still snatching

imagine a parallel moment (set after a mission or something) where this time it’s allura who kneels down to grab shiro’s hand/help him up, and it goes down like:

allura: shiro… are you alright?

shiro: (smiles warmly) i’m fine. we really make a great team, huh

& they’re still smiling at each other as they’re still holding hands, and lance is there to witness the whole thing so he turns to keith and says:

lance: holy shit, are you seeing this right now?? it’s like watching a scene straight out of a cliché romantic movie omg



top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #2. Zoë Rivas

“We all have one thing in common - we want to be loved for who we are. We need to celebrate our differences. For instance, I’m gay. I’m not bragging about it but I’ve always been afraid to say it and I’m not anymore. I want this place to be a safe space where everyone feels free to be themselves. Welcome to Degrassi.”

tbh i dont think im gonna be able to have sex ever again in my life without thinking of that huffington post gay loneliness article… like im still snatched out of my mind that all my life choices are poisonous and that i’ll never find peace

We still could have snatched happiness from our tragedy if we made the right choices, the right wishes. If we had been kinder, braver, purer. If only we had been anything but what we were.
—  Rosamund Hodge, “Cruel Beauty”

anonymous asked:

I love how you can read any character as gay, but god forbid you see a character as bi without coming up with a 20 page research paper of cited examples defending why you think they're bi. That's def some internalized biphobia right there.


Why are they so invested in this argument anyway, they don’t like KS, let my bi ass have this bi murder couple please. I’m apparently going through the reject bin of representation and I’m still getting these toys snatched off me. 

Bathtime with Vocal Unit

Jeonghan: “Did you take my last shower cap!” You yell noticing what was on Jeonghan’s head in the shower. “Ah, I didn’t want to get my hair wet.” You glare. “You heard me say I was looking for it! Now I got this bag on my head to make up for it.” He pats your shoulder. “There, there Y/N. It’s still cute.” You consider snatching it off but don’t want to risk missing and falling. “You know what, forget it. Hand me the soap.” You huff.

Joshua: “Aye! Are you almost done!” Joshua asks once he is finished brushing his teeth. “No! Almost though!” You call over the water. He sighs and leans against the bathroom counter. “Towell!” You call. He grabs the towel from the counter and hands it to you. “Thanks Josh!” You say wrapping it around you and smiling. “No problem.” He responds nonchalantly.

Woozi: “Y/n please! Stop putting bubbles on my face!” He whines. “Come on Jihoon, you look good with a beard.” You say reaching over and petting his bubble beard. “You know what,” He begins before scooping up a handful and putting it on your head, “bubble hat looks good.” You burst into laughter and he joins in. “Seriously though, we’re gonna turn into raisins if we stay in here any longer. Let’s get washed up.” You laugh grabbing your washcloth and handing him his.

DK: The beautiful harmony of both of your singer voices in the bathroom was something you both cherished in your relationship. Sometimes you both went overboard and had sore voices the next day from trying to outdo the other. Sometimes it would be a love song, other times it’ll just be a made up song. Either way, washing up had never been more entertaining.

Seungkwan: “So I told him to get out of my parking spot and he said ‘who are you supposed to be?’ Are you kidding me?” He complains as you both just sit in the hot bath water across from each other. “Some people are so rude Boo.” You shake your head. He went on about his day and you listened with a smile just glad to hear his voice.

{ ✉ meme // ‘till death do us party edition }
  • [text] I’m dirt poor but spirit wealthy
  • [text] You’re so fine, you must drink your apple juice
  • [text] We can do this our way, so we’ll do it all night long
  • [text] Your profile pic is not even you
  • [text]  Let’s give ‘em all they can take
  • [text] I like the outfit you got yesterday at 12:23
  • [text] I’m still good at snatching
  • [text] I think you blocked my number, so I got a new phone
  • [text] Are you ready for an X my O’s now?
  • [text] Want to dance with the devil?
  • [text] Fuck it, I still need to pee
  • [text] Hell, I’m on my way
  • [text] I adore you
  • [text] I’m playing dumb and winning
  • [text] You won’t get to go away
  • [text] My favorite thing to do is watch you dream in your sleep
  • [text] I’m telling you we must say goodbye 
  • [text] You bitches better beware 
  • [text] It’s like all I am is see-through
  • [text] They all wanna try me
  • [text] Hello, I’m so happy that you’re mine
  • [text] I’ll scratch you up if I want to
  • [text] Call me Aphrodite
  • [text] We rule the world
  • [text] I’m a pretty mess and I don’t deserve you
  • [text] I look fucking cool
  • [text] No way to run and hide, they’re gonna find us 
  • [text] I hate that you don’t need me 
  • [text] I like what you were wearing last night
Just sad.

So my name is Daisy, and I write sasusaku stories for Naruto. I have since 2012.

I stopped for a long time. Kind of dropped off the grid. I got fed up with people hounding me for updates, harassing me about the in- or exclusion of certain characters, demanding things from me as if I were paid to do this…

…and of course, the plagiarizing.

Some people had the audacity to copy my entire stories and post them under their own names. Others changed around a few words while keeping 90% of the story exactly as I had written it. And still some others merely snatched up the plots, entire chunks of verbatim text, and characterization and merely posted it under a different fandom.

I came back to writing because it’s my hobby and I enjoy it.

And not even a month in, it’s brought to my attention that someone’s plagiarized my shit yet again, shoved crassly into a different fandom and so fucking similar to my own story that I couldn’t even get to the third chapter without crying. Because whoever brought this to me accused ME of plagiarizing. It’s more than frustrating; it’s outrageous.

How can you possibly justify that? You can’t tell me you feel proud of yourself when you scoop up someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. There’s no accomplishment in that. There’s no improvement as a writer. It’s vile. And I find it hard to believe that anyone old enough to read thinks it’s acceptable to steal someone else’s stuff.

I’m disgusted. I’m utterly repulsed. To be accused of plagiarizing when I’d written the fucking story TWO YEARS before someone else stole it? Just gravy on top of the fucked up weekend I’ve been having.

So when you steal someone’s writing, remember that it’s more than insulting, it’s more than egregious, it’s more than infuriating: it rewards the writer you were so “inspired by” with sadness.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.