still relevant i guess

Groups of intrest: Simplfied
  • SCP Foundation: Opens a Lemonade stand. Puts the lemons in cages.
  • Alexylva University: Opens a Lemonade stand in another dimension. We don't know where they put their lemons. They kind of just show up with the lemonade.
  • Are We Cool Yet?: A bunch of college students open a Lemonade stand. When an order is requested, the patron is given a spray painted lemon that explodes.
  • The Chaos Insurgency: Some people working the SCP Foundation Lemonade stand get mad, steal a few of the SCP Foundation's lemons, and go make their own lemonade stand. Now, whenever the people at the SCP Foundation's stand go to the store to buy more lemons, these wackos come out of nowhere and try to grab the lemons from their cart.
  • The Church of the Broken God: A few people in sneak in in the middle of the night, steal some of the Foundation's lemons, then run back to their own lemonade stand. They hot glue on some gears and start worshipping the lemons. They stack the lemons on top of each other to try to summon back the lemon god. No luck. They duck tape the lemons together and keep worshiping. Maybe one of these days.
  • Doctor Wondertainment: The people running the SCP Foundation's lemonade stand wake up to find six polka-dotted lemons sitting on their stand. The lemons are plastic, and, when poked with a stick, shoot out fiery lemonade of death. Every child on the block has one.
  • The Factory: The SCP Foundation workers go out to lunch. When they come back, their stand is surrounded by hundreds of identical lemons.
  • The Fifth Church: Across the street, there is a...what is that? Is that a lemon? I don't think so. No one comes to get the lemon, so it must not be a lemon...but I could have sworn that I saw a lemon.
  • The Global Occult Coalition (GOC): A small mob of people run up to the SCP Foundation's stand, grab as many lemons as they can, then set them on fire in the street while screaming at the top of their lungs.
  • GRU Division "P": Several Russians set up camp in their own lemonade stand across the street. Whenever they come across a lemon, they creep forward and poke it with a stick before grabbing it and sprinting back to their own stand.
  • Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting: A circus comes to town. A circus that only shows lemons. Elephant? lemons. Clowns? Lemons. Trapeze artists? Nope, just lemons. Lemons everywhere.
  • The Horizon Initiative: An Abrahamic church down the street opens a lemonade stand. Every once in a while, they steal lemons from the other Lemonade stands and either protect them or set them on fire.
  • Manna Charitable Foundation: These people don't even have a stand. Each week, they fill the bed of their truck with lemons, then drive down to the homeless shelter and give them to people, promising that the lemons will make their lives better.
  • Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.: An all-exclusive, high-end lemonade stand opens in the lot next to the SCP Foundation. They sell lemons at a price of about $100,000 a piece.
  • "Nobody": There is an empty lot down the street. A lemon sits there, sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't. Everyone sees it. People aren't sure what they think of this lemon. They just kind of accept it, since it doesn't really seem to be hurting anybody anyway.
  • Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA): The Islamic Center down the street sets up a lemonade stand. They paint a thick yellow line all around their stand, and declare that any lemons that land in that line are theirs and that no one else that owns a lemonade stand is allowed in the line. This was all fine and good, until they moved the line six feet forward, then made it into a box around the center. Now, it holds the street corner and the grocery store on fifth avenue. The workers at the SCP Foundation have tried to intervene, only to be pelted with lemons.
  • Prometheus Labs, Inc.: A lemonade stand dedicated to lemonade development opens. They work on making lemons that will save the human race in the event of a lemon apocalypse. The lemonade that they sell is iffy, and the other lemonade stand owners on the block are suspicious as to exactly what they are injecting their lemons with.
  • The Serpent's Hand: A lemonade gang that roams the streets in search of anyone marketing lemons. If your lemons have one bump, they will steal them and set them alight in the streets. If your lemons have two, they will steal them, yell at you about how inhumane it is to keep lemons with two bumps captive, and disappear into a back alley. With your lemons.
  • Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU), Federal Bureau of Investigation: Two kids new to the lemonade business set up shop down the street. They pretend they know what they're doing when selecting their lemons and making their lemonade, but all the other lemonade stand owners know that they don't know a thing about how to safely handle lemons.
Feel You On My Neck

Feel You on My Neck by awriterwrites

Harry’s drunk.  Harry’s drunk and there’s this guy.  This guy plastered to his back and if he could just get a cab…

Based on these lyrics:

Feel you on my neck while I’m calling a taxi
Climbing over me while I climb in the backseat
Now we’re taking off
Now we’re taking it off tonight

@vansandburberry had mentioned my fic recently in reply to someone saying they wanted a fic like this.  I wrote this about a year ago.  And I guess it’s still relevant!  It also happens to be one of my favorite head canons.  Enjoy!

