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Big Tree Dreams

Summary: In which little and ridiculously ginormous Christmas dreams come true. Nalu Christmas tree farm AU. 

AN: MERRY CHRISTMAS @joannya! I’m your Secret Santa for @rivendell101′s Fic Exchange! I hope you have/had a wonderful holiday!!! Sorry this is late!! I mean it’s only been the 26th for one minute where I live, so does it still count…? I hope? I hope the Naluness makes up for my bad timing! Sorry, I’ve been with family cooking and cleaning and celebrating for days straight and finally I am free for about an hour… at midnight. Hehe. Well, here it is. :3

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The same question had circled around Natsu’s mind for several hours: Why would anyone wait till the night of Christmas Eve to buy a Christmas tree?

Lounging behind the thick, oak counter in the spinning office chair, Natsu grumpily huffed some pink bangs from his face and kicked a line of sleigh bells nearby. All of his friends were at parties, (not that he’d been invited, considering the fruit punch and puppy fiasco last year, but he’d been planning on coming anyway) or at home with their families. While Natsu’s only remaining family was his cat, his tiny apartment with his full refrigerator, hot sauce, and Netflix were far better company than the occasional passing car and the fire crackling mournfully in the corner.

Gramps, his boss at the little Christmas tree farm, had insisted that someone stay to man the place because someone still might come for a tree. (Why Natsu got chosen for the job unsupervised was a mystery to him, considering how prone he was to lighting things on fire. He kept lighters in his pocket that he’d flick on whenever he was bored. People referred to him as a pyromaniac in general conversation. And their entire business was trees. How did he even get a job here? Was he the only interviewee that knew how to swing an ax?) Well, if someone did come, Natsu figured he’d be just about ready to pick up his ax and brain whoever dared to step in that front door-

“Um, excuse me? Could I, ah, have some help?”

Natsu had been so busy simmering that he didn’t hear the bell ring for the angel at the door to get her wings.

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Roy/Ed AU where everyone is colourblind until they make physical contact with their soulmate

 so im revisiting my bad gem au and kinda making it closer to canon-ish or smth

 instead of the gems they were before, chica’s now a jasper (more or less overcooked, i bet,,) and bonnie is an amethyst (his gem is on his back i think idk i kinda forgot it lmao)

 i mean its still a bad au, but it’s just slightly less bad than it was before. ofc it’s rlly ooc w/ the actual su canon stuff (i mean REALLY loose, esp since there’s no male gems, oopsies) but i mean like. its an au so. eh

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Can you pls reccomend some good krisyeol fics?

I sure can~! Unfortunately tho.. so many of my favorite krisyeol fics have been deleted. But there are some left that are still worth reading^^ so here we go!

Ea$y Money (Friends-to-lovers, romance, smutttt, lil angst. Two roommates resort to doing gay p0rn in order to pay their rent)

Make It Whole (+ Prequel + Sequel) (Family!au, mpreg, smuttt, romance, age-gap. So, chanyeol is not really into the whole domestic life, unless it is with kris)

A Bad Moon Rising (Wolf!au, romance, smuttt. Kris is an alpha wolf and imprints on chanyeol, who’s a human, and kris’ pack doesn’t approve)

You Of Yesterday And Me Of Tomorrow (Romance, fluff. Summary: All Chanyeol wanted to do was buy eggs. He wasn’t meant to be caught in his ex-boyfriend’s old work t-shirt by the ex-boyfriend himself.)

