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 The Hoshidan prince turned, only to choke in a surprised cackle at the sight of the Nohrian prince sporting tinted glasses and wearing a pair of adorable, black bows.

 While technically, Takumi didn’t laugh, Leo still gritted his teeth and hissed in resentment. “We need to talk about your wife’s excessive spending on useless things and making us – me – wear them.” Crossed arms tight against his chest, the dark knight shot another glare at the shorter prince.

 Still, that never once ruined Takumi’s cocky smirk.

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i was tagged by callmecashton​ in this post / ask and i thought it would be funny to illustrate (i’m so sleepy rn today tho im sorry it’s crud) how much you wanna bet phil was trying to show off and then his helmet slipped down over his face smh

also my favorite highlight of this doodle:

by the way they ended up crashing 

“     we’re gunnah rule this town , baby .     ”     he relished their power , standing from his place , running his digits through the neon green that lay slicked atop his head . the king and queen of gotham , as they had become . a crack of his neck as he watched them all : his unknowing subjects . a clacking of gold on his hands , turning to leer at the queen to his side .     “     you.. an’ me .     ”

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