still smiling like a fool


Can we talk about how cute this brief interaction was? Despite the seriousness of the situation, Betty’s still smiling like a fool because of how smitten she is with Jughead. And he’s just like, “Please save me from the demonic woman that is Alice Cooper. I’m only doing this because I secretly love you,” or at least that’s how I see it😂

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“I’m still not entirely sure why this is a good idea.” Castiel looked at the large groups of people walking around, the sound of voices and music slowly flowing towards them as they stepped out of the Impala.

“Hey, it’s gonna be fun, I promise, alright?” Dean answered.

Castiel looked at the blonde as he walked over to him and held out his arm.

“Alright.” Cas smiled shyly, then locked his arm together with Dean’s.

He didn’t know how he got so lucky to be on his third date with Dean Winchester, the most handsome and sweetest guy in school. Dean was popular, Cas wasn’t, but Dean still showed interest in Cas since they got Latin together.

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When We Were Six

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader
word count: 1,426

authors note: i thought this was so cute but it’s probs not lmao, i’m trying to write more but it’s going slow, so be patient!!

summary: reader meets stiles again after 10 years when her school takes a trip to beacon hills. 

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I’m a Fool For You

Winteriron, inspired by this prompt. Look at these two dorks, I love them.

“Where is he JARVIS?”

“Sir has just entered the communal kitchen, Sargent Barnes.” JARVIS sounded almost amused.

Bucky nodded, staring up at the numbers in the elevator as it took him down the communal area. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves and think positively.

Alright, Bucky. You can do this. Just go in there and ask him out.

He clenched his hands into fists as he walked off the elevator and into the kitchen. He just had to go in there and say it. Six words, that was all he had to say. Will you go out with me? It shouldn’t be too hard.

(mobile watch the cut)

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Neighbours: Part Five - Tommy Shelby

The Party

Part One | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six |

As we pull up I find the party already in full swing; jaunty music emanates from a band I can’t see, filling the air with catchy tunes as waves of people mill around the gardens. It’s neither of these that attracts my attention first though, but a full fairground set up and lit to high heavens; a merry-go-round, swings and swing boats, separated by various stands and stalls engulfs the entirety of the Shelby property that I can see from the drive.

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Evelyn Shepard & Kaidan Alenko by the talented @xla-hainex.

I have no words to describe my feelings when I saw the final picture. I’m still smiling like a fool!

Thank you so sooo much for this great work and for giving me the opportunity to enjoy your amazing art. I hope to commission you again in the future and I really encourage everyone to do it. Thanks! ♥

Drive Thru - Malia Tate

word count: 2815

warnings: swearing

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

I was rushing around my room when I heard the knocks on the door.  I pulled up a pair of jeans and finger brushed my hair.

 “It’s open!” I called, and heard the person come in.

 “y/n? You ready?” I chuckled at Malia’s question.  I was never ready on time.  This was probably the fourth date in a row that I was running a tad bit late for.

 “I’ll be down in a sec!” I hollered and pulled a tee shirt on and grabbed a jacket then went quickly down the stairs.  “Sorry I just need shoes and my purse and I’m ready” I told her, pecking her lips hastily before going into the living room to grab my bag, still pulling on a my jacket.

 “You know you don’t have to rush, we have the whole night” Malia said.  “It’s only five o’clock” I nodded whilst I sat down to put on my shoes.

 “Just don’t wanna miss anything” I said, and she furrowed her brows.

 “What exactly are we doing tonight?” She asked me, and I grinned.

 “It’s a surprise” I sprung back up, kissing her cheek again and fixing my hair.

 “You look beautiful” She assured, giving me a genuine smile.  I thanked her, because I know if she thought otherwise she wouldn’t have said anything.  “Come on, let’s get going for this surprise date”

 Malia and I had a system for the dating aspect of our relationship.  We take turns picking the date.  They were usually some kind of surprise, but ever once in a while one of us would get lazy and just decide to have a movie night in our pajamas.  Last time it was Malia’s turn, and she we went to the mall.  It was fun, we had lunch and tried on fun clothes.  A lot of it was me trying to teach Malia fashion sense, seeing how Lydia got to frustrated to do it.  It took a while, but so far it’s appeared to have worked.  Tonight, I was extra excited to show her the surprise I had in store.

 I got in her car, snatching her keys and making her get into the passenger seat.  Malia did, she looked eager.

 “I thought you hated surprises”

 “Oh I do” She stated.  “But not the ones from you.  And especially not on date night” I laughed slightly as I backed out of the drive, pulling onto the street and speeding off.

 “How was your Saturday?” I asked her, and she shrugged contently.

 “It was fine.  I helped Dad rearrange the living room and it made me think about painting my room”

“Ooh, what color were you thinking?” I asked her in excitement.  

 90% of the time we were at her place, we were in her room.  But we were usually at my house because her father was often home.  He wasn’t, and I quote, ‘happy with her life choices’.  Meaning me, that is.  Malia’s told me that when it’s just her and him, he acts fine.  But whenever I’m at the house and he’s there, whether I’m dropping her off, picking her up, stopping by to study or for a date maybe, he pretty much steered clear of me.  Malia always made a big deal about me being there though.  Yelling how she was going out with her girlfriend, or her girlfriend was here to hang out.  Whatever she did to rub it in, it made me laugh.  She always made me laugh, it’s one of the many things I love about her.

 “I don’t know, maybe a dusty green or light grey” I nodded, thinking over the color ideas.  “I think I just need a change in there, it looks the same as it did when I was seven… just makes me think about those things and I want to move forward in life not be stuck in the past” I grinned over at her, and grasped her hand over the center console.

 “Change isn’t always bad.  It’s good to move forward” I told her, and she smiled delightedly at me.

“You want to help me when I do it?”

 “Of course” I responded and Malia smiled even bigger.  Another thing I love about her.

 I met Malia on the second day of her being in school.  I’d seen her around on the first, but she hid in the back of the classrooms.  But Scott McCall and his gang of misfit supernaturals had pulled her out of her shell and soon she wasn’t so shy.  

 Yeah, I knew of the McCall pack.  I had been friends with Lydia since kindergarten, so when things started to get strange… I was thrown into their world of monsters and demons.  I got along with the rest of them fine, but Lydia was really the only one I hung around with.

 Anyways, the second day of school I had been sitting in Geometry when she came in and took the seat right next to me.  At this time, I’d had no idea that she was a werecoyote, or had been an animal for the past eight years of her life.  Just that she was the new cute girl who I hadn’t heard the voice of yet.

 “Hello” I greeted with the kindest smile I could pull off.  She looked over at me and grinned, pushing back a few strands of hair that had slipped out of her braid.

“You’re cute” I hadn’t known how to respond, I was instantly a mess of giggles and blushes.

 “Th-thanks you too” I replied.  That’s when Lydia came in, and took the seat on the other side of me.

 “Hey, y/n looks like you’ve already met Malia” She said, and I nodded, face still hot.

 “Hi y/n” I looked back to her, and was grinning again.

