still sobbing over his face oh god

Title: like broken glass
Summary: UA where the final battle between Sasuke and Naruto ends with the latter dead, Sasuke wrestling with the knowledge of his victory, and Sakura’s hope finally crumbling at last.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Rating: M (for semi-graphic violence)
A/N: I had the idea, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to write it because it’s so intensely, intensely angsty. And tragic. LIKE INTENSELY TRAGIC (as in multiple character death). And it’s just not the type of thing that I typically have any desire to write anymore. Anyway, this was intended for ssmonth but I never did get the motivation or desire to really write it out until now. Enjoy?

She felt like she couldn’t breathe when she finally reached the Valley of the End’s shattered grounds. They’d made such a mess of things, having long destroyed the two statues of their ancestors and the great rock walls—but it was the sheer quietness of the scene that unsettled her the most.

There had been hope in her heart when the sounds had subsided on her way to find them, faith that Naruto had finally won Sasuke over to the light again. But when she stood there at the edge of their battle site, feeling cold dread twisting in her stomach, Sakura couldn’t help herself from shaking.

Something was wrong.

Her wide, green eyes scanned the ruined field, searching for any sign of life. Uneasiness settled in more firmly when she found nothing. Hands clenching, she willed herself to keep calm as she resorted to sensing chakra instead.

A faint pulse ahead had her heart skipping a beat. Sakura didn’t waste a moment before sprinting off, the heavy weight of anxiety lifting from her shoulders as she leapt from piece to piece of statue wreckage. It wasn’t until Sasuke appeared in her line of vision that her stomach dropped once more, suddenly realizing that she couldn’t feel the source of another chakra.

She couldn’t feel Naruto.

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"Welcome Home, Cas."

Author: xbooksandtea

Pairing: Destiel

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1.665

Genre: hurt/comfort, reunion, lots of fluff

Time Line: Takes place after the events of 12x23

Links: Read on ao3

“Cas,” he whispered, and he was able to hear the blood rushing through the veins in his ears. Shimmering lights were dancing at the corners of his vision. His skin felt both burning hot and ice cold at the same time, the way he imagined it would feel if you dove into a pool while someone branded you with a burning claw – the way that left scars.

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Stay Part 1

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1211

Warning: Arguing, crying, angst

This is the first part in a new mini series, based off of my drabble for @cleverdame ‘s Valentine’s Day and Birthday Challenge! There will be four parts, so get ready. ;) Enjoy!

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#88 - Kevin

@daydreamiiy - Here you go! 😄 Hope you enjoy reading 💕 P.S.: This is set post-movie.

Pairing: You x Kevin
Warnings: None, I guess.
Drabble challenge: #88 “After everything…I’d still choose you.”

You snuggled deeper into your warm blanket and sipped on your fresh cup of tea. It was Saturday night and you were still enjoying your time off work, even though the reason for the forced holiday was still surreal for you. You were alone at your apartment; you had mostly withdrawn yourself from the outside world, from all the staring eyes.

But the last few days had still taken a toll on you. Endless hours of police investigation and being interviewed by several police officers and therapists, had ruled your last week, after your boss had told them about your friendship with Kevin.

You were still shocked, terrified even, but you just couldn’t believe it. You knew Kevin would never hurt a fly, none of his alters would. You knew them; not all of them personally, but he had told you about the ones that Barry did not allow to front. However, you still didn’t believe that any one of them could have pulled that off.

Steal a car, knock a man out, kidnap three girls and kill two of them, plus his own therapist. That sounded like some horror movie shit – not like Kevin. No way.

Oh, Doctor Fletcher. That poor woman had deserved so much better. You had known her, talked to her. She always supported your friendship with Kevin – and now you had to visit her funeral.

And the girls. They were so young, too young. Nearly ripped apart, and they believed it was Kevin’s work? You had seen lions and tigers devour their meat at work and not even they were capable to be so cruel. One of the officers had accidentally shown you some photos – and they were still giving you nauseating nightmares. Watching the news was impossible, especially when you thought about whoever did this – was still running free.

You snapped out of your thoughts as soon as you heard the movie you had been watching, go into commercial brake. “Hm” You inhaled sharply and tried to shake the images out of your head. You were starting to scare yourself and you couldn’t stop worrying about Kevin. He was your friend after all.

You exhaled slowly as you ignored your aching heart, and took another sip of your tea instead. The feelings you had developed in the past few years working with Kevin, were pulling you down by every passing day not seeing him. Hell, not even knowing where he was.

A sudden loud knock at your door made you jerk on your couch and spill some tea on yourself. “Damn it.”, you cursed under your breath as untangled yourself from your blanket and set your cup back on the table. You paused for a moment as you listened for any further noise.

You held your breath; realizing how nervous you were getting. After all, you were all by yourself and you were not expecting any guests over.

“(Y/N)!” More knocking, only this time it was much more frantic. “(Y/N), it’s me!” You heard him say in a hushed voice, and your heart nearly stopped. You recognized that voice. “Please open the door!”

You swiftly jumped to your feet and you nearly stumbled over on your way to the front door.

“(Y/N), I need your help, please.”

You quickly unlocked the door with trembling hands as he kept talking on the other side; pleading for help – and you yanked the door open as soon as the lock clicked.

Your breath hitched in your throat as your eyes finally met. – He looked awful, and yet you couldn’t help yourself and stare at his naked upper body. You had always known that Kevin was in good-shape, but now you knew for sure. Despite all the grime and –

You gasped. “Is – is that blood?” Shocked, you pressed your hand to your mouth to keep yourself from screaming.

Kevin let out a sob as he stood in front of you; shaking like mad. “I need your help.”

After sitting him down on your couch you realized that he was barefoot, only wearing black slacks. You let out a deep sigh as you sat next to him. He was still shaking; barely able to speak, let alone look into your eyes.

“Talk to me, Kevin.” He hesitated and you noticed his leg shaking restlessly. “It is you, isn’t it?”

He exhaled through his nose as he nodded slowly. “Yes.”

You took a seat next to him, and it was silent for a moment before you found your courage to ask him.

“What happened, Kevin? What happened to you?”

You could see how his jaw clenched as he squeezed his eyes shut. He wouldn’t stop shaking, despite the wool blanket you had placed around his shoulders. “I- I don’t know, (Y/N).” He swallowed hard. “All I know is –“ He inhaled sharply and winced. You could see that he was in pain as he fought his inner demons.

He exhaled again. “I was gone. For a long time. I remember the day – two years ago. September 18th. I was on the bus from work. I- I can remember telling you good night and getting on the bus.”

You could hear that he was choking up as you listened to him, but you did not dare to interrupt him.

“It’s – blurry after that. And then – oh god.” A loud sob shook his whole body, and he quickly buried his face in his hands. “They did it.”, he managed to tell you between sobbing. “They did all this, (Y/N).”

You scooched over to him and wrapped your arms around his quivering form. Your heart was slowly breaking for the man next to you. “I – believe you, Kevin.”

He suddenly turned his head and looked at you with his light blue eyes, all red and swollen from tears, yet still so mesmerizing. You realized how much you had missed looking into them.

“You’re the only one I’ve left, (Y/N). I’m so sorry.”

You lay in bed while Kevin showered. Sitting on the couch with him, listening how he said he was sorry – over and over again, had drained you from all energy. Then again, you couldn’t imagine how much he had suffered. But of course, you had noticed the scars on his body. Pink and fresh, and barely fully healed.

You heard how the shower stopped running, and somehow the image of his shirtless body twisted its way into your mind. You had often imagined how he looked naked, but you never thought you would eventually find out under such circumstances.

A short while passed before you heard the bathroom door open and close again, and you were chewing on your bottom lip nervously – not sure about what would happen next. But your heart nearly skipped a beat once he stepped into your bedroom cautiously.

He wore the plain white shirt and a pair of black basketball shorts you had given him.

“So, I think I’ll just –“ He scratched the back of his shaved head awkwardly as he sauntered over to the bed. “crash on the couch. – I’m not planning to sleep anyway.” He shrugged.

“Why not?”

“I’m scared they – they might take over again.” He let out a sigh as he rubbed his tired eyes. “It was hard enough for me to get the light back. I managed to win Hedwig over, but I’m not risking anything anymore.”

“You should sleep now, (Y/N). I think me showing up at your door was quite a shock for you.”

You sat up again and leaned back against the headboard of the bed. “Hell yeah it was.” You chuckled softly. “I was worried about you, and –”, you confessed, but kept your gaze at your hands fiddling with your blanket. “I want you to stay with me tonight.”

