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this outfit swap took on a life of it’s own and became part of @sergle‘s Domino’s Next Top Model au (x x)

the challenge? the models were divided into pairs, and had to rock each other’s Signature Looks in a photoshoot together. who came out on top?

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I really liked your art, but I can't keep following someone who thinks pedophillia is okay. Get it together.

lol when did i say i thought pedophillia was okay?? i think its gross and disgusting and i have to deal with seeing it all over the gf tag still and i hate it. i didnt say what she did before was okay or good, what im saying is that she’s apologized since then and has stopped and done her best to change. thanks for bein an example of that tumblr mentality i was talkin about tho! cause all of a sudden im some apologist in your eyes when i never have been or will be but whatever, go ahead n keep puttin words in my mouth lol

but hey thanks for likin my art

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Mm.... maybe the one where you have. Your soulmate's first words to you tattooed in your skin?

boss’ memo : i will do my best !! also, uh, my new definition for drabble is “under 1000” words, okay? since mine keep growing in size…

pairing : it’s a mystery… >=) except if you read the tags, but that’s no fun.
tw : none that i know of! reader assumes the gender of their soulmate, though? does that count ?
word count : 765
AU: modern ! (you didn’t ask for angst, let me not do that by puttin’ it in hamiltime)

every action has its equal opposite reaction. for example, having the words, “be patient and wait for it”, written on your shoulder in neat, cursive handwriting as a child caused you to grow into an adult who tried to be calm and collected, and still found themself quick to frustration and even quicker to raise your voice when the time called for it.

putting this simply: you’ve been told to “be patient” or to “wait for it”, far too often. however, you’ve never been told it by a stranger which has lead you to where you are now. now being without a soulmate.

the moment you stepped out of the elevator to your apartment–an old thing which was actually not worth the amount of time it took to reach your desired floor–you heard shouts echoing from down the hallway. you, as well as everyone in the damn building knew fully well that the rooms opposite each other of the hall belonged to four roommates and three roommates, respectively.

and oh, how they fought.

today, you didn’t feel like going toe-to-toe with “tom” and “alex” (both names of which you often heard being yelled out in distressed tones, and sometimes in laughing ones) and you didn’t really have any work to do at home. As a result, you dropped your bags and slipped out as quickly as you came in, taking the stairs two-by-two as you ran down them.

you took a breath, taking out your phone and untangling the cords of your earphones before placing them in your ears. hopefully you could buy a snack or something, and they’d be done by the time you got back. (though you were sure they’d stop if you asked them to. they seemed nice. however, they also looked like they were having a good time–so it was best if you didn’t bug ‘em. maybe that was how they released stress? who knew.)

caught up in your thoughts and music, you didn’t notice that the crosswalk you were on had turned red until someone reached out and stopped you as a car whizzed past.

you took your earphones off as you turned around, eyes widening as you saw the person who had technically–well, not technically. literally. this person had literally saved your life.

“–be patient and wait for it,” they were saying, and under all circumstances, this should’ve sounded condescending, but the relief in their eyes–the small smile, the sting of pain on your shoulder, the fact that they still held your hand, the way their eyes searched your own for any signs of distress…

“sorry, could you repeat that?” you asked, and the goofiest grin spread across the man's–it was never nice to assume, but hopefully he would correct you if you were wrong–face.

“o-oh! i was saying, ah-about the… u-uhm…”

you raised an eyebrow at the man and he shifted under your gaze as the two of you eyed each other; you doing it more intensely, and him doing it as if he was… looking for somethi–

“oh gosh!” you yelped, raising a hand to your blushing cheeks. “you’re my soulmate!”

the nervous laughter that left his mouth relaxed you, though it didn’t ease your embarrassment. still holding your hand, the man walked you over to the side so the two of you weren’t standing in the middle of the street. leaning against a building, you found yourself sporting a big smile as well–he was shy! how cute!

you quickly told him your full name. “let’s get off on a better foot, yeah?”

“of course! my name is… ah, well, it’s long, so you can call me lafayette,” he replied. “where were you going? may i come with?”

“just to the store, lafayette, but sure! i don’t mind.”

it was on the way to the store that lafayette told you his story. having, “sorry, could you repeat that?” on his neck–he showed you–in your handwriting pretty much changed his life.

he mentioned that because it was in english, and he was born in france, he worked to perfect his english, because one of his greatest fears had steadily grown into the idea that his soulmate may never understand him, or that he wouldn’t be able to tell who his soulmate was. heavens forbid he couldn’t communicate?! was communication not the most important part of a relationship?!

with a laugh, he said that you were probably the only one who ever ended up saying that one sentence to him. his english was just that good.

you grinned, and told him that so many people had said your sentence towards you that you hadn’t even noticed if it wasn’t for his awed and, “absolutely adorable” reaction.

lafayette blushed. “you caught me off guard, that’s all.”

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I barely know anything about your lone Fawkes. Is there a post where there's general info? I'm not sure this counts as "ask me about my oc's" lol

alrighty!  this is gonna get kinda long so im puttin it under a readmore.  sorry its kind of all over the place it was just kinda as i remembered stuff >_<

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for years i was the little thief pretending to be a socialite. but this… this is new. im done pretending. this cats going to be a queen. queen of thieves. queen of crime. queen of this whole town! & nothing & no one are going to get in my way!

alrighty, i really need to. make a solid decision on this

for my posts, mostly specifically m audio posts, it’s alright to tag it w/ the ‘n-sfw’ tag itself if it is something that you are genuinely worried about your followers for

however, i still dont accept tagging it w/ that as a joke, or additional tags on it like ‘no, this is Actually n-sfw’ ‘this really sounds like _____ so im tagging it n-sfw anyways’  ‘NO IM WARNING U GUYS ITS RLY BAD’

just. if you Need to tag it that just tag it, no need to insist/suggest that it sounds bad, you know? just. pl ease be respectful

pl ea s e