 “Hi Malia” I reached my hand out and she shook it enthusiastically.  I giggled at her happiness.

 “Hey! Lydia’s throwing a party tonight you should come with me!” She said.  I’d already known about the party, hell I’d already made a bunch of snacks for it, but again, I was putty in this girl’s hands.

 “G-go with you?” I stuttered like a fool, but she nodded, still smiling big.  “Y-yeah I’d like that a lot”

 That night was one of the greatest nights of my life, and I never once had a cup of booze.  Just danced and talked with Malia.  I guess Lydia had told her that I was a trusted human that knew about the pack, because she opened up a lot about her past.  About how she felt guilty for killing her mother and sister, and how she was stuck in coyote form for eight years.  It seemed to still torment her a lot back then, her eyes were glossy when she spoke but she hadn’t shed a tear.  I wondered if she’d already done a lot of crying, but it wasn’t an appropriate question to ask.  We ended up walking around in the woods a little ways away from Lydia’s beach house.

 “y/n I really like you” I smiled over at her, holding onto my can of diet soda as we walked on te trail.

 “I really like you too” I replied.  Malia looked down at where our hands swung by our sides.  I caught this glance and reached my hand out to hers, letting her intertwine our fingers together.

 “I’d like to fall in love with you one day” Malia said, and I looked over to her, slowing to a stop and she did too.

 “I think I’d like that too” I responded.  She smiled at me again, one I’d grown used to seeing from her.  “So.. so we could like… go out sometime like for coffee or lun-”

 She’s reached forward, hand coming around my cheek and kissing me softly.

 “W-wow yeah th-that works that’s good too” Malia chuckled, almost nervously as she looked down at her feet and stepped back away.  We continued our walk.

 “Lunch sounds good too” Malia replied.

 I looked over at her for a moment as she was talking animatedly about finding a stream in the woods the other day.  She was waving her hands around and smiling that big smile I’d seen since I met her.  Her eyes were out the windshield, watching each car that passed.  I often noticed this about her, how she always looked at people.  I’d never really asked her about it, it wasn’t really a big deal, wasn’t like it bothered me or anything.  But I was curious.  A couple would pass, holding hands, or maybe older people, she often looks at them the most I think.  We’d go to the park to sit on the swings and talk and she’d watch the little kids playing on the slides and jungle gym.  I used to tease her that they weren’t meals, they were children.  But she laughed and shrugged it off.  I wondered now what she was thinking about.

 “Who’re you looking at?” I asked, glancing at the road then over to her.  Malia shrugged, directing her eyes away from the window.

 “Just the old couple in that car” She said.  I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye, and she began to play with my hand.

“What’re you thinking about?” Malia curled her fingers between mine, then continued tracing them like she’d never seen my hand before. 

“You never see two old women together, two old men together” She answered with a soft sigh.  I thought about what she meant by this for a moment, unsure of why this would be something she would think about.  Then it came to me.

 “Oh…” Malia looked at me for a moment, though I was focusing on the street again.  Her hand stilled it’s movements on mine.

 “I’m sorry, I probably trouble you with all my questions” She said.  I shook my head quickly.

 “No I love your questions” I told er honestly.  “Really, ask away.  I’ll try my best to answer them for you I know they’re important” She nodded, giving me a soft smile and went back to dragging her finger over each of mine.  “But wait, first, Wendy’s or Burger King?” She raised a brow, but shrugged and answered with Burger King.  So I turned into the lot.

 “Our date is at Burger King?” I shook my head.

 “Not necessarily… but we are going through the drive thru so what do you want?” She looked at the menu outside, pondering for a moment.

 “I guess I’ll try the Whopper… are you getting chicken nuggets?” I nodded.  “So can I get a large fry and we’ll split?” I nodded again with a smile.  I drove forward and placed the order.  The lady working it told me second window, so again I drove up and waited in the line of cars.

 “I was thinking, we could get a fast food dinner and go sit in the Preserve for the night” I revealed, and Malia’s whole face lit up with excitement.

 “I love the Preserve!”

 “I know you do” I giggled and she squeezed my hand in both of hers.

 “You’re the best girlfriend ever!” She said just as we pulled up to the window.  I handed the lady the $11.57 I owed and thanked her before pulling out of the lot.  Malia instantly grabbed a french fry, and handed one to me too.  Both of us sighed in content.  Burger King fries sure were something marvelous. 

“Anyways, what’re your questions?”

“Why don’t old people date old people?” I giggled. 

“Use some more words there” I said.

 “Like, old ladies, why don’t you ever see just two old women dating?” I thought about how to properly answer this.  Yes, I knew Malia wasn’t familiar with society’s aspects on… well homosexuality and things along those lines.  I’d told her how she should never be ashamed of herself for dating me, and that I was proud to say she was my girlfriend, that we’re girlfriends, that I was never embarrassed to kiss her in public or hold her hand.  But I didn’t really feel the need to dive into the fact it wasn’t always that way.

 “Well… there generation wasn’t as…. Open I suppose” I said as kindly as I could.

 “Open to what? Dating?”

 “Well…” I bit my lip.  “Dating… other women, or other men.  They preferred- no- they were taught that women have to date men and vice versa” Malia’s brow furrowed as she ate another french fry.

 “That’s dumb”

 “I agree” I said with a small laugh.  “But it’s different now, so you don’t ever have to worry about people telling you you’re wrong, okay?” She nodded.  “And if that ever happens you come to me okay?” She nodded again.

 “Of course” She said with her mouth full.

 “And you better not be eating all my fries too” I scolded and she gave me an innocent smile, two fries sticking out of it.  I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help my own smile.  She was such a precious girl.

 The drive to the Preserve wasn’t that much farther.  We parked in the empty lot and grabbed our bags and drinks.

 “Hand?” I nodded with a smile as I slipped my fingers in between hers.  She almost always asked, and part of me wanted to tell her she didn’t have to, but frankly I thought it was adorable.

 “There’s an overlook I was hoping we could stay at” I told her as we walked through the trails.

 “I have another question” Malia stated and I nodded for her to go on.  “Why don’t we see a lot of people here?” I snorted.

 “That’s easy.  Most people would much rather stay inside on tvs and phones rather come out here” Malia’s nose scrunched up and I giggled

 “But it’s so beautiful and peaceful out here- you like it right? We’re not just here because I like it?” I squeezed her hand.

“We’re here because you enjoy being here, and I enjoy being here with you” I told her honestly.  Malia smiled at that and tugged on my hand a little, a silent prompt for me to walk closer to her.

“I enjoy being here with you too” She responded and I kissed her cheek as we continued on our way.

“It’s just up here” I said, pointing up a small hill where the overlook was.  Malia grinned and broke into a run, pulling me behind her all the way up to the top.

“Wow” She breathed, and I smiled at her, glad that she liked what I’d picked out.

“Isn’t it amazing up here?” She nodded, and slipped off the sandals she was wearing, standing in the soft grass.  I laughed when her toes wiggled into it, and copied her actions.  We did this for a minute or two, standing in silence and appreciating this view, this perfect night for a picnic date.  Then sat down and ate our junk food.  Malia raised her cup and clinked it against mine as though it were a glass of wine.  “What shall we cheers to?” I asked.