You only looked up at him when you did not get a response after a short moment. He was still standing at the same spot, but he was staring at you; dumbfounded and unsure. “After everything?”

You nodded slowly. “After everything…I’d still choose you.”

Your heart was racing in your chest and you felt your cheeks flush as you basically confessed the feelings you had bottled up for so long. Yes, you feared his reaction, yet it felt good to finally say something.

And without further words, Kevin walked over to the other side of your bed and lay down next to you.

“I’ve never thought this would become reality someday.”, he said as you let him pull you towards him. You lay on his chest while he embraced you. “Me neither.”, you mumbled and listened to his fast heartbeat. Your lips pulled up into a small smile. “I’m glad it did though.”

“Me too.”, you agreed dozily.

“Good night, (Y/N).”, he whispered finally and kissed the top of your head.

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Surprise (Reid x Reader Imagine)

Originally posted by matthewgrayistherightway

Title: Surprise (Reid x Reader)

Request:  Hello :) Can you do a imagine where reader & spencer are married, and reader finds out she’s pregnant? thank you :)

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None

Words: 473

A/N: Hey lovecakes! Sorry I’m so behind! Now that Thanksgiving break is over, I’m back at school, but I’ll always make time for you guys! This is a short one, just sort of like an imagine. It’s not great, but I thought it was cute! I also wrote in a different perspective, just this once. Love you babes! xoxo




My heart felt like it jumped out of my chest and started dancing around my room. I could barely breathe. My lungs felt like they had been incinerated. But I was smiling. My whole future flashed in front of my eyes. A new family. A new lifestyle.

The test was positive.

I was pregnant.

I reached over to my nightstand to grab my cell and call Spence, but I then decided I wanted this to be in person. I wrapped my arms around my knees, cradling myself as I began to cry tears of joy. I had always wanted this, a chance to be a mother. To create something so beautiful and call it mine.

 It felt like I had been sitting on my bed for ages. My toes were wiggling in anticipation. My ears perked up when I finally heard the front door swing open.

 “Y/N, I’m home,” Spencer Reid’s voice cheerfully chimed throughout the house.

Spencer. The best thing that had ever happened to me. He was the perfect husband; loving, cute, sexy, and smart. Basically, everything I had ever wanted in a man.

I practically broke the bedroom door down as I busted through and raced down the hallway. My eyes lit up when I saw him. He looked fairly tired, but happy to be safe and sound. I leaped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist, not even waiting for him to take off his bag. Burying my face in his neck, I started sobbing again. Spencer gripped my legs and held me up.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He seemed scared of what I might say. I jumped down and cupped his face, staring deeply into his fawn brown eyes.

“Spencer,” I said softly, waiting for him to catch on. He stood there with a puzzled expression still on his face until his frown dropped and his eyebrows rose.

“OH MY GOD,” he screamed. He scooped me up and twirled me around in circles for God knows how long. The tears streaming down his face made my neck damp as he kissed me over and over again.

“I love you Y/N,” he spoke so lovingly that I couldn’t help but start crying again.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment.

An Empress And Her Consort, part 2

Back at the base… Quinn is telling Mara this awful story of being incarcerated for five years for refusing to give up on her. I really feel like the awfulness of that is undersold. Clearly this man is loyal. All he had to do was admit you were dead and move on and his career and life would have been fine. But no. He chose prison over his own life. 

Sorry I’m getting preachy. Anyway. He’s telling her this horrible story about what happened to him and she doesn’t really… react? At all? But I caught this tiny moment, where it seems like she stops as the horror of what he dealt with hits her. I’m projecting onto blank animation but I’m sticking to it.

Of course, she is also going to take a moment to refamiliarize herself with his various assets.

Yep, still fine as hell. Anyway.

Here I imagine she’s sort of fiddling with his uniform, feeling tangible proof of his existence as she tells him how much she still loves him. *sobs*

And The Kiss…. He opens his eyes first because he still can’t believe she’s *here* and real and whole and oh god at any moment he’ll wake back up in his cell. But no, she’s here. She keeps her eyes closed because she’s exploring his sense and his emotions and everything that makes him uniquely Quinn to her Force senses.

Oh my god they love each other so much it physically pains me.

I know we’ve all squee’ed over Quinn’s smirk but have we talked about the Mara’s face post-kiss? 

That is the face of a woman who is happy for the first time in years. And ye gods she is having SO MANY carnal thoughts. Quinn may not have the Force but he knows his wife. And so responds in the only appropriate manner possible.

“If you need my services again, just say the word.”

Anon asked for Seungcheol coming out as bisexual to the reader with an angst and hurt/comfort dynamic to the story

Seungcheol looks fidgety right from the moment you meet with him. It’s your favorite cafe, a spot that usually has him lounging in his seat smiling out the window at the plants in the quaint little windowbox when you arrive, enjoying his seclusion from the busy world outside. But today his hair is in slight disarray from running his hands through it, and he’s staring into his coffee mug rather than looking around, shoulders tucked.

“Cheol, honey, what’s wrong?” you ask, your favorite fond name for him that usually makes him relax.

You press a hello kiss to the top on his head and then slide into your side of the booth seating. He closes his eyes momentarily at the touch. He doesn’t say anything. He bites his full bottom lip.

“What’s wrong?” you repeat, concern increasing now.

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Heavy Hearts (Leonard McCoy x Reader)

A/N: I feel really bad for not posting at all so have some Bones angst I wrote ages ago! I posted this on Wattpad and Quotev back in the dark ages but no one read it so now you can have it! Sorry if there’s any mistakes that I missed when proof reading. I wrote this a long time ago and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a couple grammatical errors I missed. This was originally a song fic. Bonus points if someone can guess what angsty middle school song I based it on.

Warnings: Angst and blood

Your hands shook, one over your medical bag and the other over your phaser. It was cold, dark, and foggy on the Klingon dominated planet, and you were not in friendly territory.

You wore the blue uniform of a medical officer, along with Dr. McCoy, Spock and the other male science officer in blue uniform.

The landing group consisted of you, Bones, the Captain, Spock, the science officer, Chekov, and Uhura. The mission of said group was to infiltrate a Klingon base and rescue Starfleet hostages.

Your breath was shaky, along with your slow movement down the damp soil of the hill you were descending. The entire atmosphere was eerie, and you wanted out, but you wouldn’t back down.

As the group moved forward, Bones gave your hand a squeeze, and reassured you that it would be okay. It didn’t help much, but it was better than nothing.

The entire trip to the target location was silent, aside from the slow and steady footsteps of your comrades. As the target location came into view you heard a voice in the distance.

They said something in Klingon, and Uhura translated. “Check the perimeter, there are signs that someone is here.”

Your eyes grew wide, and chills ran down your spine. They knew. It was over.

The entire landing party stopped and waited, not daring to make a sound.

Jim, Spock, and Bones made eye contact, and came to a silent agreement.

Suddenly Bones grabbed you and Chekov by the arm, and Spock took hold of Uhura, while Captain Kirk pulled at the other science officer’s arm. Everyone knew better than to make any vocal noise, no matter how surprised.

The three of them roughly guided you down into a small ditch. Mud was coated thick at the bottom, but now was not the time to complain, and camouflage might even be useful.

The three of you were hunkered at the bottom, silent except for the shaky, nervous breathing that only made the tension worse.

A steady rhythm beat into the dirt above your heads. Footsteps, loud and heavy, were coming your way.

You clamped a hand over your mouth. You wanted to vomit. Your vision spun, the brown of the dirt was colliding with the gold, red, and blue of the uniforms, and the grey of the foggy sky tinted everything. Bones leaned over and planted a small kiss on your forehead, somehow managing to stay completely silent.

More words in Klingon, but it was too dangerous to be translated aloud. Instead, Uhura made a slitting motion across her neck, mouthing the word: Move. There was no question as to what it meant. If you didn’t move you would die.

You all looked to the Captain for an order. He pointed to his phaser, then made a shooting motion towards where the slowly nearing footsteps were coming from. He mouthed the words, and counted on his fingers. Three. Two. One. Now.

The silence shattered like glass, as gunfire, well phaserfire, rang out all around. You hit the initial target, but waves of Klingons came pouring out. There were at least ten, heavily armed, and armored Klingons exchanging fire with you.

The entire group was firing at the Klingons, but almost to no avail. Only two had even been knocked out, and another one had been hit in the arm.

You kept firing, trying to accept the probable death that awaited you.

After over ten minutes of open fire, the Klingons were all down, and by some miracle, none of you had died. You climbed out of the trench and opened your medical bag.

You and Bones took care of the wounds that the others had sustained, working quickly so that the group could advance.

