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So who had the worse baby fever with baby Pharah? Gabe? If so how about #9 Reaper vs Pharah with Satya for more drama?

Me, reading this prompt: I can’t believe Pharah’s going to snap Reaper over her knee like kindling.

Oh hey! This can count for my “Symmetra joins the team” ficlet! Sweet!

Lúcio’s knee was bouncing up and down as he and Pharah sat across from each other in the Orca.

“Nervous?” said Pharah, folding her arms.

Lúcio took off one ear of his headphones. “What?” his knee stopped bobbing. 

Pharah smirked. “Never mind,” she said.

 Lúcio glanced out the window of the Orca and shuddered a little at the gleaming white city below.

“You are nervous,” said Pharah, leaning forward.

“Eh, this place just always creeped me out when I had concerts here,” said Lúcio, “I mean any place called ‘Utopaea’ has got to have some messed-up stuff under the surface.” He glanced back out the window, “I mean even from here it’s like…It’s too clean. It’s too bright.” 

“Well most of it is hard-light constructs,” said Pharah.

“So who are we supposed to be picking up again?” D.Va piped up, glancing up from the game she was playing using her MEKA’s projection screen.

“Satya Vaswani,” said Pharah, picking up a tablet and scrolling through it, “And we aren’t really picking her up, just making sure she has some security on her flight to Oasis.”

“Wait–Vaswani?” said Lúcio leaning forward.

Pharah turned the tablet around to show Lúcio the photo of her.

“Symmetra,” said Lúcio, his brow furrowing.

“Sym–what?” said Pharah.

“That’s like, her supervillain name,” said Lúcio glancing up from the tablet.

“Her what?” Pharah sat back in her seat, “Lúcio–She’s an architech.”

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My top ten Leverage OT3 fics

I’ve made a whole bunch of Leverage OT3 fic rec posts, covering probably eighty different fics, but I decided to force myself to choose my top ten. These fics are not in order of preference, but rather the order in which I first encountered them.

The kinds of fics I like are ones with really sharp characterization, where you can hear the voices in your head, good banter between the OT3, and exploring each character’s issues without getting too angsty. I don’t like intense pining.

Please reblog with your own top ten Leverage OT3 fics if they’re different from mine!

something good can work (and it can work for you) by queenklu

This fic portrays a heart-meltingly sweet established relationship between Alec and Parker, then a story of how they invite Eliot into that relationship. It’s like they’ve built a home, and all they have to do is open the door.

“It’s all good,” Hardison promises, kissing her forehead and then the tip of her nose because he knows she calls it bunny kissing in her head. “We’ll make sure Eliot knows we still love him.”

It’s a Long Way to Zanzibar by facetofcathy

The one where the OT3 go on a road trip and fall in love along the way. I love the road trip as a metaphor for Alec, Parker, and Eliot going on a voyage to discover one another.

Alec and Parker kept him in the middle, like they were afraid he was going to bolt, like it would be a bad thing if he left. They never stopped touching him, four hands on his body, lips, tongues, and he shut his eyes, and let them carry him, let them hold him aloft, floating on a buzz no whiskey could match. He let them fill him up until he couldn’t imagine what empty was.

Chocolate and Chile and Cloves by Betty

I treasure this fic for its cleverly in-character banter, and for the way it shows Alec and Eliot dealing with a situation where they’ve distressed Parker and need to make it up to her.

Alec was kneeling outside his broom-closet, and speaking into the gap under the door. “Well, can I get you anything? A glass of water, maybe?”

“I’m fine!” Parker said back, muffled through the door, but loud and frustrated. “Go back to your orgasms!”

Adapting to One’s Environment by storiesfortravellers

Settling into any new relationship for the long haul is hard, and even harder when there’s three people involved. This fic is about the ways Alec, Parker, and Eliot drive each other ‘round the bend – and how they learn to stay together anyway.

It was hard, living with people who were so touchy, Hardison told himself. He tried to ignore what he knew about the people he loved; that they survived by keeping the past in the past and the unspoken in the dark, and that Hardison wasn’t really capable of doing either of those things.

