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53 andreil for the prompt thingy???

53: “Darling, stop.” 

They’re in the chilly fluorescent produce section, Neil steering the cart and Andrew catching it whenever he finds chocolate-covered berries or cartons of blended sugary juice to add to the pile. Neil’s got his old jersey conspicuously clashing with their new team’s red sweats, a dark bandana twisted up in his hair. It’s almost closing, and everything feels a bit cool and loose like no one’s really supposed to be awake.

When Neil’s busy bagging carrots Andrew gets his arms folded over the handle of the shopping cart, this stupid black t-shirt all stretched out at the neck, wire-framed glasses perched on his nose, mouth flat. Neil’s sort of fond of Andrew wearing his glasses in public, and he finds himself walking backwards in front of the cart as it’s pushed, openly watching him. Andrew picks the pace up just enough to bump heavily into his shins.

Neil smiles, looping his fingers through his end of the cart so they each have a side, rolling lopsidedly towards the opening of an aisle.

“Stop making things difficult.”

“Let me drive the cart.”

Andrew regards him, fair eyebrows raised. “You’re a control freak.”

Neil laughs, startled. “You let three people total drive your car. You wouldn’t even let Sir or King in our bed for the first three months we had them. You bartered for my secrets when we met, Andrew. ”

“And?” Andrew asks, examining a box of cake mix.

“I don’t think you should be talking about controlling personalities.”

Andrew ignores him, tossing the box in the cart and pushing it back towards Neil. “Go get your diet plan shit.”

Neil makes a face. “It’s our diet plan.”

“I am not willfully drinking skimmed milk.” Andrew crosses to the bags of jumbo marshmallows and Neil pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I’ll put it in your hot chocolate.”

“You’ll die,” Andrew says simply.

Neil jostles the cart into Andrew’s side, and he drops the marshmallows back on the shelf, unimpressed. “Meet me at the front in five. I’m getting actual food to sustain actual people.”

Andrew shrugs and turns to wander out of the aisle, dragging the cart the wrong way behind him.

Neil coughs so he doesn’t laugh, senselessly thrilled. He jogs back towards the meat section, threading through coolers and displays until he finds the turkey bacon and lean chicken breasts that they live on. He’s frowning at an especially lifeless beige cut of fish when he’s wrenched around by the arm.

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Can you do a story where Scully is sick and tearful and Mulder comforts her? I love vulnerable Scully, there is not enough fanfic like that. Or do you know any tumblers that do XF sick fic or Scully sick fic? I am new to tumblr so not very good at navigating it, thanks

I have a fairly long fic where Scully’s sick, Mulder wants to comfort her, and she learns little by little to accept it.  It’s cancer arc, and it’s called Between Sorrow and Bliss.

As for vulnerable… this is an idea that’s been kicking around in my brain.  Set in S2, immediately after Irresistible.

She stands frozen in the motel bathroom, unable to make herself walk towards the bathtub along the far wall.  It’s like an open mouth threatening to swallow her whole, to finish the job that Donnie Pfaster had begun, hours before.

Scully had hoped hard that the motel would have rooms with just shower stalls, but they’d had no such luck, and she doesn’t want to go out into the room where Mulder is waiting and ask him to leave and find a different place to stay the night.  If she does, he’ll want to know why, and the last thing she wants is for him to know how deeply all of this is still affecting her.  It’s bad enough that she’d broken down in his arms at Pfaster’s house; she’s not willing for him to know she’s in here losing her mind over a bathtub.

You have to get clean, she tells herself sternly.  You will feel much better once you’ve washed the dirt and blood out of your hair.  She takes a single, tentative step towards the tub, and right away, her chest seizes up and she can’t breathe.  The tightness in her lungs is painful, she’s lightheaded immediately, and she sinks back against the closed bathroom door with a loud thunk.

In seconds, Mulder is right outside, knocking at the door.  “Scully?  You okay in there?”  She opens her mouth to call out yes, she’s fine, everything’s fine, stay out there, but her voice is strangled in her throat.  She can’t draw enough breath to get the words out.  “Scully?”  Mulder’s sounding panicked now.  She gives him about fifteen more seconds until he breaks the door down, and it’s the thought of having to explain to Skinner why the FBI is being billed for a destroyed bathroom doorframe that finally forces her to move.  

Scully wraps a towel tightly around herself and unlocks the door.  She opens it and steps back, looking down, still trying to force air into her stubborn, traitorous lungs, knowing that the moment she looks up at his face, he’ll see it in her eyes.

“The, uh….”  She takes a deep breath, managing to keep it from sounding like a gasp.  “The shower wouldn’t turn on.”  She risks a look at his face to find he’s frowning at her skeptically.  He crosses the bathroom, leans over and flicks the tap, which, of course, works immediately.  But the deep booming of the water rushing into the tub sets Scully off again, and before she can stop herself she’s backed against the wall, sinking down to the floor.  She’s dimly aware that her towel is slipping, but she can’t bring herself to care.

“Turn it off,” she hisses, and Mulder hastens to comply.  He crouches down in front of her, concern written all over his face.  He doesn’t need to ask what the problem is; he went through Pfaster’s entire house before they’d left the scene.  He saw the tub that had been prepared for her.  He reaches out and gently fixes her towel where it’s begun to gap at the bottom.

“Tell me what to do, Scully,” he urges her, his voice low and soothing.  “How can I help?”  She shakes her head.

“You can’t,” she says.  “I wanted… I just wanted to shower, that’s all… but… I just froze.”  She covers her face, ashamed, but Mulder’s having none of that.  He reaches out and takes her hand.

“Scully,” he says, “there’s absolutely nothing for you to be embarrassed about here.  I told you before, agents with way more experience in the field than you have folded on cases like this- and that’s without any of them having actually been abducted by the killer.”

“I just wanted to get clean,” she whispers, and she hates how weak her voice sounds.  Mulder nods.  He looks around, and, standing, he takes a small stack of washcloths down from the rack above the toilet.  He reaches down and takes her hand, pulling her to her feet.

“How about this?” he suggests, leading her out of the bathroom.  The motel room is the sort that has the tub and toilet in the bathroom proper, with a sink and vanity in a little area off the rest of the room.  “You can fill up the sink and use the washcloths to bathe.”  He shuts the bathroom door behind him.  “You won’t even have to look at the bathtub at all.  And if you want, I’ll go to my room and give you some privacy.”

“No!”  The cry is out of her mouth before she can stop it, and she blushes.  “I mean… you don’t have to go.”  She hunches her shoulders.  “I’m not ready to… I don’t want to….”

“You don’t want to be alone?”  There’s no judgement in his voice, only kindness, and she nods.  “Well… I’m not ready to leave you alone, so that works for me.”  And looking at his face, at the fear that hasn’t yet fully left his eyes, she realizes: this has shaken him badly.  He had to have been terrified when she’d gone missing, so soon after the last time.

“Okay,” she says.  “It’s a good idea.”  He nods and gives the hand he’s still holding a squeeze, then releases it.

“I’ll be right over here watching TV,” he says, and he leaves her to it.

Scully gets herself cleaned up quickly, taking extra care with the bruised and abraded patches, and she immediately begins to feel better.  Once her body has been scrubbed clean, though, she’s presented with a problem: her hair.  In order to wash it, she’ll have to somehow get her entire head into the sink, and it’s not very deep.  She’s not sure how she’ll be able to rinse out the shampoo without dumping water over her head, and she’s likely to make a mess.

“Everything okay?” calls Mulder from his place on the bed.  She wraps the towel back around herself and goes out to him.

“Yeah,” she says.  “I think I’m just going to have to skip my hair, though.  I can’t figure out how to do it without soaking the carpet.”  Mulder looks thoughtful.

“I could help you, if you want,” he suggests, and as Scully blanches, he backtracks.  “But if not, that’s okay,” he says quickly.  “If it would make you uncomfortable-”

“It’s not that,” she says.  “It’s just… he wanted to wash my hair.”  Mulder nods, thinking.  “I’m not sure how I’ll do with someone else doing it.”

“What if I talked to you, the whole time?” he offers tentatively.  “So you would know it was me.”  He goes over to the table by the window and seizes one of the chairs there, dragging it over.  “You can sit in this, on a couple of pillows, and lean back against the counter.  That way you can see my face the whole time.”  Scully bites her lip, thinking, weighing the possibility of panicking with the potential relief of getting the blood and dirt out of her hair.  And even if she does lose it, she realizes, Mulder isn’t going to judge her for it.  She takes a deep breath.

“Okay,” she agrees.  Mulder takes the pillows from the bed and puts them on the seat of the chair.  He folds a towel and lays it across the counter to cushion her neck, and unwraps one of the plastic drinking cups from the counter.  Scully sits down gingerly and leans back as he runs the water, fiddling with the hot and cold taps until he’s got the temperature right.

“Remember, you’re supposed to keep talking,” she prompts him, and he smiles down at her.

“My mom used to do this for me when I was a kid,” he tells her, as he uses the drinking cup to wet the hair around her hairline.  “I swam all the time- in the ocean during the summer, in the pool for swim team the rest of the year- and I was always getting ear infections.  So my mom would have me lie across the kitchen counter and she’d wash my hair in the sink to keep the water out of my ear.”  He squeezes her shampoo onto his hand and begins to work up a lather.  The scent wafts into her nostrils, and for a moment, her chest begins to constrict again.  She trains her eyes on his face and does not look away.

This is Mulder, she tells herself.  Mulder, who would never hurt you, who cares for you deeply, who doesn’t want to let you out of his sight tonight because he was so frightened of losing you.  Gradually, her breathing returns to normal, and Mulder smiles encouragingly at her.

“Samantha, on the other hand, almost never got ear infections,” he continues, rinsing the shampoo out of her hair, studiously guarding her eyes with his other hand.  “She didn’t do swim team, though, so she had less exposure to the water than I did.  One time, though….”  He smiles wryly.  “She did get one, after a nasty cold.  And my mother, for one reason or another, was out for the evening, and it was bath time, so I figured I’d wash her hair for her.”  He rubs conditioner on his hands and spreads it through her hair, massaging her scalp in a way that has her nearly groaning with pleasure.  “I had her lie on the counter, just like I always did… only, her hair was long, unlike mine, and I never thought to make sure to keep her hair out of the drain.  It got caught in the gears of the garbage disposal, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t work it free.”  He rinses out the conditioner.  “So I went for the kitchen scissors, and… well… let’s just say our mother had to take Sam the the hairdresser’s first thing in the morning to fix the worst haircut she ever had.”  Scully laughs, and most of the remaining tension leaves her chest.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t tell me that story before you offered to do this,” she says.  “I might not have agreed.”  Mulder laughs.