You were treating Chekov’s leg when he pointed out the injury you had on your arm.

“(Y/n), your arm is bleeding, are you okay?” Chekov asked, pointing at a spot on your lower left arm that was trickling blood.

You hadn’t even noticed, but it hurt once you did.

“Christ, (Y/n), you should have said something,” Bones said, finishing up on Spock, and hurrying over to you and taking your arm.

At this point Jim would usually taunt or make fun of Bones for being a protective worry-wart, but the situation quickly drained the humor from those involved.

As Bones finished and had treated your arm, you continued to tend to Chekov’s leg. Once you were done, everyone got up and began to walk again.

The group had only gotten about 10 feet away when a phaserblast was heard.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion. The blast rang out, and Bones reacted first, whipping around, and shooting the Klingon that had managed to get up and fire his weapon. But as this happened, you fell forward, propelled by a stinging force in the back.

When Bones turned around the look on his face turned from relief to horror.

You lay stomach-down on the muddy ground, the mud around you was painted red.

It was a few seconds later when the pain finally hit you in waves. Your abdomen burned from the center out, every nerve in you body screaming for it to stop.

You tried not to scream, and barely succeeded, only letting out one percussive cry of pain.

“Oh God…” Uhura mumbled. Chekov’s hand went flying over his mouth, even Spock looked shocked, and the Captain was petrified.

“(Y/N), please no,” Bones cried out, his eyes welling up with hot tears as he raced to your side. “You can’t do this to me,” he choked, his voice was cracking. He knelt down next to you and turned you face-up.

“Bones, it hurts, it hurts so much,” you croaked out, barely above a whisper, tears of your own making unwelcome appearances. Neither of you knew what to do or say, and there was a short moment of agonizing silence. “I’m gonna die aren’t I?”

“No! No, please don’t say that, you’re gonna come back with us. And-and I’m gonna take you to dinner like I promised. I’ll even let you pick, you just have to make it back.” Bones was on the verge of sobbing, his bloodied hands were pressed over your wound, trying to stop the blood that refused to quit flowing. He clawed through his medical bag every few seconds, as if there was some tool that could magically heal your wound.

“I’m so cold. It’s really cold, Bones,” you muttered, your eyes started to feel heavy, but still pushed out more tears.

“No, no, no, no,” Bones was breaking down. “Please don’t do this to me, you have to make it back. Damnit, don’t do this!”

“You know that’s not happening. Just leave me here. You shouldn’t get killed on my account!”

“No! We’re not leaving you, we are going to save you, just hold on,” Bones kept trying, but it was hopeless and he knew it.

Every person standing around you was going through their own hell. Jim and Uhura were both weeping, Spock held Uhura in his arms, confused at the hot tears that were rolling down his cheeks, and Chekov held his head in his hands, trying to wake himself up.

“C'mon, Bones, you–” you paused to cough weakly. “You know better than that.”

Bones said nothing, but continued to sob. He removed his hand from your wound, and held your hand in his, his other one cupped your cheek. He didn’t know what to say.

“Hey, Bones,” you asked, cringing from the pain that was slowly spreading out your abdomen. You could feel that you had less than a minute left.


“I love you,” you murmured hoarsely, smiling at him weakly.

“I-I love you too, so please don’t go,” he pleaded, now holding your hand to his eyes, crying into it.

“S-See you later, Bones,” you whispered, your eyes slowly shut and you exhaled. The last thing you saw clearly was his agonized face, and then it was gold, red, blue, and grey blurs. You were gone.        

“(Y/N), no, you’re gonna wake up, damnit!” Bones was a mess at this point. His arms were soaked in your blood, and his face in tears.

“Bones, we have to go,” Jim said, wiping his eyes, he had to save the tears for later. “We can’t be caught here, and the instructions for the admiral state that if a crew member is lost a mission is aborted.”

“Yeah,” Bones agreed hesitantly, tearing himself away from your corpse.

The walk back to the rendezvous point was painfully silent, the sounds besides footsteps in the thick mud were whimpers and quiet sobs. When they reached it, the silence was finally broken.

“Sulu, beam us up,” Kirk said solemnly into his communicator.

As the golden rays of the teleportation system enveloped them, Bones realized that he could have taken your body with him. It was too late now, because the golden, glowing particles dispersed and they were on the pristine, white transporter pads of the Enterprise.

Sulu game running in to greet them, along with Scotty.

None of the landing party made a move to step off of the transporter pads except for the science officer that you hadn’t known. He stepped off and left, head hung low.

They all stared at the ground, shell-shocked and solemn, tears still fresh on their faces.

“Captain? W-Where is (Y/N)?” Sulu asked, darker undertones in is voice, already putting the pieces together.

“Medical Officer (Y/N) (L/N), aged 26, w-was lost on hostile Klingon territory,” Kirk choked out.

“(Y/N) is gone?” Scotty asked softly.

Bones had his head in one hand, his other arm was crossed over his chest. Stifled sobs racked his body.

“No. Oh God, please no,” Sulu clamped a hand to his mouth. He felt like throwing up. You had been his best friend and now it felt as if you’d vanished. 

After what felt like a painful eternity, the crowd in the teleportation room dissipated, and everyone parted ways to face their grief.

When Bones got back to his quarters he sat at his desk in silence, anger and sorrow welling up inside him until it all violently exploded.

He let out a loud cry, and kicked his desk over. He threw paintings off his walls, letting out screams and yells the whole time. The only objects left untouched were the framed photos of you and him sitting on his bookshelf. He clawed desperately at the items on his desk, ravaging it until it was nothing but shattered glass and scattered paper.

He stopped when his vocal chords couldn’t make anymore sound and there was nothing left to throw or kick. He dropped to his knees in the middle of the floor and wept. He slumped onto the ground in utter defeat. His shaking form lay amidst shattered glass, torn paper, scattered books and splintered wood.

He fell asleep weeping, still curled into a ball on the floor. He prayed that when he woke up you would be there to greet him. 


Kirk sat at his desk, staring at the same sheet of paper that he had been staring at for the past two hours. His quivering hand held a pen just over the bottom line. He couldn’t bring to sign the document that confirmed your death. The document that would tell the federation to find an officer that would replace you.

He had a death-grip on the pen, not putting it down, but not signing the document either. For what seemed like an hour, he sat, staring at the slip of paper, until he slowly forced himself to scrawl his name on the document. Now had to make himself actually send it.

Uhura couldn’t eat, and Spock wondered why he was so distracted when he tried to do his job, and why there were tears forming in his eyes for no logical reason.

The ship went from a warm home to a reminder. A reminder that they had all lost someone and that they could never have them back. 


Bones woke up in his bed, a warm presence next to him. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. His quarters were clean, and nothing was broken. There was a lump next to him in the sheets. He noticed (h/c) hair poking softly out of the covers.

No way. Could that have been a dream? More like a nightmare. He got up, knowing better than to wake you up, then changed into his uniform. As he went out into the halls, his thoughts were still on the all-too-vivid dream he had just had.

Kirk greeted him with his signature smirk. “Morning, Bones,” he greeted.

“Hey, Jim,” Bones sighed, as they walked to the recreation room to get breakfast.

Bones sipped on his coffee, talking with Jim about the new recruits that would be joining the crew next month. The dream still haunted him, floating in the back of his head since he woke up.

“To be honest, I’m not exactly excited to have to train a bunch of rookies into medical officers, but I’m not too keen on being fired from my position either,” Bones said.

“Yeah, Spock is pretty annoyed by it too, but he won’t let anyone hear him say it. Apparently irritation is illogical,” Jim returned. “But, hey, a ship has to have a crew.”

“I guess, but if my lab gets fucked up by any of those cadets I’m gonna kill ‘em,” Bones grumbled, taking another sip of coffee.

After breakfast with Jim, Bones went back to his office to make preparations for the shipment of recruits. Strange. You weren’t at your station. Maybe you were helping Spock in the science department.

Bones went through his day, growing more and more worried. He hadn’t seen you all day, and he was beginning to suspect something was up.

On his way back to his quarters he heard a voice, that started out as a whisper in his head.


He shook his head, assuming he was just tired.

Further down the hallway, it came again. "Bones! Let me in!“

It sounded like the Jim. That was odd. At this point, Bones really should have gone back to the medical office and checked his head for trauma. Too bad he didn’t.

The voice grew painfully loud.

"Bones, I will force this door to open!”

Bones proceeded down the hallway as fast as he could.

“Bones, come on, you’ve gotta be okay.”

