname. Once he pulled away he pulled his mask over his face. I smiled proudly at my boyfriend.

“I love you too Parker, now go get em’ tiger.”

After that Peter shot a web on a nearby lamppost, he gave me one last look before swinging out of my room. I watched him swing  down the streets 0f New York returning to Queens, knowing he’d stop if he was needed. If the people need him he’ll be there.

I sighed and closed my window, I briefly look out at the starry night not seeing Peter anymore, than I walked out of my room and joined Tony and Pepper in the den.

We watched  Total Recall, Pepper and Tony were curled up together on the large couch and I at Pepper’s legs as she french braided ur now same colored hair.

“You guys can pass as mother and daughter now that you both look so similar.”

I think of my real mom Rose and my heart felt heavy, “We might have the same hair and freckles but you have to admit she’s a spitting image of Rose.” Pepper said sensing my sadness at the mention of my deceased mother which I’m glad for.

We didn’t talk much after that, we immersed ourselves into the film before us. As we watched the screen flash with gunshots and violence I felt a slight pressure in the front of my head. I paid no mind to it at first, until it kept on going to the point where my vision blurred and the pain became almost unbearable.

It was when I was breathing hard that my dad and Pepper realized something was askew.

“Samara are you okay?” My dad asked panicked after pausing the movie, my only response was to yell in agony.

Pepper was right behind my father as he had me in his arms, my vision fading in and out.

“Hang in there kid I got-”

Before I could feel him place me on the metal examining table of the lab, my vision faded to black.


3rd Person

A man and a women were hovering over a girl with hair so bright, that it made the sun jealous. Her eyes were shut and  her skin was as cold as ice, a shimmer glossing over her body.

“Operation Restore,” The woman said with a thick romanian accent. She had given ordered to a man who was hunched over the small girl’s body,  three puncture wounds evident in the middle of the still girl’s chest.

“Yes ma’am, commencing Operation Restore.”

The man, following orders, shot a green liquid filled syringe into the young girl’s neck, then proceed to take the enhanced efi pulaters.

He started to rub the pedals aggressively, “Let’s not have her turn out like her mother.”



Tony had to use the efi pulaters three times before his daughter’s heart beat came back. Yet she was still unconscious, and her breathing was faint and irregular. He placed a oxygen mask over her nose and mouth that was attached to a large oxygen tank.

Both Tony and Pepper nervously stood by her bedside. “She’ll pull through, she’s tough,” Pepper said placing her hand on Tony’s shoulder…


*3rd person next day at Midtown Science High School*

Peter Parker seems to have a extra hop in his step, which surprised everyone.

The brooding Peter Parker smiling? No it couldn’t be.

But it is and for reasons you wouldn’t believe.

The day went on and people were still looking at Peter like he has grown another head. At lunch instead of sitting by himself at a lunch table or the computer lab, he instead is sitting with his best friend that he hasn’t talked to since the passing of his girlfriend.

“Hey Ned,” Peter said with a dorky wave before walking over to Ned’s lunch table. Ned looked up at Peter beside himself, his best friend hasn’t talked to him in months. He knew that he was going through a really tough time, especially since the death of his girlfriend.

“Hey Peter?” Ned asked unsure as Peter sat himself down and started chowing down on  his fries that he got from the lunch line.

After a solid minute of silence and Peter eating, the dork noticed that he was being stared at.

“What? Is something on my face?” Peter asked wiping the back of his sleeve on his face.

“No, I’m just surprised that you, you know…” Ned trailed off in hopes that Peter catches his drift.

“Finally act like me again? Yeah I know, I just needed time. I mean, I’m still not…but I’m getting there, “ Peter said when he understood what Ned was talking about. Though Peter knows that Sam is alive he still has that burn in his chest, but it does not hurt as much as it used to when he thought Sam was dead. He still has a low hum of panic that all of this was some dream, and he would wake up any moment now and realize that Sam was still dead.

Ned smiled and patted his best friends back, he’ll take what he can get. As long his best friend is back in his life again.