“Nah, there’s no garbage disposal in this sink,” Mulder says.  He turns the water off and hands Scully a dry towel.  “Okay, you’re all done.”  She sits up and dries her hair off, smiling at him gratefully, shyly.

“Thank you,” she says.  “I know hair-washing doesn’t really fall into the list of expectations partners should have for each other.”  Mulder’s expression softens, and he reaches for her hand.

“Scully,” he says, “you can expect me to have your back, always.  No matter what that entails.  You need me to cover you while you’re charging in to save the day?  You got it.  You need me to play beauty shop late at night in a cheap motel room?”  He reaches over, towel in hand, and catches a stream of water dripping from her hair down her neck before it reaches her shoulder.  “I’m there.  Whatever you need, Scully, I wanna be there for you.  Always.”

A Doctor’s Log (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Summary: Being a collection of impressions, observations, and ruminations, by one Dr. Lexi T’Perro, staff physician on the Tempest. 

Notes: Spoilers abound, but specifically for Liam’s armor request and part of Jaal’s loyalty mission (through the end of “Flesh and Blood”). Pre-romance (incipient Sis!Ryder/Jaal).

This is loose, this is messy, and hopefully, this is funny. There may be more to come, but we shall see! <3

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Entry One:

Our young Pathfinder certainly has a talent for finding — well, talent, in the most unusual places. From what I understand, she found our resident krogan on Eos, slaughtering the local wildlife. I believe he’s wearing the bones of his kills.

And yet, he’s charming, but anyone’s standards. A little gruff, but that’s to be expected. He and Vetra seem to be getting along famously, if what I overhear from the crew’s quarters is any indication.

Cora is still dealing with residual frustration and resentment over the Pathfinder’s role passing from Alec to his daughter, but she is a consummate professional, and after an initial tense conversation with Ryder, has allowed herself to process and grieve in private. I’ve made a note to check in with her — something Cora will be astute enough to recognize — but I foresee no future issues in that quarter.

Sometimes it’s best simply to let time and distance do all the healing work. Harry, if you ever read this, know that I can hear you smirking.

Entry Seven:

Liam continues to impress me — his good humor and willingness to reach out to everyone has defused more than a few potential arguments. I’m rather amazed at how he dismantled what could have been a rather explosive argument over the last of the Fishdog Food Shack nuggets (I shudder to think what was in them, to have lasted so long in suspension!). His loyalty is unquestioned. He’d be an asset on any team, but I’m glad he’s with us.

Ryder stayed in her quarters for an extra forty-three minutes this morning. SAM assures me she was simply working out, but I’ve made a note to watch her stress levels a little more carefully. Excess exercise may be just one symptom of a larger problem.

I do hope they’re able to wake up her brother, soon. Her role is a lonely one.

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While You Were Away (Steve Rogers x Reader)

yall are requesting so much steve angst rn it’s great


Prompt /song; ‘Maybe a thief stole your heart, or maybe we just drifted apart’ - The Way It Was, The Killers 


Other characters featured; Maybe a thief stole your heart, or maybe we just drifted apart’ - The Way It Was, The Killer. An angsty readerXCaptain America set after Civil War. The reader was obviously in love with Steve, but he’s into Sharon Carter. They can either get together or the reader is left heartbroken. (I’m sorry, I just haven’t seen this before).


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Word count; 1339

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The captain’s wife

Summary: Jyn and Bodhi uncover surprising information about Cassian’s personal life and will soon find out whether he still harbors feelings for a certain general despite a falling out years back.
Word count: 10.5k
warning(s): swearing, abuse 

Jyn walked off the ship, Bodhi laughing at her side, “You mean, he actually took on 3 rathtars at once with an empty ion blaster?”

“It was awful, I’m surprised the idiot’s still alive.” She smiled back at him. Cassian came up behind them grumbling about how it wasn’t an ion blaster and it wasn’t empty. The three of them continued to discuss the details of their last mission as they walked to the conference room to give Mon Mothma information they’d gathered on their supply run.

“Andor.” You muttered as you saw the team arrive. “Do you have the mission report?” The captain stared at you silently, his team mates unable to decipher his expression. He looked almost angry but there was a hint of despair in his eyes when he looked at you. He continued to stare, not replying back.

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Oh oh oh! How about an add on for the ask about MC actually getting kidnapped? Like how would they react when they finally find her after some time has passed? (Up to you how much time!) :)

I knew someone would request this! I tried to make it into a happy ending :)
First part here

-It’s been two weeks since you went missing and nobody has heard from Yoosung.
-He was wallowing in self pity, feeling ashamed of himself for letting himself mourn, when his phone interrupted him.
-He ignored it like all of the other calls he’s gotten, but he listens to the voicemail. It’s Saeyoung.
-“Yoosung, listen. They found _____. They’re being taken to the hospital. They’re alive, Yoosung. Please, come to the hospital. I’ll send you the address.”
-He can’t breathe.
-I swear to god if this is a prank I will kill you. His phone buzzes. It was a text from Saeyoung with the hospital’s address as well as what room you were in.
-He had the address, but he still didn’t believe you were really back. He had to see you with his own eyes.
-So, he rushes to the hospital and goes straight to the room Saeyoung said you’d be in.
-Yoosung opens the door eagerly, hoping you were really in there. The first thing he sees when he looks in the room is you, laying in your bed with a slightly surprised expression.
-“_____!” he screams and runs to you. He wraps his arms around you and cries into your shoulder. He tries not to hold you too tightly- he doesn’t know if you’re hurt- but he clings to you like you’ll disappear again if he lets go.
-As he sobs, he whispers “I love you so much” and “I missed you so much” over and over again.
-He doesn’t let you out of his sight for at least another month. He’s so scared of losing you again and he is going to be the man he wants to be for you if it’s the last thing he does.

-It’s been three weeks without you. Zen can’t function anymore.
-He finds it impossible to get out of bed in the morning without you beside him, if he could even sleep in the first place. Hell, he finds it impossible to do anything without knowing where you are.
-Saeyoung and the rest of the RFA were working hard to figure out where you are and comfort Zen in the meantime.
-Eventually, Saeyoung picked up on a lead to where you could be. He immediately contacted Jumin to send out someone to check it out.
-You were eventually found and taken to a hospital so they could examine you for any injuries.
-When Jumin called him and told him, Zen actually started to cry. He was so relieved, he was in disbelief. He thanked Jumin over and over again. Jumin gave him the hospital address and Zen runs there. He feels like driving would take too long, he has to see you right now.
-When he gets there and sees you laying in a hospital bed, his knees give out.
-You’re really here. You’re really back. You’re safe, alive.
-He moves to your side and brushes hair out of your face.
-“Zen?” you asked in a quiet voice.
-Your voice… he missed it so much.
-“Yes… I’m right here, prince/ss. I’ll never leave your side again. I promise you, you’ll be safe with me from now on. I’ll protect you. I missed you so much… I love you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you before.”

-It’s been two weeks. Jaehee was still a wreck.
-She was working and working at her desk in the middle of the night, not even blinking, when her phone rang.
-She was about to ignore it when she saw it was Jumin. He must have another assignment, she thought. When she answered, however, Jumin was speaking quickly. One thing stuck out.
-“They’ve found ____.”
-Jaehee immediately stood from her desk and demanded he tell her where you are. Jumin says they’ve taken you to a hospital to get you checked out.
-She runs to her car and speeds to the address he gave her. Luckily, she wasn’t pulled over and got to the hospital quickly.
-She was given your room number and ran to it.
-I can finally see you again.
-She knew they would find you. She knew you’d be safe. She’s glad she ignored everyone telling her you were gone.
-There you were, lying in a hospital bed. You looked weak and a bit beat up, but you were alive. Jaehee has never heard a more comforting sound than the rhythmic beep of the heart rate monitor beside you.
-Breathlessly, she called out your name before walking to your side. Your hands felt cold in hers, but she was so relieved.
-You smiled up at her. “I missed you.”
-Your words, your smile sent Jaehee to tears.
-You’re back. She’ll make sure to keep this from happening again. She’ll protect you forever.
-She accepts those vacations Jumin had offered her to give herself time to forgive herself for letting this happen to you.

-Only three days passed before they found you. Jumin lost his mind. A dark expression never left his features. He ordered multiple search parties to scour every inch of town to find you, and also had Luciel look for clues as to where to search next. It was unimaginably expensive, but that was no issue.
-Jumin couldn’t sleep the two days you were gone and he didn’t even try. He didn’t eat either. Any time he was alone, he was in tears. Everything was so cold.
-He got a phone call from one of the teams sent to find you telling him that you’ve been found and are on your way to a hospital.
-Jumin has never left his penthouse faster in his life.
-Driver Kim immediately drove him to the hospital, no questions asked, as fast as he could.
-Jumin practically jumped out of the car when they pulled up to the hospital. He ran to your room, the entire time his mind raced with you. He stumbled a bit as he ran because the only thing he could think of was finally seeing you safe. It had only been a few days thanks to the search parties, but to him, it felt like years.
-Then he finally reached your room and he stopped. He caught his breath and composed himself before quietly, carefully opening the door.
-There you were, sitting in the hospital bed. You were bruised and shaken up, but other than that, you were okay.
-“…Love?” Jumin called to you.
-You gave him a faint smile. You were still a bit too shocked to speak, but Jumin didn’t mind. He slowly walked over to you and held your hand.
-“I missed you… I thought I had lost you forever…”
-You rubbed your thumb across his hand and whispered. “Thank you for saving me, Jumin.”
-After this whole incident, Jumin becomes even more overprotective. It leads to a few arguments down the road, and eventually he loosens up your tightened security. He does make sure you are always under someone’s protection at all times, but only because he is so terrified of you being taken away from him. This time, forever.

-Sixteen days. He hasn’t slept, not even blinked. The only rest he’s gotten is when his body collapses from exhaustion. Even when he wakes up from those episodes, he curses himself for resting before you were rescued. These days have consisted only of searching for you using whatever means possible.
-But finally, he found a lead. He had a clue as to where you are.
-He immediately went into the chat for the first time in weeks. Everyone freaked out at his sudden appearance but he ignored everyone. Instead he sent “I think I found where _____ is. Can any of you help me get her?”
-Jumin offered to send out reinforcements to find the place and look for you.
-He thanks him and asks him to call him to discuss details, then leaves the chat as quickly as he came.
-Jumin and him talk on the phone and Jumin arranges for large teams of people to set and and find where Saeyoung’s clue leads to. Saeyoung waits by his front door eagerly waiting for Jumin to call him and tell him you’ve been rescued.
-He spends three hours by him door waiting before he receives a text from Jumin reading “They found her.”
-He immediately began crying. You were safe. That’s the best news he’s heard in his life.
-Jumin gives him the address to visit you in the hospital you were taken to, but Saeyoung insists he shouldn’t go. He’s too dangerous.
-Jumin basically tells him to stop being stupid and go to you. You need him and it’s ridiculous for him to stay away from you because he thinks he’s dangerous.
-With lots of convincing, Saeyoung runs to his car and speeds to you.
-When he sees you laying in your hospital bed, you looked so tired and weak. His heart broke.
-He quietly sits next to you and takes your hand. “I missed you…” he whispered.
-You turned and looked at him with a smile. “I love you.”
-He tears up again. “I love you too. I swear on my life I will protect you forever. I won’t let this happen again. I promise you.”