Of course he was okay. Why wouldn’t he be okay? He was a high ranking officer aboard the finest vessel in the fleet. Not to mention he had an awesome girlfriend that he hadn’t seen all day.

“Shit! Bones, come on!”

A flash of white overtook Bones’ vision. Once it cleared he saw his surroundings. He was lying on the floor of his quarters, with loose papers, fragments of wood, wrecked furniture, and stray books all across the floor. The captain stood over him.

He lay confused until reality retook his senses and he felt the dried tears on his face. You were gone.

Tied To My Brain

Dan Smith Mini-Fic

You slumped into the couch and next to your boyfriend. It was two days after the Paris attacks and you were still feeling the anxiety and terror that many were feeling. “What’s up, Daniel?” You said.

He shrugged as he pulled you closer to his side before resuming his attention to the papers before him. “Hmm, the usual, babe.” He softly smiled, comforted by your presence.

You gave a laugh before reaching for one of the papers. “Is this the nameless music you started yesterday?”

“It is, but it now has a name though.”

You nodded carefully before looking at the paper he had in one hand. “’Warmth’ is it? What’s it about?” You got to have a better look at the sheet music, since he usually has the music notes on the piano before writing lyrics.

“It’s about you,” He said it so nonchalantly it almost made you burst out in laughter due to confusion. Almost.

“Me? Again? When did you become such an ugly soft?” You chuckled.

“I’ve always been an ugly soft, shut up.” 

“Whatever, babe.” You shrugged, then began to fiddle with a string from his hoodie. “I really don’t want to go to Kyle’s house party.” You made sure you placed strong emphasis on ‘really’.

“And why is that?” He softly laughed, placing his cheek on top of your head.

“I dunno. I have this strong urge to just stay in, cuddle, pop in a movie, eat some take-out… Y’know? Plus it’s raining, what better way to spend a rainy day than be inside!”

He gave out a soft hum. “Yeah, I understand. I don’t want to work on music or see anyone today.”

You both sat there in silence, letting the rain set the somber tone. It was true, you wanted to stay in and do nothing but be with your boyfriend. “Can you tell me that one story of Woody at the bar in New York?” You wrapped your arms around Dan, so he did the same.

Your question, though, made Dan laugh while doing so. “Um? I suppose… Well, as you know, we were coming back from our show–…”

It was that quick that you felt yourself drift to a heavy sleep.

You were slowly waking up mentally, but you let your eyes be shut for a while. You could hear the piano and Dan’s voice. Working on music.

Properly opening your eyes, you sat up from the laid down position that you were in on the couch. Knowing you went to bug Dan around 4 P.M, you were surprised to see it was close to 11:30 P.M. Well, looks like you wouldn’t be making it to Kyle’s party. 

Groggily getting up, you wandered to the room where all the music equipment was at. The door was wide open, but you just leaned against the doorframe, not wanting to disturb Dan. 

“You were the light that is blinding me
You’re the anchor that I tie to my brain
‘Cause when it feels when I’m lost at sea
You’re the song that I sing again and again
All the time, all the time
I think of you all the time
All the time, all the time
I think of you all the time.”

Those were the last words that you managed to catch before he stopped singing and just played, from you assumed, was the end of the song. You let the last piano notes ring before you cleared your throat. Should you let him know that you heard that? 

“That was a nice ending riff, wish I heard the lyrics. Was that ‘Warmth?’” You faked the comment.

He nodded solemnly. “It’s not ‘Warmth’, no, but you will hear it, one day. Trust me?”

“Trust you.” You cleared your throat once more. “So, uh, how long have you been awake? I guess I slept, like what, seven hours?”

“I didn’t go to sleep.”

“Daniel!” You cried. “It’’s getting late.”

He gave you a shit-eating grin. “I know! I know, but I had to finish this song in one go, I didn’t want to loose inspiration.”

“So is it finished?”


“Then get ready for bed! I’ll go make us some tea.”

“I’ll just hop in the shower then.” He smiled and jumped up. He ran to plant a quick kiss on your lips before rushing to the bedroom.

You rolled you eyes and headed back to the kitchen. You prepared the dishes, the cookies, and set the cool kettle on the stove. However, you couldn’t get rid of that song. You needed to see the full thing.

With this strong curiosity in mind, you headed back to the music and looked through the sheets of music. It was titled ‘The Anchor’. You, then, knew you were going to cry.

The lyrics were about you, no doubt, but what they said made your heart heavy with love. He had such a powerful way with words you were jealous of him. You re-read everything over and over again, hungry to memorize the entire song. You were his muse, his inspiration, the love of his life, his anchor. You were the one holding him down.

You were already crying but it wasn’t until one hit a sheet of the music that you realized that you shouldn’t be here to long. You rushed back to the kitchen to make sure nothing was overheating. You splashed your face with cool water, as well as dabbing a kitchen towel with cold water over your eyes, to make sure that the evidence of crying would be whipped.

You couldn’t stop thinking of the song, though. The fact he thought of you as his anchor was beautiful. Then, an idea came to you.

You studied the piece of art with care in the mirror. The detail, the color, the meaning; all amazing, all worth the pain and money. 

“Just follow the instructions on the packet, same from what I’ve told you, and you should be good to go!”

“Again, thank you!” You gave the person a short, unexpected hug, before rushing outside and hopping into your car. You had ‘The Anchor’ stuck in your head the entire drive home. You just couldn’t wait to see the look on his face.

You made sure you opened and closed the front door with caution, as you didn’t to alarm him. You made your way to the living room and stood in the middle, and you made sure that your back wouldn’t be facing the entrance from the hallway to the living room. “Hey, babe, could you come in the living room? I got something to show you!” You yelled.

“I’m coming!” His voice rang from the music room, you could tell. His footsteps just got closer and closer. “What do you need?” He smiled, inspecting the fact you looked normal.

“Stand in front of me.” You pointed to the spot. “And then close your eyes, no peeking.”

“I swear, if it’s a puppy…” He laughed, making his way to his position and then closed his eyes.

You waved your hand in front of his eyes before turning around in satisfaction. Per instruction, you already had your hair up in a bun. You would have it up for quiet a while.

“Okay, now look.” With your heart racing and blood rushing in your ears, you squeezed your eyes shut.

He was in shock. There you were, with a tattoo of an anchor. A beautiful one at that. It was a nice shade of dark, navy blue, and the ropes stretched up but seemed to disappear within your neck. It was so realistic! “Is that, is that, an anchor?”

Not wanting to face him just yet, you nodded. “The night that we didn’t go to Kyle’s party, I actually heard the song. And when you were in the shower, I looked at it again. I’m sorry, but it was so beautiful. I cried while reading the lyrics over and over and over again. Dan, I’m sorry I looked. I really am.” Your voice broke towards the end as you actually began to well up with tears. “I’m so sorry.”

People got tattoos of his lyrics, of the band name, the symbol, so this shouldn’t be a big deal to him. But it was different. You, his lover, got a tattoo of his work. His stuff! He couldn’t believe he meant that much to you, that you loved him that much. Daniel typically viewed himself unworthy of your love, of your company. 

“Don’t apologize.” Was all he managed to croak out. He was still in a state of shock. 

You buried your head into your hands as you began to actually full on sob. You weren’t crying over the fact you looked at his surprise work, but over the amount of love you had for him.

He stepped up to hug you from behind. It was when he buried his face into the crook of your neck that you felt the tears of his eyes. Oh my god, he was crying too!

You quickly turned around to embrace him in a hug, and he responded by holding on to you tightly. 

The two of you cried there for quiet a while, clearly overwhelmed with love you had for one another. You both let the time pass as you two tried to calm yourselves.

“I had to get this tattoo because you’re tied to my brain, too.” You finally explained yourself slowly. “You’re my anchor.”

Dan separated himself from the hug to get a good look at you. “I love you so fucking much.” He looked right into your eyes when he said that.

“I love you, too.” You smiled.

“I’ll propose to you one day, I swear. You’re the only one I want, from here on out. Trust me?”