After school Peter hung out with Ned for a bit in one of  the computer labs. Though he wanted to see Sam, Ned needs to see Peter as well, he missed Ned too.

After an hour or two, the two geeks said their farewells and Peter skateboarded all the way to the Avenger building. A smile was plastered on his face the entire trip towards the building.

Once he arrived on the floor where his girl was, he noticed something was off.

His Spidey senses began tingling.

“Sam? Mr. Stark? Ms. Potts?” Peter let out a small yell to project is voice. He pulled out his earphones when Pepper came into the room with an awkward face.

“Hey Ms. P, is Sam around or in her room?” Peter asked, dropping his backpack and skateboard by the elevator doors. Walking past Pepper, he looking left and right checking if Sam was going to barrel into him and attack him with a hug.

“She’s in the medical bay…”

Deadly silence hung in the air.

“What do you mean?” Peter asked as his fists clenching and unclenching to try and keep himself as calm as possible.

“She had an accident, but she’s fine now and breathing again-”

“Breathing again?!” Peter rhetorically asked before running out the door that lead to the stairs, the elevator was too slow for him.

“Young love.” Pepper said exasperate, leaning on the kitchen counter with a full glass of chardonnay.

Peter reached the medical bay in record speed and busted through the door.

“Is she okay?” Peter asked, slightly out of breath. He saw Tony leaning against a table with his reading glasses on, scanning medical charts. When Peter’s doe eyes casted over to Samara’s sleeping form, he double timed it to her bedside.

“She okay now kid, I’m trying to find out what exactly happened.” Tony said looking up briefly at the Peter who clung to Samara’s side.

The girl looked like she had fallen asleep with her thick hair fanning the pillow and her breathing at a steady rhythm.

“When do you think she’ll wake-”

Samara shot out up into a sitting position. Her breathing labor, she was looking around the room forgetting where she was for a second.

Tony ran over to her side, “You’re okay Sam, Spiderling and I are here.”

She looked over at Peter and immediately calmed down, feeling his hand in hers she gripped it tightly.

“What happened Strawberry Shortcake?” Peter said pecking her cheek.

She took a deep breath, “I-I remember Peter… I remember everything.”

There was a misunderstanding, jaeyoon HAD no hidden or hurtful intentions behind that pic/tweet but still took it down once he was informed and educated on how bad it looked. His face was painted to match the album cover during a vlive game and in the deleted tweet pic, you can still see strands of white paint because his face wasn’t only black but had several other darker colors included as well, although black was mostly painted. They were unaware and insensitive and yes it’s still a mistake and thats why they corrected themselves by taking down the tweet as soon as possible HOWEVER that does not mean people can bash/hate/send death threats (yes i’ve seen some on stan twitter already). That is unacceptable. If we constantly say idols need to be educated whether or not they didn’t mean it or because they were ignorant, why are you all not giving them a chance to even learn from their mistakes and dragging them before even giving them a chance to learn: anyhow that is my two cents. Educate, not hate. All you fantasies who left, good riddance. For those who still carry a hateful heart towards the boys, go ahead but I still support the boys and know they will learn from this. Even when it was horribly taken out of context they still took it down asap, that means something.

Passion For Books

One of Joe’s favourite things about his girlfriend was her passion for books.

He first met her because she had walked into him while absorbed in reading her newest tale, and he had been looking over his shoulder to talk to one of his mates, not noticing the beautiful woman with her face pressed against pages.

He noticed her quickly enough to catch her before they both fell to the ground though, and the little smile she had sent in his direction took his breath away.

Apologies were exchanged, and he bent down to pick up her book, making a quick comment on it, to which she boldly shot back another, and right then and there, Joe knew he was hooked.

Now it was a few years later, and his love for Y/N had grown. And so had her passion for books.

Their shared flat was scattered with novels, piles of them stacked here and there, their multiple bookshelves overflowing. Many of the books had pages worn and yellowing, collected from various thrift stores, the smell and feeling of them so familiar to her. They were mixed in with the new ones should would pick up while they were out shopping, the brief blurb on the back catching her attention.

