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i need more gavroche and montparnasse being friends

I seriously think Montparnasse is so nice to Gavroche because he genuinely FEELS for the kid. He works with his father yes, but Gavroche has been pretty much abandoned and lives on his own like taking care of two orphans and providing them food and shelter.

Now let’s be real, Montparnasse is probably named Montparnasse because he was found in the Montparnasse area of Paris and bam! He got his name because he didn’t have any. Just like Fantine was called Fantine because people said she looked like a child aka “enfantine” -> “fantine”.

Montparnasse was “street boy” as a child so he was either a) abandoned as a child or b) his parents died or c) had a shitty family, not unlike Gavroche. No wonder he has a fondness for Gav’. Gavroche repeatedly SASSES the living fuck out of him, criticising his clothes and disguises. Now, if you know anything about Montparnasse, criticising the way he dresses MAY NOT be the smartest idea, after all “few prowlers were so dreaded as Montparnasse”.

But does Gavroche care? Nah. Does Montparnasse take offense? No! He DOESNT! He just brushes it off like a big brother who just got tease by his baby brother! That one time Montparnasse asked Gavroche what he thought of his disguise:

“That changes you,” remarked Gavroche, “you are less homely so, you ought to keep them on all the time.”

Montparnasse was a handsome fellow, but Gavroche was a tease.

“Seriously,” demanded Montparnasse, “how do you like me so?”

Like… Gavroche just called him ugly to piss him off and Montparnasse just?? Didn’t mind that a twelve year old owned him like that because he genuinely likes Gavroche!

AND THE BEST THING! When Montparnasse puts the final touch to his disguise, Gavroche is all like “!!!!! Play Porrichinelle for us!!” and the kids get all excited to have Montparnasse entertaining them. And HONEST TO GOD, Montparnasse, fearsome, thief and murderer Montparnasse would have DONE IT, but he was too troubled that night and there was a policeman around so he had to leave.

Anyway I don’t know why that turned into a semi meta of “Montparnasse and lost/abandoned kids” but HAVE IT ANYWAY.

TL;DR: Montparnasse shows affection and compassion to abandoned street kids because he was most likely one himself 

The Power of Mabel

Day 5: Missed Moments

I will forever mourn the fact that we never got to have a boxing episode wherein Stan teaches Mabel how to box (I’d like to imagine the episode would be titled either “Raging Ma-Bull” or “Million Dollar Mabel”. Can’t quite decide…)

Not sure what the plot would be but here are some general ideas for a plot: 

  • It’s time for the Gravity Falls’ Semi-Annual Children’s boxing match (for charity purposes, of course)! Stan used to enter Soos into the boxing match to give the Shack some free publicity but 1) Soos no longer legally qualifies as a kid and 2) ever since Soos saw “The Karate Dude”, he’s lost a bit of interest in boxing (he hopes to get his brown belt next fall!)
  • Looking for a replacement, Stan decides to train Mabel in the basics of boxing. After all, he saw her in action against the zombies and knows she can handle herself in a fight.
  • All Mabel knows about boxing comes from the movie Stony IV staring the Norse Horse himself, Stony van Bobkinson (Mabel only originally watched it because that Russian boxer was quite the looker and it had a cute robot friend!) So her understanding of boxing is limited to “a 3-minute inspirational montage will make me the best in my sport and also stop communism!”
  • Stan comes up with a plan, though. If he lugs around a big boombox and follows Mabel, then she’ll stay motivated and be an expert in no time. So for the next week, no matter where they go or what they’re doing (training, eating at a diner, scrapbooking current events), Stan and Mabel hang out together with inspirational eighties songs in the background.

And I have no idea where the plot goes from there; I just really wanted to see Mabel and her Grunkle Stan bond over boxing and goofy dated sports movie from the 80’s!

((Gossshhh I’ve been so into @askairbenderamelia‘s Blessed Messiah AU and addicted to the song. It’s so interesting, and the shot in the original MV of the monk “stealing” the blessing was so beautiful that I had to draw it myself.

i know i’ve made posts about it before but i just???? get so confused? when people are excited to spend time with me and think of me??????? what the fuck????? like plz… are you aware i’m garbage? have u really thought this through?

health update in tags for anyone concerned about activity/lack thereof

One year ago today, I was at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona. For the first time in a long time, I felt genuinely happy, and free. And in those couple of hours, I forgot about anything and everything that had been bringing me down. I remember turning to my mom at some point during the concert and yelling “this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life!!”, and I meant it. I’ve been happy before, but nothing compares to the pure joy I felt that night.

One year ago today, I listened to to Taylor tell me (and 15,000 other people) that I am not my mistakes. That I am not damaged goods for having regrets. And that if I can make mistakes in life, and learn from them and continue to put one foot in front of the other, that makes me clean. That’s something that I still struggle with to this day, but hearing her say those words that night, right there in front of me, really changed me I think, honestly. Even on my worst days I still try and remind myself of all the things I heard that night. And when I make a mistake, I try to remember that it doesn’t define me, and that if I continue on, and keep going, it doesn’t make me damaged, or broken.

I can’t explain how much that night meant to me, how crazy it was to actually see Taylor in person. And to be so close to her, and hear her singing the songs that I listened to almost every chance I got.

One year ago today, I experienced the best night of my life, and I will never forget how incredible that night was, and how happy I felt.