“I trust you.”

anonymous asked:

what if the MC lost all of her memories of the RFA? How would they try to help her get her old memories back/would they try at all and just try to make new ones? (i'm feeling tragic sorry in advance)

i am ready for angst

so in these scenarios, MC lost their memories in a car accident and this is the following morning


  • brings a big vase of flowers to MC to try and cheer them up
  • he walks in to find MC quietly munching on their hospital breakfast in bed
  • “Good morning! How are you feeling? I brought flowers”
  • “I’m sorry but..who are you?”
  • at first, Yoosung thinks MC is messing with him
  • “Hey now, is this really how you’re going to treat your boyfriend at a time like this?”
  • when MC still claims they dont know who he is, Yoosung starts to panic
  • “It’s me, Yoosung.”
  • “Yknow, your boyfriend? Yoosung, of the RFA? Yoosung?
  • okay, just telling MC who you are over and over again isn’t working
  • oh my god, they really dont remember
  • ok Yoosung, you cant cry in front of MC now
  • deep breaths
  • “If you’re my boyfriend then…how did we meet?”
  • clearly, Yoosung has a lot of explaining to you
  • “just rest for now, i’ll visit again tomorrow and tell you all about it”
  • all Yoosung wants to do is break down into tears, but he knows that MC needs him to be strong right now.
  • he makes sure he is the only one to visit, he doesnt want MC to feel overwhelmed and doesnt want to risk them falling for anyone else
  • so, everyday Yoosung visits MC in the hospital and tells them stories about their past together
  • he also brings flowers every day
  • the first tale he tells is of how him and MC met
  • “I followed a strangers texts to a random address?? what was i thinking??”
  • “I didn’t understand it then either then but…that was the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  • before long, Yoosungs visits became MC’s favorite part of the day. they began to look forward to Yoosung’s stories about their past
  • once day, MC asks what happened to Yoosungs eye
  • he tells them a dramatic story about a castle, an evil villain, and a secret agent
  • “Yoosung, stop messing with me! i really wanna know what happened!”
  • “whether or not you believe me, that story is true! i was like your manly knight in shining armor”
  • MC giggles, and Yoosungs heart melts
  • on the day MC is released from the hospital, Yoosung is waiting for them with yet another big bouquet of flowers
  • “How did i know you’d be here?” 
  • “i guess we know each other pretty well now…”
  • A KISS! wow!


  • Zen cancels rehearsal that day to visit MC
  • “my princess needs me”
  • when Zen comes into MC’s room, theyre asleep
  • my beautiful sleeping beauty! ill wake them up with a kiss!
  • Zen thinks it’s a great idea but
  • to MC, a stranger is kissing them
  • MC grabs the pillow from behind their head and smacks Zen with it
  • he staggers backwards
  • “Ah, babe, what’s all this about?”
  • “’babe?!’ who are you? why are you in my room? I’ll call security!”
  • ‘who are you?’
  • Zen’s heart shatters when the words leave MC’s mouth
  • do they really not remember..? how is this possible?
  • so many people know Zen’s face but now the person who matters most to him doesn’t even recognize him.
  • all Zen wants to do is wrap MC in his arms and tell them all about how much he loves them, and that he’ll always love them…
  • but now is not the time to be so selfish
  • “I’m sorry I startled you. we’re…close friends”
  • “Oh…I dont remember…”
  • and so, Zen takes it upon himself to educate MC about their life
  • being the drama nerd he is, he does it through a series of vlogs
  • so everyday Zen visits MC with one new vlog he recorded and edited the day before on his camcorder
  • vlog #1: Yoosung
  • it’s a video of Zen harassing Yoosung while he plays on the computer
  • “and here we see a wild Yoosung in his natural habitat: the virtual world of LOLOL”
  • “the tragic narrative of a college student ignoring his responsibilities. sorry about the lack of content for this video”
  • vlog #2: 707
  • “so, Seven, why dont you tell MC a little bit about yourself?”
  • “well, most importantly, i am your favorite member of the RFA-”
  • “alright that’s enough out of you, weirdo”
  • he continues to interview 707 anyway, though
  • vlog #3: Jaehee
  • “Im surprised that jerk of a boss let you take a break to film this”
  • a tour of Jaehee’s office and a description of what she does at work
  • *whispers* “she’s addicted to coffee”
  • vlog #4: Jumin
  • “last but not least: Mista Trust Fund Kid”
  • “Please edit that out”
  • “can’t you put that damn cat away while we film? my nose is starting to itch”
  • “no”
  • the video eventually ends with a sneezing fit
  • after showing MC the last vlog, Zen gets up to leave but MC grabs his hand, stopping him.
  • “Zen… is there a video about you?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “I…want to know about you, too”
  • “what would you like to know? ill tell you anything”
  • “why did you do all that for me?”
  • “Because i love you”
  • this time when Zen kisses MC, they dont hit him with a pillow


  • she brings MC a coffee and pastries on the way to work
  • “Good morning. how are you feeling? is the hospital providing decent meals for you?”
  • “Are you my nurse…?”
  • “Im not your nurse, silly, it’s me, Jaehee”
  • she doesn’t realize that MC is being completely serious
  • “I’m sorry but, I dont know a Jaehee”
  • slowly realizing the severity of MC’s situation, Jaehee sits at their bedside
  • Jaehee wants to panic, but know’s that right now MC must be very confused, and needs someone to who is a calm, collected presence
  • “Im your best friend.”
  • “Oh…if you’re my friend, than can you please help me? i feel confused today.”
  • “Of course. get some rest, but keep your phone close by, okay?”
  • it’s killing Jaehee to leave MC’s side today
  • every chance she gets through out the day, Jaehee calls MC
  • “Hello, it’s me Jaehee from this morning. how are you feeling? i took a break to check on you”
  • Jaehee calls MC every once every hour or so while she’s at work
  • MC grows to love the sound of Jaehee’s voice. it becomes a source of comfort, something familiar in an otherwise dark world
  • after work, Jaehee returns to the hospital to visit MC
  • “Jaehee, can you tell me more about my life? I could hear you talk all day”
  • so through Jaehee’s phone calls and daily visits, MC learns about all their friends and the RFA
  • on the day MC is released from the hospital, they call Jaehee immediately
  • “Jaehee, It’s me. i can come home now…i want to come home to you”
  • “I want you to come home too, MC”


  • when MC wakes up, Jumin is already there, sitting by their bed
  • he’s been by their side all night
  • “Good morning, my darling” his voice is soft
  • MC’s eyes flutter open, and they see jumin looking at them
  • “Who…are you?” MC stares at Jumin without sitting up
  • “I must admit, you are quite cute like this, though i’d hope you would recognize me no matter how tired you are. how are you feeling, my love?”
  • “I’m sorry if this is rude, but i honestly dont recognize you. are we friends?”
  • Jumin feels knots twist up his stomach
  • “I’m sorry if i startled you. go back to sleep and i’ll be here when you wake up again”
  • MC is too groggy to question Jumin further and nods off again
  • he calls the doctor in to ask about MC’s condition
  • amnesia?
  • the only person he ever loved….
  • the only person who ever understood him, even when he didnt understand himself….
  • they truly have no memory of him now?
  • this is the same MC Jumin has loved, sleeping quietly now, but to MC…he’s not the same Jumin
  • “Jaehee. cancel my appointments for today. my meetings, too. on second thought, i wont be coming into work at all this week”
  • he sits by MC’s beside until they’re awake again, just like he promised
  • he keeps quiet as MC rubs their eyes and sits up slowly
  • “You’re still here…”
  • “i told you i would be. how are you feeling?”
  • “My head hurts…”
  • “I will call for some medication”
  • “Wait.i dont remember you but you’ve stayed with me all this time… am i important to you?”
  • Jumin gently kisses MC’s hand
  • “you are the most important person in the world to me”
  • “oh…this is awkward but, what’s your name?”
  • a shock of pain rips through Jumin’s heart, but he hides it for MC’s sake
  • “im Jumin”
  • “Jumin…are you going to continue to stay with me? I…think i want you to”
  • Jumin pushes the hair out of MC’s face to kiss them on the forehead
  • “Until the world ends”
  • “Will you tell me why I am important to you?”
  • “Of course, my dear”
  • so Jumin stays by MC’s side every minute of everyday and night


