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This pose. This pose fought me for a couple days now, just simply visualizing how it would work. I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t figure out how to put it on paper.

I figured Tommy and Deborah were just about to a cabin before he got grabbed in my previous picture, but a pocket knife won’t keep Jason stunned for long. And it takes too long for two people to try to climb through a window so Tommy just grabs her and tries to take the brunt of the damage from crashing through the window. I wasn’t sure really how much to do with the glass, and so many tiny shards would be impossible to draw, so I went for a more minimal use, just to get the feel. XD They’re both going to need some first aid after this, but at least they got away!

Hulu: *shows ad promoting exercising during commercial breaks*

Me: *is currently binge watching tv show while eating cold fries, hasn’t left the couch in two hours*

Me: I could do that. If I wanted to. Shut up, Hulu.

Me: *throws cold French fry at the screen*

yknow i got called a transphobes for saying this before but yknow what? no. its bullshit.

heterosexual trans people do NOT have full access to Straight Privilege! thats not to say they aren’t actually het! im just saying we live in a VERY transphobic society and no trans people will be as privileged as someone who is 100% cis & het!

like… yall. ive literally heard so many people say that it doesn’t matter heir sexuality, trans people are living in sin for the sole reason theyre trans

like? do you REALLY think a transphobe is gonna be like “oh! i was gonna yell at you and tell you that you’re an abomination and that you’re delusional, but now that i know you’re a Heterosexual™ im not gonna do that hate crime!” like no thats not how this shit works

like, even in liberal areas trans people arent 100% accepted! and considering the majority of the world is NOT even fake accepting of trans people, those “liberal areas” are in the minority!

seriously. saying het trans people are just as privileged as het cis people is ridiculous because thats erasing a cute little thing called transphobia that uh funny enough Cis People Do Not Face

no offense but acknowledging that all trans people face oppression for being trans is not transphobic, and acting like het trans people have some sort of “out” because theyre het is just down right ridiculous

now i’m thinking abt the fact that there’s probably a strong possibility where cassidy is gonna kiss jesse and i’m afraid he’s gonna turn him down and now….. i don’t know what to do with this situation i rarely stan shows where there’s actual gay people in them and situations like this could actually happen what the fuck

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since youre croatian or some shit just think about how their names would be written if you were to read it in serbocroatian: Endru Minjard. Nil Džosten. like wtf it doesn't feel Right

i am indeed croatian omfg endru i’m laughing andrew’s would be andrej i know this bc my first name is andreja which is the female serbocroatian verion of andrew so andrej josep minjard which i think sounds kinda cool?? even tho u would never see that last name for real over there fhjfjhfjh džosten sounds like it genuinely would be a last name tho 

can i just say

we’re getting closer and closer to one thousand followers and closer to the one year anniversary of this blog

thank you for putting up with us ❤️

and that i’m so proud of my best friend for sending amazing pictures of dan to so many people! hit her up for some pics of my favorite deep, dark and dank babe

Bambam on the streets.

Kay, does this look familiar? Hmm?