-The team Jumin sent to find you did their job quickly thanks to V’s information on Mint Eye. Only a few hours after he found out you were gone, you were found and taken to a hospital. Mint Eye was also “taken care of,” as Jumin put it.
-V was about to delete the messenger app when Jumin called him.
-“V, you’re not really leaving the RFA, are you?”
-“I have to. That was the condition to get _____ back. I don’t deserve to be a part of the organization anymore. Not after what I’ve done.”
-“V, I-”
-“Jumin, what happened to Rika? And Saeran?”
-“…We have them both. They’re okay and they’ll receive help. But, V, listen-”
-“I have to go, Jumin.”
-“Don’t leave the RFA.”
-V was silent.
-“V, you have to stay in the organization. The other members and I talked about it and we want you to stay. You’re important to us so you have to stay.
-”…Jumin, I can’t-“
-“You owe it to us.”
-It makes him stop and think. After lying to the RFA for so long, he really does owe it to them to listen to their orders. Reluctantly, he obeys.
-V goes to visit you in the hospital too. He wanted to run to you the second they found you but he didn’t feel like he deserved it. After talking with Jumin, he changed his mind.
-V rushes to the hospital and quickly finds your room. You looked completely unharmed, but shaken.
-V quietly makes his way over to you and inquires if you are alright.
-”I was so scared…” you said. He rubs your hand gently.
-“You don’t have to be scared. You’re safe now. I’m so sorry for letting this happen. I’m so, so sorry. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for all that I’ve done to you and the RFA. I’m sorry. I won’t let that happen again. Nothing bad will happen again.”

“Irresistible” Chapter 5 Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 2,886

Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, smut, oral sex (fem. receiving), fluff, gun use, threats of being shot, angst

a/n: omg im sorry it took me forever to get this chapter out but ITS WORTH IT I PROMISE

ch. 1  ch. 2   ch. 3  ch. 4  

“Oh my, fuck,” You moan out, tangling your hands in Dean’s hair as he moves his tongue up and down your clit.

“Dean, yes,” You start to roll your hips. Dean grabs on to your thighs to hold you down, flicking his tongue at a faster pace. You can feel the familiar heat rising up in your lower area, indicating that your orgasm is near. You bring your hand up to your breasts, playing with your nipple as Dean now enters two fingers inside of you as well.

The pleasure is almost too much to handle. He really knows what he is doing.

“I’m coming, oh god, yes,” You yell out, and release yourself over him. Dean gets up from between your thighs, a smile plastered on his face.

“I will never get tired of this.” Dean smirks, bringing himself up on top of you.

It’s only seven in the morning, but Dean recently has been waking you up more often than not quite pleasurably. Whether it be sex or him eating you out like you’re candy, mornings have proven to be amazing with this man.

Lately, Dean’s been staying at your house while he was in town, which was not very often anymore. He basically moved in- he even has a key to the house and extra clothes for when he stays over. He’s been extremely busy with work lately, so anytime he had at home, he spent it with you. Whether that be at your house, or out going on dates, you’re spending almost all of your time together.

You love him, you know this. Who couldn’t love this man? He’s perfect in every way possible. He’s treated you better than any man has ever treated you before. You know there are things about his past that he is keeping from you, but you know that it’s for a reason. Ever since that talk you two had a few months ago, you haven’t brought it up since. He’ll tell you whenever he is ready.

“Don’t go to work today.” Dean breathes out, lying down next to you in bed. His hand is playing with your hair, and his other hand was rubbing circles on your stomach.

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Panic Attack

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Cisco Ramon x Reader (platonic or couple, up to you)

Summary: Can I request a Cisco imagine where the reader has a panic attack and he calms them down? (Anon request)

Takes place during the alien invasion crossover. Reader is a meta with ability to grow and manipulate plants.

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            The teams were still planning and trying to figure out the next step when you slipped outside. It probably wasn’t the best idea to be out alone when you were in the middle of an invasion, but you couldn’t stand around any longer. The small bubble resting in your chest since this whole thing started had grown into a small anvil pressing into your lungs. No amount of planning and talking had settled the trembling hands or made the fake smiles genuine. Finally, you excused yourself for some air.

           There was an alcove off to the side of the building made up of pallets and crates. It was surrounded by weeds and a climbing ivy that was readying for its winter’s sleep. The minute you plopped down, the ivy wrapped grew and reached toward you, wrapping a small vine over your shoulder. Other weeds and vines struggled to grow out of their season and touch you, as if feeling your overwhelming emotions and wanting to comfort you.

           “I’m alright,” your smile was dangerously wobbly. “Go back into your sleep.” Most of the plants hesitated before reluctantly listening. While they wanted desperately to comfort you, it was getting closer to first hard frost. If they wanted to grow again in spring, then they needed to be pulling back into their roots for sleep. The only plant that refused was the ivy. Instead of pulling back, it sent out small tendrils, wrapping itself around you in a featherlight hug. You weren’t alright, it told you through your plant power. It would stay until you were.

           Carefully pulling your knees to your chest, you rested your head on your knees, remembering why you had stepped out. The alien invasion scared you. This was way above anything you had gone up against since joining Team Flash. You were a plant meta that worked in a florist’s shop. The entire invasion had thrown you out of your depth. It was only now that you allowed yourself to sink into the panic, despair, and frustration of your anxiety attack.

           “(Y/N)?” You jumped at the soft, familiar voice, unaware that anyone was looking for you. You thought no one noticed you leaving. But there was Cisco, slowly kneeling in front of you. He was inspecting the small ivy that had stretched and wrapped your arms, legs, shoulders, torso in comforting embrace. It was even blooming some sort of flower, its scent calming your emotions. “I saw you come out here but when you didn’t come back, I came looking.” His voice was gentle and steady, though you could hear the worry.

           “I needed air,” you whispered, surprised at the roughness in your voice. It was only now you realized you had been crying. The thought spurred another round of tears, the reason for it too close and too raw. “I don’t think I can do this, Cisco.”

           “Do what?” he asked, alarmed. “(Y/N), you can talk to me.”

           “This hero thing. I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I can be a hero.”

           “What are you talking about?”

           “I’m a plant meta, Cisco. I work with plants, I have a greenhouse on top of my roof, I work in a freaking florist’s shop for crying out loud! I’m not a fighter, Cisco! I nearly froze when I went up against that meta last week and I allowed Kara and the others to become evil! I’m not made for stopping next week’s bad guy or the next world-ending event! I just…I don’t think I can do this!” At some point, you had begun hyperventilating as the tears choked and clogged at your throat.

           “Hey, hey, hey,” Cisco murmured gently, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close. You gripped his jacket, hands shaking as you tried to breathe. Pressing his forehead against yours, he took an exaggerated breath. “Breathe with me, (Y/N),” he coached. “Come on, breathe.” It was hard at first, tears and raw emotion threatening to pull you back into the panic attack still spiraling at your center, but eventually you started following his slow breathing. “Slow breaths, there you go.”

           When you pulled away, he pulled his jacket off himself and wrapped it around your shoulders. You hadn’t realized how late it was and now the temperature had dropped several degrees. Winter would be coming early, some of the plants commented as they huddled back into themselves. Only the ivy was still being mulish, keeping itself wrapped around you. After placing his jacket around you, he wrapped his arms around you again in a hug. “I’m not a fighter, Cisco,” you repeated, calmer but still emotional.

           “You don’t have to be, (Y/N). We have enough fighters. But we only have one of you. You’re the only person I know who can make even the weakest plant flourish. You’re the only I know who will actually argue with an unruly bush, convince a rose to not prick you with its thorns, and console a shy bud into bloom.” He pulled back, meeting your teary eyes with his and wiped the fresh tears away with his thumbs. “Who was the one who kept King Shark from attacking us last year? You used the seaweed and the other underwater plants to capture him. You saved Jesse when she went up against Top. You saved me after Dante died. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have lost my damn mind. You don’t have to be a fighter, but you are a hero, in your own way. You’re my hero.”

           You gasped, tears streaming down your face again as he spoke. He had a few tears falling as well. You were his best friend; his heart was breaking seeing you so vulnerable. You reached up this time and hugged him tightly. “I’m scared, Cisco.” Despite him calming your panic attack, there was still the lingering fear that was weighing on you. You felt him kiss the side of your head and nod.

           “I’m scared too. This invasion is way above our pay grade. Honestly, I don’t think superheroes are supposed to deal with alien invasions until well after the big team-up has been established.” You giggled at his geek reference. “But we’ve got a lot of good people in our corner. We’ll stop this invasion together.” After a few more moments, he felt you start to shiver from the cool air. At the same time, you both heard Caitlyn and Harry calling for you.

           “Come on, let’s head back inside. The team might’ve come up with something.” Thanking the little ivy and urging it to go back to sleep, you let Cisco help you up. “Is it going to be okay?” He had noticed the ivy had fully shaken off its pre-hibernation sleep and fully blossomed in trying to console you. If it didn’t get back to sleep soon, the frost would end up killing it.

           “I saw a container I could probably put it in for now. The soil doesn’t have a lot of good food and the weeds are choking it out,” you replied, stroking the plant. “I’ll ask Caitlyn if she could pick up some soil during the next food run.” Cisco nodded as you turned towards him.

           Walking back to the warehouse, arms wrapped around each other, you thought about what Cisco had told you. You were still terrified about the invasion and what would happen next, but you weren’t alone either. You had your friends and your team facing it down beside you. Most importantly, you had Cisco. Whatever happened, he would be there.

           Without thinking, you kissed his cheek. Blushing, he raised his eyebrow at you. “Thank you, Cisco,” you whispered. “You’re my hero too.”

Kiss The Bride {Ashton Irwin Smut}

RATING: Smut, people.

As a result of reaching another hundred followers, here’s an Ashton one-shot! Requests are open! 😊


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I Can Live Without You (1/3)

This fic has been kicking around my draft folder for a while, so I thought I’d give it a spin. It’s got a lot of feelings stuffed into it, but I swear it has a happy ending.


When Jack Zimmermann kisses Eric Bittle after graduation, Eric spends two months thinking that it was the beginning of his happy ending. When it falls apart, he spends the next two years avoiding Jack and then, at the first opportunity, he moves to Seattle, putting the entire country between them. Unfortunately, he has no contingency plan for when Jack gets traded to the Seattle Schooners three years later.