Old Habits Die Hard (Romance, fluff. Kinda similar to the fic above. It’s about ex-boyfriends toeing the line of the ex part)

New Season Come To Me (Abo!au, smuttt, mpreg, romance. Kris and chanyeol are mates, but chanyeol is self concious about their relationship, and worried that kris doesn’t really love him) 

The Truth Will Set You Free (Arranged marriage!au, smuttt, romance. They’re in an arranged marriage, and kris happens to be the guy that chanyeol once had a crush on)

Hooked (Fluff, romance, crack. Kris is crushing on his neighbor)

Laugh A Little, It Suits You (Amusement park!au, summer!au, romance, fluff. In which Chanyeol works at an amusement park, Kris is always smiling, and Baekhyun is an annoying little shit) 

You And Me Makes Three (Mpreg, romance, fluff. Just.. them having a baby) 

Sugar And Spice (Crack, mpreg. They switch once, and kris ends up preggo it’s hilarious i’m dying)

I hope you like these fics anon ^o^


Dark!Skyeward AU: Grant Ward knew being undercover at Hydra for Shield had it’s risks. Being murdered by the person that the super spy himself went undercover for in the first place wasn’t one of the considered risks. Unaware of Ward’s occupation, Phil Coulson did what he thought was necessary and killed the man with his own two hands, unaware of Ward’s attempts at a a good deed. Though, Coulson wasn’t alone. From afar, Skye stood emotionless, watching with blurred vision as Coulson left Ward’s body to rot, with nothing but dust circling the air with every step he made away from the corpse. Unforgiving of her directors actions, Skye took it upon herself to avenge the man she lost, and would never get back. Anger fueled her system every waking day as she began her path to revenge.

I absolutely love rev!Bill (Will??? well i love all of them) and I was in a mood of drawing happy little flower demon in tribal sweater, so here it is~ also im totally ignoring the whole au rn, sorry, but i want happy rev!BIll

Sorry for inactivity… Bad times, art blocks, all that jazz - hopefully it will be over soon!


- Mello is a pureblood slytherin who knows that the history of his house is pretty bad but he’s still hella proud to be a slytherin
- Matt is a muggle-born who knows literally nothing about the wizarding world, probably a Gryffindor but maybe Hufflepuff idk
- Matt is really bad at potions
- He’s usually partnered with Mello, who is the best at potions, because the professor is still hoping in vain that some of Mello’s talent for potion-making will rub off on him
- It never does and Matt and Mello’s potions usually end up failing in hilarious ways
- Which means Mello never gets a higher score than Near, his rival from Ravenclaw (Rivalclaw™)
- Mello learns a bunch of curses and jinxes and tests them on Near, the most successful being the jelly-legs jinx because can u imagine a smol Near with jelly legs it’s an adorableness I tell you
- Eventually Matt develops a crush on Mello bc honestly who wouldn’t have you seen Mello??? The boy is beautiful
- An older slytherin called Beyond figures out that Matt has fallen hard for Mello and gives him a recipe for a love potion
- Naturally the potion fails and Mello ends up falling in love with Near somehow (how does this happen? who knows my guy)
- Near is okay with this bc he doesn’t know it’s because of a potion and again have you seen Mello
- Despite Mello and Near’s one-sided rivalry Matt and Near are pretty good friends so Matt is hesitant to tell Near the truth
- When Near finds out, whether it’s from Matt or Beyond or whatever, he’s REALLY mad
- Like really really mad
- Near tries to physically attack Beyond but Beyond does some sorta spell to stop him (Imperius Curse? Would B really do that very illegal thing? The answer is yes he would ofc but does it fit the vibe of this relatively lighthearted au?)
- So after the potion wears off and Mello stops being a lovesick lil bitch he gets real pissed at Beyond
- Y I K E S
- So Near, Matt and Mello plan their revenge on Beyond
- Imagine Beyond’s shock when a whole bunch of slytherins from his year (Misa, Light, Takada, Mikami) all fall in love with him and fight for him
- They love the BB
- They want the BB
- They sniff the BB
- They stroke the BB
- Beyond Birthday screams

ok but consider this, a (really bad) over the garden wall AU where the kids/teens in the Unknown swap roles with the ones in Greg & Wirt’s world

Wirt offends a cardinal with his poems, Beatrice wants to ask Anna (the Woodsman’s daughter) out on Halloween, and Lorna was pretty happy just existing but Beatrice has zero chill

im sorry this is the second terrible thing ive contributed to this fandom but i don’t see many otgw AU’s so i had to resort to this

BAD TEMPER IImasterlist + [part one found here]

A/N: Since you all sent such lovely feedback on the first part, I thought it would be nice to make a prt two (also bc i really wanted to) so I hope you enjoy this one as well!

