still spring break


College AU: Artist Kara and her journalist girlfriend Cat

“What do you want to be?” I asked her on a day when she wore red and the rain outside hung on the tips of her hair.

She strayed her eyes from the window and looked at me with those eyes that always reminded me of summer. Green. Warm. Bright.

“A lot.”


She smiled devilishly and took a sip from her coffee, making me wait as if she didn’t know I loved watching the stain of coffee on her red lips or the mark she left behind on the rim of the cup.

“I want people to look at me and say, ‘She’s just too much.’ Too smart. Too pretty. Too successful. A lot.” She quirked an eyebrow and challenged me with her mouth, twisting it to the side and making me forget the day was cold and rainy and dark.

She always made me forget the world was anything but warm.

“And you? What does Kara Danvers want to be? To do?”

“I want to be the person to document you. I’m going to show the world how big you are.” I didn’t hesitate in my answer.

My fingers were stained with charcoal as I drummed them against the table to keep from touching her. She hated when I got her hands dirty.

“What if I don’t know you by then?” Her eyes shone brighter and she leaned forward, her blonde hair falling gently from her shoulders.

“You will.” I nodded, smiling widely when she rolled her eyes.

“But how do you know?” She kept asking me questions she already knew the answer to.

“I just do,” I said, committing to memory how she looked down to my hands and reached to tangle her fingers with mine.

Our hands were stained and her hair was long and I had a class in twenty minutes when she said, “I’ll hold you to that, Danvers,” and promised me forever.

Wow. I am very very very tired and I still have a lot to unpack. And I’ve still gotta get groceries, though I just got my work schedule for this week and hoo boy am I gonna be busy. I think I’m working 47 hours this week. My coworker who was really good at slapping dough left yesterday, so now I’ve gotta take up the reigns for that. My dough slapping is getting better, and because of that I’m getting more hours and if I get good enough I’ll be eligible for a pay raise and possible promotion to assistant manager. I’m happy to get more hours because More Money, but also sad because Less Time. I want to get to know my roommates but I’m rarely home. Also I need to get over my anxiety of feeling like I shouldn’t take up any space at all, that I’m in the way and shouldn’t be seen or heard at all. And tomorrow’s my birthday but I’m working all day with only like an hour break between jobs. But that’s fine because I had a little celebration with my friend on Friday and had a nice breakfast with my sister this morning. Also I’m annoyed because the iron I bought doesn’t want to work and I forgot to get rings for my shower curtain and my soap dispenser was really frustrating to screw and unscrew. Also I’ve been a little sick for like 2-3 weeks now and it’s annoying. Like, being an independent adult is very tiring and difficult and expensive, but I’m still happy to be free of the toxic environment my home life was with my parents. And I’ve got a lot of people who love and support me and are willing to help me figure out how to do all these things. I bet in a few months everything will be running smoother. It seems like everything is trying it’s darn hardest to make me quit, with big things like my rent being much more expensive than I expected to small things like my iron not working, but I’m not gonna give in to that. I’ve already been through enough shit to give up now.

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I would have participated in the Day of Silence, but I guess I had to be silent about being silent. If I participated, my parents would be confused and probably ask me about my sexuality (which I’m not ready for). My heart goes out to every LGBTQ+ person who has been forced to be silent about themselves. I fully support you and life will (or has in some people’s cases) get better.

Dear Spring Breakers

Our beach is not your trash can or your compost heap.

Our wildlife are rapidly dwindling and are not for you to kill or disturb. This includes sea turtle hatchlings. This includes the birds you like to throw rocks at, or the sharks you like to “fish” for.

Our locals are not your servants. They are hardworking people just like you. They are to be treated with respect and given a nice tip. And no, our local boys and girls are not interested.

Our cities and towns are not your playground. They have rules you will abide by. Many public schools are still in session while you are partying until 3am. Keep your music down and your screaming/yelling to a minimum. Many people still have work as well. People need to sleep.

Treat the beaches with respect. Or I will personally come into your house, replace all your food with plastic bags and garbage, cut up your credit cards (since you’re so fond of skipping out on the check), and keep you and your family awake all night with screaming and music.

Remember this before spring break.

things i have learned about this alligator lizard

she’s remarkably chill for an alligator lizard. like she doesn’t want to be my friend, but she doesn’t mind being watched

she doesn’t understand water bowls and will only drink from her humid hide

not diurnal.  she won’t bask under her UVB light except at dawn and dusk

will fucking eat ANYTHING

not interested in climbing branches unless they’re placed slightly out of her reach in which case she will do anything she can to reach them