  • Seven nearly vomited when he’s heard MC was in an accident
  • he rushed immediately to their side
  • when MC wakes up, Seven’s asleep in a chair that’s facing their bed
  • “Um..excuse me?”
  • Sevens eyes flutter open
  • seeing that MC is awake, he stands and leans over them, wrapping them in a tight hug
  • “thank god your’re awake…”
  • “Im sorry I know you?”
  • Seven pulls away from MC, fighting back tears
  • no no no no no no
  • “MC, it’s me. it’s me.
  • unable to keep them at bay, the tears start to stream down his face
  • “i dont remember you but…please dont cry. are we friends?
  • “We’re more than that. we’re soulmates”
  • “Oh…”
  • Seven chokes on sobs as he watches MC grown more confused
  • he rushes out of the room feeling embarrassed that he started to break down in front of MC
  • no…they still love me. somewhere, deep down, they still love me. they remember me
  • he reenters MC’s room after taking a few minutes to compose himself
  • MC’s confused, but wants to learn more about the boy who just claimed to be their soulmate
  • “Maybe you should tell me a little about yourself..”
  • “give me your phone”
  • “huh?”
  • Seven grabs MC’s phone from their bedside table and pulls his contact up.
  • “This is how we met. messages. so if you wanna talk, just message me, okay?”
  • “okay…”
  • Seven leaves the room, but curious MC messages him almost immediately after he leaves
  • “Hi, whats your name?”
  • “call me 707 for now”
  • “okay….”
  • MC and 707 exchange messages often, since hospital life doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment for MC
  • Seven tells MC about his work and how busy he is
  • “Too busy to visit me again?”
  • “miss me already? B)”
  • eventually, Seven does come back to the hospital
  • the next day, MC is woken up by a call from Seven
  • “I cant focus on work at allllllll~~”
  • “Why don’t you come see me?”
  • “Hmmm, thats a tempting offer..”
  • in a way, Seven enjoys falling in love with MC all over again
  • MC likes falling in love with him too
  • when MC is released from the hospital, Seven waits to take them home
  • “MC, will you..come home with me?”
  • “of course. we are soulmates after all, right, Saeyoung?”


headcannon requests?

the-fanaddict  asked:

For the whump!cup requests: AU where Hiccup gets the Scourge of Odin

At long last I’ve finished the request! Well, it only took me a couple hours to write, but I haven’t sat down and written in a while. I enjoyed doing this one a lot more than I thought I would.

Requests are closed.

Hiccup was still in shock when he and Toothless landed at the clubhouse. He put his hand to his right bicep, found a bit of blood on his palm when he pulled it back. The scratches there stung and throbbed a little, but if he’d really seen what he thought he had, that was soon going to be the least of his worries.

He breathed a heavy sigh and dismounted, put his hand over his arm again to cover the scratches. Hopefully nobody would notice.

Toothless followed him into the clubhouse, cooing softly in concern. Hiccup didn’t say anything to him to quell his worries just in case the others would overhear.

Fishlegs was the first to notice his presence. He looked up from his notebook, smiled briefly before noticing the tired and distressed look on Hiccup’s face.

“Hiccup, what’s wrong?” he asked, standing. The question brought the attention of everyone else, five heads swiveling in his direction.

Hiccup swallowed hard, now feeling uncomfortable. He could tell them what he’d seen, and he would, but the scratch would be a secret. There was no point telling them because he was already doomed. There was no cure, so there was no need to worry his friends until he was actually on his deathbed. A lump formed in his throat.

“Did you see something on patrol?” Astrid questioned urgently. “Hunters?”

“Um, well, it was a Hunter ship,” Hiccup started. He found it difficult to meet anyone’s curious gazes, so he found himself staring at the floor beneath his feet.

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Here, @soar319 I made a doodle for this one. Ahaha! Happy New Year, you made Gabe cry, thanks and you’re welcome! >x’DDD

Soar319: This shit i thought of while listening to shelter by porter robinson & madeon, both the original and cover by Juby and lemme tell you I probably cried a little inside. It’s sad but has a happy ending I promise bro I mean one is happier than the other but still HAPPY ENDING PROMISE

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Types of EXO Stans

**I did not do the original ‘Types of Seventeen Stans’ post that this request is referring to, it can be found here. But I would be more than happy to do my own version.** :)

D.O. Stans: ‘Did you hear my babies high note?! He is the main singer for a reason.!  Look at the little cutie!’ Very protective.

Baekhyun Stans: *after monster comeback* HOT DAMN. Cannot contain themselves. abs. *screaming*

Chanyeol Stans: Happy viruses, very smiley and cute. Still baffled that looks do not match his voice. ‘Have you seen this much adorable? He’s a little puppy!’  

Suho Stans: The mother of the other stans. Makes sure people aren’t getting into trouble. Face palms at his attempts to be cool, yet they are the same way.

Kai Stans: There are two extremes, ‘yay he’s growing up he’s dating!’ so proud. OR ‘WHYYY GOD WHYYY’ *sobs profusely*


Xiumin Stans: Baozi. Bun. Still is in denial about him being the eldest. Calls him all the food nicknames, ‘Look at this little muffin.’ ‘My little marshmallow!’ ‘He’s such a little cupcake.’ How can someOnE BE SEXY AND CUTE AT THE SAME TIME.?

Chen Stans: Sassy af, pranksters of the bunch. ‘His voice could melt chocolate, do you not understand!?’ 

Sehun Stans: YEHET. OHORAT. SHAWTY IMA PARTY TILL THE SUNDOWN. Meme central headquarters. Tries to act like they know what they are doing but doesn’t know how to handle most situations.

Kris, Tao, and Luhan Stans: RIP. Left with raw emotions by SM. Fiesty, ready to fight. SCREW YOU SM, YOU WRECKED ME. MY BABY *sobbing* COME HOME


*drops mic*


Well, That's Unfortunate (Pietro x Reader) Part 9

Summary: As the newest addition to the tower, Y/N has to deal with the process of fitting in with the others. Everyone seems to like her, though, apart from one person in particular. Shit is about to go down.

Chapter List


Part Nine

“Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit!” you muttered, stepping away from him and clutching your head. Pacing the room, the full extent of what this meant hit you, and your heartrate quickened. “Oh my god. Oh my GOD!” you yelled, starting to freak out. Pietro was looking at you with a smirk of satisfaction on his face. Falling to your knees, you rocked back and forth, head still in your hands. Your mind was swirling, and your rapid breathing wasn’t helping. You muttered exclamations under your breath, your body starting to tremble vigorously. The grin on Pietro’s face faded slowly as he watched you enter a state of total meltdown. He ran over to where you were lying, curled up in a ball on the floor, sobbing.

“Hey, Y/N. Y/N! Shh!” he said desperately, rubbing your back in circles. He tried to help you up into a sitting position, but you pushed him away. Your eyes locked with his as you pushed yourself into the corner of the room.

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Promise Me

A/N: So, although my parents are not divorcing (as of yet) they are having severe problems and my world is fucking topsy-turvy. I NEEDED to write this. It was practically pouring out of me. This is one I definitely wrote for me. But I hope you all enjoy, and thanks so much for reading. Mwah. 


After a long, arduous day at work, the only thing you wanted right now was for your husband to come home, cuddle on the couch and watch movies. Your job on the NICU was rewarding, but unbelievably heart-wrenching and emotionally draining. 

As you walked to your bedroom to get changed, your phone rang. It was your mother, who was sobbing uncontrollably - nothing good could come of this.

“What’s wrong, mom?” you said softly, “What happened?”

She choked out through tears, “I’m sorry this has to be said over the phone sweetie, but we live to far away to say it in person.”

Your heart dropped in your chest - it was physically painful. You knew what was coming, but desperately wanted to deny it. 

“Your father and I are getting divorced,” she said flatly, undoubtedly numb from a fit of crying.

You wanted to crumple to the floor. Your parents had been your role models for as long as you could remember. They were together for more than 30 years and together for nearly 35. You idolized their marriage. It was what you wanted to shoot for as a child - to be happy and in love for the rest of your lives. You began to speak, not realizing you were also crying until you spoke, “I’m so sorry, Mom.” The tears rolled hotly down your face. “If you want to come out here for a few days and spend some time with Spencer and I, you’re more than welcome.”

“I know, hun,” she continued, sniffling. “I think I might take you up on that. I just wanted to let you know, but I think I need to go for a drive now. I need to clear my head.”

“Okay, ma,” you croaked, nearly collapsing onto the couch. “I love you so much. Text me if you need me.”

“Thanks, sweetie. I’ll talk to you later. Love you.”

You hung up the phone and immediately began sobbing. You had no idea how to handle this. When you were a kid, when everyone else’s parents were getting divorced, your parents were the ones who were still happily married. Who were you to look up to now? What if the same thing happened to you and Spencer? You’d been together for five years, and married for three, and you were still insanely in love with him. But what if it wouldn’t always be that way? What if you and Spencer ran into the same problems your parents did? You couldn’t imagine life without him, and the thought that something could end your marriage made you sob even harder.

You were crying loudly, struggling for breath, as the key turned in the lock. As soon as your husband walked through the door, a look of panic washed over his handsome face, “Oh my god, Y/N, what happened?”

You stood up, crossed the space between you and just cried into his shoulder. He said nothing, he just held you as you cried and pulled his hands through your hair, massaging your scalp. He always knew just what to do. After what felt like an eternity, the crying died down, getting replaced by a feeling of numbness.

Spencer’s hands moved to massage your back as you swayed back and forth. “What happened, Y/N?” he asked again, more softly this time.