_/ _/ _/ _/

        His feelings for Jack Zimmermann were an old wound. Still, Eric tried not aggravate it too often.

      It got easier after he left Samwell and New England behind. His mother had been heartbroken when he’d announced he was moving to Seattle, but it was the farthest possible place he could get without jumping continents. He had briefly considered Portland, which was equally far away and as an added bonus had no NHL team at all, but ultimately Seattle won out. There wasn’t any particular reason – Eric didn’t have a job waiting for him and rent seemed expensive, but one place was as good as any other and at least it wasn’t Madison. Or Providence.

       He had made a home for himself pretty easily. He’d never had trouble making friends. For the first month, he lived in a sub-let room with thin walls and strange housemates, but after he’d managed to land a job cashiering at a local bakery, his fortunes had turned for the better. He started skating at a local rink nearby after his usual morning shift at the bakery counter and it wasn’t long before a staff member approached him asking if he’d ever thought about teaching lessons – they had an opening for a beginners’ level coach. Eric figured he didn’t have anything better to do and besides, he could use the money.

       The first year was the hardest. He missed the relative safety of the Haus and the easy access to friends it had given him. He missed the dining hall. He missed talking with Professor Atley. Sometimes, he even missed those stupid geese that wandered the campus. (They had always reminded him of Jack, giving his heart a small, painful squeeze when he saw them.) After that first year was in the books, things started to fall in place. By the time he rounded out his third year in Seattle, Eric had built a respectable life for himself in his new city, full of baking and skating and new friends.

        Still, when he saw the news that Jack Zimmermann was being traded to the Seattle Schooners just in time for the playoffs, his first thought was  Fuck, I’m going to have to move.  

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This is it. Failsafe. The episode that broke us all in the span of twenty-five minutes. The episode that changed everything in the Spitfire ship forever. The episode that mind fucked us all because it was so much more intense than a “someone-is-actually-dreaming” scenario. The episode that showed us that nothing good ever happens in the Arctic in Young Justice. A fan favorite. A glorious roller coaster of feels. 


Some people said that, in hindsight they should have known something was up because there was a distinct lack of time-stamp at the beginning of the episode. And while that’s true, what sort of time-stamp could possibly be used for outer space like that? It opens near the moon in outer space, there’s not exactly a sense of time or place out there, they couldn’t have time-stamped it. However, I suppose they could have time-stamped after that. (but I think we all knew something more than meets the eye was going on when the JL members seemingly got vaporized… we just didn’t know WHAT. And it was glorious)

That rather silent ass shot of the alien ship floating into view is so cool. Like, silent, impending doom approaching in the cold dark that is space. 

John Stewart! <3

CASUALTIES, WE HAVE THE FIRST CASUALTIES. (man I love how you can see their fucking skeletons as they disintegrate. And I know that sounds really fucking morbid but I’m just appreciating the level of detail and, frankly, the darkness of it. That’s pretty fucked up and I love the stuff YJ was able to get away with.)

I like how J’onn, Atom, Supey, and Marvel were just waiting in the fucking launch bay of Batman’s jet like they’re living missiles or something. “FULL DEFENSES DEPLOY. FIRE ZE MISSILES!” 


Batman’s like “THEY GOT ME? THEY ACTUALLY GOT ME? WHAT THE FUCK I AM BATMAN I DON’T GET GOT.” (also every time I watch this and Batman gets ejected from his vaporized ship, for a split second I always think he’s floating in open space in just a goddamn pilot’s chair instead of an enclosed pod, and I’m like what the fuck Batman you can’t survive that kind of– oh, wait, nope. He’s in a pod.) (like I know he’s Batman but I can’t imagine space being so scared of him that it decides NOT to instantly suffocate him in it’s vacuum, ya know? “Oh shit sorry Batman, sir, didn’t realize it was you, I’ll just make sure you have plenty of air, sir. Pardon me, sir.”)


Oh, wait, they DID show a time-stamp once it gets to Red Tornado and the Team watching on the screens. So that really wasn’t any kind of giveaway, imo; in that regard, things are going pretty normally, tbh.

“But should we fail, the responsibility falls to you.” But, you know, no pressure. We’re just the entire fucking Justice League, full of power houses that are older and stronger than most of you because we have more experience, so if we die you’re actually rather fucked, but hey! Give it the ole’ college try, as they say, okay? (I’m not actually shitting on the Team here, I lava them to bits and they’re capable, I’m just being a little shit. Because as capable as the Team is, that’s STILL the ENTIRE Justice League and holy shit, that’s intense)


Okay, so when I started watching Young Justice, my knowledge of the Flash fam was next to nothing (that seems so funny in hindsight, because now I love them to bits and learn as much as I can about them). So I had no idea that Iris was married to the Flash, so I didn’t get why everyone thought this scene with Iris and Flash was so sad. But now I KNOW and it’s just heartbreaking to watch! Like, holy shit. Iris had to act like she doesn’t know who he is, and then he gets fucking vaporized and she’s just– UGH KILL ME. THIS EPISODE IS AWFUL BUT IN A GOOD WAY.


I like that you can see the wing bones on Hawkgirl and Hawkman.


Whelp. Good-bye Justice League.

Nothing out of place here.

“So what are we waiting for, a theme song?” No, we already did that, Conner, get with the times.

Okay when Robin highlights all the aliens on the map, the way all the red splotches look kind of reminds me of Plague Inc. (Robin totally plays Plague Inc. Probably Wally, too. They’re diabolical little shits that destroy the entire world every single time. Ruthlessly, without mercy!)

“Yeah, break it down, build more! Hit those ugly aliens with their own mojo! Ow!” “Martian and Kryptonian in the house.” (Wally stop pretending it actually hurts when Artemis elbows you, you know you just like that she’s touching you/standing close to you, don’t even lie)

“Not that all aliens are automatically ugly.” Nice save, Wally.

I suppose the Arctic is the best place to build a Fortress of Solitude, considering no one in their right mind would come out there willingly unless they’re a fucking climate scientist or something. Or a penguin. (Superman befriends penguins don’t tell me otherwise)

Gotta love the snow stealth outfits! <3


You’d think Conner would have heard that, too. Poor Wolf, sacrificed himself for his grumpy daddy. :(

You can tell that the death of Wolf jars them, for sure, but it’s not enough to cause Megan to take control of the scenario and make them forget it’s all real. I think that was kind of an interesting thing there, that when Wolf dies it’s the first time we see them get at least mildly shaken, but they’re able to shrug it off and keep going because, well… yeah.


(I’m so cruel, why do I have this screenshot? Oh yeah, SO I CAN HURT PEOPLE, MWAHAHAHAHAHA– and myself *cries*)


I remember, there were some people trying to claim that Miss M influenced Wally into being so upset about Artemis dying, and that is the biggest crock of shit. M’gann didn’t make anyone FEEL anything, all she did was make them forget. SHE forgot and they were all connected to her, so they forgot, too. and anyway, by that goddamn logic, don’t you think the rest of the Team would have been screaming and crying and swearing vengeance just as hard as Wally? Because if M’gann was making Wally feel that way, it would be affecting the other’s too. They all care about Artemis and they all mourned her, but M’gann and Wally took it the hardest, because Artemis is M’gann’s fucking earth sister and Wally fucking loves Artemis and doesn’t even realize it, and now she’s fucking GONE. (anyway I’m moving on, you’re wrong, good-bye)

Can we just appreciate Kaldur’s anger and how he just like… pwns the fuck out of that ship like a boss? I always thought those were some pretty sweet moves, especially the icicle spikes. Katara would be proud of your waterbender mastery, Kaldur. 

God, Wally’s voice. The way he says that, that’s the kind of like… that kind of uncontrollable emotion, like, you’re feeling something so goddamn deeply that you can’t even keep a lid on it, you can’t sort it out, and it’s just roiling right underneath the surface. Like, Wally just hasn’t even fully processed what the fuck just happened, all he knows is that Artemis was there, and now she’s gone, and there’s something twisting in his stomach and all he can see is red at that moment, because those stupid fucking aliens took her away from him, and he wasn’t even fast enough to try and save her, and why did she have to be so fucking stupid and sacrifice herself like that? “They’re dead! Every single alien, if it’s the last thing I do!” He’s fucking pissed. If he hated those aliens before, it’s nothing compared to raw fucking hatred burning through him after they take Artemis. He only wanted to stop them before, now he wants to make sure every single one of them dies the same way Artemis just did. (intense emotions!Wally is the greatest thing ever. He’s so much more faceted than just being a clown/goofball, and people tend to forget that sometimes, maybe even me)

Then they’re on the Bioship and Wally is still fuming, he’s still hurting, and seeing her empty seat in front of him isn’t helping anything. And there’s probably a god awful ache in his chest where her sarcasm and banter used to be and he feels more empty than he ever thought he could just because she isn’t there, she’s not there and she’s not coming back because he saw her bones in the snow, and why wasn’t he fast enough? And I love the way he just loses it and screams and beats the consoles with his fists; I love that raw explosion of emotion, like, he can’t even speak, all he can do is just scream because everything hurts and nothing’s right anymore and he just wants her back because he needs her there, he needs her elbow digging into his side and he needs her sassy remarks and he needs her not letting him get away with nothing, and he needs that chance back. That chance for something with her that he barely even understands, but he just knows it’s gone now, the chance is lost, and he’ll never get to find out what it was. 

Go away, Eiling, you piece of shit. We all know your game.

“We will help you salvage as many of the alien’s cannons as we can.” Uh, what good would that do? I mean, the Bioship was able to integrate it into her systems, but what the fuck is the military going to do with detached cannons? what could they possibly attach them to to use them? Or would they simply try to drive one of the alien ships? (idk)

“They’re really gone…” 

And now Wally begins grasping at straws. Just sitting there listening to the convo, and then his scientific brain starts reeling, and his heart starts thumping a little bit because hello, Wally! Teleportation! (nevermind the fact that you saw their bones

“I knew it, look! It’s giving off Zeta beams! The same stuff that powers our Zeta tubes, t-this thing doesn’t disintegrate, it teleports! Artemis is alive!” He sounds so fucking ridiculously happy, oh my god it hurts me. He’s like, 100% convinced there’s a chance that she’s alive, that she’s waiting somewhere for him them, that they’ll find her and she’ll snark about them taking so long and he’ll run at her and hug her and then make some lame excuse for it after he puts her down. Like, there’s this balloon of happiness and relief expanding in his chest because she’s actually alive somewhere, all they have to do is find her, and oh god he wants to find her, he needs to see her again so that he knows for sure, something solid and tangible. 