“I would like to cheers to you” She replied with a curt nod.

“Me?” My brows rose in surprise.  “Now what have I possibly done to deserve such an honor?”

“I cheers to you because you are single handedly, and easily, the most important person in my life” Now I was truly shocked.  “You always push me to do my best, and even when I don’t and I fail, you’re there to help me fix things again” Malia said.  “You make me proud to be me, you answer all my ridiculous questions, you take care of me when I’m sick or sad or lonely, you’re always kind, even sometimes when people don’t deserve it” She continued.  “And… and I love you for all of that” My lips parted, a slow smiled spreading on my face. 

“You love me?” She nodded.

“I most certainly do.  In the almost year, ten months, we’ve been dating and I’ve grown to know you more and every day that feeling sparks, the one that I had when I sat next to you the first time we met, remember?” I nod.  I definitely remembered that feeling.  “I still feel it, every time I look at you” I couldn’t help the grin and blush on my cheeks.

“I love you too Mal” I told her, taking both of her hands in mine.  “I love you a lot, and you’re the greatest, most beautiful, and most perseverance girl I’ve ever met” I chuckled a little and she did too.  “I want to have a future together” I admitted.

“I do too” She whispered and leaned forward, kissing me gently and sweetly.  I smiled against her mouth and her arms wrapped around my back.  “You and me?” 

“Me and you”

heya, idk about you guys (i’m on break as of next monday) but i’m so ready for this summer and a shit ton of writing and really getting back into the game ;)

xoxo ~ jordie

Don't Cover up, Love - Fred Weasley Imagine (Requested)

Tensions grew surface high at The Burrow and the hot summer had only started. These “tensions” weren’t at all bad. In fact, they were loving tensions but secret. Which, in all honestly doesn’t make any sense. You see Fred Weasley had invited George’s and his best friend, (y/n) to spend the whole entire break with their family. (y/n) had said yes, jumping at the idea of a whole almost four months with her friends, especially Fred whom seemed to be the only thought on her mind lately. There was no doubt in her mind that she fancied the red head. As, there was not a single drop of uncertainty in his head that he had a massive crush on the cute (h/c) headed girl as well. Both madly in love, yet neither knew. Fred kept a close eye watching in adoration in everything move she made. (y/n) wasn’t any better, she liked to watch him talk see his eyes light up at the sound of a subject he liked, or his voice become roar over his twins when they argued with each other.  

“Kids hurry up before the water gets too cold!” Molly shooed the lazy children up the rickety old stairs to their rooms to change. In (y/n)’s case, Fred and George’s.

Molly had somehow, bribed the group into going out to the lake for a dip in the water instead of lying in the living room, complaining about the sauna like heat. Her side of the deal that she full heartedly planned on going through with was that she’d take them all out for ice-cream later. After they were completely dried off from the wetness, that is.

“I call the room first!” (y/n) shouted, stomping up the staircase with George close on her tail. He sighed in defeat, slumping up another flight to the shared bathroom in hopes it wasn’t occupied. (y/n) giggled slamming the door shut behind her before quickly stripping into her undergarments. Prancing around the room, (y/n) searched high and low for her bikini top. She was fast to find the striped bottoms, now all she needed was the multi colored, tie dyed top. Her swim suit was completely mix matched, not that she cared at all.

Standing back straight up, (y/n) made her way over to Fred’s bed glancing under it wondering if it had floated over there. Luckily she found it; reaching back she unclipped her bra throwing it on her unzipped bag. Out of nowhere, the bedroom door swung open and an absent minded Fred walked in not aware of the scene he interrupted.

(y/n) yelped in shock, scrambled back covering her predominantly exposed chest backing into a shelf that created a loud bang causing the furniture wobbling sideways. That’s when Fred’s drew his attention over to the flustered girl, awkwardly positioned on the floor. Fred’s cheeks matched the shade of (y/n)’s as he managed to divert his gaze from the half-naked girl in front of him, making a dash for the door. His footsteps didn’t go far though and soon he was back in the room leaving (y/n) barley anytime to change.

Waltzing over to the embarrassed girl, he squatted down eye level and placed a delicate peck to her cheek. (y/n)’s body still paralyzed, all she could do was smile lightly. Fred took that as a good sign, grabbing her hand and kissing her fully on the lips. After a second or so (y/n) register what was happening and kissed back. Fred pulled away leaning his forehead against hers.

“What’d you say about going on a date with me later?” (y/n) nodded excitedly catching her breath still smiling like a manic. Fred grinned like a fool helping her up to both feet, while she kept her hands clutched around her upper half. Fred turned on his heel decided to leave her alone to change. Almost out the door he stooped in his tracks. Looking over his shoulders he smirked,

“There’s no need to cover up, love. They’re very beautiful, perfectly sized to and don’t even get me started on your bum.” With that he closed the door laughing as (y/n) threw a pillow in the spot he once stood.

 ~ Daizy

Request open keep in mind I have a lot at the moment so it’s gonna take me a while to write them all. xx

Don’t lose hope - [PART 2]

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Characters on this chapter: Pietro Maximoff, Tony Stark

Word Count: 1,5k

Summary: Your life was about to turn upside down in order to help your friends. It could be dangerous, risky and it may cost you loss and severe pain, but you weren’t about to lose… hope.

A/N: The plot is going a bit slow, but it will get better, I promise. As always, if you enjoyed this part, like/reblog the post and leave me your comments and thoughts in my inbox. Should I continue posting? Yes? No? Tell me about it. Happy reading! xx

Previous: PART 1

Your eyes widened at his sudden statement. Were you shocked? Hell yeah. You wanted to help your friends but that was just too far. You weren’t even qualified to join a superhero team. How the hell Pietro thought that was a good idea? What were you supposed to say? Yes? No? HELL NO? 

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  • [How the butt-touching scene actually happened in my head]
  • Christophe: *touches Yuuri's booty* Yuuri, why didn't you invite me?
  • Yuuri, inwardly panicking: C-Chris...
  • Christophe: Looks like you got into shape. *flashes mature eros smile* Guess your master's giving you very thorough training.
  • Viktor: *appears to save his boyfriend* Chris!
  • Viktor: *hastily mutters in a low low low voice* Who-and-where-the-fuck-do-you-think-you're-touching?
  • Viktor: *reverts to his normal tone of voice* How's it going? *points his finger at the two*
Are You Okay?

Originally posted by disconected-of-this-world

Requested: Yes, by anonymous

Pairings: Peter Parker/Spiderman x Reader

Warnings: Nope!

Word Count: 1,067

A/N: I really hope that you guys like this one! I know that the last imagine I posted was a Peter one, so I am hoping that you are all still enjoying him, because I know that I am! I have a lot of requests for him, so I am trying to get a few of those donw, but I promise new stuff is coming soon! Feel free to send any requests into my ask box!

