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aah what a good day to remember that keith is 16 and visualizing him in sexual situations, especially with an adult, is disgusting and also illegal wow breathe that fresh air

Ah, what a day to see people like you still think fictional characters = real people.

But okay I’ll bite I’m in a fantastic mood. All the sheith and shaladin ships made my day so now I’ll share my happiness with you whether you like it or not.

So you still believe Shiro is over 20+? First off, it’s your HC so you do you idc but you’re trying to force me to see it YOUR way? Huh, you don’t care that I don’t agree and sent a hate mail to showcase your intolerance of my opinions in MY blog? Whoa so petty of you like chill man go take a break or something before you hurt yourself with your shitty self-entitlement issues.

And wow, I guess Dreamworks and VLD’s official statements about “5 teenagers” are wrong in ALL of their SOURCES. Whoa I wonder why they don’t ever talk about or even acknowledge that disgusting cringy video ya’ll worship like the Lord itself. Hmm~?

Now throwing your shitty logic back at you.

If fictional characters = real people. Then I cannot believe how disgusting YOU are for visually sexualizing Keith (who you think is 16) a poor UNDERAGE minor with another UNDERAGE minor like Lance or Hunk or Pidge in obscene SEXUAL BEHAVIOR.

“B-But it’s okay because th-they are around th-the same age!” You cry out as you try to justify your double standards between your (deem to be) “good” ship versus my (you think is) “bad” ship.

Wow you legit just implied you like underage porn with underage kids like fucking gross that’s illegal too btw wtf gtfo you voyeuristic pedo. THINK OF THE FUCKING CHILDREN YOU PRICK HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO KEITH HE’S ONLY 16 WTF YOU LIKE SEEING HIM GETTING VIOLATED BY ANOTHER 16 OR WORSE 17 YEAR OLD? THOSE ARE KIDS YOU’RE LOOKING AT GROSS!1!1

See that? Now I sounded just like you–good thing I don’t believe a single lick of your shitty bullshit or care about fictional characters in sexual or other types of situations since fictional characters =/= real people. No real person is being forced into a relationship with another real person. It’s just 2+ fictional fake people getting together in a fake universe in a fake storyline. If you can’t handle that then you need help or parent-lock your pc to stop you from seeing anything fictional online.

I ship whatever I want. And I love shipping Shiro with nearly every single character in Voltron so I’ll keep doing that thanks. I never cared about height/weight/age/race/etc of characters–just their personality and color schemes in comparison to other characters. Nor am I shallow or petty to attack other shippers over their opinions or HCs in their tags or blogs like you.

The reason why I don’t care is also simple: it’s because I personally do not let fiction AFFECT my sense of reality too drastically or warp it dramatically like you. That’s why I know how to tell the difference between the fiction I consume from the reality I live in.

Now when will you?

Because I’m still waiting for you antis to go attack Disney for showing little kids all the UNDERAGE Princesses getting into relationships and even marrying ADULT PRINCES in their movies like it’s totally okay. (And here’s the thing: it IS okay because it’s all FICTIONAL holy shit Disney knows the difference too!)

So why don’t you scurry on off and pretend your ship isn’t problematic in your shitty logic while I enjoy my ships that I know aren’t problematic in canon OR fanon. Because sending hate to shippers only proves how insecure you are in your ship and how petty and jealous you are about mine.

And it shows you fool so please keep sending more proof that my ships are just as fantastic like the decent shippers that ship them are–for we constantly are debunking your bs while still creating new fanart/fanfics to celebrate our ships.

Whoa can you imagine though? You’re chilling and in a great mood when suddenly an anti sends you hate in your ask like as if their opinion is the word of God and you are to obey and listen to them no questions asked–forget your own opinions and HCs while you’re at it.

Yeah right as if I ever will, especially to an anti, you are a shitty person and your opinion that you are trying to shove in my face is now shitty too.

Now begone from my blog and go pretend I didn’t just kick your arse–denial and immaturity seem to be the only things you’re good at so get to it.

Ah, sweet fresh air after the burn I gave you~

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It’s that time again! Let’s check on some of my reading highlights for the month! Not a lot of smut, since I kinda overloaded myself with it in Feb and needed a break. As always, you can catch up on previous LMR’s here and check out my standard reblog recs here. Also be sure to leave a writer some love, as feedback is what keeps writers motivated to keep putting stuff out!

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Lars’ Head (Steven Universe)

We have now reached the final and latest episode of Steven Universe and the “Wanted” event and despite this episode still ended without a huge resolution and on another cliffhanger; this was a great episode that revealed the many possibilities that could happen in the rest of the season and possibly the show, in general! Let’s look right into “Lars’ Head”.

After Steven brought Lars back to life from the last episode, Lars isn’t so sure why he’s changed in hue and doesn’t know how to feel, despite being freaked out.

The Off Colors noticed that more robonoids are coming after them to which they block their entrance to keep them away.

