still so fantastic to listen to though

anonymous asked:

Have you listened to the audiobook? Is there anything Newtina/Tina mention in it? If so, could you possibly share? If you haven't? I'm so curious!

I have listened to the audiobook and read the new edtion!

Other than the fact it’s still "he lives in Dorset with his wife Porpentina" (meaning Tina is still very much alive), there’s nothing that’s blatantly Newtina/Tina…No children’s names or anything, just the Kneazles.

HOWEVER because I am trash and started reading far too much into things….

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a labour of love in more ways than one. As I look back over this early book, I relive memories that are etched on every page, though invisible to the reader”

This is just me being absolute trash, but for some reason I started thinking “what if he’s talking about how he met Tina? How they got together? The two of them travelling in their relationship?” It’s probably got NOTHING whatsoever to do with Tina or Newtina, but my mind started wandering upon reading that.

I would also like to appreciate this sentence while we’re here:

  • “I shall simply add that, far from being ”the love rat who left Seraphina Picquery heartbroken“, the President made it clear that if I didn’t leave New York voluntarily and speedily, she would take drastic steps to eject me”

Let us just appreciate this. Rita Skeeter writing that our precious Newt is a “love rat” who left Picquery heartbroken.

You have to wonder what she might have had to say about our favourite Porpentina Scamander (nee Goldstein)…