You could confidently say, without a doubt that your favorite time of day was right after school. Peter would make his way to your locker. You would smile while trying to shove every book in your locker and he would always offer to carry your extra books. Then you would protest and say that you could handle it, and Peter would take the books anyways.

The two of you would pass the journey home quietly, taking the time to decompress. When you got to your apartment building, usually you would either part ways, or you would tutor each other. Peter helped you with any sort of Math or Science and you helped him in English and History. Usually, you two spent the better part of the night studying together.

Lately, though, Peter had been running off as soon as the two of you got home. He insisted that he had a meeting or that Aunt May needed some help. He usually asked you if you were going to be home later before running off.

You always were, because whether you liked it or not, your AP classes were eating away at your free time. Sometimes, Peter came by after his meeting, a box of chocolates or some other little present in hand to apologize for not hanging out. You always insisted that it was fine, but took the present anyways.

“Do you want to come in?” Peter asked, stopping in front of his door. You couldn’t help the huge smile that broke out on your face. As much as you hated to admit it, you liked it a lot more when the two of you hung out. Peter was so incredibly easy to be around, and he always made sure that you were comfortable and that you had someone to talk to, either about math or something else that was bothering you.

You nodded, still smiling like a fool and he led you inside. Peter called out for Aunt May, but after no response, decided that she was out with friends. She did, however, leave the two of you a plate of cookies on the coffee table, along with a note that the two of you deserved a break.

You shrugged before plopping on the couch, motioning for Peter to sit beside you. He reluctantly sat down, but not before glancing towards his book bag he had left by the door. “Relaxing for a few minutes isn’t going to kill you,” you said, leaning your head on Peter’s shoulder.

He let his head rest on top of yours, allowing himself a small sigh of content. You felt his hand playing in your hair, and you hid a small smile in the crook of your neck. You and Peter had always been close, but a few months ago he had finally asked you to be his girlfriend. Not much had changed, really, but you couldn’t say that you had ever been happier.

You slipped your arms around his, pulling him closer to you. but, instead of the usually comfortable pillow, you found something more firm. You sat up quickly, pocking his bicep, surprised to find almost no give.

“What are you doing?” he murmured sleepily, not looking away from the ceiling.

“Have you been going to the gym?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“What?!” he said, sitting up in his seat.

“You just feel more, muscly I guess,” you said, confused why he was having such a visceral reaction. You didn’t just ask a life altering question. “If it’s that big of a deal, we don’t have to talk about it,” you said, slumping back into the couch.

“No, see I would tell you, but it sounds crazy and you wouldn’t believe it and I just wanted to protect you so that is why I haven’t told you-”

“Peter,” you said softly, laying a hand on his arm. “I’m not saying that you have to tell me, and if it makes you this uncomfortable, then you don’t have to tell me anything.”
“No I, I think that I want to tell you.” he said, finally meeting your eyes. “I’m Spiderman.” He said, seriously.

You really tried to hold down the laugh that had bubbled up to the surface, but a small giggle escaped making Peter throw himself back into the couch.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me,” he moaned.

“It’s- it’s just that I can’t picture you out there catching bad guys.” You said. One time, a guy couldn’t take a hint, and instead of fighting with him, Peter had simply offered to help the bully with his math homework, insisting that maybe a better grade would help his overall attitude.

“Well then, you better believe it, because you are the only one that I’ve told.” He said quietly.

At first, you had thought that Peter was messing with you. he did it all of the time. Last year he had spent a few weeks trying to convince you that he was Tony Stark’s long lost son. But, this time seemed different. Was he telling the truth? “Are you serious,” you asked softly, trying your best to comprehend the situation.

“Dead serious,” he said, turning towards you and taking your hands in his own. “It all started when I was on the science club field trip.”

And so, for the next few hours, Peter recounted he Spiderman adventures, and you did your best to try and believe him. After he finished his story, he just remained quiet, waiting for you to process everything.

“I think that we need to tell Aunt May,” you said after a few moments.

“What? No. No we are not telling Aunt May. She would freak out!” he scrambled, looking for an excuse.

“What are you going to tell her about your black eyes and the cuts and being gone all of the time?”
“Well, I might have told her that I got into a fight with this group of guys…”

“Every night?!” There was no way that Aunt May had believed all of this.

“Or that I fell down the stairs.” He winced at your raised eyebrow.

“Well, we are going to have to think up a better excuse for you. There are only so many times you can fall down the stairs, reasonably. You said, snuggling back into Peter’s arms, more comfortable than you had been in a long time.


it has been three weeks and my hair looks pretty nice now

3 years ago this weekend i flirted my ASS off (via sassy one liners and a lot of wink emojis) to get a super cute girl to smile and text me back. 

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3 years later, we’re still giggling like fools. i’d say it worked out pretty well.

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Imagine being Opie‘s sister and Kozik catches your eye.

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Being Opie’s sister you grew up with the same life, Opie always took care of you when Piney was on his week long binges and just like Ope you never really knew Mary either. This was the only family that the two of you had, SAMCRO. Gemma and Clay, took care of you and Opie like we were their own children. The guys were a little too over-protective of you, and always told you not to get involved with any of the Sons. In reality you couldn’t get serious with anyone, every time you tried to have a boyfriend and bring him by the clubhouse the guys would threaten him or just scare him off, and when you didn’t bring him to the clubhouse they always seem to find a way to run off the guys in your life.

Everyone was on lock down at the clubhouse, just as a safety per-caution and you were busy with Gemma on a grocery run grabbing booze and grub. Juice was with the two of you for protection. Clay and Jax had called Tacoma for some backup, when you guys arrived back at the clubhouse their was members rolling into the lot. You asked Gem and Juice in a curious tone;

“ whats happening, who are these guys ? “ Juice kept his eyes forward and hand on the wheel, and before he could answer Gemma turned to you and said;

“ members from the Tacoma charter, just extra protection and man power sweetheart “ Gemma gave you a smile, turned to face forward and put her sunglasses back on. You were pretty much in the front seat, just curiously  staring out of the window with Juice and Gemma watching as each biker rolled in before the three of you pulled into the lot.

You guys pulled into the lot and parked in front of the door of the clubhouse, the three of them started to unload, you went out after taking a load to grab the two cases of beer that were left. You were struggling a bit, and just before you were about to fall someone grabbed the other side of the cases, and you could hear a voice say;

“ whoa darling, i got you “ you stood up, trying to find your balance and you were completely stunned to see a blue eyed, blonde biker with muscular arms just smiling at you. You didn’t say anything you just stared and he asked you;

“ you okay sweetheart ? “ you snapped back into reality and said nervously;

“ uh yeah, i am thank you. “ the blonde biker, smiled and said;

“ i’m kozik, whats your name ? “ you were nervous and flustered;

“ i’m Y/N “ while still holding the cases of beer, he reached out his hand to shake yours, you met his hand and he said;

“ nice to meet you, Y/N “ and you told him “ nice to meet you too Kozik, welcome to Charming “ He followed you in still carrying the two cases of beer and the two of you went behind the bar, he placed the cases at your feet and stood up. He was tall that you had to look up at him, you said still smiling like a fool;

“ thank you for helping me with these, Kozik “ He smiled and gave you a wink;

“ no problem sweetheart, anytime. “ You two were just looking at each other and you both were interrupted by a voice who was clearing his throat just trying to catch your guys’ attention. You both turned to see Opie leaning over the bar;

“ ahem, whats going on here guys “ the look on Opie’s face, you new he was there as an overly protective brother. Kozik said to Opie;

“ oh hey Ope long time, i was just giving Y/N a hand carrying in the cases “ you added tensely;

“ yep, he was just helping me “ Ope stood up from the counter and he motioned to Kozik and they both walked towards Clay and Jax. As Kozik walked away, he turned he head to look back at you and gave you a smile and a wink. You blushed and started putting the booze away. As you finished putting the booze away, you made your way through the crowded clubhouse. You eventually found Gemma who was sitting with Tara drinking coffee, you joined them and started some idle chit chat.

