still really upset ok

researchers: welllll according to new fossilized skin samples from some t rex species…..we gotta put the “t rex was a huge chicken covered in fluffy feathers” theory to rest bc it seems unlikely that such a massive animal would be covered in feathers, they probably were scaly, near-featherless chickens instead


Honestly I got so hopeful over finnpoe being Canon. Like the actors kept hinting at it and that one guy retweeted that fanart, it just made me so hopeful that’d I’d get a beautiful gay couple in my favorite universe. I didn’t think they’d make it obvious like a kiss, but I’d hope they would at least have them hold hands and maybe even flirt a little.
And now I’m hearing about that Kathleen kennedy bitch laughing at the thought of a gay couple and my heart is just sinking. I never should’ve felt hopeful, I never should’ve trusted those people.

Like I shouldn’t really be surprised but I’m still so upset ya know? Like why does this still have to happen? Why do people still have to be so hateful? I just wanna feel like I’m not disgusting for loving my boyfriend and I want to see the guys on screen fall in love and it not be some huge joke.

And to see it in my favorite universe would’ve meant so much to me.

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

not to bring it up again and insert myself into the discourse™ but the whole “lesbians are predatory and creepy” way of thinking has real life consequences and implications it’s not just something you can say on the Internet to be ~edgy~. It was so so hard for me to accept that I was a lesbian and be comfortable labeling myself as a lesbian because I’ve heard stuff like that my whole life & I thought maybe I was a bad person bc of my attraction to women. But I’m not and neither is any other wlw so anyone who says stuff like that is shitty and a lesbophobe imlo

Current muse: Curly Prince Harold with doodlie-angel-wings. I’m pretty sure Angel Harry is somewhere on the list there… he’s prolly top 1, I wouldn’t even be surprised to be honest. :D

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fuckin Preach

// Bruh, listen, Mala. I was like lying in bed at like 2am all upset and shit like teary eyed bc when I first made Vianca there were all these important things about her and stuff she wanted that she really cared about that either got used to manipulate her or ignored and now those things have just…disappeared…but I really want them for her still and I’m just really upset about it still.

Like, ok, first of all her dad and brother were really important to her and that has kind of just dropped off the map. Secondly, her left hand is super fucked up and that was important but has just disappeared. Thirdly, like in her main verse she’s a virgin and she really wanted to like…do the do for the first time with somebody important to her…and this was a super critical part of her character that has basically just disappeared bc it was held over her head to get her to act a certain way. But I still want to do all these things. I still want these things to be a part of her character. I want to write them back in. But I’m just so upset about all of this.

Pledis: Wonwoo can’t be with us on his birthday but hey it’s not so bad!!! Here we’ll put this birthday hat on the album along with the little Wonwoo fox on the side as a cute lil gesture :)

Me: my heart is breaking into more and more pieces the longer the day goes on I don’t even care that I can’t physically see Wonwoo I’m just upset at the thought of him feeling awful on his birthday I can’t even appreciate your Pinterest esque contribution to his birthday bc I’m literally dying

Ok, so I’m still really upset over the new DR3 episode’s ending, but one good thing came out of this episode.

Naegi being carried around.

Like, I had this headcanon for a while that at some point Naegi would have to be carried by someone (Gozu was my best bet) because he’s not very athletic, and I was sure at some point he’d be so slow running away from some kind of threat that one of his allies would just be all “Screw it, I’m carrying you like a sack of potatoes.” And like, Gozu does?

And the best part is, since Naegi isn’t allowed to run, this is going to be a recurring thing.

Like seriously, I thought this headcanon was so ridiculous it wouldn’t make it into canon, but it did. In the best way possible. Hopefully this means that at some point, someone’s going to have to carry Naegi princess-style. And by someone, I mean Kirigiri.


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Trying to work through my Grey feelings:

OK so i’m still really upset from last nights episode and i’m probably never going to get over it because i’m still not over [spoiler alert] season 8 when Lexie/Mark died. But i think its ridiculous the way that Shonda wrote off Derek.

As if fucking Meredith hasn’t gone through enough… what makes me even more angry is that her character was fighting with Derek the majority of this season. DEREK. DID. NOT. HAVE. TO FUCKING. DIE. (he could have moved to DC hello) I don’t know what the fuck Shonda was thinking this literally came out of the blue?? I know Grey’s thrives off spontaneous deaths but no. no no no

What the fuck was he doing texting/making a phone call in the middle of the road??? Certainly he has more logic than that??? I thought there was no cell reception in that part of the road where he was saving people 10 minutes ago???? WHERE WAS THAT TRUCK COMING FROM WHEN NOT A SINGLE SOUL PASSED BY WHEN DEREK WAS HELPING THE PEOPLE THAT GOT INTO A CAR ACCIDENT?? What happened to the truck driver???  Major plot gaps.


I thought this episode was Meredith having a nightmare or something for about 5 minutes before the police showed up at her door and she was going to the hospital with the kids.. then it hit me that yo this bitch Shonda is actually pulling a fucking Game of Thrones death on Greys.

I hate this fucking show.

If Christina doesn’t show up next week for Dereks funeral this ISTG. Shonda better sleep with one eye open.

if u read this all congrats and goodbye im going to eat another tub of ice cream because i am really sad