He knew he could pick up any book at random, whether it be new or old, and she would be able to tell him her favourite part and character, in great detail.

This happened often, because Joe loved watching her face light up, her hands waving in front of her as she began to weave this image together for him with her words, the words she had gained from that book.

And her eyes, they danced with little lights, the emotion she had experienced in the book coming to life once again.

He could sit and watch her talk about her books for hours.

When Y/N got into reading, she disappeared into whatever world the author had created.

He wasn’t surprised anymore to come home to find her curled up on the couch or in bed, possibly sprawled across the floor with the book above her, or laying in a pile of pillows and blankets. Her hair would be tossed up into some up do, but strands would still fall down in front of her face, twirled around her finger as her eyes darted across the page. Joe would smile as he watched her read, the way her lips moved just the slightest to the words, her face changing through the different emotions she was feeling along with the characters, immersing herself completely in that world.

Hours would pass with her reading and Y/N wouldn’t even know he had come home, blinking up at him when she finally dragged her eyes up from the black and white pages, offering him a gentle smile.

“Good book?” He’d ask, falling into his sot beside her, pulling her body next to his.

“It’s amazing!”

‘Tell me about it, love.” Is all the encouragement Joe would have to give, and she’d be off, and he’s sit back and watch her, his heart filled with love at watching the passion in his girlfriends body and eyes, the words she spilled from her mouth, trying desperately to tell him as much as she could.

These were some of his favourite moments.

thegaymerist  asked:

let's be real. the REAL reason andy popped on set for the caryl dinner was for him to improv rick bustin in the house like "you two need anything? some snacks, a condom? let me know - ugh god love ya."

Pleathe sis!!!!!! Rick was packing a gift basket and a cake 

………before those trip wires caught him in the ankle. He’s still stranded by the gate as we speak.

// they were!! But you sent this very soon after they closed and I promised i’d write V and Saeran for that post regardless so here it is!! Saerans is a little NSFW, nothing too bad. Just some rough kissing and implied succ

READ THIS POST before reading this! It has the plot in it! However that plot takes place while in a route so it’s a little confusing, just take out some of the bits and pieces but you still get the basic storyline.


This would be “ after route ” technically, So Saeran is living with Saeyoung and all that,  I didn’t really know what to do with V so let’s just pretend he has a route here for a second and his good ending would be him getting the eye surgery and being with MC! So this “ takes place ” after that!


It had been a long day for him. First his car wouldn’t turn on, leaving him trapped cold out in a snow storm. Second he had dropped his camera into the wet snow, it was new, expensive, and definitely not waterproof. He just hoped it would be okay by the time he made it home, leg bouncing a bit from anxiety.
As soon as he unlocked the door of his house and exhale out of pure exhaustion exits his lips, running a gloved hand through his hair to shake out the small snowflakes that had gotten buried inside. Winter was such a beautiful time, but him and his car didn’t seem to think alike.

A hot and much needed bath calmed his nerves by a mile, It was still fairly early— About seven pm, so he didn’t know what he should do with his spare time for the rest of the night.
Suddenly an image of you flashed in his mind, his heart skipping a beat at the pretty picture. As much as he’d love to drive over to your home and see you, hold you and touch you– his car still wasn’t working right, and visibility was pretty low due to the heavy snow.
He sighed softly, God he missed you. It’s only been a few days since he’d seen you last but even that seemed like years ago to him. Your scent, smile, the way your eyes light up when you laugh. He hated missing things like those when he wasn’t with you. In all honesty he was so desperate to question if you’d like to move in with him so he could be with you all the time, but yet so terrified of making you feel as if things were going to fast. The last thing in this world he wanted to do was make you feel uncomfortable.
He sank down into the grey couch, goosebumps spreading over at the sensation of cold leather against himself. Pushing the still wet blue strands of hair away from his face before grabbing for his phone off of the glass coffee table it rested on, he slide across the screen to unlock it.
The battery was a little low, but still enough for a phone call. His heart always skipped a beat whenever he was about to call you, his fingers moving fast to dial the digits he needed to reach. He cleared his throat before swallowing thickly, he’d hoped you’ve eaten something already by this time.