The guys were in the chapel discussing the issues that they had going on, once they figured out what they were going to do. They went to work, the guys gathered there supplies and packed and headed out. The old ladies went gathered out in the parking lot waiting to say their ‘ see you laters ‘ to their old men, as they got on their bikes and started their engines. The rumbling sound was loud like thunder, one by one they rolled out. You looked a Kozik and gave him a wave, he smiled as he headed out. Everyone was inside, keeping busy. You found yourself with Gemma making supper for everyone at the clubhouse, and that was a lot of mouths too feed. Once everyone was fed, you helped everyone get settled in for the night. The clubhouse was finally quiet, you made your way up to the rooftop. * your favorite spot. You sat up their staring at the stars, feeling the cold crisp wind against your face. You heard the engines of motorcycles closing in, you looked to see the guys pulling in. You held your breath as you counted everyone that pulled in, and once you finished your count you let out a sigh of relief because everyone was accounted for.

Kozik noticed you up on the roof, and before he could make his way towards you. Opie stopped him in his tracks. Kozik asked in a questioning tone;

“ uh what’s up Ope ? “ Opie asked in his gruff voice;

“ where you headed too Kozik “ Kozik had a confused look upon his face then said;

“ uh to the roof “ Opie said in a more aggressive tone now;

“ too see Y/N “ Kozik starting to realize why Opie was acting weird, and then said;

“ yeah why? is that a problem “ Opie looked at Kozik with his eyebrows squished together;

“ shes my sister. its my job to look out for her “ Kozik was stunned to find out that you were Opie’s sister then said;

“ i .. i didn’t know you had a sister Ope “ Opie shook his head up and down slowly before putting a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it. Kozik was bummed to find out that you were Opie sister, now he knew he didn’t have a chance with you. He leaned against the building and Ope beside him, Opie asked after taking a drag;

“ you like her? “ Kozik nodded his head and answered;

“ yeah, i wanted to get to know her. “ Opie took another drag, this time a long one and once he exhaled he said;

“ i know your a good guy brother and if you hurt her, i’ll break your neck. “ Kozik looked at Opie in disbelief and he gestured with his head and added;

“ well get going before i chance my mind “ Kozik smiled and hit Opie lightly on the shoulder;

“ thanks brother “ Kozik walked to the ladder and made his way up to the roof. You were still sitting up their staring up at the stars just enjoying your time alone. You heard someone coming up and you assumed it was Opie coming to check up on you. You were completely stunned to see Kozik, but you were also very happy because you defiantly wanted to see him again. You asked Kozik;

“ how did you know i was up here ? “ Kozik started to walk towards you and said;

“ uh, i seen you standing at the edge there when i pulled in “ you chuckled and said shyly;

“ so what brings you up here ? “ Kozik took a seat beside you and said with devilish grin;

“ well i wanted to see you again, is that alright with you? “ you blushed but it was dark, so he couldn’t really see you turning red then you said;

“ oh that’s defiantly alright with me “ the two of you smiled at each other.

Part Two.. . coming soon.**

The Letter (Dan x Reader)

Character: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Fandom: Phandom

Title: The Letter

A/N: As you all seemed to love ‘Payback Challenge’, here’s another Dan imagine. I hope you guys like it as much!! :) And btw, Y/N/N stands for ‘your nickname’ :P

Summary: Dan is out of town, so when he calls saying he’s almost there again, Phil and Y/N get very happy. However, during Dan’s absence, Y/N finds a letter that she can’t help reading.

You know those moments when you feel so cozy that you’re actually happy? Well, for me it was real simple: food and internet.

I lay in my bed with a bowl of popcorn I’ve just made and was about to watch Donnie Darko again since I loved that movie so much. It was my favourite movie of all times.

Just as I settled in, I sighed happily. For me those kinds of things were happiness. I was cozy and delighted just by that.

I hit play and started eating my popcorn as the movie started, feeling like nothing could ever make me move from there until the movie was over.

Five minutes in and my phone started to ring. I rolled my eyes at whoever was calling me, thinking their timing couldn’t be worse.

I picked up the phone and paused the movie before I took a glance at the screen. As soon as I saw the photo I had in my contacts for Dan, along with his name, I quickly put everything away and sat on the edge of the bed.

I told myself to relax, as my heart had started beating so fast.

Dan had gone for a week to visit his family, and I was missing him so much.

We hadn’t even had the chance to speak, not even text, for so long. And he was finally calling me!

Yeah, alright, I had a huge crush on Dan. Like seriously.

So I took a deep breath and answered the call before he could hang up.


“Y/N!” Dan happily said. “What’s up? Are you busy?”

It was so good to hear his voice again after a whole freaking week.

“Um…” I looked at my laptop, the movie still on pause. “Nah, I’m not really busy”

“Great! Do you want to go for a walk?”

For a second, I was confused. But I chuckled, he was just being stupid.

“Dan, we’re not even in the same city, you dummy” I shook my head, still smiling like a fool just because we were talking.

“Yes we are! I’m back!” He laughed a little.

I had to clasp a hand over my mouth not to let out a happy squeak and keep my excitement inside.

“That’s great! I’m definitely up for that!” I said, already looking forward to see him.

“Oh, tell Phil to come too”

“Yeah, I’ll tell him right away”  

“See you in half an hour in our spot?”

“Sure thing”

“Bye, Y/N”

“See you in a while, Danny”

As soon as we hung up, I jumped to my feet and ran to Phil’s room, rapidly knocking on the door and coming in.

“Phil!” He was opening the window, so he turned around to me.

“Woah” He chuckled when he saw my face. “You look cheery”

“Yeah! Dan’s back, he’s meeting us in half an hour” I jumped up and down in my spot, unable to contain myself.

“That’s great!” His voice went high with enthusiasm as well.

“Dibs on the shower!” I exclaim, running to the bathroom.

“Aww…” He groaned in discontent.

I got out of the shower and Phil rushed in after me to take a quick shower. I ran around the house gathering up my stuff and getting ready, but we were still late.

I got dressed as fast as I could, but my jeans were falling off, and I needed a belt.