You looked up from his shoulder, and spoke, “Mom and Dad are getting divorced.” Your voice creaked, but you managed to keep yourself from breaking into another crying fit.

His eyes fluttered closed and he kissed you on the forehead. “Baby, I’m so sorry.”

You wrapped your hands around the back of his neck, “Promise me, Spence.”

“Promise what?” he asked confused.

You spoke in quiet desperation, “You know the issues my parents were having. Just please promise me that no matter what happens in our lives, we’ll continue to talk to each other.”

He kissed your forehead again and you continued, unable to control your thoughts anymore. “Promise me that if I’m doing something that annoys you or makes you mad, you’ll tell me. Promise me that you’ll listen to me and take my feelings into account. Promise me that we’ll never go to bed angry. Promise me that we’ll never shut ourselves off from each other just because we might disagree.” You couldn’t control the urge to cry and began sobbing again, looking up at the love of your life in despair. “Just promise me…”

He let you cry again and when the opportunity presented itself, he held your face in his hands and said, “Look at me, Y/N. I promise to always be open with you. At this point, I can’t think of a single thing you do that annoys me, but if that day comes, and it truly bothers me, I promise to let you know. I promise to listen and let you cry when you need. I promise to tell you I love you, every single day, regardless of whether or not I am away on a case. I promise that no matter how much I may be at work, work never takes priority over you.”

You stood up on your tiptoes, resting your forehead against his and kissing him, the tears slowly drying from your face. He used his thumbs to wipe the rest of your tears away. “I promise that, in this moment, and for as long as I live, I will love you more than anything else in the entire world.”

You had no idea what the future would hold, but you promised yourself that you would do your damnedest to make sure you and Spencer made it for the long haul.

Spencer slowly led you to the couch, dimming the light and pulling you onto his lap. “I love you so much, Y/N,” he said gently, cradling you in his arms. “Now go to sleep, I’m right here.”

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Hey, could you do one with the other colors finding out Reader is Ace (asexual)? With how flirty they are, I just love the scenario!

((You’re right, most of them are very flirtatious xD I might do a post later about their different flirting styles heh–))

you: *tells a potential 2P boyfriend that you’re asexual*

2p!america: *silence for about thirty seconds* … you…  you’re… *horror finally strikes his face* aSEXUAL– *crumples to knees* babe i like you, i still like you but ugh *starts laughing and sobbing at the same time* ASEXUAL, YOU JUST HAD TO BE ASEXUAL *covers face* GOD DAMMIT

2p!china: yoU’RE WHAT *falls over* nO SEX?! AAAAAH– *rolls around, whines for the rest of the day* I AM THE BEST AT SEX

2p!england: oh? how rare. *casually leans forward* …intriguing. if you don’t mind my asking, how did you find out? what is it like, if i am not being too invasive? *sighs and smiles* in all honesty, i am very curious! may i know more about it, dearie?

2p!france: *faints*

2p!russia: then we’re almost the same. (aromantic headcanon)

2p!italy: *laughs nervously* a-are you sure, princess? *sweats* have you ever tried it? *voice shakes* I-I mean, intercourse with me could change your mind–?!

2p!japan: *blank expression changes to that of bewilderment for a moment, but it’s gone before you’re even sure if it was there* hmm, i see. now, excuse me. *walks away, turns corner, as soon as he thinks you can’t see him, he childishly stomps his foot* …damn

2p!germany: *blinks* so what’s that mean? ….*after you explain* wHAT?! NO. AH, YOU SERIOUS?! WELL, FUCK. NO BDSM TONIGHT? *snaps fingers* well then

2p!canada: whoa… that’s a first.

2p!romano: *jaw drops* …girl, have you ever tried a dildo at least? nah? *squeaks* er, l-let’s talk about something else, like. OMG. THOSE SHOES DON’T GO WITH THAT TOP. HONEY, I THOUGHT I TAUGHT YOU BETTER

2p!prussia: oh *blushes heavily* i… um… well, i’m a virgin and i think i’m okay with staying that way too *shyly tries to smile at you*

Miracle (John Laurens x reader)

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting for a while!  Here’s my first Laurens x reader fic. Apparently I am not capable of letting any character actually have a happy life. Sorry the formatting is terrible, I have no idea what tumblr is doing rn.

Warning: violence


“Nonono this can’t be true!” you whispered. You had gone to the doctor’s, thinking you were just getting ill.

“I’m afraid it is ma'am. Would you like me to contact your husband for you?” replied the doctor.

“NO. Please don’t… I’d like to do it myself, if that’s alright”. That’s when it hit you. You were pregnant, and your husband was off fighting a war.


“Have you told him yet?” asked your dear friend, Eliza.

“Y/N! You have to! He has a right to know!”

“I-I can’t… What if he doesn’t want a child? We’re in the middle of a war, for God’s sake! He hasn’t got time for me or a child or any of this! What… What if he leaves me? I don’t know what I’d do without him! I… I just can’t yet…” You slumped down in your seat.

“Look, Y/N…” Eliza took your hands in hers. “He won’t be upset. You know him, he’ll be overjoyed! You need to tell him. And…. If it somehow goes wrong, you’ll always have us. Angelica, Peggy and I will always support you, and I’m sure Alex wouldn’t mind if you moved in with us”. She shook her head and pulled her hands away. “That isn’t going to happen anyway, so when are you going tell him?” You sighed in defeat.

“I suppose I could visit the camp next week. It shouldn’t be too close to the front lines, so I’ll be fine”. Eliza gave you a proud, sisterly smile and said

“You won’t regret this”.

She better be right…


You regretted it.

It was just your luck that there was a redcoat attack as you were going to visit. You took cover behind a tree as a storm of bullets whizzed past you. You prayed that John was safe. Cursing the inconvenience of dresses, you dove from one cover to another to try and get away.

You caught a glimpse of a familiar face, decked out in full military uniform. 


“John!” A cheesy smile spread across your face. John couldn’t help but grin back.

“What are you-”


You heard it before you felt it. The sound was deafening. The world seemed to run in slow motion as John’s face turned from joy to shock to horror. You were a damn idiot. You had forgotten you were on a battlefield. There was no time for reunions, only fighting.

Ribbons of crimson flew through the air as you crumpled in on yourself. Then the pain hit. Oh God, the pain. It hit like a tsunami. You let out a strangled cry. John quickly dealt with the redcoat before dropping to his knees beside you. He gripped you tightly, applying pressure on the wound.

“Y/N! Please! Stay with me! I can’t lose you! Please! Squeeze my hand if you can hear me!” At some point his words degraded into incoherent sobbing and mumbling. You couldn’t tell though, since you were already unconscious.


The first thing you were aware of was the pain. It was the worst thing you had ever felt, yet somehow not quite as bad as you expected. You had expected a little more, since you were shot and all. Perhaps you had been given something for the pain.

The second thing was the smooth, soothing voice in the background. It seemed like it was… Reading a story? The voice seemed familiar, yet you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. He was important to you, somehow…


Your eyes snapped open and you let out a soft moan. The voice stopped immediately and snapped the book closed. It seemed like you were in some sort of medical tent.

“Y/N?” John whispered, almost as if afraid you weren’t real. He looked exhausted and haggard, still in the same military uniform you had last seen him in. You sat up slowly, with his help, and took small sips of water. After making sure you were alright, John began to babble.

“I was so scared! I thought I’d lost you! Never do that to me again, ok? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, knowing it was my fault! There was so much blood! Why? Why were you even there anyway?”

“I-I” You glanced away, ashamed. You couldn’t tell him. You were too scared. You weren’t even sure if you were still pregnant after… After that. "Nevermind… Anyway, were you reading to me?“

John blushed and looked down, fidgeting. "Well, whenever I was sick my mother used to read to me and… Well, I thought it might help you.” he confessed. 

“Thank you, that was really sweet of you.”

At this point, a nurse slipped into the tent carrying a clipboard.

“Ah good, you’re awake” she said. She carried out a couple of routine checks before sitting down in front of them both. “We have stitched up the wound and done what we can for the pain”. Ah, that would explain the minimal pain. “With luck, there will not be any infection and you should have a speedy recovery. You will need to be very careful not to reopen the wound. You’ll also need to get plenty of rest and have the bandages replaced regularly.” She said. “Finally, regarding the ba-”

“I haven’t told him yet!” you all but shouted, cutting of the nurse with a sudden burst of energy. You blushed, realising how loud you had been, before softly saying “Please… I-I need to tell him…” The nurse hesitated before nodding and leaving, giving you some privacy.