Word Count: 4.1K+ 

Warning: Profanity

There was nothing like the sweet feeling of returning home–or that burning sensation that still lingered on your cheek from Kylo’s kiss–it almost was as if the man had lips of fire that burned with passion and desire…which only made you the slightest of flustered and irritated. Flying the TIE fighter wasn’t as bad as you expected, although it was tricky, you remembered a few tips Poe had told you about piloting which were (surprisingly) useful.

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Week #02 - Favourite Outfit of Merlin (Merthur AU)

What is your favourite outfit that Merlin wears?

When the Irish prince - Merlin Emrys - enters the court of Camelot, Arthur is blown away (not only because of guest’s green ceremonial robe which fits perfectly to his facial features), and frick, he has never seen someone so sweet and gorgeous and really, are those cheekbones even legal? And right now and then, Arthur decides he wants to woo this man. Merlin, that cheeky little bastard he is, doesn’t make it easy for him though. He’s pretty much flirty and all Arthur can do is just stop and stare (well, Arthur knows he has a problem anyway). The thing is, Merlin wants this handsome Pendragon prince right back and he is prepared to use all of his irish lucky charms.

HQ!! Rec List - MatsuHana version, Part 2

Part 2 of my MatsuHana fic rec list; here are Part 1 and Part 3

  • on the anatomy of crushes by carafin
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: alternate universe - college/university, alternate universe - medical, fluff, meet-cute, unresolved sexual tension
    Summary: A part-by-part dissection of their relationship. Medical school AU.
    ‘See you tomorrow?’ Hanamaki asks. He’s still smiling faintly, still carrying about his usual air of quiet self-assurance, but there’s no mistaking the hopefulness in his voice. ‘On the bus, I mean.’
    ‘Yeah,’ Matsukawa says, and tries not to make it sound too much like a promise. ‘See you tomorrow.’
    (Falling in love is really, ridiculously easy.)
  • hang out fall in love by carafin
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: alternate universe - magical realism, alternate universe - modern with magic, alternate universe - medical, enemies to friends to lovers
    Summary: In which Hanamaki’s humble medical practice is threatened by an intractable asshole a witch doctor who’s just moved into the shop down the street. Medical/Witchcraft AU.
       As far as Hanamaki’s concerned, and as far as bad life decisions go, setting up your witch clinic right next to an actual, proper, medical clinic is practically akin to setting up an all-you-can-eat buffet right next to a gym. Or a sex toy shop next to a church. Or a vegetable patch next to a goat farm. Or – yeah, the point is, this Matsukawa guy has totally cornered the market in Terrible-Life-Decision-Making-Skills.
  • rated m for by [orphan account]
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: lowkey seiyuu au, fluff, aged-up character(s), side iwaoi
    Summary: He should have known that there was a Specific Reason™ why it was so absolutely vital that he and Matsukawa specifically meet for a reading of the script. He should have known that there had to be some evil catch beyond sitting in a tiny, cramped studio with his newly sworn enemy.
    Hanamaki stares at the title of the script he’d so gracefully neglected the night before.  
    “Excuse me,” Hanamaki starts, raising a pen in the air while staring blankly at the packet in his free hand. “Just to clarify, you want me to record a boy’s love CD with Matsukawa?”
  • No One Else Like You by auber_jean
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: graduation, alternate universe - canon divergence
    Summary: “It’s not at all liberating to finally have it said out loud, because it makes it all that more real, and Matsukawa was doing really well pretending that he wasn’t in love with his best friend.”
    With the turn of graduation, Matsukawa finds himself choosing between a future that he has planned or something more.
  • nebulas by tothemoon
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: canon era, tokyo (city), graduation, slice of life, relationship study
    Summary: “You’ll have to let me think about it,” Hanamaki says to him while they’re looking at soup stocks in the supermarket one evening, because he knows being with someone is not as simple as he’d like it to be.