Steven feels that they’ll still keep coming if he’s in Homeworld, so he tries to come up with a new hiding spot, even though if the Off Colors stay, they could still get caught.

Lars isn’t sure if he’s a zombie and Steven notices that his hair starts to glow, similar to Lion’s mane!

Steven has an idea to go inside Lars’ head, but isn’t so sure to do it again, calling back to The New Lars, but Lars, this time allows him to do so.

Steven enters inside Lars’ head and sees he’s inside Lion’s Dimension and finds another tree, next to where Rose’s belongings were and ends up back home on Earth! Steven is so happy to be home and starts to eat some food and packs some to give to Lars, even though he feels he should tell everyone else he’s safe.

Steven ultimately discovers that Lion had a similar fate to Lars’ being that he died and was resurrected by Rose.

When Steven comes back to Homeworld, he explains to Lars and everyone the complicated story of how Lion’s mane and dimension works.

Rhodonite asks about where the juice box came from and Steven tells them that even though the Diamonds attacked Earth, there are still Gems on Earth, as well as lots of food.

The Off Colors are convinced that they’d like to live on Earth, but the only problem is trying to get Lars back to Earth as well, which Steven tries to grab his arm into his head, which fails.

The Off Colors refuse to leave without Lars, but Lars tells Steven that he’s better off going back home, as he’s in a lot of danger in Homeworld and that he needs to keep the Off Colors safe.

Steven doesn’t want to leave him behind, but Lars tells him that staying is what he wants to make as redemption for all the times he was mean to him.

Steven gives one last hug to Lars and returns back home, with Greg, Connie and the Crystal Gems warping back with Pearl stressing out and only just noticing that Steven came back and the episode ends with everyone hugging him and relieved that he’s okay.

So this episode just gave us some reveals and some interesting directions the show will take after these events.

Not only does Steven have an easy way to get back to Homeworld from Lion, but Lars has to stay and protect the Off Colors, even if it means not going back home for a while!

I’d also like to note that this episode was the first time a new storyboarder came to board with Jeff Liu, being “Madeline Queripel” who was a long-time storyboard artist on Regular Show. I definitely felt her work on this episode felt very fitting and on-model to Steven Universe and I’m wondering if she will end up being Jeff’s partner or this was just a one-time gig that she got to do, as Colin Howard went back to character designing after Season 4.

The shots of inside Lion’s mane & Lars’ head was very beautiful.

Another big reveal is that Lion was originally an Earth lion that died and Rose Quartz must’ve helped revive him to become pink and make a dimension!

I’m hoping we get to learn even more about how Rose revived Lion or that Steven will get to find out more about him and his dimension, as there’s still a chest that needs to be opened.

So even though Steven is back home, I just wonder how he’ll tell Sadie what happened to Lars, as well as everyone else how they can bring him and the Off Colors back.

Just like the last episode, the Off Colors were all enjoyable, especially Padparadscha making more late predictions like “Steven’s back!” or “I predict Lars will change in hue. What a mystery!”

I really hope they find a way back to Earth with Steven, as these characters were so likable and I definitely want to see them interact with Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

A great attention to detail, as well as the character development I’ve mentioned about Lars is how Lars and Steven finally share a hug together, which Steven tried to do previously, but Lars rejected it. I can’t remember the episode name he did that, however.

Moments like this, really make the characters feel so wonderful.

And that was the final episode Steven Universe’ Wanted and even though this episode didn’t give proper closure, it still means we still have a lot to look forward to for the rest of Season 5 and a “possible” Season 6!

I can definitely say we’ve been off to a fantastic start of the season and we’ve just now ended off with a very heartfelt moment!

I just feel sad that we may be on hiatus once again, for a bit, but hopefully we get some more information soon.

At least I have the wonderful soundtrack to listen and look forward to, as I really hope we get to hear more songs in future episodes, which is what I’ve been missing since That Will Be All.

Until then, see you all for more Steven Universe soon and bingo bongo!

At least I didn't bring the gun?

Summary: Steve and reader have a spur of the moment proposal before he leaves on a long term mission. Reader then awaits his return by planning the wedding with various avengers.

Words: 3067

Warnings: I don’t think any but it’s late and I’m tired so who knows

(A/N): I honestly have no idea where this came from but I hope you guys like it

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 "I have to go (Y/N).“ Steve said packing socks that you’re handing him into a duffel bag. "I don’t want too but I don’t really have an option.”

“But what am I going to do for 6 months Steve?” You whined. You stole a pair of socks and held it away from Steve.

“You hang out with however is around the tower. And you write to me, and call me. And read lots of books.” He says as he reaches over you and takes his socks.

“Ugh how come you have to be there the whole time? Nobody else does.” You throw yourself back onto the bed. Steve lays down next to you propping himself up in his elbows and kissing you gently.

