still really upset ok

Pledis: Wonwoo can’t be with us on his birthday but hey it’s not so bad!!! Here we’ll put this birthday hat on the album along with the little Wonwoo fox on the side as a cute lil gesture :)

Me: my heart is breaking into more and more pieces the longer the day goes on I don’t even care that I can’t physically see Wonwoo I’m just upset at the thought of him feeling awful on his birthday I can’t even appreciate your Pinterest esque contribution to his birthday bc I’m literally dying

okay tbh it kind of frustrates me when people do main character posts and they include luke as a bonus??? like he’s literally a main character??? he’s not just a special add on to the group he is literally a main character so it’d be nice if people could start accepting that and treating him like one instead of either not including him or tacking him on below like an extra