    (At this, Matsukawa does not fret. He goes for the snack aisle, instead.)
  • Captured Light by pickledplumes
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: established relationship, future fic, fluff, alternate universe - college/university, photography student makki, architecture major mattsun
    “The smile you’re wearing in this photo,” Hanamaki continued, just a little bit sad, “you haven’t smiled like that in a long time.”
    Matsukawa looked at the photo again. It was awkward; it always was, seeing himself through Hanamaki’s lens. He’d never really focused on himself whenever he looked at the photos Hanamaki took of him, but now his eyes actively trailed over his face, the crinkle of his eyes, the twinkle in them from the light reflecting off of his cellphone, the smile wide enough to show an entire row of teeth.
    He tried to emulate the expression, only to realize how foreign it felt on his face.
    (A love story like most love stories, stuck between busy days and too little time spent together.
    Matsukawa learns to take it easy, and Hanamaki is his teacher.)
  • Sure by kiyala
    Rating: G
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: university
    Summary: Beginning university brings a lot of changes with it. As Iwaizumi and Oikawa deal with going to different universities, Hanamaki thinks about his own relationship with Matsukawa.
  • Books and Coffee by kiyala
    Rating: G
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: established relationship
    Summary: Hanamaki takes Matsukawa out on a date.
  • definitely by latenights
    Rating: G
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Summary: “So ungrateful.” Hanamaki clutches his chest dramatically, paired with a loud sigh. “Here I am, trying to save my best friend from the rain, and this is how I’m thanked? So rude. The youth these days.”
    “I’m just a few months younger than you, jerk.”
    “The poor, corrupted youth.”
  • something of a disaster by latenights
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: birthday cake, confessions, terrible made up insults
    Summary: “This is the part where you make a wish and blow.”
    “Now, let’s not get too hasty—“
    “I meant the candles you bastard.”
  • there he is again by crossbelladonna
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Summary: Day 5 #matsuhanaweek, Glasses // Piercings
    Fate just had to show him the way and he ends up at the back section of the library, facing the black-rimmed glasses, ears-with-plugs boy and five days later, Hanamaki’s sure he’s in it bad.
    He doesn’t even know his name.
    It’s definitely bad.
  • surprise, surprise by airblends
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: travel, pining, fluff and humour, getting together, skiing, idiots in love, cuddling
    Summary: “Hokkaido?” Hanamaki makes a face. “What the hell would we do in Hokkaido?”
    Matsukawa smiles and pulls an envelope from his blazer pocket. A single receipt slips out and he hands it to his friend.
    “A room reservation at a ski resort?” Hanamaki shoots him a confused look. He studies the receipt again, slim eyebrows furrowed. Then he jerks his head up, eyes wide as saucers. “Wait. That’s my birthday. Oh my god, don’t tell me—”
    Matsukawa grins. “Surprise, surprise?”
  • something like magic by hananapeel
    Rating: T
    Warnings: no archive warnings apply
    Additional tags: alternate universe - harry potter setting
    Summary: take two pranksters and add stewed lacewing flies. stir thrice. wave a wand. make some idiots fall in love

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Sorry, it was not my intention to make you feel bad. D: I was just curious as I had started to follow the highschool AU (Sorry for my bad english × 2)

highschool au···ah all the memorise····

it’s really ok lol, I’m not that bothered to be honestly.

just kind surprised there still people care about my helmets fanarts. since I’ve done with them for a long time

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Do you have gang au with jungkook as the gang member instead of tae? The ones i found are mostly tae being the gang member.

(≧ω≦)ゞ Okee dokes anonnie. Have I mentioned my love for badboy!Guk? Check out here for more gangau!taekook (there are a couple Jeongguk ones.)

