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150418 Fanacc of Wu Yi Fan & Liu Yi Fei during the filming of So You’re Still Here

Translation : fierydragonbreath | Source

A cute little scenario at the filming site! There’s no spoiler in here! There’s only interaction between the actors! Liu Yifei is really very beautiful in real person and all the male part-time actors are staring at her all the time. She’s a quiet person who doesn’t like talking to others and even if people were to talk to her, she would reply very gently. She would read during her break time, as in really reading book! Black cover… I couldn’t see very clearly. Fanfan’s personality is very lovable! In private, he isn’t cold at all. He’s very approachable and he loves laughing out loud. He can talk to anybody. He’s afraid that Baozi would feel awkward sitting alone so he walk over, take the steamed bun in front of Baozi and start talking to her. He even used his arching eyebrow killer move to make Baozi laugh.

*Baozi is Liu Yifei’s nickname.