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People keep asking if I met Hayley Atwell in person and the answer is no because at Fanexpo in Toronto first of all I couldn’t even ENTER the damn building because she was inside. But then I got TRAPPED in the line for her autograph signing and I didn’t want to go because I knew I couldn’t handle it but the line kept moving and people kept pushing and half of the people in the line just KNEW, THEY KNEW, AND LAUGHED, and then I got less than 2 meters away from her booth so I tried escaping by going against everyone and when it didn’t work and I came even closer I straight up screamed and ran away from her. There was witnesses. A lot of them.

And that is how I didn’t meet Hayley Atwell

HDM month | week 3: favourite relationship

Lyra & Will

“She could see from his eyes that he knew at once what she meant, and that he was too joyful to speak. Her fingers were still at his lips, and he felt them tremble, and he put his own hand up to hold hers there, and then neither of them could look; they were confused; they were brimming with happiness.”

i. she runs her fingers across the back of my hand and it feels like being struck by lightning. there is a storm overhead that hasn’t started yet, but the grey skies are not nearly as intimidating as her eyes on my lips

ii. we fall asleep under the same stars every night but years stretch further than the distance between our beds. I never fall asleep in her arms. I have never dreamed of something so much. 

iii. a night of firsts. first time skinny dipping. first time breaking into a pool. first time seeing her naked. not a first kiss, yet somehow it always feels so new.

iv. she buys a beat up car and I steal my freedom from under my parents’ thumb. the sound of tires on gravel still sounds like running away.

v. the fireflies stop showing up when we meet. the wind chills and we both freeze in place. I thought time had given us a pause but he doesn’t stop for anyone, not even the young trying to fall in love.

vi. letters only mean so much and no one ever means it when they say “we’ll keep in touch.” her kiss doesn’t feel new and I don’t know if she means it when she tells me “I’ll always love you.”

vii. I loved her. I love her. You never forget your first but it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough.

—  In Scrabble, LOVE is only worth 7 points || O.L.
Dallas finding a small dog Imagine

(Ok, I said I was going to do this so…here we go!) 

-Dallas was just casually walking to Buck’s one night when he found a small white puppy.

-He merely glanced at it and then kept walking at first

-The dog had noticed him and began to follow him, to his horror.

-He actually kicked it away

-It yelped in shock and pain, but still came running back.

-“Go away you stupid-ass dog!” he yelled at it.

-Dog tucks its tail between its legs and whimpers.

-He got sad when he noticed it was like Johnny.

-Literally, him kneeling down and apologizing to dog.  

-“I-am sorry.” he gave it a few pats and the shoved it away.

-He walked like 10 blocks before noticing it was still freaking following him.

-He decided he’d just keep it in his pocket of his jacket.

-It fell asleep in his warm coat (so precious!!!)

-He ended up just going to his room alone at Buck’s

-He forgot the dog was in there until he through his coat on the floor and it yipped getting lost in the leather.

-He kind of laughed and fished it out of the sea of leather.

-It just kind of stared at him sitting in his hand.

-Dog pees on him after a few moments.

-He drops dog in disgust and swear a lot

-He ended up apologizing to the dog again.

-Dog licks him and he grimaces full on, because it was actually comforting.

-He falls asleep on his bed with small dog and dog cuddles in his hair. (like i can see it and im dying)

-Next day, Dallas plays with dog.

-He names it Thunder.

-He just thought it fit the lil’ guy.

-Thunder is actually girl.

-Dallas checked *face palm*

-He takes THunder to Curtis’ in his pocket but tells no one.

-They’re all sitting at the table when Pony starts to notice Dal shoving food in his pocket.

-“Dal, what are you doing?”

-“What do ya mean, kid?”

-Thunder pops head from his pocket

-Johnny literally jumped when it happend.

-Thunder falls out of his pocket onto table and sits.

-Darry stared surprised.

-“I found him on the street and he wouldn’t leave me alone” was Dally’s excuse, which was true, but he still got crap for it.

-Johnny really like Thunder and Thunder likes him back.

I can gladly do more on this topic. 

If Twilight was set in 2016...

Edward in the sunlight was shocking. It were as if a thousand tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface.
He looked at her with a strange expression - one that screamed how afraid he was she might still run away and never return- and waited for her response.

Bella moved closer and, barely a foot from his exposed chest, looked up at him with anguish written across her face.
She bit her lip and shook her head before finally breathing out, “Damn boy, what highlighter you use.”

Some Things I Concluded After Watching Chapter 8

1. Blake needs Sun. No, I’m not talking in a romantic sense (though I do like Black Sun), I’m talking in a motivational sense. Sun is persistent, and although that persistence can be irking at times, it does not wane. He won’t let her run away, and which is something she needs to stop doing if she is going to grow. Yes, Blake has developed a lot, but she still runs away from her problems, rather than facing them head-on. Sun can help put a stop to that.

2. Remember in chapter 4, when Qrow scoffed, “Luck”? He didn’t just say that because he was the one killing the Grimm. He said it because he knows that with him around, good luck isn’t exactly a thing. 

3. Qrow may have been with Summer when she died, and (if that’s true) blames himself. 

Something that I find remarkable about the GW2 PS, especially when you think about the MMO genre as a whole is the fact that your character fails. Your character makes mistakes. Mistakes that have actual consequences.

Like the Human 10 Story? Don’t go after Quinn? He dies. He dies, and it’s your fault, because you didn’t help him.

Or Claw island! No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, the Fortress falls, you retreat, and your beloved mentor dies. You lose.

Also the Greatest Fear storyline, especially the Demolitionist Tonn version - it was completely out of your control, there was nothing you could have done, but Ceera still resents you. She runs away and gets herself in danger, you save her, and she clearly states that she’s thankful for that, but she can still never forgive you for taking her husband from her.

These losses and failures are something the Commander just has to deal with. Their losses make them grow as a person and a leader, and it teaches a very important lesson

Sometimes, you fail. There’s nothing you can do. Get up, move on. In the end, you will still triumph. In the end, it will all be okay.

Your character says it themself in the story branch that gets Kekt killed - “I am sick and tired of burying our best”. It affects them, they feel guilty and tired but they fight on. They gather up the courage necessary to overcome a threat so disproportionate to themself and their resources (mechanics aside, here) and give the deaths they’ve witnessed meaning in victory.

I’m just… really happy with the vanilla PS writing.


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Cheap Thrills | Taehyung

Summary: The in between where ignorance was bliss and you were madly in love with Kim Taehyung | Based on Runaway 

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,838

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