What Do You Fight For?  Taehyung has only ever known to keep his guard up. But that was before he knew Jungkook.

(They’re both badboys in this and they fight. It’s Taehyung centric. A+ for fistfights that turn into make out sessions.)

Yes I’m A Bad Boy Request:  highschool!au - badboy!jeongguk & vicepresident!v they’re secretly dating.  

(Really short drabble that left me kinda salty because I wanted them to kiss wayyyyy morrreeeee.)

Practice Rooms Jungkook was still the most terrifying presence in the school and Taehyung was still unseen by nearly everyone, but neither boys seemed to mind since none of that mattered when they were together in their practice rooms.

(Sweet. That’s all I can say. Des is a great writer. not that we’re mutuals i just stalk all her works)

Irresistable You’re second hand smoke (i breathe you in).

(A short short drabble that I will always love because I think I’m cool and listen to kickass hiphop music but really I’m punk rock FOB trash. Badboy!Jeongguk)

Hangman  Jeon Jungkook feels like a joke. whilst trying to prove himself wrong, he finds himself wrapped up in more than he’ll ever be able to chew.

(Jeongguk is in an unofficial gang? Kinda okay. Why can’t I find any gang stuff with Gguk???)

I’m realllllyyyyy sorry that I couldn’t find more gang aus for you. Apparently authors really like Tae being the badass. Hopefully you still enjoy these. Be sure to check out the other rec. There are some Jeongguk gang member fics on there. 

♡ Admin N(ezzie)

Untitled Strifesodos Thing

‘You thought I was someone else and started making out with me at a club and you’re really hot so I just went with it and now we’re heading back to your place and idk how to break it to you’ AU

Saw this prompt from theappleppielifestyle on a prompt blog and immediately thought it sounded like a Strifesodos thing. Not 100% sure I got their dynamic right, but it’s not bad for a first try. 

Set in a random AU ‘verse where Cloud is still a Trooper but older.

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Coffee and Roses | Idol!AU | Pt. 6

Summary: He left you for the idol industry. Yet, you still joined the same industry hoping to never see him again.
Word Count: 2,300
Genre: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ honestly who knows
Member: Jisoo Joshua Hong
TW: none i can think of, tell me if you need anything tagged!

Pt.: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 56 | 7 | soon™

A/N: not a very happy or good part :’) things escalate pretty quickly and im dead… not satisfied with this n im sorry it sucks lmao

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Malec AU First Meeting #6 ‘Shy’

You know the deal :-) It was requested badboy!Magnus and Shy!Alec and I decided to do it with the word ‘shy’. I kind of like it, though I would still say I was a bit off my game while writing some parts … anyway, hope you like it.

Highschool: Alec runs into Magnus who is about to spray something on a  teacher’s car. 

Not edited.


Alec wouldn’t call himself ‘shy’, really. 'Extremely bad at making small talk’, yes. He didn’t like big crowds of people, indeed. The words he wanted to say came out too quiet for the rest of the world, sure as hell, but he simply didn’t want to scream across the classroom or a counter. Unfortunately that led to people leaning closer to him when they asked him to repeat his words and Alec wasn’t good at dealing with that either. Eyes always got too big up close and most people had bad breath. Or maybe Alec was just sensitive, that could be totally possible as well. 

Still, considering all of these things it would have been better to take the main entrance that one day after school instead of taking the shortcut across the teacher’s parking lot. He should have tried to deal with his animosity against big crowds of loud students instead of provoking a rather awkward encounter with Magnus Bane.

The whole school knew the name despite him being barely present most of the school year. But every time he did show up, there was an uproar one way or the other. Alec was sure that the teachers had a picture of him hung up in the faculty room to throw darts at it. It was one of the biggest mysteries how Magnus had managed not to get expelled yet. Alec had also thought that he wasn’t at school this day. Turns out, he was there, just not inside, but outside kneeling next to one of the more expensive cars in the parking lot … and spraying paint on it. As Alec looked closer it was the word 'Ugly’ in a deep red color. Great.