I asked Phil, but he didn’t have any. So I headed for Dan’s room, hoping he’d have one I could borrow. He probably wouldn’t mind that I did.

I slowly opened his door and peeked inside. It was weird coming into his room without him there. Usually, when I came in, I found him editing on his computer or lazily lying on his bed. Or sometimes playing the piano.

Trying to make it quick since we were already late, I went for his drawers.

I opened the first one and looked through it but saw no belts, only socks. So I moved on to the next one. Belts.

“Aha!” I triumphantly exclaimed as I picked one and started to put it under the strips of my jeans.

I was about to close the drawer when I noticed something that caught my eye. A piece of crumpled paper. What was that doing there with all the belts?

Too curious to just ignore it, I grabbed it and opened it out.

It had been folded many times, and it also looked like someone had made a ball with it but decided not to throw it away after all.

Dan’s messy handwriting was scribbled all over the sheet. I thought it might be something personal, but it couldn’t be too important if he carelessly put it in his belt drawer.

Too tempted by the curiosity, I started reading it.

This is just stupid, I literally feel like a loser writing this, but I need to get this off my chest before I lose my fucking mind’ It started saying. I frowned and continued reading those lines, it sounded really serious. What if it was something bad? I was getting worried.

I’ve thought about telling Phil about it, but I can’t, it’s too embarrassing. So here I am, talking to a bloody piece of paper. I can’t actually believe I’m writing it down… It’s about Y/N. It always is

Of a sudden, I felt a heavy weight on my stomach and a lump in my throat, but I kept reading.

It’s the way she makes me feel. Whenever I’m with her, I feel my happiest. But she probably can’t see me as anything but a friend, and that’s what’s making me go crazy.

She’s just so perfect, even when we go to the lounge together to have breakfast and her hair’s still messy and she looks all sleepy and it’s just adorable.

I’ve never felt this way. And thinking I can’t… ugh. I just want to hold her and let her fall asleep on my arms and kiss her and play with her hair, and I hate it all. I sound so bloody sappy.

But it’s true, I love to be with Y/N. And I wish I could spend every second with her.

I just like love, fuck it, I’m in love with her, but she will never love me back in that way. So I’ll do what I’ve been doing for so long: keep my mouth shut and literally suffer in silence. Fuck everything

His writing got messier and messier as it went on, as if he gradually got angrier and more frustrated.

I stayed there, holding the crumpled paper in my hand in utter shock.

I never knew he felt that way; I wasn’t good at those types of things. I was always oblivious whenever someone had those feelings for me. In fact, it was the first time such thing happened that I knew of.

But he felt the same way. He loved me back.

I clasped a hand over my mouth. Oh my God, he loved me back. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

Shocked, I slowly sat on the bed, thinking about it all.

I yelped when someone suddenly slapped their hands over my shoulders and energetically shook me, still gently.

I got so scared that I fell on my back on the bed. It almost made me jump out of my skin.

“Surprise!” It was Dan’s voice. He was home.

I was so into the letter that he almost gave me a freaking heart attack, so I covered my face with my hands as I recovered from the scare.

My heart loudly beat under my ribcage, resonating in my ears. And for a moment I was struggling to breathe until I managed to sigh.

“Y/N?” He asked me cheerfully, poking my sides to get my attention.

“You scared me… so much” I whispered, my heart still beating truly fast.

“Why?” He chuckled, and I put my hands away from my face to look at him. “You must have been doing something bad to get scared like that”

I just sighed, not really wanting him to know I read the letter.

“What were you doing?” He finally noticed the open drawer, and his eyes darted to my hands clenched in fists holding something. His smile fell in a second, and he looked horrified. “Oh God, what were you doing?!”

“Nothing!” I exclaimed, sitting up and placing my hands behind my back to hide the paper.

Dan quickly tackled me and managed to get ahold of the paper I clutched. When he saw it, he glanced at me, the horror visible in his eyes.

“Please… tell me you didn’t read it”

I didn’t open my mouth, my silence being eloquent enough.

Dan stayed there for a moment, his eyes wide and staring nowhere. He looked to be deeply affected by the situation.

I stared, feeling so bad for him. He probably wanted to disappear out of sheer embarrassment.

“Dan…” I mumbled, slowly placing my hand on his upper arm and leaving it there.

But he just stood up and left the room without a word.

“I’m sorry!” I exclaimed, hoping he wasn’t mad at me for being nosy.

The day continued almost normally after that. But Dan and I avoided each other.

Well, he avoided me. I actually wanted to talk to him and tell him he didn’t have to worry because I felt the same.

But I didn’t want to make him even more uncomfortable. And he wasn’t on the mood to talk to me.

“Let’s watch a movie, guys!” Phil suggested out loud so we both could hear him.

He didn’t know what happened between us, of course. None of us told him, but he probably noticed something was off.

“I’m tired” I heard Dan yelling from his room.

I sighed. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Determined, I walked out of my room and to his. I bumped into Phil in the corridor and muttered an apology.

“Movie?” He smiled at me, but I shook my head.

“Sorry, Phil”

“Alright, what’s wrong with you two?” He planted in the middle of the corridor, not allowing me to move any further. “You were so glad he was coming back!”

“I know, I’m going to talk to him”

“But did you argue or something?”

“No, Phil, he… Nevermind, just… I’ll talk to him and it’ll be fine”

“Alright…” Phil stepped aside so I could reach Dan’s room. But he still looked mildly concerned.

Gathering some courage, I knocked on the door as I took a deep breath.

“Yeah?” His voice answered from the inside.

I dared to open the door and peek inside. He sat at his desk, probably working on a video for his channel.

I opened the door completely and walked in, closing the door behind me.

“Y/N!” Dan’s face turned a bright shade of pink. “Can we just pretend you never read that, please?”

“No!” I sat at the end of the bed and stared at him. I couldn’t really believe all of that was true, what he wrote. He acted so normal around me…

Well, of course there was the extreme teasing and the incredible random acts of kindness that went from small things like buying anything that reminded him of me to big things like being goofy when he sensed I was sad to put a smile back on my face.

But I always thought those were nothing more than him just being a good friend and person. I guess each person shows their affection differently.

“We need to talk about this”

“Look, I know you don’t feel the same, and it’s okay” He stood up from his chair and kneeled before me, placing his hands in my knees. “I can’t expect you to force your feelings”

“Will you let me talk?” I placed my hands over his, but he didn’t listen, as he kept rambling.

“It’s not your fault, it was just an accident” His lips curved up a little, but I knew it was a forceful smile. I recognized the hurt in his expression even if he wanted to cover it.

“Aren’t you mad that I was going through your stuff? I just wanted a belt, but I shouldn’t have read the letter”

“No, no” He heaved a long sigh. “I’m not mad”

I stared into his face, admiring his features. His honey brown eyes, his charming smile and those holy dimples.

Not to mention his personality. His sense of humor. His kindness. His attitude. His dorkiness. Even his awkwardness. His everything. 

He was amazing, and he didn’t even see it. Why was he so sure I didn’t feel anything for him? That there was at least a slight possibility?