“Maybe…” “No ‘maybes’, they’re all alive!” He’s grasping at it so hard that he won’t even give Robin the chance to puncture a hole in it. He’s desperate. He needs her to be okay. There’s no other option, because the only other outcome is that she really is gone, and he can’t fucking handle that, he can’t even fucking fathom that idea; she can’t be gone, she’s a spitfire, his spitfire. So he latches onto the idea of Zeta radiation with all of his heart and that’s the only thing that keeps him going for the rest of the episode. And Robin knows it, so that’s why he uses it.

Kaldur and Conner aren’t convinced either. Only Wally and M’gann are optimistic/desperate enough to believe it. Oh god, can I please just hug them both until they can’t breathe? Precious bbys.

“That… didn’t feel like…” Teleportation. T_T

Kid Flash starts to help and Kaldur’s just like NOT TODAY! And shoves him through. 

Conner jumping into the Zeta tube instead of just walking seriously reminds me of how in World of Warcraft there’s an inexplicable need to jump INTO the dungeon instance portals rather than just walk straight into them. XD

Good-bye, Kaldur. :(

I love how Happy Harbor bay near Mount Justice is somehow completely untouched by the alien invasion. Wat?

“If we really believe the aliens are teleporting their victims.” “We do!” Oh, Wally, baby…

“Worst case, he’s teleported inside, and we set him free along with Artemis. And uh, Aqualad, and everyone.” God, he’s so concerned about seeing Artemis again that he literally doesn’t even give two shits about anyone else. They’re safe, they’re all safe, but the only one that matters is Artemis. 

“HUZZAH!” Damnit, Alfred! XD



“No, my mind is clearer now, the disintegration beam is exactly that. There is no detention facility, no prisoners to rescue. Our mission holds no purpose.” “No! You’re wrong! The Zeta radiation proves she’s alive, she’s–!” “Stop it, KF! I’ve been scanning for League and Team signals since we got inside. They’re not here. Artemis is gone.” 

Wally is so fucking desperate and you can hear it in his voice. I feel like maybe a small, logical part of his mind, somewhere deep in the back, he knew that the beams weren’t teleporters. But he was so goddamn desperate for her to be okay that he latched onto it anyway and made himself believe it as hard as he could, told himself that he would see her again if he just kept trucking through. Robin knew that was the only thing keeping Wally going, too, without being wreckless or useless, and so he used that to his advantage. It’s part of the many things that make him say “I don’t want to be the Batman, anymore.” in Disordered. He hated fueling Wally’s false hope, but he had to.

And then I think maybe Wally goes back to anger. But it’s a defeated kind of anger, like, he can’t fucking take this shit anymore. She’s gone, but maybe she wasn’t, but now she really is. His emotions have been yanked all over the place and beaten to a pulp and now all he wants to do is blow this ship up and everything inside of it. He swore before that he would destroy every single alien, and now that’s what he intends to do. It won’t bring her back, nothing will, but maybe he can get some kind of revenge for her.

“You knew. You knew from the beginning why we were really here.”

^ That is the face of a boy that has been defeated. Istg. Wow. Okay. Fuck you, Failsafe.

“16 seconds and counting.” It’s always 16 seconds. 16 seconds and counting, 16 seconds til ceasing… ffs! XD I think I hate the number 16 because of Young Justice. 

“We’ll follow as soon as we blow those doors.” Right. Wally and Dick never had any intentions of leaving that ship. Goddamn that tears me up. Holy shit NO. WHY. STOP SACRIFICING YOURSELVES OH MY GOD THESE POOR CHILDREN, NO FUCKING WONDER THEY NEED LIKE TWO FUCKING WEEKS AND PROBABLY MORE OF THERAPY!

And they’re not even scared about it. They just look at each other and nod. Because there’s literally nothing fucking left for either of them. This is their last fight, they’ve done all they can do.

And Wally literally thought, as he died in that fiery explosion, that he the last thing he ever did was destroy every single alien. He went out thinking he had blown their entire fucking armada up with Dick. And that probably gave both of them some kind of piece right before they went, too. (my shipper heart is telling me his last thought was of Artemis, too, considering how much he mentions her throughout this episode)


Goddamn, that part where J’onn STABS M’gann is like the most intense shit. Actually, this whole fucking episode is hardcore as shit, but like, he STABS her! Like, you see him use his fist but if you look at her back you can see it come to a FUCKING POINT, LIKE, HE MORPHED HIS HAND INTO A POINT AS HE WAS PUNCHING HER, SO THAT HE ACTUALLY WINDED UP STABBING HER. HOLY SHIT.


That huge gasp of air as if she’s coming up from the water, or, you know, WAKING FROM A GODDAMN NIGHTMARE SIMULATION OR SOMETHING.

“Exercise?” God… jesus FUCK, they’re all so confused. 

“But all that changed, when Artemis died.”



Surrealism Pt. 6// Spencer Reid

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 7/Part 8

Spencer was sound asleep underneath his blankets after what had been a long day. The night was a cold one, the fall’s crisp breeze swaying the curtains by the open window. He slept peacefully, without dreams and without nightmares.

It was soon after when she rolled in through his window, as soundless as she was trained to be, and gently laid next to him. She stayed silent for a moment as she took in his features; his strong jawline, the slight upturn of his nose, the long eyelashes that fluttered just above the dark circles beneath his eyes that were a permanent feature on his face no mat how much sleep he got. He was beautiful, and he was hers, if only for a moment.

“Hey,” she whispered softly as she carefully stroked his face. His eyes opened slowly, instantly recognizing her scent, a mix of Vanilla and flowers. His arm wrapped around her, his body unconsciously begging to touch her skin.

“Hey. What are you doing here so late?” He mumbled half asleep.

“I just needed to see you,” she replied quietly. He nodded, pulling her in closer and absentmindedly wrapping the blanket around her. Lexi clung onto his body, a desperate need to be beside him filling every inch of her.

“Kinda tight there Lex,” Spencer teased although he squeezed her just as hard. She laughed lightly and placed her soft lips against his neck.

“Let’s just sleep ok?” She hummed as she hid her face in the crook of her neck, placing butterfly kisses against his skin. A content sigh rumbled against the back of his throat as he felt himself float back to sleep with her in his arms.

“What’s going on?” Spencer asked as he made his way into the office to find it crowded with federal agents from other divisions. Emily pulled him aside, leading him to their conference room. The rest of the team was already seated, waiting for Hotch’s arrival. Their superior was currently caught in what seemed to be an important conversation with men who’s posts were even higher than his.

“Daniel Rozwin was found dead in his apartment this morning,” JJ informed as she stood and grabbed the remote for the monitor. With a click of the button various pictures appeared on the screen. All were of Daniel Rozwin with his mouth foaming, his death caused by poison.

“Someone actually managed to kill a FBI section chief?” Emily asked in disbelief.

“Daniel Rozwin was always surrounded by security. Who would be capable of getting that close ?” Morgan asked in confusion. It was a disturbing thought to think that someone who was so well protected had met his end at the hands of an enemy.

“Lexi Kingston,” Hotch answered as he strode inside the room mid conversation with a grave look on his face.

Spencer froze at the mention of her name. No. Lexi wouldn’t do that. Not FBI agents. She knew the risks. And besides, she had climbed into his bed the night before. She wouldn’t have had the time.

“Are you sure?” Morgan asked as he noticed Reid had gone completely rigid and speechless.

“There’s video surveillance footage of her leaving his house around 10 pm last night,” Hotch replied as he motioned for Garcia to bring up the video. “She managed to knock out all the cameras but the one he had hidden in the tree of his front yard.”

And that’s when Spencer saw it. The beautiful woman he loved walking out of the home with a confidence that came with knowing you had done something successfully. She held no remorse on her face, only a fierce look of concentration as she stealthily made her exit.

He stared blankly at the monitor, careful to not let his face betray his emotions. It was like feeling everything and nothing all at once. One second he felt as if a roaring hurricane was hurling around his insides, and the next he felt numb. 10 pm. That was before she had climbed into his bed.

That’s why she had acted so strange. Spencer’s sleepy haze had obscured his thinking level at the time but he had still managed to notice the way she had clung tightly to him, her body slightly shaking against his in what he had assumed was due to the cold. Now he realized it wasn’t the freezing weather that had shaken her, it was what she had done.

He stayed silent as the team began to throw out facts about her last known locations, speculating of where they would find her. His immediate concern for the woman shot through him.

He stood from his seat and left without a word, causing his team to look at him with a mixture of worry and confusion. Spencer was never this quiet when it came to cases unless something was bothering him on an emotional level. Morgan was the one who followed him out, stopping him just outside on the steps of the building.

“Reid!” He called out as the young man came to a halt. He looked back at him with a blank look.

“I didn’t know,” he replied simply. He had made a point of avoiding any conversation about Lexi’s “career” with her, deciding that living in ignorance was what suited him best. It was what suited them best.

“I know,” Morgan replied. He had seen the way Spencer had instantly tensed at the mention of her name, and the raging emotions behind his eyes was enough to let him know that he had no part in the killing.

“Look, if you know where she is, you need to tell us.” Morgan stared at Spencer as he scowled at the ground.

“I don’t. We always meet at my place,” he replied bluntly. “Are you going to tell Hotch?”

“Kid, I don’t have a choice. An FBI section chief was just murdered in his own home and the only person who might be able to find his killer is you.”

“Her name is Lexi,” Spencer replied coldly. “She’s a person so don’t try and make her seem like an animal.”

“Are you kidding me? She just killed someone!” Morgan exclaimed incredulously.

“How many people have we killed Morgan?! Because I know I’ve shot my fair share of people and not all of them survived,” he spat harshly. “Tell Hotch. I’m gonna go find her.”

Spencer knew Lexi was in his home the minute he walked in. She sat on his couch, staring at the television that showed her face for everyone to see. She was in trouble and she wasn’t so sure she would be able to get out of it this time around.

“I didn’t have a choice,” she spoke softly as she felt him approach. He stared down at her, still dressed in last night’s outfit with her hair pulled back to show the exhaustion on her face.


“He threatened me,” she replied with a frown as she finally looked up to see him. She winced at the look he gave her, a look of betrayal and hurt.

“Who threatened you?” He asked, desperately trying to make sense of her reckless actions.

"I can’t say.”

“Lexi! The entire FBI is out looking for you right now!” he yelled. She grimaced at his volume and tone of voice.

“I know that!” she snapped back in frustration.

“You’ve been threatened before,” Spencer replied simply. “What makes this one so different?”

Lexi stayed silent as she stared at her palms. She couldn’t say more. Involving him with that side of her life was something she had never wanted to do. Spencer noticed her sudden retreat into herself and sat down next to her.

“Lexi, you can tell me,” he said softly as he wrapped his hand around hers.

