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I really liked your art, but I can't keep following someone who thinks pedophillia is okay. Get it together.

lol when did i say i thought pedophillia was okay?? i think its gross and disgusting and i have to deal with seeing it all over the gf tag still and i hate it. i didnt say what she did before was okay or good, what im saying is that she’s apologized since then and has stopped and done her best to change. thanks for bein an example of that tumblr mentality i was talkin about tho! cause all of a sudden im some apologist in your eyes when i never have been or will be but whatever, go ahead n keep puttin words in my mouth lol

but hey thanks for likin my art

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I!! Just watched the live action of Beauty and the Beast and I love Beasty's toofy fangs that poke out under his lips. I'm basically asking for a scenario of a werewolf who's SO loves their fangs and coos about how cute they are, no matter how menacing in actuality. Please and thank you 💕 -♌️

das rly cute but

its bordering on “nsfw” territory for me since a lot of teeth-related things in the teratophilia community is smut-related, and ive already had someone comment suggestive stuff on my headcanons/imagines/etc

the ww would basically just be like “please stop i kill things with those” and nip @ u most likely.

for years i was the little thief pretending to be a socialite. but this… this is new. im done pretending. this cats going to be a queen. queen of thieves. queen of crime. queen of this whole town! & nothing & no one are going to get in my way!

alrighty, i really need to. make a solid decision on this

for my posts, mostly specifically m audio posts, it’s alright to tag it w/ the ‘n-sfw’ tag itself if it is something that you are genuinely worried about your followers for

however, i still dont accept tagging it w/ that as a joke, or additional tags on it like ‘no, this is Actually n-sfw’ ‘this really sounds like _____ so im tagging it n-sfw anyways’  ‘NO IM WARNING U GUYS ITS RLY BAD’

just. if you Need to tag it that just tag it, no need to insist/suggest that it sounds bad, you know? just. pl ease be respectful

pl ea s e