I was going to tell him. My stomach already felt uneasy, building up the nerves. But I was going to confess.

“Fine, but let me just tell you that-” I was going to say it, I was. But he interrupted me again.

“Don’t worry about it, Y/N… I’ll just… Friends, I know you want to be friends, it’s fine” I could see in his face how hurt he was, how heartbroken he felt, how his eyes were a little watery. But he still kept that bloody smile on his mouth.

“You twat” I whispered as I threw myself forwards, his lips being my target.

His arms flew to my waist, supporting and steadying me as I had leaned in too far and would have fallen if it wasn’t for him.

When our mouths met, he reacted. Something must have clicked within him, because he realized what I was trying to tell him.

His hands moved down and established firmly on my hips.

The kiss softly deepened as we got more passionate. We eventually had to stop to catch our breaths.

I opened my eyes, noticing I had closed them, and looked at him.

The biggest grin was plastered on his face.

He slowly stood up, his hands not leaving my sides.

“Dan?” I waited for him to say something.

Of a sudden, he happily laughed showing me that stunning smile of his and I managed to see a glimpse of a naughty grin before he tackled me to the bed.

I tried to recover from it, and smiled in spite of myself as Dan started to laugh. A genuine and sincere laughter.

He shoved his face in my lap and I sat up, placing a hand on his head.

“What’s so funny?” I chuckled, feeling my cheeks burning.

“Nothing” I felt his lips moving against my knees as he spoke. “I just can’t believe it”

He laid his head on my lap so he was looking at up at me, with a tiny and cute smile.

“I guess that settles it then” He nervously laughed, obviously and adorably being a little awkward of a sudden. “Had I known, I would have told you myself”

He kept on chattering, but I wasn’t paying attention. He was wandering off anyway.

I kept staring at his lips, missing them already even though only about a minute had passed since we kissed.

“Y/N” He called me, gently nudging me.


“My eyes are up here” He pointed a finger to his eyes, smirking.

I laughed, noticing he had recovered from the awkwardness and nervousness of the moment and was back to his usual self.

“If you’re going to keep staring at my lips you might as well kiss them” He winked at me.

I brushed his bangs away from his beautiful eyes and leaned in closer to his face.

We kissed once again, and it wouldn’t be the last kiss of the day.

For who knows how long, we stayed in his room. Talking, laughing, holding each other and kissing.

Phil was very pleased when he came in to check on us, finding out not only that we weren’t mad at each other but that we were a couple now.

Drabble #7 - “You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.”

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Scott and Allison visit Stiles and Lydia in San Francisco to find that after five years of marriage and with a baby on the way, Stiles and Lydia are still very much in love.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Pregnant!Lydia, Established Relationship

Part 7 of the “Birthday drabbles” series

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he’s not good enough for you pt. 8 (final)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven

Pairings; Jaehyun x Reader x Taeyong

A/N; The last part!! I’m a little conflicted as to whether I’m happy I can move on to what I have in mind or whether to be disappointed cause I feel like this story didn’t really reach it’s climax… Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! Xx


It had been three weeks since Taeyong told you to confess to Jaehyun. In that time, most of NCT knew about how you felt regarding Jaehyun. There was a large possibility that even Jaehyun knew about your feelings towards him and now it was just a case of who made the first move.

Recently, the female rookies and male rookies were paired up for a show coming up. You were paired with Ten, which was perfect because, other than Jaehyun, he was your closest friend. And then Jaehyun was paired with Seoyeon. At first, you weren’t even the slightest bit jealous. Mainly because it didn’t seem as though the pair saw eye to eye that often…then one day they became good friends.

“You’re doing it wrong,” Seoyeon giggled, hitting Jaehyun playfully on the arm while he laughed and apologised.

You couldn’t help but pull a face at them both, instead of practicing with Ten.

“Y/N!” Ten snapped his fingers in front of your face, making you jump.

“Gosh, you scared me!” You muttered.

“If you’re jealous, go and tell him that you want to swap partners!” Ten was beginning to lose patience with both of you. It wasn’t just you that got jealous because of the way you were all partnered up: Jaehyun also subtly complained to Ten about how the dance moves aren’t as touchy as Ten was making them out to be.

You huffed, “who’s jealous?”

Just then, Seoyeon fell, causing Jaehyun to land beside her on the floor. They laughed at the mishap but steam might as well have been coming from your ears. Like a child throwing a tantrum, you pouted and stomped out the room, sighing in aggravation when you were on the other side of the practice room door.

Jaehyun noticed you storm out with a face like thunder, so Ten prompted him to go after you. So he did.

“What’s wrong?” He asked innocently, as he shut the door.

Neither of you noticed but nearly all the rookies gathered by the door to listen to your conversation. 

Folding your arms and turning away from him, you murmured, “nothing.”

After a moment, you snapped around to face him, dropping your arms, “but do you have to be all over Seoyeon like that?”

He chuckled, “who’s all over who?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You raised your eyebrows.

From there, every retort came out louder than the one before.

“You and Ten use your hands a lot more than you need to considering the routine we’re doing.” 

“At least I don’t fall on Ten, cackling over how much of a coincident it was that we fell, even though we know full well it was not an accident!”

“What do you care even if that was the case?”

“Because I like you, you fool!” You yelled, tired of keeping it to yourself all this while.

Catching you by surprise, Jaehyun grabbed your hand, pulled you into him and placed his soft lips against yours. It didn’t take long before you returned the gesture.

The only smiles bigger than yours and Jaehyun’s were the rookies that lined up along the window of practice room doors.

It wasn’t easy for Taeyong to see but he smiled genuinely too, due to how happy he could clearly see you were.

When you pulled away, you still lingered in Jaehyun’s arms, smiling like a fool. “So you like me back, then?” You grinned.

He quickly gave you a peck on the lips and nodded his head, “a lot.”

You looked away from his admiring stare, which is when you noticed the row of boys eavesdropping.

The rookies scurried back to the centre of the room and to their partners, sniggering to one another.

“Aigoo,” you both said in unison.


Lmao I am so unsatisfied with this but I spent so long on the ending and ended up deleting it because it was ew. Thank you if you made it as far as the last part! Hopefully my next story can appeal to even more people Xx

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Omg Alfie's birthday vlog has to be one of my favs ever!!! I'm still smiling like a fool 50 mins later. If they don't get married and have babies one day I'll be so sad. I just don't even know what to say, it was precious.

One of the best vlogs in a while definitely xx

The Lucky One

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Chapter 11. Calm Before the Storm         

At thirty-two weeks, you swore your baby bump grew exponentially.  Walking was avoided unless deemed absolutely necessary.  You breathed super heavily and your back threatened to break off soon. 

 After your baby appointment, you waddled slowly to the parking lot with Sehun’s arms sturdily supporting your back.  Impatience crushed you and you bent your neck back frustrated.

“Sehun ahhhhhh,” you complained, dragging out his name to emphasize the situation.

“I know, Babe.  I know.  I would love to carry you on my back but I’m afraid I’ll hurt the baby,” he replied, rubbing your aching spine. 