“What do you need to tell me?” John asked, rubbing soothing circles on your wrist. You drew strength from this and took in a steadying breath.

“I am… Well, I was… If I h-hadn’t have b-been s-so stupid... I-if I ju-just told y-you when I-I should h-have…” At this you broke down. He immediately swept you into his arms, being careful of your injury. He gently rocked you until you felt ready to continue. “I-I’m so sorry… I was pr-pregnant… I… I lost our baby!” At this you lost your composure.

“Oh Y/N…” He held you close and you hid your face in his chest.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” you repeated like a mantra. You drew comfort from John’s heartbeat before feeling his chest rumble.

“Y/N. Look at me”. You pulled away but refused to meet his eyes. “You can’t blame yourself, you know…” He sighed and caressed your face. Your eyes met. “My sweet… I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll protect you… You can always tell me anything… I’m sorry I made you feel otherwise…”

“It wasn’t you… It was my fault for being to selfish and scared…” You sighed. “Look at us…. We’re just a pair of idiots, aren’t we?” Tears streamed down your face as he gently kissed you.

“I guess we are…”

“Mrs Laurens?” a nurse asked shyly, not wanting to interrupt the moment. You pulled out of the embrace and turned to her.


"Well, I was just sent to make sure that you were aware that the bullet did not damage the baby, nor did the fall. With luck, the baby should be absolutely fine. I’m sorry, I told the head nurse we should tell you but she assumed you knew”. At some point, one of your hands had travelled up to cover your mouth whilst the other was hovering over your stomach.

“Thank you” said John, while you were still processing the news.

“My baby is… Still there?” You whispered, tears glistening in your eyes. You hadn’t dared to hope… At her affirmative nod, you let out a strangled half-laugh half-sob and buried your face in John’s chest. “My baby… Our baby!” You looked up to see John with a giant grin across his face and a shine in his eyes.

“Oh my God! I’m going to be a dad!”

You gripped tightly onto each other, basking in the joy of starting a family. It was a miracle. After a while of staying in each other’s arms, your energy seemed to drain away.

“You should go to sleep, today has been an emotional day. Just rest and heal up.” came John’s soothing tones as he stroked your head.

With that, you drifted off to sleep.

Draco Malfoy Imagine: A Smack in the Face (Requested by stay-strong-and-keep-going)


“Draco, what’s been going on with you lately?” you asked. You were extremely irritated with him, seeing as how he had been ignoring you for nearly two weeks.

And now you were sitting in his bedroom, trying to figure out what had been up with him lately.

“Nothing’s wrong with me. I’m fine (Y/N).” he mumbled, annoyed.

But you knew he was lying. He had bags under his eyes, his hair was unreasonably messy, and he had been getting angry at the tiniest things lately. Something was obviously wrong.

You huffed at him. “You’re lying. Something’s wrong with you, just please tell me what it is!” You were staring at him with sad eyes. Why couldn’t he just tell you what was wrong?

“(Y/N) nothing is wrong with me. I’m fine. Quit asking me.” Draco raised his voice a little at you.

You stood up, now upset. “You’re such a liar.”

He raised his eyebrows at you. “Excuse me?”

“You’re a liar.” you said angrily, “You’ve been ignoring me for the past two weeks, and I’m sick and tired of it! I want to know what’s wrong with you so I can help you, but you’re not letting me! What happened, Draco?”

Draco stared at you with anger in his eyes. “How dare you call me a liar? I’ve told you nothing but the truth ever since we started dating! And you decide to tell me I’ve been lying to your face?”

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you!” you were yelling now, “You never wanna hang out with me, you get angry with me over the tiniest things, every time you look at me all I see is either anger or annoyance in your eyes, and you don’t even wanna kiss me anymore let alone touch me!”

Draco got up in your face, yelling at you. “That’s a load of bullshit and you know that!”

You didn’t wanna back away and say “forget it” but right now you were terrified. What was he thinking right now?

“Bullshit?! Are you kidding me? Draco, you know exactly what I’m talking about, now tell me what the hell is wrong with you so I can help you god dammit!” you yelled back.


You dropped your jaw at what he just said. Did he really just say that? 

You couldn’t believe what he said, and so your rage came out like a tidal wave.


Unfortunately, his rage came out too.


You felt his hand connect with your face in a hard slap across your cheek.

Time stopped. All you could feel in that moment was his hand hitting your cheek, and you being pushed against the wall from his slap.

You gasped and let out a loud squeak. You touched the place where his hand hit you and looked up at him, slowly sinking into the floor.

Draco took a moment to think about what he had just done and in less than a second, his face was overcome with horrified sadness.

He looked at you, sitting against the wall, your knees up to your chest and your eyes staring up at him in fright.

What had he done?

"Baby…baby I’m so sorry…”

Draco tried to reach down to touch you but was unsuccessful.

“No, no don’t touch me! Don’t, please!” Tears came streaming down your face and you tried backing yourself up against the wall even more but it was no use seeing as how you were already up against it.

Draco stared at you. This was the last thing he wanted to do. He never wanted to hurt you like this, ever. But somehow he had. And he was so ashamed and angry with himself. He fell to his knees and tears came streaming down his face. 

“Babe, (Y/N) listen, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I’m so sorry.” he tried reaching out for your hand but you cried even harder and scooted away from him slightly. 

But he still crawled over to you anyway, despite your protests.

He cried as he gently pulled you into him, despite your hands beating against his chest and trying to push him away. 

Finally, you gave up and curled up into yourself as he pulled you into his chest, waterfalls coming down both of your faces. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Oh God, I’m so sorry.” he sobbed out into your hair as you trembled in his arms. 

He let out loud cries as he held you tightly. 

“I’m so sorry. Baby, I’m so sorry. I love you so so so so so much, kitten. I’m so sorry, I’m such a dick. I’m so fucking sorry, I swear to God I’m sorry.”

You emitted loud sobs from your throat as you kept shaking underneath him. It broke your heart that Draco really hit you, but regardless, you still loved him. 

You both kept sobbing loudly for a while. 

Then Draco spoke again. “(Y/N) I don’t expect you to forgive me but please…please find in you to forgive me. Please for the love of God, forgive me. I can’t do this without you (Y/N), please forgive me.”

“Forgive me.” he loudly sobbed into your hair. 

You slowly sat up, wiping your tears with your sleeve and looked at him. 

You sat there, waiting for him to make a move as he stared back at you. 

Slowly, he reached up a hand to touch the spot on your cheek he had hit. You stared at his hand, praying he wouldn’t hit you again. 

His fingers slowly caressed your cheek. Your cheek was still very much red, so he slowly placed his entire hand over your cheek.

You were still very much afraid of him, but as he looked at you with the tears in his eyes staining his cheeks, somehow that washed away. He was truly sorry, you could see that now. Draco never wanted to hit you, it was just an extremely ugly side of him that should never came out.

“Forgive me, my love.” he sobbed out, “Forgive me. I still love you baby, and I’m so sorry.”

“What happened to you?” you said in almost a whisper.

He cried even harder. “I became a Death Eater.”

You widened your eyes in horror. 

“Two weeks ago.”

You slowly reached over to his sleeve and pulled it up, revealing a little bit of the mark. 

Your hands flew over your mouth and stared at him. He cried loudly and dropped his hand. His head now dropped and his gaze was now fixated on the floor.

“Don’t go…I still need you…” he cried softly.

Slowly, you pulled him to your lap and he buried his face in your skirt, still crying.

You couldn’t leave him, especially now. This was the part in his life when he needed you most. Though his becoming a Death Eater still certainly did not excuse for his behavior, you decided to forgive him anyway. He needed you, and you weren’t about to leave the love of your life. 

“I forgive you…” you whispered.

Draco clutched your skirt tighter in his hands and sobbed harder. 

“I love you.” he sobbed out again.

You leaned down and kissed his head, trying your hardest to not break down crying again. “I love you too…”


There was one spare room at the moment at the London Alliance HQ. It was tiny, and it reminded Shepard of her “cell” when she was incarcerated in Vancouver. The view then had been better, overlooking a beautiful city, the same city she knew Kaidan was probably in more than once during her six months behind bars. But she wouldn’t trade this for that any day.

She let out a pleased sigh, looking at where they would be staying for the night. It had taken so much bitching and moaning - from both of them - for this to happen. The nurses and Miranda had pressed hard to keep her in the hospital, but she promised she’d come back. And if she didn’t, the entire Alliance would be on their asses.

“Nice?” Kaidan asked.

Shepard smiled. “It’s nice.”

He pressed a gentle kiss to the side of her head. “Good.”

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