As soon as you picked up he was nervous, he heard you sigh quite heavily out of what– disdain maybe?  It took him aback for a second, was that for him?

“ I’m not going to tell you again, stop calling this number. ”
He felt his blood run cold, you spoke up once more with a harsh and demanding tone before he had the chance to question what he had done wrong.
“ I don’t have feelings for you and I never will. ”
He takes a few seconds to take in what you said before he hears the dial tone, his brows furrowed in confusion as he started down at his phone in pure disbelief. Was it something he had done or said? Were you upset at him? Instantly he feels like crying, stinging tears piling in the corners of his eyes as he vision becomes slightly blurred, God he didn’t want to loose you like he’s lost everything else. You were the best thing that’s happened to him in a very long time, and he just blew it. Was he too pushy when he visited you? He feels like the room is closing in on him and his chest is tight, stomach heavy.

He tries to sleep but he can’t, his body was exhausted but his brain was wide awake, struck with panic and the nagging fear of being alone again,  it was a little past three in the morning before he finally decides to send you a text you and ask what he did wrong and how he could fix it, he couldn’t bare to let you go that easily.

* “ MC, whatever i’ve done to upset you i’m so so incredibly sorry.. Please, tell me what i’ve done so I can fix this. Please.. I don’t want to loose you.

Sleep was not on his mind that night. He stared at the screen for hours as his heart raced, silently praying for your reply to come fast yet still dreaded it at the same time. He sent a few much longer texts after that about how much he loved you and how terrible he was, and a string of apologies. It was around 7 pm before you finally responded to him, he felt his stomach turn when his phone lit up.

* “ V What are you talking about?? ”

Before he could reply his phone buzzed, making him jump a little. He was so tired, but he answered right away.

“ Hello MC.. ”
He greeted you warily, throat dry with anticipation.
“ Hi V.. What were your texts about last night? I never said any of that stuff. ”
You murmur in confusion, your voice was a little croaky from just waking up.
“ .. I called you.. Late last night, and you said that you didn’t have feelings for me anymore. ”
His eyes were half lidded but his mind was still wide awake, his hand clenched the sheets tightly.
“ No no.. V, that wasn’t for you.. ”
You go on to explain the situation to him, he audibly sighs out of sheer relief at your reasonings. He was so scared the entire night and now that all just melted away at your words.

He sinks back into his bed as he chuckles softly, his chest rising and lowering as his breath becomes slower, eyes focusing on the ceiling.  Still in disbelief he runs his fingers through his hair, questioning if you would like to talk to him about your day yesterday. All he wanted was to hear your voice after all that happened the night before. Now more than ever he was so grateful for you, the feeling of loosing you was something he never wanted to experience again.


It had been three weeks since he had forgiven his brother Saeyoung. Three weeks that he never thought he would be able to live to see in his lifetime. It had been hard, learning to cope with all this. He still had a lot of pent up emotion deep inside, Most nights he’d just stare up at the ceiling in thought and doubt. Usually when he was feeling upset at something you would text him as if you knew, if you felt what he was feeling. The others didn’t think MC was making a smart move being with him, even if they didn’t say it he could tell. He could feel it, most were upset at him. But the way he felt when he was around you was alien to him, never in his life had he wanted to make someone as proud, make someone as happy as he did you. How could a person be so kind– so amazing? He’d always dreamed someone like you would come take him away from this awful life, but never thought it would actually happen. So their thoughts and words meant nothing to him.