“He threatened you. He knows about us,” she replied with a small quiver of her lips. “I don’t want to be the reason your life gets ruined.”

“He was going to kill me if you didn’t do the job?” Spencer asked as he attempted to tie the pieces together.

“No, you’re too important to him,” she replied bitterly. “But he would make your life difficult.”

“Wait, what do you mean I’m too important?” He questioned.

“I should go,” she replied, avoiding his question altogether. “I think I’ll head to California. I own a place by the beach where I can just lay low for a while.”

“You’re just leaving?” Spencer asked incredulously as he watched her tie her shoes back on.

“Spencer. If anyone sees us together they’ll come after you. I’ll come back once things have calmed down.”

“So that’s your plan? Ditch me to live by the ocean until they stop looking for you?”

Lexi sighed deeply, wrapping her arms tightly around Spencer. He was hurt and had every right to be, but she still loved him. He hesitantly returned the gesture before throwing aside his pride and embracing her tightly.

“I’m doing this to protect you. Please understand.” Her gaze met his in a silent plea. He nodded softly, understanding her need to escape.

“I love you,” he said as his voice cracked at the thought of her leaving. The way of the world was cruel, tearing lovers apart.

“I love you too,” she replied wholeheartedly. The two held on to each other a little longer, reluctant to let the other disappear.

Spencer felt completely overwhelmed with emotions as he crashed his lips against hers in a desperate need to convey just how much he adored her. She kissed back just as eagerly as she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, Spencer leading them to the bedroom where he would take the last opportunity he had to make love to her.

Fated to you

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Imagine:  Imagine Elliot Stabler finding his soulmate after his divorce is finalized when your name appears one morning wrapped around his wrist in your handwriting, only to find you under his nose as the newest member of SVU. (Soulmate AU)

Warnings:  Alternate Universe, Angst and Fluff

Pairings:  Elliot Stabler x Reader

Word count:  1,863 words

Reader gender:  Female

Author:  Ilariya_Lavoro

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battle of the blades au

Laurent was beginning to think that Damen either hated him or loved him. It was hard to tell for certain, because the look that existed in Damen’s eyes after Laurent made him redo the step sequence or told him to balance himself more on his pick or yelled ‘no, do it again and do it better’ after every single - probably acceptable - jump was one of steely resolution. It seemed like Damen wanted to win this competition as much as Laurent did, except that he had none of the same reasons, so it really came down to  where his motivations lied. Either he was determined for determination’s sake and was therefore willing to put up with Laurent’s brutality…  or he was doing it for Laurent himself.

Laurent didn’t really care so long as the effort was there.

“Sometimes I think you’re trying to kill me,” Damen said as he recovered from the latest bout of Laurent’s insatisfaction.

“Sometimes I think you would actually push yourself to that point just to complete this program.”

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anonymous asked:

Ushiwaka post break up scenario plz! He seems fine but is actually really confused becus reader-chan broke up with him becus she felt like she wasn't a priority compared to volleyball!

I’m starting to love Ushijima, man!! This season is making me fall for him! His faces, his body, his past. LITTLE USHIJIMA?! WHO DIDN’T LOVE HIM!!??!? Okay, okay, let me get to it, haha.

“Hm? ____-san is still going to our games? I thought her and Ushijima-san broke up?” Goshiki asked curiously. Immediately, everyone flinched. He looked to everyone, and the team could see the actual question marks over his head. “What?”

“Tsutomu, do your warm ups. We’re about to play a game,” Ushijima said, his aura menacing. Immediately, Goshiki flinched and ran off with a ball to began spiking practice.

“Ease up, Wakatoshi-kun. The poor child didn’t know,” Tendou suggested, putting his hand on Ushijima’s shoulder.

“Hm? But we’re about to play a game, there’s no need to talk about useless things,” Ushijima said, tilting his head a bit.

At the sound of those words, Tendou and Ohira half smiled. As Ushijima began to walk away, the two spoke among themselves. “Poor ____-san. She really did break up with him because of volleyball.”

Ushijima could still hear Tendou, even if he whispered. And it was shocking to hear your words coming out of Tendou’s mouth. Even Tendou could see the problem you had, yet Ushijima didn’t understand.

Do you even try to understand my feelings?!

Ushijima’s hands tightened on the ball and his eyebrows furrowed in frustration. He didn’t understand why your words came to mind, now of all times. It was the game before the finals. Not like Shiratorizowa couldn’t take the game. But it was a step towards Nationals. Ushijima had to think about the importance of now. Mentally, he shook his head. Now wasn’t the time to think about useless things.

“Well, it was a big factor. She should have known that, dating one of the top three aces of Japan,” Ohira replied. Soon, the two ran back to spiking practice, cheering for team mates and themselves at each spike.

Before Ushijma tossed the ball to Shirabu, he caught sight of you in the stands. It had been a week since you two broke up, yet you really came to the games still. You always sat alone, cheering on Ushijima. Now you sat alone, silently.

Ushijima didn’t understand why he hit the ball into the ground, having its slam echo throughout the gym. It might have overpowered the sound of the entire gym’s cheers. Ushijima didn’t understand why he was annoyed you weren’t smiling.

Shiratorizowa won their game, basically dominating the other team. 25-9. Their next game was against Karasuno. Ushijima should only be thinking of his opponents. He should be ready to prove Hinata wrong. Yet, as he sat on the bus driving back to the school quiet, his mind was full of you.

“Wakatoshi? What are you-”

“____,” Ushijima said. He said it so normal, as if he didn’t come to your house unannounced. It was fair to be shocked. “You came to the game.”

“Yeah,” you managed to say. Ushijima didn’t know what to expect, but he felt disappointed in your response. You closed the front door behind you and stood on the porch with him. You both sat down on the bench, a little gap between you two. “Good game. You did good.”

“Thank you,” Ushijima nodded. You chuckled nervously. Maybe from seeing each other only a few times after the break up or you just wanted to leave. Maybe Ushijima shouldn’t have come. But he felt the need to. He wanted to understand his feelings earlier. And he wanted to know why your laugh wasn’t the same as before. His mind was full of annoying thoughts, he didn’t have the time to be considerate. Ushijiima just grabbed a jacket and ran to your house.

“So are you ready for-”

“Why did you come?” You were shaken by Ushijima’s question, he could tell from your flinch. He was used to that, seeing as everyone reacted that mostly to his questions. Even you. But this one, it somewhat hurt.

You leaned back on the bench, holding yourself. The wind had picked up, and it was a bit late. The sun had already set but night hadn’t fully welcomed the moon yet. “I… I just wanted to see you play,” you replied quietly.

“But you hate volleyball,”

Ushijima was confused to see you look at him offended. “I don’t hate volleyball.”

“You broke up with me because of it,” Ushijima now frowned, confused. He watched you shiver a bit. He began to remove his jackets then froze. You looked to him, confused. “It may be a little sweaty. But you’re cold. Would you prefer if you got a jacket? I can wait.”

“I don’t mind,” you replied, faster than expected. Thinking nothing of it, Ushijima wrapped his jacket around your shoulders. As you put your arms through the sleeves, you smiled underneath the collar. It smelled like him. You two sat in silence. You were so wrapped up in his smell, you almost forgot to address his assumption. “Wakatoshi, I didn’t break up with you because of volleyball.”

Ushijima put his elbows on his knees, covering his mouth with his hands. But what you said led to all those points. When was it ever going to be about me? When were you ever going to ask about me? When were you going to appreciate me? Would you even care if I was gone, or would volleyball just fill your mind? Like it always have?

“I don’t understand,” Ushijima sighed. It might have been the first time he’s ever sighed. Sighing frustrated was just rare for Ushijima, in the three years you two had been together, even that was rare. “I don’t understand what Tendou and Ohira were saying, either.”

“Tendou and Ohira?”

Ushijima nodded. “Even they knew you broke up with me because of volleyball. Ohira said you should have known dating one of the top three aces of Japan would come with all these problems.” Ushijima watched you flinch and look away. “Did I say something wrong?”

“…No,” you replied quietly. “Ohira-san is right.”

“Then, I don’t-”

“I still wanted there a little bit of me in your heart though,” you turned to Ushijima, glossy eyes. He seemed to have seen that look more often than others nowadays. He had been making you cry alot lately. But seeing you hold back your tears now, it made him want it all to stop.

“You are,” Ushijima said, as if it was as obvious as the sun shining during the day. Ushijima looked away, not being able to handle much of your tears anymore. “I hit the ball during warm up, angry because of what Tendou and Ohira said.”

“You shouldn’t be mad at them. They were right about me, I should have-”

“I was mad at myself. Even my team mates could see why you were upset, yet I didn’t,” Ushijima interjected. You held onto Ushijma’s sleeve, reminding yourself this was still Ushijima, one of the top three aces of Japan. Volleyball was always going to be first, it was always going to be all of him. You weren’t in his plan. Ushijima won’t understand what you want. “You weren’t a problem. What they said made it sound like you were.”

“Wakatoshi,” you couldn’t find anything else to say. Why was it Ushijima could say so much more now rather than when you two had argued? When you two were on the verge of breaking up?

“You’re not a problem. I was the problem,” Ushijima said, looking up. He could see in his peripheral, declining, shaking your head. Before you could say anything, Ushijima looked to you, grasping your hand. The movement shocked you, making you sit frozen. “I’m sorry I didn’t understand. I made you believe in the three years that you weren’t important to me.”

This isn’t a confession. This isn’t him asking for you back. “It’s okay. At least you understand my feelings now.”

Ushijima nodded. But why were you still crying? And smiling at that? Ushijima didn’t understand even more. He just wanted it to stop. He wanted to stop making the person he was in love with cry. You didn’t deserve this.

Slowly, Ushijima held your face. His big calloused thumbs wiped away the tears as his forehead met yours. Even through the tears you could see his eyes begging. Begging for something.

“Why are you crying?” His voice was soft, not like his usual deep stern voice. Why did he actually sound sad?

“Because you’re late,” you cried. You held onto Ushijima’s jacket, wishing you could keep it. You still loved his smell. You still loved his big hands. “Because I still love you.”

It felt so nice to have Ushijima’s lips on your forehead. Especially that it lingered. You missed this. But it was all going to end. He wasn’t going to hold you anymore after this. He came for closure, and he got it. This was all he needed.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” Ushijima murmured into your forehead. Your eyes widened and looked up at him. “I’m sorry, was that-”

You stood up abruptly, pacing back and forth. Ushijima watched you confused. “Wakatoshi, you can’t ask those things after saying all that. We broke up, you can’t just spend the night. We’re still broken up. You can’t come here, finally understanding my-”

Ushijima smashed his lips against yours while he held your face. When did he even get up from the bench? This was wrong. So wrong, yet… It made you melt. Your muscles began to lax and you fell against Ushijima. He was so much taller, you had to lean your head back just so he could kiss you. But it was your favorite thing to do. Ushijima towered you and held you, wrapping himself around you. The kiss broke, and just as you both panted against each other, Ushijima smashed his lips against yours. Your arms found his waist, you were giving into him. Of course you were, you were still in love with him.

