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Oh right, I never mentioned it on here but a few months ago (I think November), Kenzaki’s actor got into an accident where after getting into a traffic dispute someone hit him over the face with a golf club. He was hospitalized (I think he was in critical condition/in a coma but I forget?) and after he got out he mentioned a few times that he’s still somewhat self-conscious of his injuries. Granted we don’t see said injuries in the trailer but I note that his left side of his face is always hidden so that might be why.

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An hc where the reader always covers up with big sweaters and sweatshirts bc she's on the curvier side and one day she wears like a cropped sweatshirt and Ethan is really proud and happy to see her out of her comfort zone 😊

Of course!! Please enjoy 😊💕


- He’d always say that he loves you no matter your size but you’re still very self conscious of your body

- Wearing his bigger hoodies because everything is big on him so it’ll be big in you too

- You being upset when you dry your sweaters and they shrink

- He’d always give you praise about you and your body and you’d appreciate it but it takes a bit to make you really feel good about yourself

- Eventually though it happens and you wear a form fitting shirt and he just stares at you

- ‘You’re so beautiful… I’m proud of you’

- Kisses and praise and hugs and just being a sweet blueberry

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Hey Emma! I recently started a studyblr and I'm really nervous... I can't write in cursive or calligraphy and my handwriting is really big and messy.... i also can't draw to save my life.... I know everyone is accepting but I still feel self conscious and clunky.

Hi! Don’t be nervous about it - you shouldn’t feel pressure about something that is supposed to be a fun, creative outlet! Also don’t worry about not being able to draw. I seriously can’t draw in any sense of the word. I’m terrible at art hah! If you’ve looked at my original content photos, they’re all very simple - never artistic or anything. I tend to stick with what I’m comfortable with and I don’t think being unartistic has proven a problem for being part of the studyblr community. I get why you’d feel a bit conscious. I’ve felt it too. Especially when studyblr has so many creative and artistic people. It can be tricky not to compare yourself but remember you’re unique in your own way. I would try to put those feelings behind you. Studyblr doesn’t mean you have to be artistic or neat. It is about being part of a community dedicated to supporting education and self-improvement. If you’re still worried about your handwriting, you should have a read of my post about improving your handwriting. I’ve added in some pritnables to help you out as well xx

Ok but imagine that the stress of El Mañana and Plastic Beach start eating away at Murdoc more and more…and one morning on Plastic Beach 2D wakes up beside Murdoc and points out that he’s begun to sprout some gray hairs.

And Murdoc is so humiliated because he is a bloody immortal bass slayer! He doesn’t have time for this aging crap! And he’s frantically alternating between looking up different hair dyes to order and trying to just pluck them out one-by-one, determined not to let anyone see that he’s getting older and succumbing to middle age.

But 2D just walks over and ruffles his hair and murmurs that he thinks it makes Murdoc look distinguished. That he’s aging beautifully. So could he please leave his hair alone? And Murdoc just pauses mid-tantrum. 

He’s still incredibly self-conscious about his gray hairs, but 2D adores them. And he’s more than willing to spend each day assuring the bassist that he looks just fine the way he is.

headcanon that Tony and Bucky don’t really get along at first. Tony’s not exactly a “handle with care” kind of guy and Bucky’s still too raw from everything that’s happened to be able to deal with his sense of humor. It’s nothing that affects their work as a team, but Bucky just doesn’t spend time with Tony like he does the others.

Until one night while he’s working out (Bucky’s still self-conscious of his arm so he hides it during the day) something triggers him and suddenly he’s in a complete dissociate state. Hyperventilating, flashbacks, the whole nine. Bucky’s sure his heart is going to give out when he feels someone lay their hand on his back and a voice orders him to breathe. “Come on, Tin Man, you can do it. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.“ When Bucky finally comes to, he’s curled in a fetal position, staring at the bright light of Tony’s arc reactor. Neither one of them say anything for a long while.

“PTSD-induced panic attacks,” Tony says finally. “I used to get them after everything that happened in New York. If you can, putting your head between your knees helps.” And just like that, he walks away without another word. Very Tony Stark.

The next day there’s a bottle of anti-anxiety medication in Bucky’s room with a note that reads: “If you need them.”