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crownofdaisies said to quoted-books: Hey, I was wondering if you knew any books similar to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor? Something otherworldly with an interesting plot line? Thanks, love your blog :)

I loved that series! Although, come to think of it, I still need to finish the third one! Man, my TBR list is long. At any rate, I found that book beautiful. If you haven’t listened to the audiobook, it was a good one as well. Below are some links to books that are fantastical and interesting (to me anyway!). Hope you find one you enjoy!

1. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo 

2. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

3. Unearthly by Cynthia Hand 

4. Angelfall by Susan Ee

5. Tithe by  Holly Black

6. Iluminae by Amie Kaufman- I just started reading this one myself so if it sucks we’ll both know haha! I’m excited about it, though! 

Thanks so much for the question! Hope everything is going well for you!


Today’s Album Review: The Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Overall Album Grade: (9/10)

One of the most recognizable albums in music history, and for good reason, coming straight less than a year after Revolver, and a three month recording break, this album changed practically everything, for it’s time it was groundbreaking and provided the basics for one of my favorite types of music, the concept album, while not the most refined and coherent concept this album pioneered, and with nearly every track being fantastic I’ll recommend this album to everyone, especially people interested in getting into The Beatles as it includes some of their best work.

Side One:

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band: Seriously one of the best intros in music, it sets up the set in which the album takes place, Sgt. Peppers band is preforming and we are merely along for the concert, it’s simple, but so well done, with the tuning up of the instruments in the intro and the inclusion of audience noises through the song. Musically it’s fantastic and rocking, the guitar work is fantastic and the vocals are extremely song, everything about it is well executed.

With A Little Help From My Friends: A great followup song and some of my favorite vocals Ringo has ever provided. It’s not extremely complicated but it’s well done, the percussion is great, and the guitar while pretty simple sounding provides a great pace for the song. The backup vocals are fantastic and it’s a great tune.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds: A nice change in sound, a pretty psychedelic sounding song changes this to a completely different sound from the intro in less than three songs, the vocals are fantastic for the sound, nothing great but memorable and catchy, the chorus is fun, and the almost nonsense lyrics make a song that’s fun to sing along to.

Getting Better: And back to a more pop sounding rock song, it’s not complicated, but everything sounds precise and sharp, the vocals are fun, and the guitar work is magnificent and catchy.

Fixing A Hole: The pace is back to slower than before, a song with some fun lyrics and a catchy tune especially driven by the not overcomplicated drum work, the guitar work is less prevalent but stands out when it’s noticed. It’s just fantastic

She’s Leaving Home: My second favorite song on the album and one of my favorite Beatles songs, it’s fantastic, the vocals are filled with some amazingly raw emotions portrayed through three different characters, and though they each share the same voice, they are distinct enough through actions that you can feel the different emotions each is experience and hear the powerful drama. A song about a woman running away from her constricting family just to be more free and find her place in her life while also showing the  parent’s point of view and how they’re effected and deeply saddened and heartbroken.

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!: A great followup, a more fun song, while not really fast, it describes a circus and it’s amazing acts and makes it fun while not needing to be upbeat, it’s a nice follow to the heartbreak and depression that was the previous song, it also works well to end the side on. It sounds like circus music and is so much fun with the background instrumentation getting more complex with each re-listen.

Side Two:

Within You Without You: A pure psychedelic song with obvious eastern influences, it’s great though I find it to be the weakest of the album, and hurts the coherency, it’s not bad at all, but it’s not something I always want to listen to, and not as well done as say “Tomorrow Never Knows” from Revolver.

When I’m 64: Part of the first songs written for the album, it’s a fun little song that’s just about love, there’s nothing hidden or complicated in the lyrics and all of the instruments provide a nostalgic and old timey feel to the song which just makes it sweet and fun.

Lovely Rita: Another song I won’t always listen to but is extremely fun, again nothing extremely complicated just a fun and simple song, some nice guitar work and good vocals.

Good Morning Good Morning: A great catchy song with some fantastic drum work. The vocals are fun and catchy and easy to sing along with, the guitar work is great though not the most prevalent instrument on the song.

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise: A great closer, it brings back the audience and closes the concept, it’s wrapped up as the end of a concert and though the concept may have been extremely loose it was still there and pretty obvious, the continued theme from the opening tracks are great for the song and yet it still stands as it’s own song.

A Day In The Life: My favorite song from the album, this song is fantastic with it’s great tempo changes and weird dramatic sound to it, I still don’t fully understand the lyrics and I’m not sure if they’re meant to be understood, the song is simple sounding but with deeper listening and really digging into the meat of the song, it’s so complex each instrument has it’s part but it’s never that clear, it’s controlled chaos that creates a beautiful symphony of noise that culminates in the end of this fantastic album. Everything is precise even though it doesn’t sound like it.


Tomorrow’s Album Review: The Clash’s Combat Rock


After watching Fantastic Beasts I got to doing some thinking and Credence’s sister is named Modesty, which is a word meaning to be reserved or conservative. So I thought “SO what does Credence mean??” And apparently Credence means “belief that something is true”.
And then they just destroyed him.
My heart is sobbing.