still regretting this btw

The 5 OTPs Meme

I got tagged by the lovely @alwaysbesassy for the 5 OTPs meme a while ago and now that I have a life again I am finally able to write something.

Edit: The moment I posted this I saw that I was tagged by @pinkjasmink as well xD Thank you!

Warning! This post may contain Irony and Salt.

I did my best to gather my most beloved OTPs since I just have SO many.

1. Blondie and the Thug

I know their relationship is problematic and abusive. Just think about it: Blondie shoved the thugs face into mudwater and tricked him into joining the military and his cause even though the poor thing just wanted to kill him. :( Blondie is constantly manipulating the criminal since he obviously is just another weapon for that tall emotionless bastard. Even though this all is true and absolutely canon this manipulative relationship gives me life! Sorry not sorry.

2. Daddy and the Twink

Their father-son relationship is just so beautiful?! Daddy is constantly mentoring the twink and is always there for a good advice. I’m especially glad that the smol bean found his Daddy because he lost his mother at such a young age, never knew his father and got abandoned by his uncle. It’s good to know he found someone who will take care of him in every single position way he needs <3

3. Smol and Tol

BROTP No. 1! Their friendship gives me so many feels…I mean they’re so good friends Smol even borrows Tols clothes like real pals do. If this is no proof for their deep and manly friendship I don’t know either. I bet they are each other’s wingmen or something like that.

4. The Commander and the Captain

Another problematic ship of mine. I know I’m a bad person but I just can’t help it. I mean it’s absolutely clear that the Captain hates the Commander, he even threatens to break his legs and joined the army to get rid of him in the first place. There’s no trust or deep relationship in sight in a radius of about 1000km. But like the canon-ignoring fangirl I am I just ship these two so hard?! I will talk shit about every other ship that threatens my OTP!

5. Erwin and Levi

Now to my final and most beloved OTP: The Eruris <3 Those two have ruined my life but gave me so much in return that I don’t care. I don’t think that I will ever find another ship that I will love that much. The trust and deep bond those two share is just so good. And I still can not believe that they are as canon as they can be. They hurt so much but it’s worth it in the end. A ship with no regrets.

Did I forget any argument from Eruri-haters? I am actually not that big in shipping pairings very hard…I shipped EdWin in FMA and liked some other pairings but nothing too serious :) I actually don’t know who to tag…I might add someone later.

Roses are red

You can dye flowers teal

looking back at due south

This is still @tygermama‘s fault btw.

So I really regret coming late into this fandom, mainly because there’s so much good fic out there and there are so many interesting stories that are lost because they were around in the days when we didn’t have AO3 and it was pretty much personal websites that include Angelfire and Geocities and there’s only so much that the wayback machine can do to retrieve those lost gems. 

I remember seeing snatches and the odd episode of Due South as a teenager.  I have eyes; of course I thought Benton Fraser was cute even then.  And his Fluffy Puppy. 

But there is something to be said for coming into an old fandom and rediscovering this gem of a show. 

a.  They Can Write Actual An Good Guy™ And Not Make Him Boring AF - Anyone (read: people who want to “gritty up” Superman and Captain America - whether you’re referring to Steve, Sam or Bucky) who claims they can’t write Actual Good Guys such as Cap and Supes because they’re “bland” and “uninteresting” and “Grimdark and Gritty Batman is so much cooler” should be smacked upside the head several times and made to watch this show.

Benton Fraser is an actual good person.  He’s kind and he’s courteous and he’s respectful and earnest and he believes in Truth, Justice and the Canadian Way™ and he’s not fucking perfect. 

He can be snarky and impatient and occasionally arrogant and stubborn as hell and even the inevitable storyline where he would fall in love with the Evil Snow Bitch From Frozen Hell (Victoria) just makes him all the more interesting because you realize he’s vulnerable.  He’s lonely.  And sometimes, he does need to step out of the red serge and take off the Stetson of Invulnerability™ and be recognized as a human being who needs love and affection and have someone to come home to.

(Which is why Fraser staying in the Consulate for the later seasons is kinda heartbreaking, now that I think about it.)

Fraser is good and he’s interesting and I wish we had more adventures or at least one more TV movie in which he and Ray Kowalski end up finding the Hand of Franklin or a certain Frozen Super Soldier (cackling) but hey, I’m still happy we got the show as it is. 

b.  The Rays

I’m gonna get THAT out of the way right here, right now.

So I love Ray Vecchio. 

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Caryl Appreciation Week! Day 1: Moment you started shipping Cary

I definatly started for sure here.. had been on the fence but didn’t want to commit to anything because I was worried about the potential heartbreak. And besides I knew I loved Daryl by that point and didn’t want to see him hurt. And I thought maybe I was right to hold back when she disappeared and was presumed dead.

And I judged by Daryl’s reaction to this loss that was important to him, and I thought to myself if she’s alive, I would ship it to hell and back because dammit he cared THAT much about her to need to spend some time with her at her empty grave alone. And some time preparing himself  for the eventual pain of having to put her down..

And then he found her.. and I for the first time truly squeed . The look on his face above and the gentle way he touched her, as if making sure she’s real. That’s she herself, before slowly putting the knife and picking her up in his arms. 

Carrying her in that oh so careful way with that look of concentration on his face. Because there was no way he was dropping this. It was so clear she was precious cargo and he was relieved at that moment to have her back. Even if he didn’t know why at the time. 

I mean that was it, I was a shipper again.. squeeing my little head off and scaring my cat. And here I am now over 3 years later writing about it still. 

I regret nothing :) 

(my first contribution to an appreciation week btw)