The moment he turned around the last corner of the path that led to the parking lot, Alec froze. The hissing noise of the spray can filled his ears, fear crawle across his neck, bit deep into his heart. What should he do? Should he say something and risk being beaten up? Should he simply turn around, use the main entrance and pretend he hadn’t seen anything? Should he call a teacher? 

In the end Magnus made the choice for him. The hissing of the spray can stopped as he finished the 'Y’ and he got up from the ground next to the car. Then he turned around, his eyes finding Alec instantly. The lower half of Magnus’ face was covered with a mask to keep him from inhaling the toxic fumes. Alec appreciated that, though whatever teacher owned that car probably wouldn’t. Magnus pulled off the mask and left it dangling around his neck. Had his face been difficult to read before due to only his eyes being visible, was it now pretty clear that Magnus wasn’t amused.

“What are you doing here?”, he growled, careful not to yell and draw possible attention to him, even tough he looked like he really wanted to. “The main entrance is the other way.”

“Shortcut”, Alec managed to get out, too silent once again of course. Magnus’ eyebrows furrowed in annoyance and Alec braced himself for the other coming closer, staring him down, snarling probably, telling him to speak up and-
“Where the heck do you live that this”, Magnus waved at the other entrance/exit of the parking lot, “is a shortcut to the place?” 

Alec couldn’t blame him because in this direction there wasn’t much left until the fields around the city started, but currently he was too occupied with speechlessly staring at Magnus to be insulted by the incredulous tone. ’He heard me’, a little voice in the back of his mind whispered. That was new. Alec noticed that he was staring and he also noticed that Magnus was raising his eyebrows expectantly. Right, there had been a question. 

“Uh, ice cream”, Alec muttered, desperately willing his voice to keep at least its usual volume because as good as Magnus’ ears seemed to be Alec somehow doubted had the talent of lipreading … or mind reading. And if he got more quiet with every word at some point Magnus had to get closer to understand him and as long as he was farther away, it would be harder for him to punch Alec. Hadn’t there been something about that in physics? 

“Ice cream?”

Alec swallowed heavily. 'Maybe he forgets that I saw him spraying paint on the car if I can distract him long enough’, he hoped. “There’s a small supermarket back there that has very good ice cream.” Yes, his voice was shaking, his nerves were jingling. He really wanted to be somewhere else right now, but his feet were glued to the ground. 

“It’s the middle of February”, Magnus stated matter-of-factly. Alec bit his lower lip. He looked to the right and yes, okay, there was still brown slush sticking to some of another car’s tires. He knew which month it was, he wasn’t stupid after all, but he liked ice cream. Others started grilling when it got warmer and Alec had never gotten the concept of making a fire when it already was hot outside, but did he go around questioning people about that? No. 

“I know”, he muttered pouting a bit, “I still like ice cream … it’s not like I’m forcing you to get some, too.”

Footsteps got closer and Alec’s head whipped back around so fast he was at the danger of whiplash. Magnus was walking towards him and Alec was sure that it would happen now. They had ended the ice cream-discussion and the other had remembered why Alec had stopped instead of hurrying past the 'ugly’-car to get some damn ice cream. Would Magnus simply threaten him into staying quiet, would he get beaten? Usually Alec was too invisible at school to catch a hit, but he felt very visible at the moment. 

Nothing happened.

Magnus simply walked past him visibly amused as Alec frantically scrambled away. He headed for a bag that had been propped up against the low wall surrounding the parking lot, dumped the spray can into it and took out another color. Blue.

“I-I promise, I won’t say anything”, Alec hurried to promise. He wasn’t sure if he should feel relieved or insulted at Magnus half-hearted snort.
“As if I am scared of you running to the principle. He’ll know it was me anyway and by the time you get back with him or someone else, I’ll be gone already. So, I’d say 'Don’t bother’.”