This wasn’t a casual kiss. This wasn’t the normal kiss you two shared. It wasn’t the kisses of good luck before a game, Ushijima didn’t need those. This wasn’t a kiss just to say hello. Ushijima held you tightly, it was different than when he embraced you in bed. His hands were tangled in your hair, his breath against your lips. Suddenly, Ushijima lifted you, kissing you as your head was above his. Your hands found his face, touched every angle of his jaw. This was different, Ushijima was different. You broke the kiss and stared into his eyes. Half-lidded, begging for you.

“You have a game tomorrow,” you whispered. You were actually breathless, it was hard to breathe.

Ushijima shook his head. “I need you to know. I’m still in love with you too. I’ll try better for you.”

“You still have a game tomorrow,” you chuckled. Ushijima kissed your lips gently and smiled as your foreheads met.

“I can still spend the night and kiss you good morning before I play tomorrow,” Ushijima replied, his arms holding you tighter around your waist.

As Ushijima peppered you in kisses, you realized it was all true. Never would he have stayed over before a game. Never would he have said those words to you. Volleyball was first, everything. You were never in Ushijima’s heart.

You were starting to realize you were wrong.


Requested by anonymous
A/N: Okay so I really liked this idea and was thinking about writing a fanfic based on it, what do you guys think?

“Sam, can I borrow your knife?” You yelled, anxiety filled your entire body as you wandered around the dark warehouse in the middle of New York.

You felt Sam press the hilt of the knife into your hand and you gripped it so tightly that your knuckles turned white. Though you’d never admit it, you were absolutely terrified. “Same you go left, Y/N you go forwards and I’ll go to the right.” Dean ordered, gun in hand.

“Y-You want to split up?” You stuttered out, flashbacks of watching horror movies that ended badly because of the team splitting up.

Dean turned to you, hearing the shakiness in your voice. “Why, you afraid of a little ghost?”

“Shuddup,” you grumbled, hating it when Dean and Sam teased you, “we don’t even know if it is a ghost.” You continued to huff as you stormed forward, disguising your fear as idiocy.

It seemed to become darker the further you explored. You thought it was your mind making up the sounds that you kept constantly hearing in the distance. That is, you did, until you turned around and saw the creature stood behind you. It didn’t even look human, definitely not a ghost. Before you could even think about defending yourself and then you became surrounded by a blinding light.

It felt like an eternity passed before you felt your body being shaken. You opened your eyes and saw a bleak grey sky… not the roof of the warehouse? You sat up swiftly, a hand moving to rest on your stomach, “steady.”

Looking to your left you see a man in a uniform, to be more precise, a man in an army uniform. This was a bad time for your ‘men in uniform’ kink to kick in. “Who are you?!” You asked, feeling the stranger danger alarm go off in your head.

“Bucky Barnes, pleasure to meet you.” He put his hand out for you to shake but you ignored it, your eyes scanning the surrounding buildings which towered over you as you laid on the dirty floor in an alleyway.

“Where am I?” You ask.

“New York.”

When am I?”

This question made him look at you with confusion, giving you this 'are you crazy’ look. “1941…”

You nodded your head, hearing him but not being able to take this information in. How were you suppose to get home? What were Sam and Dean even doing right now? Did they know where you were? Had they even noticed that you’d gone missing?

“So,” Bucky said, breaking your train of thought, “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Looking at him, he had this stupidly cheesy grin n his face and you couldn’t help but laugh in retort. “God, and here I thought these were the times for chivalry.”

He laughed at your comment and then nodded towards the open street path, “come on.”

“Come on where?” You asked your fiftieth question, still though you were compliant and when he offered his hand to help you stand up you accepted it.

How the Black Foxes react when MC is kidnapped and hypnotised before they can rescue her ~ LLFTX Request

Request from a lovely anon! LLFTX - MC is kidnapped and hypnotised before she is saved, making her hate her boyfriend, though she is fine with the other thieves and they have to find the trigger word to bring her back to normal.

It’s been a while since I posted a LLFTX head canon, so here we go!

Prologue ~ It should have been an easy job. You never thought when you had infiltrated that museum, that everything could go so wrong.
It had all started on a prior mission. Long before you had joined the Black Foxes.
They had stolen a piece of artwork which had been taken from it’s true owners and was intended to be sold in a black market auction for solely financial gain.
Though the artwork was returned to it’s rightful owner, the Black Foxes had made a terrible enemy in the original thief. He had employed a highly skilled team in order to obtain it in the first place and he was not about to be made a fool of.
Deciding when to exact revenge. That was the difficult part. Initially he had wanted to take them all out at once. Blow up one of their targets and the press would write it off as a robbery gone wrong.
That was before his intelligence informed him of a new member. But best of all; you were dating him. The one who had orchestrated and carried out the plan that cost him billions of dollars.
When you had gone out to begin your role in the mission, it wasn’t long before you were in the sights of those who had been sent to capture you.
As a smoke bomb was thrown in your vicinity, you quickly lost your way as you were grabbed from behind. With tape pushed over your mouth to keep you from screaming, you were also blindfolded and bound before being thrown into the back of a waiting car.
You could hear the commotion from the others, but you couldn’t call out to him.
By the time you had arrived at your destination, you had no idea how far you had travelled or where you could be.
When you finally had your blindfold removed, you were sat in a small gallery, facing the empty space where a portrait used to be.
Looking up as a low voice spoke out your name, you saw the face of your captor, his lips contorting into a twisted smile as he welcomed you to his home…
‘You might not know who I am. So allow me to introduce myself. I have been acquainted with your boyfriend, most notably when he broke into my home and stole something that didn’t belong to him,’ he snapped, grabbing a fistful of your hair and forcing you to look at the empty space before you.
‘W-What do you want from me?’
‘Well; my dear, that is the question isn’t it? You see, your boyfriend took something from me, so I fully intend to return the favour. Why don’t I introduce you to a friend of mine and then, we can begin.’  
By the time the Black Foxes had discovered your location, the entire team headed to their former targets home, set on rescuing you with all of their available resources.
They all knew how worried your boyfriend was, but truth be told, they each feared for your safety. You had become a part of their family and they would see the man who had hurt you, pay for his crimes.
However; they did not know to what extent their enemy had gone to in order to obtain his revenge.

Takuto - When Takuto had seen you; his instinct was to run and free you. Untying your binds, you still seemed a little out of it.
‘Hey, hey, I’m right here…’
Shaking your head slightly, you were still coming around from the effects of what had been done to you when Riki and Kenshi appeared, holding the man who had kidnapped you as well as someone else.
‘Is she okay?’
‘I think so…’ Takuto began, taking his eyes off you for a moment when you suddenly seemed to come to your senses.
‘Get the hell off me you creep!’ you snapped, pushing Takuto away from you and knocking him off his feet.
‘What the-’
As you stared down at him furiously, you could feel your hands shaking when you heard Hiro call out your name.
‘You all came for me?’ you breathed, looking relieved as you wrapped your arms around Hiro.
‘Of course we did…but why are you so mad at Takkun?’ Hiro asked, looking you over as you shook your head.
‘You’re kidding right? I can’t stand him. Why would you even bring him along?’
Realising you were entirely serious, Takuto flew into a range, grabbing the shirt of the man Kenshi was holding and demanding to know what he had done to you.
‘What the hell have you done?!’ he spat.
‘Takkun, not here, let’s just get back for now,’ Atsumu reasoned, though your mood towards him didn’t change at all on the journey back.
After some research, Atsumu was able to deduce what had been done to you, having tracked the accomplices records.
‘It seems he’s quite capable of hypnotising people and evidently, he’s done just that,’ Atsumu remarked as you rested upstairs in Le Renard Noir.
‘So she basically hates everyone but Takkun?’ Hiro remarked, looking concerned as Takuto balled his fists.
‘Let me have a few minutes with him.’
‘Takuto that’s not going to help…’
‘So how do we snap her out of it?’
‘There’s got to be some phrase or word that will do it…’ Atsumu mused.
By the time you had rejoined the group, you found the others in a heated discussion, with Takuto shouting much to your irritation.
‘I’d give anything for that woman. So why the hell won’t you let me interrogate that bastard?’
‘Takkun, calm down.’
‘No! I’d give up everything for her. My entire shiffey collection, pork noodles. So why the hell won’t you let me go and fight to get the woman I love back?!’
As everything came flooding back, you were suddenly struck with the memory of your captor telling you how Takuto would never be able to bring you back.
‘That miserable jerk would never think to tell you he loved you. That will be your mistake.’
‘Takuto…’ you breathed softly, tears filling your eyes as the group turned to look at you.
‘You did it,’ you exclaimed, putting a hand to your mouth as you ran into his arms, ignoring his astonished expression. It took only a moment for Takuto to hold you firmly against him, promising to never let you out of his sight again.

