still room

a journal entry i found from when i was 15

i feel as though im dying from the inside out. has a young girl ever died from old age? i can bathe in soapy water and spray myself with expensive perfume, i can eat daintily, dust and paint my face with makeup, keep my clothes pristine. but what is inside me i can’t do anything with.

would anyone love me if they saw more than a husk? heard more than a voice? would they forgive my green grey rot of thoughts? would they touch my decay? no. we all step away when the body starts to smell. they wouldn’t know. it’s not their fault.

“I’m talking about starting out as friends
I’m talking about real and not pretend
I’m talking about bros of a life time
You and I can even right the end.”


Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)


A while ago @consuelodoodles became a year older, a year wiser, and a gift for her birthday was this poem from… someone?. And of course I died and came back to life only to make this. Enjoy.

Good practice, cute poem, I don’t have time for this so it was like 10-30 minutes everytime I did anything. Thank you for the inspiration, I’m ready to let this go.

*snorts* 😂😂😂

cr:  @vanillajinki

can you imagine kara going home as supergirl and she’s just so tired and lena’s there making dinner or something and she just mindlessly leans in for a kiss and lena kisses back and then 10 minutes later kara’s like f UCK