It had been another tough night, he just felt on edge constantly. Everything Saeyoung said or did annoyed him and he couldn’t figure out why. He’d been trying to  teach himself self control, controlling anger, he just still had a lot of pent up frustrations at his brother that it was hard sometimes. After a quiet dinner he excused himself, ignoring Seven’s desperate pleas to ’ hang out ’ with him. Tonight he just wasn’t in the mood for socialization. However his mind wandered straight to you behind closed doors, he couldn’t help but wonder what you were doing this late. Were you thinking of him too? Everything was so new and foreign to him he wasn’t sure if he was doing this whole relationship thing right but he really was trying. He sank down into his bed with a long exhausted sigh, rubbing his eyes and groaning softly as the bright light of his phone screen lit up the room. It was a text from Saeyoung, he considered ignoring it, but it was caption less and a picture file so he was curious.
As soon as he opened it he cringed at the longcat meme his brother had sent, couldn’t he have sent one that was more.. new? But still, he couldn’t help but smirk at how stupid it was. Damnit.
He didn’t reply, instead returning back into his messages app. A conversation with you caught his eye, he’d talked to you a few hours ago but you still haven’t replied. A small pout grew prominent on his lips, he hated it when you took so long to text him back.
He debated back and forth for a second, but he made up his mind and clicked on your contact– The picture of you causing him to smile softly. He pressed the call button and put it on speaker, staring at the picture in front of him. Finally he jumped a little when you picked up, He was about to ask why you were taking so damn long to reply to him but you spoke up before hand.
“ I’m not going to tell you again, stop calling this number. ”
He felt his heart sink instantly and his brows furrow in anger and confusion, The fuck? You had to be drunk. Or joking.
“ I don’t have feelings for you and I never will. ”
He started blankly at the screen in front of him, processing your cruel words for a few moments before clenching his phone tightly enough it could shatter.
There’s no way in hell you get to say something like that to him. You’re everything to him, what was he supposed to do without you? We’re all those ’ i love yous ’ not real? No, you had feelings for him wether you wanted to admit that or not. He could see it, hell— he could feel it.

It was around one in the morning before you switch into night mode, making yourself some chamomile tea and dressing in some loose sweatpants and a white tee-shirt. Your ex hadn’t called back, that was a relief. Hopefully they got the message loud and clear by now.
Settling into the bed you sigh softly seeing no one was in the messenger at the moment. Usually Saeran was on every night at this time, that was odd for him to break schedule like that. A harsh knock at your door pulls you from your thoughts, also causing you to jump slightly. It was late, why anyone would be here at this time was above you. You swallow thickly, setting the cup down on the nightstand before cautiously making your way towards the door, fists clenched as your nails dig into the palms of your hands.
You reach towards the door handle, before the doors even fully opened its pushed open, causing you to squeal loudly. You don’t even have time to process what’s going on when you feel a familiar pair of lips locked tightly onto yours, it was rough and passionate– His teeth grinding against yours painfully but yet it felt so good. You open your eyes half way to confirm who you think this is, Yes– thank god it was actually your boyfriend. A large hand cups the side of your face, deepening the kiss even more than it already was. You had no idea what had gotten into him but at the moment you didn’t care– Too focused on the sudden advance that had been thrown at you. His fingers roughly traced your face, then down your neck, slowly traveling towards your waist until reaching your hips, gripping tightly as he pulled your body tight against his own. After what seemed like years both of you pull away, breathless but your faces still inches apart. His usual blueish yellow eyes were so dark and menacing, Unknown traits showing through.
“ If you truly didn’t have feelings for me, Would you really melt the way you just did? ”
And devilish smirk apparent on his lips as he caught his breath, hand giving your hip a tight squeeze before his eyes scanned your own confused ones, trying to figure out what you were thinking.
But actions speak louder than words, right? You didn’t know what he was talking about and frankly didn’t care, practically throwing yourself onto him as your nails hungrily run up and down his back, looking for something to grab onto and you kiss him back equally as passionate and hungry.
He couldn’t feel the full effect of yours hands through his thick jacket but he didn’t care, all he knew is that you were his and he was yours.
The rest of the night is filled with pure passion and lust, actions do truly speak louder than words.

After mission cuddles

 (A/N): I kinda differed from the request and there wasn’t very many cuddles in here but It did involve a lot of caring Wanda so I hope that’s okay too! 