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' “You love me?” He says, still stunned. Harry scrunches his nose, self conscious, but nods nonetheless. As he does so, his curls move about on the pillow. “I have for quite a while.” He admits, like a secret.” ' I AM FUCKED UP !!!!!!! SO VERY FYCKED UP AHSBDJSBDJD !!!!!!! I CANT ARTICULATE HOW FUCKED UP I AM OVE TTJIS Nn!!!!! I HAVE BUTTERFLIES IN MY TUMMY !! (How very fitting) I AM A BALL OF ANXIETY !!!! THIS ANGST AND FLUFF AND THESE LOVE REALISATIONS AR E DESTROYING ME !!! (PbyP anon lol)

Baby!!!! you’re getting to the good part! Louis can’t believe someone can genuinely love him, and Harry he never said those words to anyone  you know! despite all his bravado, he’s very self conscious about it, he’s scared he’s going to be rejected! even if it’s a very calculated risk in this case.

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Imagine Steve still being self conscious about his body and forgetting he's no longer the "chihuahua" but now he's the giant "golden retriever" and a lover (whomever you choose is fine:D) letting him be big spoon when they cuddle and telling him how much they admire his strength

He still runs into door frames sometimes. And kitchen counters. And table corners. The produce section at the grocery store is a nightmare.

Steve spent twenty five years as a stick bug, able to move in between the tiny spaces in crowds without once having to ask someone to edge out of the way. He had elbows of steel on reserve power but rarely felt the need to use them. He used to be able to fold up so small that Bucky joked about taking him to the docks in his lunchbox. He hated being sick all the time but there was always an upside to being small.

But even after two years of being big he was still adjusting. He liked being strong, loved being able to breathe, but he wasn’t wild about taking up so much space. The height had been a fun surprise but there’s something unsettling about feeling like a burden just by sitting on the couch. As if his mere presence was an inconvenience that people had to work around. He broke more coffee mugs just because he was too tired to pay attention to his grip.

He loved the things he could do with his body; sometimes he just wished it was someone else’s.

He tried not to focus too hard on the discomfort but mirrors were becoming a problem. He was shirtless one night, just wanting to go to sleep when he caught his reflection in the bathroom. He lost track of how long he’d been standing there, trying to will himself smaller, when a hand came down on his shoulder as his mirrored self was joined by another.

“Steve.” Thor rested his head on his shoulder, arm wrapping around his chest. “You seem troubled.”

They had only been seeing each other for a few weeks, testing the poly amorous waters. Thor and Jane were actually pros but it was new territory for Steve. But when the God of Thunder invites you out for coffee, you can only resist for so long.  

He leaned back into the broad chest behind him, running his hand over Thor’s arm. “I’m alright.”

“What do you need?” The other man rumbled and if that didn’t send the ultimate chill down Steve’s spine.

But even with the distraction Steve’s eyes were locked on the mirror. “’Let’s start with an antidote.”  

A look of knowing passed over Thor’s eyes and his grip tightened ever so slightly. “You are missing your old form?”

Steve nodded, wanting to explain but the words wouldn’t come. That was the thing about Thor though: he was more intuitive than the tabloids gave him credit for. Without any further elaboration he gently pulled Steve to the bed (Steve’s, not Thor’s though he had offered. Steve still didn’t know how he felt about sleeping with a man in the bed he shared with his partner.)

Thor laid him out with his head resting on the pillow. Steve expected him to lay down behind him, taking the same comforting position he had in the bathroom. But when Thor came down beside him it was with his back facing Steve’s chest. He took Steve’s arm and wrapped it under his, around his chest, pulling them flush together.

“I never had the honor of knowing you in the form you were born with,” Thor said quietly. “I imagine you were just as beautiful as you are now, if only smaller. But ever since we’ve met my life has been enriched by your kindness, your dedication, and of course, your strength.” He gave Steve’s bicep a small squeeze of appreciation. “Both on the physical and metaphorical plane. We need you Captain, and I for one am tremendously grateful to have you. Just as you are.”

Something in Steve’s chest loosened, and he smiled. The problem hadn’t been solved, Steve would need to tackle that on his own, but for now he could sleep, and that was something.

Au in which Kaneki somehow comes back home to Hide but is still pretty self-conscious about his white hair because it makes him stand out a lot. Insert Hide convincing him to dye it platinum blond because the effect would be super cool starting from his white strands. Then imagine Kaneki regretting it as soon as people start staring at the blond duo instead, mistaking them for delinquents, and Hide beaming and mimicking guns with his fingers because of course that was what he had in mind the whole time, the dumbass