Also…@waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee I’m addicted to photoset making now–thanks to you!

anonymous asked:

It's really weird to think that the majority of victims who died (+ Eric/Dylan) at Columbine would now be nearing 40. (with the exception of Steven Curnow, Daniel Mauser, Daniel Rohrbough, Kyle Velasquez, John Tomlin and Kelly Fleming)

It’s strange to think about how long ago it was! 

I kind of blew people’s minds when I posted most victim’s could’ve lived a double life with the amount of time passed since the massacre. It’s just crazy! All the victim’s and their stories are still so relevant today I guess. The 90′s overall is still kind of similar to today. Today’s teenagers are much different than the 70′s for example. 


Sum and Void.

I realized I never posted these together, which doesn’t make sense because they’re meant to be a sort of opposite and equivalent pair. Because sharing headspace isn’t the same for everyone.

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what do you think casca's berserk armor would look like?

I think about this on an off and I can never quite draw myself to a concrete conclusion. I guess the first thing to consider is whether Casca could actually be a candidate for the berserker armor, since you need to be particularly ruthless and anger-filled (it’s not called the berserker armor for nothing). I contend that Casca is entitled to feel angry in the event that she returns to lucidity, but could she reach that level of anger? This shouldn’t be interpreted as a gender thing, just a characterization thing, since wrath isn’t exactly Casca’s signature fatal flaw (or Griffith for that matter, which is why he wouldn’t be able to use it, I doubt).

But I guess you’re asking this question for super animal symbolism, because a lot of characters seem to have them at one point or another; Casca isn’t one of them, oddly enough, and I’ve heard a lot of fans guess at what animal would best represent her. I hear a lot of people equating her to a cat (because she’s secretive, “catty”, but also affectionate) or a bear (mainly because she’s protective in the “mama bear” sort of way, but there’s apparently a lot of self/healing, inner strength and confidence, and solitude symbolism too).

Her name means “shell” in Portuguese too, which I guess is the limit of her symbolism (which is still super relevant to her character and story). So I guess if you’re satisfied with her Berserker armor looking like this:

then everyone is happy.

…. Nah.

As time goes by, honestly I think the runner-up animal that best represents Casca is… a wolf/dog.

I know that it seems like it would be stealing Guts’ symbolic spotlight, but I don’t think people realize how much in common he and Casca share. They’re loyal to the ones they care about, they’re strategic, they’re fierce but compassionate, they both endure and struggle (even if Casca’s endurance and struggle isn’t acknowledged), and they are both individuals who want to belong somewhere, in a pack.

And there’s the romantic notion, since wolves are monogamous*, which says something about Guts’ and Casca’s devotion to one another.

Not to mention how their hypothetical offspring only appears during a full moon* (and on a derogatory note, Casca is called a b!tch a lot, and, a b!tch is a female dog, and it kind of coincides with how Guts is negatively referred to as a “mad dog”).

All of this is up to interpretation, since it’s all kind of New Age-y, and animal symbolism differs across cultures, so all of this might mean something totally different in Japanese folklore, but some artists have rendered how Casca would look if she were in possession of the berserker armor, and it seems to work out beautifully.

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Side note regarding Gamzee's potential death here, due to being tied up and left for Kanaya (plus an ominous “you don’t need him.” message), setting aside all the other complications it’d cause:

Gamzee is a potential influence behind Rose’s drinking problem, by enhancing her fears with his psychic abilities and using his capacity as a Bard of Rage on the orders of Lil Cal’s whispers. If Gamzee is dead, it’s not absolutely guaranteed, but there’s a chance she might not start drinking with Gamzee’s influence gone!

(If she does fall into it without him, it proves the problem was a challenge she still needs to deal with, that Gamzee might not have tipped into occurring. I still argue he greased the wheels, though, in an attempt to “blind” both Seers before they reached the session. You don’t need a dead Gamzee to unblind Terezi; a living Vriska would more than suffice.)

Gamzee’s still probably not going to be dead/gone for the meteor trip, despite that message. Really complicates things with Lil Cal, Jack English, Caliborn, et cetera if he’s gone. But there’s hope, I guess, and this might still be relevant on the off chance his death really happens here?