Alec stared at the mischievous grin thrown his way. It was strangely alluring and he couldn’t quite explain why the already risen heat in his cheeks increased even more. Magnus’ grin widened. 

“What’s the matter, shy boy? You’ve been hoping for some action, maybe even some blackmailing material? Well, I hate to disappoint.” He didn’t look very heartbroken, but there was something else that struck a nerve inside Alec.
“I’m not shy”, he muttered frowning. What could he say? He had his priorities.
Magnus looked him up and down with the lazy curiousness of a cat and Alec wanted to hide in a hole, wanted to take back his words, wanted to have taken the damn main entrance earlier.

“Oh, really?” There was something about the way Magnus drew out the words … just something, something new to Alec. Good or bad? He wasn’t sure. How he managed the shaking nod in answer was beyond him. 

Alec didn’t like the word 'shy’ because it was used so often as a simple excuse, a way to sexualize honest fear or to cover up anxieties, make them sound less serious, make them sound like something else, something that wasn’t an issue to be worried about. 'Oh, don’t worry, she’s just shy.’ 'Come on, don’t be shy.’ 'No need to be shy.’ He didn’t like the word and had never wanted to carry it as a description for himself, end of story. So, he had begun to find other ways to describe himself. Unfortunately others didn’t really catch on to that. 

While Alec broodingly stared at the ground in front of him, Magnus really moved closer to him this time. Reluctantly Alec looked up eventually and was met with green eyes, that were surprisingly pleasant to look at even this close. He could see the colorful glitter in Magnus’ hair and the rings in his ear and the smile on his lips … wait, smile? 

Alec blinked, but the other student indeed smiled at him. Blood rushed into his head and Alec was sure that he looked rather unhealthy by now, his face had the have the color of a ripe pomegranate. A really ripe one. Almost spoiled. Then the smile turned into a smirk and Magnus tilted his head. Of course.
the sensation of a soft touch against he side of his throat startled Alec so bad, he would have almost jumped back a step. Magnus tapped a simple rhythm against Alec’s skin. Tap, tap, tap-tap, tap. Green eyes kept watching Alec as he tried really hard not to start squirming. His face was burning and Magnus’s eyes were actually quite pretty and - oh, eyeliner. Interesting. 

“You are shy, my friend”, Magnus whispered, “and cute.” And terrified Alec wanted to add, but then he noticed that that wasn’t the case anymore. Then there was that smile again, kind of warm and alarmingly harmless. 

“Want me, to tell you a secret, shy boy?” Yeah, Alec definitely didn’t like that nickname. Fingertips disappeared from his neck and instead patted his cheek softly. “It’s not a bad thing.”

Alec’s face cooled down a bit. “I don’t like that word.” He sighed.     

Magnus took away his hand and looked at Alec for a few heartbeats as if he was contemplating something. Then he nodded to himself, though Alec had not the slightest clue as to what he had decided. Of course Magnus didn’t explain himself. He just walked over to his bag, put the blue spray can back inside and then picked up the bag up from the ground. When he was back at Alec’s side the grabbed the other’s hand and dragged him of the parking lot. 

“What the-? Hey, where are you taking me?” A part of the fear from the beginning came back and Alec wondered if he’d now get murdered in the fields behind the school as he stumbled along after Magnus.

“I want to try that ice cream you were talking about.”

Alec would have almost fallen flat on his face. He didn’t because Magnus Bane securely held his hand.

