still pretty excited tbh

Seventeen keep updating us with pics of bongbong but don’t let this distract you from the fact that they’re only doing that because they can’t post pics of themselves with their new comeback hair pledis I see right thru ur tricks


Haven’t posted pictures yet, but I’m really delighted with the cover of my new sketchbook!

The painting and colors are all from @echojar, and the stars/constellations were mine- this is the night sky over my hometown, at the end of summer. You can look closely and see Ursa Major, Leo, Orion, etc. 

Anyway I think we make a good team. <3

[image description: four photos of a hardcover sketchbook at various angles. The cover has a background of greens, purples, and blues, with silver constellations. It looks like the night sky. The last picture is of a short-haired genderfluid person (Sketch) with glasses, holding the book and hiding a smile.]

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've followed you since 17tv era (we've been here a while huh) and I love the infographs you do every year, but would it be possible to tag them? I wanted to see the changes each year but I'm having a little trouble looking for them, thank you!!

hello anon! sorry this is an abysmally late response but i finally got around to tagging the surveys as requested so now u can view them altogether and laugh at how bad i was at graphics in 2014 and 2015 lol


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