still so cute and true to themselves

the story continues with @llorainne

✘ ∵ ▌█          it was an odd thing to say with a few hours of the other being gone, but it was true. mercy had been on her own for so long. the locusts were gone &&. lori was probably the only thing she had to care for anymore. even though she knew that lori didn’t need to be looked after it still felt good to do so.

❝ thank you. ❞

         fingers that were busying themselves with the tinkerings of something new pull away to take the offered bottle from the other with a small drink. cheeks flush red, slowly turning attention to her.

    what was that for? that’s what she wanted to know.

  there’s hesitation in her own motions; mimicking the action of lips to cheek.

   ❝ you did? well there is a first for everything. ❞

He’s gonna kill Roo, he’s so going to kill her. He asked her if he’s going to be there and she assured him he wouldn’t “he’s going with his boyfriend in a cruise, for the millionth time he is not coming! Now listen I will pick up Doniya at 7 so we’ll be at yours by 7:30 the event is half an hour from their, ok!”
In fact he’s not there, he’s here in the car. next to Liam. And after minutes of silence. Zayn speaks “Aren’t you going to say hi! I thought you were only bad at Goodbye’s Leeyum”
Doniya and Roo looks back them then back at each other this is going to be an interesting ride.

“It has been 3 years Zayn get over it” Liam said not looking at him. Zayn stayed silent “and Hi! I’m better at that!” Looking to his left to meet Zayn’s eyes in the darkness of the car.
His eyes were shining “A-Are you crying?” Liam stutters.
“Noooo” Zayn said in a sob.
“H-hey I didn’t.. I didn’t mean to be..”
And Zayn cut him off “why do everyone keep breaking up with me” he cries out.
“Zayn honey you broke up with Jaden..” Doniya started
“He fucking cheated on me Don sure I’m going to break up with him” Zayn snapped sniffing.
“Am I this bad? That no one wants to be with me”
“Well you kinda did break up with me” Liam says in a not so low coice
“What?!” Zayn glares at Liam. “I didn’t break up with you! You took all of your stuff and disappeared from the face of the earth after that party didn’t bother to give me a reason or even just a bye Zayn I can’t go through with this” Zayn says.
“Well maybe because Perrie was sucking your face off! Why the fuck would I want to face you after that I can understand a hint!”
Doniya and Roo kept taking glances back at them while trying to keep an eye on the road too.
“Well maybe if you stayed for a second more you would’ve seen me push her off me!”
“He did. Embarrassed her in front of everyone” Doniya said.
“Not quick enough Zayn.” Liam said looking straight ahead “when are we getting there?” He asked Doniya.
She couldn’t answer because Zayn was screaming “why would I want to kiss her you know how she’ve been since the first day at uni! She fucking forced herself on me and I pushed her off she was drunk and it was a struggle to get her to understand plus the fact I’m 100% gay Liam!”
Liam turned at that “maybe you’re bi!”
Zayn had an are you serious look. He got closer to Liam “I like cock period.”
“All my life girls were throwing themselves at me”
“That’s true” Roo says holding up her hands in surrender when Liam glared at her. “but I don’t want any of them I had you!”
“That is it. You could have anyone but you were with me a nobody!” Zayn couldn’t believe what he was hearing and Liam continued eyes filling with tears “you were, still fucking are hot and cute, you were a great artist everybody knew you just so popular while I was Payno the average looking bookworm. Why wouldn’t I think you’d want anybody even a girl more than me”
Zayn whispered “you fuckin donut” and surged forward. Roo and Doniya heard an “oomph”
Roo looked from the rear view mirror and saw them kissing passionately. “Aww Guys this is so sweet but Ew you should stop” Doniya said.
Zayn pulls back resting his forehead against him “you idiot I loved you and till this day my feelings for you hadn’t changed you were the best thing that ever happened to me my best friend and lover, you are perfect maybe not to you but you are for me.”
Liam wrapped his arms around him hugging him so tight as the car stopped.
“Take your time guys but no sex in the car. Please” Roo says and they leave them alone.
Liam sniffs and pulls back.
“Y-you still love me?”
“Yes and if you’ll have me I’m willing with time to show you how much”.