With puffed cheeks, you swung your arms around childishly.  You stopped walking.  From across the street, you observed a young child holding onto his mother’s hand. Your stomach grumbled and your eyes narrowed at the red bean ice bar he held.   

“Our child will grow up to be cuter,” Sehun commented, thinking you were giving your undivided attention to the little boy.   

You shook your head slowly.

“I want that ice cream bar,” you pointed to the object in the child’s hand. 

Sehun cracked up and ruffled your hair. 

“Okay, we can get that for you later,” he promised.

Your bottom lip protruded outward and you stubbornly specified, “I want that one and I want it now”. 

He laughed hysterically until he realized the seriousness of your words.

“Uh…wait right here,” he said. 

Leaning against a pole for support, you observed as Sehun waited by the corner to cross the street.  However, upon sensing that the mother and child were leaving, he ran the red light.  You felt your heart drop down to the bottom of your feet as he barely missed getting grazed by several cars.  Sehun motioned a “sorry” to the drivers and ran off to catch the child, as if nothing had happened. 

“Pabo,” you said under your breath.

After chitchatting with the mother and pointing several times at your direction, he exchanged a wad of money for the Popsicle bar.  From across the street, he waved the bar triumphantly at you.    


“Jagiya, here,” he grinned as he huffed and puffed from all the running. 

Tears brimmed on your eyes; your insides melted into a puddle.

“Do you know how dangerous that was?” you scolded. 

He ignored your caution and instead, unwrapped the ice cream bar and held it to your mouth.

“Jagiya, it’s melting,” he informed.

I am melting too, Pabo.  Sehun, pabo!

You opened your mouth to yell at him again but seeing how genuinely gleeful he felt completing your request, all hints of anger vanished into the spring breeze.  Instead, you took a bite out of the bar.  Rolling the wrapper paper to expose more of the desert, he almost played musical fingers to temporarily relieve himself from the concentrated coldness.  He fed you the entire ice cream, still smiling like a fool.

Why are you so good to me? 

Swinging your arms happily, he asked, “Is my penguin happy now that she is fed?”

Captivated by the twinkle in his eyes, you don’t immediately respond.

Disheartened, he questioned, “Are you still hungry?  Do you want me to get you another one?”

No, Pabo.  You just make me feel like the luckiest girl alive. 

Throwing him a heartened smile, you shook your head.  Hand in hand, you two continued to the parking lot.  Though, your pelvis still ached from waddling, you couldn’t find it within yourself to vocally complain anymore.

However, midway through the walk, you stopped in your tracks, wincing in pain. 

“What’s wrong?” Sehun asked, his voice lined with concern.

“M-my leg is cramping,” you responded, slightly embarrassed.

Right away, he scooped you up into his arms.  As you stared at him, you noticed the beads of sweat that trickled down his face. 

He must be tired from all the little troubles I make him get into.

At a nearby bench, he gently set you down.  You thought he would take the seat next to yours but he doesn’t.

“Which leg?” he asked and you pointed to your right calf. 

Without much thought, he knelt down in front of you, placing your swollen calf onto his leg.  Gently, he started massaging you with both hands. 

“S-Sehun, what are you doing?  We’re in public,” you spoke, motioning for him to get up. 

He ignored you, too focused on dissolving the culprit to your pain.  His icy cold touch not only loosened the tight muscles of your legs, it also loosened the barrier of your heart.  Your expressions softened. 

I must have saved the entire universe in my past life in exchange to have you by my side. 

“Does it feel better?” he asked, still massaging you.

You simply nodded. 

“Do you want me to massage your other leg?” he offered and you quickly shook your head. 

Tugging on his sleeve, you motioned for him to get up and sit on the empty spot beside you. 

“You know the question you asked me two weeks ago?” your voice shook.

At first, Sehun shook his head but then it clicked.  His wide eyes stared into yours with anticipation. 

“Can I answer it now?” you asked as the first tear fell.

Nodding, he held both your hands and knelt down in front of you again.  The rims of his eyes turned pink.  From his pocket, he revealed the familiar velvet box.

“_______ _______, will you marry me?” he asked tearfully.

With cheeks swamped in tears, you nodded several times consecutively then verbally responded with a, “Yes.”

The gorgeous diamond ring fitted perfectly onto your finger.  Tightly bounded in a hug, you cried tears of joy.  He let you go momentarily to reward you with a loving kiss, which you returned.  Nose against nose, he wiped away your tears and presented you with a few butterfly kisses.  You giggled like a little girl.      



The next morning, you squirmed around in bed, the warmth of your makeshift blanket cocoon tempting you to simply stay in bed for the entire day.  However, the strong smell of bacon and eggs whirled above your nose.  You opened your eyes to a plate of food floating above your face, yours truly by of course Oh Sehun. 

“Yeobo, time for breakfast.  Baby’s hungry,” he lured.

Seeing your nose crinkle up, he hovered over and planted a light kiss.  With a pout, you stretched your arms and sluggishly sat up. 

Scooping some chicken soup from the bowl, he blew on it, and then zigzagged it playfully to your mouth, “Choo!  Choo! Train coming in.  Open up wide”.

Playfully, you punched his arm and chow downed the bits and pieces of meat sprinkled on the soup.  Sehun chuckled and wiped your lower lip with his thumb. 

“So unhygienic,” you jokingly complained.

Bending forward, he whispered into your ear, “but you liked it,” before kissing your cheek. 

You let out a spasmodic laughter, looked at him in the eyes, and said, “I love you”.

“I love you more,” he replied, showering you with kisses.  You giggled and half-heartedly pushed him away.

“The baby’s kicking,” you informed.

“And we love you most,” Sehun finished, and planted a kiss on your stomach. 

You smiled, satisfied, but deep down, your heart clenched.  Was it out of fear?  Sadness?  Happiness?  You weren’t sure.  For some reason, everything was going too well.    

“Now get up my Lazy Penguin.  Don’t you have to turn in work to your client?” 

Breaking away from your trance, you stretched your arms out.  Sehun instantaneously grabbed your hands and pulled you up into a standing position. 



As you waited by the corner of the street, you swung your arms merrily, elated that your client absolutely fell head over heels with your work.  You felt your morale boost up miles into the air.  Quickly, you took your phone out of your pocket to share the good news with Sehun.  A honk from across the street alerted your attention and you shook your head as you noticed the white BMW parked in the “no standby” zone. 

Aigoo.  Pabo. 

You laughed into the phone. 

Suddenly, from the corner of your eye, a black car drove speedily down the street.  Your eyes widened and you jumped back in shock.  It spun around twice, hitting several parked cars and a lamppost.  Placing your hand on your chest, you sighed in relief, thinking that it was over.  However, the black car swerved against a curb, ramming into an accelerating van.  The van skidded against the pavement straight toward you.  You froze in place, images flashed through your mind like a flipbook.  The only thing you remembered was the pain of your pelvis as your body collapsed onto the floor from the impact.  Blood oozed from the back of your head.  Your vision blurred and all you could hear was Sehun’s strained voice, calling out your name.

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