still pretty sure it's david though

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Yo okay so I've asked a few different people about this and they don't seem to know either and I was wondering if you did? Okay, so in Life Is Strange Chloe owes Frank $3000 and she says it's because she borrowed money off of him so she could leave town with Rachel. Obviously that never happened, though, so wouldn't she still have the money and would be able to pay him back easily? Or am I missing something here?

David: DRUGS?

Okay, so Chloe mentions running off with Rachel without paying Frank back.

But in EP2, she only has about 86 cents.

Pretty sure she intended to fix her truck, drive into the sunset with Rachel and never pay Frank. Instead Rachel went missing, Chloe stuck around waiting for her to return and had to deal with Frank.

There’s an invoice in the trash bin or drawers in EP1.

So she used it to repair her truck + weed probably.