still so pressed tbh

“It’s probably true that the last couple of races Mercedes was a bit stronger but the real game changer is qualifying. They are able to turn up the engine so that they are gaining between three and six tenths to us on the straights. In Baku it was seven tenths, in Austria it was half a second. That’s something we can’t do. We are working on it, but it doesn’t happen overnight. There is no reason to panic or to worry, but we need to be aware. They are very quick, they have a couple of advantages that we need to work on, and then it could be a different picture.
There are plenty of positives. For sure, you look after every race where you are. This race was not good for us. Full stop. We did not get the result we wanted or that we probably deserved, but that is how it is. We cope with that and we move on. It’s a no-brainer if you have the cars in front for the first lap, the first corner, the race looks different.”

“There is a new race coming in two weeks’ time, but it is normal. You are judged by the day. If things go differently we come out as the winner, and when you come out on top everything looks peachy, but if you don’t, like today, people talk of a huge disappointment and a disaster.
“But I am not here to lose. I don’t like losing, and I hate it. So we want to make sure we turn it around for next time.”

“Last year we were very far away, and this year we have been matched with Mercedes for the majority of the year. We must not forget where we came from, we have done the biggest step out of all the teams. Red Bull has been vocal in the winter how good they would be this year, so far they haven’t been there." 
"Everybody is pushing hard, and we are trying to work hard on that advantage that [Mercedes] currently have in qualifying. We know where to tackle but it’s not that easy.
The car is great, it has been fantastic again in the race here, arguably not quick enough, but still quicker than what we got in terms of result. ”

—  Sebastian Vettel on Mercedes advantage