Hiro - When the Black Foxes had finally found you; you were unconscious and slumped over.
Cutting your hands and legs free, Hiro had pulled you flush against his chest, trying to hold back the tears as he apologised to you over and over.
‘I’m so sorry we didn’t get here sooner Princess…it’s all okay now. You’re safe…you’re safe,’ he whispered, lifting your unconscious body easily as he carried you from the mansion where you had been held.
It was only when you started to come too that Hiro’s world was turned upside down.
'Get away from me!’ you half shrieked, looking at Hiro with such hatred that he couldn’t help but feel shaken.
'Calm down, it’s us…it’s us…’ Atsumu remarked, trying to soothe you, though you didn’t take your gaze from Hiro.
'Why is he here? He’s the cause of all this,’ you snarled, seeing the Black Foxes exchange glances as Riki knelt before you.
'This isn’t Hiro’s’s on all of us. He’s your boyfriend and he was worried sick about you…’
'I would never go near a womanising thief like him,’ you responded, looking utterly disgusted by the suggestion. Storming out of the room, Hiro was followed closely by Kenshi, though he was unable to stop Hiro punching the wall in anger.
'What have they done to her?!’ he demanded, breaking down as he thought of the look you had given him. You had never looked at him like that. Not even when he first met you. The memory broke his heart.
'Different isn’t she? From the sounds of it, she’s got a bit more of a backbone than when I got my hands on her.’
Rounding on their captive enemy, Hiro had been about to lunge at him when Kenshi held him back.
'What did you do to her?!’
'Paybacks a bitch isn’t it? Good luck trying to get her to remember you.’
The Black Foxes hadn’t seen Hiro so lost. In the days that followed, you had been staying at Le Renard Noir, while the boys tried to help you recover your memories of Hiro.
Just when all seemed hopeless, something unexpected happened.
Visiting you, against the suggestion of the boys, Hiro had been prepared to show you some of the artworks you had inspired and love letters he had written for you.
However, when his phone began to ring, the familiar sound of “your” song suddenly brought everything flooding back.
It felt as though you were seeing him for the first time since your kidnapping. How long had it been?
Throwing your arms around him, Hiro was too shocked to speak as you whispered the same words over to him.
'You found me…you really found me.’
You didn’t need to see Hiro’s face to know he was crying as he buried his face in your hair.
'I really did Princess…’

Riki - When they had found you unconscious and tied to a chair, Riki hadn’t hesitated in punching your captor while the other tried to get away.
'Going somewhere?’ Kenshi remarked, appearing seemingly from nowhere as he forcefully grabbed the second member.
'What have you done to her?’ Riki demanded, pushing your captor against a wall as he sneered.
'Why don’t you wake her up and see for yourself?’
Regarding him warily, Riki had reluctantly let him go at Atsumu’s command and let the others take him out of there.
'We don’t want to frighten her,’ Atsumu reasoned. 'It’s better if we remove the threat and deal with them later.’
Dropping to his knees before you; Riki gently removed the gag from your mouth and began undoing your binds as you fell forwards and into his arms.
Your captor hadn’t been able to resist bragging about tainting your memories of Riki, blaming him for the original theft of his artwork.
However; the Black Foxes had no idea the extent of the damage until you had awakened and hit Riki across the face, using your training as a Black Fox to get him away from you.
While the original owner of the artwork refused to talk, after some persuasion, his accomplice talked.
'It’s like rewiring something. You shift the feelings towards one individual to another, in her case, you,’ he remarked, his face bruised and his lip bleeding as he spoke to Riki.
'I was forced into this…’
'Yeah, he really held a gun to your head and forced you to tamper with her mind,’ Riki snapped. 'How do we reverse it?’
'I don’t know. There will be a trigger word. Something that will register with her and unlock her memories but I don’t know what it is…I just know how to induce the alterations.’ Exchanging a glance with Kenshi, Riki simply nodded and left the room.
After that; Riki tried his best to go through all of the memories that you had shared together, hoping that somewhere he would find whatever word would trigger your memories to come back.
With the assistance of Hiro and Takuto who assured you that you truly did love Riki, you reluctantly tolerated the seemingly endless conversations. It went on for hours and days.
By the time Riki thought he might be at his end, he recalled the time Atsumu had sent you all on a mission to the Black Foxes school. No one else had known how he felt about his role in the Black Foxes. He remembered the tears he had shed in front of you.
No one had seen that side of him. No one but you.
As he talked through it, ignoring the expressions from Hiro and Takuto, he could see you struggling to register something, as though it was prying into your mind, trying to get free.
Then, out of nowhere, it all came back. Every second of it was clear in your mind.
As tears slipped down your cheeks, you gingerly reached out and touched Riki’s cheek with your fingertips.
'You remember?’
'Of course I remember…’ you breathed, feeling Riki’s warm lips on your hand as he suddenly pulled you against his chest.
'Thank god…’ he whispered, vowing to never let you get in harms way again.

Atsumu - Atsumu had been furious with himself for letting you go into the field when he was at LRN. He had never felt so panicked, so afraid for your safety.
You were strong, but this guy wasn’t one to take lightly. Even the other members of the Black Foxes could feel the tension radiating from him as they infiltrated their target.
But that pain could have never compared to the emptiness in your eyes when he had finally found you.
Atsumu had been so lost when you pushed him away, saying you hated him, that you loathed his existence.
In the end it had been down to the others to decipher what had happened. It made no sense that you knew them all and felt fine with everyone except this unexplained anger towards Atsumu.
'You and Atsumu are together..’
'You’re lying,’ you responded, not understanding why Riki would be telling you this.
'I would never…’
'You did and you are,’ Takuto responded, acting kinder than usual in light of the situation.
Throughout it all, Atsumu had seemingly shut down. How could he do all this without you? You had brought life back into his heart after…no. He couldn’t bear to think of a world without you.
'Snap out of it already beardless. Are you seriously gonna make us do all the work here?’ Takuto remarked, bringing Atsumu from his thoughts.
'You have contacts boss and right now, I think we need their help to try and work out who has done this…’
With a new resolve, Atsumu had gone into the back and spoke to everyone he could think of.
Finally finding the answers he was looking for, the sun was just beginning to rise as he went down to find Kenshi and Riki drinking some coffee.
'Anything boss?’
'I think I know what he did to her, and if I’m right, then I’m the only one who can reverse it.’
'She’s been hypnotised. The guy my contact thinks is behind it can lock away memories and change a person’s perspective on someone entirely. But there will be a trigger and it’s likely to be something personal to her…’
'So only something you could think of.’
'I hope so,’ Atsumu responded.
At first, Atsumu hoped it would be something simple like expressing his love for her, but her visible hatred towards him was taking a toll on his heart.
'Don’t give up boss,’ Hiro encouraged, 'she needs you.’
With the Black Foxes help, you were convinced to stay at LRN in the hopes of something triggering your memory.
While it proved difficult at first, the Black Foxes managed to keep you distracted as Atsumu tried an array of things in between work, hoping some normality might help.
However, when you went to help Hiro put away some plates and dishes, you had struggled to reach and inadvertently pulled out a stack too far, sending them falling down. Though before they could hit you, someone pulled you out of the way and into his strong arms.
Gasping for breath, you had hardly the time to realise it was Atsumu holding you when his voice rang out.
'I read that you’d have a close call in your horoscope but I really didn’t want to believe it would happen, let alone twice,’ he remarked, feeling thankful that you weren’t hurt.
As you looked up to him, it was as though you had just woken up, looking into Atsumu’s eyes with that familiar softness as he tensed.
Throwing your arms around his neck, you had attracted the attention of the boys who had heard the crash from the bar and come running in to find you embracing each other tightly.
'She’s back…she’s really back.’

Kenshi - When Kenshi had gone after the man who had kidnapped you, he was seething with anger. He dreaded to think what could have been done to you, but upon finding you, the situation had been far worse than he expected.
When you had lashed out against him, Kenshi thought you hadn’t recognised him. It was only when you screamed at him to stay away from you that Kenshi’s anger dissipated. Something was very wrong.
'Come on Kenny, you should get some sleep,’ Hiro tried to insist.
After returning to LRN, the Black Foxes were only able to talk to you without Kenshi in the room, so he had been interrogating your captor for information.
In light of the situation, Riki had been put on the task with Kenshi after the others feared what he might do.
But now, while you rested upstairs, Kenshi sat down at the bar with his head in his hands as he contemplated the situation.
'I don’t want to sleep,’ he responded matter of factly.
'Hiro’s right, you won’t be able to think straight if you don’t try to get some sleep,’ Riki chimed in.
'The woman I love despises me thanks to that creep and you think I can sleep?’
Gripping his shoulder, Riki and Hiro both tried to reason with him, though it seemed to have little effect.
'We know what he’s done, we just need to find the trigger word to get her back to normal.’
'It could be anything.’
'Yeah well you know what? Right now, while you’re wallowing in self-pity, she’s not getting any better and if she were her true self right now, she’d be worrying herself sick over you acting this way,’ Riki responded, knowing he’d struck a chord as Kenshi looked up at him with a resigned expression.
'You wanna beat this guy? Then bring her back to you.’
Regaining his earlier determination, Kenshi had set about trying to think of anything that could trigger your memories of him. A memory, a word…a song maybe.
With so many possibilities, the Black Foxes knew they were in for a long few days.
Closing LRN, the boys had been strenuously working to try and help regain your memories of Kenshi, though for the first four days, their work had seemed fruitless.
'We have so many memories together,’ Kenshi frowned as he sat talked with Atsumu while Takuto and Hiro helped clear away the plates from dinner with you. While you didn’t like the situation at hand, you trusted the others. It was the only reason you had stayed this long.
'Takkun, come on and help out!’
'No. I’m tired…’
'But Takkun…’ Hiro whined, making you giggle as he looked over to Kenshi.
'Kenny, get Takkun to help us will you?’
'What did you say?’
Glancing to you at the serious tone in your voice, Hiro repeated himself as you gripped the edge of the bar, feeling as though your head was clearing of a terrible headache.
Putting a hand to your forehead, the others had gone to you in concern when you glanced up to find Kenshi before you.
There was no malice in your voice as you spoke to him. No anger…
'You remember me?’ he breathed in disbelief.
Nodding wordlessly, Kenshi had wasted no time in sliding over the bar to your side and wrapping you up in his arms.
'I don’t understand what happened…’
'It’s okay, you’re alright now,’ he responded, his voice full of confidence, though his heart was racing.
'How do you feel?’ Hiro asked.
'Like I’m home,’ you whispered, nestling against Kenshi’s chest, surrounded by the family that you had all made together… 

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Because I couldn’t stop thinking about Sterek and this post (I blame all the little league baseball Sterek AUs and that I haven’t written Sterek in too long).


“Buddy, I’m sorry but we’re leaving.”

Stiles turns around and tries to tug his eight-year-old away from the Quidditch pitch. But Colin just drags his heels and refuses to move along with him and Stiles has to stop after just a few steps if he doesn’t want to drag his son through the mud.

“Daaad! You promised!” Wow, his kid really has whiny down. And he’s loud – Stiles can already see a few heads turning their way, though thankfully not yet the one he’s willing to face his kid’s eternal wrath for, if he can only avoid facing him.

“I know I promised, but I can’t do this!”

Merlin’s sagging underpants, his kid has definitely spent too much time with Lydia; that glare is lethal.

“You are not even supposed to do anything, Daaad!” Yup, still whining. This doesn’t look good for Stiles.

“You are supposed to sit there and watch me play Quidditch with Derek Hale.”

By Minerva, his kid says it as though Derek Hale is the second coming of the chosen one – never mind that Potter is still alive and kicking. Stiles can’t stop himself from mumbling:

“That’s the problem, really.”

Colin’s face changes so quickly that Stiles is getting emotional whiplash. Instead of disappointed and this close to using angry tears as a lethal weapon, a grin is spreading across Colin’s face that is decidedly too dirty for an eight-year-old. Again, Stiles blames Lydia. Though Allison does have a wicked humor that gets increasingly explicit if she’s had a bit of firewhiskey. Either way, Stiles blames his friends because he has been very careful about his language where the ears of impressionable children can hear him.

“Do you no longer want to go, Dad, because ‘Derek Hale’s bum is as plump as a ripe and ready peach’?”

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