The Stolen Moment Job by HugeAlienPie

The story of how the OT3 get married. It’s such a homey, comfortable established relationship, showing just how the three have settled in as a unit.

They will say the things that need saying and slide the rings onto each others’ fingers. They will clean up before making their way home for what Parker will delightedly insist on calling “married people sex.”

Already Here by zvi

A very short piece, but it shows in a tiny vignette just how quietly, desperately in love Eliot is with Parker and Hardison.

He doesn’t even have the daydream of going back home left. Except, “I am home,” he says, mostly to himself.

He thought it was too quiet to be heard, but Parker drops from the ceiling into Eliot’s lap.

The Cyborg Arm Job by copperbadge

This fic is a delightful romp of a crossover with the MCU, but I love it most for how it portrays Parker as mastermind and the OT3 falling into an easy rhythm of being a crack team of three and a stable relationship of three.

“It ain’t a rule, it’s a guideline,” Eliot insisted.

“We don’t mess with Stark,” Parker said, in the voice of one tolerating a loved one’s bizarre personality quirk.

“I don’t wanna get my ass blown off by a robot-suited aggressive billionaire who does not like hackers!” Hardison yelped.

Old Dog by thingswithwings

This fic takes a kink, puppy play, and turns it into a profound metaphor about the nature of Eliot’s relationship to Alec and Parker. Or maybe it turns a profound metaphor into a kink. Either way, it’s both touching and sexy.

Parker makes a noise of agreement, and Eliot’s hand comes down to cover Alec’s where it’s pressed to his belly.

Testing a theory, Alec adds, “You’re our boy.”

Eliot’s hand clenches on his, only for a moment, but it’s enough for Alec to know.

“Yeah,” Eliot says. “I – yeah. That’s what I want.”

Hotel Heart by Laughsalot3412

Think of this psychic AU as one where Eliot right after leaving Damien Moreau meets Alec and Parker at the end of season 3. Eliot is so broken, and Alec and Parker redeem him with the power of their love.

Parker kicked his ankle again, hard enough to make him notice her. “Hey,” she told him. “Dibs.”

Hardison stretched his long legs out under the table and tapped his foot to Eliot’s. “Dibs,” he said.

anything you can give by Thorinsmut

In this fic, Alec and Parker propose to Eliot before the Rundown Job and then go on a honeymoon in Las Vegas. It fits scarily well into canon for the Rundown Job to be the OT3 as newlyweds. Read this and accept your new headcanon.

Eliot tossed his hair back, looking back and forth between them. There it was again, that offer of everything he wanted and hadn’t thought he could have. The pictures were still on the projector, him with the two of them. “Yeah.” It was the only answer he was ever going to be able to give them. His voice came out rougher than he meant, and his eyes were not at all close to watering. Not even a little. “Of course I’ll marry you. Can I get a kiss first?”


Julian Casablancas on Naked Fridays (01/25/10)

The two talked baby names (Julian’s expecting his first next month), hip hop manifestation in Julian’s love for 2 Pac’s “Changes” and a rendition of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys “New York” duet at a recent homecoming show, collaboration expectations for Rivers Cuomo and Elton John, and that Ohio gold sound of Guided By Voices and Times New Viking. We’ll save the rest for Naked Fridays history which you can tune into Friday 1/28 at 4 PM.

JC’s playlist:

Beirut - La Lloorna
Guided By Voices - A Salty Salute
Digable Planets - Where I’m From
Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is the Move
2-Pac - Changes
Faisal Helwani - Kpanlogo
Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo
Nirvana - Son of a Gun
Telepathe - So Fine
Times New Viking - Half Day in Hell

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Okay so how long is it going to take to get from this:

To this:

And where does this new poster come from and does Scully have a desk and why are there so many pencils and is everything digital or are the files still in a cabinet and does he still use a projector and will there be PowerPoint presentations and are there pictures of them up in the office and why isn’t it January yet?