Request: A fluffy Wanda x reader where the reader gets extremely cuddly after a long mission and uses Wanda as a teddybear

Warnings: none

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   Wanda smiled as (Y/N) walked through the door of their part of the compound, the area strictly made for the two of them. They looked beat down at best, littered with bruises and cuts and more than enough sweat than training could procure. 

    “Hard mission?” Wanda asks softly, setting down the book she’d been reading. (Y/N) chuckles lightly, nodding as they wince a bit. Wanda’s eyebrows furrow in worry as she stands up, walking to (Y/N)’s side to check up on them. 

  “ ’M okay Wanda,” they lightly pat her arm, smiling at her softly. “Just a little sore,”

    “(Y/N), clothes off,” Wanda deadpans, giving them her best butch face. 

   "Wanda, I’d really love to have sex right now but-“ Wanda sighs in agitation causing (Y/N) to smirk just a bit. "I know, I know, now isn’t the time for jokes. But uh- I can’t really lift my arms up at the moment, mind helping?” Wanda nodded affirmatively as she slowly inched (Y/N)’s sweat soaked suit off their body, wincing when she got a look at their chest. 

    “(Y/N),” Wanda murmurs as she trails her fingers along one giant and flaming bruise, smack in the middle of (Y/N)’s chest. 

    “Ow,” (Y/N) winces, shying away from Wanda’s hand as they do.

    “Okay,” Wanda whispers as she retracts her hand, her mind already going a million places at once. “You’re going to go take a bath while I get your some medicine, afterwards you’re going to ice this as you lay in bed," 

    "Demanding,” (Y/N) smirks despite the ache and burn of their limbs. “I like it,” Wanda can’t help but crack a small smile at (Y/N), despite their situation. 

   "Whatever,“ Wanda murmurs fondly. "Lets go get you in the tub,” and with some difficulty the two were able to get (Y/N) in the tub, even if it was just for a few minutes. “I’ll be right back,” Wanda whispers as she presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead.

   (Y/N) hums softly in satisfaction as Wanda’s lips caress their skin, murmuring something in disappointment when she pulled away. Before (Y/N) could reach out and grab at Wanda she escaped, walking to their kitchen to grab some water and strong Ibuprofen. Not even a minute later she returned, medicine in one hand and glass in the other.

    “Here, take this,” Wanda handed the pills to (Y/N) and the glass afterwards, taking them back when (Y/N) had finished. Then, wordlessly, Wanda sat on the edge of the tub, reaching her to grab some shampoo and soap. 

    “Wanda?” (Y/N) questions, one of their droopy eyes cracking open. “What are you-”

    “Close your eyes,” Wanda whispers, her tone soft and loving. “I don’t want to get shampoo in them,”

    (Y/N) does as told, closing their eyes as Wanda applied the shampoo to their hair, working it through the strands gently but thoroughly. Afterwards she washed it out, being mindful of (Y/N)’s eyes and cuts. Then she gently conditioned their hair, following the same process as before. Then came the soap part, with the gentlest hands known to man Wanda gently rubbed the soap along (Y/N)’s body, cleaning every spot of them she could.

    “You ready to get out?” Wands asks, smirking when (Y/N) hums in displeasure. “There is a nice warm bed calling your name,” Wanda taunts in a singsongish voice. (Y/N) seems to think about it for a minute before nodding, muttering something incoherent as they do. With a smile Wanda reaches over to drain the tub, quickly standing to assist (Y/N) in getting up and drying off. 

   "I’ve laid out some clothes for you,“ Wanda gently kisses (Y/N)’s nose, smiling when (Y/N) chuckled softly. 

    "Wanda, you’re the best,” (Y/N) whispers, yawning as Wanda began to dry their hair. 

    “Hmm, I know I am,” Wanda smirked as she set the towel aside, deciding On whether or not she’d dried every part of (Y/N) but her little evaluation cut short when (Y/N) gave a shiver, little goosebumps popping up all along their skin. "I’ll go grab your the clothes,“ Wanda mutters as she leaves the bathroom, returning a moment later with a large shirt and soft shorts for (Y/N) to wear. "I can help you dress if you want me to,” Wanda whispers as she hands the clothes to (Y/N). (Y/N) nods silently, sheepishly smiling at Wanda as they do. With a small smile Wanda assists (Y/N) into the shorts, their shirt following soon after. “Want me to blow dry your hair too?” Wanda asks as she runs her fingers through (Y/N)’s soaked locks, untangling it softly. 