Don't leave me! (Bad boy!jungkook x reader) part 2


“ ” talking

[ ] thinking

Key words :- Favorite color = f\c Any color = a\c Any hair style = a\h Random guy = r\g You were not doing OK you were having a hard time sleeping Eating and just doing normal things thinking about jungkook He broke your heart why are you making such a big deal of forgiving him he is a jerk you can’t forgive .. But still you really want to you want to forgive him to hug him to kiss him to be with him again You [ ok I made up my mind I will forgive jungkook and forgot the past ] You wore a cute (f\c) skirt a (a\c) top with (a\c) tennis shoes and did your hair in (a\h) You looked amazing ! Really cute ! You then opens you’re phone and texted jungkook You : Hi kookie ! Kookie babe❤ : hi (name) You : I forgive you ! Let’s go out ! ☺ Kookie babe❤ : Really ?? Thanks babe ! Meet me at my gang place now You : ‘Kay ~ You ran as fas as you can to his place you were really happy that you are gonna see jungkook again without any fights that what you thought .. You “ Jungkook ! Bts ! What is happening ?! ” R\g “ oh look who is here this dumb ass toy ! ” You “ I’m not a toy ! and he is not a dumb ass ! ” R\g “ hahaha yeah right ! Now boys take –.. ” And out of nowhere fatima jumped from the windows breaking the glass and standing there like a pro looking all cool in her jeans shorts and black oversized sweater And oh boy she didn’t look happy at all having a scar on her face and some cuts there and here on her body out knew she is up to no good with this look You “ Fatima ! The hell how ?! ” Fatima “ ( Name ) unnie ! This asshole here is my ex and he made the biggest mistake in his life ! ” She pointed at the guy who is standing above jungkook looking real badass with black hair and blue eyes ?? “ yeah whatever I thought you needed help (name) ? ” Fatima “ she doesn’t need anyone’s help especially your’s ! ” You “ Fatima is right I forgave jungkook so let him and the others go ! ” Fatima “ See now leave before I kill you ! And believe me I did kill somebody once ” You “ yeah she did kill someone who I believe was burned after that ” ?? “ like I would be scared of a cutie like her ~ ” Fatima “ what do you mean mike ? Do you mean I’m not that strong ? ” Mike “ no it’s just you are cute and I thought that helping your friend will make you like me again guess I was wrong ” You “ of course you were winning someone’s heart needs love real love she needs someone who listine who will care and be honest someone that is trustable ! That what love really is ! ” Jungkook “ Just like my love for (name) I care about her and will always will I have a sof spot for her in my heart no matter what she does I will support her because she is my angel my saver ” Jin “ This is how love really is … ” Mike “ ok then I’m sorry for what I did I hope we can get along well ” R\g “ grr not on my - ” Again fatima cut him off by kicking him this time you helped too like seriously this guy is getting annoying ! You “ this bitch is getting hell annoying ! ” Fatima “ I know why wouldn’t he fucking shut up ” You “ I like how badass you look now ” Fatima “ me too I like how you look cute unnie ! ” Mike “ didn’t these two just look like they could kill someone how the hell did they turn into these cute creates ? ” Jimin “ That how girls are … Really scary if you ask me ” Taehuyng “ I know right ” Jungkook “ still I love that scary girl !” mike “ same bro I live my little devil ” You and fatima listiend to them and then fatima blushed and you knew it it was coming you hold a bottle of holy water In your hands ready for this shit Fatima “ dear lord I confess my sins ! I WATCHED GAY GUYS AND LESBIAN GIRLS HAVING SEX AND I SHIP PEOPLE TO NO END AND I HAVE SAW BROTHERS KISSING AND I LIKED IT ! AMEN ! ” And you showerd her with holy water because she is such a sinner that it’s funny Mike “ How is this even real ? ” You “ believe me it happens more then not ” Jungkook “ hey baby ” You “ yes ” And he surprised you with a kiss and you replied to him Warping your arms around his neck while his arms around your waist Yoongi “ both of you stop making porn here please ! ” You let go of each other laughing with everyone that how your life end up with your boyfriend jeon jungkook The bad boy and the youngest of BTS the worst gang Your baby and friend fatima is still a sinner with her weird words and showers with holy water but hey its always been that way You couldn’t be more happy of how you choose to forgive him and begin a real and serious love life with him Me & You Are meant to be For each other No matter What people say It has always Been that way ! THE END ! ….. -Fatima ♣