   “Can we just lay in bed?” (Y/N) responds, rubbing at their eyes sleepily. Wanda smiles a bit more, her heart fluttering at the small action. 

   “Of course we can,” Wanda reaches out and takes (Y/N) hand, gently guiding them to their soft bed. With some difficulty (Y/N) lays down, only wincing in pain every so often. 

    “You’re gonna join me, right?” (Y/N) asks, staring up at Wanda with wide, doe like eyes. 

   “If you want me to,” Wanda smiles, chuckling softly when (Y/N) began to tug her down. 

   “I’d love if you joined me,” Wanda nodded, slipping in beside (Y/N) slowly so as not to hurt them further. Once Wanda had finally settled against the bed she sighed, a sleepy smile overtaking her features. 

   (Y/N) gently settles back against Wanda, a small noise of contentment falling from their lips when Wanda reached up to lightly scratch at their scalp. One of Wanda’s arms wrapped around their waist lightly, the other gently playing with (Y/N)’s still soaked strands. 

   “I love you (Y/N),” Wanda whispers but (Y/N) didn’t hear, the minute Wanda started playing with their hair they were out, smiling softly in their dreams. 

cuntdestroyer03  asked:

Can you do a scenario with Kanato, Carla, and Kou where they want their s/o to play with their hair? Hope this is okay, I can't find the rules on mobile and I know you're only suppose to request a couple of characters for a scenario. Thank you! 💖 (P.s. Miss ya Skitty and love you Mawile)

Admin Mawile: ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ


-Even Kanato’s nicer moments were vaguely terrifying. 

With his head in your lap, dark-rimmed eyes gently shut, soft hair pooling around his head like a halo, he almost looked peaceful. 

But, you also knew, if your hand stopped stroking the absurdly downy fluff of his hair for even a moment, he’d probably try to throw you out the window, furious for being disobeyed. 

His demands of affection were far from unusual; sudden, violent things where he’d demand an emotion much softer than you felt capable of giving. He’d flop down in your lap, clutching that creepy toy to his chest, and with eyes as wide and needy as a child, command your attention. 

There was an unspoken threat in the air, that if you ever denied him or dared mention these moments to anyone else, you’d pay dearly. 

But, with the horribly fragile expression on his pale face, you couldn’t help but feel like he needed you more than he’d ever admit. 


-The only time Carla came close to needy was when his illness left him so feverish and pained he was entirely unaware of his own actions. 

When he was half asleep, caught between fever dreams and reality, head pressing into your thigh, one worryingly thin hand clutched tightly in your clothing like a claw. 

Carla’s eyes cracked open, just a little, and with a deep, miserable sigh, he tilted his face out of view. 

That was as close an invitation as any you’d get to comfort him, the nearest thing to an admission of pain his pride would allow. Burying your fingers in the slightly sweat-damp, still ridiculously soft strands of his hair, you started to gently stroke and rub at his scalp. 

His face relaxed just a bit, you thought, going slack with something like peace. 


-This was his payment, he said, for going easy on you while feeding this morning. 

Since he’d been so kind as to make sure you didn’t hurt any more than you had to, it was only right that you pay him back with something just as good. 

Apparently, “something just as good” meant laying splayed out across your lap, head tucked into the curve of your waist, practically purring as you run your fingers through his hair. 

Even as cute as he seemed, sharp nails clutching at your thigh reminded you exactly what your position here was. Kou was demanding something, and you were only there to provide it. 

It was still nice, seeing him so close to unguarded and genuine, melting under attention that you suddenly realized how badly he must need. It was probably no more than one of his games, tricking you into imagining vulnerability that was never there, but you didn’t care. 

There was something real about how tightly he clung to you.